Teeth Issues

7 Lies about Dental Health

Monday Jan 9 2017 | by Frederic Patenaude

Over the years, I’ve talked to hundreds of people who have experienced severe dental problems after changing their diet to a high-raw one. Even ... more »

Poi: This Could be the World’s Healthiest Staple Food

Tuesday Jan 3 2017 | by Frederic Patenaude

How I finally learned to love the “gooey tasteless glue” Hawaiian staple known as poi! Each country has its staple food. Those staples were so ... more »

Seven Reasons Why You Should Avoid Fluoride In Water

Friday Sep 25 2015 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

There seems to be no good reason to systemically increase fluoride levels in the body by adding it to the public water supply. Scientific reviews ... more »

Red Wine May Help Prevent Cavities—5 Tips for Reducing Stains

Wednesday Jul 23 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Red wine has antimicrobial properties that can kill plaque-causing bacteria in the mouth. Want white teeth? Stay away from red wine, they say. But ... more »

8 Foods that Naturally Help Teeth Look Whiter

Wednesday May 14 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

An enzyme in pineapple can help clean teeth and help remove stains. White teeth make you look younger. They may also make you look more ... more »

Do You Need an Electric Toothbrush? If So, Which Kind is Best?

Monday Mar 3 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

A lot of people are buying electric toothbrushes because they believe they clean better. Is that true? In America, we tend to think that if it’s ... more »

Might Probiotics Be the Next Big Thing in Oral Health?

Friday Oct 4 2013 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

Don’t be surprised if you start to see probiotic products for oral health soon in a store near you! Probiotics are traditionally used to support ... more »

Top 7 Best and Worst Health Foods for Your Teeth

Wednesday Jul 3 2013 | by Frederic Patenaude

We all know that candy bars and sugary soda is bad for teeth, but what about all those foods that are touted as having great benefits for our ... more »

Why Raw Foodists Have Bad Teeth: Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Monday Jul 1 2013 | by Frederic Patenaude

In 2001, I got extremely bad news from my dentist. I had gone back from a long adventure in California, where I lived exclusively on a raw food diet ... more »

7 Secrets for Super-Human Oral Health

Wednesday Mar 20 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Brushing and flossing help, but with these tricks, you can do even more to improve your smile. You know you’re supposed to regularly brush, floss, ... more »

Gingivitis Linked with 4 Other Health Problems

Monday Jan 21 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

That pain in your mouth may also be hurting your heart. In 2009, researchers released the results of a study that took many people by ... more »

Natural Deodorizers for Bad Breath

Monday Dec 31 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

Bad breath is a major turn-off for anyone. But what if brushing doesn’t help? What’s the biggest turn-off on a first date? According to a ... more »