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hudson in moms arms
Baby Hudson does four things well at 14 days old… eat, sleep, cry and poop.

It’s almost been 2 weeks since the birth of our new son Hudson…

As any parent already knows, it’s gone by so fast.

Wickedly fast.

Today, since I have a little time and Annmarie, her mom and I are settling into a groove — her mom is visiting and helping for 2 months (which is a blessing!) — I wanted to share something that I think is unbelievably important for our community.

This first part was originally going to be a simple disclaimer, but it blossomed into a full length diatribe. I apologize if you find it offensive (which I don’t think you will) or brings up emotion for you.

It’s a fiery topic, but I need to make sure that I stop some assumptions before they spiral out of control about Hudson and mom’s diet before he was born.

Hudson is not a “raw” baby.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. He is a raw baby now, but was not while in the womb.

He eats exclusively mom’s breast milk as nature intended — which is raw, unpasteurized, non-homogenized, contains no added hormones and no antibiotics.

(And please, if you cannot or were not able to breastfeed your baby, I completely understand any decision you needed to make in order for your baby to thrive — I can’t say how deeply I understand this now!)

Back to raw…

During pregnancy, Hudson and mom did not eat an all raw or vegan diet.

I say this because it’s the right thing to do for all the future mothers, recent moms and even grandmoms out there who are deep into raw food.

I do not want anyone to assume that Annmarie was eating a 100% or even 50% raw food diet when Hudson was in the womb.

She was not. We honestly didn’t even keep track of the percentages.

Annmarie ate high quality, local and organic foods while pregnant — which is a benefit of being here in Berkeley. This includes some eggs, fish, meat and anything else that made her feel vibrant and healthy during pregnancy. She also took many herbs and supplements to help support her diet — one of which was an extremely high quality fish oil.

Her pregnancy was amazing with very little ill feelings or discomfort — until the very end. Her bile levels were elevated and she did get itchy, but these were lowered when she cut back on the strong liver support herbs she was taking. I wrote about this here.

She also only gained just the right amount of weight during the pregnancy and is already starting to regain her slim figure. Almost too quickly, since our midwife wants her to eat more to support the baby while breastfeeding.

This means, to her pleasure, she’ll eat more great, organic food!

These signs are just some indications of a healthy pregnancy that I’m sure her diet, genetics and emotional wellbeing helped create.

So now, I have to get into some things that some of you may not like to discuss — and since I was a raw fooder for a while and was also completely vegan for longer, I’ll understand if you disagree with me.

I would have disagreed with me too a while back.

Do I think mothers can raise raw babies?

I don’t know how to answer this anymore.

If you asked me 4 years ago, I’d have said yes.

These days, I can’t say the same.

Raw is an experiment.

A good one for many people — in fact.

It’s been shown to heal people. Any diet that does this is remarkable. I’ve seen and heard hundreds of stories where this works.

The reason I say it’s an experiment is because no human society — before we could corral fire — has ever eaten all raw.

So, that to me indicates that if you’re doing the raw food thing, you are doing an experiment on yourself — which in many ways I support deeply. What’s important is that you see it as this — something you’re doing for yourself that may or may not have positive long term results.

For most, the short term results are amazing. It’s the long term results — and the results with children that concern me the most.

Sometimes experiments work, other times they don’t. As an adult, you make those decisions for yourself.

For example, I recently did an experiment with coffee that went horribly wrong. I’ll tell you about it next month. But this experiment was on me — not my unborn son — which I believe involves a different set of criteria.

So here’s how we broke down our decision…

When Annmarie and I sat down to discuss our views on what to eat during pregnancy, we assessed five things.

1. Like, I said above, raw is an experiment.

Do we want to experiment on our baby? The answer to this was no.

Just like we wouldn’t take a questionable supplement during pregnancy or do a crazy experimental birthing technique, we didn’t want to place our unborn son in any unnecessary long-term danger. We wanted to use tried and tested, older world techniques. This is why Annmarie chose a midwife, why we used herbal support, and why Annmarie continued to be active right up to the day Hudson was born. Eating all raw food during pregnancy — for mom — has very little precedence.

I don’t need scientific evidence to prove everything, but I do need historical-anecdotal evidence. For raw foods, there’s very little.

2. Observed evidence of not so healthy babies.

We’ve seen a good deal of raw babies and toddlers with raw moms in our travels. I have to be honest, most look gaunt, are underweight, their eyes are sunken and are somewhat misbehaved. (Not all, but most.)

The behavior may not be any indication of their diet — this could be their environment and parents — but I think there is something to this, considered they all seemed to have the same traits and acted in similar ways.

If you asked their moms, they’d say their child is perfectly healthy — as any mom would — but outside indications of their children tell a different story.

Other first hand accounts I’ve heard are toddler’s teeth crumbling out of their mouths, seemingly higher incidence of miscarriage, and fertility issues.

Keep in mind that the last two on that list are happening all throughout the United States. But if raw were truly healthy long term in all instances, there should be no or little miscarriage or infertility, since it’s man’s ideal diet — or some would want you to believe. Our purpose — quite shallowly — is to expand our species, so if we’re infertile or our babies aren’t getting born, something is wrong. In this case, likely with both extreme diets… all raw and junk food.

I’ve heard other stories as well, but they’re harder to confirm, so I’ll leave that out of the discussion here and only add this as an augmentation.

What about the healthy looking children?

Two things.

It’s possible they’re extremely healthy — which could be confirmed with a string of blood tests over a few years. If that’s the case, fantastic.

Second, people, at least to me, tend to lie about their diets. Believe me, if my parents and friends do it, so do people who don’t even know me.

So, how honest is mom in reporting what diet her child eats? Would she think I judged her if she said she feeds little Jonny some eggs in the morning?

I, of course, wouldn’t judge, but you have to factor this into the equation.

Look, even I was deceptive when I first started eating eggs. I’d bury them in the shopping cart or in my farmer’s market bag under heaps of collards, lettuce and whatever other veggie that I could lay on top.

3. We used the Blue Zones as a model.

Annmarie and I both are of Mediterranean descent, so we looked to Mediterranean type diets (not the “Mediterranean” diet) — adapted to our Northern California location — to decide what to eat.

Lots of plants. An abundance of them.

Pretty much like Michael Pollan’s semi-haiku…

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

The people in the Blue Zones eat real, fresh food, enjoy life, some drink, some don’t, work hard, are active, are somewhat isolated and keep family and friends close.

That to me is a recipe for — if not living long — living happy while you’re alive.

We decided these principles were tried and tested enough to produce the longest lived people who exist on our planet today, so they’re were good enough for the development of our baby.

4. If the baby wanted to experiment — it could do so when it’s conscious enough to try.

I didn’t want to push an agenda that I wasn’t even sure of on this baby.

Annmarie and I both did not want the weight of a diet experiment on our baby going wrong. The stakes for us were too high.

We both removed our egos from a dogmatic stance and allowed the history of diet and our common sense and knowledge guide us.

The only indication that this has worked to date is Annmarie’s easy pregnancy and that we have a seemingly healthy baby — which I guess is fully determined when he passes away at 100 or so after living the highest quality of life, right? Regardless, it’s long after I’m gone, but everything — particularly with children is so subjective until they’re fully developed.

So, we went with a tested path, and did not blaze a new one.

5. There’s very little documentation of long term effects on raw food babies.

Based on long term studies of most raw fooders — which there is some not-so-pleasant evidence — I have to say that effects on a developing child likely wouldn’t be so favorable either.

Long term raw fooders tend to have health issues, just like anyone else in our culture. Their teeth fall out — maybe even more so than people who eat a poor diet — they have hormone issues, they get batty, and they tend to be more agitated.

Now, to be clear, I’m not sure if this is because of the type of person that is attracted to a long-term raw food diet, a nutritional deficiency or both. But what I do know, is this is what I’ve observed and I’ve seen some science to support it.

I also know, there are some long term-ers who seem to be perfectly fine. One, I’d love to know what they really eat — all the time — and, two, maybe they are the just the ones who thrive.

I know that Philip Madley from HealthForce was studying vegan children (with some cooked food) while under Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ program. I’ll have to follow up with him to see what he’s found. You can find the proposal here.

So if long term raw fooders — who decide to do this type of diet after their formative years are sometimes unhealthy — it’s likely babies, who require even more nutrition as they grow could be even more deficient later in life. Something that is definitely not evident in a 2, 3 or even 5 year old.

I’ve heard the argument that raw fooders with issues may have them because of what they ate during their formative years. It may be true or not, but it’s a factor that is hard to prove for an individual. The only thing we can observe is what is happening to that person at the time. If it’s poor health, then the diet may be to blame. (There are many other factors, of course.)

So this is what we decided for the pregnancy…

1. Healthy, high plant matter diet.
2. Some meat, eggs, fish.
3. Supplements including a complete Prenatal profile of nutrients.
4. High quality, non-contaminated fish oil.
5. Support herbs — in moderation.
6. Mineral rich drinks like coconut water.
7. Floradix with iron, for Ann’s Mediterranean anemia.

That’s it!


Healthy… with a major “so far.”

For the dissenters…

You can argue these points with me, since there is no data, but I urge you to look into this deeper. I didn’t go into my observations 4-5 years ago thinking that an all raw during pregnancy was bad — in fact, I wanted to support it. What I saw, eventually swayed me in a different direction.

I’m also clearly not saying all raw or vegan or any other diet is good or bad. If you’ve been around me enough, I don’t really care what diet you eat — I just want to know if it’s working for YOU.

You can easily do this through monitoring your blood test results. Some things that work for health gurus, don’t work for you — it’s very important to know which ones do and which ones don’t so you don’t end up having a health challenge even though you thought you were eating a diet that was the best available.

So again, this is based on our observation, our beliefs and as much as science can help (in the realm of blood tests, which you can learn more about here.)

If you have a healthy all raw baby, I’d like to see your and her blood tests for the next 10-15 years to ensure that her development is appropriate. If we get enough of this data, I’m sure I’ll gladly change my mind about what I’ve written here — but until then, I’m going to side with our human ancestors who brought us to life (and the ancestors before them.)

Even more additional thoughts…

1. If you raised a “raw” or “vegan” baby, and you weren’t all raw during the pregnancy and you’re a raw food or vegan “expert”… you have to come clean about this. Otherwise, you’re not allowing your followers the truth of your story.

2. If you wished us a happy raw baby and congratulations two weeks back when Hudson was born, this post is in no way aimed or targeted at you. We appreciate your wishes more that you can imagine. We feel loved by you and everyone else who commented. I just saw these comments come through, was grateful for them, but also wanted to be clear about where we were so we didn’t mislead anyone.

3. If you have comments for this post, please be nice. You can be as critical as you like, just back it up with either science OR observation.

4. Have an awesome weekend!

Your question of the day: What do you think about all this? Did you raise a healthy raw food baby? Know someone who did?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. It is vital to do whatever is BEST for you. It’s not about being 100% raw…it’s about doing what works for you! : ) Cleansing the body through raw and living foods is wonderful! And eating high raw is great!

    Enjoy that baby!!

  2. Anthony Martinez says:

    What fish oil did you choose? I think you did the right thing. Congratulations!

  3. Sue Rushford says:

    No judgement whatsoever as nobody really knows for certain what the optimal diet is or even if there is an optimal diet or how it is different for everyone – plus I’ve never had a baby – I’ve been following Sean Croxton a lot but just cannot bring myself across that ethical line – but what is right for me may not be right for everyone else – I realize that – so on that note, big hugs and big congratulations!

  4. Suzanne says:

    Great job sorting though all of the confusion and dogma about diet and looking empirically (across cultures/history/blood tests) for facts and guidance. Hudson is too important to be an experiment! You are very balanced and thoughtful and your baby will be blessed for it!

  5. Marla King says:

    Mozel Tov! Congrats on the precious bundle! I am thrilled to say that my daughter now 19 years old was raised full term (to the day) on vegan fare. We both had a marvelous 9 months together and the home birth was amazing!
    I have to say that I TOTALLY agree with you!
    The fat intake by the mom is extremely important.. A child can be brain damaged by not receiving enough natural fats… and caloric intake. Both are vital. It’s true I did NOT do dairy or meat and she came out very healthy and continues to be… but I want to say that all raw for a pregnant couple is SCARY to say the least! Thanks for sharing! Love you guys!

  6. Brianna says:

    You guys are so great. I don’t know what else to say. You are just fabulous, positive, role-models. I’m excited to be a parent someday because it will be fun to discuss the “how to’s” with you both. So good! you’re both so good. 🙂

  7. RB says:

    I don’t know any raw babies but I do know some vegan. As you say I can’t be 100% sure that most of them were 100% vegan. My closest girlfriend did have a 100% healthy vegan baby 3 years ago. Although she was 40 her pregancy was also very easy. I believe she was all vegan because there would have been no judgement if she wasn’t & she has extremely strong convictions. She said at the begining if she got any strong cravings for nonvegan food she would listen to her body – she said she was suprised (she was expecting some) but she didn’t really have any strong cravings at all. She did take prenatal vitamens and was very careful to eat a very healthy diet. Her daughter now is in the top percential for size and development. She’s tall, a bit chubby and very bright and talktaive. I know she has given her daughter some honey – when she had a bad cough. And she has had some baked goods that did have egg in it at some parties. Otherwise, she’s a healthy vegan child. Thank you for your continued frankness and honesty. Personally, I don’t know anymore if 100% vegan is the best but I do believe a mainly whole food organic vegan diet is. And listening to your body!

  8. Rhonda says:

    So happy for you two. Congratulations on your healthy baby Hudson. No one should judge you for what you guys are doing. You have both been learning over the years and sharing what you were learning. And I believe you will continue to do so.

