Fasting One Day a Week

Saturday Apr 18 2015 | by

Articles: I recently started fasting one day a week — either a juice fast or a 24-hour water fast. Intermittent fasting is becoming popular, especially in bodybuilding circles. Why? Because intermittent fasting gives bodybuilders an edge; they find that they recover faster and they ... more »

Bean Sprout Salad

Wednesday Dec 10 2014 | by

Recipes: A dinnertime meal in minutes. This bean sprout salad gives you the feeling you’re eating some exciting cooked Asian meal, yet it’s ... more »

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4 Ways Sugar Messes with Your Mind

Wednesday Dec 10 2014 | by

Articles: You know too much sugar can pad your waistline, but did you know it can also affect your mood and memory? Too much sugar in your diet can ... more »

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Curb the Urge to Snack with These 7 Tips

Monday Dec 8 2014 | by

Articles, Weight Loss: Too much snacking can derail your weight loss goals. You’re hungry. You just ate an hour or so ago, but you’re hungry. At least, ... more »

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Smarter Smart Pills: Can Nutritional Supplements Make Us Sharper?

Friday Dec 5 2014 | by

Articles: Nootropics tune up our brains and can prevent brain aging. The brain is amazingly complex. Without its intricate network of nerves, immune ... more »

Fight Arthritis Pain and Inflammation with These 7 Foods

Wednesday Dec 3 2014 | by

Articles, Joint Health/Arthritis: Broccoli is one of the many foods that can help relieve arthritis pain and inflammation. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... more »

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Cauliflower “Rice” Pilaf

Wednesday Dec 3 2014 | by

Recipes: Serves: 4 Ingredients 1 head cauliflower, cut into florets 1 tablespoon coconut oil ½ cup diced red onion ½ cup diced carrot 2 teaspoon ... more »

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Diet Myths: Let’s Bust Them Open, Part 1

Tuesday Dec 2 2014 | by

Fitness, Weight Loss: Diets are often all about suffering—this really bothers me! I’m in a myth-busting mood today, so let’s take on the topic of modern-day ... more »

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Could Your Pepsi Shorten Your Life as Much as Smoking?

Monday Dec 1 2014 | by

Articles: If you’re regularly drinking soda, you could actually be shortening your life. You already know that sodas aren’t good for you. But a ... more »

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Five Tips to Help You Stay Healthy Through the Cold Season

Friday Nov 28 2014 | by

Articles, Immune System: Don’t fall victim to the cold or flu—stay healthy this winter with these five tips. If you base your health on the seasons, spring ... more »