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The New York Times reported last week that scientists have discovered that over four million gene switches in your DNA, once were considered junk, “play critical roles in controlling how cells, organs and other tissues behave.”

This revelation, though, isn’t the news flash.

What’s news is that these scientists had previously thought our bodies were so inefficient that they would carry around an excess of four million anythings.

These researchers believed at one time that these switches were useless if no one was around to see them activated.

Using this logic, you could say that a fire alarm switch in an apartment building is junk as well — since almost no one ever sees it being pulled.

Or that airline exit doors are junk as well. They’re rarely ever opened.

Each one of these man-made things exist because of careful foresight and planning. They both play an essential role when something is wrong in an apartment or on a plane.

The foresight used to create us, could be called “all-knowing.” Which means very, very little is left to chance.

So next time you’re reading a scientific paper, study or report in the media be sure to remember the researchers are mortal and they’ve likely forgotten that the body knows more about itself than they ever will.

Your Question of the Day: Do you read health news and research?

Live Awesome!

P.S. If you want some great advice on how to really get yourself healthy — the exit door these researchers would probably overlook — then you can listen in to our friend Jon Gabriel here.

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Brianna says:


  2. Melanie says:

    Amen! The research has been out for a long time, but now it is finally coming to the public. We are in a world of body doesn’t work, someone else fix it and we need to be moving to how amazing the body is when fully connected to that source.

  3. Sheyla says:

    Bravissimo!! A point very well made!

  4. Velda says:

    Unbelievable! These guys are supposed to be smart. I have always figured that there is a reason for everything in our body. God does not make junk. We are intelligently designed. Even when people say we don’t need our tonsiles or our appendix, I’ve felt like there is a purpose for them that we are not aware of or minimizing. Great, great article, Kevin. Thank’s for the “news flash”. 🙂

  5. John says:

    So you’re right again! There was a road sign when I was a kid that read: “He was right – dead right; as he sped along – but he’s just as dead, as if he were wrong”. Seems to capsulize the MEDICAL INDUSTRY. They’re always “right – dead right” as they take us for a ride. John

  6. Sharon says:

    It’s all related to Intelligent Design. We were created by an intelligent CREATOR not chance. Many scientist do not believe we were created but rather happened by “chance”. Nothing so intricate or detailed could happen by chance. This is just further proof of creation. Every little part of us has a function, we has humans are not quite smart enough to figure everything out.

  7. Bill Vogel says:

    Great reminder, Kevin. More and more lately we’re reminded that “scientists, researchers, and doctors” are not only human, but also are not always the brightest of our species.
    As for today’s question, yes, I read health news and research, AND when doing so, I have learned to ALWAYS consider the source!

  8. Mike says:

    Booya2! Great observation Kevin

  9. Nomi says:

    I totally agree with Velda…tonsils, spleen, adenoids, uterus, appendix, gall bladder, teeth, thyroid. For the past 100 years science has run amok. There is tremendous arrogance..and little faith that there are no accidents. It’s easier to say…we see no reason for this…so it’s expendable. This arrogance carries over to everything…GMO’s for example.

    Science has created wondrous things…but the other side of that sword is very very sharp and dangerous.

  10. Judi says:

    Our Intelligent and Loving Designer has thought of everything down to the smallest functions within the human cell. Albert Einstein once said that there are only two ways to live your life: one, is as though nothing is a miracle and the other, is as though everything is a miracle. The human body… the human person… is truly a walking, breathing miracle! How arrogant (may I say?) to think that only when we mortals understand something can it be useful, real, true. I suspect that what we don’t know about ourselves far exceeds what we do know. As with all miracles (like us), the mystery will never be quantified by science alone… Great article!

  11. Glenn says:

    Certainly our Creator God Himself is behind the great design of these wonderful bodies and this universe. Unfortunately some men think they are wiser than Him!

