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There might be more than one legitimate way to get this sucker.

I’ve heard a ton of stories about people healing cancer naturally…

It’s an amazing thing to listen to them. They all share the same result — someone’s life is now longer and more fulfilled because they were able to get better without extensive damage to their bodies (See: most general Western cancer treatments.)

As you may know, my family has its own stories about cancer. For one, the result was a positive. For the other, it wasn’t.

My mother survived breast cancer, chemotherapy and surgery. My father did not survive his brain cancer treatment and died when I was 2. (I don’t question how they were treated, by the way. I don’t think there’s any good in doing so.)

These two personal stories have lead me to dig deeper into natural cancer research.

I’ve interviewed and visited some of the best natural cancer doctors in the U.S. Hopefully, I’ll visit more from other countries as the years go on.

I’ve produced the Healing Cancer World Summit — where over 50,000 people listened in to hear the most cutting edge research on natural cancer therapies. This is the largest natural cancer forum in the world — and we’re doing it again in 2012 (stay tuned!)

I’ve also read countless books on the subject.

For me, it’s been something of a passion project for you and for me. I don’t want you to lose a loved one like I did and I also — more personally — want to protect myself and my family from more stories like we’ve already had.

One thing that stands out the most…

Throughout my own personal study, I have to say the most intriguing thing I’ve discovered is this:

While the end result of these survival stories is the same, the means or method of getting there can be totally different.

I’ve talked to people who used the Gerson Therapy. I’ve talked to people who have worked with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. I’ve heard stories from Hippocrates, from Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, from Dr. Francisco Contreras — from practically every center there is at least one story.

This is fantastic, since it seems to indicate that there are multiple ways to be successful, but it’s confusing for the same reason — there are multiple ways to be successful.

When you’re given an “apparent” closing time for your life (diagnosis of cancer), it would be much easier just to get the manual to learn how to keep the lights on for longer — but when there are so many ways to do this, it’s hard to keep focus, or even know where to start.

Since I understand this potential predicament that a cancer patient who is massively confused could be in, I’ve been working to try to figure out how I could look into the similarities within the differences. My mind usually works in ways to try to make these types of connections, so I’m good that this — but I’ve also enlisted the experts to help me too.

What I’ve come up with is 5 reasons why — outside of specific treatments — people may heal from cancer (and likely other diseases.)

Here we go…

1. Attitude Rules.

I was sitting with Annmarie and Dr. Gonzalez at a cafe in New York City and I asked him this question…

“How much does attitude play into healing cancer.”

He said it was everything.

I was on the phone with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy.

I asked her this question…

“How much does attitude play into healing cancer.”

One of the most important things, she told me.

Dr. Francisco Contreras?

He explained improving attitude is essential.

I think you get it.

The attitude of the patient seems to me, to be one of the most important inductors of potential success or failure of the treatment.

Go in thinking you can win, and your chances increase — regardless of the actual protocol.

2. All the natural protocols take out the bad stuff.

It doesn’t matter if the program includes juicing, or vitamin C therapy, or flax oil, or enzymes, or anything else — every natural cancer therapy that is successful removes these items:

  • Processed Foods
  • Processed Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Cigarettes

Removing these factors may likely be more valuable than some of the treatments added. (Though, I’d be cautious to just remove those things and hope for the best.)

Taking them away simply allows the body to repair without further interference from substances that could further break it down.

3. There are different reasons for inflammation.

Inflammation has been noted as the main cause of disease. This is great to know, but it’s rather ambiguous.

The reason why is because if we don’t know the cause of inflammation then we can’t stop it.

The good news is that we know some sources.

These include the list above under #2, plus…

  • Pesticides
  • Environmental toxins
  • Household toxins
  • Stress
  • Bad relationships
  • Meaningless job
  • Excessive exercise
  • Bad attitude
  • EMFs and other electrical frequencies
  • Radiation in the environment

This is a partial list and I’m sure you can add a dozen or two more, but the reason I bring this up is because when someone is going through treatment they may or may not eliminate some of these items — without even knowing it.

What if their treatment caused them to take leave from their job that they hate? Stress = inflammation.

What if their treatment causes them to move away from a place that was physically toxic — their home, their community, etc. Toxins = inflammation.

What if they completely changed their attitude once they got cancer? Bad attitude = inflammation.

So outside of the protocol given to them, something else may change that can improve their chances of survival.

4. We do have different genetics.

Despite what some doctors will tell you, some of our bodies do respond differently to different diets.

For example, some people gain massive weight when they eat carbs, others stay trim.

Dr. Gonzalez has a very specific way of identifying which diet works best for the patient — based on their metabolic type.

Matching a diet to your metabolic type, very well, could increase your healing potential. It could also account for why some people just seem to respond to different treatments that have wildly different diets.

5. Commitment can sometimes be just as important as the treatment.

This is a smaller factor and more slippery, but I think it’s worth mentioning.

Commitment to something — or more importantly “trust” — can be a factor that influences who heals and who doesn’t.

So, it’s not exactly the particular treatment that completely works, it’s a combination of the therapy, plus your attitude, plus your trust in the process.

Would you jump if you knew your parachute wouldn’t open? Of course not.

So when you pick a protocol, knowing as much about the successes and your chances is essential for you to build trust in the process — and possibly increase your chances of survival.

To make this even more simple…

Basically, to simplify this even more, I think the essential point I’m trying to make is to let you know that there may be more factors that we can account for in the healing process. The more we set ourselves up for success, the more likely we will succeed in our own healing journeys.

Want to learn about this protocol?

Over the years, I’ve heard about a lot of different options. One of them is the Budwig Protocol.

This is a unique protocol that some people have told me that they’ve used successfully.

One of the first places I learned about it is here.

This is a book that you can purchase that will give you the exact protocol that Bill Henderson used to heal his own cancer.

I love books like this since they give real world stories and they include tangible information that you can introduce to your health coach — particularly if you’re working to heal cancer naturally.

If you’d like to learn more about the Budwig Protocol, you can do so here in this book:


A note from Kev on the page: You’ll see there is a lot of hyped-up marketing. If I were you, I wouldn’t look too deeply into it or let it influence your opinion on the content of the book. Just like the Encyclopedia of Medical Breakthroughs and Cancer Step Outside the Box, this book is totally worth the value — regardless of the somewhat over the top marketing. This book, has also sold tens of thousands of copies — maybe more over the years — so its staying power indicates its value!

Your question of the day: Why do you think more than one cancer treatment may be able to work?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Bobbi says:

    the fact that you never posted the fact that Michio Kushi, inventor of the diet to cure cancer: namely macrobiotics–that he, his wife and daughter all died from cancer is one thing. now you claim that A Good ATTITUTDE cures cancer–i’m sorry you’ve gone too far–i have known hundreds of cancer patients with WONDERFUL ATTITUDES who have died of cancer. you have gone too far. you are out of line. you are misleading people and are a danger to others. Anyway, what does “good attitude” mean? does that mean smiley faces? or does that mean research…research…research….you are way out of line and a danger to your followers. i see what your tactic is: you show that you have “doubts’ so people believe you are an investigator but just the fact that you did not respond at ALL to the facts about the macrobiotic diet being a failure to its originators, the fact that you allowed a testimonial to be used as your type of “proof” as cure without giving all the information to people who, unlike you, your wife and son, are not healthy, may very well die if they follow your testimonials…….
    the Kushi scandal (what I call it in my mind as I realize how criminal it is of you to put a testimonial on healing from macrobiotics without including crucial information that that very diet did not work on its originator, his wife or his daughter. AND i knew all of those people and i assure you they had GOOD ATTITUDES.

