Renegade Health - Part 7

Why There Is an Urgent Need to Have Your Blood Tested

Thursday Jul 21 2016 | by

Articles: You wouldn’t expect a carpenter to repair your house without a tape measure. Imagine your carpenter sawing away by guesswork! So why do some believe that intuition is better than a good tool when it comes to measuring core values like biomarkers from a blood test? Your blood ... more »

Renegade Health Radio: Frederic Interviews Chef AJ

Monday Dec 21 2015 | by

Renegade Health Radio: In this episode: Frederic interviews the famous “Chef AJ” about her recovery from being a Junk Food Vegan to a healthy and ... more »

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Learn How To Boost AMPK Activation And Live Longer

Friday Dec 18 2015 | by

Articles: The FDA dusts off an old medicine used for type II diabetes and approves a scientific study to find out if metformin really can protect ... more »

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Top 10 Peruvian Super Foods To Enhance Your Diet

Monday Dec 14 2015 | by

Articles:   Peru is a treasure house of healthy foods with a wealth of amazing super foods. After weeks in a remote region of the Peruvian ... more »

Wanted: the Western Diet

Saturday Dec 12 2015 | by

Articles: I remember the first time I came across the word “SAD Diet” while reading a health book. I smiled when I discovered that it meant ... more »

5 Desert Island CDs From a Classical Music Maniac

Tuesday Dec 8 2015 | by

Articles: What would you bring to a desert island? This fun question comes up once in a while, so I might as well share my list of music I could not ... more »

Ode to Kevin Gianni – Happy Birthday!

Monday Dec 7 2015 | by

Articles: First meeting of Fred, Kev and Annmarie in 2009 Today, someone deserves a little praise and attention. Because today… my good friend and ... more »

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Health Minded Folks

Tuesday Dec 1 2015 | by

Articles: Every year, I post a few ideas for Christmas gifts. This may give you great ideas to give a health-minded gift to someone you love, or very ... more »

The Argument Against Paleo Diet

Friday Nov 27 2015 | by

Articles: As I’ve said before I’m not a big fan of the Paleolithic diet (shortened as the Paleo diet). Nowadays, the Paleo diet is a sort ... more »

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Get Your Holiday Recipes from Renegade Health!

Monday Nov 23 2015 | by

Recipes: A few years ago, I designed several menu planners for alternative dinner meals for the Holiday season: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New ... more »

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