Raw Vegetable Wraps with Collard Greens and Tahini Sauce – The Renegade Health Show #27

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Raw vegetable wraps are one of my all-time favorite raw food meals…

In this show, Annmarie makes an awesome raw food recipe that can be modified to your taste and prep style.

Collards are high in phytonutrients as well as vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C. Tahini is sesame paste that is high in iron and calcium.

Take a look and be sure to answer this episode’s question of the day, because we’ll be preparing the winner next week!

Your question of the day: What is your favorite dessert?

We’re going to prep it raw next week, so the best one makes next week’s show!

Click here and scroll down to the bottom to add your favorite dessert to the comments…

BTW: Here’s the Recipe…

Raw Tahini Sauce

4 Tbsp Water
3 Tbsp Nama Shoyu
3-4 Tsp Raw Tahini (More if you want it thicker!)
2 Tsp Raw Olive Oil (Or Sesame Oil)
1 Tbsp Agave
2 Tbsp Ginger
1 Clove Garlic
1 Tbsp Lemon Juice
1 Pinch Cumin
1 Pinch Sea Salt

Instructions: Blend!

Raw Collard Vegetable Wraps

6 Collard Leaves
1 Small Carrot
1 Small Zucchini
1/2 Small Red Onion
1/2 Small Red Cabbage
1 Handful Chopped Cilantro
1 Handful Chopped Basil

Other suggestions: Red Pepper, Spinach, Mango, Cucumber.

Instructions: Cut the stem out of the collards and blanch for 5 seconds in almost boiling water than run under cold water to cool down (this is debatable whether it’s raw or not, so you don’t have to do this if you don’t want!). Julienne the veggies and wrap them in the collards, adding some sauce for flavor and to seal the wrap. Makes 12 wraps!

Live Awesome!

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Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Kate says:


  2. Laurel says:

    hehe Strawberry Ice cream!

  3. Jenny says:


  4. ccd says:

    dude…did you wear that sweatshirt on purpose?

    how about blueberry pie?

  5. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    ccd, of course 😉 (just having a little fun… )

  6. Juanita says:

    cold cherry pie

  7. Helen says:

    Peach cobbler! yum!!

  8. Alli says:

    my daughter Bonnie says chocolate ice cream
    my daughter Ida says fudge
    I say chocolate dipped strawberries
    Hey Kevin and AnnMarie we 3 girls love your show! we watch it every day!

  9. Dede says:

    HI guys!!

    Wow – – I loved the wraps!! I’ve been substituting lettuce for the outside of my sandwiches – but collard greens are going to be sooo much better -lettuce is kinda blah – AND – I didn’t know you could dunk em in hot water like that – another great idea.

    OK – my dessert that I crave is custard – not like custard ice cream (yuk) – but like custard pie – or burnt cream – or even better tapioca pudding or rice pudding (hmm – I think my “midwest” is showing :-)). BUT – that’s not reasonable to ask of ya – – SO – – how about lemon bars? – it might be possible to make them healthy!!

    As always – great video spot – now I need to go back and watch it again to see what shirt you are wearing, Kevin :-).

    hugs, Dede

  10. Anna says:

    Hi Kevin and AnnMarie,
    I know this a long post so thanks for taking the time if you make it through…

    First of all, Great Show! I have been a raw foodie for years and never thought about blanching my collard greens. They are so hard to work that I stopped buying them except for juicing – but they are soooooo good for you that I was trying to think of a way to incorporate them back into my diet. Thanks to you both, I will buy some first thing tomorrow and make some sweet delicious Veggie Wraps!

    As for my favorite dessert, it is a recipe I created myself but have never actually made yet. I call them…

    Raspberry~Chocolate~Bliss Bars
    By Anna Michelle

    Here’s the recipe for you both and everyone else – however it can be modified in any way. Like I said, I have never actually made them yet.

    Raspberry Sauce:
    2 Cups fresh raspberries
    ¼ to ½ cup raw agave nectar (to taste)
    1 tsp. vanilla extract
    1 tsp. coconut butter
    1 tsp. lemon juice

    Place all ingredients in a blender and process until smooth. Make especially sure the raspberry seeds are blended. Then set aside.

    Chocolate Fudge:
    1 to 2 Cups raw almond butter (to taste)
    ¼ cup raw cacao nibs
    ¼ cup raw carob powder
    ½ cup dark raw agave nectar
    1 Tbsp. coconut butter
    1 tsp. vanilla extract
    1 tsp. celtic/himalayan salt

    Using a powerful blender or food processor, blend cocoa nibs into a fine powder. Then add to the blender the rest of the ingredients. Blend until you have the consistency of a thick cake batter.

    Pour and press fudge batter into a square glass container. Then pour raspberry sauce over evenly and swirl in with a knife to make a marble pattern. Cover with parchment paper. Press down to create an even and flat surface. Place in the freezer to chill.

    Once the dessert has become firm and hard (about an hour), cut into squares. Transfer to a serving plate. Then garnish with some fresh whole raspberries, a couple fresh mint leaves and indulge!

    You can keep the bars in the freezer or the fridge depending on how firm you like them. But note that they need to stay cool or they will melt very quickly.

