How to Answer the Where do You Get Your Protein Question – The Renegade Health Show Episode #308

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You know you’ve gotten it before…

The dreaded “Where do you get your protein?” question. Raw foodies, vegans, even vegetarians get it all the time.

We’ll there’s two ways you can answer it…

One is the good guy / bad guy approach.

And the other works much better.

Check it out…

Your question of the day: What are some resources that you can send people to?

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Happy answering!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. dede says:

    I’ve had pretty bad luck discussing eating ANYTHING other than SAD food with the people that I love….to the degree that I have all but given up. Sooo – – I’m anxious to see what others have to share.
    I’m only beginning to understand the fringes of how much we identify with the stuff we put in our mouths…myself included.
    Its just FOOD – FUEL – it’s what makes it possible to put one foot in front of the other – how on earth did it become so much more?
    OK – sorry – I’m off my soapbox.
    Got a kick out of the drivers in the vehicles outside your car window tonight, Kevin..hugs, Dede

  2. Lampshade on your head? LOL.. Can we see pictures.. and “yes” Ann Marie is very cute 🙂

  3. Tara Burner says:

    Hey Kevin
    like you mentioned The China Study…but I also refer people to you! 🙂
    Let them watch your video clips and then they get the big “aha” moment where they finally ‘get it’
    Tara 🙂

  4. I couldn’t agree more Kevin! Both that The China Study is a great resource, and that Ann Marie is very cute. 🙂

    I also like to mention that gorillas and cows and other big vegetarian animals are doing fine without protein shakes or meat. But I think that books and passing on the authority is a great non-violent communication type of method. Awesome Kevin!

  5. Betty says:

    I pass on China Study… and your show!! What else… Ann Wigmore! 🙂

  6. beachbunny says:

    Kevin, when someone asks where I get my protein I ask them where cows get their protein. They get a puzzled look on their face and then say “Oh”. They are willing to accept that if a huge cow can get their protein from a plant based diet then so can I.

  7. pat kapsak says:

    Don’t talk , let it show ! Even with the gospel St Francis said, ” and if you have to , use a few words ” ! So…….I’m still trying and yes I’ve read the China Study which I feel allot of heady type people need to “get it” and others Ann and others H. Acres and other etc etc etc etc. Just pray I get it soon rather than later ! hugs all around. pk

  8. Katie says:

    I have passed on many resources to the grandparents of my 2 & 3 year old…and you are soo right about the “credibility” thing. “Why cant the kids have fries? What’s wrong with icecream? You dont give them ANY meat? Where do they get their protein?” Like i am doing them harm???
    As a 90% raw, vegan Mom; i have given up; so this show keeps on keeping up my spirits 🙂
    Thank You Both; and yes, AnnMarie is so cute!!

  9. Allison says:

    I always send people to Hallelujah Acres. It comes across as a more “doable” approach to healthy eating than 100% raw to people that have never heard of eating this way.

  10. Banana says:

    “The 80/10/10 Diet” 😉

  11. HealthEfairy says:

    Well…Monday was my 5 year anniversary for beginning to REALLY take care of myself by exercising faithfully (I hated it) eating properly and beginning the journey of loosing 80 lbs. SO my friends, especially the ones that ask HOW DID YOU DO IT, hold me as somewhat of an authority, BUT my family is another matter. What I do to pass on info is; I have an email group of over 100 folks that I send info out to several times a week. That way I can quote Kevin, Mike Adams and others, and site the studies, in a one or 2 page format. I’m certain that that constant info either drives them crazy and gets my emails in the JUNK file or stimulates them to make little changes. I’m persistant and extremely healthy…it HAS to work!

  12. Marisa says:

    I recommend DVD’s and I also loan them out constantly. My favorites are:
    1)Food Matters
    2)Simply Raw (reversing Diabetes in 30 Days)and
    3)Diet for a New America

    I also recommend the book “Skinny Bitch”. It has great information and it’s very funny.

  13. John Thornley says:

    I get my protein from the same place a 1200 pound Cow, Gorilla or a Giraffe get their protein; from greens.

