Mercury Fillings — Get Them Out Before They Get You : Exclusive Interview with Dr. Hal Huggins

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costa rica dental tourism
Not such a bad place to have a root canal, eh?

A few months back, I asked everyone who they wanted me to interview for the blog here…

We got a lot of responses that ranged from your favorite health heroes to Barack Obama to Homer Simpson.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to book the Prez, but I was able to book a guest that you guys asked for over 2 dozen times.

Dr. Hal Huggins.

Dr. Huggins is a pioneer in the natural dentistry space. He was talking about the dangers of mercury before it was cool.

In this first segment of our interview, we’ll cover why mercury is still being used in dentistry, how mercury creates havoc in your mouth, the scary type of bacteria that is found in mercury filled mouths, and how to replace fillings the right way.

This is an awesome interview, so be sure to catch this first portion as well as the next tomorrow!

Here’s where you can listen to Part 1 now (my written thoughts follow)…

Listen to Part 1 here:

hal huggins

Click the play button to start the call:


Here are my thoughts…

1. In 1840, the Dental Association argued about Mercury…

…And they’re still arguing about it now. Dr. Huggins explains that even in 1840 dentists were still on the fence about putting mercury into people’s mouths.

Back then, their vote was a tie — those who thought it was toxic and those who liked it because it was cheap.

2. The connection between metals and microbes.

Dr. Huggins has been working to determine if metals stimulate the spread of bacteria. He’s also done research that speculates metals cause certain bacteria to release toxins in the mouth.

If he’s correct, this means any metal in your mouth will cause the bacteria to turn up the release of substances that are toxic to the body.

3. Liability is huge, this why mercury is still in your mouth.

Imagine if millions of people found out that the ADA knew putting metals in your mouth were toxic?

It’s a huge liability for the Association and the dentists they represent.

The ADA has hung on to the “mercury is safe” position for so long because they know the uproar it would create if they even hinted at it being toxic.

It will remain this way until there’s enough time to transition into the composites that are being used much more often today.

4. What to replace mercury fillings with?

OK, so you have a filling, but what do you replace it with?

Dr. Huggins shares that 60% of plastic white fillings contain aluminum silicate. These also can release metal into your mouth and can be toxic.

There are certain blood tests that can determine how you will react to certain composites and help you find the right one for you — or at least one that your body can tolerate. This way you can safely exchange fillings and get the mercury out.

You can get a list of dentists who know how to remove fillings this way by calling Dr. Huggins’ office here: 1-866-948-4638.

6. Dental tourism is big in Central America.

When Ann and I visited Hacienda del Sol in Costa Rica, a woman was there fasting before some dental surgery she was getting in San Jose.

I asked her what the price difference was between getting the procedures done in the U.S. vs. Costa Rica.

When she told me it was 1/4 of the price, I was floored.

She also told me that they paid for her lodging at a hotel that was next to the medical offices.

To me it seemed like she was describing a weird, luxury/surgical vacation.

Even with the cost of her plane ticket, she still saved thousands of dollars.

I don’t have any experience with this facility — nor do I remember the name — but there are medical dentistry locations that are reputable in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama as Dr. Huggins mentioned.

If you do consider this, please be sure to carefully review your options and make an informed decision based on experience and reputation.

The last thing you need is to be sitting in a chair somewhere on Central American cattle farm being operated on by a guy who looks like he’s just been shoveling the manure. (LOL!)

That’s it for Part 1, stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow.

For more information on Dr. Hal Huggins and his work, please visit his site here.

Your Question of the Day: Do you have metal in your mouth? Did you have metal in your mouth and have it removed?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. darren says:

    i had mine taken out and it made my teeth weak and two teeth are now broken, the more work you do to your teeth the more damage you do to them. i would leave them alone!

  2. Diane says:

    Yep, got it all removed last year!

