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alpaca peru
“Doctor Schmoctor, are you sure alpaca poo is good for my lungs?”

A woman and her friend approached me this weekend at the Longevity Now Conference…

We chatted for a few minutes and she politely asked if I would answer a question for her.

It started with, “I’m so confused…”

I didn’t need to hear much more, but I knew what was going to follow.

“So many experts say so many things, I don’t know who’s right.”

She seemed a little more exasperated than some of the other people who approached me over the weekend so far, so I dug a little deeper.

“I’m told this quite a lot, what’s going on?” I asked.

“I asked Dr. (Let’s call him Dr. Schmoctor) what he thought about the Budwig cancer protocol and he said that it was not good at all. I don’t get it, Johanna Budwig was nominated for the Nobel prize… what she was teaching must at least be OK? Right? Why would he say that?”

It happens all the time.

Health expert #1 says that eating health food #1 is the best thing you can do for your body.

Health expert #2 rebuts with some convincing case as to why health food #1 is toxic — so toxic that it never should be eaten.

It had happened to her. In this case, it was about a cancer protocol, not a specific food or supplement.

She was confused — and I was frustrated. This Dr. Schmoctor had pulled a classic selfish, ego move. Regardless of the situation this person (or not even knowing what person she was asking this question for) was in, he made a blanket pan of a protocol without knowing any patient history, the reason she was asking the question, and — likely — not even knowing her name.

What a bonehead.

Totally irresponsible.

Whether the Budwig Protocol works or not, it doesn’t matter. The man has to understand his influence. People hang on to his words. They take them seriously. He’s a doctor — Dr. Schmoctor, in fact.

So as others walked by, I gathered my emotion about the situation — I didn’t really want to bad mouth anyone and possibly make her lose trust in all experts — then I asked her if I could share my listing-to-health-expert rules with her, she said “yes.”

So I started…

Rule #1: Work with clinicians, not “experts” or “academics.”

My first question was this…

“Does Dr. Schmoctor work with cancer patients every day?”

Instantly, some of the stress left her face. She was smart, she knew where I was going.

“I don’t think so,” she said.

“That’s the first rule for me,” I responded back.

If you have cancer, then you have to see a practitioner who deals with cancer every day — no exceptions. Your health is too important.

Asking a doctor who doesn’t see cancer patients what he thinks about a cancer protocol is like asking an airline pilot to tell you how to build your house.

The specialist is where you’ll almost always get the most valuable and practical information.

She agreed.

On to rule #2…

Rule #2: Listen to academics and experts, get treated by clinicians.

The “experts” and academics are fun to listen to.

The dig deep into the science of health, trying to crack the code to amazing health and longevity — but they rarely get to put their theories to practice.

Yes, there are studies where academics are able to see results first hand in a clinical setting. I’m not completely knocking what that academic and expert world has contributed to health.

What I’m saying is that I like to listen to the academics, but get my treatment protocols from the clinicians — these are the people who are in the trenches finding out if what the academics and experts actually works in the real world. (A clinician is just a practitioner, for those you may not get what I’m saying here.)

Dr. J. E. Williams always shares with me that your clinician should have at least 10 years of hands on patient experience. This way you can be sure that their history is filled with real world situations that have helped the get better as a healer and — ultimately — help you heal better and faster.

This isn’t to say practitioners with less than 10 years under their belt are bad, it’s just something to think about when choosing your health coach.

Rule #3: Blood testing is your compass.

If a new health expert comes along tomorrow and told me their diet was the only diet that worked, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Nor would I be concerned about if I was eating and taking the right things.

Just the other day, I was presented with a diet that was apparently better than the one I’m on now. And before that, it happened about a month ago.

Experts think their diets are right — likely, because the diet has worked for them or it’s worked short term to help others heal.

Many diets work. I’ve already written about this here.

What works to help you keep you Zen-like is to get your blood work done on a regular basis. Use your levels as a compass to help you decide what foods, supplements, lifestyle and diet works for you.

If you’re out in the sun 4 hours a day, but your vitamin D is still low, there’s no need to listen to an expert who tells you the sun is enough. For you, it’s not. Take a supplement.

If you’re eating a vegan diet and your cholesterol is dangerously low, adapt and adjust until your levels are optimal.

