renegade health new site
Here’s a sneak peak of the new site, but it’s just not ready yet. Read on to find out why…

It’s been since July 2011…

We’ve been through 12 months of ups and downs, had a complete management meltdown, started a rebuilding process, had some awesome growth with Ann’s skin care line and, personally, are now expecting our first child.

All these things, but it’s been almost a year and this one particular task hasn’t been completed yet — it still sits on my To-Do list taunting me as much as black ink can.

It’s almost shameful, because it’s really kind of easy to do.

The task?

A logo and slogan for the new Renegade Health website.

As I’ve mentioned before, the new site is coming soon. In fact, it’s been ready since March — better search, better navigation, easier categories, completely revamped coaching / inner circle — everything is ready to go. The only thing missing?

A simple logo.

Businesses make new logos all the time. I just saw a company come out with an awesome new logo a few months ago and when I did, it was like a blow to the back of the head.

“Why couldn’t I get my crap together to get this done? I just need a logo and then we can release the new site — everyone will be happy.”

My only guess is that I haven’t completed it because a logo seems so permanent. But that shouldn’t have stopped me at all. Things can always change. I’ve lived by that mantra. I could change the logo if I didn’t like it in a year or so.

You’d forgive me right?

The Best Question Ever Asked

So last night, I was talking to Suzanne our designer.

We went back and forth for at least 30 minutes — brainstormed ideas, slogans, works, definitions, images (we even looked images for “Renegade” and on both of our searches the picture of my epic mullet came up. Maybe it does for you too. If not, don’t worry, it’s right here.)

Nothing felt right (and definitely not the mullet.)

Until Suzanne asked me a question that I should have asked myself months ago. (This is why it’s smart to hang out with people more intelligent than you are…)

“Why don’t you ask the readers what they think of when they come to the site?”

Of course…

By letting you tell us what you think and feel, we’d probably be able to come up with a logo that is a perfect representation by collaboration. One that captures what our team thinks “Renegade Health” is and what you experience when you’re here — which ultimately is most important.

So, here’s what we decided to do…

I want to make this as easy as possible for you, since I know you have limited time. I also wanted to give you a little extra incentive, if you decided to give us a little more time.

Simply, I’m really only asking for two things — literally two words — for you to share in the comments below (three things including the optional contest.)

Here’s the first one…

1. To help us get an idea of what you think about us, please share one word that comes to mind when you think of “Renegade Health.”

I don’t want to cloud your mind with our own suggestions, so completely irrelevant examples would be “gregarious,” “meatloafy,” or “ambidextrous.”

The second one…

2. Please share (if there is one) a thing that you feel represents “Renegade Health” pretty well.

Again, not to cloud your mind, things like “I think of a gorilla.” Or, “Bungee cord,” — would be really bad examples.

Finally, your chance to get $150 worth of Renegade Health funness (yep, not a word)…

3. OPTIONAL: If you really want to play with us and get a chance to win $150 worth of Renegade Health products, then leave a short 2-4 word slogan that would sum up what Renegade Health is to you. If we pick your slogan (you can leave as many as you like), we’ll give you a fun bundle of goodies from our store — $150 worth of whatever you want!

Some equally inappropriate examples of this would be “Have it Your Way” or “Eat Fresh.” (Can you guess who’s slogans those are?)

So that’s the mission. Simple. Quick. And extremely helpful for all of us. The sooner we get a clue, the faster the new site comes up!

I thank you in advance for your help and collaboration. 🙂

Go ahead and post away!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Lance says:

    1) Awesome, Fresh, Fun & Insightful (went overboard there, sorry!)

    2) Transparency and honesty about health matters

    3) “The Healthy Genius”

    Great idea! Look forward to seeing what everyone else writes 🙂

  2. Harriet Lutrin says:

    Healthy Wealth or Wealthy Health

  3. Amzad Chowdhury says:

    1) One word: Balance

    2) Indigenous People

    3)Renegade health is ultimate health

  4. Tracy Nie says:

    1. Informative

    2. Well Researched

    3. Renegade Health – Everything Mainstream isn’t, but should be

    Renegade Health – Trailblazing the way to better health

    Renegade Health – Helping people live the way we were meant to

  5. 1 word about renegade health – fun. You have such a fresh and real approach, and you guys are always smiling.

    Just as I said above, renegade health is truthful and I feel as if I can trust what you say, because it’s non biased.

    Slogan – Real. Health. Info.
    Truthful and Real Health info

    I can’t wait for your new site!

  6. Brianna says:

    First word: Revolution

    Second word: I think of smiling, vibrant, people when I come to renegade health.


    Renegade Health: create your health revolution

    Renegade Health: a health revolution

    Renegade Health: revolutionize your health

    Renegade Health: Your health revolution solution

    Renegade Health: the solution to your health revolution

    Renegade Health: Revolutionize. Heal. Live.

  7. Doreen Schneider says:

    A slogan for your site

    When I think of renegade, I think of ‘daring to be different’; in other words, daring to be the best foods being offered anywhere.

  8. Patricia Watson says:

    Words that I think of about this site:
    Top quality


    “Tried and true”
    “Bringing you the best” or “Bringing the best to you”
    “Bringing health to you”
    “Only the best”
    “Health in action”
    “We find, you benefit”
    “The pinnacle of health”
    “Top quality health products”

  9. Tino says:

    1) Open minded

    2) Nexus of health information

    3) Open minded unbiased health news in a digestible format

  10. Zarrin Leff says:


    The American Dream of raw foods sales and education.

    Independent, thoughtful advice based on raw food nutrition.

  11. kc says:

    1. honest
    2. good value and REAL products
    3. The real deal

  12. John Morrow says:

    a better you.
    Health’s Oasis.
    feel good about food.
    get healthy!
    fuel for health
    a catalyst for change
    real food for health
    a better choice for health
    feel good! – I like this one the best

  13. Don says:

    Renegade Health: cutting edge health

  14. Deborah says:

    1) Caring
    2) Sharing
    3) It’s Your Health, Right?

    Can’t wait to see the new site…

  15. Heather says:

    Progressively Explorative – Consciously Health minded. (Explorative is in my dictionary)

    Progressive Investigative Salubrity 🙂
    Salubrious Body, Mind and Soul.

    Salubrity at its best!

  16. Velda says:

    WOW, the first word I think of when I think of Renegade Health is “caring” and also “sincere”. What represents Renegade Health to me is integrity and honesty and, again, caring.

    I wish I were a good “slogan thinker upper”, but I’m not. Kevin, you and Annmarie and so special and unique that it would be difficult to put that in a slogan. Or, maybe those are words you could use ….. “special and unique”. That’s the way I think of you!!

  17. Abakash says:

    When I think of Renegade Health, the 2 words that come to me are – Raw & Joy

    Slogan #1 – Have some joy going raw
    #2 – Health is joy – raw is health
    #3 – Life is joy – Raw is life
    #4 – Raw life – Raw Joy

    All the best

  18. Naty Howard says:

    Renegade health: Optimize your life and lead the way!

  19. Diane LaPlant says:

    1. source, resource

    2. well-rounded, well-researched health information that represents various points of view

    3. Information Inspiration!

  20. Nate says:

    1) Refreshing

    2) A fresh leaf

    3) “Helpfully Healthy”

  21. Moira says:

    Plethora of information.

    Open Doorway to Health.

  22. Naty Howard says:

    Or may be
    renegade Health: empower your life and lead the way!

  23. Kyla says:

    1. open, honest, unbias, well rounded, new, fresh, fearless but humble.

    2. I see…an apple wearing sunglasses… because you’re healthy, and your the coolest on the block, but in an unpretentious kind of way, because you probably don’t even realize how cool you are. Something that’s healthy and cutting edge.

    3. “Refreshing outlook on healthy living”

  24. Christine says:

    Universal, reputable health stategies
    Sustainable Health for a Green Life

  25. Nate says:


    Either -> 1) Real Raw Health
    2) Real. Raw. Health
    3) Healthy. Helpful. Raw.

  26. I think of you as “forward thinking”…. You are “Rebels with a cause!”

  27. Bobbie Jo says:

    1) upbeat!

    2) Nutritional Nirvana

    3) Health Solutions That Work
    Vibrant Health Can Be Yours

  28. Darlene Santano says:

    One word – insightful
    Unbiased, taking in all points of view on the raw food revolution!
    Slogan: The Raw Deal or Raw Deal, Real information!

  29. Dana Naylor says:

    1) Revolutionary

    2) Yin/ Yang symbol (representing a balanced and complimentary approach)

    3) Evolving Health..Taking your knowledge to the next level!

  30. Elena says:

    1) reliable

    2) honest, open-minded health information (transparent,too) 😉

    3) ” Thought quenching health news”

    “Healthy news, naturally”

    “your source for honest health information”

    “helping folks thrive, naturally”

    “Health info you can trust”

    “Always learning and growing”

    “Honest source for health seekers”

    “Serving honest health news”

    “Dedicated to your health”

    I could go on, but I should stop. I love your honesty,and the broad range of perspectives and information you gather and share. Thank you for all that you do.