  3. Sara Rice says:

    So I don’t have mercury fillings however after incuring evidently 6 cavities as of last year after being cavity free til last year it was a bit of a shocker. I first thought the holistic dentist was scamming me but he showed how it was cavity. I got the composite filling but wasnt a big fan of that dentist and tried a traditional one last year who also found cavities and had all the high tech gear to display exactly which and the degree of cavity. He was insistent that he and other traditional dentists having used metal fillings in years and that their fillings are completely non-toxic and safe. But when I read Nadine Artemis’s book the supposed safe filling appears to have possible metals leaching in and such. That dentist had also noted the holistic doctors filling didnt seem to have stayed in tact very well. So now I’m totally confused where to go from here- and what dentist to see. I still have a few cavities to take care of.

  4. Rob says:

    Does Dr. Huggins have a nonprofit organization or recommend one that deals with raising awareness of this issue? I would like to donate to it.

  5. Tom says:

    Unfortunately Hal had his liscence revoked in the USA due to his beliefs. I am not saying he is wrong, more research is required to dtermine how much is hype and how much is real. Dentists have been exposed to this material more than patients and don’t seem to be suffering too badly. Removal of amalgam actually can increase your risk of Hg exposure and increased need for repeat treatment. Unfortunately there is no dentistry better than no dentistry.

  6. Laura Jaimes says:

    Of course I have and much! I live in Mexico and I’m tired too looking for a dentist that can remove it with due care and experience but nothing!I still have my mouth full of mercury! Someone who helps me!

  7. Gen says:

    That was so fascinating. Thank you so much. What does one do with root canals towards the front of the mouth? And what about implants? Are they any better? My dentist wants $3000 for one implant — out of my league.

  8. jota says:

    I had my two mercury fillings removed as a $2,200 birthday present to myself several years ago.

    I only had them in for about a year or two before having them replaced–one with a Cerac crown, the other with an inlay.

    The holistic dentist who performed the procedure used a vaccuum to remove vapors as he drilled and gave me an alternate breathing source during the procedure.

    If you want to have it done, it’s important to follow the correct protocol for removing the mercury fillings otherwise you can end up with high mercury exposure. More info is available at

    My traditional dentist treated me like a nutball when I wanted them to replace the fillings and refused to do so, so be prepared to go elsewhere and pay for it to be done the right way. Your mouth, your choice.

  9. Gil says:

    this is a topic of interest for me. for i have a few amalgam fillings in my mouth. and i am concerned with it’s effects on my health. i have heard from different sources different view on the subject in regard to it’s safety.
    i think that good research involves looking at both sides of the story.

    here is are a couple links that suggest that the claims of the dangers of amalgam fillings are bad science:

    hope this contributes to your critical thinking skills.

    like i say, i don’t know what the truth is on this matter.

    peace out!

  10. jane says:

    Half my teeth are crowns! The dentist who put in the first 6 crowns (top front) also caused my jaw to dislocate which was not operated on for almost two years. This damaged my lower teeth causing 4 lower teeth to need to be crowned (I used a bite plate over them for about ten years). So now that is now ten crowns and ten real teeth. Not so long after the lower back teeth including mercury fillings, were removed I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I used the power of positive thought to overcome those symptoms most of the time and going raw vegan nine years ago has helped further. Slipping back into slightly more cooked foods, a little bread cooked veg etc (still no animal products I wouldn’t want the 25 years of arthritis to come back!) I have now been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. So back to raw vegan for ever now. I feel better but still have a swiss cheese brain. I live in the uk. What shall I do?

  11. Bryan says:

    Wow. I started to get these fillings when I was 4yrs old. When I was 16 every molar had a filling if not more than one and the dentist I had said they were leaking (bacteria was getting underneath them) so they just drilled them out (That was 1983) and even under gas, I could feel chunks flying around in my mouth…no dental dam even. 🙁 By virtue of my teeth getting worse, most of my mercury molars have been replaced with crowns. Most have gold under them, but no telling what alloy of gold. I also have three root canals. I feel blessed to be as healthy as I am considering what Dr. Huggins has shared so far. I hope the good Dr. has a light to shine at the end of this tunnel, as it seems once decay starts, the choice is always between two evils with no good coming of the repairs anyway. dang 🙁

  12. eyla says:


    Have you ever checkod out kate magics member site;

    She has interviews with some amazing u.k. based alternative and integrative practitioners, there might be one of them who could shed some light on things for you…

  13. Sarah R says:

    I have MS and got my fillings out due to this. There are two great links I would like to share. One is a non-profit DAMS and they have an information pack and they will also help you find a holistic dentist in your area to take them out. Their website is:

    I found my dentist through them. They also had a list of customer review of each dentist when I called. It was very helpful. Removing my amalgams holistically did not cost nearly what some have posted. It cost around $220 per tooth and they followed all the procedures such as having a dam, separate air supply for the patient and doctor, high vacuum, detox protocol and refilling them with composites. You shouldn’t have to pay a thousand per tooth. Shop around and use DAMS as a resource to find a good holistic dentist.

