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My Medical and Communications Emergency Cache (Plus, I’m Not Living in Fear, Quite the Opposite!)

Wednesday May 8 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

The last week and a half of writing on Renegade Health has been a lot of fun for me… It’s given me an opportunity to talk about some ... more »

Emergency Preparedness for Escape and Protection

Saturday May 4 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

Today’s preparedness topic is personal safety. In the case of a disaster, there’s nothing more important to take care of yourself and ... more »

How to Ensure Clean Water and Food for Emergency Preparedness

Wednesday May 1 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

Jonny 5 inspecting our gear. Last Saturday, after writing my first article on disaster preparedness, I was walking to get a tea with Hudson. Just 3 ... more »

Zombies? Probably Not, But Emergency Preparedness is a Big Deal

Friday Apr 26 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

I don’t consider myself a doomsday prepper or a conspiracy theorist. In fact, I recently deleted all my Facebook friends who were posting ... more »

An Urban Farm Design Contest! Enter Now…

Thursday Apr 4 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

Annmarie and I were blown away at the suggestions in the comments from our post about our new garden and yard space here. There were so many great ... more »

Our Little Urban Farm

Monday Apr 1 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

Well, I wouldn’t say it’s quite an urban farm yet, but it definitely has some opportunity. We spent the last week moving into our new ... more »

Can Fasting Get Rid of a Cold?

Thursday Feb 7 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

A contributing factor to me getting sick? (There’s only one person in our family that will put anything in his mouth…) A few weeks ago, I ... more »

Is Multitasking Bad for You? (And More Treadmill Desk Questions…)

Friday Jan 25 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

Jonny 5 doing quite the opposite of multitasking… As promised, I want to answer some of your questions about the treadmill desk article that I ... more »

A Treadmill Desk: The Ultimate Tool for the Daily Desk Dweller

Wednesday Jan 23 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

Over the years, I’ve been getting increasingly concerned with the amount of time I spend sitting. I’m an active guy, but over the last ... more »

Is it the Coffee or the Caffeine? : Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Monday Aug 6 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

I think some coffee drinkers would benefit from some mineral-rich coca tea — but you can’t get it in the U.S. Like I promised, ... more »

A Funny Little Experiment: Can Coffee Really Be That Bad for You? : Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Friday Aug 3 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

I love coffee. I love the taste. I love the smell. I love the sound of it brewing. I love espresso. I love single shots. I love double shots. I love ... more »

Follow Up Thoughts on Raw Babies, Raw While Pregnant or Breastfeeding : Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Tuesday Jul 31 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

Headline: Alien Milk Monster Attacks Lactating Mom After Friday’s article (here), we got a lot of questions, support and some criticism about ... more »

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