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Articles: Coffee is a classic superfood. A superfood is a food or drink with health benefits beyond normal dietary sources. Superfoods tend to be high in antioxidants, especially polyphenols that are plant compounds with health promoting and disease preventive properties. Coffee contains ... more »

You Can Afford Good Holistic Nutrition and Vegan and Raw Foods, here’s how…

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Articles, Raw Foods: This is a question I get often about holistic nutrition and vegan and raw food… “How can I afford staying healthy? It seems like ... more »

Find Self Motivation with Donna Krech – Podcast

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Fitness, Interviews: I met Donna at an event a few years ago. She impressed me. She’s strong, she’s successful and she’s a dynamite ... more »

Mike Adams Speaks Out on the Cholesterol Drug Vytorin

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Alternative Health News, Supplements and Herbs, Videos: In this parody video, Mike Adams of reveals the truth about Vytorin–a cholesterol lowering drug–and also provides ... more »

Thursday Chat 1-21-08 (Wed.)

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Weekly Coaching Call Archives: Hey Guys! Fun chat today! Here is some of what we covered… Travel and stomach issues, hiit training, agave nectar, sugars, maple syrup ... more »

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I Feel Nauseous when I Workout – Exercise and Holistic Nutrition Question

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Articles, Fitness: Here’s a question I received recently that involves holistic nutrition, oxygen and conditioning. It can apply to many different ... more »

FDA Says Cloned Meat is Safe to Eat

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Alternative Health News, Articles: Here’s a recent article I wrote about the cloning of meat and milk from cows, pigs and goats. —- January 17, 2008 – Meat ... more »

More Reason to Eat Raw Food…

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Alternative Health News, Videos: Here’s one more reason to eat raw foods… I’m not usually left speechless like this. But in this case I am. I don’t ... more »

A Call to Natural Health Advocates (Part 2) and a Free Teleseminar for You

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Alternative Health News, Articles: I had a bunch of information planned to send out last week, but the posting from the blog had 99 posts (almost 100!) so I figured I’d ... more »

A Call to Natural Health Advocates – We Need to Stop Fighting Ourselves

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Alternative Health News, Articles: My last post generated this comment by Patrick: “A bit surprised, I’ll confess. I had you down as a bit different to most of those ... more »