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Your blueprint for convincing the masses to believe anything you say.

It’s no secret that we support the labeling of genetically modified foods…

I’d support any type of mandatory labeling that tells me where my food is from and what it has been grown with or fed. I guess it’s the same principle as wanting to know if I’m buying a baby toy from China or Ecuador or the United States.

That’s just who I am. I am conscious about what I put in my mouth and you probably are the same way.

Unfortunately, the food industry wants to continue to limit your right to know what is in your food. They believe that it’s best you don’t know what kinds of ingredients they’re adding into what you eat before you put it in your mouth.

I find that unacceptable.

In November, the state of California will vote to decide if GMO foods should be labeled. This is good news for those who want transparency in the food industry, so it’s my hope that this growing grassroots effort is large enough to make this a reality.

(The proposition in California is called Proposition 37. You can read about it here.)

If you’re a voter in California, I strongly recommend you start talking about it to your friends and neighbors about Proposition 37. We do have the right to know what is in our food — and not let the food companies decide what they care or not care to share with us.

Anyway, as I was doing some research, I came across the website for those opposing the California Proposition — which, by the way, is a group funded by DuPont Pioneer, BASF Plant Science, Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and more than 40 food company members. (Read: By the companies that stand to profit from GMO foods not being labeled.)

Looking through the site was entertaining to say the least, because it is a perfect model on how to be evil — what I mean by this, is that the site is designed and modeled to persuade people who aren’t educated about a topic to think in a particular way. (I consider that pretty nefarious.)

So I decided to point out some of this evilness, so you can either see through their blatant visual and verbal manipulation, or have a model that you can use to be evil yourself — and persuade the unknowing into believing whatever you think or say.

(Proceed at your own karmic risk.)

1. Have an “almost professional” looking website.

To persuade the unknowing, first build an almost professional looking website to give the impression that you are a grassroots movement and the site was built by a talented, but starving college student for no money — as a portfolio builder.

2. Use the words “deceptive” and “deeply flawed.”

Just implying that the other side is deceptive or their ideas are deeply flawed instantly casts doubt.

3. Explain that families will have to pay more taxes.

No one wants to pay the government more, so whether it is true or not, make sure you throw this suggestion around loosely.

4. Explain that families will have to pay more for food.

Everyone has to eat, but no one wants their food bills to go up. This makes you the hero, instantly. (Truth or no truth.)

Bonus Points: Have a picture of a woman paying more at the grocery store. A visual always helps.

5. Use red.

It implies danger.

6. Suggest that there are facts we don’t know.

And then give facts that may or may not really be facts.

Bonus Points: Put those facts on a flier. If you have a flier, you must be credible.

7. Say stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Just be sure to use words like “prohibit” to cover up non-nonsensical statements.

8. State that more bureaucracy will be created.

9. Mention that there will be shakedowns (See above.)

10. Don’t forget to use the word “scam.”

11. Mention that the FDA doesn’t support it.

Everyone trusts the government.

12. Bring in the American Medical Association too (See above).

Listen to your doctor. (Even if your doctor doesn’t even know about the issue at all.)

13. Discredit those who donate money to the other side.

14. Say the other side will hurt the working man.

15. Use the word “scientist” where it’s totally unnecessary.

“Scientist” implies that smart people are involved.

16. Make a long list of supporters.

17. Don’t forget to include the ethnic groups!

18. And local business Chambers.

19. And the Frozen Potato Products Institute.

20. And the Shelf-Stable Food Processors Association (See above).

21. Sign up speakers and get them to go on an old-folks home speaking tour.

They’re the only ones who vote anyway.

22. Warn that lawyers will be lurking.

I better watch myself…

23. Show a picture of a confused old man.

No one can live with themselves if they know they’ve contributed to grandpa’s confusion.

That’s it!

You now have a tried and tested formula to be evil and persuade the masses — courtesy of the food and biotech industry.

Use it when you can’t get your friends and family to drink green smoothies and you will be forgiven.

Your question of the day: Do you want to know what’s in your food?

Live Awesome!

Images from http://www.noprop37.com/

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

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