    Blessings, Anna

  11. Susana says:

    Pecan Pie (No need for the crust, just get that NUTS & GOO going on without the KARO “syrup” & EGGS and I’ll be __SO__ HAPPY!
    Actually, minced figs would be cool…
    I’m thinking this:
    Minced figs, right?
    Lay them out, like a “base” (think 1/4 inch, maybe)
    top with chopped PECANS…
    NOW, your mission is this:


  12. martha says:

    lemon meringue pie 🙂

  13. Arletty says:

    Hi Kevin and Anne-Marie,

    I enjoyed the wrap tips- mucho thanks. As for the dessert, I have a major challenge for you guys. Do you think you can figure out a way to make a raw version of Tiramisu? Or panacotta with raspberry sauce? Ok, maybe the panacotta is a wee bit too much to ask for. Anyway, regardless what you decide to do, please, no cheesecake.

  14. Polly says:

    Creme Brulee, by far or maybe a really good flan!
    The Veggie wraps look great…can’t wait to try

  15. Thank you for the raw food recipe wraps! I would love to see more raw vegetable food recipes. I have 2 teenagers and would like to find more ways for them to enjoy them.

  16. Denise says:

    How about carrot cake? I can do without the cream cheese frosting, but how about the cake?

  17. Chocolate pie is my favorite… mmmmm

  18. Rod says:

    Kevin and AnnMarie,

    Yummie I coming over to help consume the goods 😉

    No really I enjoy all of your information that you share and it really does provide more options for all of to continue enjoy real foods. Foods that are full of live healthy energy.


    Keep up the great quest of sharing and caring.

  19. Janice says:

    German Chocolate cake!

  20. Daphne says:

    Soaked almonds inside a good date!!!!!!!!!! Anna’s bars sound really good too!!!!!!!!! DYZ

  21. How about Carrot Cake…

    with eggs.

    Hardboiled eggs to be exact.

    Seriously, I’ll love to see whatever dessert you decide to cook up.

    Carrie says anything with chocolate.

  22. Jean says:

    Love that idea with the greens Kevin. Not complaining but the music in the background made it very hard to hear your soft spoken prety wife.Also I loved the pan she was soaking the greens in, where did you get it and what kind is it? I am trying to find better safer ways to food. Thanks for all the work you put into helping others.

  23. Frances Poole says:

    I have collards growing and was delighted to find another use for them.
    Apart from eating they are wonderful placed on the skin and wrapped up to remove rashes and inflammation as well. Cabbage leaves can be use for this as well.

    I was mucking around the other wanting something filling and sweet and I came up with this one not really desert but could be used at the end of the meal. You will be using your hands so make sure they are nice and clean
    Nutty Fruit Balls
    1 cup of almonds blended to a reasonably fine mix
    1/2 cup dates and 1/2 cup of sultanas 1/2 cup of macadamias or walnuts
    Juice of 1 orange (medium size)
    2 desertspoons of dark full bodied honey
    (Or 1 desertspoon of Agave nectar & 1 desertspoon of treacle)
    Teaspoon of chopped dried apricots ( optional)
    1 desertspoon of lemon and orange peel ( optional)
    Blend almonds then add dates sultanas & other nuts
    Put into a basin and add the rest of the ingredients.
    have a little bowl of fine almond meal
    and some Garam Masala
    Teaspoon the mix into your hand and squeeze
    then roll and drop into the almond meal and coat the ball
    place on a plate or bowl and make the rest
    Finally dust with Garam Masala.
    It can be varied in several ways depending on your tastes and may need a little more orange juice to make them rollable. The Garam Masala can be added to the mix as well if desired.

  24. Wendi Dee says:

    *Covers ears to protect herself from the shrill cries of the collards being boiled alive!* 😛

    I’m doing mono meals for nine days, so I probably shouldn’t have watched this. It looks yummy.

    As for desserts, my daughter said she’d love a raw version of coffee cake.

    Lots of love to you,


  25. Wendy says:

    tapioca pudding

  26. Judy says:

    How about wheat free, gluten free cookies.

  27. Katie says:

    Banana Ice Cream is one of my favorites and it is so easy to make in the food processor. All my non-raw friends are always asking me to make it.

    I like to put mango slices, avocado and red peppers along with some other veggies in my collard wraps.

  28. Bernadette says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Just a suggestion, but since people seem to like the recipes so much, maybe you could ask them to send in their favorite vegetarian, vegan or raw recipe and then try some out and pick some of the best to demonstrate on the show. That way, they can all share and you will have a huge library of new recipes to try out. I always like seeing a demonstration of the recipe rather than just reading about it. I am a very visual learner. Just an idea.

  29. Charissa says:

    That was a great show! Wahoooo! You guys are great!

    You need to make a raw wild rice pudding! If you don’t, I will…(sometime!!!) Ohh, my goodness! I love rice pudding!

  30. ELizabeth says:

    There is a raw vegan dessert out there called Blueberry Hill Cheesecake. I got it at whole foods market. I would absolutely love to know how to make it!


  31. Linda says:

    Love the show!!! How about a date square?

  32. Linda says:

    Chocolate ice cream

  33. Bernadette says:

    Hi Linda,

    Karen Knowler has a good raw recipe for chocolate ice cream on her site:

    4 TB raw chocolate powder
    16 medjool dates
    600 ml of pure water
    4 cups of cashews or 4TB of cashew butter

    Blend the cashews and water, add the remaining ingredients, pour into an ice cream maker and process.

    You can add vanilla, cocao nibs, or raisins and you can substitute strawberries, raspberries or mangoes for the chocolate powder.

  34. great recipes but for those of us who live in Australia, can you please tell me whether there is an equivalent to collard greens?
    Is that like spinach?

    We have various types of lettuces and spinachs, I hate cabbage!

  35. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:


    You definitely can use lettuce… I don’t think there’s anything equivalent to the collards. They’re from the same family as cabbage, so I think you’ll be safe with lettuce!


  36. very informative details thanks for that, nice article

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