  2. LynnCS says:

    As I said here before, my sister believes she is cured by using the Budwig protocol, altho she altered it so, not a good patient. Nothing new. She was never tested in the US and never told she had a tumor. Johanna Budwig was a woman. Not a man. Many people have touted her belief system, but as you say, I think it is what they don’t eat as much as what they do. My sister believes it is the oil that cures her/us. Lack of inflammatory food is what the cure is, I believe. One big problem is that now that she sees herself as cured, she is starting to eat all the crap she used to. That is the problem with adopting a protocol till you feel better and then, not knowing any better, you go back to old eating ways. Maybe you can tell that I am pissed, but that is not good for my adrenals, so I’m going to give up trying. It’s her life. Don’t give any hope to anyone not willing to clean up their food and drink intake overall as a way of life. Please!

  3. Nicole (Australia) says:

    I believe, yes Kevin, Attitutde is no.1. Then as I first heard Charlotte Gerson say you dont treat the illness but heal the body, so give it all the nutrients & take out all the toxins!

  4. Joel Katz says:

    I am a retired accredited naturopath schooled at NCNM. In 18 years of private practice, I handled maybe 400-500 cancer cases. The presentation here is a gross exaggeration of the efficacy of these treatment protocol. Kevin says he has seen one cure for each!!!! I do agree that attitude makes a tremendous difference but cancer, other than surgically resolved, remains a very difficult treatment. I worked with many patients who were following one of the mentioned protocols which were very helpful in the battle and yielded very good quality of life but in the end the patient lost the battle. I do want to state that if I had a cancer diagnosis other than surgically treatable, that I would only do alternative treatments using many of the ideas from the above protocols. But I wanted to make sure that people are not given false information as to the end results from these protocols.

  5. Bob says:

    Good article Kevin!

    And to answer some of the critics: Kevin never said anyone (i.e. The macrobiotic founders) was guaranteed success just by having a good attitude, or indeed for any reason! But the list indicates elements that are very likely to be “necessary but not necessarily sufficient” for healing.

  6. Nicole (Australia) says:

    In my opinion the digestive tract must be healed in order to heal anything else. Maybe people who dont succeed on alternative therapies dont stick it out, as one may get worse in order to get better. (there may be a one or two illnesses that cant be healed though, as I think brain tumors are a challange). & Yes you cant have a postive attitude & continue putting toxins in/on your body & expect to heal!!!!

  7. Grant says:

    Why do you think more than one cancer treatment may be able to work?

    Because the good therapies address many of the 5 points you’ve mentioned in your article.

    A person must reject the “death sentence”, and want to not just live but thrive.

    Reduce the toxic load and eliminate any additional insults to the body.

    Reducing inflammation may be a huge part of the reason(s) the cancer developed in the first place, the body is designed to heal itself i.e. you get a cut, platelets stop bleeding to save your life. As you heal, the “scar” tissue is removed by the body and a lot of times you may not even scar. Cancer is the body’s way of dealing with a toxin, heavy metal, chemical etc. if the body is unable to do so it will go into a protective mode and “wall off” the toxin, heavy metal, chemical etc. and form a tumor or cyst in order to protect the body from more harm.

    Genetics are over rated, the body mostly needs the building blocks to heal itself and your positive attitude. (Bruce Lipton – The New Biology)

    Commitment, absolutely! Doing more good things to help outweigh the negative.

    Cancer may be a metabolic disturbance in the Citric Acid Cycle aka The Krebs Cycle and a blocking of the Pasteur Effect, leading to fermentation and an ideal environment for cancer to thrive in. (Otto Heinrich Warburg 3 time Nobel Prize winner one for his hypothesis for cancer)

    Once the metabolic corrections are made and the oxidation is restored at the cellular level the body can neutralize most if not all of these toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals, and as a result the tumors dissolve much like a scar from a cut in the skin.

    One should study William F. Koch’s work) http://williamfkoch.com for a better explanation.

    Pasteur effect:
    the decrease in the rate of glycolysis and the suppression of lactate accumulation by tissues or microorganisms in the presence of oxygen.

    Otto Heinrich Warburg:
    the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”

    In Gr8Health

  8. Francine Maclure says:

    I’m one of those people who refused to fall into the chemo, radiation trap after breast cancer surgery. Instead I did some research and chose alternative IV treatments, altered my diet, and changed my attitude. By facing up to the issues that may have caused the cancer in the first place, I decided to put things in perspective and drop old habits of ruminating over things that should have been. Today, almost one and a half years after being diagnosed, I continue occasional IV treatments, and take specific supplements recommended by my Homeopathic doctor. I`m looking forward to living out my intended lifespan or else my husband and sons will be very disappointed!:))

  9. Lester says:

    I read about thousands and thousands of people overcoming cancer using natural protocols, but I don’t see anyone marching through the streets shouting “Won The Race For The Cure” without slashing, burning, and chemicals. Until I see some form of organized movement of people that were cured with natural protocols identified with current photos, testimonials, and walking or running through the streets followed by the media, then I’ll be skeptical about what I read as cures and not just isolated quirks of nature. Why don’t these cured individuals openly admit their success in an organized way? Don’t tell me large corporate sponsors aren’t willing to get involved because I doubt much money is needed to organize a rallying march of support.

  10. There is the story of 6 blind man that came across an elephant. Every single of them touched different part of the elephant and described it differently. One said it is like a big fan (ears), second said- it is a rope (a tail), the third one said it is a huge snake (trunk) forth one – a tree trunk (a leg), fifth one – a wall (body), sixth one – it is a strange shaped spear (task). Each one was in a way correct, but missing the whole picture. That is happening with cancer. Inflammation is not the cause, it is already a symptom, viruses are not the cause, they indicate different signal.

    Everything matters. Instead of writing very long (but still brief) explanation, here is the link to the site http://www.eft-emofree.com/cancer-retreat.html where you will find a video that was prepared for the retreat earlier this year. Retreat is called “Emotional and mental support for people affected by cancer”. It is actually holistic retreat considering that food was prepared from organic, not processed food and in line with important dietary guidelines for those affected by cancer. All levels of our being are addressed – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The place where cancer gets initiated is 95% of the time at emotional level. If you watch the video, you will understand much more. The video I am talking about is the second one. Ignore the fact that some data in the video relate to the retreat that already has happened. The first video is a video testimonial from some of attendees of the retreat. So, make sure you watch the second one.
    Removing any fears, worries, and emotions that are not making you feel good about the condition is also extremely important.
    This is a good start, as there is much more to it.

  11. Leelee says:

    This is in response to Bobbi’s comment about macrobiotics.

    First of all, your understanding of macrobiotics is a common misunderstanding. It is a philosophy really, not a diet. Diet of course is central to the philosophy of how to live a ” great life” ( macro – biotics). But it is not everything.

    There has been a lot of discussion within the macrobiotic community about the deaths by cancer that you refer to. Other factors besides diet played into the development of cancer, rather I should say also contributed to their condition. If you google macrobiotics you can probably find an interesting article written by Phiya Kushi about why he believes his mother developed cancer. It is insightful into the personality and lifestyle of his mother, and the cancer she developped.

