Can Cavities Go Away on Their Own? : Exclusive Renegade Health Interview with Dr. Hal Huggins

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The right tooth friendly diet for Annmarie is quite different than the one for Jonny 5 (Sleeping… dreaming about birds and moles.)

Yesterday’s Part 1 interview with Dr. Hal Huggins created quite a discussion…

I’m sure today’s will do just the same.

In this second half of my interview with this well known holistic dentist, we cover what to do instead of a root canal, if cavities can go away themselves, how to take care of your gums and how to detox.

Dr. Huggins shares some interesting information here that you may find valuable.

Here’s where you can listen to part two now (my written comments follow)…

Listen to Part 2 here:

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My Thoughts on This Interview…

1. Root canal, what do you do?

Dr. Huggins recommends pulling any tooth that has decay so bad that it could be considered for a root canal.

His argument — which he touched on in part 1 — is that the bacteria will always find a way to continue to infect the tooth and if you get a root canal procedure your mouth could become a safe haven for some really nasty bad guys.

So instead of drilling and sealing, pulling the tooth and replacing it with a fake tooth — eventual bonded and bridged — is the way to go.

2. Questionable bacterial relation to Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Dr. Huggins has found a very rare type of bacteria that seems to appear in all his patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease. 17 for 17 times, he says.

When I asked if he tested for this bacteria on people who did not have Lou Gehrig’s disease he said “no.” I would have liked to hear that he did test and only patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease had this rare bug. I don’t think this is quite significant until it can be determined that others who don’t have the disease don’t have the bacteria. (Now, he easily could have misunderstood me, so this is by no means a flame, just a question of early relevance.)

3. Can cavities go away themselves?

Dr. Huggins says Weston Price saw this happen and documented it, but also strongly warns that it’s best to get rid of cavities before they become worse. The people Dr. Price studied were on isolated islands eating a natural diet, had their diet interrupted with Western trade goods, then reverted back to their natural diets when the trade stopped. This is when their teeth go better.

But unless, you’re able to be on an island like this and know how to control trade for it, chances are it’s better to use a more modern approach to getting rid of cavities — like going to the dentist and getting them drilled and fill with a safe alternative.

What this does say though is — duh — cavities are strongly related to diet.

I’ve never had a cavity, so I’m lucky, but if I had one, I would take care of it with the help of my holistic dentist.

4. How to take care of the gums.

Dr. Huggins explains that if you see blood when you brush or floss, this means bacteria can go into the blood stream. He’s absolutely right. This to me seems like the most logical connection between bad health and bad personal dental care.

If you have nasty bacteria getting into your blood stream you run the risk of breaking down your immune system. The more bacteria that get in, the weaker your immune system can be.

Think about it this way, if you had a cut that opened up on your skin two times a day, then you’d likely be concerned about infection.

Same goes for your mouth. If you gums are inflamed and bleeding regularly these are open sores for the bacteria you’re harboring in your mouth to enter your body.

Not so awesome when you look at it that way.

BTW: Chances are if you brush and floss two times a day, your dental health can’t be that bad!

5. How to kill bacteria and reduce gum inflammation?

Dr. Huggins recommends a 50/50 baking soda (aluminum free) and iodized salt mixture wash (UPDATED: Dr. Huggins recommends Morton Canning and Pickling Salt, NOT iodized salt.) You swish this vigorously around in your mouth with some water for 20-30 seconds and in just a few days your breath will be better and you will have reduced the pocket depth of your gums — this is a good thing.

You can do this protocol everyday.

5. How to detoxify?

Dr. Huggins suggests to start with your diet — using blood chemistry. This means use your blood tests to determine the right diet for you so it’s not a dogma that tells you what to eat, it’s your body.

This is refreshing, don’t you think?

You can do other detoxification protocols as well, but know that you can’t detoxify if your diet is crap.

6. Cholesterol as a detoxifier?

At the end of our interview, Dr. Huggins presented some information that I’d never heard before. He explained that cholesterol was a detoxifier in the body.

I’ve never heard this before and will be doing some more digging to determine how effective it as a cleansing compound.

Dr. Huggins also mentioned that the ideal total cholesterol level is around 222 and that it is hard to raise your cholesterol if it’s low.

I’m not sure if the ideal cholesterol at 222-ish is correct or not, but I do know that — for me — it was very easy to raise my total cholesterol and improve my HDL to LDL ratios.

I brought mine from 110 to 175 in about a year after introducing some eggs, fish, fish oil, and some fermented dairy into my diet.

I’m not discrediting Dr. Huggins here, I’m just sharing my own experience.

Wrap up: I hope you enjoyed this two part series, considering many of you wanted to have Dr. Huggins on the program. I’m thrilled to be able to bring him to you and I hope you look forward to next week because I’ve just interviewed an awesome natural and holistic eye doctor who shared some awesome natural tips to improving vision!

Stay tuned…

For more information on Dr. Hal Huggins and his work, please visit his site here.

Your question of the day: Have you ever had a cavity?

Live Awesome!

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