Trick Your Fat Cells Into Shrinking

Tuesday Sep 2 2014 | by

Articles, Fitness, Weight Loss: Can you really get rid of fat cells? If there’s one topic that many of us think about but don’t quite understand, it’s fat loss. So let’s see if I can take this complicated topic and make it easier for you to understand and to put to good use. What Happens to Fat ... more »

Steady-State Aerobic Exercise Promotes Weight Loss…NOT

Tuesday Jun 24 2014 | by

Articles, Fitness, Weight Loss: Do you believe that aerobic exercise will help you lose weight? If you read about health and fitness, I’m sure you’ve heard the ... more »

Renegade Health Radio: Answers to Common Health Questions

Monday Jun 23 2014 | by

Renegade Health Radio: In this podcast: Why people so often ignore what their bodies are telling them and how this can spell disaster for their health. The best ... more »

What Your Ears, Fingers, Arms, and Blood Type Can Tell You About Your Health

Monday Jun 23 2014 | by

Articles, Cancer, Heart Disease, Joint Health/Arthritis: If you have creases that run diagonally across your ear, you may be at a higher risk of heart disease. Is your index finger shorter than ... more »

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Why Raspberries May be the World’s Healthiest Food

Friday Jun 20 2014 | by

Articles, Heart Disease, Weight Loss: Raspberries have shown in studies to help prevent cancer and heart disease and to slow aging. Raspberries, along with blueberries and ... more »

Dangerous Herbicide Found in Moms’ Breast Milk

Wednesday Jun 18 2014 | by

Articles, Women's Health: A recent study found the herbicide glyphosate in human breast milk, raising concerns about widespread contamination. If you haven’t heard ... more »

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Feet: The Foundation of a Good Workout

Tuesday Jun 17 2014 | by

Articles, Fitness: We often don’t pay attention to our feet until pain arises, but I think in this case, an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound ... more »

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Renegade Health Radio: The Italian Mafia May Be Selling You Fake Olive Oil

Monday Jun 16 2014 | by

Renegade Health Radio: In this podcast: The truth about olive oil: why the Italian mafia is adulterating olive oil that actually contains canola, soybean, and ... more »

9 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy on Vacation

Monday Jun 16 2014 | by

Articles, Healthy Travel Tips: Vacation is not the time to feel sick— use these tips to increase your odds of feeling great while away from home. Getting sick is never ... more »

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The Ancient New World Diet: Is it Time to Eat Like a Native?

Friday Jun 13 2014 | by

Articles: Have you tried the New World Diet? The standard American (S.A.D.) diet is so bad for health that few have explored the culinary bounty and ... more »