Renegade Health - Part 7

How to Water Fast on Your Own for 1-3 Days

Tuesday May 3 2016 | by

Webinar: Watch our last webinar on “How to Fast on Your Own.” Discover: What the research shows about fasting How fasting can boost your immune system by 100% in just 2-3 days How humans are different from other animals in their ability to fast The difference between fasting ... more »

Is Chicken the New Health Food?

Monday Oct 26 2015 | by

Articles: In the past few years, chicken has acquired a sort of “health food status”. Poultry is no longer a delicacy to be eaten on special ... more »

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Raw Pad Thai: The most popular potluck dish

Wednesday Oct 21 2015 | by

Articles: Potlucks are occasions when everyone whips out their favorite (and most impressive) dish. It’s a chance for people to showcase their ... more »

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How to Store Food in the Fridge So It Lasts

Tuesday Oct 20 2015 | by

Articles, Dinner: What’s the best way to store food in a refrigerator to keep it fresh? Apples in the bottom drawer, tomatoes up top, fish in the middle. ... more »

3 Super Smoothies: Sweet, Savory, & Seasonal

Monday Oct 19 2015 | by

Articles: Smoothie recipes, especially the standard ‘green’ variety are a dime-a-dozen these days.  So last week when presenting for the ... more »

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Is Cooked Food Toxic? A Reply to Roger Haeske

Monday Oct 19 2015 | by

Articles: Roger Haeske, in 2008, at 41. Hasn’t aged too much since then. Roger Haeske is one of the best examples of a successful long-term raw ... more »

The Potato Diet

Saturday Oct 17 2015 | by

Articles: It sounds completely ridiculous. It sounds completely counter intuitive and counter productive. But a diet composed of only white potatoes ... more »

3-Step Natural Approach to Soothing Arthritis Pain and Stiffness

Tuesday Oct 13 2015 | by

Articles, Joint Health/Arthritis: Arthritis can cause not only pain and stiffness, but disability. Are there any natural approaches that work? Arthritis can start out as just ... more »

5 Dietary Recommendations That Will Make You Slimmer and Healthier

Friday Oct 9 2015 | by

Articles, Weight Loss: It seems everyone knows the basics: don’t smoke, drink less alcohol, eat less meat, avoid sodas, and pick up fiber levels. The issue now ... more »

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Five Supplements To Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Friday Oct 9 2015 | by

Supplements and Herbs: Pink means breast cancer awareness month, which happens every year in October. I like to see women organized for better health, but raising ... more »

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