How I Travel the World for Free (Almost)

Friday Sep 4 2015 | by

Articles: When I was young, I wanted to travel. My parents had subscribed for years to National Geographic, and they kept piles and piles of the magazines in our basement. I think my interest in traveling and foreign cultures came from reading those magazines and looking at the ... more »

The Answer to Your Unknown Health Condition: from a New Blood Test?

Friday Jul 10 2015 | by

Articles, Blood Testing: Finding a viral cause for chronic illnesses is like working with a giant jigsaw puzzle. The real cause is invariably hidden deep within the ... more »

My Contaminated Kitchen Cabinet: A Surprising Result (Exclusive Book Excerpt)

Friday Jul 10 2015 | by

Articles: Below is a SECOND excerpt of my upcoming book: Kale and Coffee: A Renegade’s Guide to Health, Happiness and Longevity – Stay tuned ... more »

Do Sunscreens Really Help Protect Against Cancer?

Thursday Jul 9 2015 | by

Articles, Cancer: Sunscreens may not offer the protection we thought they would. Sunscreens cause cancer! Sunscreens don’t protect against melanoma! ... more »

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15 Ways to Curb Late-Night Cravings

Tuesday Jul 7 2015 | by

Articles, Weight Loss: Stop your brain from sabotaging your weight-loss goals! The majority of the evidence says that eating after 8:00 isn’t good for us, for a ... more »

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Sick From Healthy Food: Exclusive Book Excerpt by Kevin Gianni

Monday Jul 6 2015 | by

Articles: Below is an excerpt of my upcoming book: Kale and Coffee: A Renegade’s Guide to Health, Happiness and Longevity – Stay tuned ... more »

5 Surprising Ways to Increase Productivity When You’re In a Slump

Thursday Jul 2 2015 | by

Articles: Is there a way to stay productive even when you don’t feel like it? Things are clicking along. You’re getting a lot done. Your business ... more »

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How to Deal With Jet Lag – My Best Strategies

Wednesday Jul 1 2015 | by

Articles: The worst jet lag I’ve ever experienced was when I flew to Bali in 2005. It was my very first trip to Asia, and I flew directly from ... more »

What Makes Your Brain Happy (and Why We Do Stupid Things With Our Health)

Monday Jun 29 2015 | by

Articles: I’m currently reading a book with an interesting title (and most interesting content): What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do ... more »

Can Weight Training Really Boost Metabolism?

Thursday Jun 25 2015 | by

Articles, Fitness: Is it really true that we can “boost” our metabolism? One really frustrating thing about getting older is that the eating habits that ... more »