    And check out the University of Calgary’s research into this (How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Damage):

  14. Julia says:

    To Jane, number 10 above, look into the GAPS diet. Get the GAPS book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.

    To Darren, number 1 above: That’s exactly what I’m concerned about in removing mine. I have 4 large amalgams and not sure whether to remove or not. If I do remove, I need to strengthen my immune system and own detox system better. I’m on the GAPS diet and it’s recommended to be on the GAPS diet for at least 6 months prior to removing amalgams as you will strengthen your own body’s detox system. I had bought Dr. Huggin’s book just a few weeks ago and was disappointed it didn’t give more info on the HOW TO safely prep to remove amalgams. There’s also the issue of what to replace them with, especially if the amalgam is so large and can break your teeth if you have it removed. So what is one to do?!I don’t think the blood test that tells you what your immune test can “tolerate” is safe because our system evolves/changes with time and my immune system today will not be the same 20 years from now as I age.

  15. Michelle says:

    yep, my original dentist treated me as a “nut ball” too. I proceeded to find a different dentist who removed them all in 4-5 appointments using a vacuum to remove the vapors during the procedure, AND insisted (or he wouldn’t do it) that I leave every appointment and drive 40 miles away (he was already 30ish miles away) to have chelation done immediately following each procedure. That was about 5 years ago…my mouth was full of them! Not sure what he put in though…..

  16. Jeni says:

    Hi Kev

    I have had 3 fillings removed over the last few yrs and now I am finally mercury free. My gums know it as well.

    I never had receding gums or ultra sensitve gums as I used a lot of dr schulzes tooth and gum formula to get rid of that while I was ill (with CFS and my gums were bleeding then) and I took refined sugars out of my diet.

    I still got sore gums and had check ups and no dentist could tell me why,- so I read up a few things and just came to the conclusion that the mercury was/had been letting off metal into my mouth but this would not show up on any test or visual check by any dentist.

    I decided to get rid of 1 filling on one side of my mouth and this took about 1 yr for the soreness to go down. even though I took some Zeolite powders and liquid, then did a bit of oil swishing and eventually it did go away.

    I did this for the other side and sure enough after 1yr or so the soreness that had plaged me for so long did go away. I now wonder if this was the bacteria that this dentist is talking about?? and the effect it was having on my system.
    My CFS has been better and more stabilised in the last few yrs. cant be sure if the mercury was to blame but wished I did this earlier so that maybe my left side could have escaped the perminant greyness I now have on 1 tooth.

    IF anyone goes down this root (no pun intended) then give your body a lot of time to adjust.


  17. satori says:

    I’m totally confused about this as well. I visited “holistic” dentist the other day and he basically recommended amalgam!!!!!

    Now that was shocking, but basically what he said was that no dental filling is perfect.

    Plastic composite will shrink after filled in so you would get a cavity from the gap over and over again. That’s how many people lose their teeth. (it’s hard to prevent this type of cavity because it develops under the filling)

    With ceramics, a dentist has to shave your natural teeth the most to glue it securely on your teeth.

    Metal fillings especially amalgam have very bad reputation and they are bad for health for sure, but none of other fillings are perfect either for our oral health.

    He said it’s up to me to decide what I want to do with my teeth. I’m super confused right now. I do have cavities and they are all under my plastic fillings….I need to educate myself a lot more before any dental work.

  18. Lori says:

    Just finished my amalgam removal two weeks ago. I had to travel 90 minutes one way to the dentist, my local dentist was not supportive. This dentist used the rubber dam, vac, oxygen and water during removal. I drank a charcoal slurry before the procedure. It took me 2 years to complete the work. I needed several crowns so I chose all porcelan crowns, they look beautiful! Currently I am doing a heavy metal detox through Dr. Mercola’s clinic, fwhich will take two months. I am very happy to be mercury free!

