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I have something to tell you…

Since the last Cancer Summit, I’ve been floundering.

Just 6 months before, I was fully invested in growing and building Renegade Health. I was writing every day. I was producing new programs. I was engaging with you on the blog. I was active, attentive and committed.

At that same time, Annmarie’s skin care business was growing — growing faster than we imagined.

If you were to break it down, I was spending about 90% of my time on Renegade and 10% on the skin care business.

Then it got crazy.

Hudson was born in July 2012 and having a son created a much deeper connection to family than I ever expected — and it took time. Lots of it.

This meant I needed to take a hard look at what I was doing at home and at work.

I laid everything out and determined that while the skin care business was booming, it took much less of my time than Renegade. I was a little burnt out after writing and making videos for 6 years straight. Maybe you noticed.

Although Renegade Health was my passion, I couldn’t put my all into it any more.

So Ann and I talked about how I could restructure my time commitments to be with our family more, work on the growing skin care business, and figure out what to do with Renegade.

As you can already assume, this blog was the one that took the biggest hit.

We adjusted my time slowly at first. But because Annmarie’s skin care business kept booming, it got to the point where I was spending 90% of my time on it, and only 10% on Renegade Health. Last month I wrote maybe 2 articles for the blog.

For me, it was great to be focusing on one business, but at the same time, I felt as if I was leaving you in the dark. Or worse, breaking up with you without telling you about it and moving on to another person. (Maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, LOL!)

I wasn’t happy with it, regardless.

So I decided I needed to take a break from the editing work at Renegade Health for a few months, to give me time to restructure my time commitments and continue building Annmarie’s skincare business.

I needed to find a new Editor in Chief for Renegade Health to replace me for the next three months.

But I needed to find a person who I could trust. There are more nutters in this space than I care to be around. Plus, assisting with this job requires a very specific set of skills that a lot of people don’t have.

The decision was to bring on someone who can be a managing editor and help me continue to share trusted and helpful health advice with you.

Who is it?

Over the years, I’ve read Frederic Patenaude’s health blog. I started reading it because of the raw food subject matter, but after meeting him in Fort Bragg a few years back, I realized that he was starting to get a little uncomfortable in that space. He wasn’t the fruitarian I thought of him as any more. His diet preferences were changing. He had learned some things along the way that he wanted to share, but he didn’t know how to approach the subject with his readers.

A few months later, on his blog, he started his public transition. I followed it and was engaged. His writing was fantastic, honest and thoughtful. In fact, I even awarded him the Renegade Health “Best Health Blogger” award one of those years.

Since then, we’ve spent time together and Annmarie and I have grown to enjoy his company and his approach to health.

Then a few weeks ago, we were chatting via Skype and I realized that maybe he was someone to ask about managing this blog for the next three months.

And after a few discussions and an in-person meeting, we were both excited to work together on this project.

So I’m proud to announce that Frederic will be taking over as managing editor for Renegade Health for the next three months. In the meantime, I will continue to provide direction and vision. I think in the past, I’ve been so bogged down in the details of the everyday work that I’ve missed out on opportunities to provide the best possible articles and programs.

I think Frederic will be great as managing editor for Renegade Health for a few reasons.

1. He’s been down the same road.

Essentially, he’s had many of the same experiences in health that I have. He’s gone deep into extreme diets, gotten burned, and now has come out the other end with a lot of wisdom and common sense. This is the type of person I want to have around when we’re brainstorming ideas for new articles and programs. (Frederic Patenaude is a brand, but what he’s bringing to Renegade Health is something quite different — if you’re familiar with his site.)

2. He’s a great writer.

Fred is a great writer. Again, I gave him an award a few years ago for best health blog. You’ll notice this as time goes by. He’s a great storyteller and ties great, tangible advice into those stories.

3. He’s passionate about health.

When we’ve talked, he’s shared how excited he is to explore topics about alternative health that he felt he wasn’t able to share before on his blog. I’m excited about this, because I know how this energy translates on the blog — it helps create amazing, interesting and helpful posts and newsletters!

In the next three months, I will still be contributing articles from time to time and sending newsletters. I will still be suggesting article topics for Frederic, Colleen, and Dr. Williams.

I hope that you’ll enjoy this change and allow me to get a much-needed break, while I focus on Annmarie’s skincare business and of course giving more time to my family.

