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overloaded bike

If you overload a circuit, it blows.

If you overload a boat, it will sink.

If you overload a truck, it won’t roll.

If you overload a plane, it won’t fly.

If you overload a train, it won’t stop.

If you overload a bridge it will collapse.

If you overload a flash drive, you get an error.

These simple laws of physics are so easy enough for children to understand. What’s not so easy to understand is why — as grown adults — we think our bodies and minds are any different.

Your personal overload is increasing your risk of getting sick, whether you feel the weight or not.

A 2011 report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that “stress has become the most common reason for a worker being signed off long-term sick.”

The “21st century equivalent of the Black Death” they said.

So today, it might be a good idea to put some distance between you and the Black Death.

Take a breath.

Take a break.

Take a walk.

When you do, please remind yourself that when you do feel the pressure, you have the right to say no, hit delete, or hang up — guilt-free.

You’re the only one who can lighten your own load.

Your question of the day: What is causing you stress right now?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. tallgirl says:

    argh i hear you. i am on overload tonight. come home from work, living with and helping my Mom…and she won;t finish her dinner, i go to clean up and the dish drainer is full of wet dishes from more than a meal ago and some are not quite clean, the floor is dirty, there’s no more ice cream which are calories my Mom needs (I know…sugar…) and now I’m in a bad mood, can’t muster the ability to take care of several little things I want and need to do, I’m angry, annoyed, and anxious. yuck.

  2. Janet H says:

    So well put and certainly worth alot of soul searching in this day and age. I think we are all guilty of overload today. The need to say no is tough to start with, but so very critical. Thanks for sharing that Gem Kevin !

  3. Right on Kevin. Short and sweet. This is a great point, there is so much more to lifestyle than food alone, and your point makes that clear. We must manage our energy and stress first and foremost and no one will do that better than than the person herself. When we do so, and have balance, eating healthy and staying active is so much easier. Keep it simple! ~ JAM

  4. Kuru says:

    De stress by lying down. It refreshes the adrenals in 5 minutes.

  5. zyxomma says:

    Breathe, breathe, breathe. Bounce on your mini-trampoline. Hydrate. Eat clean, beautiful, colorful, organic food, much of it raw. Skip wheat, GMOs, overly-sweet food (natural or artificial) and processed food. Yes, Kevin, more like this, please.

    Health and peace.

  6. Dara says:

    Really like the new test format, Kev! I often don’t have time to go read an entire article – almost never have time to listen to the interviews – and when I ‘save them for later,’ they’re all too often forgotten. These tidbits are quick and easily digestible, and the content’s been great too. Keep it up!

  7. tfa says:

    Simply sweet. Great point as we start another school term! thank you for this simple and important message for our health.

  8. Cassie says:

    I like these little health bites. I have just enough time to read them during the day when I check my email over lunch or during an afternoon break! Today’s post reminded me how much I enjoyed taking 20-30 minute walks in the early afternoon with my friend at work. We did these walks frequently for a few months and then fell out of the habit – thanks for the reminder!!!

  9. Funny you should send this right now Kevin. I am about to pull my hair out right now because my computer is having some sort of issue connecting to my FTP server. I’m trying to upload a page and it won’t connect. I thought my server was down because I overloaded it. Turns out it’s just a myserious problem I cannot explain and now I feel like I’m overloaded with frustration.

    I am going to take a break before I go nuts lol.

  10. Paul says:

    Like the new format! I found it so much more inviting and easier to read.

  11. Judi says:

    I can always use a reminder that I made a commitment to be personally responsible for my health.

    Thanks Kevin

  12. Robin Janis says:

    Well said, Kevin. Meditation is so helpful– just sitting and breathing and settling. Anything that gives the adrenals a break, like resorative yoga poses and gentle breathing practices can be so helpful to calming the over-firing of our modern day nervous system.

