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7 Natural Ways to Beat the Fall/Winter Blues

Monday Oct 20 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

The change of seasons can make us feel blue. Try these 10 tips to put a smile back on your face. It’s the fall season. How do you feel? Maybe you ... more »

Got Migraines? Try Meditation—Study Shows It Helps

Wednesday Oct 15 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Migraines not only cause pain and suffering, but stress, job problems, and insomnia. Might meditation help? The Migraine Research Foundation states ... more »

Depression: A Mental Illness or Digestive Disorder?

Monday Oct 13 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Depression may have more to do with our “gut feelings” than we thought. After Robin William’s death in August 2014, the issue of depression was ... more »

7 Foods to Help You Control Your Appetite

Wednesday Oct 8 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Craving an ice cream shake? Try eating an apple first— it may satisfy your appetite and reduce your intake of calories. A 2013 survey based on ... more »

Chlorophyll Juice: Separating Myth from Fact

Monday Oct 6 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Chlorophyll juice is popular in the juicing world, but is it really the source of all those health benefits? You may remember talking about ... more »

4 Foods to Avoid After 50—and 5 to Eat More Of

Wednesday Oct 1 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Lunchmeats have been linked with an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Avoid after 50! Let’s face it—things change ... more »

10 Natural Ways to Strengthen Your Nails

Monday Sep 29 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Forget harsh, chemical treatments—you can have strong, pretty nails through natural methods. Even if you’re not obsessed with the latest nail ... more »

4 Healthy Foods that can Easily Pad Your Waistline—and Low-Cal Alternatives

Wednesday Sep 24 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Though hummus helps fight cravings and may lower cholesterol, it can also pad your waistline. Sometimes healthy foods get a pass in the diet books. We ... more »

7 Foods/Beverages That Can Help You Sleep—and 5 That Keep You Awake

Monday Sep 22 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Tart cherry juice is one of the many things that will help you fall asleep. Sleeping pills are not good for you. Recent studies have linked them with ... more »

Add 3 Years to Your Life—By Performing This Exercise for 5-10 Minutes a Day

Wednesday Sep 17 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

A recent study shows that runners—regardless of how fast or far they run— live longer than non-runners. What if by performing just one exercise ... more »

Over 60? It’s Time to Be a Morning Person

Monday Sep 15 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

A recent study reports that older people do best tackling their hardest projects in the morning. I’ve always been a night owl. Even as a kid I was ... more »

8 Breakfast Foods that Help You Turn Back the Clock

Monday Sep 8 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Add these foods to your breakfast menu to help keep yourself looking and feeling young. How would you like to start your day off by helping your body ... more »

Another Reason to Consume Probiotics—It May Prevent Fatty Liver Disease

Wednesday Sep 3 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Sauerkraut is a good source of healthy probiotics—which may protect your liver. It used to be that only alcoholics had to worry about fatty liver ... more »

3 Reasons to Avoid the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet—and 7 Ways to Make it Healthier

Monday Sep 1 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

The all-you-can-eat buffet may be tasty and inexpensive, but it can also be extremely unhealthy. Buffets can be a great option. Everyone can get ... more »

12 Reasons Why Sodas are Horrible for You, & Healthy Soda Recipes!

Wednesday Aug 27 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Regular sodas are horrible for your health, but you can make your own healthy alternatives! You know sodas aren’t good for you. So you take one of ... more »

7 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough Fat—and What Fats are Healthy

Monday Aug 25 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Recent studies have shown that low-fat isn’t always the best. But what fats should you have in your diet? Mainstream nutrition convinced us for ... more »

Your Outlook on Life Could Increase Your Risk of Dementia

Wednesday Aug 20 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

New study shows: a cynical attitude can increase your risk of dementia. Do you tend to think the worst of people, expecting they’ll probably ... more »

7 Surprising Benefits of Owning a Pet

Monday Aug 18 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Studies show that pets can boost your mood, make you more attractive, and even help you live longer. If you own a pet, you already know they’re good ... more »

7 Reasons Why Smoking Marijuana May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Wednesday Aug 13 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Though medical marijuana has some health benefits, regular use can also cause serious health problems. Medical marijuana (cannabis) is gaining steam. ... more »

Is Organic Milk Healthier? Best Options for You

Monday Aug 11 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Is organic milk really better for you than conventional? A new study reports on the issue. For years the debate has been ongoing—is organic really ... more »

Nearly a Third of the World Population is Overweight—7 Ways to Shed Pounds

Wednesday Aug 6 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

A recent study shows that nearly a third of the world’s population is overweight or obese. We all know about the overweight/obesity epidemic. But ... more »

