How to Make Coconut Milk (or Cream) at Home

Friday Feb 24 2017 | by

Recipes: Coconut milk is amazing. It’s an essential ingredient in curries and so many other delicious dishes from around the world. But look at the nutrition facts on the back of a coconut milk can, and you’ll be pretty shocked. Not only is it full of saturated fat, but the ... more »

How to Really Benefit from a New Amazing Youth Pill

Friday Sep 9 2016 | by

Articles: Are NAD+ boosters a new fad or the latest scientific anti-aging breakthrough? Aging results in many changes to all body systems. The ... more »

The Great Salt Debate: Is Sea Salt Healthy? (Special Report)

Sunday Sep 4 2016 | by

Special Reports: Is salt good or bad? Is it something we should even worry about? Health authorities tell us to consume less sodium. On the other hand, we ... more »

Learn The Best Tests For Celiac Disease and Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

Thursday Sep 1 2016 | by

Allergies, Alternative Health News: If you think you have Celiac Disease, or want to know if you have Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity, don’t guess. Get tested. You might ... more »

Say No To Breakfast or Dinner – The No Breakfast Plan

Wednesday Aug 31 2016 | by

Articles: Years ago—115 years, to be precise—a medical doctor named Edward Hooker Dewey wrote a book called No Breakfast Plan and the Fasting ... more »

7 Things I Discovered While Traveling the World

Monday Aug 29 2016 | by

Articles: I’ve been an avid traveler for most of my adult life, and in 2009-2010 I took a 9-month trip around the world with my ex-wife. I ... more »

Why Screens Really Wreck Your Sleep and How to Correct It

Friday Aug 26 2016 | by

Articles:   Late night browsing binges, endless emailing, perpetual texting, and video gaming, or even reading the news on your computer before ... more »

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He Laughed At My Salad, But I Didn’t Care

Monday Aug 22 2016 | by

Articles: A couple of weeks ago I was out of town on business and needed to grab a bite to eat. I spotted a health food restaurant that offered a ... more »

How to Effectively Cure Your Painful Acid Reflux

Friday Aug 19 2016 | by

Articles: Americans are prone to heartburn. In fact, about 44 percent of Americans experience at least one heartburn attack per month. Our high fat, ... more »

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How to Overcome the Urgent Risk of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Friday Aug 12 2016 | by

Articles:   Pernicious anemia is a very dangerous disease. The hallmark of pernicious anemia is chronic vitamin B12 deficiency, but it is an ... more »