  19. deb says:

    I used to have a mouthful of amalgams. The first sign of trouble was when one tooth developed “internal resorption”. This meant that my immune system was attacking the internal structure of a mercury-saturated tooth. This was treated with a root canal and a nickel crown. Then my health went downhill. I was very ill for many years. I’ll describe it as chronic fatigue syndrome with candidiasis. Pig-headed docs said it was “All In Your Head”. Of course that’s the name of Dr Huggins’ book. There was so much electric activity in my mouth that I developed mercury tattoos on my gums. Some of my teeth also were stained the color of mercury.

    I eventually had all the amalgams removed. Most were too big for composite replacement. So I got a mix of ceramic onlays, inlays, and crowns. I eventually removed 2 root canal teeth and got bridges made with high-noble metals.

    A few days after my last amalgam came out, I got a hint of energy coming back. Then I went for chelation. At the time, they only had EDTA for chelation. The EDTA picked up nickel, aluminum, and arsenic, but not much mercury. I now know EDTA is a very poor chelator of mercury.

    Years later, I developed a small melanoma. I had it excised. Then I went to a holistic doc for secondary prevention. He suspected I was still mercury toxic. A challenge with DMPS showed my mercury level was off the chart. The doc linked the melanoma to years of heavy metal toxicity and low vitamin D status. 4 years later, I still go monthly for chelation with EDTA and DMPS. I still have mercury and lead come out with each treatment. The mercury tattoos are fading. My body temperature finally came up to normal. My blood pressure came down to normal.

    Remember that mercury inhibits your production of glutathione. Without glutathione, your body cannot detox. You become a toxic waste dump like me.

    Anyone with autoimmune disease should have their amalgams removed and be tested for heavy metals. Unfortunately, most docs do not know how to do a VALID test for heavy metals. Blood tests are not valid tests of body burden. Find a doc at .

  20. Sally Garber says:

    Do you all know that every tooth is connected to an organ and/or parts of the body? At our center we just had Open House tonight and watched my DVD documentary called “Mercury Undercover”. It’s such a shame how we’ve been poisoned by mercury in many ways, but putting it in our mouths close to our brains is the ultimate medical crime! It spews out every time we chew and drink hot drinks!
    The FDA even handpicked researchers to look into it and was urgently told they must keep mercury out of children and pregnant women, but they’re still “sitting” on what their own scientists found critical to be necessary dental practice. Yet military personnel, even pregnant military women, still get cheap “silver”/mercery fillings, along with most Native Americans and those getting dental assistance. Oh well, follow the money and the politics at the top and you understand, yet I find it so hard to understand how people can be so callous and uncaring. I mean these people are supposed to be looking out for us! I guess that’s the joke of the last 150 years since the ADA came to power and so-called silver (mercury) fillings became “OK”.
    I’m so thankful all my mercury is out, thanks to Dr Michael Baylin,Integrative Dentistry, outskirts of Baltimore, Md. I just heard of a lady dentist near Hershey, Pa. who’s so passionate about getting mercury out that she does it very inexpensively, but I haven’t checked her out. Therefore I won’t share her name until I know more about her.

  21. hyesun says:

    i love dr. huggins! i didn’t have time to listen to the interview now, but i heard him speak a few years ago, and i’ve also heard many interviews with him on the patrick timpone show. hearing him speak inspired me to get the whole dental revision – amalgams and root canals removed and cavitations cleaned. so i went to a huggins trained dentist, dr. stuart nunnally, in marble falls, texas, a little over 2 years ago and did the whole thing. afterwards i felt like a truck hit me, and it took a long time to recover, but i’m getting better. i’m so glad i did it – don’t know if he talked about root canals and oral pathology in general being connected to cancer and other diseases.