    Best wishes,


  9. Thanks, Kevin for being so honest about Annmarie’s healthy journey through her pregnancy and childbirth. I’ve been following your website for a couple years on and off and I really appreciate your balanced approach to diet and wellness that isn’t so rigid and dogmatic like so many other living-foods gurus out there! Also your “High Raw” book is a great resource! (I’m one of the 10% who actually read the pdf version online!) Sorry, I’m not a mom, so I can’t offer any baby stories for you. But I’m thankful you and Annmarie are out there offering insights and products for healthy life that you can’t find anywhere else – and in a lively, fun way, too. 🙂

    My husband Bruce and I run a retreat center in the Eugene, Oregon area called Kindred Spirits Retreat Center. If you have time, maybe check out our website and if you’re ever in the area, we would love to have you here. We’re just now starting up a small juicing business in town and also are planning some weekend “juice fast” retreats here.

    Many blessings to the happy and healthy family!!
    Theresa Schumacher

  10. Peg says:

    What I have come to really like about you guys is your ability to wade through the tons of information out there now and not lock onto to one way of doing things. Just because something is right for one person does not make it right for the other and we must pay attention to what is right for us.

    Just today I was thinking about the blue zones–I believe Sardinia is one of them and their diet seems to make a lot of sense and I am going to incorporate many of those principles. Green smoothies are going to fit very well in my plan. 🙂

    Your little Hudson is in good hands!

  11. Darlene says:

    Love it and you guys. Non judgemental, willing to go against the grain for the greater good, and you followed the advice of tried and true instead of an experiment. You guys ROCK 🙂 and willing to tell the world and you KNOW that people are not going to be NICE………

  12. Anna says:

    I have always admired you kev for your honesty and guts (Aussie word for bravery!) this article is exactly why I think these things. There is nothing more important than a child’s health – and I totally agree a raw baby is a scary thought to me – we will all be able to see how the monarchs baby does and I hope it either goes really well for Oria or they are honest about the decisions they make to improve her diet. It does worry me how it will be long term for her but I know their hearts will be in the right place but I guess that doesn’t make it right does it. My own daughters diet is so important to me and I have decided to do the ‘way we ate back then’ diet as in just normal healthy food – staying away from processed crap and sugar. Makes sense to me! Thanks for your honesty here kev!

  13. Leam says:

    Appreciate your honest expressions. A little while back saw video of a “raw” baby that was so disturbing. Baby was so thin; her skin was loose and hanging at about 3 months. So sad. Doing what’s best for this new, precious life really has to be beyond belief and dogma. Thanks for relating your experience. Would love a video update of Annemarie and Hudson someday.

  14. hyesun says:

    first of all, i didn’t get a chance to congratulate you when hudson was born, so CONGRATULATIONS!!! 🙂 he is a beauty! secondly, i totally commend you both on your willingness to put aside your ideologies and egos, and to do what has been proven to work for fertility and healthy pregnancies/babies throughout the ages, even though it might mean getting some pushback and criticism. not only is raw an experiment, but so is vegan. (but when you said raw, you probably also meant vegan). i just heard dr. william wong (naturopath, sex and exercise expert) say that we can’t make hormones if our cholesterol is under 180.

    yay for all 3 of you!!! 🙂

  15. Lois Kubota says:

    Good for you for not only making a decision that’s right for you, but telling everyone about it too. I don’t do raw anymore but I learned a ton from doing raw for awhile and some things I still do, like green smoothies.

    You have to find the right thing for you and go with it.

  16. congrats on the new little boo boo:) he is adorable..kisses for the baby. hey, you do what you think is best for your baby. i sure would. i have seen people like jingee and storm raise thier kids raw and they seem fine. but those kids are not yours or mine. i never did the research as you have and when i have kids i will be looking more deeply into it also. personally i think it is better to strive for health and not %100 any diet. there is validity in alot of foods, not just raw or vegan.

    peaceful journey

  17. Mari says:

    Thanks for your honesty on this very personal
    subject. I’m sure it will help many Mom’s who are trying to do their best through pregancy and breast feeding.
    Big blessings & great health to all 3 of you!

  18. Velda says:

    Hudson is totally and completely adorable!! He looks happy, healthy and sweet. I nursed all 3 of my sons at a time when it was not fashionable to do so. Even got one guy really mad at me. Really …… Anyway, Kevin, you and Annmarie, like the rest of us, have the right to decide what you believe to be best for your family. You are thoughtful, intelligent and well informed. You are doing a wonderful job!!

  19. kat says:

    Congratulations! I don’t know anyone who has raised an all raw baby or even a vegan baby for that matter. In the end it’s a deeply personal decision. Kudos for the two of you doing what was best not only for Hudson but for Annemarie!

  20. saskia says:

    Your common sense and your undogmatic approach to health is what keeps me reading your blog. Thanks for the honesty, sincerity, and sanity in writing about these issues.

    I am truly grateful that you keep a neutral stance on so many controversial topics. Your voice is like fresh air in the health world.

  21. chasmodai says:

    Congratulations on your new baby! One of the things I find most refreshing in today’s modern raw foodists is their willingness to be flexible, reasonable and non-dogmatic.

    Being 100% raw is in one’s best interests until it’s not.

  22. zyxomma says:

    There were some raw, vegan children at Tree of Life while I was visiting, but I did not know any of them well enough to make any judgments.

    However Annmarie and Hudson eat, however all of you live, I wish you blessings of health and peace.

  23. Katie says:

    So happy for you all.
    Thank you for all that you do 🙂

  24. Sue Clinton says:

    Well said!
    I am certain Dr. Price would agree.

    Sue Clinton
    Co-Chapter Leader of the Greater Kingston
    Weston A. Price Foundation

  25. Claudia Davis says:

    I think what you are doing is fine, keep the baby’s needs first whatever they are. I believe in offering a variety of foods. Kids have pretty good instincts in the beginning. My son was a happy vegan by his choice when he was a baby and toddler. In response to pressure by others to be a “good mom” and give him meat I would offer it to him. He would spit meat out and cry because he did not like it. So I took it to the next step and ground it up and “hid” it in his vegetables. He became addicted to meat (I believe meat is addictive) and now he can’t live without it. He recently told me that he wished I had never sneaked into his diet. Good luck and keep us posted!

  26. Annette says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Once again your honesty and transparency shines through. Thank you.

    As a nutritionist,and first time grandma, I understand the importance of the correct fats, vitamins etc needed for a healthy baby and mother. While I believe that a high raw vegan diet has its place in healing a sick body, I, like you, am not so sure about it being the most optimal diet for a pregnant woman and her child.

    So, keep up the good work of being honest. Whether I agree with everything you post or not is irrelevant, but I will continue to read what you say because you are transparent and honest, and to me, that kind of integrity is more important than dietary ego and dogma 🙂

    Enjoy your beautiful bundle of joy!

  27. No judgement ever. Food “religions” are not healthy, in my opinion.

    I eat a “mostly raw” vegan diet that consists of pounds and pounds of vegetables each day. Some of the veggies are cooked on some days, some days it’s all raw.

    I raised 2 vegan babies, with one exception.

    My babies were adopted at birth, and their prenatal environment was SAD plus smoking!

    I fed them a home made formula in lieu of breast milk, which consisted of whey protein,flax oil, dha and other nutrients made to be as close to breast milk as possible (the recipes I used are on my website in a book called nut milk formulas)

    At 4-6 months they began to eat fruits and veggies and I began to make the “formula” using vegetable juice and nuts and seeds.

    We avoided all grains until they were 18 months old.

    Their diets were high in raw food, but also included lots of lightly steamed vegetables. At 7 months, my first born ate more broccoli at thanksgiving dinner than anyone else in the room except for me.

    Their diets have evolved over the years based on what they gravitate towards and hat they feel most energized from.

    They were never vaccinated, except for whatever they give in the hospital right after birth.

    Both had difficult pregnancies and births. One was a c-section, the other had the cord triple wrapped around his neck and was in ICV for 48 hours on IV antibiotics.

    While neither had a good start nor good genetics. Their birth siblings are all sickly and overweight. Their birth parents on a plethora of medications and are not healthy.Both my boys are both strapping, muscular, athletic boys now, at age 14 and 18. Other than occasional colds they have never been sick. This I believe is a testiment to their outstanding nutrition and a loving home.

    I supplemented both with B12 (ones a month or so) DHA and vitamin C as needed to support immune system. Neither has ever been on a medication o any type, except for the oldest at birth.

    Even though I raised them on a whole foods vegan diet, high in greens and raw foods, I did not do it dogmatically. Had there been evidence of deficiency or failure to thrive, I would have been looking at what needed to be changed to feed them optimally.

    I originally thought I would raise them on all raw but discovered early on that they needed and wanted more so we included cooked vegetables –lots—and legumes and whole non gluten grains.

    I approach my patients similarly to how I approach my kids.

    My job is to guide them to the most appropriate diet for them, not to adhere to a food religion.

    So there you have it…the story of 2 vegan since birth very healthy and hearty young men. They are not scrawny, they are muscular ans strong. They had teeth issues with their baby teeth (I believe baby teeth issues are a prenatal issue) and have perfect teeth now. The only fillings they had were in their baby teeth.

    Given they didn’t come from high intelligence parents, they are amazingly intelligent. My older son starts college soon, and was awarded several scholarships.

    I believe their nutrition has helped them overcome genetic tendencies.

    So Kevin and Anne MArie, you will make choices for Hudson based on what you believe is right and by how he is developing and I know you will test and reassess and change and tweak s needed.

    I wish you the best,.

    Everyone else, know that there is no one right way to eat that is perfect for all.

    Start somewhere, know how to assess how it’s working for you and adjust as needed. This is what I teach in my coaching programs, the latest and most comprehensive being energyrechargecoaching.com

    Many blessings to Hudson. He is truly lucky to have such amazing parents. The time does fly by. I get teary eyed thinking that my 18 year old who will be living in another city for the next four years was just a little newborn “only yesterday”

    Much love

    Dr. Ritamarie

  28. Carolyn says:

    As a mom of 3 and Naturopath I want to add to these warm wishes and say that I think you did absolutely the right thing for your baby. He looks so healthy! I think raw food vegan is great for detox and healing but few can sustain it long term without issues. It is certainly not the ideal diet for a growing baby. I’m so glad you put your baby’s best interest first. Your baby is blessed to have you both for parents.

  29. Muneera says:

    Hi. Congratulations on beautiful baby Hudson! I’m a mother of 3 healthy kids aged 10, 8, and 5. I’ve experimented with being raw and vegan at different stages of my life (never during pregnancy or breast feeding). Short term, those diets worked really well and I saw some great results, but after a while I began to notice some negative effects such as my hair started to thin, my nails were brittle and some of my blood tests were not where they should have been. My children have tried eating a fully vegan and for short periods of time, a fully raw food diet and I’ve observed their health and have done blood testing periodically. I’ve found that the diet you are describing in your post has had the best results for my family too. My middle daughter is vegetarian (by choice), but eats eggs and high quality dairy. My older son seems to need more meat and does better with it in his diet. Bottom line is, dogma is out and observing your own body and doing what’s right for you and your family is the way to go. All the best and thank you for sharing this valuable information. ????

  30. Bernadette says:

    Congratulations on the new arrival! And thanks for honestly sharing your nutritional journey. I’ve been experimenting with healthy diets for over 40 years and the only conclusion I’ve reached is that meat, gluten, and dairy really don’t agree with me… or most people for that matter. My body seems to want occasional fish and eggs even though my ego likes the idea of being raw vegan. It’s all about listening to your body. It knows what it needs, and you will find that your son naturally chooses what he needs if he is offered a variety of healthy foods. Keep up the great work!

  31. Jacky says:

    Loved reading all those positive comments and have to agree with them. I have never been vegetarian, vegan, or high raw, but just try to eat healthy foods, and ignore processed and junk foods. I am 75 and in very good health, no issues, so your balanced approach rings bells with me. Happy to see the darling child in the hands of parents who love him and will take good care of him. Congratulations.

  32. Diane says:

    Dear Kevin,

    First of all…Kris Carr’s video made my day. I laughed out loud … she was such a DELIGHT! Thank you for that. (And I bought it too! LOL)

    As you have written about before, the way we eat is such a journey of learning…about the food, about ourselves, and most importantly the uniqueness of each of us.

    With a new life, there is an even greater need to listen to your intuition and let love guide you, as I know you will do.

    Blessings to you and your family,


  33. Woody says:

    Heck all I really want is pure food and water (and air). (Why in the world does it have to be a desire rather then everyday reality?)

    I can’t say I am into flesh personally. But I am a dumb guy past the point of mating. I hope women to be very body intuitive and I hope to develop the same intuition.

    But the important takeaway I learned at the 2009 Raw Food Festival was to be a flexitarian. Not to be rigid and listen to your body.

    I do not buy completely into Weston – Price but I absolutely recommend to others that are not ready or able for vegetarian. After all our common ground is the desire for pure food and water.

    I will always incorporate and use what I have learned about Raw and want to learn more, but I refuse to be 100% anything. I am just not much into belonging to exclusive clubs.

    Today (who cares) maybe 50% raw, 35% vegan, 15% lacto-ovo, 0% flesh.

    I do understand the ethical issues raised by vegan, but I just subscribe to being humane and ethical, and not acutely taking for granted. Form a relation, say a prayer, make a connection, and transmute and fuel yourself to a higher purpose.

    I take issue with taking animal intake as a given and through cultural brainwash, just be aware and present and ethical and responsible. (Which appears to be the Weston Price ethics as well.)

    I have chosen because I am a guy (beyond once providing my seed) to experiment with my own body and forgo flesh and if it means to die earlier – so be it.

    But I say to you guys (with or without having a child) kudos for trying to be healthy and eat healthily.

    I have a lot more to learn everyday.

    Happy parenting!

  34. Char says:

    Thanks for being so straight and honest.
    Great health is a learning journey. Always trying to figure it out myself. You both show a lot of maturity especially in not wanting to experiment on your beloved baby.

  35. Ann says:

    YO–how about the “raw family”–4 absolutely beautiful raw children. Congrats on the birth of your beautiful little one; BUT I am no longer following anyone who eats meat. and you shouldn’t call yourself raw any longer….