  12. SarahB says:

    @ #3 Velda: These guys are not really all that smart. They just know how to follow the rules that dictate that they need to support whatever corporation pays their salaries (directly or indirectly). There is a blitz right now of anti-alternative medicine and anti-real food “studies” like the meta analysys that says that ther eis no difference between organic food and conventional food or the even more recent “study” that says that fish oil is no good for you but fish is “though they don’t know why”. (Turns out the Stanford University anti organic food guy has ties to big tobacco). University scientists don’t only learn how to play the game (i.e. make a study come out in the favor of the company paying their salaries or giving boatloads of money to the university) but they also learn how to become supremely arrogant: “We know everything, therefore we say that gene switches are just junk and there is no use for them”. American scientists are especially arrogant as they refuse to acknowledge the validity of studies done in academic institutions in other countries. (Like all the studies done on aromatherapy in Europe but here in the U.S. it is still a kind of “candles and sandals” froo froo practice). I really don’t pay much attention to “studies” anymore.

  13. Bryan says:

    I do read some health news and papers.

    I find it interesting you mention rarely used life saving designs. “Each one of these man-made things exist because of careful foresight and planning.” I am afraid that I have to disagree about the foresight part in a lot of safety design. Much has come about through the outcry after disasters have occurred that hindsight showed should not have been or should never again be so harmful. I can only hope that the GMO outcry gets changes made before we humans once again have a “No duh!” “How did we miss that?” disaster to bring awareness of the general population (or a few key politicians–never underestimate the power of one politician who has some terrible thing happen to their child or spouse that happens to children every day around the world to finally get something accomplished.)

  14. Rhonda says:

    I so agree that our bodies were made with absolute perfection. If we care for them properly our bodies will take care of us. I think a lot of people don’t realize their power of lifestyle choices have on their health and longevity, but it is so true. Science and medicine are still operating from a small understanding of how the interworkings of our minds, physical and emotional bodies work.
    Great topic Kevin.

  15. Yvonne says:

    We are fearfully and wonderfully made to perfection by our Creator. It takes me more faith to believe that I evolved than to believe I was created for a purpose by a loving God who designed us.

  16. Chris says:

    I heard a comment awhile ago that “Scientific fact is merely the place where investigation has ceased”. Funny, how it’s also the place where someone has figured out how to make a few or many bucks from that being touted as fact. A lot more people today seem to be wise to that than in the late ’60s. There is hope that we will reach a tipping point to the good as more people are becoming aware of the horror that is our food supply. Keep up the good work, Kevin and everyone!

  17. tamarque says:

    Your post was a lot more polite than I would have been. Years ago as a Sociology student I learned to view a society as a collection of social institutions. I also learned that the economic institution is like the center of a wheel and that all other social institutions are developed, like spokes, to support whatever economic system is in operation. This is important in trying to understand the nature of science and its arrogance. Actually, I prefer the work hubris to define it.

    When you use this model of a wheel with its spokes it becomes clear why the education institution of a society is the handmaiden of the economy. In our case, it is capitalism.

    Unfortunately, our political institution is supposed to be a democracy, a system where the people are to be the rulers, the center and our needs and interests are to be first. I say unfortunately, because if the economy trumps government (our political institution), then democratic ideals, humanistic values and environmental concerns all get subjugated to capitalisms goals. And capitalism as a belief system has absolutely no humanistic interests. Quite the contrary. Capitalism believes it has the right to all resources whether they are human or mineral.

    Thus, we have this constant conflict between real independent information and what the corporations want you to accept which is to get you to buy their products and services no matter how wasteful and harmful. And now, once again, we are hearing this nonsense about organic foods or vitamins having no value.

  18. Helen says:

    Now I wonder if this is what Bruce Lipton was considering when he said there were external things controlling our DNA. Maybe this “junk” is reading our thoughts!

  19. aida suarez says:

    Hey Keven! Awesome conclusion! Mortals we are of course! But only the flesh will die. I have also spirit and soul and both will come back to God. That is my conviction… my love! Hey give my love to Anna Marie and the baby boy!