  22. tasha schoen says:

    In my search for a “holistic” dentist I finally found two who fit the criteria. One dentists’
    fees were 1/2 the cost of the others. However last Monday while he was removing my ill fitting crowns a horrendous infection flared up and even with a valium, nitous oxide and septocaine I was in utter agony. He decided to delay removing the rest as it was simply too traumatic and said he was going to call in his colleague for the following week to complete the job. I’m concerned now about what material will be used to fill in the root canal . I was told to take 500 mlg of amoxocillan 3x a day. this weakened me so much I could barely function. At the most I’ve taken 250 mlg 2x a day. I already have stage 4 cancer and feel that I cannot afford to compromise my immune system. any suggestions?
    I can be reached at 213 -9087057

    thank you in advance…
    “Tasha” professional name is Arlene Martel

  23. kathy says:

    After years of suffering with a mild sore throat and a poor immune system, I removed the mercury fillings (4) from my molars and the sore throat disappeared and my immune system got so much stronger. I was a skeptic initially but had heard Hal Huggins speak and since I had the money and time I went for it. Unfortunately, when they drilled out the mercury in one molar, it was so deep that they ended up killing the root. I chose to have the tooth removed since it was a back molar and I didn’t want a root canal. I used a oral surgeon who also removed the ligament which is important I guess. I missed the tooth for 2 months – now I don’t even notice. A healthy diet and baking soda instead of toothpaste has kept my 57 year old mouth perfect. Also, my daughter had several small cavities and remineralized her teeth with an improved diet and non-glycerin toothpaste. A year later the dentist said no cavities (although the staining remained.)

    • Theresa Siri says:

      I have sore throat many years too, my is worse in the morning I wake up with inflamed sore throat every morning and certain foods and drinks make it worse, is this what happened to you? desperate to get my throat fixed thanks Theresa

  24. Cali_Newbie says:

    Does anyone know what filling material is safe. I’ve been reading MSDAs for composites and they are not safe either. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

  25. sue says:

    I had mine removed as a preventative, wished i hadn’t, i’ve had 2 teeth crack since and more problems, if it aint broke, don’t fix it. unless you are seriously ill, but i was fine. And it costs big bucks too.

  26. sue says:

    i so agree with darren No.1 on the comments. Still having trouble, had all my amalgams in primary school, am 42 now. never had a problem with my teeth or another filling until i had my amalgams out. i wish i had read the side effects of having them removed before i did. There’s pros and cons to everything people!

  27. Sue says:

    @Jane–Have you ever been checked for Lyme disease? It can mimic MS and autoimmune disorders.
    I had all of my mercury fillings removed 2 years ago by a holistic dentist in Halifax, PA. He used a rubber dam, oxygen and had me drink charcoal before the procedure. I’m very happy to be mercury free.

  28. Kurt says:

    As a youth I developed several cavities and received mercury fillings. 50 years later, after one had to be replaced with a crown because of erosion and a tooth crack, I had the remaining three removed and replaced with composites. The dentist used the techniques Sarah R (#13) described except for no detox. I had no reaction to the removal, but I had been using Lugol’s iodine/iodide for several years at 12 mg/day. Iodine removes heavy metals. See

    Big influences in my choice to remove them were a couple of clear, systematic and authoritative videos:

    * Smoking Teeth = Poison Gas

    * Brain Neuron Degeneration via Mercury

  29. Renee says:

    Kevin, thanks for interviewing Dr. Huggins! What a great interview! I’m a Nutrition Counselor and I work in a Holistic/Biological Dental practice. The results we see after removing mercury fillings and root canals is truly amazing and we are so appreciative of all the hard work Dr. Huggins has put in to help spread the word. I hope more people can be exposed to this information to improve their overall health forever!

  30. Marisa says:


    Yes, I believe Dr. Huggins has a 501-C3 Non-profit which allows him to receive money for research. You can call his office to confirm: 866-948-4638. He is the only one doing DNA Research on dental materials. Thanks for your support!!

  31. Mary Harris says:

    I had them removed in Scranton Pa at Dr Blanche Grube certified in Huggins protocol in 2006. Had no problems. If anyone would like her number I can provide it. Mary

  32. Dee says:

    I still have 4 in my upper molars. Got the last 2 on the bottom removed last year.

    I had a bad experience years ago when I got one of my old fillings removed, as they did not take any special precautions.