Getting tested is one of the single-most, stress-relieving things you can do if you’re feeling confused about your health or your diet (or even if you’re not feeling this way.)

Getting your blood work to me is like getting an emotional massage. My results kneed out the tension that is created by all these experts who always seem to tell you something different just when you thought you were on the right track.

Rule #4: Rules are meant to be broken.

Sometimes even the best clinicians can’t help.

Sometimes an academic gives you a piece of advice that will change your life.

Sometimes their diet is better.

Use the rules, but know when to break them.

Come to events and lectures with an open mind, listen and learn, but keep your foundation by knowing what your own tests read.

If you do, this health thing will be a breeze.

Your question of the day: Do you have any health rules you’d like to share?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Michaelb says:

    As a malpractice expert witness and a licensing board reviewer I suggest the following. When a Doctor puts a procedure or protocol down, ask is that your professional opinion or personal opinion? Let the back peddling begin.

  2. Mary says:

    Why does no one ever mention the scientific and experimentally correct “Eat For Your Blood Type” protocol? (Dr. Peter D’Adamos) Each food has been put in a petri dish with a little of each blood type to see if it aglutenates etc… I have never met anyone who tried it and found it to be anything short of miraculous! e.g. Long before any of the present day experts, he advised against eating gluten, especially wheat… Please PLEASE read the book and try this simple method for optimum health.

  3. A common sense approach to medicine/diets is the only honest way to know the functional means of any recommendation. We all need a reference and if we learn more about blood tests and other lab testing and their strengths and limitations the more empowered we can become about our lifestyle choices. Great post as usual.

  4. Teresa says:

    I so agree – to the point where we simply don’t go to doctors anymore. My husband is on a natural cancer cure protocol and his doctor absolutely laughed out loud about it. That was the last time we went to a doctor. I’ve studied nutrition every day for the last 10 years, and I’m sure I know a heck of a lot more about what causes and what cures than he ever will. People just need to quit thinking doctors are gods (although most of them do take classes in “god-likeness”) and start doing their own research. The information is out there. People just need to start trusting in themselves instead of their (god-like) doctors. By the way, my husband is doing just great, and he’s on the Budwig protocol, amoung other things.

  5. Brianna says:

    I think you covered everything very well in those 4 little rules, Kev. My “rules” are along those lines… like, one diet does not fit all… when in doubt – test it out! etc etc 🙂

    Thanks for your invaluable insight!

  6. Joel Katz says:

    I want to tell Mary that although she is happy with her results, not to go overboard. I am an accredited naturopath blood type A and have thrived on a raw vegan diet for 41 years. I am a proponent of the “Eat Right” approach but always told patients to try the diet faithfully for 2 months as an experiment in their well being. After 2 months then we would assess what the benefits may have been. No diet plan is a panacea for everyone but Dr. D’Adamo’s approach is certainly worth a trial.

  7. Joel Katz says:

    I had a Dr. Schmoctor, DO, who told me that I would die on my raw vegan diet or most likely come to him when I got very sick. About 2 years later my Schmoc unfortunately had a massive heart attack at the age of 41. When he regained consciousness in the hospital and looked at his own chart he did not think he would survive and confessed his affair with his nurse Phyllis to his wife. He did survive but we never saw Phyllis again. I hope he is well as I am……some 40 years later.

  8. I would only disagree with the 10 year thing for the same reasons I agree with your assessment that not one protocol fits all…A certified health coach may have had a history of self-teaching and a natural propensity for health and healing via food and natural modalities for most of his/her life before getting certified. This person may have experimented on self, friends and family members before certification. While yes, experience is extremely valuable, an individual has unique qualities, smarts and gifts that may precede the measure of quantifiable experience…and of this, I speak from experience 🙂 Any specific blood/hormone panel protocol you recommend or doctor/naturopath in the LA area you recommend for blood work? Thanks.

  9. Shannon says:

    Great article, Kevin.

  10. Tara Bianca says:

    Great advice Kevin!

  11. Lisa says:

    Hello, Kevin,

    Thank you for being so reasonable about diet and health. The thing that keeps me reading your stuff is your openness and willingness to look into facets of health you haven’t traditionally considered. SO many “health” people are over the top about their “way” of living. It does get confusing and discouraging to hear so-called experts contradicting each other. Coming to valid conclusions seems an impossible task for those of us with few years of investigation under our belts, when so many knowledgeable people can’t agree. I have come to believe along your lines…. truth is out there, but different bodies have different problems and will be brought to health via different methods. I can’t thank you enough for the sane and reasonable way you approach good health.

