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Articles: Phenolic compounds found in plants are nature’s antioxidants and detoxifiers. Many phenolics have other health giving properties like lowering blood sugar. Other phenolic compounds protect the nervous system from the damage caused by chemical pollutants, like from glyphosate. ... more »

I Feel Nauseous when I Workout – Exercise and Holistic Nutrition Question

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FDA Says Cloned Meat is Safe to Eat

Thursday Jan 17 | by

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More Reason to Eat Raw Food…

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A Call to Natural Health Advocates (Part 2) and a Free Teleseminar for You

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A Call to Natural Health Advocates – We Need to Stop Fighting Ourselves

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The 5 Natural Sources for Holistic Nutrition

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How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

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How to Stay on the Vegan or Raw Food Diet when Traveling

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How to Eat Raw Food or Vegan in Social Settings

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