Also, we have a few ideas that we’ll share further down the line that will help you and I connect — but I don’t want to share everything all here at once. We’ve got to keep you on the edge of your seats just a little bit!

By having Frederic on our team for this quarter, we are now poised to do all the things that I haven’t been able to do over the last year.

Over the next 3 months, we’ll be planning our blog calendar and programming based on what you want for the rest of 2013. So please expect to see a few surveys and open ended questions so that you can voice your opinion and we can listen.

Now is an amazing time, since we’re able to give ourselves some time to reset and reassess what we’re doing and how it helps you with your own health goals.

Additionally, expect an article this week from Fred introducing himself to you. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Hello Fred- look forward to your posts.

    Kevin, totally understand your decision, you will be missed. Hope to see you online soon. Perhaps you can share my cookbook, Finally Food I Can Eat with Fred,that I sent to you a few months ago, if you are taking a break? I’d love it if he wanted to share some recipes for your readers, or even feature a guest blog from me. I am like you Kev, always on the search, have tried every diet, natural treatment, hypnosis, energy medicine. It s an interesting path to say the least.. hugs

  2. Michelle says:

    Frederic is awesome- glad to see the collaboration!

  3. Deborah says:

    A wise decision. Take care of yourself!

    We can always find you if we need you!

  4. Genevieve says:

    Change is good, Kevin. We’ll miss you, but are also very grateful for all you have taught us over the past few years. I’ll always remember the motorhome episodes — perhaps because I lived in one for two years so could certainly relate. All the best to you and your precious family. I know you’ll keep learning and growing and will have tons more to share with us sometime in the future.


  5. Michelle says:

    While I completely understand the need to take a break for yourself (and family), and to rejuvenate for freshness within the business, your blog and videos will be missed. I subscribed to Renegade Health many years ago because I loved the videos and all the incredible information, and with the videos mostly gone (i miss the cooking show with Annemarie!) I’ve held onto the blog. I’m hoping Frederic will inspire us as you have, but I’ll miss your writing style and quirkiness that i really have come to enjoy. Hopefully you will obtain what your heart is searching for!

  6. May says:

    Wise choice ! So happy for you and your family.
    Ann Marie’s skin care line is the best!

  7. Kathryn says:

    I think you’ve made a great choice in Frederic, Kevin – as someone who follows you both, I can see an obvious affinity. It’s a brave step to share the reins with a well-established person and the collaboration says a lot for both of you. Thanks for the open announcement.

    Enjoy the change: your priorities appear to be exactly right.

  8. I used to be on Frederic’s newsletter list, and even bought products from him. I deleted him from my email lists though, as I found his views far too one sided and narrow. He also seemed very intolerant of others not doing things his way, and critical of others in the raw food movement. This is also why I ended my list with Roger you know who as well.

    The reason I’ve stayed on your list Kevin, is you seem more open minded, and realize one way isn’t the only way.

    As a result, I’m leery about Frederic, but I also think I’m open minded, and am willing to give him another chance. Time will tell if it’s worthwhile, or I will just delete this list as well.

    I think it’s awesome that you are doing what you need to spend more time with your family. It passes so quickly, and you can never get that time back!

  9. Noelle says:

    Kevin – I love Renegade….but by all means: SPEND TIME WITH YOUR BOY!!! As a mother, I can tell you that these first years are so precious and you will never regret taking in as much of it as possible. I know you’ll still be around. When I became a mom, my perspective on so many things changed, mostly for the better. Give yourself the time and space to experience this new direction your life has taken and I know you will come out the other side with a fresh new take on so many things. And you will be a better person for it. Go snuggle your sweet little Hudson and know that he and your beautiful wife are your greatest gifts. Thanks for all you’ve taught me and I know that you will continue to bring more in the future.

  10. Jan Jensne says:

    I agree with Michelle! I also have enjoyed Frederic Patenaude AND really still want access on a steady basis to your quirky realness. Enjoy your family Kevin, and come back soon.

  11. Barb says:

    Fred is a great pick. Glad to hear you’re still going to be around tho. I have always appreciated, learned and totally respected where you are coming from. Best of luck, dad.