  12. Alma Cote says:

    I would only like to add that it’s important that when a person following a new path of plant-based lifestyle, especially, living foods, that they are aware of where their bodies are at a given point in their lives.

    I would point to Kevin’s sun/vitamin D analogy… Although, Kevin’s suggestion of keeping on top of timely blood analysis will always be key, people need to understand that their bodies may not, initially, ALWAYS be telling them the right things…

    Ex: feelings of discomfort during detoxing, which sometimes gives one a feeling that their new course of health is in error before getting the full benefits OR that when their test results show deficiency of a certain vitamin, it sometimes reveals their bodies inability to absorb that nutrient and that this will change when the body truly meets its level of health.

    As always, enjoying the shared knowledge!


  13. Catherine says:

    #1)F.U.P.O. (FUPO) Fungal Until Proven Otherwise. (not excluding Chemicals.)
    #1-a) in Environment? at or out of home ?, in Diet?
    #1-b) electrosmog/EMFs RFs,
    Wifi, smart meters, cordless phones cell phones etc. Makes fungus/mold,candida grow prolifically
    #2)Talk to people who have been through the protocol you choose. and follow through whole heartedly with determination.
    #2a) all natural protocals, herbs etc.

  14. Dave from Texas says:

    Your clarity of thought and easy to understand philosophies resonate so well with most of us who are overwhelmed with choices bombarding us. I have been on a strict diet (cancer) now for about two months, mostly vegetarian (organic) and feeling great. I will stay on it if I continue to see an improvement in my condition. I will focus on natural healing, both mentally and physically, but never eliminate traidional medicine from my incoming data as far as how I decide on my ultimate path.

    Keep up the great information. It is so helpful!

  15. Michaelb, totally love that advice about professional or personal opinion. Sometimes they are vastly different. I do feel sympathetic of doctors. Seems like they got themselves in a bind, where they think they need to continue conventional treatments to cover their behinds.

    I love you rules, thank you, Kevin. You guys do a great job filtering all of the complex info that you study for us.

    One rule that I have is my intuition helps me navigate what is right for me. Intuition in combination with seeing what works. Muscle testing can be a great tool to find out which foods and supplements work for you.

  16. Gerry Novick says:

    I honestly believe that the Eat Right for your blood type (Type A) is the best diet for me. I have altered my old diet and incorporated the new, eating mostly veggies. I especially am excluding milk products, gluten, coffee and am drinking lots of green tea. In three weeks I have lost 12 pounds and feel great. I intend to continue on this as much as possible. This isn’t a diet…it’s a lifestyle.

  17. SteveP says:

    I remember reading “Eat For Your Blood Type” protocol? (Dr. Peter D’Adamos). I’m not going to read it again. It might work for some, but the blood type did not and won’t work for me. That said, I got turned off when I read the scientific babble about blood types ‘evolving’ over time. At the risk of offending those who have thrown in t=with the evolution myth, no, that does not happen. One COULD go back to the Ark, and check how many were on that, and mathematically deduce how many variations one could get from the passengers. That would actually make more sense.

  18. Hello says:

    I have a problem trusting a lot of experts any way unless they can answer my hard questions without a bunch of BS or at least admit they don’t know the answers to everything. My number one rule is to not just follow a protocol blindly but to research recommendations well. Also, if the Dr. doesn’t seem interested in what’s going on or isn’t asking questions, then it’s time to find another Dr. whose worth his or her cost.

  19. PJ says:

    Wow, that is stress off! Thank you!

