Renegade Health - Part 7

He Laughed At My Salad, But I Didn’t Care

Monday Aug 22 2016 | by

Articles: A couple of weeks ago I was out of town on business and needed to grab a bite to eat. I spotted a health food restaurant that offered a giant buffet, including a salad bar where you could pay by plate size instead of by weight. Perfect! They had two different salad prices: small ... more »

The World’s Most Relaxing and Stress-Reducing Music 

Monday Jan 18 2016 | by

Articles: I’m a huge music lover, and every day I must get my fix. My tastes are quite varied: from Bach to the most cutting-edge, uncompromising, ... more »

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How to Win an Argument About Nutrition

Monday Jan 18 2016 | by

Articles: When I decided to become a vegetarian at the age of 18, I naively thought that because I “saw the light,” everyone around me also ... more »

The 10 Most Important Dietary Supplements Every One Needs

Friday Jan 15 2016 | by

Articles:         Should you include supplements in your New Year’s health plan? Why do professional athletes and bodybuilders ... more »

Sugar Is Your Friend

Monday Jan 11 2016 | by

Articles: In the last survey we sent out to our readers, I noticed a lot of questions about sugar that I want to answer today. In recent years, ... more »

Juicing Vs. Green Smoothies: the Final Word

Friday Jan 8 2016 | by

Articles: I am frequently asked what is best, juicing or blending your vegetables for health. There are great benefits for both and both fill ... more »

4 Rules That Will Protect You From Sidetracking Your Health

Friday Jan 8 2016 | by

Articles: For every journey, a good map and a trusted guide make all the difference between getting to your destination or becoming sidetracked. ... more »

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The Newest Peruvian Super Food Is Rainbow Colored Mashua

Friday Jan 1 2016 | by

Articles: The newest of Peruvian super foods is one of the Andes oldest and most unusual.  I’ve lived and traveled in Peru for more than ... more »

How to Cure a Cold Quickly

Tuesday Dec 29 2015 | by

Articles: Last week, I got sick with a pretty nasty bug! Thankfully, I managed to recover very quickly using a counterintuitive method I’ll talk ... more »

Renegade Health Radio: Frederic Interviews Chef AJ

Monday Dec 21 2015 | by

Renegade Health Radio: In this episode: Frederic interviews the famous “Chef AJ” about her recovery from being a Junk Food Vegan to a healthy and ... more »

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