Friday May 19 2017 | by

Articles: One of the most common questions that my patients ask is about my position on childhood vaccination. I’m not dogmatic on either side. I see the bigger picture. A century ago infectious disease killed many young children. Even today deadly infections are rampant. In countries ... more »

Awesome Raw Smoothie Recipes from the Raw Food World Summit

Monday Sep 10 2007 | by

Raw Food Recipes, Recipes: I had so many requests to share the raw smoothie recipes that everyone sent me, I had to post them here. These are just a few of the dozens ... more »

Is the Raw Food Lifestyle the Next Macrobiotic Diet?

Wednesday Aug 29 2007 | by

Articles: Yesterday, I received an email from a fellow “health renegade” who had some concerns about the raw food lifestyle. He brought up ... more »

RenegadeHealth.com Launches

Wednesday Aug 29 2007 | by

Articles: Hey everyone! I created this site as a sounding board for all the incredible people who listened in on the Raw Summit. I have been getting ... more »