  12. Nomi says:

    When I grow up, I’d like to be just like you: clear-headed, forward-thinking, plan-ahead in detail, honest and sincere. Oh, I am grown up. Still, I look up to you and your way of relating to people and your total transparency.
    I’ve known Fred for years, too and I think your collaboration will be brilliant. With Much Love. Nomi

  13. Beth says:

    I did notice that you weren’t posting your own articles / blog entries lately.

    Although I enjoy the posts by Dr. Williams, I am sad to say that I have not enjoyed Patric’s articles / blog posts as much.

    On the up side: good for you for putting your family first.

  14. Kevin, please take this time to relax, focus & reassess the next chapter in your life. You will be missed but looking forward to Frederic and the continuation of the blog.
    I too have been with you since the beginning and always appreciated those fun videos.

  15. Katara says:

    I miss your videos! They were so YOU! But I know that you are going in the right direction by following your heart. Throw in a video every once in a while, just so we can see your growing family! Best of luck!

  16. Hello Kevin – I’m only two months new to your blog and must say I’ve learned a lot, thank you! But also, I have great respect for the reasons you’re taking your break. If only more individuals were as devoted to their families… God continue to bless you and Ann.

    By the way, LOVE the skincare products!!

    Janet Bernice

  17. Nieves says:

    It looks like you and Frederick has done the “diet” and came out a little burn out. I wanted to ask from the both of you, to please be CLEAR about your experiences. Do not hold back. People like me will be very gratefull that you don’t let us get burn out also. We will like to lear from your experiences and avoid to go via the same road. Thanks. Nieves

  18. Stacey says:

    Hi Kev – I was just thinking of you and Ann today, wondering if her line had taken off and that’s why you guys weren’t around as much (plus the baby). Wishing you much success in all your ventures and big thanks for being a place where sensible info was presented with fun and curiosity. Stay well and congrats to you Fred!

  19. Jean Hart says:

    Excellent Kevin! What a perfect decision! I have enjoyed your blog
    for quite some time, and will continue to enjoy it in its new incarnation!
    I wish you, Annmarie and Hudson all the joy, health and continued
    success that you deserve!
    Blessings, Jean H.

  20. Patricia says:

    The one thing I have always loved about your blog is the way you always involve your followers. That is very unique these days. Please be careful and not let your creative side slip away. Your business is growing very fast and you need to expand or it will become very overwhelming and you and your family will suffer for that. Looks like you realize all this and you are doing something about it. My husband and I have our own business and it took many years to get it to a successful state. You are the “glue” that holds it all together, deal out a lot of the work but keep the “creative efforts” and not turn that over to anyone else and you should do fine.
    Best in Health, Patricia

  21. Cindy says:

    That is AWESOME news! I love Frederic — I’ve purchased most of his products and I think that he is the perfect choice for your editor. I just hope that this doesn’t mean that he won’t be writing for his own blog anymore! 🙂
    Looking forward to the next 3 months!

  22. Sharon says:

    Nice to see you’re taking time for family and – dare I say – getting more balanced? Maybe it’s time for a trip to BC? I’ll be your tour guide 🙂

    Good luck with the business and all the best with the family. Hope to see you all sometime soon!

  23. Melinda says:

    Love your choices, both your life choice and the choice of Frederic. Looking forward to his first article. Hugs to you and the family!

  24. Valorie says:

    Thanks so much for coming on board Frederic. Welcome to the community!

  25. Kevin,
    I think what you are doing is a smart thing to do. I do certainly don’t want you to burn out and leave what you started. There is nothing wrong with incorporating another person into your business, as it has been said, two heads are better than one, and who knows, now with Frederick on board, the possibilities for you business as to where it will go, are endless. Now that you are a father, by all means you need to be focusing on your family. You also need to keep Annmarie’s business growing too, as you two are a team, and a team needs all members working together.
    Love, peace, happiness, and health to you,
    Sharon Holmes

  26. Jen G. says:

    Best of luck to you and your family! I agree, I’ve always appreciated the honesty you’ve displayed toward us readers and always keeping us in the loop. I too will miss your writing style, but am open to Frederic and what he has to offer.

  27. Marilyn berg says:

    Frederic and Kevin were the two people I continued to follow when I became a raw vegan because they were honest. As I have changed and grown to understand what works for my body, these are still the 2 guys I come back too. Great collaboration.