  33. angela says:

    I had two very large amalgram back molar fillings removed a few weeks ago. I’m about to have a heavy metals challenge test done. The holistic doctor will use edta by iv and then a couple capsules of dmsa. If the test shows metals than I will have chelation done. I’m taking chlorella, cilantro, and charcoal now. I also take some detox supplements and teas occasionally and many supplements. My vitamin A, D, and ferritin levels are very low. I drink alkaline water, try to limit sugar intake to as low as possible, and eat alkaline foods as much as possible. I eat limited or small amounts of fruit as it is high in sugar and try to aim for more vegetables either raw or lightly steamed. I have had health issues for a year now and noone (tons of doctors and therapists) could not put their finger on what was wrong. I got anti-depressants given to me along with anti-anxiety medication, and sleeping meds. That junk made me sick as a dog. I will never take any of that trash (sorry that is what is was to me) again. It may help some but it all just made me far worse. I’ve felt so much better just since having the amalgrams removed but not 100% yet. I can sleep in peace now, I had gut wrenching insomnia. It was awful and could hardly function because of it. I went for months night after night on 1-3 hours of broken sleep a night while trying to raise a 2 year old. Couldn’t take naps during the day either, it was so strange. I felt so ill. Thought I was not gong to make it through. I am better now with taking many supplements, getting amalgrams removed, and moving to another location, (I also had mold in my prior home which I’m sure surmounted some of my health issues). But, bottom line, get those filling out (safely), they are poison.

  34. KC says:

    I had never had a filling in my permanent teeth when a dentist told me that I needed one. I decided to get a second opinion which I know is unusual for a simple filling, but I am glad I did. The second dentist said that I didn’t need it and even if someone told him him he must fill a tooth he said he would not have picked the one the first dentist wanted to fill. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion!

  35. Nicole - Australia says:

    I have had terrible mental health over the last few years, lots of tests showed nothing!!! Anyway, I thought i would check out my amalgam fillings from a holistic dentist one of them mesured 70 (not sure what? but it was out of 100) & several others that where lower. I was going to book in with him to get it out when at the end of my consult they gave me a goody bag with Colgate! so I didnt go back, & I am now waiting for an appointment in June (2 month waiting list) with another one. Hope it goes well as I want them out. Its so hard to find a true holistic dentist. My conventional dentist wont touch them if there is “no need”.

  36. Edd says:

    It is conspicuous that Dr. Huggins, and no one else I have heard on this matter, mention implants. Anyone with info on this?

  37. Fen says:

    I had 9 amalgam fillings replaced early this year, over a course of 2 months, one large or 2 small every week. I consulted a homeopathic doctor who is very passionate about mercury poisoning from dental amalgams and started me on heavy metal detox one week prior to my first dental appointment right up until one week after my last appointment. And he recommended a dentist who works hand on hand with him. Luckily the dentist is in the city.
    A friend of mine, knowing the dangers of mercury poisoning from dental amalgam, went to get them all removed without concurrent detox/chelation therapy and suffered mercury poisoning with very bad headaches and eczema for months. She’s better now that she’s gone through the heavy metal detox program with the homeopathic doctor.

    Word of advice, if you want to replace your amalgam fillings, firstly make sure your dentist is supportive and uses the special rubber dam and vacuum suction. Secondly, you need to do concurrent heavy metal detox.

    I live in Malaysia and I didn’t think I could get this done as most dentists here go by the book, therefore I’m truly thankful.

  38. Alice says:

    Thanks Kevin for all the health news. Had all my amalgams removed about 10 years ago, when there was not much on the net and I could not find a holistic dentist. We only have a few now in Perth Australia. I had a “regular” dentist to remove them (about 3) and that was a mistake. No dam, no oxygen etc. Health problems since about then. Also I had a deep root canal that eventually got infected and I had taken out. However what was not covered in the interviews part 1 and 2 was cavitations not cavities – like “gangrene” of the jaw bone caused from such things as dental “trauma” to the bone – deep root canals and even fillings. Has anyone got any comments on that? Mad about natural health – Alice

  39. This interview was invaluable, thank you so much for this information. It has been on my mind to do this for years.

    I’m in Eastern Europe but recently visited Costa Rica with hopes to get them out while there, but I found out during my trip about preparing the body for removal, so I postponed.

