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If You Want to Slim Down, Be Sure to Do This… : The First Undeniable Law of Lasting Weight Loss

Monday Jan 2 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

If you want to live long, why not ask a 90 year old how they did it? (My grandpa at our wedding 4 years ago at 90 years old.) In just a few short ... more »

Renegade Health Names Man and Woman of 2011 in Health : Best of Health 2011

Friday Dec 30 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

I know, we’re not exactly Time Magazine, but we’re working on it… In 2011, a lot of amazing things have happened and behind them are ... more »

Health Advocates of the Year 2011 : Best of Health 2011

Thursday Dec 29 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

This special award goes to those who are making a massive difference in health, awareness and policy… There are hundreds of people I could ... more »

Best Health Bloggers of 2011 (Not who you might think…) : Best of Health 2011

Wednesday Dec 28 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

As a blogger, writer and researcher, I’m thrilled to present this “Best of Health 2011″… Why? Because I know how hard it is be ... more »

Best Health Interviews of 2011 : The Best of Health 2011 #911

Tuesday Dec 27 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

Only a few more “Best Of” for 2011! The ones coming up for the rest of the week are the people awards… I saved them for last because ... more »

Best New Health Products of 2011 : Best of Health 2011 #910

Monday Dec 26 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

Today, I’m back on video, but with commentary underneath… It’s amazing how split everyone is about video or written articles. I have ... more »

Renegade Health Names Best Health Related Non-Profit of 2011 : Best of Health 2011

Friday Dec 23 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

This was one of best places we visited in 2010, so it doesn’t really apply to health, nor 2011, but I wanted to show it to you because it was ... more »

Renegade Health Names the Best Health Company of 2011 : Best of Health 2011

Thursday Dec 22 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

Yesterday, I shared the awards for best health conference of 2011… Today, I have the best health company of 2011. Now, I have to be clear ... more »

Renegade Health Names the Best Health Conference of 2011 : Best of Health 2011

Wednesday Dec 21 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

It’s been a while since I’ve been on video, so please don’t criticize me for being a little rusty… But, what I’m going ... more »

Thinking Outside the Box to Outsmart Cancer : Renegade Health Book Review

Friday Dec 2 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

Most conventional cancer treatments limit your ability to see more of these… (Nosara, Costa Rica) After the Healing Cancer World Summit, I ... more »

Aw-rick-cue-lo-what?! Does the Ear Contain a Secret Map for Healing? : Exculsive Renegade Health Article

Wednesday Nov 16 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

Could this type of healing be as easy as watching a sunset? (Fisherman’s Beach outside of Nosara, Costa Rica) A good number of years ago, I was ... more »

How to Make Miso at Home (Soy or No Soy!) : Excerpt from “Cultured: Make Healthy Fermented Foods at Home”

Sunday Sep 25 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

You can make miso with chickpeas if you’re sensitive to soy! This recipe is just one of the 70+ found in our new fermented foods recipe book ... more »