  20. Stephen says:

    AWESOME – scintillating article. Kevin, you need to know of a current aid that is EXTRMELY efficient in “tuning”
    thousands these gene switches….already validated by universities. Please contact me ASAP.

  21. ANNIE says:

    This discovery falls right in line to the book I recently finished reading: the Bringers of the Dawn” by Barbara Marciniak, where the Pleadians explain that humans originally had twelve (12) strands of DNA in our bodies, which were reduced to only two strands by entities wishing to control and manipulate the Human race!

    Page 16 – “The original human was a magnificent being whose twelve strands of DNA were contributed by a variety of sentient civilizations. When the new owners came in, they worked in their laboratories and created versions of humans with a different DNA-the two-stranded, double-helix DNA. They took the original DNA of the human species and disassembled it. The original DNA pattern was left within the human cells, yet it was not functional; it was split apart, unplugged.

    So, the fact that we STILL have all of the DNA patterns for the original twelve strands of DNA still in our body, but inoperable, explains how the scientists would have thought that it was “trash”.

    On the good note, in the book the Pleadians not only tell us that we have the power to, but exactly HOW to reconnect with those additional DNA strands!…I’m working on that process DAILY! 🙂

    Anyone who would like to receive and eBook of the “Bringers of the Dawn”, please contact me at with “EBOOK” as the subject!

  22. Hello says:

    I think scientists agree that people can live without certain organs like tonsils, appendices, gall bladders, not that they don’t have some kind of function. As for DNA, the fact that there are switches is not flash news. Flash news in science doesn’t mean they discovered it this second but the last number years. There are billions of base pairs. We get mutations all the time in our billions of DNA base pairs; if they were all required to function, we’d be in big trouble. Also, certain areas of the chromosome are more prone to errors and DNA changes during replication so it would be more favorable to have meaningless repeats of DNA in those areas.
    Of course scientists are human. They can only supposedly test one variable at a time through certain means to get some data. Then interpret the data. Then do some more experiments. Not to mention have enough funding. It’s a long and difficult process.

  23. EdenVegan says:

    I LOVE THIS! I knew this day would come. I remember when they said this mess – and reading up on their “experiements” -even on HUMANS to test these theories. No matter HOW MUCH we try to prove there is no Creator – intelligent LOVING design, we can do nothing but prove it.
    2 Corinthians 13:8 For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.

  24. Connie says:

    Truer words were never spoken like your words today! Thank you for your insight……I agree completely.

  25. Karen Beattie says:

    Chocolate, Coffee and other consumptions were thought to be bad for health Now thought good. Sugar is feeding the cancer cells and GMO is feeding the quantity without quality!Eating healthy is a science with food combining etc.

  26. Tatiana says:

    Replying to Helen’s comment, #19, about junk controlling our thoughts, I think that our thoughts and DNA work together. Anyone who has had success with Theta Healing would agree. It is an absolutely miraculous mehtod of healing which is connected to our Creator!

  27. A lot of interesting comments. “God” has let me and most of humanity down too many times for me to related to the “God” comments. I just want to express my respect for the scientific method. And to note that scarcity and our archaic monetary system creates the kinds of aberrant behavior mentioned above. But that shouldn’t tarnish the reputation of scientists who love working for the progress of humanity, and are not motivated by money. Some are actually working to abolish money, intelligently manage earth’s resources, and create abundance: a resource-based economy.

  28. zyxomma says:

    I always knew that DNA contained no junk! In fact, I thought of it as temporarily inactive DNA.

    The universe is conscious, and we creatures are a manifestation of that consciousness. (Of course, one could argue that there’s an awful lot of sleepwalking going on.)

    When I teach lymphasizing, it includes the word God. I explain that anyone who does not believe can use that word as an acronym for Generator, Operator, Destroyer: the electromagnetic principles across the entire universe.

    Health and peace.

  29. Patricia says:

    Nice.I like that.Nicely put Kevin.