  13. IH says:

    Thank you so much for this post. What is causing me stress right now? Well, we just moved back to Canada and the last couple of weeks have just been overwhelming; the move, we thought we were going to paint the house ourselves and stayed up a couple of days until 3 am painting. In the end we decided to get help from a paint company but of course their agenda is not mine and so it still will take a couple of weeks before this job is done, the cleaning. Well, anything that is connected with moving; new drivers licenses, new health cards, government bureaucracy…..I AM DONE!!!!!

    As you may be can understand exercising was not on the top list of things to do even if I wanted to so I just waited until my daughter started school this week and began a new yoga routine with Moksha yoga and I’m absolutely loving it. This month i will seriously make the effort to exercise and take time for myself every day. My adrenals need a break!

  14. Rosie says:

    We could learn from other
    Countries in Uk and Europe.
    They savour their food and life. They take more vacations a year. They also get longer paid maternity leave–including the father. We work hard for our money – we desperately need to have balance. Turning the phone off sometimes is a smart thing to do hence, re-connecting with your self.

  15. Rose says:

    I really like this… guilt-free delete, hang up, and guess what, I don’t need to be aware of the latest FB post. Going for a walk now.

  16. Sarah says:

    I like the stylistic change. Keep it up! Though having some more beefy articles are always welcome too.

  17. Angela says:

    Just what was needed this morning. Thank you!

  18. ladyslipper says:

    I like these, it’s nicer than having to log into the other page for an article. Thanks for trying new things!

  19. LynnCS says:

    To #3 Kuru. I did that just today. I am not sure what causes the stress, but I wake up in terrible mental and physical stress in the mornings. I can feel the adrenalin all through my body. It is horrible. It gets better as the day goes by and if I get a little nap, it’s even better. These are the stresses that build up over a life time that seem to have no current explanation.

    I believe the (mostly) raw vegan diet is helping. Green smoothies, juices and mega salads are giving me the micronutrients I lacked. Certainly rest, which does not come easy. If you have a reference to read on the subject of the 5 minute adrenal refreshment rest, please let me know.

    My doctor has put me back on Armour Thyroid. I was taking 180 mgs a few years ago and was getting really bad heart palpitations. I wasn’t sure it was the Thyroid meds, but the docs wanted to lower and finally I was off the Thyroid. As time went on I got sicker and sicker. Tests showed that I was within “normal” ranges. I finally got a new doc who agreed with me that the tests may not be reflecting what is going on in my body. Now in one week, I am starting to get better. There are thyroid conditions that don’t show up on the normal tests.

    Meantime the healthy diet…High Fiber, High Nutrition, High Water, Vegan, mostly raw…has started to heal all the myriad of ailments my body was experiencing. I am no longer taking medicines for those ailments, because the body is fixing itself, and losing excess weight.

    A couple times a day, I drink a cup or two of “Heal All Tea” from Dr. Robert Morse.

    I use Kevin’s Cinnamon in my smoothies to help with sugar stability. Kevin’s Holy Basil helps with the adrenal problems, among other valuable ingredients I have learned of from this site.

    Most of all I respect that you, Kevin, put yourself out there and keep the information current and are willing to grow and change as new information appears. Thank you for having the wisdom to evolve and bring us what you discover.

  20. Ilana says:

    Nice overload advice!! Well done!

  21. Gwen Bistritan says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Yes, I want to save and share this in the future–thanks!Love reading your stuff!

    I have a comment of another sort and I simply don’t know where else to contact you so I will share my question here.

    Is there any chance you could offer “Specials of the Month” instead of the day-by-day specials? I really want to order some things, but I live in Yap (Micronesia) and don’t want to have to pay for shipping every time I order something. I wouldn’t mind ordering as I see a special and want it, and then have you ship one package per month. Would there be any possibility of this?? I want to order some more of Ann Marie’s products, but don’t know how to combine that with another special. Thanks for your help.

  22. donna says:

    I’ve got computer/FB overload!