  28. Claudia says:

    Your plans sound like they will work. Frederic Patenaude sounds like a good partner. I will miss you and since I am just a fledgling (at 68 years of age) in the raw food and healthy food programs, I will doubly miss you. I am learning a lot from your blogs and since I am a product of old school medical care I am struggling to incorporate your ideas into my program. I depend on the medications prescribed by my doctors and must continue to take them, but I am slowing incorporating some of your ideas and products. For example, the cinnamon seems to reducing my blood sugars (I have diabetes) and my doctor is very impressed with my numbers. Thank you for that information. So you see you are doing good.

  29. Kelsey says:

    Wow Kevin! You could not have made a better choice in Frederic. Since becoming health conscious about 5 years ago I have read and followed many health bloggers. You and Frederic are the two that I truly trust above all others, for your honest opinions regardless of how popular or unpopular they may be. You both have the highest integrity and in this day and age is so rare to find:) I applaud you Kevin for making the decision to spend more time with your family and help Annmarie with her growing business, which by the way I believe to be the best skincare line ever made! I will miss your blogs Kevin but again you have made the absolute best choice in joining with Frederic!!!! Can’t wait!!

  30. Mary says:

    Good for you, Kevin. I support you all the way. You deserve a rest and there is nothing better than spending time with Annmarie and your new son. Treasure that time and, perhaps, its time for more LT changes. Do what is best for you and your family. Thanks for all your hard work and great informative articles.

  31. Belle says:

    You made a good decision, Kevin. Your time with your son will fly by, and your investment in him will pay many more dividends than your blog. If only more men were as devoted to their family as you are. Thanks for the good work and God bless you.

  32. Zyxomma says:

    Hooray!! Kevin gets to devote more time to Annmarie’s business and Hudson, Annmarie gets to be a mom and an entrepreneuse, and we get a blogger who won’t insert inappropriate LOLs everywhere, and whose grammar is, frankly, teeth-clenchingly horrible. Apart from that, anyone who is leery of Frederic can unsubscribe if he’s not what you want.

    Blessings on your new endeavors, and I wish you all health and peace.

  33. Patricia says:

    SO glad when you were getting uncomfotable with your daily routine you DID something about it. I’m sure there were many tough questions to ask and answer. Congratulations on your restructuring.
    An avid follower.

  34. Angela says:

    I’m so happy to accidentally have stumbled onto your blog, and to have found out that that Ann had a nice boy named Hudson. i would love to see a picture of him!!!

    I used your vlog religiously along a few other raw “gurus”, three years ago, but always liked you and Ann the most and felt ou both were the most true to life, and the most SANE!!! I LOVED Ann’s recipe’s in the camper the most, and was making my own almond milk too. I lost 45lbs and felt the best I ever felt in my entire life, my head was so clear too. Unfortunately I got very sick, but still felt good. I went into Renal Failure! After being in the hospital for two weeks and having every test and scan in the book, a Bone Marrow Biopsy showed that I had Sarcoid of the Kidney! I was put on high does Steroids for one year with a slow taper. Needless to say, I gain all the weight back and then some. I have been off Steroids for 2 years now and all my labs are normal. I have lost 22 lbs since last summer, but do eat chicken and salmon, but no diary. I think due to the steriods, I have gone from from a very flexable person in my 50’s to a person with severe lumbar disc disease, and leg pain. This make exercise extremely difficult. i do housework one day, then pay for it the next. I’ve had two MRIs so far……BUT, I do love “Zen” salad that i discovered in Whole foods the other day. Hope all is well on your end.

  35. Yvonne says:

    Well, this was certainly quite a news to digest! A little bit surprising. You give up your business to work on somebody else’s business (your wife). You had to get help for your business. Why didn’t she get help from the outside for hers??? I am sorry but it doesn’t make sense to me. Being in business for yourself is not a 9-5 job, I know from my own experience. I worked in my 1st husband’s accounting business. Clients would call even during Christmas holiday. We too had small kids, but having our own business was actually better than being employed b/c we could work around the kids, making everything work as needed, working from office or home, on the phone, day or night.