  36. Guylaine says:

    Kevin and Annmarie, congratulations for a healthy and beautiful baby. Your approach is sensible. You are conscious parents no doubt about it.
    It is not necessary for health to be 100% raw or vegan although whole, plant, raw, fresh, organic as much as you feel good about it.
    I was high raw and high vegan (95% maybe)during my pregnancies and delivered two healthy babies (some 20 years ago). I raised them vegetarian, high vegan and semi raw. I didn’t want to force anything on them, mainly when they started going to school and mingle with friends. They’ve never been sick other while eating at home but were getting sick with colds or fevers on occasion after visiting friends or families.
    I didn’t have the knowledge I have at the time about vitamin D, B12 and omega 3 but they still thrived.

    All the best to your little family.

  37. Meg says:

    Mother nature bless you. I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a positive force for health you are for the entire internet community at large.
    I wish you not only health for you and your family but an increasingly, absurdly, larger and larger website following so more may hear what wisdom you have to share.
    More than anything, as a mother of two, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for supporting your wife as she followed her instincts as to how to best nourish her body and baby.

  38. elainie says:

    Smart- couldn’t agree more.

  39. CC says:

    Kevin, you are doing a service to the community by speaking so openly and honestly. As great as I feel with a high raw diet, I have come to realize I feel better with a little organic chicken in addition to many green juices, smoothies, and salads.

  40. George says:

    I like your sensible, balanced approach to this issue drawing on your experiences. I would have to agree that the child can make their own choices later in life. In the growing period we have the resposibility to nourish them and maintain their health. I hope Hudson grows into a fine healthy specimen of humanity.

  41. Donna says:

    I knew it already, but now I am positive that you two are the most excellent parents a child could ever have!

  42. Pamela says:

    Kevin, You make so much sense. I fully agree with you, and am glad to see that you are doing what you feel is best for your baby at this time. I also loved Dr. Ritamarie’s post above. I have been following you both for about 3 years or so, and will continue to do so because I love your integrity and transparency.

  43. Mary Fosgard says:

    Congrats on your lovely baby, and on being honest and doing all you could to make the best choices. I was 100% vegetarian when pregnant, and my daughter, now 35, has been a vegetarian all her life. The one exception for both of us is using a high quality fish oil for omega 3’s.
    When kids are young, they don’t have much choice but to eat what they’re fed, so our responsibility as parents is a pretty awesome one. When she grew older, she made her own choice to remain vegetarian, and has never wavered. We both have deep ethical reasons to avoid meat, and we are both exceptionally healthy. I’m 60, am on no meds, and am very often told I look much younger, especially since my skin is very smooth and glowing. Last October I completed the Portland marathon. My daughter is tall, strong, and beautiful inside and out. I don’t do much dairy; she eats some cheese and yogurt. We both have our own chickens so we know where our eggs come from!
    The meat industry is incredibly cruel and unsustainable for our planet. I believe there is much evidence that humans can grow and thrive on a vegetarian diet.

  44. sans says:

    Great post Kevin, So happy to hear the great news of Hudsons’ arrival along with Annmarie doing so well. I agree with you on supporting the body with a diet that resonates with where you’re at. Thrilled that you continue to explore the principles/foundations of great health. Look forward to more!

  45. Sarah says:

    This is one of the very best pieces you have written! Thank you for your honesty and integrity! The lead up to the article was a little dismaying: “this may ruffle some feathers” as I find it hard to imagine the person who would be critical or have their feathers ruffled when two people are doing the very best they can to assure the health of both mother and child during a pregnancy and birth. I guess the only person I can imagine being this way has a diet as their religion. Little Hudson is a very lucky little boy. Blessings!

  46. Zach says:

    For me, being a vegan for 40 years has worked very well for me and the planet. However, one of my clients eats factory-farmed chicken every day and it seems to work well for him; he loves it.

  47. DebbieM says:

    I so appreciate you for sharing your food journey! I hope and pray many will be informed and blessed as a result! Congratulations on your little one! Yes, the time will go much more quickly than you could ever imagine! Mine are grown now….

  48. frank & connie says:

    Congratulations on your baby. Hudson what a great name,God has Blessed you with a bundle of joy. You two have made a good decision on listening to your bodies needs. What a great example you are by being truthful to everyone. May God Bless your family always.

  49. Linda says:



  50. Ayisha says:

    Excellent article Kevin, although you do seem a bit defensive. Speaking the truth in difficult circumstances calls for the greatest courage. Thank you.

    It seems to me that the “Raw Diet” is excellent for reversing the sad current state of health of people who were raised on the Standard Americana Diet, however after a while when the health issues are corrected it seems beneficial to add in other all natural foods.

    To continue on a path that is not beneficial just to be able to say “I eat 100% Raw” is to invite deception and ill health.

    God bless you and Annmarie and baby Hudson.

  51. Emily says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! I truly love and appreciate your honesty. Being willing to put this out there in the face of how critical people can be is brave and wonderful. I wholeheartedly agree. Thank You!!!!

  52. Linda says:

    A. men. (and women.) Many people hold up a certain well-known raw-vegan couple and their young child as proof a raw vegan diet produces a healthy child.

    I could not agree more that a child is not something to experiment with. It’s not only that one child, but the generations to follow that are the proof in the pudding. Weston A. Price and Dr. Pottinger proved that deficient diets may not take an immediate toll in the generation subjected to them, but their progeny will likely suffer the consequences of a deficient diet.

    My personal opinion is a raw vegan diet is great for cleansing and dealing with certain diseases, but not necessarily optimal for long-term health, and certainly not optimal for the pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and nursing period.

    You have not only given your son a great start in life, but also have helped insure a good start for your grandchildren. As a grandmother myself, trust me, time flies so very fast, and one day you will hold your beautiful, healthy grandchildren in your arms thanks to nourishing your son well both before, and after his birth.

  53. I just wanted to add that it is so important to add that as parents our top priority is first and foremost the health and safety of our children and not allegiance a particular way of eating.

    I believe THE most important thing to remember in feeding our young is dedication to whole, unprocessed Real Food and to teaching them from an early age how particular foods work to keep us healthy and how some interfere so that they understand and make choices from a place of empowerment rather than from fear.

    Thanks Kevin and Anne MArie for allowing us to share in your world.

    Love to all,

    Dr. Ritamarie

  54. Sally says:

    Hi Anne-Marie and Kevin..All I can say is he is absolutely gorgeous…That you are both REAL/HONEST, and speak YOUR truth is all that matters..you guys remind me of Joe Mercola..he’s very simimlar …goes with the flow, and when he thinks what he has thought was true is no longer so he says so!!! All the best with your little angel Hudson..babies are the ultimate…Sally Negus
    Groton Wellness..Groton Mass.

  55. Thank you for sharing your journey Kevin.
    As a conventional meat eater, I had five
    spontaneous miscarriages in the first three
    months of the fetus’ life. As a result I began to read and study about this and with some nutritional changes
    and the Shute Brothers’ support, delivered
    a son and daughter. I nursed my children
    until all their teeth were in place, which
    was approximately close to 30 months and weaned them on raw goat’s milk for a short time and supplemented with live juices.
    After three no milk was given but a nutritional
    plan that included organic fruits, vegetables, raw nuts, seeds and whole grains, and live freshly made juices and nut drinks. Blended salads were given at three with lots of greens,
    This was a total Vegan approach after reading all of Dr. Herbert Shelton’s books and the books by Natural Hygiene Doctors, as well as visiting and consulting with them occasionally, My children were never sick, they slept from 7 pm to 7 am without waking; they were a bundle of joy, with no temper tantrums and they were very easy to raise. They were happy well
    adjusted and excelled in school.
    I was fortunate to have mentors and teachers who believed this was the right way. No animal products were given, and I do not believe are necessary if a mother has a superior diet and
    if the children are raised on it. The proper
    balance is very important, that is, that
    sufficient protein and starches are served
    with two large salads for lunch and dinner.
    Teaching the child to eat this way at a young
    age, three and on, will provide adequate
    nutrition for strong bones and teeth.
    To this day, there has been no need to visit
    a doctor as everyone is well all of the time
    and now passed forty, are grateful for this
    lifestyle based on the physiological aspects
    of the human body and its basic requirements
    to supply all of its needs. No harmful
    influences were given and the teachers were
    told that no sugar or harmful foods to be given.
    At that time few mothers were following this
    approach and much criticism was experienced.
    Mothers have to be forever researching and
    learning what is the best for their children.
    Health and love are the greatest gift you can
    give to your child. They will forever thank
    you for that.

  56. Sharon C. says:

    Matt Monarch (raw for 15 years) and his wife Angela Stokes Monarch (raw for around 9 years) had a beautiful, healthy baby (Oria Berry Monarch) last Nov, after a successful raw pregnancy. Oria appears to be robust, alert, and energetic. For those who haven’t seen their birthing story, it’s very interesting and worth watching. No one was present at the birth except Matt, and of course Angela! Checkout Raw Food World YouTube.

  57. Deborah LaShever says:

    Kudos and Cheers!

    My advice:
    Breastfeed for as long as possible.
    Have a Family Bed
    and most of all….

    Follow Your Heart!

    You three are awesome!

    Much love and laughter!

  58. nick says:

    Hi Kevin congratulations on the birth of your baby. Could you please clarify what you were eating when you were raw and vegan as I often come across people who say being raw or vegan didn’t work for them only to find that they were eating a high fat high supplement or low calorie diet? There seems to be many versions of raw or vegan diets around some including dairy, meat, refined oils and supplements. You must realise that you, to me at least, gave the impression that you are coming from a raw prospective so I am somewhat confused.

    thanks nick

  59. lene says:

    Love the article. Thank you for sharing. I thinj you are setting a great example by doing so. I just gave birth six weeks ago and actually had to become vegan while pregnant. Any animal product made me extremely sick. It has worried me the entire time knowing how much they develop and if I am getting all tge nutrients necessary. Unfortunately, my doctor was not able to add much apart from recommending taking a b12 supplement. I also take a plant based omega along with vitamin d. At six weeks he appears healthy but I applaud Annmarie and you for being willing to change your diet for the health of you baby. I am hoping I can soon adjust mibe for his sake and at the very least add in some eggs.

  60. Shannon says:

    Hi Kevin, Annmarie and Hudson,

    THANK YOU! My 1st baby is now 7 weeks old, we called him Zack.

    It’s such a gorgeous, tiring, wonderful, scary, beautiful adventure, isn’t it? (I could think of about 100 more good adjectives, but will stop there). We are all SO much in love.

    I am neither raw, or vegan,-but I used to be vego and then I just ate fish for many years. Just before my pregnancy I decided to lose my ‘mainly vego’ label. I have to be extremely strict with gluten free, so the extra label and restrictions were getting to me.

    That being said, I am mainly drawn to a vego lifestyle still. I eat occasional meat/fish and it feels like I mainly do it for my son.

    I really think vegans and raw foodies are awesome(especially for the planet and animals!) and I commend them if it works for them. It doesn’t for me. I am very excited though as during my pregnancy my mum brought us a vitamix! So I have one green smoothy everyday and I am looking forward to learning many new raw creations even if I don’t want to be 100% raw.

    My husband(and baby) are Japanese and when I am in Japan I feel so healthy and lose lots of weight. They don’t eat anything raw accept fish! (Almost zero raw veg!). I think the pickles and fermented foods make me feel good just like raw does.

    Many blessings on your baby and enjoy this precious time!

    Love Shannon

  61. nick says:

    Heres where I stand

    I love meat and animal products they taste GREAT but is it-

    1: Ethical
    – To enslave kill and eat animals (without any animal rights or protection.)
    – To feed farmed animals enough food to feed 8.7 billion people.
    – To use/waste huge amounts of water and fossil fuels.

    2: Environmentally Sustainable
    – To clear land to grow food for animals causing the extinction of native species flora and fauna and the further release of carbon into the atmosphere
    – To have hoofed animals causing massive amounts of land erosion.
    – To support the biggest cause of pollution on the planet through methane, excrement and processing.
    – The enormous use of fossil fuels used to
    raise and process animals.
    – To abuse are oceans and water ways.

    3: Healthy
    – Pesticides, Herbicides, Antibiotics -(90% of the world’s supply) fed to farmed animals.
    – Heart disease, Cholesterol, Obesity, Cancer, Autoimmune disorders, Stroke, Diabetes, Inflammation, Allergies, Mad cows disease, Ecoli, Salmonella, Parasites, ect ect ect.

    20% Calories from protein
    80% Calories from fat (mostly saturated)
    0% Calories from carbohydrates
    Contains excess hormones
    Raises cholesterol
    No fibre
    Contains steroids, antibiotics
    Unsustainably produced
    Depletes the earth
    $5-$10/lb (1 serving)

    25% Calories from protein
    5% Calories from fat (unsaturated)
    70% Calories from complex carbohydrates
    Helps discharge excess hormones
    Lowers cholesterol
    High in fibre
    If organic, contains no chemicals
    Keeps you regular
    Sustainably grown
    Adds needed nitrogen to the soil
    $2-$4/lb (4servings)

    Daily water usage in the US for…
    An omnivore : 4,200 Gallons
    A vegetarian: 1,200 Gallons
    A vegan: 300 Gallons

    Yearly land usage in the US for food…
    An omnivore : 3.3 Acres
    A vegetarian: 1/2 Acre
    A vegan: 1/6 Acre

    To make one pound of food…
    Pound of beef =2500 Gallons of water
    Pound of apples =49 Gallons of water
    Pound of lettuce =23 Gallons of water

    To make one pound of food…
    Pound of meat =7 pounds of grains or soy
    Pound of grain or soy =1 pound of grain or soy

    There is nothing you can get on an animal based diet that you cannot get on a plant based diet.
    We desperately need a change in thinking and cannot continue with are heads in the sand with other countries like India and China fast adopting are way of eating and dying.

    So I urge everyone to do as I have done do your research and make your decision based on all 3 of these points not just on whats conveneient.

