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We’re back in a real kitchen today with Alexis and Jim…

Annmarie made a great raw food Indian dish – Bok Choy Paneer – from Gabriel’s book “Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine”.

We had some fun today and pointed out a no-no in Alexis’ kitchen. 🙂

Watch to find out what it is…

Your question of the day: What is your favorite juicer?

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Raw Food Recipe for Bok Choy Paneer

3 Cups Bok Choy Shredded
1/2 Cup Reb Bell Pepper
2 T Fresh Basil, finely chopped
1/2 Cup Pine Nuts, unsoaked
1 Cup Walnuts, soaked
1 1/2 T Lemon Jiuce
1 T Ginger Juice
1 T Garam Masala
1/2 T Celtic Salt
1/2 T Garlic, minced
1/4 T Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Combined bok choy, red bell pepper, and basil in mixing bowl. Set aside. Process remaining ingredients in a food processor or Vita Mix. Blend until smooth, combined and mix well. Marinate for 1-2 hours! Serves 4 – 6.

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Joyce says:

    I’m happy with the Breville juicer. Strong, fast, easy clean up but very noisey!

  2. My favorite juicer is the green star! 🙂 Great show as usual guys. You’re so fun!


  3. giselle cioraru says:

    I have the jack la lane juicer & it works good for me. It was 89.99 in Costco. How long do you soak the walnuts?

  4. Pat says:

    Question: Are you measurements above for “T” correct? A “T” = “3 t” aka a tablespoon equals 3 teaspoons.

    This seems ok:
    2 T Fresh Basil, finely chopped

    Is this correct?
    1/2 T Celtic Salt (1 1/2 t)
    1/2 T Garlic, minced (1 1/2 t)
    1/4 T Fresh Ground Black Pepper (<1 t)

    Just trying to understand….thanks!

  5. Steven King says:

    You and AnnaMarie are obviously too young still to feel the effects of, say, a decade or two of eating such a high amount of fat in your raw meals with so much nuts and seeds in your recipes. But as Dr. Doug Graham points out in 80-10-10 the fat can do you in. It probably was what did Linda McCartney in… Not that it doesn’t look and taste deeeeelish, I admit. I would love to eat the way you do. But I feel the effects of even just a few grams of fat. So, that said, I am still a student, and curious about soaking the walnuts. Does that in any way mitigate any of the fat or acid? Also, it’s nice to visit with you and AnnaMarie each day, really like both of you, your humor and humility. joy, SK. (ps – I juar studied a web site last week that totally convinced me that the real Paul McCartney was in fact killed in 1966, and a faux Paul was auditioned and trained and continued in Paul’s name from Sgt Pepper on. I know, I thought it was all fake… check out their photos, interviews, and make your own decision. I’m still in shock at the evidence: http://digilander.libero.it/jamespaul/index.html ) love, SK.

  6. Pat says:

    I love the Acme that my then-boyfriend bought me in ’79. It’s a centrifical juicerator (that’s what they were called before “juicer” was used). I have a Samson single auger and a Green Star twin press and a L’equip Model 221 pulp ejector juicer…something for the home, office, off-site home office apartment. I can live w/o the L’equip, the Green Star requires smaller pieces of raw material, and the Samson leaves the pulp wet. I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t juiced in months and months. I’m too spoiled by the great places I can walk in San Francisco to get fresh juices, especially Powersource Cafe. They use a Norwalk juicer, the Rolls Royce of juicers! http://www.nwjcal.com/comparison.htm

  7. Nessa says:

    Hey Kevin & Annemarie

    Enjoyed your show again and wanted to say that I use the Greenstar juicer. A personel preference. I have just purchased the Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine and will try that recipe…love the book by the way.

    Quick QUESTION…will you be coming to Vancouver Canada in your Kale Whale?? My husband and I would love to meet both of you.

    One more thing for Kevin…thanks for the tip on your nuts this episode…walnuts…LOL


  8. I love your stuff and have been enjoying watching your shows.

    Thanks for the great recipe.

    And also for the IMPORTANT reminder:

    “You always want to rinse your nuts”

    Words to live by…



  9. I used to have the Green Star but actually sold it and bought a Breville Elite and use it a lot more. It’s so quick and easy to use 🙂

  10. CINDY R. says:

    I don’t have a juicer yet and was wondering which one to get. I was thinking I would try the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Pro. I’m glad you asked this question. Thanks!

