Friday Sep 15 | by

Cancer, Supplements and Herbs, Women's Health: You don’t have to wait for breakthroughs in breast cancer research to protect yourself and your daughters now. With October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month approaching, here’s where to start planning. So much of what we do to prevent disease begins at home. Active ... more »

I Feel Sick on the Vegan or Raw Food Diet

Tuesday Feb 19 | by

Articles, Detoxification, Raw Foods, Supplements and Herbs: I get this question often about being or getting sick on the vegan or raw food diet. This is a specific example, but it can definitely apply ... more »

Does Psyllium Husk for Colon Cleansing Cause Absorption Issues?

Monday Feb 18 | by

Detoxification, Supplements and Herbs, Weight Loss: Here’s a great question from a reader about whether or not psyllium husk causes absorption issues when taken with food. There are two ... more »

Health Renegades on Facebook – Vegan and Raw Food Friendly

Friday Feb 15 | by

Alternative Health News, Articles: This is a special “Facebook” announcement! As you guys know I’m working on so really cool projects that are going to ... more »

Bodyweight Exercises for the Back with a Pull up Bar

Friday Feb 15 | by

Fitness, Videos: I get a bunch of questions about bodyweight exercises for the back. The fact is that you can work your lats and biceps pretty well without ... more »

UltraPrevention: The 6-Week Plan that Will Make You Healthy for Life by Dr. Mark Hyman and Mark Liponis – Book Review

Monday Feb 11 | by

Articles, Product Reviews, Supplements and Herbs: Let’s face it, natural medicine still has a tiny bit of folk lore attached to it’s storied remedies and cures for certain ... more »

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A Raw Berry Smoothie Recipe from Kevin Gianni

Friday Feb 8 | by

Raw Food Recipes, Recipes: We’ll I finally caved in to the YouTube craze and put up a video for one of my favorite raw berry smoothie recipes. I figured that ... more »

How to Trust Vegan, Raw Food and Health Information on the Internet

Wednesday Feb 6 | by

Alternative Health News, Articles, Raw Foods: I recently got this question in an email and I think it’s important to address how to trust vegan or raw food or any health ... more »

How to Cut a Mango into Cubes

Tuesday Feb 5 | by

Raw Foods, Videos: This morning I was adding a fresh mango into my smoothie and I realized I had no idea how to cut a mango into cubes. From time to time we ... more »

How to Get More Out of Your Bodyweight Exercise Workout

Monday Feb 4 | by

Articles, Fitness, Weight Loss: Bodyweight exercises are what I use for strength training and toning. Using them 3-4 times a week along with some great cardio will give you ... more »