    Thanks Nick

    • Sonia says:

      I totally agree. Whole foods is good for humans, and animals. Animals are slaughtered for the palate of meat eaters. If you have ever seen how animals are killed, inhumanely butchered to death, you would never eat the poor darlings again. One video I saw, was so horrific, I couldn’t finish watching it.

      I suggest people read ‘The China Study’ it truly is a wake up call.
      Fish oil, is for fish. It also creates too much cholesterol in the body, setting you up for an acid body, and the oil turns rancid within the body. So if you take fish oil, be weary of mercury, and take an antioxidant to clean up the fish oil environment (rancid) in your body.

      I eat all organic 100% plant based raw food diet in the spring/summer months. Then in the winter, my body is screaming out for warm food. That’s when I eat a high raw, and some cooked whole food diet. Always having my green smoothie for breakfast though, all year round. Leaving the blender on longer warms the smoothie for winter. Can’t live without that on a daily basis.

      Natural fats for pregnancy and baby, flaxseed oil, (the only oil proven by Dr. Johanna Budwig and Dr. Max Gerson, not to feed, or cause cancer, or auto-immune diseases within the body) nuts (not too many) seeds and avocados.
      Olive oil, is not, a health food.

      The only oil I use in my smoothies and on my salads is flaxseed oil. It’s the only oil, Charlotte Gerson uses at her cancer clinic.
      Sonia. Queensland Australia.

  62. Pete says:

    Hopefully people are starting to recognise that while Raw and Vegan diets are CLEANSING and HEALING, that doesn’t equate to SUSTAINING or NOURISHING. So for the short or Intermittent term they can be one of the most life changing, changes one can make. For the longer term a person should search for a more whole diet providing more sustenance and body building materials. Don’t get me wrong, a whole diet can contain a lot of raw foods, but while raw provides enzymes, Phytonutrients and some undamaged vitamins, there are also a lot of minerals made more available through cooking. I personally don’t think a diet should be static (unchanging) no matter how good the diet may be a period of change should occur from time to time. Even the best foods, Cruciferous vegetables for instance can cause a load on the liver and kidneys, and should be spelled for a short time.
    Congrats on the Billy Lid (kid) Kev and Annmarie. You like myself seem to always be searching for the best way to approach things and I admire that. And appreciate that you share all you’ve learned once you’ve found a result.

  63. Sonia says:

    The thing I love about you two is that you have never been ones to convince and convert to one particular way of eating/ living rather you inspire and educate. Thanks for your openess and honesty! Keep up the good work! Your son is amazing 🙂 Love

  64. Cherie says:

    So happy for you and your sweet family. Enjoy every moment!

  65. LynnCS says:

    Aha! Fish out is Fish Oil !!! I couldn’t figure that one out till one of the posters cleared it up. Well, I don’t have a little one and didn’t raise mine raw. There are so many variables to what people call “raw” that I don’t even call myself raw any more except maybe on posts. I can’t imagine ever eating animal meat of any kind, but never say never. As long as I can get what I need from plant sources, I’ll take it. So far I can’t find anything that meat, dairy and eggs would give me that a plant based diet can’t. It’s a choice, for me, and I am very careful to make sure I get whatever I need. I want to be a conscious consumer. I prefer whole foods such as salad, whole fruit, and smoothies, juices, etc. I don’t do well with a lot of grain based foods. I like to be able to identify the ingredients. No crackers etc. yet. No dehydrated, yet. I would like to dehydrate eventually to save for a rainy day.

    Having said all that. I would hope moms and kids would eat as close to the natural as possible. No one is harmed by adding more fruits and vegis to their diet. We can all start there.

  66. Chris Armstrong says:

    Kevin and Annmarie, diversity is the fabric of life no two people are the same order is the arrangement to a purpose balance is the essence love is the expression . it seems that you two have covered the bases. may you enjoy the fruits of your labor, best wishes to you boath

  67. sandra frankel says:

    Hudson is so beautiful !!! it seems like yesterday when you gave us the news of this pregnancy !

    All your comments are solid, informed and good ol common sense. and the proof is in the pudding !
    I am so happy for you and your beautiful family.

    It’s easy to get extreme about food…which is by nature an emotional topic. It is really valuable for your readers to hear about your process with this topic and the middle of the road path. thanks kevin.
    xox thanks for your good heart and all you give.

  68. LynnCS says:

    To Sharon, #51…Add…As far as we know, To what you said and Kev alluded to.

  69. Marina says:

    Congrats to you and Annmarie.
    I so appreciate your honesty and grateful for what you have shared with all of us.
    Healthy Blessings to you and for following what is RIGHT for you and your family.

  70. Flora says:

    what about a raw omnivore diet, including raw fish and maybe cured meats, unpasteurized dairy, as well as fermented foods? Raw eggs or just with runny yolks…What about high raw omnivore with small amounts cooked food?
    To me, this rides the line of being experimental and not being experimental. It feels middle of the road and yet…it strives toward the beauty that raw can be.

  71. Flora says:

    I am not suggesting that everyone should go high omnivore raw or a version of that, just suggesting it as a possibility for some expectant mothers who are loving raw. It could be more vegan or less vegan depending on the person, with lots of veggies of course included for any version…

  72. Cardencopy says:

    Thanks for sharing so honestly. I respect anyone’s informed, conscientious choice.

    I’ll add my few anecdotes to the dialogue. Nine years ago, I had a very healthy omnivorous pregnancy and gave birth with no drugs, in water, after a 12-hour labor. Healthy baby, 8 lbs. 2 ounces. When it came time to feed him something beyond breastmilk — which he enjoyed past his fifth birthday — we realized we’d never choose a piece of a dead animal over a plant food to put into his body. Even thinking of it felt sacrilegious, like a violation of his purity. So we never fed him any animal products, except honey, and became vegan (beegan!) ourselves. Moderate to high raw for all of us, with some cooked grains and beans a few times a week (because we enjoy them, not necessarily because we feel we need them). He is almost 9 now and healthy and strong — and fast! He recently completed a kid’s triathlon with no training and an old, slow bike and still placed 16th out of 75 kids. Very outgoing, smart, and affectionate, too. Sounds a lot like Dr. Rita Marie’s sons.

    I was completely vegan (again, except for honey) and high raw during my pregnancy with his sister five years later. I had TONS more energy, despite being that much older (36). And no anemia as I’d had in the previous pregnancy. The birth took place at home, in about three hours. Baby was 9 lbs. 6 ounces! She is 3 1/2 now, and, thankfully, the epitome of health. Still breastfeeding like a champ, too. No vax for either of them. And great teeth. We give them a Garden of Life chewable vitamin occasionally for fun, and regular herbal infusions to drink (a la Susun Weed). If we ever cross paths, I’ll let you look them over to see their vitality for yourself 😉

    It will be interesting to see what they choose when older, but for now they’re very happy eating a plant-based diet — with a bit of vegan ‘junk food’ substitutes thrown in for good measure (like the vegan marshmallow my son had at camp this week). We eat with a sense of freedom and gratitude, not deprivation. As much as I value plant foods, I feel our state of mind is even more important for health — that’s the real challenge!

    Congratulations and best wishes!

  73. Caterina says:

    Thank you Kevin for your honesty and research. I Totally agree with you.
    I have been on health organic food for 40 years. Went through various phases. To me raw vegan is a wonderful necessary detox diet, when needed. Once a week for maintenance, longer if some unbalance should occur. I never eat wheat and or corn and I make sure I eat some raw vegetables everyday, all that are chewable and I cook the other ones as less as possible at the lowest temperature. I try to eat according to season as much as possible ( I cannot resist broccoli or blueberries) and as locally as possible ( cannot resist mango/banana/cocoa).
    I eat few portions of free range beef, wild caught fish and few eggs a week. Mostly avoid flour and eat only sprouted grains breads and tortillas and in small quantity.
    I am very healthy and in shape and have a lot of energy.

  74. Pete says:

    I would just like to respond to Nick’s diatribe about the eating or the not eating of meat.
    Although it seems well researched, it’s just a bunch of figures construed together to support an ideology.
    As a person who grew up on a cropping farm, left and then returned to farming some years latter this time to a more natural sequence type of grazing farm, and also a prolific researcher on the subject, I can tell you that our planet will be far more sustainable for all the creatures who cover it if we avoid the bare fallow and mono culture type farming. A healthy planet is not one with just Humans and beans. Although I’m sure that’s not quite what you were getting at, my point is that to crop all the croppable area on the planet is to lose it’s rich diversity and once lost it’s a fast decline into large area desertification. We have had many great civilisations over the last 13,000 years and most have become desert.
    “- To enslave kill and eat animals (without any animal rights or protection.)”
    I’m not gonna touch that one except to say that “animals eat animals. It’s happened since plant life evolved to animal life or soon thereafter.
    “- To feed farmed animals enough food to feed 8.7 billion people.”
    Animals have the capability to eat foods rich cellulose we humans just cannot. There are masses of land that can be rotationally grazed that could never be cropped, without risking the wild fauna and floura. (by the way I’m not a proponent of feed lot animals).
    “- To use/waste huge amounts of water and fossil fuels.”
    In one teaspoon of healthy soil (rich in diversity) there is a greater number of biomass then all the humans alive right now or who have ever lived. This is not the case with conventional cropping. You can have the same rain fall in an area separated by a fence. On the one side of the fence conventional seasonal cropping. On the other a more natural sequence farm incorporating rotational grazing. Every time the cropping farm is ploughed in preparation for the crop more moisture and carbon and biomass is lost to the atmosphere. Now there’s no biomass or carbon in the soil to hold water when it does rain. So when it rains not only is the water holding capacity of said soil lower but the water that runs off is ‘Turbid’ that means the water is taking soil with it. If you look at any river around a cropping catchment that water has what they call a high turbity(unclear). A lot of this turbidity is not only our nutrients going out to sea but also nitrogenous or petroleum based fertilizer residues.
    Compared with rivers from areas with low amount of cropping have clearer water.
    It’s hard to generalize but the amount of biomass grown on the ground on the other side of the fence in a given year could be hundreds or more likely thousands of times the weight of the cropping side (this would include all wild life living on or under the surface). Ie stock, plants shrubs trees, herbs, birds, bacteria, fungi, nematodes, worms, beetles, this list could go on and on. All this equates to a more sustainable productive use of the given water cycle.
    “- To clear land to grow food for animals causing the extinction of native species flora and fauna and the further release of carbon into the atmosphere”
    You see Nick, the clearing of land happens far more often and needs to be far clearer to make new cropping country. Your statement while I’m sure comes from the right place doesn’t make sence. Stock can be raised happily in lightly wooded country.

    “- To have hoofed animals causing massive amounts of land erosion.”
    I agree Hoofed animals (or more specifically their manages)have a lot to answer for when it comes to erosion. But that’s where we need to take heed from the mistakes of the past land managers. We know if we ‘set stock’ (that is just leave animals in the same paddock with no rest) the this will destroy the country. And like the organic food revolution and thanks the internet more, many more farmer are aware of this. Rotational or Cell grazing works on the basic principle that a farm gets devided up into small paddocks and all the stock will move from one paddock to the next once off a paddock they might not move back on to said paddock for another 6 months or 12 months. A typical strategy might be 1-4 days grazing every 80-360 days.
    “- The enormous use of fossil fuels used to
    raise and process animals.”
    Do you think a cow walking around a paddock and eventually getting shipped off to market and the butcher and so on would use more fossil fuel than a massive tractor pulling ploughs and scarifiers planters and harvesters would use?… Seroiusly?

    “- To abuse are oceans and water ways. “
    I think I answered this one earlier.

    “3: Healthy
    – Pesticides, Herbicides, Antibiotics -(90% of the world’s supply) fed to farmed animals.”
    “20% Calories from protein”
    Protein is what our bodies are made from, you can’t make muscle from carbohydrates.
    “80% Calories from fat (mostly saturated)”
    We Need Sat Fat.

    “Contains excess hormones”
    Not in an Organic situation
    I don’t have time to continue but I hope I’ve given you some food for a more flexible thought

  75. naomi says:

    hey kev, i’m presently LFRV. please clarify ‘batty’? that stood out for me! Best,
    ps Hudson’s gorgeous <3

  76. Joanna says:

    Haha. I had to laugh. I went from ten years of healthy on the land vegetarian to omg I want that chicken soup, when I got pregnant. Your instincts are so strong in pregnancy, I was not going to argue with myself.
    Congratulations on a beautiful healthy baby. The possibility of attaining close to perfection is over for this lifetime, you are now a parent. Enjoy and laugh, what could be better.

  77. You guys are awesome. All the best with Hudson.

    You mentioned monitoring blood tests of parents and children so that made me wonder if the complete blood test blueprint can be used for children too or are their levels different?

  78. Jennifer says:

    congratulations to you both and thank you for your honesty; the idea of a high or 100% raw diet can sometimes be a self-granted trophy or i am reforming!) there is a tendancy to want to do things maximally, with personal pride at stake

    applauding your flexible and considered approach, which may give others permission to ask broader questions about what serves their health, which is utimately the goal for us here

    peaceful blessings

  79. Maria says:

    I am a mother of 5 and changed to a raw food diet at the beginning of the pregnancy with my 3rd child. So three of my children have their start with a entirely raw food diet.I ate lots of greens, sea vegetables, vegetables and absolutely ripe fruits and some nuts and extra virgin olive oil.
    I enjoyed being in the sun and outdoors as much as I could (very important). I gave birth to all of my children at home and they are all very healthy and strong, and have strong bones. They could hold their head up from the beginning and were really quick in their development. They haven´t been to a doctor except for a broken bone.

    I raised them on a all raw diet, my two first children adapted to the all raw diet happily. Having ripe papaya, some carrot juice, fresh pineapple juice (superripe), grated apple and bananas, some avocado with pureed greens as their first food while still nursin and included greens, soaked nuts and sea vegetables. I nursed all my children for approx one year, taking care to eat lots of greens, sea vegetables.

