The Case Against Pink Salt

Monday May 29 2017 | by

Salt: Whenever the topic of salt comes up, especially all of the negatives associated with it, a few people always ask “What about pink salt?” One of the biggest scams in the natural health industry is that of Himalayan Salt. The industry has led thousands of people to believe ... more »

Renegade Health Radio – Book Review: The Maffetone Method – Podcast Episode #51

Monday Jan 2 2017 | by

Renegade Health Radio: In this episode: Why do people give up exercise shortly after signing up to the gym? Find out more in this podcast. Get more fit and avoid ... more »


Friday Dec 30 2016 | by

Articles: We’re half way through the annual flu season. Fall and winter 2016 were relatively mild for the number of cases of influenza. But in ... more »

How to Create an Awesome Fresh Coffee Fruit Shot

Friday Dec 23 2016 | by

Articles: Food scientists tag the humble coffee fruit as nature’s most powerful super food. Will you soon see organic coffee fruit in the frozen ... more »

Should We Avoid Hybridized Fruits and Vegetables?

Monday Dec 19 2016 | by

Articles: I recently received the following question from a reader: “How do I buy fruits and vegetables that are closest to the way our ancestors ... more »

Eating Raw While Traveling

Saturday Dec 17 2016 | by

Articles: Eating 100% Raw or Not? Some people, for various reasons, make the 100% raw diet the most important focus in their lives. So if they went ... more »

How to Hack Your Astonishing Microbiome

Friday Dec 16 2016 | by

Articles, Digestive Health: What is the most exciting frontier in human science? Thousands of scientists, doctors, medical journalists, and natural health ... more »


Friday Dec 9 2016 | by

Articles: My patients often report that particular foods, usually wheat or dairy but others as well, makes their symptoms worse. It is a common ... more »

Food Combining Way Simplified

Monday Dec 5 2016 | by

Articles: Whenever I throw celery in a fruit smoothie, or add oranges in a salad, people ask me “But wait… isn’t that against food ... more »

5 Sure Fire Ways to Know if You Have Hashimoto’s

Friday Dec 2 2016 | by

Articles, Thyroid Health: If you happened to get diagnosed with hypothyroidism, you might also have Hashimoto’s. Why is it important to know the difference ... more »

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