  31. Innovative & Raw
    Cutting Edge at it’s Best
    Raw at it’s Best

  32. Marlene says:

    When I think of Renegade Health, the two words that come to mind are pure and organic

    Slogan #1: purely organic
    #2: pure joy
    #3: joyfully pure

  33. Faith Minier says:

    1. Intelligent/Researched
    2. Concise (I appreciate this!)
    3. Health Information
    4. w/Integrity

  34. 1.) Rebel

    I think of a “renegade” as a rebel, someone who goes against the grain and finds their own path.

    2.) A book

    I think a book represents research, study, documentation, proof — all the things that Kevin does when looking for answers to his health questions.

    3.) Find Your Way to Ultimate Health

    I think Renegade Health helps guide people to find what works best for them in a sea of information.

  35. Angie says:

    One word-PURIFYING, BALANCED TRUTH is what represents Renegade Health, Slogans- Let Renegade Health help your body find it’s Purifying Truth–Only YOUR body knows what it needs–Purify yourself by listening to your body–What is your body’s Purifying Truth–So healthy, it’s transparent–So natural, it’s transparent–Listen…Do you hear that?…It’s more than a sound, it’s a feeling. Choose to listen so that you can feel better–Let Renegade Health teach you to listen to your body’s needs–

    I really could go on and on here. Thank you, Kevin and AnnMarie, for giving so much of your time and effort to educate and teach so many on how to live a fuller, healthier life. I am so thankful to receive the very helpful information that Renegade Health provides. It is such a battle to make sure that I am providing my five children with the health that they need. Especially with outside family members who think I am just totally off my rocker and that I take the whole thing over board. When in truth, I know that there are so many things in our diets that do not belong. One of those things being too much sugar. You all encourage me daily to make one more healthy choice to improve the lives of my family. Thank you!

  36. Lee Gregs says:

    Helping people be healthy

    Health info without bias

    Health news with a conscience

    Healthy is Wealthy

  37. Michael m says:

    From chemicals to miracles renegade health.

    You guys are the best 🙂

  38. Patricia says:

    Rebel with a cause: your health.

  39. jay says:

    The slogan should be:
    You can count on us

    And the logo should be
    something relating to earth,
    herbs, trees, shrubs.

  40. Lazarina says:

    1. ‘Eclectic’, ‘accessible’

    2. Logo (visual): Fruit ripening on the vine; Logo (conceptual)- concentric or overlapping circles, symbolizing expanding awareness

    3. (optional) ‘Empowering your everyday choices for vibrant health.’

  41. Melissa says:

    “New thinking, new Renegade Health”
    “Better living through Renegade Health”

  42. Roxana says:

    1) Honest and Cutting-edge

    2) Slogans – Highway to Optimum Health

    Your Health is Your Wealth

  43. Kate says:

    Eat right, feel good, live WELL!

  44. Tommi says:

    Hello Kevin & Anna Marie hear are some of my thoughts: You are always sharing knowledge so everyone can change their health for the better.

    Powerful Knowledge = Ultimate Health
    Knowledge = Ultimate Health
    Knowledge = Health
    Knowledge = Empowered Health
    Knowledge = Power for Change
    Sharing Knowledge = Powerful Change

    OK, I think you get where I am coming from. Thank you so much for all that you do! So Grateful!

  45. Lee Gregs says:

    Health is Wealth

    Truly Healthy

    Refreshingly Healthy

    Spread the Health

    Spread the News

    Health Insights

  46. Christine says:

    Kevin, I am so excited to see your new site! At the moment I don’t have any ideas for you as far as a slogan. But when I come to your website it feels like an old friend. Someone I can count on, trust, and find information and solutions that will help me. What I love about what you and Ann have created is that it feels genuine, I don’t feel like your just trying to get me to buy stuff or buy into stuff. No agenda, just sharing valuable information. I love that your open minded about health. I suffered for years trying to be vegan and finally had to add some grass fed beef and dairy into my diet. When you share some of the struggles you have been through with your health and things you have tried it solidifies for me how genuine you are. You understand there is no one way for every person and your willing to say so, even if you get some backlash for it. So congrats on the growing business and family, I am truly happy for you. Please, as you grow and expand your business stay open and genuine so I will always have that old friend to come back to.
    Much love!

  47. Lee Gregs says:

    Healthy Insights

    Spread Health

    For a Healthy World

  48. Ann Scott says:


    Kevin and Ann’s smiling faces

    Renegade Health – Find Your Prime

  49. Lee Gregs says:

    You are amazing. Thanks for all you do. I don’t know how you get as much done as you do. I hope all the best for you and your new baby.

  50. Lee Gregs says:

    Amazing Health

    Amazingly Healthy

  51. Danielle says:

    When I think of the word renegade, I think of

    1. rebel
    2. trailblazer
    3. going against the grain

    Something that represents Renegade Health would be

    a superhero
    a salmon (swimming upstream)
    a spaceship (because it represents possibility, forward thinking and bigger picture)
    a mountainclimber (brave, in control, rising above the norm)
    Whatever that Chinese symbol is that represents crisis and opportunity. (Because you offer the opportunity to take a different path for health.)

    Real truth, real health, rooted in nature, renegade.

  52. Amos Nance says:

    Raw Renegade Warrior Supplies

    Your Raw Renegade Supplier

    Feed Your Raw Renegade

  53. Sonia says:

    How about this??
    Fun and fresh facts for whole health! It’s the real deal by caring people.

    You guys ROCK 🙂 Thanks for ALL of your hard work! You are soooo appreciated! Love and Light.

  54. suzanne says:

    1. TRUST

    2. HEALTH

    3. “Food For Your Life”

  55. Lee Gregs says:

    When I think of your site, I think of a very healthy green plant. This would make a good logo. Something with hanging leaves and vibrant green.

  56. Nihacc says:

    1. Fresh
    2. Dinamic
    3. Get your way to health!

  57. Lee Gregs says:

    The word I think of is Vibrant.

  58. Lee Gregs says:

    I keep having slogans come to me.

    Vibrant Health

    Vibrant Life

  59. Kathie says:

    1. Happy people. Useful Information.Living Awesome.

    2. A garden.

    3. “Growing Our Own Healthy Way” or “Taking The Awesome Road To Health” ….

  60. Sheri Burnett says:

    Awesome Naturals!

  61. David says:

    Bonjour !

    1) organized

    2) disciplined

    3) Be a renegade, see your health anew!

    Ciao ciao,


  62. Daphne says:

    Thank you Kevin and Ann for your incredible transparency and wealth of knowledge. You are so appreciated and respected. My suggestion:
    Renegade Health = Choice NOT Chance!

  63. Susan says:

    1.) Evolution
    2.) Fruits and vegetables with little Zorro masks and swords that they are holding.
    3.) Eating and living fearlessly outside the boundaries

  64. Christie says:

    1. Going against the mainstream, but in an objective, rational way.
    What I like about you guys is you are always trying to get to the truth, even if it goes against what may be popular in alternative health. But you also come across as caring, real people.

    2. I like Danielle’s superhero idea- maybe a cartoon pic of you as a superhero brandishing green juice???


    Dare to be Healthy or
    Join the health revolution
    Think. Healthy.
    Empower yourself.
    Rethink health.

    And wishing you a peaceful birth!!!!!

  65. Norman says:

    “A Quality of Life”

  66. Amelie says:

    1. Trust, ressource, energy, motivation, guide, health

    2. ?

    3. (not sure if this works in engligh…. here goes). Renegade Health: your compass on the road to healthy life.

  67. 1)respect and admiration. Thanks for doing a great job and sticking your neck out for what you think – even if you are wrong, and then being great enough to correct as you grow. (for being a free thinker.)

    2)freedom of thought zone

    3)Think Fresh (PUN intended – the logo should embody the PUN – a fresh, new perspective, a new way of thinking, the mind/food connection, – a brain (like a walnut) with fresh foods – carrot, kale, etc revolving around it like a solar system with planets) – a new way of thinking ie- fresh thinking, thinking fresh, think fresh through fresh thinking – embodies the understanding that new thoughts spring new actions. Our beliefs always precede our actions. As we think and believe, so we do. We need a fresh start, fresh thoughts, fresh perspective – from a holistic (ie wholistic), natural standpoint. I hope I embellished the concept enough to really get it through 🙂 )

  68. Leigh says:

    1. Self-help
    2. Open to everything
    3. Helping you create your own wellbeing

  69. Catherine says:

    1) powerful
    2) 2)wing on the back of a foot (or shoe)
    b) key
    3)* blazing the way to optimal health
    * blazing the road to great health
    *putting the power of health into your own hands
    * Your key to optimal health (or optimum)
    *take charge of your health
    *unlock your true health
    *The keys to true health
    *keys to unlock your true health (or variation)

    well thats what I can think of fast:)

  70. Feride says:

    Heartful, sincere, connected

    A daisy growing out of a rock, in a desert, etc. (finding your blog reminds me of the awe of finding sth so pure, real and live in such an unlikely place)

  71. Brandi says:


    Raw Innovative Health or

    Raw Health Mecca

    Your Health Evolution Resource

  72. Jo-Ann Hutchings says:

    Renegade Health= Optimal ALL over healthy body and mind.

