Mercury Fillings — Get Them Out Before They Get You : Exclusive Interview with Dr. Hal Huggins

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Not such a bad place to have a root canal, eh?

A few months back, I asked everyone who they wanted me to interview for the blog here…

We got a lot of responses that ranged from your favorite health heroes to Barack Obama to Homer Simpson.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to book the Prez, but I was able to book a guest that you guys asked for over 2 dozen times.

Dr. Hal Huggins.

Dr. Huggins is a pioneer in the natural dentistry space. He was talking about the dangers of mercury before it was cool.

In this first segment of our interview, we’ll cover why mercury is still being used in dentistry, how mercury creates havoc in your mouth, the scary type of bacteria that is found in mercury filled mouths, and how to replace fillings the right way.

This is an awesome interview, so be sure to catch this first portion as well as the next tomorrow!

Here’s where you can listen to Part 1 now (my written thoughts follow)…

Listen to Part 1 here:

hal huggins

Click the play button to start the call:


Here are my thoughts…

1. In 1840, the Dental Association argued about Mercury…

…And they’re still arguing about it now. Dr. Huggins explains that even in 1840 dentists were still on the fence about putting mercury into people’s mouths.

Back then, their vote was a tie — those who thought it was toxic and those who liked it because it was cheap.

2. The connection between metals and microbes.

Dr. Huggins has been working to determine if metals stimulate the spread of bacteria. He’s also done research that speculates metals cause certain bacteria to release toxins in the mouth.

If he’s correct, this means any metal in your mouth will cause the bacteria to turn up the release of substances that are toxic to the body.

3. Liability is huge, this why mercury is still in your mouth.

Imagine if millions of people found out that the ADA knew putting metals in your mouth were toxic?

It’s a huge liability for the Association and the dentists they represent.

The ADA has hung on to the “mercury is safe” position for so long because they know the uproar it would create if they even hinted at it being toxic.

It will remain this way until there’s enough time to transition into the composites that are being used much more often today.

4. What to replace mercury fillings with?

OK, so you have a filling, but what do you replace it with?

Dr. Huggins shares that 60% of plastic white fillings contain aluminum silicate. These also can release metal into your mouth and can be toxic.

There are certain blood tests that can determine how you will react to certain composites and help you find the right one for you — or at least one that your body can tolerate. This way you can safely exchange fillings and get the mercury out.

You can get a list of dentists who know how to remove fillings this way by calling Dr. Huggins’ office here: 1-866-948-4638.

6. Dental tourism is big in Central America.

When Ann and I visited Hacienda del Sol in Costa Rica, a woman was there fasting before some dental surgery she was getting in San Jose.

I asked her what the price difference was between getting the procedures done in the U.S. vs. Costa Rica.

When she told me it was 1/4 of the price, I was floored.

She also told me that they paid for her lodging at a hotel that was next to the medical offices.

To me it seemed like she was describing a weird, luxury/surgical vacation.

Even with the cost of her plane ticket, she still saved thousands of dollars.

I don’t have any experience with this facility — nor do I remember the name — but there are medical dentistry locations that are reputable in Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama as Dr. Huggins mentioned.

If you do consider this, please be sure to carefully review your options and make an informed decision based on experience and reputation.

The last thing you need is to be sitting in a chair somewhere on Central American cattle farm being operated on by a guy who looks like he’s just been shoveling the manure. (LOL!)

That’s it for Part 1, stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow.

For more information on Dr. Hal Huggins and his work, please visit his site here.

Your Question of the Day: Do you have metal in your mouth? Did you have metal in your mouth and have it removed?

Live Awesome!

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