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hamster wheel
Join this little guy at your own risk… and at the expense of everyone else.

I just partially read an article published by Dr. John McDougall — an argument against the Paleo diet. (here)

A few paragraphs in, I stopped — I’d seen many articles like this before.

They all play out the same way.

Troops — from every side — are rallied.

They argue — the science, the logic or the dogma.

Experts are called in to settle the score.

Authorities post blogs and fire back all over the Internet — getting their perfectly cropped headshots — and ego — into the game.

Comments get nasty.

Threats are made by anonymous posters.

It’s a hamster wheel of emotional outbursts, posturing and weird science.

But I’m not going to let this one get too deep, I’m going to squash it now.

Before you find yourself emotionally involved in this discussion, remember that right now…

Animals are caged and being slaughtered inhumanely — covered in their own filth in factory farms.

No matter what your diet is, you can agree this is a crime.

Remember that food companies are slipping new genetically modified foods out into the market — without testing their safety.

No matter what your diet is, you can agree this is shady business.

Remember that if you’re distracted from issues we can all could agree upon — no matter what diet you choose — you’re stuck in the wheel.

Get out now.

If you have a voice in this world, use it to expose, not distract.

To bring together, not to separate.

Finding a common ground and fighting for it as one is really our only chance.

Your question of the day: Thoughts?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Catherine says:

    Kevin, I totally agree with you. I subscribe to several newsletters from the raw foods and natural health movements. While I don’t read every article, yours is the one I read most consistently.

  2. Maritza says:

    Brilliant Observations!! Thank you for taking the high road and inspiring others to do the same…

  3. Susie says:

    Yes! Brilliant, Kevin!
    It’s important that we respect our unique bodies and feed ourselves what works for us as individuals, and in doing so, respect the animals and the planet at the same time. We’re all in this together!!!!

  4. Juanita says:

    This is an intelligent approach. You are right, I have never said something about factory farms to a person who eats meat and not seen concern in their eyes. I work in the organic food industry and I haven’t run into any individuals who are excited about eating G.M.O.’s. How can we encourage better care of our food animals and the complete withdrawal of genetically modified organisms within our food systems? How can we reach average people to get this message across and have them work for healthier food ? Perhaps to begin, I could have info available at the Market I am assistant manger at. Does anyone have a link to organizations that are doing good work to promote fair treatment of farm animals or to encourage labeling with G.M.O.s? Does anyone else have ideas about how to spread a positive message that food can be healthy and that we as a population deserve to eat healthy foods?

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh Kevin, thank you! As a nutritionist, I get drawn into these arguments (usually kicking and screaming and trying to claw my way back out of them). I have always practiced exactly what you have said above (and encouraged others to do the same. And another piece of advice I have given to people (which is also not generally received graciously) is “Lighten up and find the joy in life and stop obsessing about food!”

  6. Lori says:

    AGREED !

  7. Yk says:

    Hi juanita, The center for food saftey is doing some great work on this front – check the out at

  8. Stacy says:

    I love this thread. As a recent MA graduate in holistic nutrition, I have spent the last few years exploring the gamut of current dietary thinking. In the process, I’ve discovered that “moderation in all things” is a difficult message to convey in an age of overblown marketing hype and extremist dietary dogma, the dual purpose of which is to fan the flames of our deepest fears while, at the same time, promising to cure us of all our health challenges. One thing I do know about the diet wars; all the vitriol cannot be good for our physical health or our mental and spiritual wellbeing. I agree with Kevin – we have the choice to either dig deeper into the trenches of our own positions, or to focus our energies finding common ground and promoting positive change.

  9. Will says:

    Agreed Kevin! I believe this is a point we CAN all agree on, Just Eat Real Food. There is a Real food Summit coming up, similar to your ‘Great Health Debate” (which was so awesome, we bought it!) The “Real Food Summit” will launch soon and people can sign up now to listen for free online to todays best farmers (like Joel Salatin!) and the leading health, diet and food experts! To Your Health!

  10. Medoh says:

    Congratulations, Kevin on another wonderful article!
    We all recognize by now that the world is changing and so are we. The way of the future is to come together around what we have in common rather than playing the blame-game as we have been doing for millenia.
    To quote you again, …”you have a voice, use it to expose, not distract. Bring together, not separate. Finding common ground…” is the way of the future!
    Many thanks!