  73. sandey says:

    Renegade Health=Open Energy
    Open to new ideas, products and vibes.
    Everything about you equals energy!

  74. Valerie says:


  75. Betsy says:

    So many wonderful ideas! Every word I would have used has already been said over and over. I so enjoy reading your daily shares! I have learned so much from you and almost always come first to your site when I want to check some information.

    There are a plethora of great slogan ideas already – but Moira summed it up best for me
    here’s a play on her words –

    Renegade Health:
    An Honest,Inspiring,Inviting Doorway to Health

    The only thing I’d change is the music at the beginning of your videos – just a little more toned down, to me would come off classier – the way you two genuinely are! All the best in the birth of your first baby!

  76. Frances says:

    1. Real is the word that comes to mind
    2. A green smoothie is the image.
    3. Eating to Live (slogan); Fresh, Fun, Healthy (slogan)

  77. Mary Korst says:

    I’m going straight for #3.

    Straightforward & Reliable: Renegade Health

  78. Cyndi Clawson says:

    Illuminating- because you bring light to health and healing issues that most of of us are in the dark about.

    Bringing you the Raw Truth.

  79. Francine says:

    1. A smile (both from having great health and because your website is fun.

    2. A Healthy glow

    3. Advanced Health Now (a pun on words, because you provide cutting edge information but also because the information helps your readers advance their health.)

  80. Fred says:

    1. knowledge
    2. independent
    3. uncovering and transmitting the leading edge of health information

  81. Peggy Steele says:

    Health Trust

    The Real Scoop
    (Show trowel with plant sprouting out of it)

    Outside the Box
    (Show box overflowing with plants fruits, vegetables.)

    Uber Health

    Future Wave

    Health Oracle

  82. 1. warrior- you arm us with the tools to make informed decisions regarding our own health

    2. openness and sensitivity to individual needs and differences

    3. Arming you to thrive
    Supercharge your life
    Unlock your potential
    Providing tools to thrive
    Because you deserve to thrive
    Steering you to health
    fighting for your health
    we won’t accept the status quo
    Don’t accept the status quo

    Love the site 🙂

  83. Donna says:


  84. Darlene says:

    1. Open to best nutrition
    2. Renegade Health- Multiple ‘experts’ without any ‘set in your ways’ extremes.
    3. It’s your health, we’re here to help you!

  85. John says:

    I think of: Raw Honesty

    One thing that represents: Against the grain

    Because you CAN handle the truth.

    Avoid ruts: take the road less traveled.

    Renegade Health … because everything worth finding is off the beaten path.

    Bucking trends, bucking “correctness” — buckin’ awesome! (sorry)

    Two roads diverged in a wood. I followed my heart. Now there are three.

    Get off the assembly line. Renegade Health.

    Following is for Twitts. Dare to escape the flock.

    Obey your thirst for knowledge!

    “You can go your own way … “

  86. I like the idea of something like, a syringe filled with fresh fruit being injected into a mouth…I think it would generate interest and curiosity.

  87. Oh and something about “Choosing Optimal Health” or something…

  88. Donna says:

    me again. You could have you standing on one side of a door with,maybe your hand starting to go through the key hole to the “regarden of eden”. Kinda like past and future ,it is ur choice to improve ourselves so our future generations can be healthier.

  89. ellen says:


  90. Wendy says:

    Kevin’s messages make me learn things.

  91. Ross says:

    Renegade Health – Honestly Raw

    Renegade Health – We’re honestly Raw

    Renegade Health – Honestly raw – and open for more

    Renegade Health – inspiring your raw health

    Renegade Health inspiring honest rawport ( as in rapport)

  92. Sanoma Kellogg says:

    1. Forward-looking, informative, empowering
    2. an encyclopedia, a wealth of knowledge, a treasure chest with wealth flowing out of it (or healthy greens and fruits flowing out of it, sort of like a treasure chest cornucopia)
    3. Your health starts with you.
    You are the key to your health.
    Healthy, happy you.
    Renegade health, for a healthy, happy you.
    Renegade Health: Because knowledge is power.

  93. Valerie in California says:

    1. Optimal
    2. Complete
    3. Your alternative source to revolutionize your health

  94. Mist says:

    1. Enlighten
    2. Light bulb with a sunflower inside
    3. Navigating the health jungle

    Good luck and have fun! 🙂

  95. Karen says:

    All Health with No Hype.

  96. 1. Sustainable Life…so the word is Sustainable

    2.Renegade Health……..The truth about a holistic sustainable and environmently sound approach to eating and living.
    ( a mouth full Kev and Ann, but that’s just the way it is, congrat’s… TWINS?)

    3. Renegade Health…”Simply A Way To live”
    Renegade Health…”Simply A Way To Life”
    Renegade Health…”Simply The Right Way To Live”
    Renegade Health…”Simply The Right Way To Life”

    Renegade Health…”Simply The Way To Life And
    Renegade Health…”Simply The Healthy Way To Live Your Life”

  97. Paula L. says:

    The impressions I get from your website are:

    1. Friendly!

    2.I think of sincere AND educated!

    3.Renegade Health,Radical Difference!

    I think the caricatures of both your faces are a very significant trademark!

  98. Kelli says:

    1. consciousness

    2. a very happy smile (I think of Kevin’s characature’s extreme cheesing smile so I think that should stay!)

    3. A conscious smile to the world

    The brazen truth

    Unleash your true health

    The ultimate for your body’s needs

  99. Cheryl says:


    2. Playing By the Body’s Rules, Not the Prime Time Advertiser’s

    3. Health the way Nature intended.
    3. Give Your Body What It Craves
    3. Daring to Be Different

  100. Bridgette says:

    Happy days, healthy ways.

    Straight shooters, healthy doers.

    Sound direction for your healthy choices.

    Everything awesome: Health, food, knowledge, …(etc…)

    Awesome abundance.

    “Live awesomely!”! 🙂

  101. kathryn says:

    Renegade Health, Kevin and Ann Marie Gianni Helping people help themselves to Vibrant Health, Beauty and Happiness 🙂

  102. Diana says:

    health empowerment
    “Source for Your Health Revolution”

  103. Cynthia Greene says:

    Colorphyll! (not a real word–I think I just made it up!)

    A cute kitty. Why? I think you guys like cats. I do too–have three of them.

  104. Pam Dix says:

    1. Honest. Daring. NO rules. Not confined to one train of thought.

    2. No food in logo … you are about MUCH more than food. Something more encompassing body, mind & spirit with a REBEL twist to it.

    3. Ideas:
    Renegade Health
    Your health revolution starts here

    Renegade Health
    Health. Revolution. Resource.

    Renegade Health
    Honest Revolutionary Resources

    Renegade Health
    Your health revolution resource

    Renegade Health
    Leading the Health Revolution

    Renegade Health
    Join the Health Revolution

    Renegade Health
    Revolution with Attitude!

    Renegade Health
    A New You Revolution!


    LOVE ALL YOU DO!!! xo, Pam

  105. MB says:

    Design your Own Health

    Inner guidance–knowledge–your success

  106. Jasmine says:

    I love the name “Renegade” – it sums up everything you stand for and continue to do…

    trailblazers for health, not stuck on any dogma or party line, eyes-wide open

    I picture a logo with you and your “family” on a horse galloping ahead, making trails (in the industry and the outdoors), with big wide eyes and never-ending grins…

  107. Antonieta says:

    logo…a bee sucking nectar from beautiful flowers.

    slogan…”join, relax & learn”

    “join, learn & share”

    this is the way I feel when I see your e-mails.

  108. Roy McCrindle says:

    INformed, helpful and generous

  109. Jen says:


    Renegade Health: Essential Health

    Renegade Health: Living the Good Life

  110. Viviane says:

    What comes to mind is:
    Broad perspective

    I am not good at making up slogans but here are ideas:
    Cool approach to top health
    Fun top health info
    Serious health info with a touch of fun
    Thorough info with a touch of humor
    Have fun bein healthy
    Health made simple
    Have fun improving your health
    Expand your horizon and health
    Behind the info
    Power up your health
    Beyond the info
    To your health

    If you like the idea suggested above of a superhero logo (like a superman style with a caricature of your face), the slogan could be:
    Like no one as dared before
    Health: the ultimate quest
    To explore health differently
    To seek out new approach to health
    To boldly go beyond the obvious
    To seek out top health info

    Kevin, you attract a great crowd of readers!!!Not too many web sites can brag about having such a friendly support from readers!

