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What You Need To Know About The Mosquito That’s Spreading Zika Virus

Thursday Feb 4 2016 | by

Articles:   Nature’s perfect transmitters of infectious diseases are mosquitos. One of the crueler ones is Aedes aegypti that carries dengue, Chikungunya, yellow fever, and Zika virus. It’s tiny, but with a magnifying glass you easily distinguish it by the white leg stripes ... more »

Seven Reasons Why You Should Avoid Fluoride In Water

Friday Sep 25 2015 | by

Teeth Issues: There seems to be no good reason to systemically increase fluoride levels in the body by adding it to the public water supply. Scientific ... more »

7 Ways to Boost Motivation for Daily Exercise

Tuesday Sep 22 2015 | by

Fitness: Staying consistent with exercise is difficult—but we have some tips to help. You know how it goes. You start out with that new exercise ... more »

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From Fat Vegan to Skinny Bitch

Monday Sep 21 2015 | by

Articles: In my last two articles, I summarized my notes from the most recent health conference I attended, the Advanced Study Weekend organized by ... more »

What I Learned At the McDougall Advanced Study Weekend (Part 2)

Friday Sep 18 2015 | by

Articles: This is the second installment in my series on the Advanced Study Weekend by Dr. McDougall. For the first part, click here. Dan Buettner ... more »

These Five Doctors Can Change Your Life (McDougall Event Review)

Wednesday Sep 16 2015 | by

Articles: Last weekend, I attended the “Advanced Study Weekend” organized by Dr. McDougall. He organizes this event twice a year and I ... more »

My Number One Salad Recipe

Monday Sep 14 2015 | by

Videos: This is my number one salad recipe! I never get tired of this salad because you can have it as a complete meal rather than a just a ... more »

Goat Milk or Cow’s Milk? Neither Is Best!

Friday Sep 11 2015 | by

Articles: After my last article on dairy “Raw or Not, Dairy Isn’t Healthy,” I’ve been accused of not taking into consideration the differences ... more »

Aloe: The Humble Super Food Gets Better And Better

Friday Sep 11 2015 | by

Articles, Supplements and Herbs: Every one knows aloe is great for soothing a sunburn. For thousands of years it’s been the preferred remedy for skin irritations, ... more »

Raw or not, Dairy Isn’t Healthy

Tuesday Sep 8 2015 | by

Articles: I’ve noticed recently enat dairy products seem to be making a comeback in the Paleo community and in other alternative health ... more »

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