    However, many people have in fact recovered from various cancers following the recommendations of experienced macrobiotic counselors. There really are numerous impressive stories of recovery on the Kushi Institute’s website, and other macrobiotic sites. Also many people who choose to nevertheless undergo traditional medical approaches to cancer treatment find themselves healing faster and avoiding the toxicity of the treatments with a macrobiotic approach to their diet. Again, they usually work with an experienced macrobiotic counselor.

    Understanding the energetics of foods, based on the Tao, is at the heart of a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle. It is a completely different paradigm from what most Westerners are used to, and are comfortable with. It is about finding balance in one’s life and body, using diet as a tool to live well.

    And there is a difference between a healing diet, based on these principles, and a much wider diet, in macrobiotics.

    So, to answer Kevin’s question, the reason that various cancer therapies work is because people are unique, and the way they develop disease is individual to them. While 2 people may develop, breast cancer, for instance, it will not be for the same reasons. We come into the world with different constitutions, developped in the womb and influenced by our mothers’ diets while we were there, by genetics, by childhood nutrition, by climate and activity level, type of activity, personality, etc….all have an impact on our health and well-being.

    For the same reason, the same treatment may not work for these two individuals..they most likely will require different nutrition, treatment, and lifestyle adjustments based on their current situations.

  12. Paul says:

    The most important document I have read is The China Study which I read after the Natural Healing Cancer Summit late last year! (It was after the Summit that I was diagnosed with a cancer.)

    The theme I found that runs throughout the “alternatives” is good quality nutrition.

    Remove the bad stuff as noted in section 2 above. I add to that:

    1. “no white stuff” – flour (pasta, bread) , sugar, rice, milk etc. which all comes under the processed foods category, and minimise carbs overall.

    2. “Eat nothing with a face” – no animal / fish products. If it can walk, swim, hop, jump, slither, crawl or fly or has a mother I do not eat it. – Only one exception! 🙂 So I now have a plant based diet.

    3. Nothing fried or barbecues. Avoid the toxic burnt charcoal on sausages, steaks, chops, chicken, roasts – veg, etc. THE BLACK STUFF IS POISON!

    3. Cleaned water.

    4. Supplements appropriate for my condition.

    5. Avoid household chemicals, sprays etc. White vinegar will handle 99% of home cleaning requirements.

    DO NOT CHEAT! There is no room for sneaking that cigarette; that beer or that shot of vodka, the hot chips with vinegar or that fried dim sim, or even that one thing I miss most of all A PIE with sauce!! DO NOT CHEAT – IF YOU CHEAT YOU DIE!

    Greetings to all from Melbouyrne, Austrealia.

    Keep up the good work Kevin.

  13. Kuru says:

    If anybody else hates these cryptic ads for “the miracle food; we’ll tell you what it is after you buy”, you can google Budwig Protocol and get the info. I personally will never buy from an ad like this because it degrades the intelligence of the reader!

    But I did like your article, Kevin.

  14. Janet H says:

    As a survivor of stage 1V pancreatic cancer, given 3 weeks to live by our conventional health care system, lester…. i want you to know that I am a proud survivor. Proud of the doctors giving their lifes work for us. There is very little money made by these doctors who have a spine, and stand for honest medicine and cures. WE…as their patients are sick and fed up with our doctors being taken to court until they are broke, for using natural remedies that can’t be patented and sold for outrageous prices. IT CAN”T BE PATENTED AND SOLD LIKE PHARMACEUTICAL STREET DRUGS ! The only reason large corporations care about natural cures is to shut them down cause they cut into their market. Our Doctors are genuine folk who honestly care if we live !

  15. Cadie says:

    I think that healing the body takes a lot of work and most people are not willing to put that much effort into it. People want a quick fix. The life style change is just to much and people are overwhelmed in their daily lives. The body, the mind and the spirit all have to be addressed in the healing process. We all have garbage that has to be dumped in some way. I believe that the body can heal itself, with real food (good nutrition), supplementation, detoxification, emotional cleansing and yes, a positive attitude. A few of the people writing in could use a bit of that. We are all responsible for our own lives including our health. Kevin isn’t telling anyone what to do, he gives tid bits of information and it is our responsibility to do the research and make the choices right for ourselves. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last August, I have done much research, I have changed my life, my thoughts, my friends. I have detoxed my body, my mind and have even managed to come to terms with the power of human energy. My tumor is steadily shrinking, and I am confident that I AM THE CURE! I am also grateful that I found Kevins blog, it is loaded with helpful information and has lead me to further my knowledge! Thank you Kevin.

  16. Grant says:

    If anybody else hates these cryptic ads for “the miracle food; we’ll tell you what it is after you buy”

    Unfortunately Kuru, you’re right. Even the health food industry has become an 18 + billion dollar industry annually and it seems like everyone wants their piece of the pie. It’s no longer about helping humanity.

  17. Judy says:

    I do believe that Attitude is #1 – I am a cancer survivor – went the route of Chemo, Surgery – no radiation – but was on chemo for over a year.

    Since that time frame, I have adopted an alkaline diet and do understand and know about the garbage that is in processed foods –

    But the one thing I always had was my attitude. I just simply asked “What do we do? When Do we start?” After going thru the Western process of dealing with Cancer, I am more in tune with the natural therapies – it isn’t one size fits all – Every person is different –

    I firmly believe that you will either take a stand and fight for yourself or you won’t. I did ask lots and lots of questions, but the one piece of advice that I would give is to have yourself and advocate or person that is in your corner.

    Let them help you with the questions and the answers – and do not listen to all the nay sayers, you know what is right for you

    If it is to go thru Chemo, radiation, surgery and other methods, then that is right for you. If it is to explore the alternative health therapies – that is also right for you.

    But the one thing I do know, we all need to change our diet – we need to be informed of what we are eating, we need to have a partner or friend that can assist you with staying on track until that isn’t really needed.

    Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Diet – is a walking example of Stage 4 Liver Cancer – who (10 years ago was diagnosed with about 6 months to a year to live) and who opted out of that option totally.

    She reacted kicking and screaming – and didn’t do a lick of chemo – why? it wasn’t going to cure her – so she started on her path to better health – the juicing, the alkaline diet activity, the exercise and the attitude!

  18. Sundaram says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Love your subject and your great points, particularly the one about taking out the bad stuff (e.g. sugar). That leads to the next one: what causes inflammation?

    Was reading an interesting article yesterday. Let’s see if I can put what I understood simply:

    Lots of sugar and different forms of sugar in most people’s diet.

    This weakens their immune system, so they get sick.

    They take antibiotics to heal.

    The antibiotics kill off all the good flora.

    The good flora had been protecting and balancing the system from too much internal fungal growth.
    Now without the flora, the fungal growth takes over (candida, diabetes, etc.)

    As no effort (due to no knowledge) is made to replant the good bacteria, the fungi take over the system, giving other chronic symtems like joint pain, diabetes, chronic fatigue, etc.

    Maybe even more drugs and antibiotics are taken in an effort to get better.

    Fungi thrive…and create inflammation throughout the body or in specific organs.

    Over time, the inflammation from fungi in particular spots develops into cancer.

    So sugar leads to disease leads to antibiotics leads to fungal overgrowth leads to inflammation leads to chronic problems/inflammation leads to cancer.