3 Reasons Why the Raw Food Diet May Not Be Good for Kids

Thursday Jul 24 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

A raw food diet may leave kids with serious nutrient deficiencies. Many adults swear by it—the raw food diet. Eating only uncooked fruits and ... more »

Red Wine May Help Prevent Cavities—5 Tips for Reducing Stains

Wednesday Jul 23 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Red wine has antimicrobial properties that can kill plaque-causing bacteria in the mouth. Want white teeth? Stay away from red wine, they say. But ... more »

7 Ways to Make Exercise Fun

Monday Jul 21 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

That same old gym routine can leave you feeling like a hamster on a wheel— not good for your fitness goals. Astronaut Neil Armstrong is quoted as ... more »

15 Fun Ways to Get More Greens Into Your Daily Diet

Wednesday Jul 16 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

If you’re getting bored with the same old steamed and raw veggies, try these ideas for getting more greens into your diet. You’ve heard it a ... more »

5 Health Myths Spread by Mainstream Nutrition

Monday Jul 14 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Eggs are bad for you. High fructose corn syrup is no different from other sweeteners. These are the myths spread by mainstream nutrition—and ... more »

7 Signs You May be Vitamin or Mineral Deficient

Wednesday Jul 9 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

If you get frequent muscle cramps, you may be low on certain minerals. Here at Renegade Health, we advocate getting your blood tested regularly to ... more »

Two Studies Link Insecticides to Colony Collapse Disorder

Monday Jul 7 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Two recent studies add evidence to the idea that insecticides are killing off honeybees. A couple years ago, we did a post on the four reasons why our ... more »

Want to Prevent Cancer? Take a Walk in the Forest—Studies on “Forest Bathing”

Wednesday Jul 2 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Studies have found that forest bathing can help boost the immune system and reduce risk of heart disease. You’re eating right, exercising, and ... more »

5 Health Benefits of Horseradish

Monday Jun 30 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

The root of the horseradish plant makes a popular condiment, but also has promising potential in fighting cancer. You may be familiar with horseradish ... more »

5 Health Benefits of Sauerkraut—Including Helping to Prevent Cancer

Wednesday Jun 25 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Studies show that compounds in sauerkraut may help prevent cancer, boost immunity, and more. A one-cup serving of sauerkraut provides about a quarter ... more »

What Your Ears, Fingers, Arms, and Blood Type Can Tell You About Your Health

Monday Jun 23 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

If you have creases that run diagonally across your ear, you may be at a higher risk of heart disease. Is your index finger shorter than your ring ... more »

Dangerous Herbicide Found in Moms’ Breast Milk

Wednesday Jun 18 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

A recent study found the herbicide glyphosate in human breast milk, raising concerns about widespread contamination. If you haven’t heard of ... more »

9 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy on Vacation

Monday Jun 16 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Vacation is not the time to feel sick— use these tips to increase your odds of feeling great while away from home. Getting sick is never fun, but if ... more »

7 Weird Health Habits That Can Make Life Better

Wednesday Jun 11 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Go ahead—sing out loud. Studies show it helps relieve stress and anxiety. You’re eating right. You’re exercising regularly. You’re doing your ... more »

6 Natural Ways to Purify Your Water

Monday Jun 9 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Even when you’re away from home, you can reduce contaminants in your water through some natural methods. A 2001 study of 19 U.S. cities by the ... more »

Hives—12 Natural Ways to Soothe the Redness and the Itch

Wednesday Jun 4 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

There is no cure for hives, but you can try natural options to soothe the itching and redness. You itch. You scratch. And they just get worse. ... more »

5 Foods/Beverages that May Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Monday Jun 2 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Regularly drinking hot tea may reduce your risk of skin cancer. Skin cancer hasn’t gone away. In fact, it’s getting worse. According to the ... more »

High Blood Pressure? Don’t Eat These 12 Items!

Wednesday May 28 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Pickles are good for you, right? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that 67 million adults—about 31 percent—have high ... more »

7 Foods that Relieve Pain—and 5 That Make it Worse

Monday May 26 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Tart cherries could help relieve your muscle pain after exercise— try them in your smoothie or stir them into yogurt. The American Psychological ... more »

7 Weird Health Tips that Really Work!

Wednesday May 21 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

This is the perfect snack for your next flight. Read on to find out why. Actor Chris Pratt is quoted as having said, “I have some weird habits. For ... more »

Science Shows—These 7 Foods Could Help You Live Longer

Monday May 19 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Grabbing a handful of these on most days could help extend your life. Current estimates are that overall, life expectancy today is about 78.7 years. ... more »