  20. SarahB says:

    Doctors only have 3 hours of nutrition in medical school. So unless they have also studied nutrition separately, why would anyone go to a doctor for nutriton advice? I currently have an elderly client who, through her HMO, has been put through a battery of tests – many invasive,and a number exposing her to radiation. The issue for them: anemia. They also think her kidneys are underfunctioning. They barely did any blood testing. They did, however, put her on iron automatically. So I suggested she order her own tests through Direct Labs. The results came back. B-12 deficiency and a ferritin level that is off the charts! I asked her if her doctor said anything initially to her about B-12. (Hello – she is an elderly woman with anemia). She said she asked him about it and he just pooh poohed her. So now they want to do more batteries of tests, now involving her colon because they couldn’t find anything wrong with her kidneys. But, in the meantime, they said she might develop multiple myeloma and that probably her bone marrow would start “acting up” (I saw those words on her test results – “acting up”). The only blood testing they really did was for cholesterol (most likely to see if she needed to be on statin drugs). When I was young, doctors practiced medicine as more of an art and they actually touched you. (Palpating things, listening for things). Now, they just ask about symptoms and prescribe drugs. So my advice: never ask a doctor for nutrition advice (unless they have studied it as a separate ourse of study).

  21. Rosemary says:

    Teresa (1:18pm today) Would you please also tell me what other protocols your husband is on that has kept him healthy? Is he on strict Budwig protocol or just cottage cheese with flax oil? I would love to hear more….thank you. Also, if you feel comfortable revealing…what type of cancer did he have? I am looking at many protocols at the moment. Thank you.

  22. Joe Perrone says:

    What blood tests do you suggest?

  23. Katherine says:

    Great article, great advice Kevin, thank you!

  24. Judy says:

    Teresa – I too would like more information on the natural protocol for cancer that your husband is using…

  25. pe says:

    Seconding Joel Katz #5 on problems with d’Adamo blood type diets, only more so. Some of those results suggested differences between plants of the same species, a bit odd. Maybe students weren’t careful with their petri dishes.
    And your questioner’s statement about the Budwig nomination/s for the Nobel… they are kept secret for half a century and those being considered are not told. Maybe I was nominated…

  26. Ed says:

    Kevin, like the walk down the process rules, as well as liking Marys’ comments,Catherine’s’ comments as well,and Hello makes a good point too. But in my life I have gone to the Vita-mix total vegetarian only as a curative measure in recent times, because when I had my first one mono diets were the rage and I wasn’t at a dead end but was only at a Cull DE Sac and had no on board navigation. Now my NUMBER ONE health rule is a week on the Vita Mix, plus a couple of Dr Mercola’s’ Pure Power Protein shakes a day followed by a liver and gallbladder flush is the best start to turning around my late 50s friends chronic issues. Not approved by the FDA or Kev but a good start

  27. Ed says:

    PS when you tell them a month later it’s time to do it again, it’s a 50-50 play. They haven’t stopped patting themselves on the back yet. Liver and Gallbladder flushes are not a one and done, but a good time to bring up Methylating agents.

  28. Shayna says:

    Thank you Kevin. This is a great article and I really liked the email that came with it too. Your humor shines through….the password thing is funny 🙂 Keep on the good work.

  29. Dr. Schmoctor says:

    Kevin, I have a bone to pick with you…. My attorneys will be in touch. So there!

  30. Bryan says:

    Wow, who knew there was a real Dr. Schmoctor?

    Hopefully michaelb will be able to give you some good advice…..hope he has been in the business 10 years or more. LOL

    Seriously, thanks for the advice Kevin. When one is in fear, voices of authority can so easily over ride our own wisdom, or at least getting a second, third and fourth professional opinion.

    My wife has had her gallbladder removed because it was causing her pain and a ‘preventive’ historectomy (due to genetic testing showing she had the marker for an aggressive kind of cancer that killed her sister. Even though I have been a health vegetarian for over 24 years and had some suggestions for what she could do to help these matters, the Dr. Schmoctors communicated to her in ways that caused fear and that slash and burn techniques were the best way to go. She could not hear what I was saying after that, and as it is her body, I respected her decisions and prayed.

    A couple of years after each of these procedures, she regretted the lifestyle results and wished she had not done them.

  31. Julia says:

    I really enjoyed this article. Well said! There are also a lot of great comments. What an astute readership you have, Kevin.

  32. George says:

    Good morning Kevin.

    Blood testing for all the indicators you have mentioned in the past is an expensive business. Even on an age pension, doctors will not refer you for all the tests. Big Pharma and the doctors, I feel, are not creating a wonderful healthy future “master race”, although they will clain this is their goal. Rather I see the human race becoming weaker with all this medical intervention and we need to reconnect with our own intuitive feeling and bodily signs. I agree, natural is better than medical. Medical science may have its place, but doctors are not gods with “semi-divine wisdom”.