    Makes sense. So, solution…no sugar and rebuild internal balance through detoxification and rebuilding the intestinal flora. And adding enzymes into system to gobble up the fungi!

    Hope I didn’t overly simplify, but bottom line…cancer is an overgrown fungal disaster.

    Also what about the use of alternative healing tools, like the Rife machine, which ‘explodes’ (kills off) the bad cells through the signature frequencies for that disease condition?

    A healthy attitude comes from a healthy body, so first treat and hopefully the attitude improves with increasing health!
    Best in health to all!

  19. chris says:

    cosmic energy and faith in the proticol you’ve chosen. understand cosmic energy(call this all pervasive healing energy what you would like). Access the knowledge of it through youtube, etc., so you may gain the faith required for the healing to begin properly. cleanse the body. thank you for this opportunity to speak truth.

  20. Stephanie says:

    Great article Kevin. Thank you always for your insights and for passing along info you have gathered. As someone who was too scared to try to heal naturally and succumbed to my oncologist and 2nd opinion oncologist’s recommendations, I had had surgery, chemo AND radiation over a 1 year period to treat my cancer. Luckily I read some great books and completely altered my diet while going through it all, which I believe helped immensely. Also I changed how I was thinking and I have to agree that in addition to changing my diet, I learned how to manage stress so much better. When you think you are about to die, it is amazing how much you let go of. I think healing is different for each person and there are many different factors involved which dictate what outcomes everyone may experience. However, the way I saw it while going through treatment, even if I might die from cancer, why not try to have the best attitude every day? If it were my last, I’d want it to be good. If it weren’t, then I had a good day AND was living to see another day which was pretty great too 🙂

  21. Yaya says:

    It’s interesting you pick this topic, because I just finished reading AntiCancer today. I do believe attitude is important, just like it is with anything you do in life. I believe the diet is probably the most important. We all have cancer cells in our body, but why do some of us develop cancer. It has to be our immune systems are weak. This has to be due to diet. I also believe stress , etc contribute.

  22. Rebecca Cody says:

    My own cancer experience began in February, 2010, when I found a big lump in my breast. It was diagnosed through biopsy as an aggressive breast cancer, already in one lymph node, and triple negative. That means it does not relate to hormones, so none of the hormone therapies would do anything for it.

    Since that time I’ve met quite a few cancer patients, and I’ve observed that those with aggressive breast cancers who had surgery – with or without chemo and/or radiation – unless the cancer was very small when discovered, all had a return of the cancer within two years. Ralph Moss writes about how some cancers send out metastases right away, but they also circulate a chemical that prevents the metastases from growing. As soon as the tumor is removed this chemical no longer circulates, so the metastases begin growing quickly. I’ve seen the results of this in many, yet I don’t know of a test to determine if a particular cancer is this type or not.

    One issue that is still fairly unknown is the genetic defect, methyltetrahydrofolatereductase (MTHFR), which makes the patient much less able to detoxify than is normal. I think this had a lot to do with my having cancer. I have two of the 677 genetic defects, meaning my ability to detoxify is about 7-10% of normal. Estimates of the number of people affected by this genetic defect run from 40-70% of the population, so this is a LOT of cancer patients.

    Without much ability to detoxify, protocols like Gerson, which rely entirely on detoxification and dietary changes, may not work at all for such people. I did that protocol for two months, during which time the tumor doubled in size.

    Recently I read a book that held an important key to the cancer puzzle. It is Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure by Norman Walker. Another, similar book is Extraordinary Healing by L Stephen Coles, MD, PhD. Both books talk about the long research career of Mirko Beljanski. He was studying DNA and RNA in the late 1940s. He discovered that cancer actually begins when the DNA, which normally separates and goes back together as part of cellular reproduction, instead separates and stays separated, reproducing cells without stopping. This happens before any mutations and is the true beginning of cancer. He also discovered many chemicals in our environment that cause cancer, yet are not listed as carcinogens because the test used is not as accurate or sensitive as the one he developed.

    He also developed carefully extracted fractions of rain forest trees and shrubs that have been used very successfully in Europe for about 30 years or more, for cancer, even AIDS and other chronic diseases. Many people who had been given up by their oncologists used his products and lived another 20 or more years.

    Unlike so many alternative remedies, Beljanski’s products have solid science behind them. You can look on Pubmed and find 99 of his papers that have been translated into English. Many of them refer to cancer or tumors in their titles.

    His herbal products do several things: they restore the proper functioning of the malfunctioning DNA; they stop cancer growth; they kill cancer cells; and they prevent damage from chemo and radiation therapies and imaging. Thus, they can be used on their own or with therapies used by oncologists. Another of his products, made from a bacterial RNA, prevents damage to white cells and platelets (the immune system normally killed by chemo)so the patient can continue these treatments without interruption to let their blood rebuild, and without transfusions.

    Oncologists have drugs to help rebuild white cells, though they have bad side effects, but they have nothing to rebuild platelets, so this Beljanski product is especially helpful for people undergoing chemo.

    I encourage anybody interested in natural cancer therapies to read one of the books mentioned above. These products stopped the growth of the tumor in my breast after it had begun growing again, and in only two weeks time.

    There is information at http://www.natural-source.com. However, it is superficial and not very specific. The books give you more information about the protocols and suggest where you may find doctors who use these products.

  23. Beverly says:

    I think different ones work because we are all different. I take adult stem cell nutrition from http://Jdimlm.com/index.php?page=1c&theme=1&id=miracles , God Bless

  24. Grant says:

    For a list of proven “Old School” and “Cutting Edge” therapies from a leading cancer clinic in Mexico.


  25. zyxomma says:

    Cancer has different cures because (1) we are all individuals, and (2) it has differing causes. Some cancers are fungus based. Some may be viral in origin. Others result from exposure to environmental toxins.

    Healing is a process, and takes a great deal of commitment. Thus, the need for a positive attitude that is more than superficial.

    Health and peace.

  26. Joe Jeles says:

    inflammation needed for the healing prosess so is fever.

  27. Sandi Seegert says:

    OMG! Again, some of you (Bobbi) are downright nasty! Just DO what you think works for YOU!!

    Sorry, Kev. Maybe they need a little more sleep.

  28. christine says:

    Sometimes I like reading the comments almost as much as I like reading Kevins column.

    As for the different reasons for inflammation I am slowly working on getting these out of my life as much as possible. Not there yet but working on it. Why wait until there is a cancer diagnosis to make changes in life. Although there are no certainties, I am into prevention as much as possible.

  29. Karen Matthews says:

    Yes, I do think it’s a very good idea to use more than one protocol to fight cancer. Removing toxins, using the alkaline diet/cancer diet, drinking alkaline water, taking cancer fighting supplements, juicing daily, using the Budwig protocol, the TumorX enzyme therapy has worked. Getting more oxygen anyway that you can would be really good also. After three weeks using the above with no excersize (my Sis was in a wheel chair) her tumor the size of a plum disappeared. From there we took her to Dr. Erin Conneally to get the treatment we couldn’t provide at home (2 weeks of Hyperbaric, IVC and electro-magnetic therapy. My best guess from her recent blood test is that she’s just several months from having her cancer markers with normal range (32 and 35. She was stage IV breast cancer in January with tumors and bone cancer all over it’s been just 8 months. Hardest job I ever had however, we never doubted that my little Sis would recover. I read everything time would allow and I think that made a difference. Thought I would share our story with you in hopes that it would encourage others. Blessings, Karen

  30. David says:

    Hi Guys,

    One treatment that sees to have been overlooked is Coley’s. Coley was a young New York physician who in the late 1890’s discovered that cancer patients who had a infection after surgery had a better survival rate than those who didn’t. He developed a cocktail of fluids from bacterial cultures, intended to stimulate the body’s immune response against the disease. This cocktail produced flu like symptoms that stimulated the body’s natural defences that in turn attacked the cancer. This treatment did not “cure” all cancers but mainly sarcomas.

