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A snapshot of something I’m really proud of — and that promises to be super-helpful for you!

Today is a special day here at Renegade Health…

For those who don’t want to read a long-winded (though rightfully so) description of why, you can go here (click) right now and check out what’s new and why it’s awesome.

For those of you who like to read the background of how and why programs are produced (like me,) let’s get started.

Today is a big day here, because we feel like we’ve gotten a step closer to cracking the code to decipher which diet, supplements and lifestyle that are right for you.

Less confusion.

Less which expert is right and which is wrong.

More easy-to-use information that you can apply right away.

I know this sounds good to you, because over the years the biggest challenge Renegade Health readers write in about is their confusion about what nutritional-anything is right and what is wrong.

The confusion is often created by science, by experts, and by the media.

What’s relieving to know is that there actually is a way to completely eliminate this back and forth or opposing information and truly the best results specific to you and your own body’s needs.

The way I’m talking about is one of my favorite topics of late to discuss. Personal blood testing.

We’ve been advocating getting your blood tests done ever since I realized some of my levels were awful, even though I thought I was eating one of the best diets on the planet.

It was a real shocker to me, because I just assumed that the tests didn’t mean much — “all natural” was law to me. Any science was, of course, flawed.

I was wrong.

My test results influenced some significant change in my diet and supplement protocol which turned around my health in months.

I was relieved, but I also knew I needed to let just about everyone else I knew what had happened and why blood tests were suddenly so important to me after I’d shunned them before.

So I teamed up with Dr. J. E. Williams and we created a program influenced by my experience with blood testing about two years ago called “How to Read Your Blood Tests.” The program is a good one, in fact, it’s one of the best available. It was aimed at helping you determine what blood tests to get and what levels were best — inside of the standard clinical ranges.

After releasing the program, we had great feedback.

The program helped people figure out what tests they needed to take and what the optimal levels were for all types of markers, like B12, Vitamin D, TSH, etc.

Most doctors have no idea about desirable and optimal ranges inside of the clinical ranges that they see on their patient’s blood tests. For instance, your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) could be high normal according to the lab’s clinical levels, but you could be borderline hypothyroid — and, worse, the doctor could send you home while you’re exhibiting all the symptoms of it like fatigued, tired all the time, gaining weight, etc. This is the classic, doc-doesn’t-see-anything-wrong syndrome. There is something wrong, it’s just not defined within the standard clinical results.

On top of the issue I just mentioned, most doctors also don’t know which tests to order, since they’ve had very little (or no) training on nutritional and functional blood testing.

For instance, recently Dr. Williams gave a family member a number of tests to assess a few nutritional deficiencies and issues he was having — based on the principles from the “How to Read Your Blood Tests” Program. When he got the tests back, he also took them to another physician because he needed to see someone locally for his needs. When the physician looked at the tests that were ordered, he said flat out “Wow, where did you get these tests done? This doctor really knows what he’s doing.”

Quite a testimonial.

On the flip side…

We also had feedback that many of those who purchased the first program wanted more. What this first program did not do was give real world and effective natural ways to bring the levels back into desirable and optimal ranges if you happened to find out that you had low or high levels of any of the markers.

It wasn’t the initial focus of that program, but these requests got us thinking. What if we could create a program that you (or a practitioner) could use to easily determine if your levels were in optimal range and what do naturally if they weren’t.

The idea was of a reference guidebook that anyone who could read could understand. A demystification of the normal stuffy test speak so you could get your results, look at a sheet or two and know exactly what to do.

So Dr. Williams and I got back to work.

We started to create this program. A program, like I said above, that not only showcased the difference between clinical, desirable and optimal ranges, but served as a cheat sheet that you or a practitioner could use to see the best ranges and showcase what to do naturally if you had high or low levels.

It took a long time to produce.

We’ve been working on it for months. We scoured through Dr. Williams’ clinical protocols. We experimented with visual ways to represent test levels. We simplified.

We spent almost as much time planning as we did producing — and we spent a lot of time in production!

What we came up with is much different than anything we’ve ever seen before. Essentially, we’ve created the easiest and quickest way to interpret your blood tests — using beautifully done infographics — and we’ve outlined the specific protocols that Dr. Williams uses in his clinic to bring these levels back into balance.

The program itself, named “The Complete Blood Test Blueprint Program,” is a collection of dozens of Test Marker Inforgraphics that you can use to determine your levels and what to do if they’re low or high and over 4 hours of audio explaining the tests, levels and protocols (written and edited transcripts included.) We also have two bonus audios that cover hormone levels and the dilemma of “just” treating the cause.

We’ve focused on the most prevalent health issues of today, which are…

  • Heart Health
  • Cholesterol Issues
  • Inflammation
  • Thyroid Health
  • Adrenal Health
  • Metabolic Health
  • Insulin and Diabetes Issues
  • Vitamin and Nutrient Deficiencies

It’s quite a comprehensive collection of tests, levels and natural recommendations.

