Renegade Health - Part 5

22 Amazing Nutritional Benefits Of Remarkable Quinoa

Friday Apr 22 2016 | by

Articles: The journey to the land of quinoa begins at the San Pedro market in Cusco—the Incan capital city and gateway to Machu Picchu—at over eleven thousand feet. My first trip to the Andes was in 1969, and I have traveled to the Peruvian Andes more than twenty times since ... more »

Top 10 Peruvian Super Foods To Enhance Your Diet

Monday Dec 14 2015 | by

Articles:   Peru is a treasure house of healthy foods with a wealth of amazing super foods. After weeks in a remote region of the Peruvian ... more »

Wanted: the Western Diet

Saturday Dec 12 2015 | by

Articles: I remember the first time I came across the word “SAD Diet” while reading a health book. I smiled when I discovered that it meant ... more »

5 Desert Island CDs From a Classical Music Maniac

Tuesday Dec 8 2015 | by

Articles: What would you bring to a desert island? This fun question comes up once in a while, so I might as well share my list of music I could not ... more »

Ode to Kevin Gianni – Happy Birthday!

Monday Dec 7 2015 | by

Articles: First meeting of Fred, Kev and Annmarie in 2009 Today, someone deserves a little praise and attention. Because today… my good friend and ... more »

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Health Minded Folks

Tuesday Dec 1 2015 | by

Articles: Every year, I post a few ideas for Christmas gifts. This may give you great ideas to give a health-minded gift to someone you love, or very ... more »

The Argument Against Paleo Diet

Friday Nov 27 2015 | by

Articles: As I’ve said before I’m not a big fan of the Paleolithic diet (shortened as the Paleo diet). Nowadays, the Paleo diet is a sort ... more »

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Get Your Holiday Recipes from Renegade Health!

Monday Nov 23 2015 | by

Recipes: A few years ago, I designed several menu planners for alternative dinner meals for the Holiday season: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New ... more »

Does Fungal Infection Cause Alzheimer’s?

Friday Nov 20 2015 | by

Articles:   A new study raises an interesting question: Does fungal infection, often associated with overuse of antibiotics, trigger ... more »

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What Is Your Ultimate Island Paradise?

Tuesday Nov 10 2015 | by

Articles: Hiking on the North Shore of Kauai On Monday I wrote about my fantasy of moving to an island paradise. Although I never quite realized it, I ... more »

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