  23. Jackie says:

    You know at this moment I’m overloaded. I asked on Wednesday if that was it for the rest of the week and they said yes. I take another job on. Today Friday morning they stand at my desk with the same pile of drawings who where suppose to be finished. More comments of course and they have to be done today!!!!!!!!! I mean I have a family, I like to pick up my son from school. I replied with that this is not fair and it’s not my problem I’ll see what I can do. I’m not stressing out and going all haywire. I did want to ventilate this though sorry.

  24. Sandra K.-J., Germany says:

    Great format. Really makes me read and feel it. I like the choice of different styles.
    I agree with many of the people that have commented, often we know what is good for us and appreciate tips of how to keep it up, going and growing! The repetitions show really that it takes consistency and elegant endurance to stay on own´s soul track. Your easy-to-understand tools today and sweeping away guilt to show the beauty of self-love feel activating! So thank you, Kevin and looking forward to more of this!

  25. Sazzu says:

    This is so true! Stress can have such a disastrous effect on the body from affecting sleep to tampering with your digestive system. A good idea that I try to practice everyday is doing something for either fun or relaxation be it yoga, sitting outside during my lunch break at work, or even taking a stroll after dinner. I feel a huge difference on the days I have this practice and the days I don’t. Maybe your readers will adapt it too?


  26. Robin says:

    I love your blog!

    I have learned and been taught over the years that we choose what we wish to have time for, no matter how busy we feel, no matter how long the work hours. Those choices may feel impossible, but they are there. Take those lunch breaks. Leave work on time. Turn off the CD player/radio in the car and enjoy the silence. It is so calming and renewing.

    Turn off the TV, PC, cell phone for a few minutes or hours each day. Walk your dog longer, love and play with your cats more often. Read a good book (Not necessarily an e-book). Draw silly pictures. Learn origami. “Lose’ technology for a little while..

    Get outside and be part of your community, or just lie on the grass and watch the clouds or stars, or just ‘be’.

    Let go of ‘toxic’ people. Kindly and constructively set boundaries and limits. You choose what you allow in your life. And who. Kindly let those who treat you inappropriately that it is not acceptable. And if it continues, let them know you will no longer answer their calls or e-mails. Just be prepared for a ‘loss’. But is it really a loss?

    Simply your life–it can be done, and it can be so exhilarating. Do you need all those possessions and all those activities? Solitude (Not isolation) can be healing, calming, renewing.

    Give yourself some time to just ‘be’. Live in the moment! Hard at first, lots of practice, then it becomes a wonderful habit you cannot do without!

    Try it, you’ll like it!

    (Forgive typos, must go play with dirt, pot some plants!)

  27. kathy says:

    Love this blog! Sometimes, something like this is al it takes for some of us to just “GET IT”.

  28. Shane Eric says:

    Good stuff Kev! Nice informative bites!!

  29. Andrew Norris says:

    I like the blog format with all the examples (that are kind of like mini stories). It helps get home the idea. Nice one Kev.

    And I liked “you have the right to say no, hit delete, or hang up — guilt-free.”

    So true. Why impose unnecessary stress on ourselves.

    “A man who suffers before it is necessary, suffers more than is necessary.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

  30. Andrew Norris says:

    One day in the future we may talk of the great Gianni who revolutionised the food industry. His quotes will appear everywhere, inc :-

    ““you have the right to say no, hit delete, or hang up — guilt-free.” Kevin Gianni.

    Just having some fun, but not totally impossible eh? No doubt they will pay great respect to the forerunners who helped bring the people around.

  31. Marilyn Landry says:

    How did you know? Thanks!

  32. Tara says:

    aaaaaahhhhhhh, this post is so important! I cannot say how many people I know who are living what they think is a healthy lifestyle, but let themselves get overloaded with stress and too little sleep. I’ve already had cancer, so fingers crossed, I already learned my lesson. But it’s like watching a train head for a collision, isn’t it, watching others heading for disaster? May we all take a moment today to breathe and smile!

  33. Brianna says:


  34. Roy says:

    Heh Kevin! I agree with the actions you have listed to combat and fight against “Black Death” I would like to add,”Take a nap”. It has the power to restore, refresh and strengthen the soul. We should strive to live life at the fullest instead of allowing overload and stress to destroy our joy. The saying is, “Wake up and smell the roses!”