  14. Yes, the China Study is a good resource for the ‘protein’ question. My personal experience of not consuming red meat since 1972 and the drastic improvement in my health because of that decision makes me a walking testamony for being a vegan. That was my personal choice because of my experience with the foods I was given growing up. For a fun, informative book that will definitely get one thinking for themselves, I strongly recommend “Energetics of Food” Encounters with your Most Intimate Relationship by Steve Gagne. Accepting the premise that everything is energy, Steve takes you on a journey to discover the quality of food and how it relates to quantity. Does one ever wonder who or what made the food that they consume? He explains the characteristics of food, their personalities and how that becomes a part of us. No dogma on following this diet or that, vegan vs. flesheater. Some folks might have their beliefs challenged. It is education on the energetics of food. Gain the knowledge and make better personal choices for yourself.

  15. Elaina Harman says:

    I forward your videos and matt’s and the health rangers newletter to my friends to try an let them get the education at their speed.
    Only one friend has since started going raw and feeling better and he has MS so that is great.

  16. leeboy4130 says:

    The China Study – Campbell

    Lessons from the Miracle Doctors – Jon Barron (free e-book!!)

  17. Nicole says:

    I’m glad you talked about the nagging protein question today! I just got back from the clinic where I had a blood and fluid test done to see if I am low on various things from vitamins to iron to hormones.

    I watched another of your videos recently where to advised to get the facts so you know what you need to improve on and what you are deficient in. So I’m looking forward to seeing my results in a few days.

    I haven’t had to answer the protein question yet, and I wouldn’t have felt honest answering it since I don’t even know if I am low on protein.

    As for passing on resources, I have never pressed my eating habits on anyone (well, other than suggesting my boyfriend *maybe* shouldn’t eat at McDonald’s so much). I think it’s good advice like other people have suggested to let your results speak for themselves when possible.

    The only book I’ve passed on was called “Green for Life” but not the one by Victoria Boutenko; this one is about living without harsh chemicals, recycling, etc. The girl I gave it to loved it and bought several copies for her family. I was amazed! Like you said, hearing things from an expert works much better than from plain-old-you-n-me.

    Thank you for all this great work you are doing! You, Annmarie and your messy car are all wonderful:-)

  18. I love the new book by Gene Baur who owns two Farm Sanctuary’s ( one in Orland, CA and one in New York)…

  19. Melissa says:

    I would recommend “Slow Burn” by Stu Mittleman. He is a long distance runner who ran 1,000 miles in about a week. He goes thru his approach to healthy exercise and how to eat for the distance. He emphasizes how he improved his running by switching to a plant based diet and changing his training strategy in order to tap into burning fat as fuel efficiently.

    very interesting read.:-)

  20. Ashley says:

    Hey Kevin…not sure if this is where I can post questions, but I read something on Donna Gate’s website about “digestive fire.” Since you put up something about her the other day, I thought you would be a good person to ask on the subject…on her website, it talks about how some people don’t have enough “digestive fire” to eat raw foods. She even mentions something about the raw food movement, and how it may not be as good as many people are making it out to be. She also talks about how broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, as well as other veggies in the same family should never be eaten raw. Wanted to hear your thoughts on all of this. Here is the link to the page I read… Oh, didn’t turn blue lol…you’re going to have to copy and paste. But, I also wanted to know what you thought about Donna’s whole approach on health? I tried the B.E.D a couple months back, and got very sick…maybe I was doing it wrong? I had NO energy, could hardly make it through a days work, and ended up losing so much weight that everyone asked me if I was sick. I also had a bunch of hair fall out. I’m just now starting to feel better and gain my energy back since switching to a raw food lifestyle about a month 1/2 ago. So, I would love to hear what you think on the subject of digestive fire/Donna Gates.

    *I did get some yummy recipies from her book though 🙂 and it introduced me to probiotics, cultured veggies, and sea veggies. So at least some good did come out of it!