  111. AnnaN says:

    1. When I think of you, I think “integrety” and “enthusiasm”

    2. What your site represents to me is “The Quest”. You’ve made it your life’s mission to seek the best paths to health, and we’re getting informed along the way as you strive for more truth, better perspectives, different approaches.

    3. “Strive for Health” or “Reach for Health”

  112. AnnaN says:

    “The Joy of Health”

  113. france amala says:

    1 Alive
    2 ALIVE

  114. Marge says:

    True Health Care Starts in the Kitchen:
    Go Renegade for Health

    Go Renegade for True Health Reform

  115. Laura says:

    Breaking threw conventional health beliefs.

    Healthy Unconventional Health Breakthroughs.

    Breakthrough health unconventionally

    The truth behind health

    The Natural health truth

    earths natural healthy living

    Living naturally earths way

    controlling health naturally

  116. Laura says:

    Controlling your health Naturally

    Take control natures way

    Natures way to take healthy control

  117. Tammie says:

    Health the way it was meant to be
    Naturally wholesome
    No-nonsence advise for healthy living
    Re-finding YOU!
    Community of Wholesome Living
    Explore, Expand and improve health Naturally

  118. Laura says:

    helpful, honest

  119. AG says:

    Quality & Personal Integrity!

  120. Norma Vano says:

    1. Brave
    2. Warrior
    3 Warrior for Truth


    1. Truth
    2. Key
    3. Key to Living

  121. Shannon says:

    1. Enthusiastic!
    2. Open Minded and Positivite – Everytime I watch you guys or hear you talk, you are both so upbeat!
    3. Always Real

    Live Life Awesome!
    Live in the Upbeat
    Everyday in Real Color –
    Create the Discovery – (you travel to all these places and create opportunities for discovery)

    Keep an Open Mind
    Blazing the Overgrown Trail
    Appreciate This

    So excited for both of you and your baby!!! How exciting! Can’t wait to see the site.

  122. Ganeshananda says:

    1. Unbiased

    2. Joy to read.

    3. Unbiased Health News!

  123. Karen S. says:




  124. Kally says:

    Nourishment for the mind, body and soul
    True nourishment
    Your health, in your hands
    Mighty healthy
    Food for thought
    You are what you eat

    A few suggestions that spring to mind…

  125. Terri says:

    How bout…..

    The journey back to wholeness

    Reclaiming our innate vitality

    The whole-istic path to well-being

    Getting ourselves back to the Garden — the forever-flowerchild in me likes this image the best (from Woodstock, of course). Not only the dietary health connection to natural fresh foods from the garden, but back to the symbolic ‘Garden’- the harmonious connection in body and spirit to all of nature around us – the perfection we were meant to thrive with before we decided we knew better and began a path further and further away from our selves and the world around us.

    Maybe a logo of a path winding back to a tree with an apple on it.

  126. Carolyn Smith says:

    1. Empowering
    2. A bright sunny colorful picture of nature at its best. eg a field growing beautiful fresh produce complete with everything nature intends such as birds, butterflies, bees etc.
    3. Empowering people to take charge of their health.
    Vibrant, energetic health.
    Optimal health
    Lighting the path to optimal health.
    Become vibrant, the way nature intended.

  127. Wayne Hart says:

    1) Integrity, Heart felt, Enthusiastic
    2) The Jolly Green Giant
    Kevin, you kind of remind me of him
    just not as muscular, and not so much
    chlorophyll or maybe gamma radiation.
    3) A Renaissance of Good Health.
    A Renaissance of True Health.
    A Renaissance to Healthy Living.
    (Renaissance – Has a nice ring to it)

  128. Fully Healthy, Deliciously Happy!

  129. Heidi says:

    Health Loyalist! Loyal to Health and wellbeing!

  130. Karen S. says:


    – Revolutionary wellness through the evolution of informed decisions

    Ok, I added a little subtext to my previously posted slogan. I included the evolution part, because it seems as though information is always changing, expanding…and evolving

    You could do a sort of green/healthy parody of Revolutionary war characters. Maybe you could have a ‘cinnamon tea party’ in lieu of the Boston tea party. I think it could be a fun theme that could yield a fun logo.

    Ann Marie could be a really cute Betsy Ross.

  131. Laila Pedersen says:

    1. Knowledge
    2. Eagle soaring
    3. Empowered Freedom

  132. Bob Dobbin says:

    1) Renegade Health: Essential

    2) Researched Lifestyle Guidance

    3) Natural Living – Educated Guidance

  133. #1; “resource”
    #2; “treasure chest”
    #3; “raw health satisfaction”

  134. sue says:

    On going health is
    what is going on here!

  135. Catherine says:

    1. honesty
    2. (can’t think of any particular thing)
    3. seeking optimal health

  136. Jody says:

    1. knowledgable, empowering

    2. Fresh

    3. Slogan: “Simply Healthy Living”, “Sharing Fresh, Inspiring Ideas for Healthy Living!”

  137. Athena Dyer says:

    1. Light
    2. Wellness
    3. We show you the doors but you are the key

  138. elaina says:

    I see you both breaking thru a wall or fence to the beautiful garden of eden flu of fruits & veggies nuts & seeds
    And It says Renegade health “for your health and beyond”

    Sure am looking forward to what you decide and to see the new site.

    Congradulations to you both and hoping for a easy and exciting birth.

  139. Veronica says:

    1. honest

    2. juicy apple dripping onto – (and turning into) a healthy green kale plant or sunflower, watering it

    3. Baring the truth (I meant bare and not bear)

    Braving the truth

    True health

    Health for a chance

  140. Maritza says:

    Because I am a female and statistically we use two words for every word males use, I think it’s hardly fair to enter me into any kind of competition to “sum it up”…. haha

    Nevertheless, I HAVE been blessed by your endeavors and I would love to help out so here’s my best effort:

    1. Fresh, Cutting Edge (ok, that’s female language for ONE word!)

    2. Renegade Health is: The most complete, UNBIASED resource for TOP Quality Health and Wellness stuff

    3. Renegade Health: We are here, because we’re not all there! (JUST KIDDING!!!!)

    How about: Renegade Health: Daring to Live Awesome!

  141. Barb says:

    Looking forward to the new site, here are my contributions:

    1. Freedom
    2. Knowledgable Freedom
    3. Healthy, Realistic Lifestyle Freedom

    Your research and attention to detail allows us the freedom to make healthy, realistic choices in food and lifestyle.

    Take care, all the best in the next few weeks. Barb

  142. Vegan Mom says:

    1. Balance

    2. cutting through the dogma

    3. Renegade Health: Rebellious Wellness

    Where ideology stops, and real ideas begin

    Where ideology stops, and ideal health begins

    Truth for the Food Revolution

    Fuel for the Food Revolution

    Unpacking the Party Line

    Question Ideology

    might have more in me later . . .

  143. Susan says:

    One word: Honest


    Honest Health Information

    Honest Health Source

    Honest Information About Your Health

  144. liwen says:

    1. unique
    2. informative and creative and natural cures.

    “natural’s homies”

  145. Melody says:

    I’ve been reading your info for a long time now. The words I think of are: Truth & Health. What you’re doing is counter-culture since you are advocating eating to live while the social “norm” urges us to live to eat through a barrage of advertisement. So you are a renegade fish swimming the opposite way in the school. Keep up the good work and just keep swimming against the tide!

  146. Niraja Golightly says:

    1)Refreshing honesty

    2)A person setting out on an adventure (in this case, a health/healing adventure)

    3)Committed to your health not hype

    Sorry my brain is stuck but I so want to help you in any way I can…

  147. Anieta says:

    I keep picturing a lettuce with a big smile showing off it’s muscles when I think about Renegade Health.
    My summation would be: Alternative health education with a fun attitude.

  148. Wallace Dickson says:

    My suggested logo phrase:

    “Good, Honest, Healthy Choices”

  149. Kevin, Annmarie, and Team (including “New Arrivals”),

    Greetings! While I don’t think that I can (realistically) possibly say anything more meaningful than the great responses that already have been posted for the first two requested answers, I will come up with something just to fulfill the requirements of this contest (or whatever it is called), in case they are truly requirements in your esteem (and this is also a suggestion for the posters who post after me). Now, as far as I am concerned, if you see the “winning” slogan from a post that does not follow the requested format, you may still want to use it, but hopefully it won’t create a mutiny (on Mars — I am not sure why I included this part but it came to mind because I did not want to possibly incite a “real” mutiny!)! With that said, here goes:

    1. Refreshing

    2. Raw

    See? Nothing different there. Now, while I have a general idea of the kind of slogan I may come up with, I have not yet formulated it (on this TextEdit doc). This may take a few moments…

    3. Refreshingly Raw!

    Now, it would be stretching credibility to claim that I just came up with that, given the two words I used previously (although it may be true — I wanted to use an alliteration with the letter “R” in my slogan). I’ll tell you what, I’ll open up my playbook to all (many of the words were observed in previous posts):

    raw, researched, real, really, revolution, refreshing, rebel, radical, resource, resourceful, reliable, Rawkathon (your own word).