  11. Terry Broadworth says:

    I am curious to see the recommended juicer…too. The product reviews for the Jack LaLaine were clean up related – being time consuming and only working really well on wet fruits… I would be interested in the carrot and celery type processing and they were the problem veggies for having to stop and clean the machine – I was wondering about the vitamix…? Cheers Terry

  12. Chel says:

    I use the Champion and totally dig it. Different strokes for different folks tho, huh? I like using an auger style juice as opposed to the centrifugal (juiceman and such) cuz I juice so many greens. I had a juiceman juicer that crapped out after i tried juicing spinach. I do wheatgrass and spinach everyday in the Champion with no problemos. Plus, it makes sweet raw ice cream w/ raw bananas!

  13. Ron says:

    I love my Champion, but it gets a bit taxing to clean up after each use. I am getting a VitaMix with my stimulus check and I will kind of alternating my juices.

    About the nut soakings. I am new to the raw food scene, but I heard that you should soak all dark colored nuts to “release” the enzymes contained in the nuts, otherwise the nuts will not digest. Something about nuts fall from trees and lay dormant until the rains hit … and if a bird eats them they won’t be digested and will eventually fall at the base of a fence and grow a tree. True?

    Kevin and Annmarie, I truly enjoy your work, thank you.


  14. ashleyG says:

    ooh Teflon…very bad!
    shame on you:/


  15. Louann Lampa says:

    I had a cheap one. It was a “pain”. Then I tried Jack Lalaine’s, (got it on sale at Costco, instead of $140 at Target’s) for $89d I am sooo happy with it!

  16. Adam says:

    You talk a ton about your vitamix. What type/version do you have and what did it cost and where did you buy it? I just burnt out my blender and am thinking of getting a vitamix now 🙂

  17. DebB says:

    We also have a Champion and while I haven’t used another to compare it to, we like it just fine. We’ve had it since the early 80s!

    Debbie *Ü*

  18. Cheryl Holt says:

    Hi Kevin & Annmarie!
    Great Show! Alexis looked marvelous on the pod cast!(OK….Kevin & Annmarie you always look marvelous on the podcast) : ) You guys made team work in the kitchen look very easy…NICE!
    I have a champion juicer and I love it. I did have a Jack la lane and have read that the centrifuge juicers increase the amount of oxidation in the foods so I decided to find another juicer. That is how I ended up with the champion….but I do not know how the champion stacks up against the others? : )The one I purchased was in my price range as the juicers can get very expensive!

    Love, Light, & Peace,
    Cheryl : )

  19. Doug in Calif says:

    Kevin you should switch to Blentec. You don’t have to push things don’t in it like the vita Mixer. It just sucks everything down into the blades. Really give it a try you will see. I have both. The blentec Really works so much better. seeya Doug in Calif…

  20. Carolyn says:

    Recipe looks delicious … how do I “make” the ginger juice please …
    cheers Carolyn

  21. Aneta says:

    The Q of the day, lol, this is actually a question I was going to ask you 🙂
    My friend has a Green Star juicer and she loves it, but I’m getting a Norwalk juicer 🙂
    It is recommended by the Max Gerson Institute. What do you think? It makes the best grass juices…

  22. Gail says:

    I have the Angel Juicer which is great and as the pulp is really dry you get more juice so less waste.

  23. I have a Greenstar which I use for things like small quantities of juice, nutbutters, sorbets and “ice creams.” I also have a Breville which is sold widely here in Israel. I happen to like it when I’m in a rush, as it juices a whole piece of fruit and is quick. I have also used my Blend Tek for juicing when I’m juicing larger quantities or if I’m Juicefeasting.

  24. Lyn says:

    I have a Green Star. I bought it after reviewing the others. It’s a twin gear which gets much more juice from your produce then say a Breville. It also doesn’t seem to heat up like the Champion, and I like that. I bought mine several years ago, and have used it extensively. Don’t remember the price, but it seemed like a good buy at the time.

  25. Simona says:

    The Angel Juicer! I LOVE mine. I am using half the produce, it is so easy to clean, made of stainless steel, juices anything.. LOVE!