Over the next week, I’ll be showing some of these infographics for you so you can see how awesome they are in hopes that you’ll find this a definitive and extremely valuable program to have for yourself.

I personally think it’s the best program I’ve ever produced because of these reasons…

1. Complete clarity of purpose.

This program is completely focused on what range of particular levels you need to move into and what to do if you’re off the mark — high or low.

There’s no extraneous information. We simplified until we couldn’t simplify any more.

The program, as you’ll see, is clean, organized and very simple to use.

Speaking of which…

2. Ease of use.

This program is so easy to use. We’ve done this on purpose.

We wanted anyone to flip to any page, see one of these Test Marker Infographics and know exactly what they’re looking at, identify where their numbers are on the scale and see what they needed to do to bring their levels into optimal range.

Again, simplicity was the goal here and I know we accomplished it.

There are 4 audios and two bonus audios (complete with fully edited written transcripts) attached to the program and they’re awesome to get a deeper understanding, but you don’t even need to listen to them to understand the infographics. That was our intention. Each part of the program was meant to stand alone as it’s own entity, but also — together — be completely complementary.

3. Highest quality of production.

We’ve produced a lot of programs over the last few years. They all have been at the top in terms of their quality of information. This one is no different — super high quality information.

What we’ve done with this one is step up the level of production quality. This means better audio recordings, better transcript quality, and incredibly well done infographics.

It was a labor of love putting this program together because I wanted to meld great content and beautiful design. You could say I took a Steve Jobs approach to this one — without the jerkiness. (LOL!)

In fact, I appreciated the process so much, that we’re now going back and upgrading the quality of our printed books. For me it’s a measure in ongoing improvement. For you, it’s a nicer, shinier, more mature presentation.

I think we’ve finally hit our stride.

But as I explain these three reasons, keep in mind, it’s just me talking, I’m going to let you decide what you think once you get the program yourself.

How is it different from the first “How to Read Your Blood Tests” Program?

Good question!

It’s completely different because it takes the first program to the next level. It explains what to do if your blood test levels are high or low.

But, with that said, what’s nice is that both of the programs, “How to Read Your Blood Tests” and (new) “The Complete Blood Test Blueprint,” is that they each are completely stand alone. You don’t need one to understand the other, but the new program definitely takes the first one to the next level. It starts where the first one left off — and gives some of the most valuable information about what to do if your levels are low or high, which is where the first one stopped.

Anyway, the “why” is most important here…

With so much confusion about which diet is best and which supplements work or not, this program comes to your aid.

If you use a blood testing protocol, these things will happen to you…

You’ll be surprised.

I know that sounds weird, but most people who get their blood tests are usually in one way or another surprised with their results.

They’re generally deficient in one thing or another and just assumed everything was OK. What’s dangerous about not knowing your levels is that eventually deficiency can become disease. Blood tests can help you notice declining or increasing trends before they get too bad when you can still correct then naturally.

You’ll feel better.

If you get your blood tested and identify nutrient deficiencies, then you’ll be able to take proactive action in your diet, supplement protocol and lifestyle to get better — and stay better.

This may be the best way to keep yourself healthy for the long run.

You’ll save money.

Ever wonder if your supplements were just creating expensive pee? Your blood tests will help you determine if the supplements you’re taking work or not by seeing if your ranges change for the better — or not at all.

You’ll end the confusion.

No more wondering what expert is right or wrong — imagine that! When you get your blood tested, the conflicting diet recommendations that experts battle back and forth about don’t mean anything anymore. You can turn your attention to what works in your own body and make improvements based on your own results. This may be the most relieving and personally freeing aspect of getting your blood tested regularly. You finally know what works for you.

All those things are priceless in my book.

Want to try it out?

I hope I’ve convinced you enough to consider getting this new program of ours. It outlines the most comprehensive and easy way to tell if your diet or supplements are working for you. It’s reasonably priced. And it is, in my opinion, the best we’ve ever done in the terms that I listed before.

We, like all our programs, have a full guarantee attached to it, so if you purchase it and it doesn’t work for you then we’ll give you a full refund.

I don’t want you to have something you don’t find useful — though it would be hard to imagine that someone would look at this program and think it’s not valuable.

Click here to read more and get “The Complete Blood Test Blueprint” program now!

Before I go, a few notes…

  • This is an awesome resource for health practitioners. If you are one, please trust me on this. It’s like Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine that you see in every health food store — but in this case, the subject is blood tests, desirable levels and what to do to bring your numbers into optimal range.
  • We’ve converted all U.S. lab markers to S.I. Units for International customers. These levels are on each sheet.
  • This program is only available as a digital download — .mp3 audio and .pdf files.

Thanks for listening, I hope you find this of value. When you do purchase it and use it, please feel free to send us feedback on your experience.