  30. sandra frankel says:

    this article of yours is just such a delight.
    You should be out SPEAKING TO CROWDS. The world needs to hear your voice. You truly have a gift of no-nonsense LOGIC !!!!!

    While on the subject of the wisdom and perfection of the body, think I will throw in the issue of Vaccination. (!!!!!)

    Do you know of the site-
    All the latest research, really good books, shot by shot articles and research and some heart-renching personal stories.

    THINKTWICE.COM. website for the Global Vaccine Institute.
    check it out.


  31. Sally says:

    Sometimes I read their reports but always knowing they’re so far behind in knowing anything about truly caring for the amazing human body. As you say, the “All-Knowing” which created us DOES know, and that creative spirit lives within us, not just “out there”.

  32. Marie says:

    I like your new commentary format. It’s great. Keep it up.

  33. Debra says:

    YES!!!! Your comments are dead on KEVIN!!!!

  34. Margaret says:

    Thank you Kevin,

    It just proves that we have a creator who desinged us. We are each one important and made for a reason.

    I really enjoy your new articles, ke
    ep it up!


    The Creator – YAH has a master plan that has been in operation since the beginning. Don’t allow anyone to dumb you down because they don’t know and think that you don’t know either!!! THE CREATOR WORKS IN THE ABSOLUTE NOT THE RELATIVE. So be blessed knowing that THE CREATOR has set the perfect plan in motion to give us life everlasting so DON’T GET IN HIS WAY!!!

  36. Alicia says:

    I have always known I was perfectly designed but I thought I mist have been like “one if the Friday cars” as they say in the car factories, I am the one with most of the faults. Not been put together very smartly or by the fellow with “at home problems?
    It has been a very constant and extremely difficult thing to live with. Hoping that one of this extremely “Clever” people would sort it all out or even some of it for me.
    Never have I stopped looking myself for help, It is getting very late in the day but I have not given up.
    I will listen & read and hope you have some answer but I really have very complex problems that seem unable to be fixed separately

  37. Janet says:

    The Truth, the whole Truth and noting but the TRUTH!!!

  38. Tracie says:

    I just read about this on Natural News…and I thought the same thing. DUH! Thank you for saying it for me. 🙂

  39. Peter says:

    How very true! Among scientists there is a ton of “would be scientists” who are generally much louder and/or much cheaper than the real ones. They agressively spread their opinions which are too often seen by the general public as facts. Too often the only scientific part of a “scientific study” is the NLP used to present it.

    Some hundred years ago the German Kaiser condemned cars (just starting to develop) with the words that they would never be able to replace a horse carriage. I suppose he too had some kind of a scientific councelor of that period.

    Every period has them.

  40. Vee says:

    The next time you read something like this think and be greatful to how awsome our Creator is. No not the ‘big bang’–our Heavenly Creator–

  41. Tia says:

    LOVED this article Kevin!

  42. Bonnie Pickhardt says:

    Well said, Kevin! I so enjoy reading your remarks and learning so many tips. Thanks again.

  43. LynnCS says:

    Great observation, Kevin. Our creator gave us amazing bodies with the ability to adapt over time, but not as we expect it to. We do so much harm to our lovely gift. Speaking for myself. I try to be healthy, but fall short all the time. Tomorrow is another day. At least I get encouragement from sites like yours. Thanks, Lynn

  44. Fran W, says:

    OMG Touché about the ignorance (or should I say the narrowness) of many scientists and the ‘scientific way’!

  45. Gerry says:

    When four of my (yet to be six) siblings and I were children we made the front page of the newspaer because, on the advice of our doctor, we were all having our tonsils removed at the same time.
    In those days (I hope they are over), new medical knowledge dictated that humans were made with too many unnecessary organs so with the opportunity presented itself they did us and our parents a favor by removing them.
    The same with those unnecessary appendages called appendix.
    Take them out.
    And they did.
    Too little too late we learned God doesn’t make Junk and for everything there is a reason and a season.
    Now we must work with what we’ve got though somewhat impaired.
    We live and learn…

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