    As a nutritionist I have worked with many raw foodists and yes, to a main part I thought their diet absolutely lacking vital substances and sometimes I really consired their diet to be a threat for the health of their children.
    In some cases I advised them to quickly include natural supplements to improve the health of their children and a number of them refused because “they are not 100 % raw” –
    I really encourage everybody to be not to dogmatic about the 100 % raw, sometimes it can help saving lives!!!!

    Raw food is the solution when well done. Just to think that whatever you eat as long as it is raw is dangeroús. Overeating on fruits, nuts or dried fruits can couse real problems.
    Raw food eating is like alchemy, you really have to know what you are doing.

    I just want to let you know that it is absolutely working to raise children on a raw vegan diet.

    I am always advising my clients to keep a protocol on what they are eating for a few weeks and to also include their physical state and extraordinary symptoms. Everyone is different and has different needs, so one has to find out oneself what is working for the body. There are so many raw food gurus on the market, sometimes really promoting dangerous eating practices, that it is really vital to find out what workes for them.

    My children are now from 12 to 21 years, enjoy great health, started already years ago to include vegan/vegetarian cooked food into their diet on their free will and are thriving. When they have some physical discomfort they switch to raw food as they know it is best and they see how well I am on a raw food diet. Since eating cooked food they started to go to the dentist … just to let you know.

  80. i just heard of oria the sun of angela and matt. is she RAW? they told its a very healthy baby. And then their is jay and linda kordich who reported a healthy baby. The daughter of doug graham was puplished at 30bad a day sucks. with teeth issues.

    yeah its true lot of raw foodsit have problems. im unsure who not. Will you interview Matt and Angela for their pregnacy ?or other RAW or NOT Real or REAL FOOD mums and DADs?

  81. crow says:


  82. Alex G says:

    All I can say is well done, thank you for being honest and humble and informative and in this way progressive.
    May you all be blessed with Love, Light and Vitality for Eternity

  83. SandraLouise says:

    Dear Kevin, you are spot one with your logic. What I love is your dedication to your wife and son…and yourself.

  84. Rindy says:

    FANTASTIC article!!!!!!!! Full of common sense!

    It was about 4 years of eating a very high raw food diet (yes, organic nutritional supplements as well) even through a pregnancy (which did turn out great, actually) until it caught up with me during the time of breastfeeding.

    Early in the year was the last time I went 100% raw, and my body went nuts. I’m am so so thankful we went back to eating with common sense…..which includes some eggs, fish, grass fed meat, fish oil, etc. Now, I’m gaining back my life. I really don’t ever want to go back to that type of diet and I don’t suggest that anyone else do the 100% raw for long term either. If my body wouldn’t have gone wacky, I would have been pushed to keep doing the raw foods only and my kids would have continued to be lacking in things they really needed for good brain and overall health.

  85. Rocio says:

    So cute! what a blessing!
    May Jesus bless your home 😉

  86. Heidi says:

    I wonder where to find fish free of toxins? I recently heard David Wolfe speak and he said not to eat anything out of the Pacific Ocean. I have heard that farmed fish is not healthy.
    Any tips or suggestions on this?

  87. ana says:

    Greetings, Congradulations, I was a vegetarian during 5 out of 6 pregnancies. During one, I was mostly a fruitarian. My kids are healthy non immunized and are adults now. If your body is telling you to eat something, eat it, especialy while pregnant. My issue with meat eating is the disgust of factory farming. Let’s have conscious eating. If your gonna eat meat or fish, then be able to kill it yourself humanly or don’t eat it. Buying it at a store in a little celophane wrapper is not honorable, it’s a cop out. At the very least PRAY and BLESS any animal food source that had to be killed for eating needs. EARTHLINGS is a must watch for the very sad truth about the suffering of our animal family. How are we gonna change this? Who cares about ..eating raw, bla bla bla.. let’s make conscious choices regarding those who dont have voices. The conversation should be about where does our meat come from if your gonna be a ANIMAL EATER because no matter how you want to say it, thats what we are. A being had to endure suffering on our behalf. I’ts time we take action on factory farming and not getting hung up on who is eating raw carrots.

  88. Michelle says:

    your BEST article so far! Thank you! I’ve recently moved away from the “diet” arena. I found the “stress” involved and the controversy around the subject to be damaging to MY health.
    Drink Pure Water
    Eat Real food
    Be happy (remove negative thoughts)
    Be grateful
    Love life …
    Here’s to health, happiness, love and gratitude!
    I wish you all the best!

  89. Andrea says:

    Congratulations! Have you read the book, The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp? It isn’t about food, but it is very helpful for day to day care of baby. Also, The Happiest Toddler on the Block makes life with a toddler so much more fun.

  90. Paul Palmer says:

    Hi Kevin

    I understand your reluctance to go all the way raw and vegan with your baby. Blue Zone diet is a very prudent way to go. I have seen N. Hygiene RV children. While they had no baby fat they were not emaciated, though in our predominantly fat culture they might seem so. I did see one extremely emaciated 5 to 6 year old boy. His father proudly declared that he was on a muculess diet. That would be fruits and greens only. I suspect the child’s calorie intake was very deficient and lacking in raw fats for one that age. And then there is a post by Dr. Stanley Bass on problems with RV diet in 3 generations of Natural Hygienist family. I also heard of RV children developing a B-12 deficiency.

    OTOH, Anne Osborne raised two healthy children on raw fruits. I assume in those early stages she also included some high fat fruit such as avocado and durian. Douglas and Roziland Graham are raising a very healthy daughter on raw fruits, greens, and a few raw seeds or nuts. I assume a child’s diet would contain more raw fats than an adult’s. So it seems it can be done, though we don’t know the long term result one way or the other. Note that Camlo, Anne Osborne’s son, is now in his teens and quite healthy, though apparently no longer totally raw or fruitarian. I think most problems come with the way the diet is understood and applied, not with the diet itself; but I agree, the raw vegan diet is still an experiment, especially when it comes to small children.

  91. Barb C says:


    Let me add my congratulations to you and Annmarie! There is nothing like the precious time spent with your first newborn baby – absolutely nothing like it! Enjoy it thoroughly. Secondly, it is nobody’s business how Annmarie ate during her pregnancy, but I understand why you wanted to go public with that information. Having a baby changes everything, literally, and there is so much more to life than what % raw food you eat. I love that you cited Michael Pollan, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” Could it really be that simple?? I think so!! Blessings to your family.

  92. Barb C says:

    **forgot to add a mention that I am still trying to recover my health after a year of being raw and another year or two of vegan. Neither has worked well for me and I am trying to find the right balance to restore my health.

  93. Paul Palmer says:

    Hi Pete

    Just replying to a few points you made. We need protein and protein comes from animals. Some greens equal or surpass meat protein content as percentage of calories. Both fruit and vegetables contain good quality protein. True, protein in fruit and greens protein is not as dense as in meat, but if you get enough calories you will get enough protein from plants. And in legumes and seeds you also get a good protein density.

    We need saturated fats and there are no saturated fats in plants, with a few exceptions. Plants do contain essential fatty acids which will make all the saturated fats we need in our bodies.

    If everyone in the world ate the American meat based diet, what do we do with the 4 to 5 billion surplus humans that can’t be fed? Do we let them starve to death? They won’t go quietly. Do we kill them off? Aside from the moral problem, I think they would take more than a few of us with them. Or do we feed everyone on a plant based diet? And that doesn’t have to exclude some animal foods, only drastically cuts down on them. A vegan diet can be healthy also, though for most with a few supplements (B-12, D, maybe zinc).

  94. elainie says:

    To those extolling the virtues of raw vegan diets for babies- just look at the pictures of these kids- they are all very thin, underweight (sickly looking) and short in stature. The older one’s have crowded teeth etc; then take a look at the Weston Price babies- huge difference. True Oria Monarch looks healthy.
    I’ve had 6 babies (all born at home) and found it difficult to stick to all raw and all vegan during my pregnancies, but I did incorporate some WAP principles and all are super healthy, never had a cavity etc; we stay gluten free, all organic and grain free for the most part and eat mostly plant food. This works for us without being fanatics.

  95. Barbara says:

    Good for you guys! You have to follow your heart and do what’s best for your child. I have followed the raw food movement for the past 16 years and used raw foods and juicing to heal my body. However, I have had 3 healthy pregnancies that were not raw. One was vegan and the other two lots of healthy vegan food but I added eggs and some meat and fish. I was shunned at some raw events because I didn’t follow a all raw diet during pregnancy and/or wasn’t raising my child all raw. Feeding your child a healthy organic diet without processed foods and refined sugars is a big enough challenge in our society! You are off to a great start. Congratulations!

  96. Chantal says:

    Not wanting to write a ton or chime in with my own biases. I just wanted to say thank you for posting an article like this, and for both you and Annmarie to be so honest and open about your own processes. I think you guys made a wonderful and pretty honest choice for the health of you and your baby and that’s fantastic 🙂 And congrats!

    (Also wanted to say, that as a raw food vegan myself, my husband and I just came back from a trip visiting family in Mediterranean France, and I have to say, I totally know what you mean about the mindset over diet and lifestyle in those areas. Because the people are so healthy and the food–I’m assuming because of the health of the land and the soil– are so good… being raw/vegan/paleo/whatever other diet seems to be the LAST thing one would complicated their life with when there is so much abundance and joy around them to be had!)

  97. Michele says:

    I read through this entire article and the thing that i remember most is thinking how incredibly blessed Hudson is to have parents that love him so much they will do whatever is best for him even before he was born. that single act of love is more important than any diet or food choice. That’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

  98. Brenda says:

    Outstanding! You just increased your credibilty in my book. You made thoughtful, careful choices outside of your own understanding for the sake of your unborn child. I so appreciate your trial and error approach with eyes wide open and listening to your body! And I really appreciate your willingness to tell the truth, even when it’s not what some want to hear. I am sure you have considered AnnMarie being low in B-12 may contribute to her anemia? Of course our friends at the Raw Food World have those B-12 patches that work great. Keep doing what you do Kevin. I sure appreciate you! And enjoy that precious baby.

  99. rehan says:

    Can I ask, which prenatal did you all use, if any?

  100. Fabrizio says:

    We have four kids and we are all vegan. During pregnancy my wife stayed vegan and took omega 3 supplements and lots of Dr Schulze superfood, Dr Christopher formulas and some Hawaiain Noni. All four kids are healthy. A big one is obviously stay away from the vaccinations.
    We are about 80% raw vegan, as we do eat rice and pasta at times.

  101. Elaine says:

    Great article! Congratulations on making the right decision. Raw veganism is an experiment, our ancestors are proof of what a healthy diet is supposed to be. I just wish some of these other so called “raw vegan guru’s” would be more honest and stop misleading people. Thank you for your honesty.

  102. Dejana says:

    Just wanted to say little Hudson is very lucky to have you as parents. Lots of love from Spain!

  103. D says:

    Ruffling feathers is how I found my truth. Great article Kevin, and Hudson has amazing parents. xxxooo

  104. linda says:


  105. Mark says:

    I always learn so much from your articles and I truly appreciate your honesty. Thanks
    so much for all that I’ve learned from you.

  106. linda says:

    You make excellent parents, please have more children!
    funny story,

    my girlfriend was nursing her baby in the mall, on a bench. (18 yrs ago).
    an older man came up to her and told her rudely she should do that in the washroom!

    She asked him if he ate his lunch in the washroom!

    Stay true to what resonates with you.
    Linda P

  107. sheryl miller says:

    Hello Kevin, Annemarie and Hudson,

    Thanks for writing what would be and still maybe a controversial topic.

    Hudson will tell you what he needs and wants.

    People need to be brave and do what they feel is right for there situation and lifestyle.

    Have a great Hudson Adventure!
    sheryl miller

    P.S what does Johnny 5 think of him???

  108. Fakir Kefir says:

    Wow. Something here seems so off to me. It’s fabulous that you two are getting all this support for making healthy choices for yourselves and your child. What seems alarming to me is that much of the support is framed in a — perhaps unintentionally — condescending way. “We forgive you,” the support seems to say. “We’re magnanimously sparing you our judgment for your weakness.” Also, the idea that it is “brave” to be so “honest” about your choices.

    Maybe I am out of touch, but I was not aware that there was a raw food mafia waiting to “shun” others on the path of health for incorporating some cooked vegetables and free range meat and eggs. If that is really true, I consider myself lucky to have never met such fanatics.

    I do remember reading about the cultish Hygiene people, but once you have declared simple herbs and spices to be poisonous, who would take you seriously?

    Where I grew up, raising your child vegetarian — much less vegan or raw — is what is considered “going against the grain.” My friends fight constantly against their children’s teachers and playmates’ parents to keep them free of hotdogs and other junk. If you really live in a community where raising your child NOT raw is what sets the judgmental tongues a-wagging, that is rather striking. Is it a commune?

  109. Annette says:

    Wow, only 2 weeks at the wheel,
    and you are already sounding like “a parent”.,
    Congratulations on being honest, and following your own inner knowing and life experience in your choices.
    Isn’t it amazing how having one baby can shift our perspective of and in life?
    Have fun, this “tiny baby” stage goes the quickest. (my 2 teen-age boys are now taller than me).
    I think having a baby in 2012 is going to be the most awesomeness experience ever, (I just hope you don’t put him on a leash when he’s 2)..LOL…sorry a little of my judgemental side popping up.
    Happy Days,

  110. Ed says:

    Hi Kev, Annmarie, and Hudson. Observation#1, it’s easier to change someones religion than diet. Observation#2,sometimes it is better to step around it rather than in it.Observation#3,observations like “most look gaunt,are underweight,their eyes are sunken,and are somewhat misbehaved.” are not softened by a “most not all” especially when you drop the “they all” bomb in the next line.Observation#4,not to leave the parents out with their “hormone issues,they get batty, and they tend to be more agitated”.Observation#5,Is it possible you hired an evil ghost writer? Maybe you didn’t have time to proof read, or this is the debue of the sleep deprived new dad version of Kev.