Click here to read more and get “The Complete Blood Test Blueprint” program now!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Samantha says:

    YYaayyyy!! I am SO EXCITED, for this!! I have the first program, got my testing done (sooo recommend this, to all) & it has really made a huge difference. Plus, the peace of mind is tremendous. I love how you are always looking to improve upon your contributions…what a true wellness warrior!!
    **Infinite Gratitude**

  2. Laurie says:

    I just JUST bought the first program… Is there anyway to exchange it for the second or only purchase the parts that aren’t in the first at a reduced price? This doesn’t feel very thought out for those like me who literally bought the first program only days ago and would have waited to buy this new one had I known it was in the works. Please advise. Thank you, Laurie

  3. Laurie says:

    Ps that said, I do agree with the above poster: you are awesome!:)

  4. This sounds awesome! Would I need the first program in-order to use it, or does it stand alone?

  5. Lori Z. says:

    I purchased the “How to read your bloodtest” program when first released, and found it difficult to understand. Never did figure out which tests I needed, so filed it away & haven’t looked at it since. Would love to purchase the new program if it will help clarify the first one for me!! Am I the only one that struggled with the first program?

  6. Bryan says:

    Hey Kevin…..The special is for “This Week Only:” as this is Friday, could you clarify what the time-line will be for the special?

    Looks super. I guess the only other question I have is if there is information for non-practitioners as to what tests to order to fully utilize the amazing tool you and Dr. Williams have created?

  7. Jan Jensen says:

    This looks great Kevin! I live in Canada and I know that at least the cholesterol numbers are different here. Have you addressed that in this info? If so I’m in. Please let me know.

  8. Hubert says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I am also one of the people who purchased the program when it was released. In fact when there wasn’t even a European version (I’m from NL). But fortunately later I could download that one also.
    To be honest I find the program pricey especially for someone who regularly buys your products (which are very good by the way). Each time I have to really breathe deep before I transfer.
    I wrote a book on health and happiness on which I worked for 3 years and only get 19 euro’s for the printed version. That for me is a fair price for works like this.
    How about a discount for people who already bought the first edition?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  9. Lorraine says:

    Just like Lori stated, the revised program still does not identify the tests to have done… you referemce Direct Labs but not which tests to order. How about working with Direct Labs to identify the tests needed for this program, similar to what Mary Shomon did with mymedlab.

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      Hey Lorraine, we’ve just updated the new program to include this list. It was included in the previous program. Thanks for the feedback! You can request these tests from, or any other online source. You also can request them from your health practitioner.

      Live Awesome!

  10. ben says:

    @Hubert: Is there a link with more info about your book?

  11. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    Hey guys, couple of comments here…

    Jodie, you don’t need the first program to understand this one. The first program covers more tests and levels, but this one explains what to do after you’re tested. They’re great together, but they’re also great alone.

    Lori, thanks for commenting! There is a complete listing for types of tests that someone needs in that first program. It’s spelled out in a the .pdf called How to Read Your Blood Tests Protocol Outline. 🙂

    Hey Bryan, the program will be at this price until next Friday the 15th… sorry for the confusion!

    Jan, the cholesterol numbers have been converted to S.I. Units so they should match standard international recommendations — including Canada.

    Hubert, thanks for your feedback — last launch we honestly just didn’t consider our International customers and the different readings. When we got the feedback we immediately updated the file to include the SI Units. As for price, I look at this program as a way to save money from having to meet with a practitioner who may not have the knowledge that Dr. Williams has to interpret your tests. I consider it an investment in 30 years of knowledge — which if you meet with Dr. Williams personally could be anywhere between $250-500. The value to me is not in the size or format of the program, but in the content. Hope that helps!

    Thanks for your feedback guys!

    Live Awesome!

  12. Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

    Hey Laurie, the programs are different, so there’s not much overlap. The first program explains what tests there are and what to get. The second program explains the most common tests and what to do when your levels are low or high — naturally.

    They’re both great programs for different reasons. The first one explains the importance of blood tests and levels for many different kinds. The second one takes the most common issues people have and shows them how to correct them using a natural approach.

    For a more pop-culture reference, I guess I’d liken it to the Hunger Games series. Each stands alone, but if you like the first one, you need to get the second one 🙂


  13. Kasia says:

    Hi Kevin:)) Does the new program include the European version? and how much is the shipping to Europe? Hugs!!:))

  14. Kim says:

    This sounds like a wonderful program. I know ‘traditional’ pcp’s don’t typically look for holistic and alternative levels. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. I try to look for the most free stuff I can since I am on such a limited income, and single with 2 little ones, fluffies, although they need lots of vet care due to them being rescues. Any help or direction anyone can give would be SOOO very much appreciated because I am SO incredibly fatigued, a vegan, and do not eat any vegan junk food whatsoever. Thanks to all!!! And Kevin and AnnMarie for your commitment to your readers and great health!!!

    Much respect and faithful follower/reader,

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