  35. Peter Boikowski says:

    I have been subscribed to your email for ages but never read them. I know, crazy! However the Universe spoke to me this morning and I read this post and very appreciative of the thoughts contained within. As someone who practices Energy Psychology I love the way our minds and bodies harmonise with the Universe and combine to be a symbiotic organism working to acheive brilliance and the joy we are hardwire to feel. Thoughts such as these last two posts give us the mental nourishment to nurture our soul and spirit. It is even more important than physical nourishment – FOOD. Keep it up and smile all day.

  36. barry says:

    echart tolles’ & byron katies’ spiritual awakening were both the result of catastrophic emotional, etc, overload–not advisable, of course–i recently experienced a similar, tho far less dramatic, phenomenon, resulting from extreme stress hitting from too many directions at once; one perspective on this is from chaos-theory, where when any kind of System is incapable of dissipating the energy input into it, it either must undergo sufficient upgrades to cope, or it will collapse & re-emerge as a new System capable of operating at a higher order, i.e., of complexity–not advisable…

  37. Marie says:

    You have found an excellent way to spread
    knowledge and information. I look forward to this format in future newsletters.

  38. Eugeniya says:

    Lately, I try to concentrate on managing my stress and emotions, and that of my family and friends. After all, this is where it all starts. Of course, meditation is the best way, but I got spoiled using therapeutic grade essential oils, especially when I get too tense. I still juice and meditate, but not as much as I should.
    It is a pleasure to read the comments of like-minded people.

  39. Joanna says:

    I like the new version of a ‘little quickie’. I agree with others that I don’t always have the time to dig into a full article. This one was short and sweet. I even saved it in a word doc to use in a project. Thank you
    We also need to beefy articles. Thanks for seeking a balance as you always do

  40. chris harrison says:

    Pretend for just a moment that you’re a deer. A deer doesn’t stop moving, foraging, for very long. Because of limited food supply, it continues along it’s long established trail, a trail that has proven to provide for the needs of the herd. The members of the herd family rarely fall into ill health, lest they perish. The sustenance they take in is course, and less than agreeable to the palate than they would prefer. They expend huge amounts of energy climbing steep mountains, and as much descending; day in day out. The variety of foods are scanty; they might feel ‘lucky’ to chance upon a yet undiscovered new growth of succulent greens, that become summarily chewed to the roots. Yet they live long and well, in their own right. Does any of this resonate within the being of the readers out there, or will we just decide that we are not deer?

  41. Catherine says:

    I’ve been managing my 93 year old mother’s life for the past 5 years. She has dementia and all logic is gone. She’s in assisted living now, but I spent the last year emptying my parents house of 54 years of accumulation, much of it moldy and filled with mouse droppings. Sometimes I fight it, and resent that my parents left me with this mess. Other times I can say that this is my spiritual practice, and accept what is. The latter is always less stressful.

    Maybe our goal could be to give all our worldly possessions away before we die, and leave no trace. Kind of like the Burning Man Festival. 🙂

    Peace everyone.

  42. marja says:

    Yes I like the quikies, so please go on.

  43. Sally says:

    Thanks Kevin, and Paul (comment no.10), re format! Isn’t it like you used to send Kevin? So that we can read just your great email and not have to save it for when there’s time(almost never!) to follow the link to your website? That definitely helps the overload in my case … thanks again and love to Annemarie and baby too.

  44. Susan says:

    Amen Catherine #41. A life well lived and no traces left behind. That’s my goal after spending the good part of a year cleaning out my deceased aunt’s house.

    Like the new format Kevin.

    Now on the flip side of breast cancer I am saying ‘no’ a lot. It was hard at first after spending the majority of my life pleasing others, but practice makes perfect. Saying no gets easier over time.

  45. A Yusuf says:

    Awesome analogies!!! What you said made so much sense. We never think like that-an eye opener. Luv ur articles Kev 😉 Keep us posted w important stuff! Thnx!!!

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