    Of course the FDA does not approve this treatment nor does the NHS in the UK.

    In fact I’ve just read about this in The Times and I include the link of the complete article, hopefully this link works for you guys,


    The article states that the University of Texas’s MD Anderson Cancer Centre has conducted a detailed scientific review of various Coley’s studies particularly in a trial of patients with a type of advanced Hodgkin lymphoma. This is another avenue of investigation for you, Kevin, and perhaps a source for your upcoming conference.


  31. Nik says:

    once i met a woman she told me her energy plant was a birch and i think her animal was a mice. it was in a psychosomatic transpersonal spiritual alternative holistic clinic. she told me she healed her cancer with flaxseed oil she eat in yoghurt or maybe cottage cheese. if this is the butwick protocol

    honestly KEVIN. To make us to more GROWN UP READERS and FOLLOWERS of your post! PLEASE explain the tricks and manipulation of internet marketing! Why YOU guys always make this endless long websites when selling a product where people have to scroll down!?

    Nobody can ever get all this information?! So the people who buy your product are probably a bit annoyed of the overload of information and scorlling down to find something easy to click on?!

    then they find the offer*

    and its labeld gold * platinunm * special offer * reduced from normaly 29 to 39 dollar or 197 to 69 dollar?!

    and people click get their card details in and buy the product.

    Is there a more honest, truely open way to promote and purchases health information products? Is this manipulation and WEB MArketing necessary? How to Honestly promote my Own internet Product and keep pure and lovely hearted like jesus?! Or just keep in contact with something honest. That people can see what triggers they fall in! and that people notice what their patterns re! Or do you think Marketing and advertizing tricks! Using sound colours, Design , which work for Fast Food chains and cigarettes and news will also work for health products? Or Can we be brave for a new honest way of offering health products? A new way of financial payments? maybe more investing in a comunity rather than in induviduals or in companies! weather they are health orientated like longevitywarehouse, new horizon or renegade health, or mercola, or durianrider, or whatever. more like the woodstock fruitfestival like a comunity or and ecovilage which bring comunalt needs and goals up!
    which engage for a comunal goal and healing apprach rather for an induvidual healing approach.

    To the cancer topic. I lost my grandfather through cancer and some people in family. other healing from cancer in friendship. Their is lot of alternative approach their. i just talked with a gardener last wednesday he is on a now fructose or sugar diet and avoiding lot of starches i think. and it helps somehow.

    I talked a bitto share something always keeping in mind to give him respect and thankful words for his life and his fight.

    I often ask myself?! How to share information about natural cancer treatment in a gentle respectful way!?

    How to share alternative healing methods? maybe to y grandmother who has weak and osme heartproblems! especially if the family just wanna feel a bit cosy and well and fear of getting into real deep tissue healing!?

    What to do if in your familyare doubt and tabus and still an very open athmosphere?!

    Anyway atleast we can learn one percent of that and integrate one percent of all the information daily in our life! so worry less and and start living and planting the one percent! and by time we will be layered up with experience and positve feedback and feel wonderfull from our lifestyle change 🙂

  32. Paul Palmer says:

    Hi Kevin

    To the critic who called Macrobiotics a failure. The disappointment is understandable. But some difficult cases have healed using it. Anthony Satilliro, a medical doctor, had stage 4 prostate cancer that had spread to the bones. H was released from treatment to die. He took up Macrobiotics and was healed and lived far beyond prognosis. When he questioned macrobiotics and included animal foods in his diet the cancer returned and he died. Another person had pancreatic cancer which was deemed incurable. He went on the macrobiotic diet and was healed. He later died apparently from a liver infection but the autopsy revealed no pancreatic cancer. These were 2 well documented cases.

    Michio Kushi had bowel cancer, resulting he said from not following his own diet strictly enough and overwork. He had surgery and as far as I know still remains alive, in retirement and a applying a stricter macrobiotic diet. I keep looking for his obituary on the internet and have still not found it. I don’t think macrobiotics is an absolute cure for everything nor do I follow it myself, but neither is it the complete failure it’s made out to be.

  33. Paul Palmer says:

    During World War One Denmark adopted what was essentially a macrobiotic diet in response to the blockade by the Royal Navy. As a result death rates from cancer and heart disease plummeted. During the Second World War German troops confiscated all livestock and dairy products from the Dutch, leaving them only macrobiotic vegan foods. Again rates of cancer and heart disease deaths plummeted. This is not anecdotal evidence but a large scale study.

    But let’s be clear, death rates from these diseases did not reach zero. Nevertheless, it does indicate a clear trend.

  34. I have heard that several work. For me the Wigmore/Loraine Day worked. (no difference but Day uses Fiber and Wigmore used colonics–I took the fiber). Gersen works (his nuance is the coffee enema–which I did not do). But as for the ones that use heavy supplements of vitamins, animal products, or just add baking soda, etc., since I personally never knew anyone for whom those things worked, I have no confidence in them. I keep telling people who promote them, introduce me to someone it has worked for. So far no one has. But I have known real honest people who used the basic Wigmore program, with nuances as mentioned, who did recover. So I have to go with what I’ve seen.

  35. Lilija says:

    I so agree with the comment of Nik about this marketing approach. I don’t get it either why there is no honest and friendly marketing approach implemented. When I see this kind of marketing approach (long, colorful, over-persuasive) which in itself demonstrates “a try to trick the consumer into buying a product”, instantly turns me off, even if I was truly interested in product before, and might have purchased. It makes me feel that the product itself is so bad that the marketing has to be aggressive so that there would be some who actually bought it. It puzzles me so much.. I think there should be more mutual respect in health world. I mean.. its the truth and honesty that seems to be valued high in health community.

  36. Andrew Norris says:

    Great much needed foundation work. I think you may have missed foods that over stimulate the individual. E.g. wheat although wholemeal / whole food – stimulates many. So goes coffee. But not all people get over stimulated from them. Each person must listen to their body and be prepared to let go of these foods, which can often be addictive too.

    You already covered this – but just not in the list above? And should be b/c important?

  37. Andrew Norris says:

    Another point is – these can of blogs / info can easily get lost in all of the detailed blogs and many treatments.

    What we need is a webpage /tag that covers the foundations. Perhaps links to all of your foundation articles like this one. And that you constantly remind people to read all of them. It is these kind of articles that all of the other knowledge should be fit into it. Then it is learnt in its proper context.

    i really think this will help people to get the best from your excellent work Kev. I know you will listen.

  38. Scott says:

    Taking out the bad is just one half of the equation; cancer (and any other life threatening disease) requires that a person flood the body with good stuff in its place. This includes vegetable juices – and lots of them!

    By giving the body what it needs in place of what it doesn’t, the immune system is able to operate at 100% capacity and, in most cases, able to defeat the illness, as the body was designed to.

