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amazon jungle healing
The Amazon: A possible bridge to real, lasting healing?

As you probably know, researchers still believe that the Amazon jungle could potentially be an incredible source for healing medicines.

While pharmaceutical companies will take most of the medicinal plants and extracts synthesize them, patent them and rename them, there are still ancient healers who have lived in relative solitude. The healers have worked with medicinal plants and herbs to heal their people for thousands of years.

You guys know that I have a soft spot for Peru — but so does my great friend Nick Polizzi. So much so, that he decided to take a group of people down to the Amazon — to see if the jungle’s medicine men were able to help them with their ailments.

What’s better, is that he filmed the whole thing.

You can watch the trailer here…

Annmarie and I went to the premier of this film at the Mill Valley Film Festival. Since Nick is one of our closest friends on the planet, we were nervous.

We had seen the film in various stages of production and gave some critical insight into what could improve it.

So when it was finally time to see it completed, we were freaking out.

What would the audience think? Would they like it? Boo? Walk out?

Once the film was finished, we were assured it was a winner. The audience laughed, cried and had a ton of questions for Nick and his team. This was something that many of them had no idea about, nor had ever heard of some of the herbs and treatments used.

Since then, I’ve been talking to everyone I can about the film. I’m excited about it for Nick, but also for the message that it shares. Simply, that there might be another way to heal the body.

It makes you wonder what is possible — and even more so — why we don’t know more about the Peruvian shamanic medicines and culture.

Here’s where it gets really interesting…

Nick is publicly releasing the film in about a month. I asked him to let you get a look at it before then. I also asked if he could give you a special, pre-launch deal. Basically, so Renegade Health readers could get their hands on it first.

He agreed to do this for us and a few other close friends (real friends, BTW!) So, if you hear about this deal from anyone else, then they’re just as close with Nick as I am.

So there are two options for you…

1. You can get the film at 50% off here:

2. You can watch the first 15 minutes, to get an idea of what the film is about — then get the film at 50% off retail price here:

Either one is cool.

If you love the Amazon, herbs and healing, then this is right up your alley.

I hope you take him up on this great, before-anyone-else-knows-about-it deal.

Your question of the day: Have you been to the Amazon? Taken herbs from the Amazon?

Live Awesome!

Please note: This film includes some use of psychedelic medicines. I don’t condone the use of them in a drug-like setting. I’ve seen way too many people take these substances under the guise of “spiritual” healing — only to just want to get high. I do feel there may be a place for them in the healing process — under the right guidance — as seen in this film!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Mike says:

    Kevin this is awesome! Can’t wait to watch the movie.

  2. Hello says:

    I just finished viewing the 15 min preview. It seems really interesting. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen the whole film, but I do with that they’d describe some of the plants they’re using and why.

  3. Hello says:

    Never mind. I just saw that they have a free ebook too that explains some of the practices. Haven’t looked at yet though.

  4. Brianna says:

    Looks like a great film – I’m excited to preview it 🙂

  5. Frank Busby says:

    Looks like a great movie! I bought two. I love supporting the small guy who strives to bring real information to the world

  6. chris harrison says:

    We’re entering a new age; one in which the accumulation of knowledge and the expanding of collective consciousness is revealing healing modes that aren’t chemical, physically based. We’re at a point where we may enter a new age of enlightenment or we may allow ourselves, once again collectively to maintain the worn out paradigm that the purveyors of any dark age in the past have promulgated as established by those who we allow to do so. Now it’s time for the individual to cease looking to others for answers, stop looking to others for their material good and know that the ‘secrets’ are, and have always been within ourselves, individually. Follow the the thread available to each and all that’s hidden inside; we must realize we are connected to the source of our existence, at all moments, and we always have been. We err without that realization, faith,and knowingness. Therefore we’re dependent, impotent, and ignorant of our power as co-creators with the universal intelligence, the giver, the divine. I’ll continue along this line, given a bit of positive feedback, and will be able, eventually to reveal why what I’m putting forth has any connection to the continued encroachment upon rain forests. Hint: vibratory energy, and the associated myriad frequencies are the makeup of the physical realm; energy is manipulate-able, therewith healing processes may proceed at an accelerated rate. It’s time to go further, albeit individually and collectively. I well support this website, and Kevin and Ann Marie, and the future of any efforts that are just and good, in the reach for truth, peace, and the healing of the wounds perpetrated upon the planet and it’s children (us).

  7. Nik says:

    I just wanna say this too sides. the teeling of sacred plants and knowledge will lead to an invasion of scientists and pharacist who wanna take the plants and extract their essentiel substances. So this can lead to more environmental deforestastion. On the other side it will also lead to more awareness and open discussion for sacred biodiversity in wildlife and ecosystems and people have more interest to safe the rainforest cause if BIG PHARMA is safing the rainforest, the lodging industry will maybe get kicked out. Cause if finacial interest is there people hopefully will do gentle kind firendly heartful fiedlstudies talk to indegenous people act respectfull with local plants animals living beings. and promote the rainforest as a essentiel heritage and also will protect it with military defence. And the reason will be BIG PHarma has interest.