    Now I’m moving from Bulgaria & considering the removal but want to prepare my body in the best possible way both before & after (diet, chelation, supplements, fasting/juicing, all of it)

    I’d LOVE to see a follow-up piece on how to best prepare & recover your body when going through this process!! I bet everyone would! Thanks again for this great interview!

  40. Patsy says:

    For those who are interested in more imformation. Here are a few links for your research.
    Dr Yolanda Cintron
    Here’s an interview of her by Robert Scott Bell
    Here’s an interesting article about natural remineralizing
    More info
    Hope this helps. I too have 7 or 8 amalgums and many root canals and crowns and missing teeth. I have been searching for many years for cost effective removal to no avail. The last estimate I got was $20,000.

  41. roni says:

    i live in Costa Rica where I own and operate a private retreat on an organic farm, way in the boonies. Many of my guests are here for the “dental vacation” – where they go to a dentist for procedures that would be prohibitive in the US, and have enough time and money left over to have a nice vacation in between office visits.

    The doctors here are definitely not third world – many are trained in the US and Western Europe, and the facilities are state of the art. Most are in and around San Jose, but you can find excellent dentists everywhere in the country. And depending on the amount of work needed, some do offer lodging as well.

    Here is my own personal example – my teeth are in pretty good shape (I had my mercury removed by Dr. Huggins years ago) but I needed a bridge. In the Us, it would have cost over $3,000. I found a doctor who did the work for $500, and after a little adjustment, it has worked great. I also had a reconstruction on a broken baby tooth – something that would have been over $1000 in the US – this cost me $150 here…

    Costa Rica has a LOT to offer in so many ways.
    Not a day goes by when I am not grateful to be out of the empire.

  42. Years ago, I had all of my amalgums removed in several sessions by my local conventional dentists. I was very lucky that they used the proper protical in removal using dams, vacumns with water, and oxygen masks, but without detox. They then filled my teeth with composites, crowns, and inlay. One of my teeth that was crowned had cracked a little from the amalgum. I noticed improvement in heealth shortly afterwards even without change in diet.

  43. Azahar says:

    Post 37. Hi Fen. Can you give me the info on the homeopathic dr that you consulted. I’m also frm Malaysia and would very much like to get in touch with the dr. You can send the info to my email at Thanks.

  44. clady says:

    Be very very careful when making your decision re your teeth. There is a lot of over blown fear mongering in this area of health and it is important to remember that YOU are an INDIVIDUAL and silver fillings may agree with you far more than the composites!

    The so called mercury fillings are only 3% mercury, about 55% silver and then a couple other metals. I personally asked the dentist if I could see the product’s ingredient list and I saw with my own eyes what is in it. Only 3% mercury. So don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. They are trying to scare you.

    Also, I have had both and the composite ones are a disaster in my mouth. More tooth has to be removed, they invariably leak and decay gets under them that is nigh impossible to see until it is far along. It is well known that the material itself causes bacteria to adhere to it and thus causes more decay in the tooth next to it. Besides which, the composites are estrogen antagonists. Not to mention the chemicals that must be used to prep and glue.

    Just be careful and know that what works for one won’t work for another. Many people of past generations had silver fillings in their mouths for 50 or more yrs with no ill effects. If I were to worry, I would be more concerned about all the man-made chemicals we are exposed to every day in plastics, pesticides, herbicides, clothing, etc….

  45. It’s unfair that my several of my teeth have broken off to the route, because of Mercury fillings. I don’t think that I should have to pay for repairs for an issue that I paid for a dentist to repair in the first place. I feel that the maker of these fillings or whomever has a part in the development of it, should be responsible for the repairs. What can I do about this issue? I don’t have any dental insurance.

  46. JA Swanick says:

    Two weeks ago I went to Mexico for a root canal and then gum surgery to extend available root for later crown on my upper last back tooth #15 on my left. This tooth is still tender to touch by tongue. I cannot see it to double
    check if self desolving stitches did hold after day of surgery when knot on one side of stitches came undone.

    I wonder if there is anything I can do to assist in healing this tenderness. I go back to MX on Tues for follow up by the root canal specialist. Any comments sent to my email address at would be appreciated.
    Thank you,

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