    Unfortunately, we live in a world decimated with toxins. To remove ALL toxins is pretty difficult, which is why some people have a harder time removing the bad stuff (and having success).

    And yes, genetic predisposition is one thing, but just because Dad had cancer doesn’t mean you’re going to. Gene expression is the key, not the genes themselves, and how you live dictates how genes are expressed. If you have a genetic weakness, it means that you have to live differently than most other people… but it will save your life!

    Over all, remove the bad, flood the body with good. And one thing no one has mentioned here yet is the importance of religious faith to help you through it and for sound advice and direction from “that still, small voice” inside each of us. Sometimes this is the most important component of all. Shalom.

  39. vicki says:

    The simplicity of natural cures must blow the minds of all the scholars lol. Can you actually think chemo and radiation is any better. Maybe need to consider all options people and quit being so scholarly.

  40. Kathy says:

    If you want to do Budwig with excellent support and no extra costs, join the Flaxseedoil2 Yahoo group. It was started by someone who was treated by Dr Budwig herself and has her recipes and so on to download. her books are also available from Amazon and others (Oil Protein Diet cookbook is most useful) very cheaply. Lots of incorrect info on Budwig protocol on the web. Get it from the source. (I’m not a moderator of owner of the group BTW)

  41. Dan says:

    Just my $100 worth-Attitude does not cure cancer. Attitude only helps ease the pain. Next in line is what are we curing? Cancer? or the human personality? human emotions? negative thinking? Karma? What are we curing? Since I don’t believe that cancer is a disease, however, it is the expression of disease. Cancer is nothing but the expression of living lies; one’s truth shall set them free irregardless if the tumors go away. Perspective might be more powerful than attitude. During my cancer treatments my attitude fluctuated constantly from positive to negative to giving up to giving in and to lifting myself back up. Seeing Purpose and meaing in the pain seems to be higher on the list and is missing in your assessment. Victor Frankle stated that the single most important psychological factor in people in the concentration camps was they pereceived their experience as having purpose and meaing and that they had deeply felt they still had purpose in meaning in their life enough to stay alive and survive. In otherwords and simply put THE BURNING DESIRE to be alive because of a perceived or imagined purpose and meaning. When you combine this with the willingness to explore, express and live more authentically and more according to nature’s laws then healing begins. Cancer is a social permission slip to live authentically-even radically authentic as in the Bucket List! This all requires one entering into psychological death to a more or less degree. In the end healing occurs when we let go of healing tumors and start living our own truth. There are numerous healing and survival miracles that do not involve cancer but do hold the elements which I stated above-think Shackleton’s Antartic Adventure or Pure Synergy founder, Mitchel May. Cancer is not a disease! It is not genetic, it is not the scapegoat from living an ignorant and arogant lifestyle. We are all born with genetic predispositions yet it requires precipitating factors to turn on or off such predispositions. Different therapies work relative to the thinking (adopted or constructed beliefs) of the individual applied to anything. If the ‘therapy’ is truly in alignment with ones truth then it works. Prayer can heal just as much as wheat grass enemas, just as much as putrifying fermented rotten raw meat can just as letting go of suppressed anger, fear and shame can heal. The only common denominator is what is someone thinking or feeling. To ‘cure’ cancer or any other chronic disease is first live your truth and secondly love your body. What are you curing and Why do you want to cure it? When the WHY (inspiration) gets big enough the how (information) will follow.

  42. Skip Stein says:

    Ok, much of the article has merit. A positive mental attitude and HOPE is a wonderful motivator to get at the root cause. As a prostate cancer ‘holistic survivor’, I also did plenty of research. Charlotte Gerson was inspirational!

    In all my research, there is a single common thread among most of the successful ‘cures’ for cancer (and heart disease, diabetes 2 and others), and that is PLANT BASED NUTRITION!

    You don’t need all the fancy ‘therapies’ that are sold (just like the link to the ‘budwig protocol’ in this article (looks like a standard hype web site!). Simple internet research and listening to other holistic and naturally cured survivors (there are thousands). Most of us freely share our approach and love to help others (http://prostatecancerfight.info/).

    Gerson and most of the others focus on a healthy healing/immune system. Traditional ‘treatments’ don’t address the causality but the symptoms. You cannot poison a sick person well and that is why chemo, radiation and other debilitating ‘treatments’ fail (they may cause short term remission but they don’t cure and the cancer or whatever comes back like gangbusters!). These ‘Alternative’ treatments address the CAUSE and go about boosting the immune system and the body’s own healing systems!

    Along the way, they reduce the inflamatory response to disease, increase the alkalinity of the body to naturally fight disease and FEED the cells and immune system Whole Foods that allow the body’s own systems to combat, reverse and CURE disease. At the very least (depending on diagnosis and progression) they add quality of life and usually lengthen the lifespan of almost anyone who adopts the simple rule of eating Plant Based Nutrition, elimination of processed foods, all dairy, all meat, fish and eggs from the diet.

    It is NOT impossible as it first might appear. It is a wondrous nutritious and DELICIOUS way to live. Don’t believe me, just try it for 30 days, it WILL NOT kill you! It will make you feel better; even if you aren’t suffering from disease this modality/lifestyle will help PREVENT disease from occurring (no matter what the genetic predisposition!). Most genetic disease or the proclivity for a disease are caused by genetic triggers and those often are lifestyle triggers (smoking, drinking to excess, high fat and high sugar intakes).

    You CAN CURE yourself, with a bit of help from a nutritionist and maybe guidance from a holistic practitioner. Just ask around, there are thousands of us who want to help!


    Skip Stein
    Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living

  43. Grant says:

    Sorry, I’ve been too subtle.

    In the early 1900’s an American named William F. Koch synthesized a “vaccine” for all cancers. It even worked on goiter, TB, Psoriasis, Diabetes, and other diseases that have and still are plaguing mankind.

    Recently in the United States and India, researchers have seemingly been able to replicate similar vaccines.

    The following link is a web version of one of Dr. Koch’s books describing his “Reagent” as he called it.


    It’s been nearly 100 years since Dr. Koch’s discovery and 30 years since Pres. Nixon’s “War On Cancer” declaration. Countless people have died needlessly.

    The cures have been here for far too long. The word needs to be spread and people need to scrutinize the powers that be who tell us that they have our best interest in mind.

    Did I mention that the U.S. Government put Dr. Koch on trial for 4 years in the early 1900’s and couldn’t convict him of any false claims for his treatment of cancer?

    Below is a link to Dr. Koch’s “Cook Book”.


    The point of this is to say that a vaccine by itself cannot cure any disease, lifestyle does play a part in any recovery and even Dr. Koch new this 90+ years ago.

    Division among us is what needs to go. Unity will strengthen the true health movement and bring into light what has been hidden from us for decades.

    Do a little research with an open mind, it just may save the life of yourself and/or a loved one.

    In Gr8 Health,


  44. naomi says:

    Even with a good attitude sometimes it’s too late for your body, so change your eating patterns before you get cancer so you have a fighting chance. I think no sugar is the most important even no natural sugars, i like donna gates body ecology diet for better health. I think it’s the pet scan they inject you with sugar and it lights up all the cancer spots.
    Cancer is awful.

  45. Jan says:

    In regards to the Gerson therapy: when people say they “follow” the Gerson Therapy,I am skeptical. Did they go to the Gerson Hospital and begin treatment properly with them? Did they use ALL the recommended supplements. Did they use the juicer that Gerson Therapy recommends? Did they never vary from the prescribed diet? Did they do coffee enemas in the amount prescribed or dismiss them as “silly”?

