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Optimal Wellness: When to Retest Your Blood Work

Friday Apr 18 2014 | by

Articles, Blood Testing: If your last test revealed abnormal levels, when do you test again? Patients often ask me when should they get new blood tests. The answer is easy—and complicated. The easy answer is that if you’re over forty-five and healthy, following a good diet, taking nutritional ... more »

Seasonal Cleansing: Beat the Aging Process, Shave the Fat Off Your Body and Stick to Your Diet

Monday Feb 10 2014 | by

Articles: Since 1996, I’ve obsessed with the idea of finding the “perfect diet”. I’ve tried various forms of the vegetarian diet, raw food ... more »

9 Healthy Hot Drinks to Warm You Up!

Monday Feb 10 2014 | by

Articles, Juices, Smoothies and Teas: A number of hot beverages—including plain hot water—can provide health benefits in cold weather. When the weather gets cold outside, we ... more »

Clean Your Brain While You Sleep

Friday Feb 7 2014 | by

Articles: We are vigilant about our children’s sleep. We let sleeping dogs lie. Why don’t we value our own sleep? When I was young, I fell asleep ... more »

Improve Your Life Today with 8 Ancient Healing Techniques

Wednesday Feb 5 2014 | by

Alternative Health News, Articles: Reiki and other ancient healing techniques have a number of health benefits to offer us today in our modern world. Over the last few decades ... more »

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9 Reasons You May Want to Indulge in a Little Dark Chocolate Today

Monday Feb 3 2014 | by

Articles, Diabetes, Heart Disease: Studies show that a little dark chocolate each day can provide a number of important health benefits. Have you been avoiding chocolate ... more »

Is Your Fish Oil Supplement Safe?

Friday Jan 31 2014 | by

Articles, Supplements and Herbs: A recent study of fish oil supplements found that 21 of the 30 products had omega-3 levels that varied by over 10% off their label claims, ... more »

Low Levels of This Mineral Increase Your Risk of Diabetes

Wednesday Jan 29 2014 | by

Articles, Diabetes: Studies show that having a healthy intake of zinc (from foods like these oysters) can help protect you from diabetes, and may help control ... more »

Use This Technique to Keep Your Blood Pressure in Line

Monday Jan 27 2014 | by

Articles, Heart Disease: Studies indicate that meditation may help keep blood pressure levels in the normal range. Typical lifestyle modifications for high blood ... more »

7 Ways to Eat Less Salt and Enjoy Your Food More

Sunday Jan 26 2014 | by

Articles: I’m a recovering salt addict. I admit it. Growing up, I never had very strong cravings for sugar. I’d always choose a salty ... more »