  26. I started with a Champion back in the 70’s, moved into one that would juice both wheatgrass & vegetables. Now, I do not juice anything. I use my VitaMix (it must be 20-30years old) and blend everything. No more juicing. Dr. Ann was moving in this direction before her death, blending retains everything. I get my trace minerals from bluegreen algae & Cell Food, so I stopped growing & juicing wheatgrass. and then there are those heavenly Green Smoothies!

  27. veikko says:

    No juicer for me either.
    Hand blender is all that is needed to process fruits to the desired consistency. It is more convenient to use and easier to clean. Blending a peeled orange for example makes it much “creamier” than if it has been only juiced. When I use lemons in dressings such as you just did on the show, I put the white part, the fibers, in too.

  28. Connie says:

    This recipe sounds good–yippee–another new way to serve bok choy! But I have a couple questions: 1) what can I substitute for basil–I really hate that stuff. 2) what is garam masala–if it’s made of xyz, what are they so I can substitute. Thanks so much!

  29. LENORA says:

    I used to “juice”, drinking fresh juice is healthy but too much fruit sugar intake not so good. Now I use my blender for “green” drinks and protien drinks with some fruit.

    I read that drinking juice WITH pulp helps the body obsorb nutrients at a better, normal pace not giving you a sugar high. Drinking juice WITHOUT pulp is obsorbed at a faster rate, having your body a frutose high. I believe that eating whole fruit is better and healthier. I believe fruit was created to be eaten not drank.

    Diabetes runs in my family and I am older (65) I try to be very concious of my daily sugar intake.

  30. marlene says:

    I just got the Breville Juicer and I love it! You can purchase it on Matt Monarch’s site – rawfoodworld.com and if you’re on inner circle you’ll get a 12% discount.

  31. Linda Miller says:

    I started out with a Juiceman Jr. until I learned that a juicer with a basket (centrifugal force) heats up the juice which affects the nutrient value and you do not get as much juice. Then I got a Champion. The Champion is masticating and you get more juice and more nutrients. I’ve been told you should juice fresh every day but have kept the juice 2 days but nutrient value is probably not as good. I then had opportunity to get a Green Star at a good deal, and I personally love it. It has gears which mash the carrots, etc and you get more juice. Also, the Green Star juices the leafy vegetables so easily. The juice can be kept for 3 days. So I only juice every 3 days. There is more cleanup with the Green Star. There is more cleanup with about 6 pieces that need to be washed whereas the Champion I believe is easier cleanup. Also a Juicer like Green Star is better if you are juicing a lot of juice and for a large family. It will not heat up.

  32. natalya says:

    I have “Angel” juicer. I absolutely love it!!!
    It’s all stainless steel, very quiet and make excellent juices! It even looks very lovely and not too big in size.

  33. Dr Rona says:

    I have a KEMPO juicer
    It works great if you want juice.
    It’s easy to clean, has low speed (low heat)

    I also have my VITAMIXER which i LOVE but of course it does not separate the pulp.

    Love my Kempo. I use the vitamix MUCH more however.

    If you need any more specifics feel free to email me.

    Dr Rona

  34. Bonny says:

    Mike Adams suggests, and rates high,the Breville JEXL juicer. I am going to buy one soon!

  35. Stacy says:

    Love the Breville Juicer from Williams Sonoma for quick juicing, but not great on greens and smaller items like grapes or cherry tomatoes, can get thrown off to the side pretty in the fairly pulp.

    Also have a Green Power Juicer which is fantastic for greens and smaller pieces of fruits and veggies, but not crazy about how it can back up on juicy fruits. For doing carrots and greens, it’s super 🙂 Takes longer to juice than the Breville for sure, but a better quality juice if you have the time.

  36. Stacy says:

    So I guess the no-no is the teflon? Or was it the chocolate covered nuts (?) next to the goji berries?

  37. George Cook says:

    Another great show! I lived in a van for a couple of years, so man.. I dig the toilet and running water thing! You guys are so brave doing that – I’m sure it’ll work out fine, and one day you’ll be rewarded with really great toilets! and running mineral water!

    As Alexis asked: We’ve got a phillips juicer, and we love it!

    Question, if that’s cool:
    I’ve started a vegan diet a month ago, after being veggie for a few years. I’m wondering if I’m getting dark rings under my eyes… if I have what does it mean? what can I do about it? My other half and me are researching, and reading up to empower ourselves to be happy, healthy people, but we respect your views loads, so would love to hear them on this matter! FYI: we’ve requested blood tests and stuff, so we can measure baselines and check for deficiencies etc..