    Maybe I (or you, or someone) can come up with the winning slogan (perhaps I could get a $75 credit if I get some help with this!).

    Let’s see:

    3. Really Refreshingly Raw!

    3. Raw. Real. Refreshing!

    3. Radically Rudimentary Rutabaga!

    Maybe I should have quit while my mind was functionally focused…

    Warren Freedlund

  150. Juleen says:

    1. revoluntionary health information

    2. rebel with a healthly cause

    3. untraditional health information

  151. Elo says:

    Ahead of the curve Health News with integrity.

  152. kt mm says:

    #3- I know you won’t be able to use it, but this is what comes to mind…. “The REAL way to live better.” 😛

    #1- Honest.

    #2- open-minded. (I feel a little more open-minded and less of an organic food snob when I read your articles, and am reminded that we are here to help each other not belittle each other.)

  153. Heidi Constantine says:

    1. Radically Raw
    2. I found you on YouTube and later found your website, these two little tools alone are helping me to reinvent myself with a little helping hand one step at a time. I feel like you are helping me to chose the correct paths to chose and helping me to understand why the other path might lead to danger not just leaving me with “Don’t go that way” type of information. I find your emails a blessing and encouraging because that gives me a reminder of where I’m heading and what this is all for… a reinvention of my views on nutrition, health, and well being. It has been very difficult for me to convin others thart my new found

  154. Megan says:

    Your body is a temple, maintain it the natural way.

  155. Bobbi says:

    I used to look forward to your posts. I thought you were a very honest person who really wanted to represent the truth, who questioned things..but after you decided not to post my 3 posts to warn people that the macrobiotic diet is NOT a cure for cancer–when i sent you links to let people know that the people who wrote books on macrobiotics curing cancer–Michio and Aveline Kushi–when I wrote that Michio, Aveline and their daughter ALL died from cancer but took allopathic treatments first–you didn’t publish it….so…you are just like everyone else and i don’t believe a word you say.

    • Kevin Gianni Kevin Gianni says:

      Hey Bobbi, when comments don’t get put on the blog it is either because they get mistakenly filtered out due to spam, or they’re just plain rude. I didn’t intentionally filter any of your comments, so I’m assuming they got lost in the spam box. Please feel free to post them again. We don’t censor.


  156. Karen Beattie says:


  157. Heidi says:

    (Oops buttons did funny things there I’ll try again…) OK as I was saying it has been very hard to convince others that my new found radical lifestyle really isn’t all that radically different, it’s remembering what we forgot about years ago…
    3. Renegade Health helped me break the mold and become who I was meant to be… a healthier more conscious awake me 🙂

    Thank you Kevin and Annmarie!!

  158. Catherine says:

    1. Courage

    2. a tree (It’s natural, green, grows, has wisdom, etc.)

    Radically Real

    Following the Trail of Truth

    Following the Truth

    Living the Radical Truth

    Living the Real

  159. April says:

    I think of your name as a hardcore health prevention team that interviews the best hardcore professions in the natural health world. You offer raw foods and great info on integrative whole body approach to things.

  160. Sundaram says:

    Health is Wealth
    Love in Action
    Health is Fun
    Love, Health, Fun
    Honest Health Source
    Follow Your Health
    Healthy Directions
    Health with Love
    Fun Health and Love
    Research Your Health
    Healthy Research
    Guided Healthy Living
    Heartfelt Health
    Heartfelt Healthy Living
    Living in Health
    Loving in Health
    Your Health is Our Interest
    Your Health is Our Concern
    Health Forever
    Happy and Healthy Today
    Fun Health Today
    Be Healthy and Happy
    Healthy and Happy
    Healthy Happy Love
    Happy Healthy Love
    Total Health with Love
    Healthy Ways
    Fun and Healthy Ways
    How to Heal
    Guidelines to Health
    Go Health! Go Happiness!
    Awesome Health with Kevin
    Health with Kevin
    Health with Giovani
    Health Guidelines with Kevin
    Healthy Guidelines, Kevin
    How to Stay Healthy
    Follow My Lead
    To Your Health, Kevin
    Health is True Wealth
    Follow Your Health
    I could go on, but that’s probably plenty to go through!

  161. Myra says:


    1: Health Is True Wealth
    2: Health Is Real Wealth
    3: Health Is Wealth

    Picture: Instead of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow have a pot (or basket)overflowing with fruit and veggies.

    1: Food Be Thy Medicine
    2: Food The Real Medicine
    3: Food The True Medicine
    4: Food Medicine That Works

    Picture: A syringe or pill bottle filled with fruits and veggies instead of medicine.

  162. Sarah Quist says:

    1. Renegade Health makes me think integrity, fun, knowledge, research, information, resources.

    2. What I think that Renegade Health represents is a library or a stack of books because the information and research you offer is so vast.

    3. Slogan:
    Renegade Health: Knowledge, Freedom, Success
    Renegade Health: Optimum Mind/Body/Soul
    Renegade Health: Delivered fresh to you

  163. Linda Smith says:

    Integrity, Love, No dogma (DOGMA with the circle around and line thru) like you just stamped in on your label. I think of a package full of love, health, and cutting edge info(again stamped with NO Dogma stamp).

  164. Restoring your health

    For a clean bill of health

    Blooming euphoria

    Flourishing vitality

    Uncompromising health

    Naturally raw

    Naturally awesome

    Nature’s way

    Vigorously yours

    Your new lease on life

  165. Kyle says:


    “simply living”
    “renovating health”
    “re-defining life”

  166. William Conrady says:

    Living and Dying Healthy

    Pill Free Living

    Knowing is Healing Health

    Tax Free Living

    Living without Prescriptions

    Raised from the Health

  167. Tim Miller says:

    Dare to explore.

    Off the eaten track.

  168. Cindy says:

    First: Honesty

    Second: Down To Earth


    The Renegade Health Way

    Renegade For Health

    The Renegade Rouser

    The Renegade Rebel

    Radical Renegade

    The Rousing Renegade

    Rousing Renegade Revolt

    Health Is The Renegade Way

  169. Lucy says:

    Vibrant and sunny is what first comes to mind. A sun should be in your logo because without the life force of the sun you would have no products except mushrooms! The sun radiates as your site radiates..(it is said ” in the light of knowledge “)


    A slogan….nourishing your life
    Nourishment for life
    Bringing light into your life
    Light years ahead
    Health at your fingertips
    The source to trust
    The healthy warrior for a changing world
    The healthy warrior
    Straight to the point
    The truth about health

  170. Lolita says:

    I think of honest, open and willing to listen to ideas without condemnation.

  171. Kristin says:

    Bloom where you are rooted.
    Rooted in health.
    Vibrant health

  172. Stephanie says:

    1. Transformation
    2. from change to Transformation: change does not relieve our unwanted conditions nor does it bring about the ones we desire without transformation. we observe, experience, evaluate, assimilate, or eliminate, and then suddenly by choice transform. Your insight, along with all of the members, is inspiring, guiding, coaching, nurturing, and nudging to accomplish the transition we have desired
    3. Renegade Health: from Change to Transformation

    THANK YOU for everything you are doing so we all have the information to choose our own path!!

  173. Wendy says:

    1. educational
    2.seeking knowledge
    3. seeking truth and knowledge today for a healthier tomorrow

  174. Shelli says:



    Authentic Wellness

    Honest Health Patrol

    Renegade Health Patrol

    Thanks for all you do ,

  175. Lauren Pohn says:


    (I feel it 🙂

  176. Katya says:

    1. Choosing Healthy Practices in the 21st Century

  177. Katya says:

    Optimal Health in the 21st Century

  178. lin says:

    Renegade Health – START FRESH!
    RH; Fresh Start!
    RH; You Are What You Eat!
    RH: Dare Care! (what you eat!)
    RH; Sharing Caring…

    RH; Live Awesome!
    RH; Served Fresh Daily
    RH; Fresh Best!
    RH; Best Fresh
    RH; Fresh First
    RH; FRESH!
    RH; 2 4 U
    “RH; carrot top takes” (w/ logo, carrot on fishing pole…teehee, my personal favorite..
    RH: /!
    Renegade Health – Raw Food Facts

    RH; just the FRESHEST!

    Best of luck Kevin, and congratulations to you both! Lin

  179. Renegade Health — Telling it Like it IS

  180. lin says:

    “Renegade Health – A Fresh Food Revolution”

    “RH; A Raw Revolution” (perhaps some “anti’s” overpowering an oxidant…)

  181. Mic says:

    First of all, congrats to both of you on the baby!!

    1. Revolutionary.

    2. Helpful.

    3. Revolutionary healing with renegade health!

    Can’t wait to see the baby pictures!

    God bless!