  8. Nik says:

    Please watch this natural beauty people. Its right related to this topic.

    and support organisations like

    Surival international
    Cultural surival

    please excuss for my spelling. i try to be aware of it and read again before posting.

    thanks Niko aka puijo

  9. Nicole-Australia says:

    How do I get to this magical healing centre! WOW! Thanks Kevin for sharing this. I think I will by this great DVD.

  10. Nik says:

    Hi Kevin,

    i subtitled the documentary trailer in German to show my non english speaking Dad and friends, who is interesting in Ethnomedicine.

    Best wishes Niko

  11. chris harrison says:

    Niko, therein lies my trepidation regarding the rain forests, unenlightened man’s attitude that ‘you have it, we want it, get out of my way or else’ and his attendant condition of heart and mindset. Not as much individuals; they are victims of government and media education, but the global planners, who believe they know better than we how to live our lives. Without truthful education man will continue to support old useless modes and paradigms, will continue to be led around by the nose. Off topic a bit, of interest though is Germany’s use of Hypertherapy, that is bringing the temperature of cancer cells to the point of death, a temperature that does no harm to noncancerous cells. Also, on an individual level, meditation should be embraced, if for no other reason than to focus healing energy into the body; see prana, chi, etheric and cosmic energy, many names for the same thing.Thank you, and I thank Kevin for allowing himself to be the instrument that brings this constructive forum into being. Note: I am absolutely in favor of the beneficial use of nature’s remedies, so long as nature be allowed to remain in balance. Chris

  12. pe says:

    Kevin, speaking of tropical plants, you might want to try VDF CoffeeBerry Forte Extract in your next coffee experiment (if you can get it direct, the commercial stuff I’ve seen is either cut or a single-process extraction).
    Although it’s not organic and is highly processed, the literature seems to show it concentrates the good things in the whole fruit (which doesn’t take shipping) with a lot less caffeine than coffee, even espresso. One clue to the strong stuff is its ORAC value of about 15000 per gram. (total ORAC about 64000/g, summing 5 measures) The comm’l product claims 2500 per .4g, or 6250/g, so almost surely not the Forte Extract.
    It can’t–I think– give you the touch-smell of coffee, but may (may!) give coffee’s positive lift with little or no caffeine jangle– like wearing too many bracelets. And in theory, it could be made there and shipped a lot cheaper, for less greenhouse lunacy.

  13. Season says:

    I apprenticed with an Amazonian Shaman for two summers, after healing chronic disease and emotional issues through an immersion healing process. I moved on to an African tradition with plant medicines, and it cleared what remained. I now study these medicines and traditions, looking for a way to assist. You truly remain on the cutting edge, Mr. Gianni. Thanks for getting this out there.

  14. Season says:

    Ps- The jungle has unprecedented majesty, with healing gifts for humanity, which is why the sociopathic powermongers have an insatiable appetite to first pillage it and patenet their replicas for capitol gain, and then destroy it, for capitol gain. Amazonian deforestation companies are in bed with pharma companies, no surprise. People have the right idea to seek beyond the prognosis and propagation of what turns to poison. And one thing we can be sure of, nature has her law, and it’s called balance. She will restore herself, with or without us. The Universe has a funny way of getting stronger and stronger in the lesson deliveries until we listen. Better to get on board!

  15. chris harrison says:

    Amen Season. I’ve had the deep desire to apprentice as you have done, with the goal in mind to benefit sick bodies and minds, and the resultant sick world. Anyone need a volunteer? Thanks for your compassion and selflessness. Chris

  16. Helena says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for this. I hope you don’t mind but I would like to ask Chris Harrison and Season if they have a twitter account. I love their views! 🙂

  17. Lexxie says:

    Chris Harrison,you speak from my heart.Reading your words brought tears of joy and I feel your energy.We are truly One.You speak the truth my friend and I cannot wait for everyone to understand,to feel the same way and remember who we are.We are not just some regular joe and jane,we are powerful,magnificent beings.There are natural cures for everything including cancer.Vibrational energies that we could tap into if we only knew how.Some people did,like Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930s who wanted to give the cure for all cancers to the people and guess what happened to his lab,equipment,research and his life.Same with Nikola Tesla who had the answers to free,abundant and safe energy.The controlling few have and know all of it but they are keeping it from us the 99% for their own unnatural,selfish and dark reasons I cannot go into too much details in here.Just know that their days are numbered and we will be free.Soon.I wish I knew all this back in 2003 when I had cancer and had to go through the poisoning of my body with unnecessary surgical procedures,chemo and radiation therapies when I could’ve cured myself the all natural way.Read the book Dying to be me from Anita Moorjani and you will all understand.