    Gerson Therapy must be followed to the letter to be effective. Some people make some juices with the Lalanne juicer over a period of a couple of months and then say Gerson Therapy doesn’t work. Also, if you knew Gerson Therapy well, you would know that in fact tumors do get larger when the therapy is WORKING. The tumor expands as it is infiltrated by the therapy, loosening and filling with fluids as it prepares to break up and leave the body. I am not saying that Gerson has a 100% cure rate, but I hate to see it dismissed unless a person has actually committed to it fully.

  46. Derek says:

    I always love to look at the common denominators among various approaches. It really helps put things into perspective about what’s important in the “big picture” without getting too caught up in the little details.

    @Bobbi – Kevin never said anything about these things being a “cure,” rather they’re just *potentially* influential factors. Most doctors would agree a positive outlook is important in recovering from any disease. The power of belief is so powerful it even has to be accounted for with the placebo effect. That being said, it’s only a single factor. No where does it imply in this article that a positive outlook is *all* that’s needed.

    @People who don’t like the marketing of the book – if the product being offered delivers on what is being advertised, and I assume Kevin wouldn’t recommend it if it didn’t, can you really blame people for trying to sell more copies?

    For everyone 1 person that is turned off by the overly persuasive and “gimmicky” approach, a lot more will be convinced to buy it because of the “hype.” And authors need to make a living too.

    You can’t blame the people selling the product for writing the sales page the way they did, they’re just doing what works based on human psychology. It wouldn’t make much sense for them to sit down and go “gee, how can we make this less persuasive so we sell a lot less copies but maybe a few people won’t be turned off by the marketing.”

  47. Mark says:

    There is no question in my mind that cancer is a metabolic disease. Cancer is a disease of the mitochondria caused by certain antibiotics,
    radiation, toxins, viruses and fungus.

    The biological terrain is key and diet plays a major role in maintaining an internal environment that resists mitochondrial damage.

    See http://www.nutritionaloncology.net for more information.

  48. Simply put, the reason that different therapies work, is that we are treating the individual, not the disease. That the approach of a practitioner of Chinese medicine. These words are a reminder from my teacher, Jeffrey Yuen. I would like to note that Michio Kushi is still alive and that George Ohsawa was technically the creator of the macrobiotic lifestyle. In response to Bobbi – I understand your frustration, esp. if you have lost anyone to cancer, but I don’t think you are really hearing the totality of what Kevin is saying.

  49. LynnCS says:

    Bobbie’s post is not nasty, just passionate. I was macrobiotic for my first incarnation of my vegatarian/vegan etc quest. The food is soooo much better than what most people ate/eat, that the improvement is life saving. I saw so many people with cancer, etc. struggle with what to do, how far to go? What do we do now that this or that isn’t working? Some found their answer and the cancer went away. Without a test to know what it was that worked, there is no way to really know. It’s understandable that people are emotional about this subject.

    Oh, and to you…Ms. Sandi Seegart #27 who had nothing constructive to offer, don’t get to apologize for the rest of us and scold us like we are kids. Take a course in codependency.

    Rebecca Cody #22 Thank you for your intelligent post full of useful references. I will be looking them up and hopefully pass them on to my sister as she seems receptive. At least I will learn from them for myself and perhaps avoid the worse.

    Thank you Kevin, as always for doing what you do and letting us hash out our stuff here. I never cease to be amazed at you and your posters. It is hard to watch a loved one to go through a situation like my sister and not be able to help. I know it is her decision and she has the internet too. I’ll leave it to her Higher Power to lead her here too, as I feel I have been. Lynn

  50. Nurse Jon says:

    Interesting some did not like that attitude was part of the success factor. Even in the hospital setting, I was taught to teach patients that a positive attitude is one of the essential factors in success.

    Indeed, seeing people with the best chances of beating cancer die because they viewed it as a death sentence and seeing the people with the worse chances (and especially in the case of my great aunt who out lived her doctor by 15 years) go on for decades. My mother was also a cancer survivor. And these using just modern medicine or a combination of holistic and the cut and burn methods of modern medicine and they survived.

    One doctor went so far as to say that Cancer is a socially acceptable form of suicide. His explanation as to why he would say such a thing was related to the attitude. Of course, this does not apply to everyone. It was based on his experience as a oncologist and treating thousands of patients through the years.

    The point is, this is main stream medicine saying this. How much more it is true when we look at treating the spirit, mind and body as current evidence based medicine, evidence based nursing and evidence based psychology has proved as well as the latest studies on motivation and drive.

  51. Ashie says:

    “There is no scientific evidence that a “positive attitude” provides patients with an advantage in cancer treatment or improves their chance of being cured. “- Cancer Treatment Myths, OncoLog, August 2012 issue. http://www2.mdanderson.org/depts/oncolog/articles/12/8-aug/8-12-hc.html

  52. Jo Smith says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0psJhQHk_GI “Run From The Cure – Full Version.” That’s all I’m going to say.

  53. france amala says:

    I had breast cancer and one of my findings is that fear is not helping at all,it gives bad advices
    trust yourself first and go deeply in why you want to stay alive
    since i did I shine and I am able to face whatever happens
    i realised that i fear more chemo than death and I follow my truth and i am very happy that I did followed my truth as the nocebo effect exist as much as the placebo
    I take herbs,greens ,good food and avoid as much as I can junk food and most of all cultivate love for myself ,life and people.
    love to all and thank you Kevin and all that take time to share there point of view and experience

  54. Adam Testad says:

    After studying since 1997 about alternative health including Cancer it seems that the Gerson Therapy stands out as the best of all treatments against cancer except perhaps brain cancer where Burzinsky’s method seems to be the best. I have compared the profit free Gerson Therapy, Laetrile with B17 alone and Western Medicine in one large table + a larger table with a lot of factors good and bad in general and for different kinds of cancer on http://www.betterdietislam.com/diet/cancer1.html

    Hope it helps. I am a complete amateur and not a doctor. Perhaps that is what is needed in this day and age in order to find the real truth. You study, You judge, but of course I can also make mistakes. Hope it helps.

  55. mary dicerni says:

    Thank you Kevin .. a great subject , and many differences we need to know about. I do also believe when a threat of death occurs, we need to have a good reason to want to live longer. It could be to finish a book you started to write, that will help people in some way, or see a child through school, making it the most important reason to live. We also need to realize what can help us.. like awareness of ALL toxins .. those in environment ( lung cancer said to go with several mixes of fumes, smoke, tobacco with diesel fumes , lawn mower , or work with formaldehyde etc. Then like AIDS, the combo of different viruses helps produce the full blown disease (herpes, CMV (cytomegalo) . mono, etc ) Some claimed it required 3 together for it to be fatal.. and often a patient who died of AIDS had no HIV in their body. It is said to die easily, and needs the other viruses to produce great damage. It may be similar for other diseases . Whether a cancer patient uses one method or another, we really cannot be certain they did not have another factor not noticed or mentioned in their lives..a small factor perhaps… in order to rule out all factors it requires much follow up, and even living with the person to observe the things they do that are not recognized or mentioned as too simple to include… like a vitamin perhaps.. no one notices these small differences that may have contributed to good or bad outcomes. Nothing as noticeable as a cigarette. Not that simple. Desire to finish something is the strongest of all. We need more good projects, and ability to clear away that terrible obstacle that makes us want to escape. The patient is not aware of it, or never speaks of it. …observe ! mary

  56. hyesun says:

    to rebecca cody (#22):

    i also have the homozygous MTHFR C677T mutation. have you been in touch with dr. ben lynch? (http://www.mthfr.net/) could i possibly email you? thanks.