  182. Nik Karn says:

    1. Vitality

    2. Maybe something will naturally come to you after your child is born. ^_^

    3. Exploring revolutionary paths toward wellness!!

  183. Misti says:

    1. Informative!
    2. Large basket (or cornucopia) *overflowing* with fresh fruits and veggies!
    3. Renegade Health: Always Learning. Living Awesome. And Sharing Knowledge. So YOU can Live Awesome, too!

    3. Renegade Health: Eat Raw. Be Real. LIVE AWESOME!
    3. Renegade Health: Eat Raw. LIVE AWESOME!
    3. Renegade Health: Real People. Real Food. Living REAL Awesome!!
    3. Renegade Health: Real People. Real Food. REAL AWESOME!!

    Something along those lines! 🙂
    To me you come across as “real people” trying to do the right thing (the REAL thing!), for yourselves, and (unselfishly) sharing your knowledge with others. THANK YOU and God Bless!

  184. lynne says:

    another way to be

  185. Cindy Christianson says:

    1. Exuberant

    2. Fresh healthy trustworthy

    3. Passionate pursuit of wellness!

  186. Tanya Shubin says:

    You have a creative and inspiring presentations.
    “Where there is health, there is life”
    “Renegade Health—where health and beauty meet.”
    “Heal with health”

  187. Michael says:

    2)I feel I am fed an insightful perspective
    3)Healthy giving for balanced connections

    1)Heart felt
    2)Friendly service
    3)Remember Your health, together we can change

    Thank for being you.

  188. Joanne says:

    I’ve CELEBRATED & APPRECIATED your personal & your Company’s growth, adventures, and ALL the “generous” sharing that you’ve provided for us over the years ~ !! You seem to be “divinely inspired” – and – these words come to mind:


    You are RIGHT about it being a “Major” Choice to make that will “accurately represent” your Personality & Mission. And I WISH YOU “CONTINUED” INSPIRATION & LOVING LEADERSHIP ~ !!

  189. fran says:

    You go the extra mile
    Real and Alive!

  190. MaryAnn says:

    For a slogan, I like -” Informed Health Strategies”
    This seems to speak to all you do ~ informing, sorting thru debates & confusion, exposing issues that come up in health news, sharing strategies that can resolve health concerns, product development recommendations, & research to make informed decisions. Helping people. You are amazing.

  191. Tara says:

    Good Health

  192. Calvin Y says:

    1) Longevity
    2) Balance
    3) “Healthy Life= Happy Life”
    “Healing From The Inside Out”
    “In Health We Trust”
    “Superfoods for Super People”
    “Your Friends for LIFE!”

  193. Atsuko Bold says:

    #1 Open mind, honest, insightful
    #2 It it is a thing, I would say Oak Tree. I think RH hss been growing from small and hope you has helped & will help millions people for their mind & health and last for long time.
    #3 Live in your optimum!

  194. miriam says:

    Love you folks!

    It is a community with all the great posts of the readers and in that you respond to the posts and stay connected with us.

    2)Healthy family–in a beautiful vegetable garden or at a dinner table of great colorful food.

    And the grand winner: any of these or any combination of these:
    Your Health Community

    Your Vibrant Health Community

    Your Health Sharing Community

    Health Sharing Community

    Vibrant Health Community

    Your Health Information Community

    Health Information Community

    True Health Community

    Awesome Health Community

    Renegade Health Community

    Together in Health

  195. Catalina H says:

    1. Balance
    2. Curiosity and enthusiasm

  196. Lilija says:

    Awesome Health Geek (Weirdos) Community

  197. Deb says:

    Live life healthy!

  198. Arild Hammerø says:

    1) Openness

    2) The ability to think new about established doctrines and one´s own convictions. Striving to understand multiple viewpoints without being caught in any one position, but still having the ability to stay grounded in your own evolving personal truth.

    Leave dogma behind
    to clean up your body & mind

    leave dogma behind
    to refresh body & mind

  199. reen says:

    Natural Health Advantage
    Restore and Live
    Health Freedom
    Active Health
    Restore and Overcome
    Restore the Body, Overcome Disease
    Your Body, Your Choice, Choose Health

  200. Daisy says:

    Trusted Seeker of Health
    Striving to Share the Truth in Health
    Beacon of Health. Leading the Way to Health
    Logo – Lighthouse showing the way
    Navigate your way to better health
    Health Beacon – See your way to better health

    Kevin you are a HUB that radiates information on the IT highway. (Hub is a device for connecting multiple Ethernet devices together and making them act as a single network segment.) They called Kevin Bacon the HUB in the documentary, six degrees of separation when they mathematically calculated his association with other actors in Hollywood. You source info and organise other professionals and get their information out to us.
    Logo – a mollecule like structures that radiates out, representing the spread of information like ripples and the simplest form of life (back to basics) or something similar if you know what I mean and also respresenting a family tree but in all directions… Maybe place the light house in the middle as the nucleus.(bit much!)
    You are starting your family and you have a family of readers and like minded people.
    Join the Family at the Health HUB
    We aren’t alone – Health Seekers United Health Hub – Family of Health & Learning

    Renegade Family – Hub of Health

  201. Janell says:

    Voyageurs in Health.

    Relentless in finding the truth in health.

  202. Sanoma Kellogg says:

    Another slogan:
    Your health is in your hands!

  203. Nic :-) says:

    1) authentic

    2) fountain , rich source, deep spring or spa waters

    3) -Renegade Health brings natural Wealth

    – …because you deserve to know !

    – …open for opportunities

    – … alive and kicking…

    – … research for wellbeing

    good time choosing.. 😉

  204. Cj says:

    I love the name you have now but I understand wanting improvements. I thing Renegrade health says allot about your approach to health. It says the following

    Solders for Health
    Your Health Is Your Choice
    Healing Outside The Box
    Your Health Is Your Wealth

    You build this business from your heart. phrase will come to you and you will know.
    Love & Blessings

  205. OddGod says:

    1. Unprocessed

    2. Breezy

    3. Your Abnormal Health Portal

  206. OddGod says:

    3. Take Charge of Your Health

    3. Health is Your Greatest Wealth

  207. Jayvanthy says:

    Wish you the very Best for a safe Natural Delivery.
    1.One Word… OPEN,FRESH,
    2. Renegade Health represents
    3. Slogans..

  208. SmithA says:

    The one word that came to mind was Balanced

    For some reason the image was a cornucopia

    What’s wrong with your regular slogan, “together was can change the health of the world, one at a time”?

  209. Lisa says:

    Health researcher

    Truthful Resources

    Exploring land ,sea ,& health gurus for future well being .

  210. Virginia Jacobson says:


  211. Karen says:

    word – educational
    what I think of – useable information (as opposed to ONLY useful)
    slogan – go 2 4 health

  212. Tara says:

    I think of the Tree of Life
    Love Thyself, Evolve Organically
    Live Among Earth’s Treasures
    Soul Meets Natural World
    Wildly Organic

  213. Steve says:

    Renegade Health: Take back what is yours

  214. Catherine says:

    “Going against the Grain”
    Nutritional Warriors Hungry for Truth
    word: Seekers
    Logo: The Trident (

  215. Bernadette says:

    I see you as a facilitator because you gather the information about current trends and products, and keep us informed, but you also present the idea and then provide an open forum where your readers can learn from everyone writing in as well. So, my words are:
    open forum
    I was going to say ‘Food for Thought’, but I see Cally has already said that, so I agree with her on that one.
    Also: ‘Help yourself to Optimum Health’
    and ‘A raw perspective on Health’, although you are not an advocate of 100% raw, so I don’t know if you would want to include the word ‘raw’ in your logo.

  216. Annette says:


  217. Bethany Muensterman says:

    2)Just being honest, I think of a “hippie”. I’m sure that’s not going to be a winning image but let me tell you why it comes to mind and perhaps that can be of value somehow: Hippies were very “go against the flow” people (I think of going back to natural foods as against the very fierce flow in the US toward processed foods). Also I guess a mixure of Kevin’s fun personality and the emphasis on going back to natural things reminds me of hippies. Don’t know why but it does : ) Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with you or Annmarie’s appearance.
    3) “A Zest for Fresh” That phrase just came to mind, I don’t think it’s anyone else’s slogan

  218. Kim says:

    Word: Sage (implies both “wise” and “healing, medicinal” properties. Also, sage implies strength in that it can thrive even in difficult growing conditions.)

    Logo: An illustration of sage growing in a camouflage-painted pot.


    Invigorate your health

    Refreshing ideas for healthier living
    Strive to Thrive

  219. Marian says:

    1. “inclusive” or “evolving”

    2. informed yet open nutrition and healing news, understanding that there’s (emotion-based) OPINION mixed with fact

    3. getting real with health (— and really healthy)
    your no-dogma health source
    where healthy folks connect
    strolling the path toward optimum health
    no gurus allowed
    stomping out stupid
    inclusive high-raw health news
    clearing the clutter of health news
    a couple of health nuts telling it as we see it
    plowing the path toward real health

  220. Jera says:

    1. Heartfelt
    2. Your goofy mug
    3. Engage your healthy Renegade!

  221. Anna-Carin Rahm says:

    1. Brilliant
    2. Brings hope and clarity according to the jungle of information that is “out there”.

  222. OM says:



    Information you need to know.