  33. Faye says:

    My biggest rule of thumb is to listen to my own body. I can listen to all kinds of experts and/or doctors, but when push comes to shove, it’s my body! I have learned to respect my body and it will tell me what it needs if I simply listen to it.
    Great article…no one is perfect! We can always learn more.

  34. Jeff says:

    KISS; Keep it Simple Silly
    Some common sense is always beneficial:
    – Eat live uncooked food; not dead food destroyed through cooking.
    – that said, eat vegetables and fruit. Raw meat, obviously, is dangerous. When your breath smells like the just dog eliminated, ask yourself; is it meat putrifying in your gut?
    – fermented foods are needed. If you don’t have the time, energy, or knowhow to prepare them, buy them.
    – live food assists your body in breaking down the food you consume with intact enzymes. This is less stress on your system and enables your immune system to gain strength and fight the good fight (potential illness) rather than work so hard to purify your body of dead putrifying cells.

    Benefit from:
    – a fresh breath ~ even in the morning 😉
    – shiny healthy skin with improved elasticity
    – no acne
    – less plaque build-up on your teeth
    – reduced and stabilized weight
    – increased energy and stamina
    – elimination of acne
    – increased concentration and focus
    – reduction and elimination of inflammation, example tendenidous, plantar faciiatus etc.
    – reduced blood pressure and cholesterol
    – elimination of many allergies

    Find a simple plan to begin with. A balanced diet that won’t scare you with all the advanced preparation i.e. sprouting, fermenting. A plan that you can commit to for a reasonable duration so that you can give it a fair chance. You’ll be glad you did. Manjia.

  35. This is a good article Kevin and I like your humor about the TSA .
    Anyway it is important to point our that on average according the the senses bureau MD Doctors have a much shorter life span of 5 years on average less than the general population. It is something to think about when we are taking advice from people that on average die before we do.

    Dr. Brian Clements of the Hippocrates Health Institute is against any form of dairy used in the treatment of Cancer. Also the Cure Zone does not advocate the use of dairy in the treatment of Cancer. information below.

    Barry Gourmet & Raw

  36. Nicole - Australia says:

    in my opinion – When your healthy & feeling good you are selective with what you listnen too. When your sick you are striving to find wellness & are vulnerable so you will listnen to anyone!
    Thanks Kevin, your articles are great!

  37. Kym says:

    The point about clinicians and academics is a good one. With so much information on the Web, many people don’t really seem to appreciate the difference.

    When looking for information online, I have a couple of basic rules: 1. Triple source everything and 2. Try to find the original source. The second is more difficult but it’s amazing how things that were simply an opinion or some such are copied and passed on and become “fact”.

  38. Brenda says:

    Hey Kevin,
    Nice to see you live and in person this past weekend. I am the curley red haired one. I enjoyed this post. Trusting your practitionet’s track record, and yes, know when to be flexible and break the rules. Life is good. Allow well-being. 😀 As usual, you rock!

  39. Sonia says:

    When I tried the blood group diet many years ago, it gave me joint pain. I was on it for 2 months. When I came off it, the joint pain went away. It was the flesh, salmon, tuna and chicken that I was supposed to eat for my blood type that caused the pain.
    I do a high raw vegan diet, but have discovered over the years that I do very well on starches, not flesh. Hence, I steam potatoes, brown rice, brown rice pasta and I seem to thrive when I include starches with my meals.
    I prefer to listen to my own body than someone else’s opinion. Having said that, I listen and read everything, but do what I feel is right for me.
    I cured myself of rheumatoid arthritis back in the ninetees on a high raw vegan diet with starches as listed above and went from being a bed ridden cripple to being symptom free. I was coerced into trying the blood group diet by a naturopath in a health food shop thinking he knew more than me because he had been to University. As I said, after two months I was in pain once again, and went back to doing what got me better in the first place. Always go with your own intuition. Our bodies are screaming out at us, all we have to do, is listen.
    Sonia. Queensland, Australia.

  40. Karen says:

    Loved this article Kev!

    I love my doctor – he has helped me many times when I have been in need of medical assistance. However, doctors are human, and they make mistakes. It is also ignorant to believe that they know everything. They do not! Sometimes it is my job to teach them something new.