  21. Ashley says:

    Oh man, the link did turn blue…haha ignore that copy and paste part 🙂

  22. Andreanne says:

    Just like Betty, Ann Wigmore. Also Susan Schenck,I love her new book The Live Food Factor, Nomi Shannon and … Kevin Trudeau!

  23. Bernadette says:

    I usually recommend the DVD “Eating” by Mike Anderson. Most poeple won’t take the time to read a book but they will watch a video.. and they do have T Colin Campbell speak in this DVD. It’s convinced a lot of people I know.. and it goes deeper than the protein question. It deals with the environmental impact of producing meat as well as its health challenges. Have you seen it?

  24. crow says:

    The net and many books.

  25. marijana pontoni says:

    Here in Croatia we have several authors translated so I recommend Boutenko, Walker, Wandmaker….

  26. Lynn says:

    Maybe 8 years or so ago I read Food For Life by Rex Russel, MD. I knew after reading it that it was in my best interest to get rid of meat, but I just wasn’t ready to do it yet. A few years later I read Diet for a New America by John Robbins. It simply reenforced what I had already learned, but now I was ready. It was just a matter of time and feeling like I wanted to now do it. It was very easy for me at that point to give up meat. Since then I’ve just gradually improved my diet and now eat mostly (but not all) raw.

  27. Catherine says:

    I don’t have any problem with lack of credibility, because I have a bachelor’s degree in biology. I just tell people I get my protein from the same place the cow does.

  28. David says:

    Doms kifer site has great info on kifer. hey Keven have you got insights on Resveratrol. There seems to be lots of hipe about it now.

  29. marlene smith says:

    I forward articles from Natural News, recommend your show, Matrix Transformation is excellent because it’s backed up by scientific knowledge which I find so many people want credible material and also Dr. Mark Hyman because he’s and M.D. and agrees with alternative health.

  30. jo-mama says:

    I send my friends to the Hippocrates Health institute’s bookstore so they can choose what they are intersted in learning more about:

  31. Mike H. says:

    Many of the posts here mention books & videos I haven’t seen yet. They’ll be on order soon! There’s some powerful stuff out there and I have much to learn.

    Many of the ones that have influenced me I’ve listed on the DFO web site. BTW, some here may want to join the DFO program and help “spread the word” about natural healing to those who really need it. Check it out.

  32. Eranah says:

    I also loke you can specific look foods up, and I have found through their site that sprouts are probably the best way to get raw protein. I’m still wondering this myself actually….hmm…maybe its also getting over the psycological aspect too???

  33. Bobbie says:

    I recommend the Renegade Health Show, Mike Adams, and also mention Kevin Trudeau. It is difficult for me to believe that I can go up against all of the propaganda and years of ingrained thought patterns that my mom, brother (+family)m, and husband have accumulated over the years. It really helps when I can say hey the Renegade Health Show says you can get protein from a raw diet or that Natural News says that chokeberries have a huge amount of antioxidants. My mom will ask me every time I see her about the protein I am getting. She’ll feel better when I say I have an avocado almost every day, along with cocunut, and various seeds. She will still try to push a chicken burrito on me when we go out to eat!

  34. water girl says:

    my experience is it’s really difficult to get someone to breakthrough their paradigms. I’ve tried the gorilla, cow thing and my friends will say they are not humans, same as testing on rats isn’t relevant in science since they’re not humans. Also when I’ve recommended the reading (all listed above) they Google it a little, find a web site that calls out the author as a quack and dismiss it. I have come to the point in my life where I just say: i don’t find I need it as much as other do, or the govt. has been trying to tell me I do. Then I ask if they have ever known anyone to suffer from a protein deficiency.
    LIve by example. that’s my credo. U 2 are inspirational and I agree a few you tube videos or a DVD are more effective than a book these days. Folks who are sincerely interested will ask more probing questions and do the research. They’ll be back. If I’m asked in a bar by a stranger I don’t try to “save” them anymore.
    side note. not too long ago jonathan mead blogged about raw food and the 163 comments on that one post were representative of how people typically respond to raw food diets. Sorta like religion and politics. passionate and argumentative! See for yourself.