  57. Yvonne says:

    Wow! A lot of interesting thoughts and links, thanks everybody, and Kev, of course!

    I am remembering Mind over Matter by Bruce Lipton, PhD, and also his video The Biology of Belief:

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago and of all ppl around me only one believed I was going to survive, my ex husband of 23 yrs! He didn’t hesitate with his prognosis one second, which was pretty shocking to me. How could he know? How could he be so sure? The chemo almost killed me so my oncologist had to stop it. Then I slowly began to recover. It took one person, only one, to believe and to make me to believe also. I also knew I had to live b/c I didn’t want to make my kids and my new husband sad.

    There was one young woman in my support group, mother of 2 small children. She and I had one thing in common: our focus was on other things than cancer. We both survived. I met her a few yrs later when I and my new husband were taking a written test for a truck driver license and she was taking a test for her motorcycle license. She told me she had a new job, kids were okay, marriage was better.

    I am convinced our mental attitude played a part in our recovery. I am sure everybody in the support group wanted to survive but perhaps they were emotionally too submerged in the cancer disease, they were “one” with the disease, identified themselves with the cancer? She and I did not.

    Btw, there was one more survivor. Many many yrs later I met one man from the support group with his new wife. He looked like a different person, so full of life and happy in his new marriage. I didn’t get to talk to him much b/c they were catching a flight but I am quite sure his new relationship was the reason for his survival.

    Somebody here posted that cancer is the result of a lifestyle. How about small children and cancer..?? Doesn’t quite apply, does it?! Unless it is a rest from a previous incarnation, which is quite possible.

  58. Em says:

    @Adam Testad #54 (your number’s probably changed since I started going through this post.)

    I had a look at the website you put together. That’s really great work, especially as you are an amateur (as you say).

    I spent nearly an hour going through it just now – and I can see there’s lots of relevant and interesting info there – it’s going to take me quite a while to go through it all – but I will. Anything that helps to increase my understanding of cancer and its treatment is definitely worth it.

    Thank you so much for all your efforts in putting together something so valuable that represents your fifteen or so years of research into the various texts on this disease.

    Btw, I love the little circular fruit/vegetable tree drawing! Very cute:)

  59. Em says:

    @ Yvonne #57

    Wow what an interesting comment! A totally different perspective on this. It has given me lot of food for thought.

    I’m so glad you’re good…

  60. reen says:

    Wish I had time to read all these comments. Great topic. Here’s my take on it: Let’s say 500 people are in a race to reach a certain destination. Every contestant is driving a different kind of vehicle – everything from a Rolls down to a go-cart. Everyone designs their own map for getting from point A to point Z and many take “short-cuts”. Due to terrain, determination (ie attitude), personality, type of fuel, how many stops made along the way, number and types of breakdowns along the way, etc., the go-cart might actually beat the Rolls. Bottom line: There are many elements to healing just as there are many ways we damage our bodies. Our vehicles are all different. We became damaged in different degrees. It takes different protocols (maps) to get us to our destination (health). We cannot all use the same protocol and expect the same results. The Rolls cannot travel the same path as the go-cart. I cannot buy into 95% of health problems coming from emotional issues – there are too many children with cancer to support that idea. Use common sense.

  61. rainbow says:

    my friend susan was a DES daughter, caused by the hormone drugs her mother was given when she was pregnant with susan. susan developed cervical cancer, and was told by the cancer industry oncologist that she would be dead in less than 3 months if she did not do the big 3..surgery radiation and chemo. thankfully susan left that office, did research, decided on gerson, and went down to mexico to learn and begin her process. i became one of her caregivers for that process. susan lived for over seven years, and would have likely lived longer if she had been able to have a doctor willing and able to treat her nutritionally, but unfortunately in our free society doctors in the u.s. were sent to jail for healing people with nutrition. susan lived in new york, and going back to mexico to see a doctor just was not viable. so, though her time was spent mostly drinking the 8 carrot apple and 5 green juices a day, doing coffee enemas, and chewing salad, she did have seven good quality years before she passed, and for that i am grateful.

  62. Roberta says:

    I love reading the comments and stories. As a basic concept, Kev is right on with the variations of things that can affect treatment results and outcomes, and another big variable is the type of cancer cell, how far it has metastasized, which has a big relationship to how it will respond to any type of treatment. Cancer cell types are all varied in durability or killability. Another another missing link goes into CAUSE. If you don’t find and address the cause, regardless of treatment whether traditional, naturopathic, or integrated, you are less likely to achieve a successful outcome. One not a Kev’s list that is huge is dental cavitations. If you had any mercury fillings, root canals or extractions, go see a BIOLOGICAL dentist. The cause may me forever living in your mouth. My brother was diagnosed with CML (chronic mylegenous leukemia) almost 2 years ago and has long term positive prognosis with chemo by Gleevec. We found it interesting the doctors had no interest in talking about the cause, just what meds to take. His type of leukemia offers no current naturpathic options for cure. After long dialogue with my brother on causes (which is chromosome damage from chemical exposure to Benzene and/or Formaldehyde), we discovered the likely culprit was the new cabinet lined with carpet he used to house his CPap for sleep apnea. Between the particle board and carpeting and lack of ventilation, he was inhaling large quantities of formaldehyde gases into his system 8 hours a night for many months. Without that discovery, I think the outcome of his success so far would be very different if we had not elimated the original factor of cause. I am also working with him now on supplements/nutriceuticals and diet changes to help the adverse effects of his chemo which anyone in traditional or integrated treatments should be a must to garner proper nutritional counseling on foods to eat, foods to avoid. I read an interview with a famous doctor working on cancer cures research, specifically Pancreatic Cancer, and in the context of the interview he talked about how a new med he was in trials with helped his patients feel less nausea so they could eat better, like his one patient who after chemo said he was still hungry and couldn’t wait to eat some Kentucky Fried Chicken. What will create his demise first, the cancer or eating food like that? Nutritional counseling should be a course every oncologist should attend.

  63. sharon says:

    I want to comment on your recommendation for ordering the Bill Henderson report. I read your blog every day and trust you implicitly. So, when you said “ignore the hype, the book is good,” I ordered it without a second thought. Wow what a waste of $20. There was either nothing that I (and most of your readers) don’t already know….like: “refined sugar, high fructose corn syrup, hormone- laden meats, pesticide-tainted fruits and vegetables, and processed foods with an ever- expanding list of artificial preservatives and additives” are cancer-causing. Additionally, the cure (or preventative in my case) includes dairy. I would assume that you realize your readers might be vegans and thus wouldn’t recommend that we buy this “book.” I feel gypped!

  64. Valerie says:

    Because we are all different – our lives have been affected by many different circumsances – the cancers are not the same. When breast cancer mastises to another area it is still breast cancer but is different to lung cancer. However, there are many things one can do that will help cure all cancers. The John Hopkins Update on Cancer September, 2007 was an excellent article on the subject.

  65. Kroha says:

    Has anyone used New Hope Unlimited?

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