    If I had followed medical advice, my son would have been diagnosed with ADHD and be on drugs or have been put on the autism spectrum with no hope of a cure!

    Fortunately, I followed my instincts and searched for answers that made more common sense to me. Unfortunately common sense is not that common! We did a course of BrainGym, adjusted his diet constantly, chiropractic, naturopathy, kinesiology, sound therapy, etc. Finally I quite by accident visited a doctor (not a schmoctor!) who suggested that I Google the Pfeiffer Treatment Centre. A simple urine test and my son was diagnosed with Pyrrole Disorder, which is treated with a protocol of supplements designed to right my child’s deficiencies. I am pleased to say that, he is a happy, relatively healthy 15 year old (it only took me 8 years to find the answer!). What makes me mad is that Pyrrole Disorder was discovered in the 1960’s!!! Untreated, it leads to mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia & bipolar disorder! Such a diagnosis could easily be helping lots of other people suffering mental health issues if doctors only knew about it!!! Only 2-days on a basic pharmacy supplement and my son noticed huge changes (the noise and light was no longer bothering him!).

    So my basic rules are:

    1. Listen to what your body is telling you
    2. Research, research, research
    3. Try new things (diets/alternate treatments)
    4. Follow your instincts
    5. Never give up

    Keep up the good work Kev! Mwah xx

  41. Rocio says:

    Excellent post, love the ones like this!
    My husband and I are both B positive and we are so different it not even funny! what works for his body and what works for my body today are totally opposite! It is funny how so many people are trying to make money out of us..but we are learning; to put our complete trust in the Lord, the One who created us and study, try and see what happens..not running in fear but making wise choices based in knowledge, experience and truthful hearts. I know it is hard to find those doctors who are “for you instead of against you” or after your money! but we can’t not stop using the green dollars just because there are some fake ones out there. We must pray for guidance, direction, peace in our hearts and try it..knowing it is our right to change our minds, to try something different..to pause and recenter..in the mean time praising HIM all the time so we can enjoy the journey..the day, the moment..the present-our gift from Him who loves us so much! even when I have messed up my life!
    I heard something cute:
    Jam yesterday, Jam tomorrow, but do NOT Jam today!..
    by the way I don’t eat Jam:) but this morning I woke up and I said to the Lord “I am alive today and I love you too!”
    love and blessings,

  42. Lori says:

    Do you know of any naturopathic doctors in the northwest Chicago area?

  43. Magda says:

    I totaly agree with Kevin! Thanks for your work on this site.
    I’d like to add one of my rules here.
    Make a prayer upon everything you eat or drink and think positive about it. Food and water is a blessing in its pure form. 🙂

  44. Therese von Rodeck says:

    Love Rule #4. I tend to be somewhat… ok, very OCD. I get very stubborn. I do need to be flexible and know when to go in another direction when appropriate and have confidence to turn around if it is not working as I thought it might. I laughed out loud reading this rule. I needed this one! lolol

  45. sue says:

    Thanks! This was such a clear and complete article. Perhaps flights & TSA are positive influences! Yes, another fulfilling article from Kev.
    I don’t want to completely eliminate info from doctors. Perhaps there is just so much quality variance in doctors that we cannot make many blanket statements. There is also often valid research done in medicine, too. I do mean ‘often’, tho. I think there might be something to metabolic typing ways of eating from what little I know about it.
    Perhaps the highest quality doctors have the largest practices necessitating lots of waiting (they take their time?).

  46. sue says:

    There is an association of naturopaths listed somehow, somewhere on the net.

  47. Pamela says:

    To Lori looking for a natural doctor in NW Chicago – check out Dr. Pieter VanHeule. He is in Wilmette. I haven’t seen him in years, but he was really helpful to me. It is really hard to find natural doctors in Chicagoland, I don’t know why. Many many more in Milwaukee area. Good luck!

  48. LynnCS says:

    To Teresa #4. Hope your husband comes through this with flying colors. Just wondering what changes you made when you say, “among other things?” My sister is chosing the Budwig protocol too. Also made some changes.

  49. There is a great resource on Food Matters for locating holistic health care practitioners around the world. It’s very helpful:


    Thanks for the article Kevin, those are excellent guidelines to keep in mind.

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