  11. sam says:


    Well they are! Delicious poison.

    Do what works for you and your family. I try to eat somewhat well. But it is difficult. The food industry is not on our side. The labels are meant to deceive. Lure us in to thinking something is healthy when in reality it is not. Chemicals are poured on produce and we eat it. Thank you, FDA. ‘Organic’ can mean it’s safe or it can mean it is GMO. It seems that unless you grow it yourself, you just really don’t know what you are ingesting.

    Yay, America! Can’t you just taste the freedom..?

  12. cindi says:

    great advice Kevin….. i try telling people ways to help them but they do not want to hear it…. friends and family because i do care… i do have one sister that listens and my daughter listens even tho she does not do it… but u are rite… u cannot force anyone to believe what u believe but they should respect that if something is hurting someone or something for others… it is not good and that needs to change…. i agree… fighting over it does not solve it or help it.. thanks Kevin and Ann…. have a great holiday tomorrow….

  13. Thomas says:

    @3 Juanita:
    My favorite site is the Cornucopia Institute for food and farming research:

    Check out their reports and scores on the menu.
    The chart on the right tells which corporations have purchased which ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ brands. It’s surprising to see who owns what. Click on it for an enlargement.

  14. Cindy says:

    Yes I agree about argueing over diets are crazy. For one thing, what works on one person wont on another, what may not be a big deal for one person is dangerous for another. My own diet struggle taught me that. Kidney problems…watch out what you do. And thyroid problems…forget it. Over the years I would say, I am going on the “Body Type” diet and my husband would lose 5 pounds. I am going on WeightWatchers and my husband would lose 5 pounds…Well, needless to say my husband looks great. The only diet I would lose weight on, even 1 pound was the RAW diet. And even on that it stopped after 25 pounds and I gained that back since I haven’t been on it strict since we moved. Every body is different and problems different.

  15. Thomas says:

    The Organic Consumer’s Organization is good too:

  16. Karen says:

    Absolutely agree! Let’s eat ethically and healthfully and differently.

  17. I’ve stopped reading all the different viewpoints…it was literally making me sick. I listen to my body. You are the voice of reason. Keep up the good work!

  18. Derek says:

    I always say that stressing out and constantly debating about the “best” diet is likely more damaging to one’s health and wellbeing than any particular diet would be.

  19. George says:

    It would be nice if we could live by merely breathing and extracting our sustenance from that source. The problems would probably arise when the “experts” argued about the quality of the air, its components, the techniques of breathing; this one is superior to that…ad nauseum. As one interested in natural health, and a vegetarian, I have my views, but engaging in an “all in brawl” about the matter doesn’t help anyone, and the injuries can be painful!

  20. Shelley says:

    These arguments are for sport. Some people are better at sports than others (the experts), some are more competitive than others (the authorities), and some people take games way to seriously (the nasty commenters). Just as American as the Superbowl.

  21. Carol W. says:

    Love your posts, Kevin!!!

  22. liz says:

    Fantastic article! I am going to cautiously put forward a theory, which I formulated when I was recently in Canada and the States – cautiously because there is nothing worse than someone from outside coming in and ‘judging’ you, and that is certainly not my intention, so here goes.

    It is no secret that Americans generally are the fattest race in the world – and people put it dowwn to the fact that they simply overeat because of the overabundance of food, especially fast, overprocessed food. Mechanically, that must be right – fat gets piled on if you overeat – right? I’m not talking about the emotional and other reasons people overeat (see Jon Gabriel for that), but the simple mechanics – too much in = overweight.

    When I was there I noticed for myself that no matter how delicious a food looked, it was curiously tasteless, consequently I, like most of my fellow diners, piled on the sauces, spices and cheese, which I don’t do here at home, where I am lucky enough to eat organically. So it was a real eye opener to me that I was doing that and I wondered why. It was then I realised why Americans are so fat – with all the genetically modified food they are unsuspectingly eating, they are not getting their actual nutrition (gmos destroy a lot of the nutritional elements of food), hence their need to keep eating and eating – their bodies are actually starving. Another reason is all the high fructose corn syrup in your food – also genetically modified – a highly toxic substance (you can’t call it a food) which plays havoc with insulin levels and becomes a major factor in diabetes type 2.