  35. Esoteric Engineer says:

    Perhaps people need to be manipulated into no longer being manipulated?


    The Raw Summit (I and II),


    The Mucusless Diet Healing System, by Prof. Arnold Ehret,

    The Sunfood Diet Success System, Dy D. Wolfe,

    Rational fasting, by Prof. Arnold Ehret,

    Eating (2nd or 3rd Edition)

    Diet For A New America,

    A Diet For All Reasons (see Google Video),

  36. Jacqueleen says:

    For those who will probably not read books, the following link shows lectures by and synopses of Dr. Campbell and his findings(The China Study author).

    This may motivate people to read the book or delve into more research.


  37. That’s the media for you !
    Telling us all the time that we need to eat meat, cheese etc for protein and calicum, some people are amazed that there is calcium and many other nutrients in spinach.

    I am the change that I want to see in the world!
    People ask questions about vegetarian, raw foods I just tell them what I do and why.
    Some change the subject it’s a shame that very few want to continue the subject!
    I figure they are not ready for it yet.
    The Rawkathon was really good!

    People will change when they are ready but they also need to be ready so they can stick with it as it is not a diet it is a lifestyle!

    Thanks Kevin and Annemarie,

    sheryl miller

  38. Laureen says:

    This is an awesome thread. I love all the posts’ recommendations. I am also so happy that you addressed this topic, Kevin as it is a major stress factor for me. I felt so alone in my struggles to share my knowledge with my husband who is so obstinate about it all and thinks I’m some extreme lunatic (and this is on all fronts; health, the environment, etc. – never much agreement and lots of arguments). I always thought it was just me and my way of communicating and his personality. Nice to know I’m not the only one who is not a credible source to close friends/family. My dream would be for him to open his mind and be willing to accept new thinking, rather than such a narrow, mainstream view where anything other than this he says is not “common sense”! Aaaaaagh! I often wonder if things would change if I went and got a degree in integrative nutrition. I am resigned to the great possibility that my dream will never be fulfilled. It bothers me all the more because we have little children. It makes parenting very difficult since we aren’t on the same page on so many issues.

    Anyway, I loved the China Study and was dying to share it with him and my parents last summer. My husband largely dismissed it and challenged it after “reading” it. (I think he merely skimmed it.) And my father was unfortunately influenced by my husband and only read a few pages, which he too didn’t believe.

    I recently requested “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw” at the library. We’ll see if that speaks their language, assuming I have a chance to get them to read anything again. (Too many failed attempts!) 😉

    Thanks again for this episode.

  39. Dino says:

    As mentioned the China Study is by far the most Scientific authority out there, in my opinion. Though I started over twenty years ago by reading Fit for Life, and as yourself and Anne-Marie, your passion for natural health is what drove me to the transfiguration process. The spiritual aspect is also as important, if not the most important, link which makes it all come together. This said, by order of acceptability, these are my resource recommendations;
    Fit for Life (Harvey Diamond)
    The China Study (T. Colin Campbell)
    Imitation of Christ (Thomas a Kempis)
    Web media (Primarily your great Show)
    God Speed

  40. Sara- aka orgfoodaddict says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Interesting take on how to answer the protein question. While that approach is helpful for people’s with a learner’s mind- I find the people often asking me that do not want to take the time to examine the resources I share with them. What I like to do – is give examples of where they can get protein from at the same time emphasizing that the amount that america so often suggests is necessary is not correct. For example- look at the negative effects found with the ever popular atkins diet for people who were eager to keeping eating their meat.

    As for resources- sunfood diet success program- david wolfe

    Gabriel Cousen’s- any of his teaching.

  41. If it’s anything I’ve addressed on my website, I send them there ( so they can get links to some of the authorities I respect (unfortunately I cannot get EVERYONE on there). One of the links (on most pages) is to my Juice Plus website ( which has lots of authoritative information.

    Laureen, I sooooo identify with you. I am having the same problem (on a totally different issue) with my husband and friends. It doesn’t help that they also do not see my efforts to help them be healthier as positive.

    C’est la vie!