    In any order this is what Renegade Health means to me.

    Peace, Love and Harmony,

  223. Kimberly Frazier says:

    Freedom to Choose Health!

  224. martinalo says:

    What’s wrong with using your signature? “Live Awesome!”

  225. Kay says:

    Proactive & Pureessence!
    The Knowledge is wonderful.
    Health is all about love to spread around to all. 🙂 thanks Kay

  226. Josie Grace Ritsema says:





  227. Karen says:

    1) Factual

    2) Unadulterated

    3) “Natural principles for glowing health”

    Good luck everyone…but I hope I win!
    Kevin and Ann thank you for the wonderful website and work you do. Truth whose time has come is what I think you represent. Hey maybe that would be a better slogan! Seriously it’s hard to find truth and simple facts on health and natural healing. Thanks for educating the population…hmmm another possible slogan!
    Love and Abundant Blessings!

  228. Barbara says:

    1. Health Pit stop

    2. Think health – think Renegade

    3. Renegade-a way of live

  229. vicki says:

    Honest About Health

  230. KenZenSun says:

    One word = Conscientious.

    Possible slogans:

    The future of health is in our hands.
    Together we can change the health of our world.

  231. Sue says:

    “Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels”

  232. catalina says:

    1) against a tide
    2) thorough
    3) Raw, the opposite of WAR

    3) “Renegade Health: where raw means wealth”

  233. Deloris says:

    1. Renegade Health: your best bet to finding wild, untamed information on healthy matters.

    2. Are you a renegade? Do you want optimal health? Renegade health is THE place for you. Welcome.

    3. You shouldn’t have to be a renegade to healthy, yet here we are. Renegade Health, fun, easy, good advice on how to navigate the nutritional waters of todays society.

    Honestly, I love (and I think everyone does) that you don’t advocate a 100% raw or paleo or any diet for everyone. You realize that we are all different, with different needs, but yes, high raw IS good for everybody. At least in our society. And to be even more honest, I loved Bethany Muensterman’s quote, “Zest for Fresh”.


    Good luck picking a slogan!


  234. Michelle H says:

    1. Real

    2. Motivated to learn, share, and prosper!

    3. Trekking the earth for real food

  235. Michelle H says:

    Helping you help your health

  236. Heather says:

    Truth … even when it’s not popular.

  237. Jan Jenson says:

    BE a pro-active Renegade Health Activist – and pay it forward!

  238. Jan Jenson says:

    Renegades LIVE Healthy – it’s a LIFESTYLE.

  239. Nicola G says:

    When I listen to Kevin, one word – PASSIONATE

    Really radical renegade revival!

  240. roni says:

    OK, I’ll play.
    1. investigative
    2. i think of the blend of hard science and pure food here – a composite of images like a test tube, a tekky computer screen of blood with some carrots, kale, quinoa a green juice in the foreground – something like that…
    3. “pairing science with common sense for radiant health”
    “taking your health off the charts”

  241. Terri says:

    1. Real. 2. Cutting edge health info 3. Upgrade with Renegrade!

  242. Rita Wilson says:

    Because of our love for you, we’re outrageously
    into what we do.

  243. Late bloomer says:


    Do you find that you sometimes need motivation to do whatever is necessary to get and stay healthy?

    Renegate Health provides an oomph in the right direction.

  244. Debra says:

    Because you present information regarding so many varied approaches to health and well-being, I have discovered experts whom I hadn’t heard of before and modalities I had not tried before. Since this information is presented in an unbiased manner, I can comfortably choose which paths I want to explore further for improving my own health.

    Renegade Health: Your Clearing House for Alternative Healthcare Information

    Logo: Jonny-5 (your pretty cat!) with a sign that has the word dogma in a red circle with a slash, i.e., no dogmas allowed

    There are so many great suggestions from your readers. I’m sure that whatever you decide will be perfect. Good luck!

  245. Veronica says:

    My #139 post yesterday has an type.

    I meant on #3 Health for a change, NOT Health for a chance.


  246. crow says:

    Life saver!!!

  247. ana says:

    i never liked the name Renegade tho love you guys. The name doesnt do you guys justice.

  248. Maritza says:

    I want to modify my slogan recommendation to:

    Renegade Health: Dare to Live Awesome!

  249. cid says:

    1. Truthful
    2 Reliable

    Health Site You Can TRUST

    TLC For Your Health

    “Caring” Health Education

    hard to top all the good suggestions

  250. Jen Irurita says:

    Outrageous Health, Vibrant Beauty

  251. Julie says:

    1. Trustworthy
    2. Progressive
    3. Optional
    Renegade Health: Change agent

  252. Cassie says:

    Looking forward to the new site! I think of the phases, open-minded, health news, good info quickly when visiting here.

    Slogan idea –
    Renegade Health, Evolve to Your Best Self

  253. Sandra says:

    1. Trustworthy
    2. People of integrity
    3. Renegade Health–the best of the best
    –where awesome is the norm
    Thanks for all you do.
    God bless you both.

  254. Donna Lee says:

    #1 informative

    #2 progressive

    #3 “Taking health into the next dimension”

  255. jackie says:

    Offering unbiased health education

    P.S. I love Debra’s (#242) logo suggestion!!!

  256. Jackie says:

    1. Inspirational

    2. A circle (meaning never ending, no beginning, no end)

    3. Slogan: Goin’ against the flow!

  257. Julie says:


    Renegade Health – Here for Good

  258. Alicia says:

    1) Honest
    2) Real, Organic, Raw
    3) Real Food, Real Products
    3) Live Eat Play
    3) Awaken Your Cells
    3) Raw Joy
    3) Wild. Alive. Raw
    3) Nature’s Boutique
    3) Living Harvest
    3) Coming back to Nature

    Good luck Kevin!!!

  259. Cisco Lo says:

    One word that comes to mind when you think of “Renegade Health.”


    Please share (if there is one) a thing that you feel represents “Renegade Health” pretty well.

    When I first heard of Renegade Health, the word Renegade pop out at me. When I think of the word Renegade, I think of Lorenzo Llammas. He had a show on TV called Renegade. He played a motorcycle tough dude. As an aside you could also use a profile picture of a Shaman dancing with herbs in his hand.

    Leave a short 2-4 word slogan that would sum up what Renegade Health is to you.

    Freed From the Cocoon

    Renegade Rights the Wrongs

    Healthy Living, Beautiful Lives

    Flying the Healthy Skies

    No Bark Just Bite

    Zero Bark All Bite

    No Bull, All Bytes

    Health In, Sickness Out

    Health For Vibrant Life

    Look Listen Like Learn

    Busy Learning Loving Healing

    Taking Chances Refuting Quo

    Healing Minds, Changing Lives

    Changing Minds, Healing Lives

    Health Wisdom Works Wonders

    Know Better Do Better

    Ignorance Bad Knowledge Good

    Making Mental Giants

    Non-stoppin Brain Rockin

    Healthy People Helping People

    Opening Minds and Hearts

    cracking Life’s Health Secrets

    Love Energy Abounds Here

    Breaking Free From Mystery

    Levitating One’s Health IQ

    Lifting the Mind’s Veil

    Read Reprogramm Rethink Rejoice

  260. Hans Hageman says:

    1 Superman
    2 Invincible health
    3 Makes you live

    Good luck with the new site. We love what you do.

    Greetings from the Netherlands

  261. Hans Hageman says:

    or maybe

    1 Superman
    2 Superfood
    3 Superlife

  262. hyesun says:

    i haven’t read every post above so i don’t know if someone already suggested this:


  263. Kathryn says:

    This isn’t simple at all!

    words that come to mind when I think you:
    multi-dimensional, multi-faceted, panoramic, genuine, curious (as in open-minded)

    a representative thing: a barometer, a compass,
    a circus, an onion

    as for slogan, your current one is fine, but if you’re looking for change, my clumsy offer would be: authentic health, independent health seekers

    Thanks for asking. Warmest wishes to you both.

  264. Hans Hageman says:

    Another one for the slogan

    ‘On a quest for health’

  265. sheri says:

    What first comes to my mind when I think of you both, is
    open minded
    What slogan comes to me is
    We provide the best research for you to make the best decisions on your health
    Keep up the good work,

  266. May says:

    Word: cutting edge

    I think of Renegade health as very informative , unbiased, well researched information and well balanced.