    Keep on changing the health of the world! Love, light and happy travels guys!

    George and San.

  38. Aneta says:

    Hi Kevin,
    What was wrong with my comment that it didn’t get published?
    I wrote that I’m going to buy the Norwalk juicer recommended by the Gerson Institute.

  39. Aneta says:

    Sorry, my bad, LOL. It’s still awaiting moderation.
    Best regards,

  40. Rebecca says:

    I recently bought an Omega 6, auger style, 15 year warranty. I love it.

    I love the fact that you send us recipes. It’s really great. It would be also very helpful to say where to find “unusual” ingredients for those of us who don’t have wide access.

    Thanks so much!

  41. Sharona says:

    I have a Green Power Gold Juice Extractor (similar to Green Star) which has “triturating” gears to crush and extract nutrients at a low temperature. I really like it, but it does take time to clean. I also have an old Olympic centrifugal juicer which I ocassionally use for juicing carrots or fruit when I’m in a hurry.

    As for soaking nuts, I use food-grade hydrogen peroxide (available through Azure Standard (www.azurestandard.com); it’s a 35% concentration which must be carefully diluted to 3% (11 oz of water to 1 oz of the concentrated H2O2); preferable to wear rubber gloves, as 35% solution can burn skin, alleviated by flushing with cold water for a few minutes. I learned about this from Elizabeth Baker, student of Ann Wigmore and author of a number of books on raw foods including Unbelievably Easy Sprouting, that nuts have mold, bacteria and fungus which can be removed by soaking in a solution of hydrogen peroxide, like 1 T of 3% to a cup of water, for up to 20 min., then rinsing and soaking overnight in filtered water; less time for smaller nuts. “Foaming” during the process indicates mold and such.

  42. Marius says:

    Ok, I know I am immature and all that, BUT… The Culinary Wisdom of the Ages – you always want to rinse your nuts!!! :-)))
    That is priceless!! 🙂

    Back to business: like Kevin does, I believe, I have always used my blender and a cheesecloth to make juice (remember I am serious now – no puns). That works really well and yields the best juice to ingtedients ratio. It’s also a quick and easy clean-up.


  43. Charles Premoe (Chuck) says:

    Can’t wait to see you two when you come to the land of Oz (Kansas). Just RSVPed Heather a few moments ago; sorry, couldn’t attend the going away party, as much as I would have liked to. But as previously mentioned, looking forward to seeing the both of you when you get here on the 25th. Hope to get a chance to speak with you. That would be better than a bowl of fresh juicy plump tree ripened peaches swimming in a pool of sweet young coconut milk topped off with a sprig of black stem mint. Yummmmmmm! Anyway I want you to know that I appreciate your program more than words can express. Thanks ever so much and keep up the exceptional work that you do so very well. Have a safe trip and will see ya when you get here.

    Rawspectfully Yours (<- that’s for you Kevin cause I just know how much you love the word RAW… NOT!)
    Charles Premoe

  44. Sharon Spencer says:

    The Green Star Juicer 3000 it the best. It is expensive but it is also a food processor. It makes the best juices. I was reading the comments someone said about eating nuts and getting too much fat. I use lots of nuts in deserts and salad dressings. Is anything wrong with that?

  45. Charlotte Cormier says:

    My new juicer is an Omega 8003, slow single auger machine which literally chews in front of me. No overwarming like other too speedy ones. Charlotte

  46. Laura says:

    I’ve had a Champion for 5 years. It’s the first one I ever bought. It’s heavy but it works well enough for what I use it for.
    I understand it’s not so good for grasses but I haven’t tried juicing them anyway.

    Ann-Maybe you could show Alexis how to use a knife. It was making me nervous to watch her cut. I though you might end up with a little red sauce in your salad. (haha)

    This was an interesting show. I learned a couple things I didn’t know. Ceramic knives are fragile and that Youtube only allows 10 minutes.

    I have two questions:
    1. Why doesn’t Alexis like her Champion? I’m ok with mine.
    2. Why do you like Vita-mix better than Blend-tec?

  47. Chris says:

    Why is it called Bok Choy Paneer when nothing here resembles paneer?