    I don’t think you can delegate your business b/c YOUR business is YOU, Kevin. I think AnnMarie’s business needs help from the outside. I think Fred is a good choice for the blogging part. (Yesterday I ordered yet another of his books on Amazon.) I think you need to reconsider what you want to do with your business, or you will lose it. Have you talked to your accountant about this idea??? I am sure that if you had talked to my 1st husband (you can’t, he is in Sweden), he would have advised you not to do it.

  36. Phyllis says:

    Kevin, thanks for the love, passion and dedication you have shared with all of us over the past few years. I really enjoy and learn from your perspective and find the information you and Ann present, fresh and honest. I am happy that you continue to grow and re-access your focus and then you let us in on your decisions and explain why. I am sure many of us do the same, just not so publicly – very brave of you!

    It is fantastic that Ann’s skin care line is blossoming – I’d better take another look! 🙂

    I’m looking forward to your closer collaboration with Frederic and wish you and your lovely family many blessings.

  37. Yvonne says:

    Regarding AnnMarie’s business, she CAN delegate parts of her business to help from the outside. Her business idea is obviously hers and she will need to continue working on new ideas, constantly reinventing herself and the business, for it to survive, but the part where the skin line is being made, somebody else can manufacture it, provided the exact recipes, somebody else can process the ordering, shipping, invoicing, accounting, advertising, just like other businesses do, business which sell physical products.

    You, Kevin, sell your thoughts. It is impossible to delegate your thoughts. You can only delegate the part of your business which has to do with selling products in your online shop, plus the administrative details (just like AnnMarie’s business).

    I understand that having two businesses in one family, and a small child, is very time demanding. That’s why you both need to delegate the parts which are possible to delegate. You will probably need help from the outside also with child care (to some extent), so you and AnnMarie can continue working.

    Good luck to you both!

  38. Heike says:

    Thanks Kevin
    So admire you for your integrity and honesty.Your growing family needs you and now is the time you have.Precious moments and I fully support your decision.Look forward to reading Frederics’ words.
    Best of wishes, respect and success Heike

  39. Diana (Ohio) says:

    WOW, Kevin and Annmarie, a lot has changed since last I checked in. As a Family grows, so do the priorities, you are way ahead of the game for realizing that already. I wish you guys happiness in whatever path you take. You sure shined sunshine on mine when our paths met for awhile. Love to you and your little one. P.S. Even my mom says hi 🙂 p.s.s still miss the inner circle!!

  40. mak says:

    Good luck, Kevin. Thanks for all your past work.
    Happy Birthday to your little one, I remembered he was born on the 14th of July, Bastille Day. !!!
    I have to tell you, I miss seeing Annemarie, too. Her smile, her sweet demeanor, her great recipes and now her wonderful products. Much good luck to the three of you!! Love, M

  41. MargeF says:

    Cool. I respect him. I’m one of his subscribers as well as yours. I’m a retired teacher. I took seven years off when I had my kids. I hope you’re not away that long. 🙂 It’s great to see a dad recognizing the importance of taking time to prioritize what’s important. I wish you and you’re family the best.

  42. sonia says:

    It’s so nice to know that you have decided to take a break to be with family. Family comes first they say but sometimes it’s not easy to see it as clearly as you have. You should take a nice vacation from it all for a week or more if you can – I’m sure you will return stronger, more focused, and with a different perspective. I do miss your youtube clips and enjoy your blogs but I too am busy with life and sometimes I don’t have the time to read them all. So it’s a fair deal – I think I too should do the same; spending quality time doing the things that are important in life. See you back in 3 months or who knows what direction this will take — as long as you don’t stop, it’s all good. Enjoy your sabbatical…Regards,

  43. I have missed your videos very much, and I miss Ann Marie too … always follow your heart, it will lead you where you need to go next, and Frederic is a good choice, I enjoy his work a lot. Many Blessings!

  44. If you think this is a good idea – go for it. I did notice that in the store all of annmarie’s items said “sold out” ! I wish you the best of luck. I will think of it as a ‘regrouping’ / paternity leave. Have fun, too.

  45. P. S. just don’t forget to come back…you are NOT replaceable ~

  46. Joy says:

    Thanks for the update — makes us feel so important!
    I too have been following Frederic — Reading the book he recommended on Dental Care right now. Feel he is a good choice to give you a break.
    Glad you will be staying involved and plan to come back in a few months all refreshed and ready for another go at it. We will welcome you back.