  111. Tim pierce says:

    Ur starting to sound like a Daniel vitalis clone!I unsubscribed,no healthy vegan babies what a bunch of crap!what do u need from animal products?

  112. Patrick says:

    This is one of your best posts, Kevin! I have studied this topic intensely and you are totally right! A vegan diet especially during pregnancy is very risky and will probably have lifelong negative effects on your child. These health challenges might not be obvious but a slightly lower IQ, less energy, low level thyroid issues, muscular fatigue as well as nervous system related problems might be issues for life. A vegan child is far more at risk for being that kid who always has to struggle a bit more with health. However, SAD is just as horrible. Paleo à la Jack Kruse is probably the best you can go for, and you seem to have started with that! Congratulations!

    PS. What an adorable kid!

  113. Atsuko says:

    Thank you for telling about Annmarie’s diet. I like you and can trust you because of your honesty. Parenting is a hard job because each kid is different. I have two daughters. When the second one was 1 year old I became vegetarian. Now I am very close to vegan but I am not strictly dieting. if I want to eat icecream I will. I have never forced my kids to eat what I think they should. All I did/am doing is giving them home made cooking with fresh organic ingredients as much as possible. Of course, when they wanted to go McDonald’s we did. Now they are 20 & 17 years old, and don’t go to McDonald’s at all for several years,even if I suggest. And they don’t like processed food much. The younger one is now vegetarian, occationally eat fish. Both of them are very healthy. Kids learn from their parents a lot, both good and bad, watching the back of their parents. So Kevin, do whatever you think it is the best for Hudson. Annmarie, breastfeeding is very hard sometimes, but worth it. Good luck!

  114. Mimi says:

    Love this post! I think health is about flexibility, figuring out what is best for YOU, and using common sense, all of which this article touches upon. No food dogma! Also, what prenatal vitamin did Annmarie take? Thanks 🙂

  115. EdenVegan says:

    excellently communicated, much appreciated and resonated, and super sweet how you let us into such insight on your personal life! (I esp liked the part where you described your sitting down together and “getting on the same page” by talking – the lost art and essential to a happy marriage.) May your balanced approach, frankness, and honesty be contagious in what can be a largely hostile food-centric world! Love you guys!

  116. I just wanted to say congratulations. I, like you do not think there is a one size fits all diet other than the fact that no one needs overly processed foods of any sort. You’re doing a great job and I’m just so very, very happy for you. My youngest baby is going off to college. I hope you’ll share more pictures!


  117. Anna21 says:

    I totally agree with you. There is no -one-size-fits-all diet. You have to follow a path that works for you, not some dogma or guru.

    I too have seen plenty of children and adults that looked frail, skinny and low energy. I didn’t do so well on these diets either and was surprised to find out I was hypoglycemic & carb sensitive.

    So the issues with those diets may not necessarily be a lack of meat, it could be that the diets are too carb- & sweet- heavy, possible leading to issues like hypoglycemia or even diabetes.

    Lectins from soy, nightshades, legumes and nuts can contribute to leaky gut and food intolerances in some people.

    Yet others are bothered by fructose or disaccharides.

    The point is everyone’s biochemistry is different and sometimes people may have to experiment with a few different types of diets before they find the best one that works for them. I think you and Annmarie are a great example of this and are doing the right thing by baby Hudson.

  118. Violet says:

    Thanks for the info on what you did, are doing with the health of your baby. I found my ideals very challenged by pregnancy and it’s aftermath. It’s a miraculous mystery, this business of birth. My doctor told me in the beginning, the more expectations you have, the more disappointed you’ll be, and that turned out to be very true in my case. There are very personal lessons in it all. My son, now 6, has never had any interest in being vegetarian, and I respect that, so buy the best quality possible. I think it’s quite possible he needs it. As long as he eats veggies too, I’m happy. It’s hard enough raising kids now without being overly rigid. Everywhere you go, other people are feeding your kid utter junk, even if you tell them not to. It’s hard enough just dealing with that.

  119. Shrazzi says:

    Great article! Thank you for researching intelligently and passing on the information respectfully and transparently. That is what we love about you two. Congratulations! Hudson is beautiful. 🙂

  120. Kim says:

    Congrats, guys!
    Little ones are soooo precious! Yours is so cute!
    Thank you for candid post. I really appreciate your honesty. Eating a healthy diet for your body at each stage in life is a duty and a blessing . It also takes courage to do what you need to do to be healthy. (I’ve done the hide and seek egg thing). I understand! Do what you must to be healthy. Indeed our health is a gift and talent. We can’t use our talent of health to bless others if we feel puny ourselves!

    God Bless

  121. Bryn says:

    Kevin, what kind of fish did Ann Marie eat? Where did you buy it?

  122. Eric Rivkin says:

    Dear Kevin and Ann Marie,

    Congratulations and I wish you and Hudson a light-filled, healthful journey. Thank you for posting your honest discourse on diet choices during pregnancy. If you had looked a bit further, you would have seen many beautiful healthy raw vegan children and pregnancies. There is plenty of information out there that shows that raw vegan diet done WELL is scientifically and nutritionally sound.

    Witness a few:
    1. Karen Ranzi, who wrote “Raising Super Healthy Children” tells about the fact that her son Marco healed from asthma, allergies and chronic ear infections at 3 years old through the raw vegan lifestyle, especially green juices

    2. Her friend Nancy had a C-section with her first child, then went raw for her 2nd and 3rd children, and had natural unassisted childbirth’s with both raw vegan babies.

    3. Karen writes about Jinjee Talifero mother of 5, that the 3 that were raw vegan fetuses brought much easier childbirths.

    4. Author Matthew Grace’s daughter is absolutely stunning, tall and healthy in every way.

    5. If anyone listens to Dr. Doug Graham’s talk on “Why Raw Food?”, they will understand why eating cooked food is harmful, especially in terms of the observable increase of white blood cells from 250,000 to 18 million upon eating cooked food.

    6. Karen Ranzi lectures that current research on man’s past came out recently through professor of anthropology, Robert Sussman at Washington University, who wrote “Man: The Hunted.” He writes that man is a social, cooperative, intelligent being who was the prey of sabertoothed tigers, hyenas, and other creatures, not the predator. He goes into excellent detail of why we are not designed or meant to consume animals.

    There is plenty of information out there that shows that raw vegan diet done WELL is scientifically and nutritionally sound.
    It may not be absolutely necessary to be 100% raw, but I do believe in 100% animal-free. I, and many other longer-than-10-year raw vegans have remained near 100% because it gives us the most energy and least infirmities compared with how we felt on cooked food. To eat any animal products makes absolutely no sense.

    Blessings for a healthy life,
    Eric Rivkin, Living Foods Chef
    Costa Rica

  123. shine says:

    thanks kev as always for you honesty and transparency – i too think you are doing a great service maybe more for speaking out about this – there has been too much just eat raw dogma

    i agree with you , you cant afford to experiment with a baby – i often wonder how these raw food babies are going to feel when they are in their teens raised so differently too.

    this place is so refreshing and liberating from the others

  124. mork says:

    That is why you are such a cool guy, Kevin. You speak the truth and aim to be non-offensive. KUDOS!

    Having been raised all organic myself, when I was pregnant with my first, all I could keep down was a certain type of fast-food sandwich from a chain I will not advertise here. I had to listen to my cravings. My friends were shocked! This happened 11 years ago. My child is a beacon of health. We only eat organic and have have not set foot in that fast-food place since his time in my womb!

  125. Eric Rivkin says:

    The correct title of Karen Ranzi’s book is Creating Healthy Children and her website is http://superhealthychildren.com. Its worth reading if you have, plan to have, or work with children.

  126. Kadi says:

    I’m thrilled to read this article!! I’ve been following you for quite some years. 5 perhaps? Since my youngest just turned 5. And all the while I’ve been wondering do you seriously think that a family (I already had kids when I started following your blog) could be raw. I completely agree that high raw is probably good. I completely agree, that kids need to eat raw foods as well, probably the higher the better. On the other hand one should not aim for 100% nor 80% imho. I cannot imagine a raw puree for 6 or 8 month old baby as the second source (primary being milk) of nutrition…
    For the time being I’ll take your earlier posts as a sort of immaturity that you’ve so beautifully graduated from. I’m proud to be your reader!

    /A note on myself. I’ve given birth 3 times with zero medical intervention. All my babies slept next to me and were exclusively breastfed until it was time to diversify their food choices and finally (semi-self)weaned a bit after a year. I’ve continually coersed them to eat their veggies + explained why they should. To the point that when life deprived them of veggies for 4 days they literally demanded them from me. I’d lie if I said I’m not proud. :)/

  127. Kevin,

    As a bodyworker for 13 years, I have seen dynamic changes in the health of my clients. Some of those changes were for the better, the worse, some tied to diet, genetics, and lifestyle. Our blueprint as humans is pretty much the same, but the individual dynamic of the human body is completely unique to each individual.

    That said, there is no one “right” way to eat or live for anyone that applies to everyone. Each individual needs to balance what works for them alone against what doesn’t. Those that subscribe to applying their way of life as the correct way of life to everyone else are, in essence, devoid of the flexibility and dynamism that has helped us survive as a species all these millenia.

    The fact that you’ve had a change of heart concerning some of your ideals, and have shared that with a group who follow those ideals, is more important than not being “raw” anymore. It shows that you and Annmarie are capable of real growth, insight, and flexibility, and worthy of more trust from your following. But I know you two know this already. All the same, thanks for sharing.

    And for the naysayers who feel their idols have fallen from grace… nothing else need change; it’s “Renegade Health” NOT “RAWnegade Health,” people!

  128. Carol Lani Johnson says:

    I have been having excellent results with the Engine 2 Diet and am impressed with Dr Esselstyn’s research over the last 3 decades,so feel very safe eating fat-free vegan (some nuts, avocado and seeds but no oil). Wondering your take on this. LOVE the Fat-free Vegan website for recipes!

  129. john says:

    Hi everybody – congratulations on your wonderful baby.
    We have three VERY healthy vegan grandchildren born to a vegan mum who had vegan pregnancies (although only a small percentage of the stuff they eat is raw)
    Also I have been vegan for over 20 years (again only small amount raw)and am fitter now than before so from personal experience vegan, as opposed to raw, is good.
    Trouble is for most people consuming animal products means supporting the livestock industry which is unnatural, immoral and unsustainable (even small-scale livestock farming involves human welfare, environmental and cruelty issues).
    But everyone has to follow their own way through the maze of life – I would say only one thing……never do anything out of fear whether fear of ridicule, fear of illness, fear of death. Do what you feel in your heart is the right way to go.

  130. Jessica says:

    This is exactly why I love you guys! I don’t think you have to live, or eat, in any extreme manner to be healthy. I am 7 months pregnant and went back to eating animal products about 6 weeks into my pregnancy after being vegan. I had to listen to my body instead of holding on to some romantic notion that vegan is the best and only way. My baby girl will eventually eat a diet rich with fresh fruits, vegetables, and real foods. And that does include animal products. I agree that raw, and even vegan, diets are experimental and I would never want to jeopardize my baby. Kudos to you for taking a stand on such a contentoius topic within the vegan/raw vegan community!

  131. NuNativs says:

    Congrats on your baby though I wouldn’t wait till he’s 50+ to evaluate whether or not he’s healthy as you stated in your next post. Those diseases are largely lifestyle based and avoidable for the most part.

    One major problem with animal food consumption is the fact that it makes human beings nuts. Tribes that eat/ate animals were warlike to each other and other tribes. Cannibalism is the bottom of the human degeneration barrel…

    Are violent tendencies natural traits to the human species? I ascertain that they are not, instead we are designed to exist in a state of unconditional love and bliss towards ourselves and towards each other.

    Yet examine the news as of late, Colorado mass murders, Luka Magnotta, the Florida zombie dude, tons of murder/suicides and on it goes. The question you gotta ask yourself, “were these people vegans”? Instinctively you can answer “of course not”. The bigger truth is that inside we know that ingested flesh is a product of murder which then leaks out into the society as external murder…

    I’ve seen my share of unhealthy vegans and vegan babies too, and we don’t yet have it right, but coupled with modern science we will figure out how to leave the animals out of our digestive tracts and be supremely healthy and long lived.

    Until we accomplish this, don’t expect violence in the human condition to subside any time soon.

  132. Tia says:

    Congratulations on your precious little one! I’m so proud of the two of you for making an informed decision and for not worrying about what other people think of your decision. You (the two of you) did what was best for Annmarie & Hudson.

    I so appreciate your honesty about your life journey. I think it is sad when people feel compelled to hide something in their shopping cart (speaking from experience). I’m not sure why we feel the need to keep up some sort of facade. I love that you really think through your decisions for your and your families health!

    I was high raw when I became pregnant with my last child. It was not planned on my part. I did not stay high raw throughout the pregnancy. Although I was high raw, I realized after the fact that I was not eating a diversified diet. I can’t help but wonder if this is why at 3yo my child ended up with a mouth full of crowns. I was devastated. My other 3 children never had such a problem. I’m happy to say his “adult” teeth are coming in and so far seem to be beautifully healthy. I’ve thought about this as I’ve read your articles on if we are absorbing the vitamins/minerals we are consuming and the importance of blood testing. It would be interesting to know the reasoning behind the situation of the “problem teeth”. What’s past is past but has made me more aware of the part nutrition plays.

    So thank you for continuing to research, observe and share what you are learning. Keep sharing. Keep inspiring!

  133. Amina says:

    Congratulations on your baby!! You do what is best for you. Living in scandinavia, I think it’s easier to eat local, organic food than just raw foods because of the cold climate. It’s not optimal for me to eat 20 bananas a day when its’s -20 celsius outside! In the summer I eat lot of greens like salads and green smoothies, but winter time I need more dense foods. But this doesn’t cut out the fact that for me personally gluten isn’t the best food even though grains are good food…. This is a way to experiment and to make the best choises for us individually!
    Thanks for posting the article. Very relieving!

