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Articles, Immune System, Supplements and Herbs: Seasonal flu is inevitable. There’s no cure for influenza. But, that doesn’t mean you have to be a victim of the flu. From my more than thirty years of clinical experience, and an exhaustive review of the scientific literature, I believe you can get better faster with fewer ... more »

Stay Motivated with Any Diet Under Any Condition – Let An Amputee Tell You How

Sunday Mar 23 | by

Videos: This week I came across this article “For amputees, an unlikely painkiller: Mirrors” on HealthFetch. The headline caught my ... more »

Glad to Be Back, Meet My New Friends, Twitter and Thoughts on New Life and Pursuits – The Week in Review

Saturday Mar 22 | by

Alternative Health News, Articles: The Week In Review: It is nice to be back from California and spend some time with Annmarie again. I like traveling, but would much rather ... more »

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Fix Your Posture: Are You a “Desk Turtle” – The Renegade Health Show Episode #14

Friday Mar 21 | by

Fitness, Videos: I’m getting a little more creative with these videos as you’ll see with this one… I think the best mix is to inform, ... more »

Where do Vegans, Raw Foodies and Vegetarians Get Their Protein? – The Renegade Health Show Episode #13

Thursday Mar 20 | by

Videos: So here it is… The eternal question. “Where do vegans, vegetarians and raw foodies get their protein?” In this video I ... more »

How to Out What’s In Your Water Online (Your Annual City Water Report) – The Renegade Health Show Episode #12

Wednesday Mar 19 | by

Videos, Water Filter Advice: This episode will show you how to “dial up” your annual city water report online so you can know exactly what’s bring put ... more »

The Pricing for Organic Foods Has to Be MORE Expensive Before It Gets Cheaper – The Renegade Health Show Episode #11

Tuesday Mar 18 | by

Videos: This might ruffle a few feathers, but follow along and you’ll see why I say that the price of organic foods have to go up before they ... more »

Longevity Secrets from Dr. Jonny Bowden – The Renegade Health Show Episode #10

Monday Mar 17 | by

Videos: One of my favorite people in the weight loss and nutrition world is Dr. Jonny Bowden. I like his energy, drive and heart. When I knew I was ... more »

Holistic, Vegan or Raw Health Renegades in Argentina?

Sunday Mar 16 | by

Healthy Travel Tips: Hey everyone, just a quick note… Annmarie and I are going to Argentina on the 27th of March with our good friends Jonathan and Carrie ... more »

How to Get into Perfect Posture for Walking and Running – The Renegade Health Show Episode #9

Friday Mar 14 | by

Fitness, Videos: If you have bad knees, hips, ankles, or a lower back pain, you won’t want to miss this episode… Today is “Fitness ... more »