  47. Hi guys! I’m quite happy about the response to Kevin’s announcement, and the trust you guys have in me. For those of you who have followed my work on my main website, and are worried this will be “more of the same,” remember what Kevin said: I’m happy to now have this new platform to express myself. Over the years, we change but we tend to think that our audience doesn’t. So I’ll feel much more free to explore a wider range of natural health topics as part of Renegade Health, than I can feel in my own blog. Maybe it’s my own mind that was limiting me, but on my website I always thought I would disappoint my audience if I went too far away from the topic of “raw foods.”

    I would not do this work for any other business, because Kevin is the only person that I can trust and respect at that level to be involved in such a big way in someone else’s business. Yet, I always had a feeling that one day we would have a big project together!

    This comes at a perfect time for me because I was looking for a new, exciting project. This also gives me a good excuse to visit California on a regular basis 🙂

    I’ll be active on the blog with the new content coming up, so again, thanks!

  48. Char says:

    I look forward to the change and congratulate you Kevin for setting your priorities. I could definitely feel you were loosing some interest and I guess I was too. Its takes a lot of courage, to start with the belief that a raw food diet is the best ever, it sure sounds logical and makes sense to me however I not longer believe it so. It was
    definitely not the best thing for me and I understand anyone who finds it hard to let go of that concept as it can be such a strong belief. Raw foods can be very healing but long term not nourishing enough. Good timing for you as now you have a child who will thrive with good nutrition. Have fun

  49. Henrik says:

    This makes me sad. I completely understand that you want to take a break from RH, you much deserve it!
    But bringing in Fredric? That made me loose interest in the site all together.

    He is not passionate about health, he’s passionate about making money. Which would be fine for a business blog, but not a health blog.
    At heart, he is the complete opposite of you Kevin. He lacks the integrity and compassion that you have.
    I hope you realize soon that he’s not the person you think he is.

    Thank you for everything you’ve done in the past years Kevin! I will unsubscribe from your mailing list now.

    I love you!

  50. Holly says:


    As we go through these changing times,shift, family and community are of the utmost importance. Re-establish with your family, they are first and foremost!!!!! All else will follow.

    Frederic will be fine and you’ll be in the shadows, no stress!!

    Wishing you and your family the best. You deserve a well needed “self” minute as well.

  51. Nice says:

    It is so good to see, read and hear someone following their feelings and inner guidance for the well-being of all. I want to wish lots of success, great new insights and most of all a peaceful, respectful and loving time with your family. Having a child changes one’s life immensely, an unique opportunity to know yourself in a much deeper level. I am a single mom of an 11 year old boy, blessed and happy!! 🙂

  52. Rosie says:

    Congratulations to you and Ann Marie on the birth of your son and on your new endeavors! I’ve been out of touch for a while, I see I’ve missed a lot. I just finished reading your latest email, and as usual, it provided lots of great information. Thank you both for all you do!

  53. Joanne says:

    Just curious, you said you were spending 90% of your time on Annmaries skin care business. Not one piece of her skin care products are available on this website, they are all out of stock and I don’t see a link. Where can they be purchased? Good discussion on dental issues.

  54. Hey Kevin,
    Read your blog today and then read all the comments. I’m 63 and enjoyed your perspective as a parent of teenagers and wanting to set them up best for a healthy future. They were in the room when food and health things come up, what they took in who knows. I’ve learned though that osmosis does work.
    So, my take is a combination of your comments. Number one – family first, no doubt. A comment mentioned that you sell who are as well as your products and info. You can’t delegate who you are and you are unique. It’s why I follow you. Delegate what is not you, that is your treasure, it can be so fleeting and ephemeral. Everything else can be bought.
    Thanks for everything. Wish you well.

  55. sans says:

    What a great idea. Glad to hear Renegade Health Show will still be in production. Important work to say the least. Thanks for your generous share of interesting content.

  56. Jean says:

    Hi Kevin, I’m so glad you’ve decided to follow your instincts on this and take the time you need, and great choice with Frederic!