  134. Susanne says:

    Whew what a relief to read this. My body simply cannot be only raw and if I don’t eat some meat my brain gets foggy. I need more protein and lower fats to be healthy. Of course I eat the highest quality grass fed or organic free range as possible.
    I grew up vegetarian with dairy and eggs. I am 60 now and at 35 had over eaten nuts and dairy and with a little stress in my life became reactive to them. So I was forced to start eating fish, which I hated but my whole life changed with the high quality protein too. I had to also force myself to eat beef, lamb etc. I asked the animal spirits for permission. I eat them with love and reverence and believe I have a higher quality of life for it.
    I’m a protector of animals where possible.
    Many blessings….my daughter now adult, doesn’t eat as clean as I’d hope…we have no control over these things.

  135. Eve says:


    my favorite part of your post:

    “We both removed our egos from a dogmatic stance and allowed the history of diet and our common sense and knowledge guide us.”

    SO important.

    So important for EACH of us to do, for ourselves.

    As a doctor for the past 26 years, I have seen more confusion than imaginable based on “scientific research”. There’s good scientific research, there’s so-so research, and there’s a horrific amount of purely crap research out there. Most people – even a lot of doctors – don’t have the slightest idea how to evaluate a study for its quality or reliability.

    Your approach is well-founded, Kevin. Kudos.

    And we must ALL “live and let live”, with our food choices, not force our dogma down anyone’s throat.

    that said, to those vegans hatefully criticizing anyone who eats meat, my take on it is this:

    The blanket assumption that it’s “wrong to kill animals” is myopic and full of holes.

    We kill plants, how do we know they don’t have souls and feelings, too? Better we should treat all living things with consideration and kindness when they are alive, and be as merciful and grateful as possible when we take their lives for our nourishment. Many cultures have found ways of doing so.

    And energy directed trying to banish meat-eating would be far better spent trying to repopularize ways of raising animals that don’t exploit the animals OR the environment – it CAN be done, some people are doing so right now.

    Otherwise, vegan-evangelists will only ever convert a small number of people to veganism while the CAFO-animal-products-industry operates unfettered, because so many meat-eaters will hear the vegan manifesto as a black-and-white issue in which humane, healthy meat production isn’t even discussed as an option…which, in my opinion, is so much a bigger crime. So vegan evangelists, get off your high horses. You’re not saving the planet, sorry.

    No offense to vegans who make that choice for themselves without force-feeding the concept to others, or believing themselves morally superior to responsible meat-eaters.

  136. NuNativs says:


    “Over thinking, over analyzing separates the body from the mind”. Tool

    The comparison of killing plants versus killing animals is full of holes really. Plants do not have developed nervous systems, which is why they do not scream out in pain when being cut. Nature laid it out so even a child, (especially a child), could understand.

    Buying meat in a cellophane wrapped package is not participating in the Truth of causing an animals PREMATURE death. Studies and left brain thinking will only take you so far, and as the Essene author Szekely wrote in one of his books, “You need to take a concept or an idea out into nature to see if there is Truth in it.”

    Plants such as broccoli, beans, tomatoes etc., live but a single season and may pass on seeds to produce future generations. Fruits are gifts from the tree which goes on living to produce generation after generation. To procure them does minimal harm especially in food forest based semi-wild agriculture systems.

    To take the nature analogy further, get out of the lab/store and pick some wild fruit. Now go and slaughter a jack rabbit, quail or if you dare a cow. Tell me that there is a humane way to do this because once you experience that crying, struggling, and bleeding, and you still have a heart that is not yet hardened, you will most likely break down and cry.

    A cow will live some 22 years yet is commonly slaughtered at 1 year. That’s a lot of potential lifespan that WE are responsible for. What about the implications of fencing an animal in its entire Life and covering the Earth with fencing? Wild animals? The bottom line is that there is NO way of killing an animal humanely, it’s an oxymoron. I assert that these activities are why WE kill each other prematurely and why WE corral each other in…Everything is a mind altering drug and meat IMHO, is one of the deadliest.

    The ability to experience empathy, compassion and love for other Living beings is a unique human trait that is in U.S. for a reason. Ignore it at your own peril…

  137. mother from France says:

    Yes, we have a completly healthy raw food baby (15 month at the moment), but not raw vegan! My bigger children are mostly raw too. I eat 98 -100% raw since 9 years (with a few cooked experiments from time to time, mostly in pregnancy, and mostly cooked vegetables.)
    If you want to know more, you can write me your email adresse! I live in France.
    all the best for you and your kids! Thank you very much for this honesty article!

  138. Isabelle says:

    Ask Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes….Oria seems to be thriving….altho I have not seen her in person since October 2012, she seemed like any other toddler when I saw her in Vilcabamba….
    I would also consult with Dr. Gabriel Cousens and Brian Clement since they and t heir wives have been raw vegan forever and they have raised children in the same way…..
    I do think there are some people on the planet who were raised vegetarian – let’s say eating meat so seldom that it almost doesn’t count. My Father for one in 1909 when he was born in Northern Slovakia, ate mostly sauerkraut and sour milk – not a whole lot else was known up there in those cold parts of Europe and he died at age 96…. true it was not necessarily raw what he ate, but very monotonous as a diet….
    Happy New Year to you and do whatever you need for your body to feel it’s absolute BEST!
    Much love to you Kevin and Annemarie and Hudson

  139. Kathy says:

    Oh my goodness– -forget the dos and don’ts— for a minute!

    -the baby is Absolutely GORGEOUS~
    a healthy mama –a thriving beautiful baby and a devoted dad—

    and we say amen~

  140. Bravo to you folks for following what you knew to be the best for your baby. I was vegetarian or ten years, and craved meat when I was pregnant, so I had some. Even though many of my peers were doing home deliveries, i chose to do a delivery with a doctor present for much the same reason . . . The risk might be low, but the stakes (the baby’s health) are high.

  141. Kat Wright says:

    I am a mom of 5 adult children all raised on a nutrient dense vegan diet until they were old enough to choose. Some Raw most cooked – about 80%, but all organic nutrient dense with lots of beans, whole grains and green veggies for breakfast lunch and dinner. No refined sugar and no refined flour products. My children are now 33, 30, 27, 25, and 22 they all have different diets but choose lots of nutrient rich foods that are organic and clean. No vaccines ever, no antibiotics, no health problems, my first grandchild was just born at home like all of my children and no vaccines.

    What every they choose they have a strong foundation in health and wellness. I am 58 and have no health problems, no arthritis or any other pain. I take care to balance my diet but choose more raw now than when I was pregnant, and raising children. The needs of the children come before my philosophy and I agree with you completely the whole diet this is an experiment.

    I agree fish oil, flax oil chia seeds, for omega3 are important along with Vitamin D3 and K2 and a good green food supplement, and herbs to support what ever is going on with an individual at any given time. We spent less that $100.00 a year on medical expenses and that was on chiropractic and massage therapy for prevention or to ward off an on coming discharge commonly called a cold.

    I have been watching your growth Kevin and you are doing great enjoy you family.

    In good health

  142. Mary says:

    HI Kevin,
    Thanks you so much for your transparency about the baby. I agree that raw food , as practiced by many today, is still in the long-term experimental stage, and what one does for oneself is different than imposing it on others. I was long term vegetarian, then vegan, and then raw, for about 37 years total…

    I was smartly vegetarian during my pregnancy, having one, healthy, child, and did the research to support this. She was raised mostly vegan, although she’d have turkey with her dad and stepmom, once a week, or so, for a period of maybe ten years. Thing is NOW (she is 34) she has chosen to be raw, following my example (I lived and worked in two raw food communities over the last ten years). I am more the scientist, she the artist, and does not research the way i do/did (and at this age is unwilling to listen to mom on some things) She is also low on funds, so hardly eating organic, though would like to. She has been almost totally raw and definitely vegan, with no supplements for about two years. I see and hear increasing aggitation and mood swings. I am concerned about her potential fertility and hormonal balance, as she may wish to get pregnant in the nearish future. Your article may be one to show her when the tine is right.

    I was mostly raw vegan for about 6-7 years (100% for about 5 of those years..also without supplements or many superfoods). I have recently, in the last year, started eating some meat (grass fed humanely raised now available) because I have been feeling depleted, and depressed a bit, and all along, I must admit, not as good as one would expect for having such a clean diet/exercise/etc.. I suspect I needed more ‘superfoods’, to increase the protein level,(which I used to ‘pooh-pooh’) having relied mostly on nuts, greens and some green powders. (I’m blood type O and a fast oxidizer) I recently also added kefir, fermented veggies, and started taking vitamin D w/ K2 (the last I think , is where I have felt the biggest change). I am of northern European decent and my daughter is also. I was able to get OFF of thyroid meds being raw, yet the D/K2 actually seems to be helping with energy levels and a mild underlying depression that I thought was ‘just me’! (Looking back, my two happiest, most fulfilling jobs, were ones out in the sun….no coincidence?)

    So did I/do I/ do it smart? Maybe not. Totally. Raw food as a ‘cleanse’? Great, even longish term (a few years) having lived as long as I have(am 58). I have not have Drs who could advise on why I have high blood calcium levels. I expect the K2 will help with that. Otherwise my blood work has been unremarkable..or remarkable…for typical American : healthy (lowish) blood pressure, healthy cholesterol levels, good iron levels, etc..

    There are so many factors. Most Americans don’t live where our genetics are from. Some are wildly mixed North and South. Most are not aware of native foods from where our genes originated, or even from where we are living, now.( I.e: potatoes were not native to the Irish.) So how far back can one go? Many of our homes are overheated in winter, and businesses/places of work over air-conditioned in summer (where I live I wear more layers in the summer, and it’s snowing outside right now!) So eating seasonally seems bizarre (besides the availability and importing of many of our fruits and veggies from other countries, and climates, especially if living somewhere without a large farming history or community).

    Is blood testing a route to simplify many of these chaotic factors?

    And although I like/love the idea of “Let food be thy medicine” not having health insurance, or a high income (I spend the most money on food, then gas, then car insurance, and that’s it. I work in exchange for my residence). Blood tests and finding a Dr. who can ‘relate’ to a level of FOOD commitment has not been easy.So I had pretty much given up that route. I know you have a link for Dr. Williams. Is there a resource for locating others? It seems to be a ‘hit or miss’ (many tout ‘holistic’ and are not, or are not that knowledgeable, or ridiculously overpriced) and it gets expensive to go shopping around. Perhaps you recommend Dr Willimas offer ending Jan 2, as a short cut to knowing all this ourselves. (sorry it is NOT totally clear to me what is gained by having the cds. Will I know what blood tests to get, what the results mean, AND how to balance them? I know it can not be medical advice, yet can you further enlighten me?) Thanks again for your honesty.

    All the best to you and your family.

  143. My son, Levi, has been a raw alkaline vegan since he was born. He is a very healthy 8 year old boy who plays competitive hockey and is at the top of his class. His teeth aren’t “crumbling out of his head” nor does he have sunken eyes or bad behavior. He isn’t a “perfect child” but he isn’t abnormal, other than the fact that he has never been sick (honestly) other than a day of sniffles and it’s over. Meanwhile his friends are off sick often and most have had several courses of antibiotics. I reference his website, RawFoodLevi dot com because it is his website. He wanted to do it because he wanted to tell kids how to be raw if they want and show their parents what to do. He is just getting started, but it’s all him. He is just finishing his book, which he dictates to me and I type. He constantly badgers me to work on his book 🙂
    A few things: his mother and i are not raw, nor will we likely ever be. We feel much better raw but we are not able to maintain it psychologically. Our “experiment” was to see if our son would “crave” cooked or animal product or other refined foods if he was NEVER given them. It worked – he doesn’t want candy, ice cream, cookies, etc but is thrilled to get honeydew melon or a container of alfalfa sprouts.
    Levi isn’t just raw or vegan. He eats fruits and veggies period. Once in a while we make something in the dehydrator, but very very seldom. Raw foodies eat tons of horrible food that is NOT part of the perfect human diet. They consume huge amounts of oils, nuts and worst of all – refined foods. Using them as your rebuttal to being vegan or raw is not particularly fair.
    You are right – most people talk about what they want to do with their diet, not what they actually do.

    In any case, raising a raw food child is not experimental. Eating fruits and veggies is not “extreme” or “radical”. It’s completely natural. What’s abnormal is eating the eggs of another animal. Or drinking the milk of another species. Kids don’t develop allergies from eating spinach or grapefruit, but they do from milk and eggs.

    Check out the wisdom of an 8 year old. Get his book when it comes out and see for yourself from his experience, not his dad’s ramblings….

    If you are interested in raising raw kids, don’t give up. Just look more deeply than just the standard “raw food” diet.

    Dave for Raw Food Levi.

    • Vanessa says:

      Hi Dave,
      Your post has intrigued me. I have an 18 month old who is still mostly breastfed and has only raw fruit and veg. He doesnt have a hell of a lot but im aware that many toddlers wont eat alot unless of course they were trained from 4 or 6 months, whereas i didnt start until closer to 1 year old as i believed it was best.
      I must admit that although i have one of the healthiest, fastest, brightest children i know, i still do wonder-what next? When he wants to eat more how will i feed him, will it be enough, how will he take lunches to school? I know its all about calories and nutrients, but thats alot of eating for the modern human. I know the blender helps with this! It also makes shopping for food hard. Making sure i ALWAYS have high calorie ripe fruit on hand. Oh no only one ripe banana and a bunch of green left what now??
      Im not a fan of raw gourmet, overuse of nuts, salt etc. I have never seasoned his food and i think if i really am trying to keep it real ie. “what our diet was supposed to be” then i should keep it REAL.
      I would love to read your kids book but im not really after recipes. Recipes are everywhere. I want insight how to make this work in modern day life and going to school!!!???
      Oh and like you i am not completely raw but i keep thinking how hard it might be when he starts eyeing off my different food! How did/do you handle this?
      I would truly appreciate hearing back from you!!!