    Connie Lacelle

  42. sye says:

    Hey Kevin and Anne Marie. Have to agree that Anne Marie is cute. My wife and I would recommend your show for people as one of the most honest authorities. I also think David Wolfe and Mike Adams are great resources, along with Jameth Sheridan.

  43. Stephanie says:

    I have a question.
    I’ve heard it said many times that if you are craving intense amounts of sugar then u need more protien.
    what is ur opinion?
    for me i’ve been raw 2 yrs now and how craved sweets so bad the entire time, i recently added more protien into my diet – do the craving stop? No, however i do not NEED to have something sweet after dinner anymore. intresting huh?

  44. Laurie says:

    I, too, think The China Study is the best book to recommend to people regarding the protein question as well as the cancer problem. An EXCELLENT resource!

  45. Laurie says:

    I, too, think The China Study by T. Colin Campbell Ph.D. and his son, Thomas, is the best book to recommend to people regarding the protein question as well as the cancer problem. An EXCELLENT resource!

  46. Mary Goff says:

    Anything by David Wolfe, Stephen Arlin, Campbell, Dr. Norman Walker, Ann Wigmore, Jay Kordich (Juicing), Dr. Brian Clement, The Boutenko Family, Paul Nison, Jeremy Safron, Dr. Cousins, Viktoras Kulvinskas, and there are tons of Videos and DVDs now. When I started in 2003, there were not too many.

    And yes, I’ve been on and off for all these years, but just now realize that it truly is a lifestyle one adopts, not just the foods, and am committed to 100% raw/vegan, more than ever because I see the link between this way of eating and our Environment. Nearly 1/2 of all grain goes to feeding animals on this planet currently and 1/2 of the Rain Forest has been cut down, so we can graze future food for people. Lots of $ is made.
    The proof is in the puddin and if you are a great model for friends and family…they will want to do whatever you’re doing.

    Time for Transformation of thinking and eating. Yay, Thanks, Kevin and Ann-Marie!!

  47. Jennifer says:

    I love the book “Mad Cowboy” by Howard Lyman. Who better to talk about the facts of the meat and dairy industry than an ex-cattle rancher? I have been a vegetarian for 6 years, and my family has never understood. My sister recently read “Mad Cowboy” and she hasn’t eaten meat in 3 weeks!

  48. Steven Singer says:

    I agree that the best way to introduce someone to a raw organic lifestyle is through “The China Study”. I’ve actually introduced two people to the lifestyle using the book as a starting point. Thankfully both were intellectually curious and eventually swayed by the terrific science discussed the book. There are other great books but to the skeptical, this seems to at least set the case from a perspective of personal health.

    However, not everyone is this curious and therefore one challenge is to get them to actually “think” to themselves about examples that are easily observable. A method I’ve employed successfully is to get them to ask themselves how often an elephant, zebra, or giraffe imbibes meat in a wild setting. Recall that these animals are much more active than a typical human being and it would therefore seem logical that they require a solid source of usable protein. Of course there may be a flaw to this logic but no one has brought it to my attention yet.

  49. Melanie Selter says:

    THE LIFE FOOD FACTOR – Susan Schenck is what I would pass on. Also the DVD FOOD MATTERS, and CURING THE UNCURABLE (?) from Valya Boutenko. But hardly ever people “HAVE TIME TO INVEST” in this. Offer them the latest COLD CASE DVD and they find time – but ask them to invest 2 hours in their health…..
    I am sooooo tired that I definitely give up.
    I cured/changed/influenced the ones I love (husband/mum/dad/inlaw) but that’s it, because it is really sooo energy-draining….I have to keep that energy for keeping myself 100% raw.

  50. Suzy Edmonson says:

    I like to share 3 DVD’s on raw foods in general:

    Victoria Bouteno’s Greens Can Save Your Life
    Valya Boutenko’s Reversing the Irreversible
    Gabriel Cousen’s Reversing Diabetes Naturally

    Namaste, and keep up the good work ~


  51. nick says:

    Here is a pretty good utube video explaining the protein myth from the Running Raw Project: Tim Van Orden

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