  267. Michele says:

    Real People…Extraordinary Advice

  268. donna wooster says:

    I love the fact that the placenta looks like a round circle with a “tree” in the middle, tree of life so to speak, and that’s what eating right and healthy is like being reborn to a whole new way of life and health. And you are the parents helping to Guide your new”little ones” so they grow up big and strong and healthy. I think the tree (placenta)logo with the colors/map of the world very faint in the back ground would be a great logo.

  269. Anna-Carin Rahm says:

    Renegade Health
    for your physical wealth.

    Renegade Health
    supports your physical wealth.

    Maybe it is completely crazy, English is not my first language, however it was fun to think about your slogan.

    You are so sweet and lovely people and you brighten up my world!

  270. Cisco says:

    One word that comes to mind when you think of “Renegade Health.”


    Please share (if there is one) a thing that you feel represents “Renegade Health” pretty well.

    When I first heard of Renegade Health, the word Renegade pop out at me. When I think of the word Renegade, I think of Lorenzo Llammas. He had a show on TV called Renegade. He played a motorcycle tough dude.

    Leave a short 2-4 word slogan that would sum up what Renegade Health is to you.

    Freed From the Cocoon

    Renegade Rights the Wrongs

    Healthy Living, Beautiful Lives

    Flying the Healthy Skies

    No Bark Just Bite

    Zero Bark All Bite

    No Bull, All Bytes

    Health In, Sickness Out

    Health For Vibrant Life

    Look Listen Like Learn

    Busy Learning Loving Healing

    Taking Chances Refuting Quo

    Healing Minds, Changing Lives

    Changing Minds, Healing Lives

    Health Wisdom Works Wonders

    Know Better Do Better

    Ignorance Bad Knowledge Good

    Making Mental Giants

    Non-stoppin Brain Rockin

    Healthy People Helping People

    Opening Minds and Hearts

    cracking Life’s Health Secrets

    Love Energy Abounds Here

    Breaking Free From Mystery

    Levitating One’s Health IQ

    Lifting the Mind’s Veil

    Read Reprogramm Rethink Rejoice

  271. Donna McCaskill says:

    Looks To Me That We Have Two Choices !! Renegade Health for Health and Wellness OR Traditional Health for Wealth and Hellness !!

  272. sheri says:

    Renegade health
    Good health for life
    honesty integrity caring

  273. Jeanne says:

    Slogans: RAWSOME!
    Rawsome is Awesome!
    Raw way is rightway. Regain your health with Reagade Health.
    Go to Health with Reagade Health

  274. Jayme Smith says:

    When I think of your site and all that I have gotten from you over the years, I definitely get that you are very caring, loving people! But I don’t get image of you running toward us in a flowery field with health muffins and a giant sappy grin on your faces….From the music of your show to the presentation of the videos and content of your website it’s like the Karate Kid of Health to me!~


    Renegade Health- Reject The Expected!
    Renegade Health- Be Your Own
    Renegade Health- Become Yourself

    Best Wishes for you all! Kevin and AnnMarie & little Baby Gianni!!! =)

  275. Nate says:

    Slogan -> Dangerously Raw


    Outlawing Poor Health

  276. alex vazquez says:

    1) edible knowledge

    2) Dr. Gianni’s site

    3) collabrative health guru

  277. Catherine says:

    Wow!!!! That’s amazing how much feedback you got.

    When I think of your site I think of:


    A representative thing would be a
    seedling plant growing toward the sun.

    A Slogan:

    Nourishment, Knowledge, and Joy
    for a healthier planet

  278. hyesun says:


  279. sharon says:

    Simple Raw and Real, Truth be Told, Simple, Natural and Healthy, Health at its Best, Good, Great and the Best, Best Be Raw, Recipes for Health, We Care About Your Health, Health is #1, Honest Health, Don’t Diet, Live-It, Care About YOU, Natural Health & YOU, Live, Enjoy Life, Raw, Real and YOU, Awesome Health!

  280. Jan Van says:

    Your Road to Health
    The Road to Health

    Logo Just keep it simple.

    Just draw a road with a fence along side to help define it.

  281. Bev Savage says:

    Love reading your insights into healthy living. Thank you for your dedication and to sharing with us on a regular basis.
    Slogans: –
    1] Renegade Health – Discovering new ways to Optimal Health
    2] Renegade Health – Knowledge Is Power
    3] Renegade Health – Exploring Insights to Amazing Health
    4] Renegade Health – Discover Raw Truth to a Vibrant Life

  282. sheri says:

    Renegade health… a better alternative!
    Thanks, Sheri

  283. Todd says:

    1. Raw
    2. Educational
    3. “Real health…naturally!”
    “True health…naturally!”
    “Great health…naturally!”

  284. zana says:

    I would sum it up as:
    “Health education matters!”

  285. Kula Trout says:

    You can argue with ideas, you can’t argue with success. Use what works for you.

  286. Susan says:

    Moving together into a healthy future.

  287. Ronna says:

    1. Informative
    2. Honest, trustworthy
    3. Honest, Informative health information or news

  288. (Addendum to earlier post — at or around #149)

    I actually agree with the posters who like your current name, slogans, and such, but now you have an incredible wealth of ideas for dozens of websites (at $150 product worth per site, that may not be a bad investment)!

    Here is another idea (but you don’t have to compensate me if you already thought of it — well, you really don’t have to compensate me, anyway!): You could take your favorite 5, 10, 25 (or whatever) slogans (that have passed the copyright and legal tests), and put them up for a vote by your readers!

    Meanwhile, let’s see if I can come up with another possible slogan or two (while I don’t want to swear to it, I don’t have any complete slogans in mind, just the general idea of one that does not use alliteration).

    But first, to continue where I left off:

    3. Renegade Health — Really Real Refreshingly Reliable Researched Resource Regarding Raw & Refinement-Restricted Refreshments & Rebel Resources Radically Reviewing Reining Ruling Reckonings!

    But, maybe that may be a bit much…

    How about something somewhat different?

    3. Renegade Health — Whole Foods and Resources that start Green, go beyond Raw, and become Read All Over!

    Too much time on my hands?

    Warren Freedlund

  289. David says:

    1. Genuine, True, Honest, Committed, Caring, Loyal, Vital, Innovative, Experienced

    2. I think of a joyful man, a friendly neighbor, who loves life and is trying to save humanity one smoothie at a time.

    I think of a relentless, persevering man who’s conscience compels him to reach, awake, and rescue lost and deceived people while there’s still time.

    3. Renegade Health – Learn. Act. Enjoy.
    Renegade Health – Professional Bite-size Answers.
    Renegade Health – Taste the Difference
    Renegade Health – We care. We share. You benefit.
    Renegade Health – Fighting for Your Health
    Renegade Health – Personal. Professional. Progressive.

  290. Sonia C. says:

    Simply Healthy…The Renegade Way

  291. Bernadette says:

    Growing in Health





  293. Diana says:

    1. informative

    2. encyclopedia

    3. The Renegade health show;

    Steps to true health

    Educating a global nation

    A path to excellent health

    A path to health and beyond

    Action to health

    Education, Activation, optimization

    Bold courageous true health!

    nothing but truth about health

    The key to optimal health

  294. eve says:


  295. Jean U says:

    Awesome Instructional Information

    Awesome Instructional Information Shared

    Awesome Instructional Insight

    Awesome Instructional Insight Shared

    Extensive Instructional Information

    Extensive Instructional Information Shared

    Extensive Instructional Insight

    Expert Insight

    Expert Insight Instructional Information

    Expert Insight Shared

    Expert Instructional Insight Shared

    Expert Insight Instructional Information

  296. Chris Armstrong says:

    diversity in balance the optimal of life. find your path at renegade health. may you be blessed

  297. Sue says:

    Unfortunately I am not thinking of anything to add, a lot of good ideas were already here. But I liked the one quite a ways up: Real.Raw. Health. Someone said honest-that might be a good word to get in the mix. Good luck!

  298. Denise says:

    Healthy Iconoclast…
    Integrity and quality for your well being.

  299. Sandi Puro says:

    Hi Kevin Hi Ann!

    The message that rings loudest and most truthfully to me whenever I’m on your site is “One size does Not fit all; get to the heart of Your health- with Renegade Health.

    Thanks for sharing only the “Best of the best” with us,


  300. Mike Q says:

    Pride over Profit

  301. sarah says:


    Renegade Health:
    Thing that represents it:
    A snap of the fingers, a snap in the mind.
    For my final answer and the chance to win $150 in Renegade Health’s online store!
    Smile for Renegade Health ’cause it’s kinda cute lol

  302. Carrie Elsass says:

    I think of phrases like “fair and balanced”, “truth-seeking” etc., when I think of you guys. Not sure what image- scales or something that represents being unbiased or fair?

  303. Nadia says:

    1. Integrity
    2. A star or beacon
    3. Helping you put the pieces of the health puzzle together

  304. Devi Hart says:

    “Knowledge Made Delicious”

    thanks for all you do Kev
    many blessings

  305. mork says:

    1. Kool
    2. Balance
    3. Renegade Health is Radically Humourous Inspiration

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