Renegade Health Reviews: The ElixirCraft Mastery Program by Daniel Vitalis

elixircarft mastery with daniel vitalisWhat is The ElixirCraft Mastery Program by Daniel Vitalis?


I’ve been excited about water ever since I created the Renegade Water Secrets program with Mike Adams, David Wolfe, and others.

How to get clean, pure water was a question that I get on a regular basis… along with how do you get b12, can you get vegan vitamin D and a few other usual suspects.

So when Dhurmil Purohit (creator of the social networks and and Daniel Vitalis mentioned that they’d put together an “ElixirCraft Mastery” program covering how to get the best water and how to make herbal elixirs and tinctures, I was pretty excited.

So know as you read this, I may have been biased from the beginning. (LOL!)

The ElixirCraft Mastery program contains 6 hours of mind bending information on how to get great water, create tonics, make tinctures and explore nutritional alchemy.

It’s an encyclopedic set of mp3s for anyone who likes the more cutting edge side of health.

Who created the Elixircraft Mastery Program…

Dhrumil and Daniel Vitalis are high quality people.  I’ve interviewed Dhru a few times now and Annmarie and I and some friends met him for dinner at Pure Food and Wine in NYC.  (Yes, I spent $30 for a spinach dish with about 15 leaves)

He’s young, excited and has put a bunch of effort into his social networking sites.  He’s finally launched into the nutrition solutions mindset which I’m excited about, because now there’s someone who is creating products that I know will be nothing short of fantastic.

Daniel Vitalis is a walking encyclopedia.  We spent time with him and Seth Leaf of Living Nuts in California at a hot spring recently and Annmarie and I not only were impressed by his knowledge of just about everything, but we loved his quick wit and humor… (must be a fellow northeast thing!)

Daniel has been studying nutrition, fitness and raw foods undercover for the last 15 years and now has decided to start spreading his message to a wider audience.  I’m glad, since it’s nice to see another fresh young face on the scene.

My initial thoughts on the Elixircraft Mastery program before viewing it…

When I first heard about it, I was excited.  I actually wasn’t sure I was going to talk about it in an email or in a review like this.  But I was secretly hoping they would send me a link so I could get the program gratis. 🙂

I had seen Daniel Vitalis talk before, as well as interviewed him, so I knew it would be a fun listen.

After I reviewed the Elixircraft Mastery Program…

I was excited to spread the word about it.  I get a TON of requests to mention things on our show.  I only mention things that I really like.

Like I said before I wanted to check this program out before I even considered mentioning it or reviewing it.

What does The Elixircraft Mastery Program say it will do?

According to the website: It’s a synthesis of ancient alchemical and traditional herbal methods with today’s leading edge super food technology.

What does it really do?

It will blow your mind.  Daniel Vitalis has been holding back for too long.  🙂

In the program Daniel, covers these topics…

  • The importance of making use of Fossil Water
  • How to find find high quality springs
  • All the equipment necessary to craft a high quality Elixir and how to use it. 
  • A deep education in the science of water-based extracts.
  • How to make cold, warm and high temp infusions. 
  • How heat effects the structure of water.
  • The history of alcohol and its solubility properties.
  • The process of crafting Tinctures, storing them and overcoming the disadvantages of alcohol.
  • How to create warm and cold oil extracts.
  • The effect heat has on oil and the most superior oils to use. 
  • He’ll also review, step by step, the process of creating high quality chocolate.

Pluses, possible negatives…

Pluses of the Elixircraft Mastery program are quality, great information, new and mindbending ideas, and a roadmap on how to make some of these drinks and elixirs.

Possible negatives are that it’s somewhat advanced, so if you just made your first green smoothie yesterday, I would stick with Green for Life for a few more months!

Also, he talks about cacao, which isn’t exactly a negative, just be sure to make sure you use your discretion with this powerful food.  As with any herb tincture, you should always be aware of what they can do to your body.

The Elixircraft Mastery program in 3 words:

Fun, cutting edge, intellectual

Price to Value:

The price of the Elixircraft Mastery program is $67 which I think it reasonable for the quality of information.  If you break it down, it’s 6 hours of audio, so that’s about $11 an hour for some serious education.  What’s even better is that it is “how-to” education, which I feel can contain a lifetime of value.  If it were theory stuff, it might command a lower price point, but I think this is very fairly priced.  Not too high at all.

Elixircraft Mastery Program Wrap Up:

I’ll have to come up with a ratings system.  I really think this is high quality.  I would be proud to have produced it myself, so it definitely reaches my standards for information.

It’s also not the same old stuff that you hear from the same old usual suspects, Daniel brings a new fire to the old flame of knowledge making it brighter and definitely heating it up a bit.