The Do Not Eat List : Exclusive Interview with Dr. Alejandro Junger

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This ground cover is ALL blueberries… definitely on the DO eat list.

A lot of experts have a do not eat list…

Some say eat this and not that, others say don’t eat nightshades or macronutrients like carbs or too much protein.

Regardless, there are foods that most all of them will agree on. In this second part of my interview with Dr. Alejandro Junger, we talk about these foods, as well as alcohol, coffee, detoxification supplements and more.

Here’s where you can listen to this second half now (my written thoughts follow)…

Listen to Part 2 here:

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Here are my thoughts:

1. The do not eat list…

Anything white, sugar, coffee, alcohol, gluten, anything with chemicals added.

It’s a simple list and I think there’s much less argument about many of these than with others — particularly macronutrients, plant families, or animal foods.

2. Coffee like a whip to the adrenals.

We chatted about coffee quickly and I liked how Dr. Junger described it — “a whip to the adrenals.”

Chocolate can do the same thing.

3. “Jesus turned water into wine, he didn’t turn water into green juice.”

This was a great quote from Dr. Junger, that he said when we were discussing alcohol. He’s positive that regular use is not optimal, but when he said this he was referencing the historic use of wine in ceremony. His thought was maybe there is something to it and it has it’s place.

So, yes, Jesus did not turn water into green juice. And I, too, believe that there is some medicinal and ceremonial use for alcohol. I also, and maybe Dr. Junger would agree too, believe that if Jesus had a Greenstar, he’d think twice about drinking the wine.

4. On health food fanatics…

It’s not worth stressing out so much about your food that you create an acidic environment in the body. Dr. Junger talks about a cousin of his that is so fanatically about her diet that she’s always stressed out.

Believe me, I know what this is like.

I’ve been there too.

I can remember a time when the only thing I thought about was where I was going to get my next meal and if I would be able to get the exact food that I wanted.

It was constant stress. I’m sure it affected me negatively — and I definitely know it got my friends and family pissed off at me from time to time…

5. Detoxification supplements?

Dr. Junger was careful not to recommend any blanket supplement for detoxification. He did mention the importance of fiber and enzymes, but made it clear that a supplement isn’t going to be the entire answer. Detoxification is a whole body activity, not a take a supplement and forget it process.

6. The Clean Program…

We talked briefly about the Clean Program, which is a program that Dr. Junger has created. It’s a program for busy people. Dr. Junger explains that the fastest way to cleanse is water fasting. Then juice fasting and then a raw food program follow. The more you digest, the slower the detox. He also mentions that some of these programs can be to detoxifying for those who live in crowded areas. So his program is kind of an intermediary system that combines a lot of what we know about health with the practicality of real life.

7. You cannot argue with success.

I asked Dr. Junger what his colleagues thought about him when he left cardiology to get into natural medicine. He told me, at first, they thought he was throwing away his career. But as soon as he was able to show results, they started to think differently.

Basically, nothing speaks louder than results when it comes to proving to anyone — particularly the medical community — that a natural remedy or protocol works.

If you want to check out more from Dr. Junger, be sure to vist the Clean Program website here: click.

Your question of the day: What foods are on your do not eat list?

Live Awesome!

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