    There is a point to all this – the rest of the developed world is going the same way as America, so those of us in these countries need to join with those Americans who are aaware of the problem: we need to stop the destruction of real food in its tracks by fighting our governments bringing in gmos peddled by giant corporations, fighting to ensure that organic means exactly that, fighting to ensure we eat sustainably, treating our food animals humanely (stressed animals = stressed food = lowered nutrition).

    In a nutshell, we need to work to ensure that these problems are tackled at their core, and stop enabling the ‘diet’ industry getting rich at our expense. If you are starving, and go on a so called ‘diet’, guess what? It’s simply not possible to lose weight and keep it off, so people will blame the ‘diet’ and desperately try the next one, and the next and so on.


  23. SarahB says:

    To Liz (#21): Thank you! Your observations are spot on! The obesity problem in this country did not start to happen until products like high fructose corn syrup came into mass production here. Our food industry has adulterated our food to the extent that our bodies do not know how to process it. Whichever country you come from: please keep GMOs out!!! And if you can, please help those of us Americans who are the lone voices for real food, provided by nature. We need help from outside our country. Our government (both sides) is a sell-out, our Supreme Court has determined that corporations are like citizens and it just gets worse and worse. I have felt for a long time, that our only real salvation here is going to come from our friends outside the country. Boycott our industrialized products and please support the small family farms.

  24. J says:

    Right on, brother! I love these articles…they keep me on my toes!

  25. Andrew says:

    Why would I take any notice of these goons, so called health gurus, i eat what i want to eat,(healthy & natural of course)Meat & Plant Based, and if others don`t like it, TUFE, I COUL`NT GIVE A S–T.

  26. Attila says:

    Thank you for sharing, Kevin.

    It’s a strange “coincidence” you keep running into “diet debates”, let alone sharing them in your articles. Not that I have anything against it.
    In fact it’s quite some food for thought.
    I guess the next step in your evolution towards neutrality, open-mindedness and acceptance will be the increased appearances of news in your articles about “diet unifications” followed by the disappearance of them both as you become increasingly aware of what you want to focus on and what serves your goals and values the best in the moment.

    Peace and unity! 🙂

  27. Brianna says:

    Well said, Kev. Well said.

  28. Maureen says:

    Thank you Kevin for being such a sensible voice out there! I am truly grateful for you and what you do.
    Thank you Liz (#21) for you observations and the courage to post it here. You are spot on!
    Peace and harmony 🙂

  29. Rocio says:

    Agree 100%…get out of the cage to be in the The light!
    Happy 4th.. if we are truly free to love and let receive blessings and to act not to destroy but to build up and encourage!
    Love and blessings,

  30. Helen….
    Thanks Kevin, The information you generate from your articles is so enlightening. To Liz and SarahB you are both spot on. If it wasn’t for certain foods that we eat (that is the processed foods, force fed animal meat), we would be just a healthy as we should be… due to the fact that we would be able to absorb the nutrients. Although I haven’t usually been concerned about what we eat at our household, because we rely on health supplements, as of late I have realized that I may be gluten intolerant. Well… until you’ve tried to buy foods that are gluten free, you just don’t realize how the powers that be are allowing all that “bad stuff” to be processed into our foods. After a lot of research, the only way I’m going to stay gluten free, is to go back to how we use to prepare foods back in the day. And now I can say I do agree, “real food” is the only way.

  31. zyxomma says:

    It is absolutely nutso that so many health and wellness websites have let their comments sections devolve into attacks on those who don’t toe the party line (whichever the party).

    As a vibrantly healthy vegan (and no, it’s not for everyone; one needs a great deal of information and education to make it work), I keep a low profile on often-great sites like, where many commenters take great perverse pleasure in predicting that my vibrant health is sure to FAIL because I won’t eat (pick one or more): grass-fed meat, wild-caught fish, free-range eggs, raw dairy, etc. Well, I’ve been vegan for decades, and vibrantly healthy for most of those decades. I know which herbs and supplements work for me, and which are ineffective. The Paleo diet would make me sick, but I don’t argue with the people for whom it works brilliantly.

    Our energies are better spent keeping standards for organics high, and supporting the labeling of GMOs. Just one woman’s opinion.

    Health and peace.

  32. Laura says:

    I rarely share things on Facebook but this is so spot on that I had too. Truly a voice of reason!

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