Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake with White Chocolate Buckwheat Crunch Topping

Wednesday Dec 5 2012 | by Heather Pace

This is my vegan, semi raw pumpkin cheesecake. Here’s a holiday dessert that I love and you don’t even have to bake it. Better yet, the ... more »

Lemon Poppyseed Macaroons

Wednesday Nov 28 2012 | by Stephanie Dawn Dodds

I love this recipe because I love lemon! My step father cannot eat chocolate, so I am always trying to make a little treat that is chocolate-free for ... more »

Zucchini Tonarelli with Wild Mushrooms and Poppy Seeds

Wednesday Nov 14 2012 | by Boris Lauser

Quality ingredients make this easy-to-prepare dish come alive with distinctive flavors. Before becoming a raw food chef, I lived in Italy for 7 years, ... more »

Nutty Chickpea Roasted Salad

Wednesday Oct 24 2012 | by Michelle Pfennighaus

Cold weather? You can still enjoy a salad. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut, eating the same type of food every week. But just shifting a small detail ... more »

Transforming Cooked Comfort Foods into Raw Delights

Thursday Oct 18 2012 | by Cherie Soria

When you make raw foods taste good and feel good, it makes changing your diet easy. I have always maintained that if you give people food that ... more »

Cheddar Broccoli Salad

Wednesday Oct 17 2012 | by Sarah Katoa

I love the tanginess of the cheese mixed with the crunch of the broccoli and the sweetness of the carrots. Not many children like to eat their ... more »

The Golden Elixir Dressing : Healthy Recipe by Chef Susan Teton

Wednesday Oct 10 2012 | by Chef Susan Teton

This dressing is fabulous on greens, great for any type of raw salad, or even cooked veggies and grains. This scrumptous dressing, also called ... more »

Kale and Carrot Waldorf Salad : Healthy Recipe by Allyson Kramer

Wednesday Oct 3 2012 | by Allyson Kramer

Full of antioxidants, this salad is perfect for any time of day. This salad is perfect for breakfast, as a stuffer for a chard wrap (or sandwich) for ... more »

Indian Cauliflower & Sweet Potato Superfood Korma : Healthy Recipe by Jason Wrobel

Wednesday Sep 26 2012 | by Jason Wrobel

This recipe is a sure-fire way to impress friends and family with your ethnic cooking skills. This recipe is awesome because you get to play with ... more »

Super Green Cacao Energy Balls : Raw Recipe by Jennifer McClelland

Wednesday Sep 19 2012 | by Jennifer McClelland

These balls are easy to transport and they’re great to take on a hiking trip or to work. Energy balls are usually made in a food processor, ... more »

Raspberry Chocolate Chia Pudding Pie : Raw Recipe by Stephanie Dawn Dodds

Wednesday Sep 12 2012 | by Stephanie Dawn Dodds

“I love this recipe, mostly because I love chocolate, and pudding, and pie, and raspberries, and really rich deserts….” I pretty much ... more »

Ja’Man Jerk Burger : Healthy Recipe by Chef Mayra Trabulse

Wednesday Sep 5 2012 | by Chef Mayra Trabulse

Looking for a tasty veggie burger you can sink your teeth into? You’ve found it! I adore this recipe! Why? The flavor, the fun, and the sexy ... more »