  144. Sarah says:

    Hmmmm I was 100% raw before pregnancy… Then couldn’t eat greens when pregnant.
    It’s what works for the individual. Some women can do raw and thrive others can’t. I started eating eggs and cheese never any meat then third trimester back to high raw.. Have a baby now that we feed about 60% raw she is thriving. But long term breastfeedingvas well.

    A high raw diet is fine for babies if you ask me your feeding them live nutrients it can’t get much better than that. But life is about balance, no meat in this family. All organic 99.9 of the time . I write a blog about our journey at http://www.theorganicmum.com
    What works for one may not work for another person but its not our right to judge this.
    As for raw it’s about nutrient dense live foods for our baby it’s certainly not an experiment.


  145. Joelle says:

    Perfect! I wholly agree with you on that. I love the approach you took on older world techniques. My 96 year old grama just died (her mother was 93 when she died and she still has a living brother who is 93 – they were from Yugoslavia). Believe me they were not raw foodists! They have struggled with some health issues and I think if they had chosen a more natural approach to help with their ailments, they would have lived even longer. I could just about guarantee that the pain pills that my grama was receiving in the nursing home contributed to how fast she went down hill.

    Anyway. If you have something written some where I would love to see a post about percentages about cooked vs raw. A meal plan for a day? What your “cheats” are. Do you NEVER eat sugar. Maybe a treat is something with honey or agave.

    Beautiful post and CONGRATULATIONS on your new little one (I have five of them – not so little anymore = )


  146. Joelle says:

    You don’t need to post this one, but I just had to mention that I have said exactly what you said about 100% raw people…About the “battynesss”. I got a good laugh out of it because I actually asked this question to a naturopath. He didn’t really have an answer for my observation. He probably has not read as many blogs or has done as much research as I have on raw foodists. He uses it as a healing tool. That’s all. I was just amused = )

  147. Stani says:

    Hello Kevin,

    I wholeheartedly agree with your view. As I have 2 little ones( aged 2 and 4). I think there is no need to be extremist with little children, It’s a too high risk to experiment with such an extreme way of eating on little ones. Supplementing is needed at times as well. I think you are doing the right thing that has been tested and proven by generations before us that it is possible to raise healthy and vibrant children on wholefoods diet cooked or cooked and raw. I wish you all the best and Happy New year to you and your family.


  148. Lisa says:

    You guys did the right thing.

  149. Carole says:

    Hi Kev,

    Congrats on the healthy new baby! He is gorgeous.

    I’ve said all long, even when you were a raw fooder – the healthiest diet is an old fashioned balanced diet of fresh real foods. That includes fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, poultry, fish, and maybe even… an occasional sweet (gasp!)

    With kids, it is important to make sure that they get enough healthy fats for development. Ditto for whole protein. Do not give any cows milk for at least 6 months! Honey needs to be avoided for a year or 2. Check on that.

    I’m sure you’ll do just fine.


  150. vegielu says:

    i am sure that including a few onces of meat, milk, fish (best if raw are almost raw) to a vegetarian diet is very safe…..this is what my wife did when pregnant.
    its the rawness that keeps us healthy…raw is mucousless regardless of what u eat

  151. Gloria says:

    Kevin, I am impressed by how you think things through and come to a choice as informed as you can make it. I really appreciate your integrity, willingness to detach yourself from dogmatic pressures and opinions, and the good faith you show in being flexible according to what the evidence seems to show.

    I wish you, Annmarie, and baby Hudson a fabulous rest of your lives.

    Blessings for all your open hearted shares.

  152. Ellena says:

    Kevin I agree with you 100%. I wanted to go 100% raw the first time I heard you on the Raw Summit but just could not do it 6 years ago. I have 3 children, and we eat the best of all worlds, a little of everything- all organic, all in it’s natural form (no packaged food). Well, mostly Greek food because I am Greek! I figure if my Grandmother could raise 6 children in the country, why can’t I raise 3 healthy children in Texas. I think vegan and raw are great but it’s not ideal nor does it always taste good. My grandparents lived past 100 yrs old in good health, how many raw foodist have lived that long? Raw is an experiment and it’s too soon to say if it is really the best diet!

    Thank you for being so honest, I’m a bigger fan now of your work!

  153. Sergio says:

    I just wanted to say that I was paleo,and now raw vegan… I just had seafood for dinner. I dont understand “diet fascist” people, pushing ideas on others.
    I have sooooooooo much respect for both of you and your work.
    Here in Spain we have a saying : “Los experimentos con coca cola” … what more or less means you do your experiments with a coke, not with a baby.
    Keep up the good work and thank you very much for the outstanding daily work.
    Saludos desde España!
    Sergio Martin Cenizo

  154. I struggle to get me on a 100% Raw food diet, let alone an infant.
    So long as mom and infant are the both doing well, I think it
    is between the parents and their Dr. after all food is food, so
    long as baby is gaining appropriate for age. I heard one raw
    food family had a baby walking at 7 months, as they fed it
    mostly raw apples. I wonder what age one can start raw
    apples, as the main staple? I know one family who gave
    kids avocado quite young. As that is pretty high in fats,
    I would be hesitant to give more than about a fourth of it.
    No infant should be permitted to become gaunt, as that
    is a lack somewhere. It will be interesting to see what
    is discovered regarding this all over the next decades.
    By the way, I think raw apples means no peeling for
    quite some time, just to clarify.

  155. LynnCS says:

    Kevin, So good to see this again. Love you guys and your little Hudson. May he enjoy all possible health and wellbeing possible. You and Annmarie are great parents. Loving and thoughtful.

    I don’t find it necessary to prove anything, really, about why to eat vegan. It is a choice. I needed better nutrition and more fiber, so went about evaluating what I get from meat and dairy. I found I could get all those from the plant world and much, much, more than eating animal products. Much better balances of fats, calciums, and proteins too, as long as I really do eat the proper ratio of dark green leafy vegs and a great variety of all other vegs. I don’t subscribe to the ‘mostly fruit’ diet, but like to get a couple apples a day and like my chia seeds for all the wonderful intestinal health,mostly.

    When I learned that animal products caused inflammation, and acidifies the system causing the bones to give up their calcium, that was another reason for me to eat plant based.

    I raised my kids on what I was told. Those little jars of food. If I new what I know now, I would eliminate animal flesh, parts, and excretions. They are totally not necessary. It takes a little thought.

    Much love and best wishes to you and your family. Happy New Year and many more! Lynn

  156. Kris says:

    I loved this blog… everything you say I find is so appropriate; I so like how you hypothesize but then you keep questioning is it really so? As there just might be some other explanation.. brilliant!

    I wanted to add to comments because my sister had a pretty rare situation during the birth of her third child, which resulted in the baby having some serious antibiotics in her first days of life (this was pretty confronting though necessary). After a month of exhaustive tests, my sister was finally diagnosed and told she needed to go on medication. It was advised that she shouldn’t breastfeed whilst taking the medication; none of the doctors could guarantee if the medication was completely contraindicated in breastfeeding (and personal research could not give a clear answer either) – a terrible time for her to decide, as her first two attempts at breastfeeding with the other children were difficult and she was just getting the hang of it with the latest addition. She decided to take the medication and immediately felt much better, my sis in the end felt she didn’t want to muck around with this particular cardiac issue. My sister bottle feeds number 3, and on her first outing when Ellie was a just over a month old, some random women who knew nothing of my sister’s predicament, thought it appropriate to abuse her for bottle feeding in a public arena, saying she wasn’t fit to be a mother and what a disgrace she was.

    The thing that I wanted to comment on is what I have observed, as a former hospital scientist turned naturopath with a passion for food as medicine, is that nutrition is just one part of the equation, the love and easy going, relaxed nature of both parents, I believe, is also testament to the happy and healthy baby they have today. It really resonated with me when you wrote, “The people in the Blue Zones eat real, fresh food, enjoy life, some drink, some don’t, work hard, are active, are somewhat isolated and keep family and friends close.” This cements my belief that a healthy life is a result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental balance, nutrition gets you part of the way, but it is not the ultimate, only thing that will ensure your impeccable health. So here’s to everyone living an honest, uncomplicated, good life they deserve.

  157. Nicole says:

    I love your posts, because they are honest and authentic. Thank you very much for this. I feel relief that somebody breaks the fanatism about healthy eating – to find out what really works.

  158. Ann says:

    EXCELLENT post Kevin. I applaud you. I have made the same decision for myself. I felt like I was out of energy on all all raw vegan died…my blood sugar was all over the place. I eat one portion of kosher, organic animal protein with each meal and feel FABULOUS! Don’t listen to the haters just keep listening to your body.

  159. siobhan says:

    Huge congratulations to you both on the birth of baby Hudson! I love your honesty and totally agree with the path you took. I followed a very similar diet and regime myself during pregnancy and lactation and was very happy with how it went. In fact, going through the process myself gave me great confidence in my role as a nutrtitional therapist to guide others through this crucial phase. I took the best of what many respected authorities had to offer (from raw food gurus to WAPF) and compiled my own programme, whilst carefully monitoring how I felt and what my bloods and urine indicated.
    I look forward to more from you in 2013 x

  160. Sue says:

    Wow, Kevin. You seem so…balanced! I’m relatively new to you and your site, but so far it seems to me that you are very balanced and honest and a few other good things besides. I guess you didn’t become the way you are now without some trial and error, or shall we say ‘experience’. I’m catching up with you/on to you at a point considerably down the road from where you started your health journey. I’m pleased to have discovered you and will be following your blog for the time being anyway. I find you refreshing and encouraging and…don’t want to accuse you of anything, but perhaps even…quite sane!

  161. Olivia says:

    Hello Kevin, I think it is a great thing that you wanted to be in integrity and share your thoughts on this matter. Thank you for your honesty, transparency, insights and wisdom!
    Happy new year in Health & Joy to the three of you…:-)

  162. Bev says:

    Thank you for sharing and being honest. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!!

    Please would you share what types of meat Annmarie (and you?) consumed. I now feed my child liver and bone broths – I would be interested to know your views on these foods.

    Best regards


  163. Tieta Crerar says:

    I didn’t raise my baby on a raw food diet. But I believe that is what Victoria Boytenko was raised on. And she also raised her family on raw foods.

  164. Rajani says:

    Kevin, firstly, congratulations to both of you on the birth of your little one. Happy parenting…
    Now, my question is not related to raw food but to diet during pregnancy. My husband was diagnosed of gluten intolerance four years ago (self-diagnosis as tests are not available in the country we live). I have a son who is five years old and i am pregnant with my second child (about 6 months pregnant). During my first pregnancy, I ate a lot of food with wheat in it because I was working and sandwiches seemed to be the healthiest snack available. My son was extremely colic until 6 months and gradually became fine by the time he was one year.

    For my second pregnancy, I have stopped eating/ very sparingly eat wheat. I am not sure if this is the right thing but somehow I felt that my son being colic maybe related to eating a lot of wheat based products during my first pregnancy.

    I could not find any person to answer this question so far. But as soon as I read your article, I felt that I should ask you about this. What is your opinion regarding this?

  165. Salem says:

    I love your honesty. I do think diets super high in plant foods are way too overly promoted and praised (even on your site). However, I do deeply agree with your general approach to find something individualized for each person. I believe that genetics, current location, age, gender, and all those other factors greatly affect the definition of a healthy diet for each person. I will admit I’m a little disappointed that you don’t defend a little more the amazing health benefits that properly (sustainably & humanely) produced animal products can provide for most people. In the research of Dr. Weston A. Price (which is the most compelling research I’ve yet to see), he did not find any humans that were well sustained on all raw or all vegan. In fact, some of the societies he studied ate almost all animal foods at times and did quite well. And for those that think animal foods are bad for the planet, you need to read The Vegetarian Myth and also check out the amazing agrarian work of Joel Salatin. If you wonder how we could sustainable feed the populations like NYC, I ask you– why have a New York City? Do we really need that many people in that close of proximity? What if we gently populated the currently monocultured fields of the Midwest instead?

  166. Brooke Ells says:

    I tried being high raw vegan when I was pregnant just last year, but it just didn’t work! I was always fatigued and shaking like I hadn’t eaten at all. I decided pretty much the same as you, and continued down the path of “as healthy as I can for the two of us” path. I ate fish, meat, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, tea, chia and plenty of water. That went really well compared to the previous ideas I had!

  167. Penny says:

    “vegan children (with some cooked food)”


    Not all vegan food is raw (remember cooked vegan dishes). Not all raw food is vegan (remember the raw fish in sashimi). People who use pro-cooking points against eating all vegan and pro-animal-products against eating all raw make no sense whatsoever.

  168. Penny says:

    “There is nothing like the precious time spent with your first newborn baby – absolutely nothing like it!”

    Except maybe precious time spent with your next newborn baby if you want to have another kid! 😀 I’m my parent’s firstborn but they love my little brother too. 🙂

  169. Marleen Sevens says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for your publication
    You are so right. We are 12 weeks pregnant now and the first weeks my body was asking for fish, eggs, butter and bread. Cocofat, nuts and seeds and avocado were just not doing what my body needed as building stones for the foetus and its protection layer.

    RAW IS beautiful, the best thing that happened to me since 2009, apart from having this little baby… ( and meeting my husband of course ;0))
    I still recommend EVERYBODY a rawfood lifestyle:

    RAWFOOD cleanses, gets rid of degenerative diseases ( IF WE KEEP ON LISTENING TO OUR BODY IN THE LONG TERM) , feeds, makes us aware of energy, opens up new worlds, makes us live with the Earth in stead of on the Earth.

    YET I totally agree on the fact that we all have different needs and that rawfood should never become some kind of dogma.

    Kind regards,
    Marleen Sevens
    Orbis Prana

  170. Lisa Green says:

    I think this attitude is wonderful and I hope you influence many people. When I first started to watch the raw foodists I couldn’t believe that grains, grasses and beans could be ignored completely as food sources. Also it’s known that many foods can only be digested to their maximum nutritional quality through cooking. Kevin, are you related to Ryan Keane of Port Jervis, NY, you look just like him. Congratulations on your new son!

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