  57. Hi Kevin
    If you are considering more than one contributor, I would love to lend a hand. I have been watching your evolution, and roughly parallels mine, although I am a few years ahead of you on the curve, now into my sixties. There is a lot going on in the world of natural health solutions. One of the important issues is understanding biological individuality. There are different body type, various glandular dominances, and metabolic adaptations that direct people to have even opposite reactions to identical inputs. Understanding how various foods affect us individually makes a big impact on the level of success of any nutritional program. I would be happy to hear from you …

  58. Dejana says:

    We’ll miss you Kevin! I’ve cancelled many subscription over the years and now I only follow maybe 5 people, you included. I love your sincerity, open mind and appreciation and the connection you have with us. Still, I’m fully on your side and happy that you and Annemarie are adjusting your priorities. Good luck and welcome Frederic!

  59. Kevin, thank you so much for being so…candid!!! I admire your tenacity and commitment to your own well being!! It takes courage, strength, trust and commitment to move in the direction you are heading. Thank you for making sure that your team of admirers(like me) are being taken care of. I wish you the best and still look forward to your visits.
    Best always to you and your family!!!!

  60. Patti says:

    I am so glad you now know what it is like to have a child in your family. It really does change things, and change things, and change things. I think it will eventually make you a more valuable blogger, because you will be able to understand the rest of who have more than just ourselves to deal with.
    I agree with Michelle, I also miss the cooking videos. Perhaps with a new family member, you will be cooking a bit different, hopefully that will give you new ideas for new cooking videos in the future…please?

  61. Penny says:

    Hello Kevin

    First of all I want to congratulate both you and Ann marie for you 1st baby… I think this is wonderful.

    I would like to know, what are some of your food recommendations to help reverse adrenal fatigue. I’m presently taking magnesium, b2, coq10, fish oil supplements plus doing meditation, some yoga and coherence cardiac ( 3 times a day).

    I’m excited about you having Frederic on your team…as I have been following his blog as well and think he is very knowledgeable in his field ( one thing we have in common is that we are both from Montreal).

    I am very interested in health and hope to start my own blog soon.

    Have a great day!


  62. Deborah says:

    Great choice! Love Frederic Patenaude!!! Known him for years thanks to you, Kevin!
    Wishing you and Annmarie and Hudson all the best. Good luck finding your right balance for everything.
    Eternal love & gratitude for all you do and teach me!!!! Deborah :o)

  63. hello kevin,

    I love to hear the good ideas you have to give us,


  64. Please get your needed break and come back to us…we need you and we will miss you. But please come back!!

  65. Hi Kevin and Ann Marie, I think it’s great what you have decided to do. I know I will enjoy the upcoming lineup of health info. You all are marvelus, thanks so much and have a good rest Kevin, you deserve it. Also you may be busy because of helping Ann Marie, but it sounds great! Forgive the typos.

    Your fan, DJ Whitlock

  66. Fran says:

    I so respect your decision Kevin to scale back. It’s the balanced thing to do. You have been a weath of information to me in my quest for healing in cancer. I however just read Fredric’s diet and wonder how he will be of benefit to your program. I hope I’m proven wrong. Fran

  67. Shelley says:

    This is a bittersweet moment for me. I do, however, honor your love for your family and your own personal health needs. Rest is critical, on may levels, including rejuvenation. Most of all, your honest has created a new level of respect for you. Thank you for six years of GREAT info, and I look forward to the future with you with renewed vitality and passion for Renegade Health. Blessing to you and your family. Shelley

  68. SarahS says:

    Oh Kevin, this news is sad for us, and at the same time, happy for you. I’m glad to to hear the other things – your family life and the skincare line – are going so well that you have this opportunity. I’m also taking some time off work to spend with my son, so I completely understand.

    With that said, it just won’t be the same. It will be something different, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but not what we’ve grown to love over the years. I first heard of you through David Wolfe years ago, but you quickly became my favorite with your fun personality and refreshing honesty.

    I only recently heard of Frederic through your site, and I’ve read many of his articles since then. He’s an interesting person, but I find myself “tuning out” whenever his advice includes low-fat or high-fruit. I’ve been down that road already and it was disastrous for me personally. Everyone’s different and if it works for some folks, then great! But his advice just doesn’t resonate with me the way yours does, Kevin. You definitely fill a unique space with your refreshing open-mindedness. I just don’t see anyone else being able to fill that space. Thanks for all you’ve done. We’ll miss you during your time off, but by all means enjoy your time!

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