  18. chris harrison says:

    Helena, you make me tingle! I don’t believe I have a Twitter acct. I’ve received info by way of such but I don’t recall signing up. I’ll investigate and let you know. Meanwhile, have you enjoyed the “Healing With The Masters Website”? The thrust therein reveals to those who aren’t aware or those who have forgotten their unseverable connection to the source of our existence, whose Love and Creative nature is ever abiding and desirous of fulfilling, our relationship therewith. Sorry for the wordyness, but I’m still tingling, and it feels good. Love to you, Chris

  19. chris harrison says:

    Lexxie, firstly, it’s difficult to imagine the suffering that you underwent as a result of the conventional cancer treatments that you were compelled to endure. I’m gratified though that you pulled away and learned of natures healing way. I’m still saddened decades after the fact, as a teen the experience of a friend, pronounced with testicular cancer, whose limbs and genitals were summarily removed, and who perished in short order. That hurt humankind, that hurt the world; history won’t forget. Secondly, I’m glad you’re aware of the Rife and Tesla problem as regards the control of science. We only have to look at what was done with Einstein’s genius; and the benefits of hypnotherapy, now turned to subliminal suggestion,solely for the economic and political benefit of a certain few, to whom you’ve alluded. Thirdly, indeed importantly, we must focus upon our own development of our sense of oneness with the divine, whereby all things may be added. What things? Inner peace, the comprehension of our innate connection with our divine source of existence, feeling unwavering love at all moments… and a bunch of etcetras. Among my deepest prayers is that global power shifts in favor of the meek, the innocent, and I hope… Please stay in touch! We’ll either hang together or hang separately.Haha. All the best, Chris

  20. chris harrison says:

    Helena, hello again. Apparently I had established an acct with Twitter but I hadn’t recorded the event. With right knowledge the love between those of single mind and heart may only grow; those of otherwise mindset and heart condition become perfect lessons for our individual growth (the mirror effect); we must examine ourselves first when we meet with adversities, thereby fulfilling personal wholeness. This healing process is more profound than we once may have thought, as you know. I don’t know how to connect on Twitter, by the way. Tell me me all about it. Chris

  21. chris harrison says: I like these YouTube videos. It’s actually the first time I tried to add a link to a posting so let’s see how they work. Don’t know if they’re clickable or need to be pasted. The first is Spiritual Reality Power Of Meditation and the second is Meditation(Zen Music). It’s a bit off topic but I’m directing them to Kevin and Ann Marie, and anyone else here who might appreciate them.

  22. Rosemary says:

    to “hello” Where is the free ebook that you said you saw? I looked on the website and didn’t see any ebook at all, free or for purchase. I hope you see this email and respond.

  23. Yvonne says:

    I started reading this for many many hours ago, first ordered the movie, then clicking on different links it took me from there all over the Internet and I ended up with videos about the Pleiadians. What an interesting trip! *L* According to channeled info from the Pleiadians there is a war going on between them and the Reptilians and we humans are supposed to win this war by raising our consciousness and it will effect the universe beyond Earth. The Reptilians are supposedly feeding off of our negative energy every time we get upset about something. We are their lunch! The negativity is also making us sick. So yes, finding healing plants in the Amazon is a great idea. And trying to stay calm or in a loving state of mind will make us win. That’s what I learned tonight. Thanks Kev!

    I have a wish: Kev and Annmarie, pls make a video with the cute Milk Monster! 🙂

  24. chris harrison says:

    Yvonne, say it’s true, I have no proof, but since individually all we can do is change ourselves, yes even to the point of accepting the prospect of a horrible demise, the changes we must make are from within, whether plodding or instantaneous, must be embraced and focused upon. The purpose for this is: connecting with perfection, then sharing light. I hope anyone still paying attention to this particular blog will enjoy the needed education that is embodied in the ‘Spiritual Reality’ video that I’ve linked above. It’s the way to avoid fear, build consciousness, and to progress toward all encompassing health in this existence. The second link goes just to good music that inspires peacefulness. I would ask Kevin actually to remove that post, as now I see that it opens up my entire YouTube albums, password, etc., which wasn’t my intention. Nothing to hide but I know better now how to go about sharing the good, without over delivering. Good to all, Chris

  25. Rita says:

    Thanks so much for putting this DVD out for us to see. I received my DVD the other day and just keep turning it on and watching it again and again. It is loaded with the spiritual and emotional side of healing. I have only peeled a few layers on this end of healing, but have focused much more on the supplements, foods, etc., the physical side of healing. I have wondered how to break through the healing plateau I have encountered since April. I have cancer and my Navarro test number just stopped going down. This is the key.
    Thanks also to all you who commented here.

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