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How To Enhance Your Microbiome For Optimal Health

Friday Feb 12 2016 | by

Articles: In 1983, I was a young doctor just getting started practicing natural medicine in San Diego. Even in natural medicine, we hardly knew anything about the chronic disease epidemic about to detonate in America. Patients were lining up at the clinic door because traditional medicine ... more »

Travel Rice Cooker – Product Review

Friday Oct 30 2015 | by

Product Reviews: You are not likely find a product called a “travel rice cooker” but that’s pretty much what the Panasonic SR-3NA is. ... more »

How To Beat Cancer By Adding Phytochemicals To Your Diet

Friday Oct 30 2015 | by

Articles: It seems the emperor of all maladies has mastery over all that we eat, breathe, and drink. The most common question my cancer patients ask ... more »

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Are Grains and Gluten Really Bad for Your Health?

Tuesday Oct 27 2015 | by

Articles, Digestive Health: The gluten-free diet may be popular, but is it healthy for everyone? Over the past few years, the gluten-free market has exploded. Between ... more »

Is Chicken the New Health Food?

Monday Oct 26 2015 | by

Articles: In the past few years, chicken has acquired a sort of “health food status”. Poultry is no longer a delicacy to be eaten on special ... more »

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Raw Pad Thai: The most popular potluck dish

Wednesday Oct 21 2015 | by

Articles: Potlucks are occasions when everyone whips out their favorite (and most impressive) dish. It’s a chance for people to showcase their ... more »

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How to Store Food in the Fridge So It Lasts

Tuesday Oct 20 2015 | by

Articles, Dinner: What’s the best way to store food in a refrigerator to keep it fresh? Apples in the bottom drawer, tomatoes up top, fish in the middle. ... more »

3 Super Smoothies: Sweet, Savory, & Seasonal

Monday Oct 19 2015 | by

Articles: Smoothie recipes, especially the standard ‘green’ variety are a dime-a-dozen these days.  So last week when presenting for the ... more »

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Is Cooked Food Toxic? A Reply to Roger Haeske

Monday Oct 19 2015 | by

Articles: Roger Haeske, in 2008, at 41. Hasn’t aged too much since then. Roger Haeske is one of the best examples of a successful long-term raw ... more »

The Potato Diet

Saturday Oct 17 2015 | by

Articles: It sounds completely ridiculous. It sounds completely counter intuitive and counter productive. But a diet composed of only white potatoes ... more »

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