  48. Wendy says:

    Hi guys…another fun ep. thankyou!
    I see no-one has addressed SK’s comment about paul mc.cartney so……
    please SK..don’t waste your precious life energy on conspiracy theories.
    As a lifelong professional muso…who has countless beatle efficienado friends..including one suprememly talented bass player who idolises Paul’s playing…trust us…it is Paul..and the proof is in the playing itself.
    let it go….;)

  49. Carole says:

    I, too, have an Omega 8003 and love it–use it daily. It is easy clean-up, juices wheatgrass and has attachments to make frozen banana ice cream. I throw my pulp, if I don’t use it in dehydrator recipes, in my compost bin or organic garden. I use my Vitamix every day and wouldn’t be without it.

    I soak walnuts one hour to release the enzyme inhibitors(the reason for soaking most nuts), then rinse. Some nuts require longer soaking, like almonds for about eight hours.

    AnnMarie, will you show us how to chop vegetables correctly?
    No, no, no to teflon.

  50. Aneta says:

    Hi again. I have a question. Does anybody know another press, not a juicer, similar to Norwalk?

  51. Rena says:

    Hallelujah Acres did a comparison study on juicers. See the following link:


    I was surprised at the results. I owned an Omega and enjoyed it but in my effort to make a better juice I upgraded to the Green Star. If you are just juicing for yourself or planning on drinking it right away, then I think the Omega is just fine. If you want a juicer that does more than just juice then look into the Green Star.

    Kevin and AnnMarie ~ another nut you could try is the cashew. Just be sure to wash and rinse, rinse, and rinse well before you use them. I often clean a few pounds of cashews and dry them at the lowest temperature in my oven before storing them. HTH!

  52. Michael says:

    I am in the market to upgrade my osterizer blender and would like to see a side by side “shoot-out” of the Vita-mix and the blend-tek. Maybe you could run a “short series” and prepare a variety of recipies to see who comes out on top.
    I’ll be looking for you two in Anaheim!

  53. Ruth Howard says:

    I have been juicing with my Black & Decker blender for a while, drinking the fiber and all, which is probably quite healthy. But I wanted to do wheat grass, beets & some other things which the blender isn’t so great for. Anyway I received the gift of an Omega 3005 juicer FedExed to me on Wednesday & I have been in juicing heaven since then, morning & evening. Even my husband is drinking the juice. It is a stretch for him. but I told him I want him to be healthy, too! And I make some concessions to please his palate. Back to the juicer… I am surprised at how light it is, easy to handle and assemble. Thrilled, thrilled!

  54. Yvonne says:

    My very favorite Juicer is the Norwalk Juicer. I know they are pricey. Even thiry years ago when mine was purchased we considered them expensive at $500.00 but thiry years later it is still running.

    Several years ago someone gave us the Green Life Juicer as a gift. I found myself using it very little because it had many parts to clean which was time consuming. The vegetables had to be cut small so preparation time took longer too. It was wonderful though, for juicing leafy vegetables like spinach and such.

    I Have had the Champion Juicer and like it very well It was harder to do the greens than the Green Life, but by cutting them up into small pieces, they weren’t as hard to push through. It is still going and us about 20 years old. I gave it to my daughter and went back to the Norwalk.

    My first juicer was a Acme. At the time I loved it, but I didn’t know anything about other juicers. It kept the pulp inside so you could do a quart of juice then empty the basket. It was easy cleaning. I don’t know the cost of them anymore new, but my daughter picked up a nice working on at a second hand store for $20.00. It is easy to clean.

    I picked up a small plastic, Singer Juicer at a second hand store for $5.00. I bought it, mainly because I didn’t know anything about the Singer Juicer. Would it work? How well would it work? The only Singer product I had ever used was their sewing machine and they work very well. The Singer Juicer works very well for what it is, meaning, you’re cutting small pieces to put in and and push very slowly or the motor wants to stall. You then let it gain up to speed again and do more juicing. The juice goes one way and the pulp goes the other way. The dryness of the pulp is as dry as the Champions Juice. I still pull it out when I only want a small amount of juice and my drain boards are full of other things. I don’t have a lot of working space.

  55. Cindi says:

    Great show Kevin, Annmarie and Alexis,
    The bok choy recipe looks yummy and I have all the ingredients on hand to make it today! Thanks!
    I actually have 2 juicers, a Jack Lalanne and a Green Star. I like them both and use them for different things, depending on what I am making. I don’t think either one take very long to clean and the juice I get is soooo worth the few minutes.

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