8 Foods that Naturally Help Teeth Look Whiter

Wednesday May 14 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

An enzyme in pineapple can help clean teeth and help remove stains. White teeth make you look younger. They may also make you look more ... more »

Human Foods Dangerous to Dogs—And Those You Can Share

Wednesday Apr 30 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Though it’s generally best to avoid sharing human food with your dogs, some foods won’t hurt them. You’re not supposed to feed your dog table ... more »

3 Foods that Make You More Attractive

Monday Apr 28 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Studies show that some foods can really increase how attractive you look to the opposite sex. You know eating a healthy diet makes you feel better. ... more »

5 Foods that Actually Fight Wrinkles

Wednesday Apr 23 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

A study actually found that watercress can help fade your fine lines and wrinkles. You know that good food can create good skin. But did you know that ... more »

5 Health Problems Linked with Low-Level Pesticide Exposure

Monday Apr 21 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Though pesticides are dangerous at high levels, recent studies have also suggested they may cause health problems at low levels of exposure, as ... more »

Retired? You’re at Risk for This—Tips to Help

Wednesday Apr 16 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

According to research, the earlier you retire, the quicker your memory declines. Retirement. For many, it’s the pinnacle of achievement, the time to ... more »

7 Super Foods for Middle-Aged Women

Monday Apr 14 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Some foods are particularly helpful for middle-aged women, reducing risk of heart disease and dementia. Menopause. Weight gain. Sagging skin. ... more »

One Tree Provides a Natural Sweetener, Relieves Pain, and Lowers Cholesterol

Wednesday Apr 9 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

With this tree in your back yard, you can help prevent cancer, boost your immune system, and lower your cholesterol. If you have a birch tree in your ... more »

5 Herbal Remedies for a Sinus Infection

Monday Apr 7 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

In addition to your neti pot, try these herbs for faster relief of your sinus infection. The headaches. Earaches. Stuffiness. Insomnia. Sinus ... more »

Herbal Remedies for 4 Common Ailments

Wednesday Apr 2 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

This little guy knows what to do for a nasty cough. I recently swapped out my antihistamines for butterbur, and have been amazed at how much better I ... more »

5 Aging Traps Even Healthy People Fall Into

Monday Mar 31 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Even if you’re eating right and exercising, you could be making some daily mistakes that age you. Even if you’re eating right, exercising ... more »

5 Herbs to Help Calm Anxiety—Without Putting You to Sleep

Wednesday Mar 26 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Anti-anxiety medications work, but come with side effects. Herbs can be equally effective but less disruptive to your day. Are you swimming in stress ... more »

Would Your Brain Pass the Fitness Test?

Monday Mar 24 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

To keep your brain functioning optimally as you age, it’s important to adopt a brain fitness plan. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ... more »

Pesticides May Double Risk of Parkinson’s—Tips to Stay Healthy

Wednesday Mar 19 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Exposure to pesticides can increase your risk of Parkinson’s disease. We all know it’s best to avoid pesticides. So far, they’ve been linked to ... more »

Some of Hudson’s Favorite Healthy Kids’ Books!

Monday Mar 17 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Reading with your child is a great way to introduce them to concepts like healthy eating and nutrition. Since welcoming the arrival of little Hudson ... more »

Baobab—A Super Food from the Tree of Life

Wednesday Mar 12 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

The baobab fruit has three times the vitamin C of an orange, 50 percent more calcium than spinach, and a good supply of antioxidants—six times the ... more »

Still Enjoy Meat? Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef—and How to Find the Real Stuff

Monday Mar 10 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Studies show grass-fed is just plain better for you than other alternatives. Americans are eating less meat. In 2012, a Department of Agriculture ... more »

Icy Hands? Try These 10 Natural Ways to Warm Them Up

Wednesday Mar 5 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Things like warming foods and drinking enough water can help you enjoy toasty hands no matter the temperature. In early February 2014, the Chicagoist ... more »

Do You Need an Electric Toothbrush? If So, Which Kind is Best?

Monday Mar 3 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

A lot of people are buying electric toothbrushes because they believe they clean better. Is that true? In America, we tend to think that if it’s ... more »

Instead of Wheat, Try These 7 Gluten-Free Grains

Wednesday Feb 26 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Quinoa is a healthy and nutritious grain alternative for those looking to avoid gluten. Are you on a gluten-free diet? If so, you may be missing ... more »

The Dangers of Antacid Drugs—and 7 Alternative Solutions to Heartburn

Monday Feb 24 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Studies show that regular use of antacids can cause a number of health problems. If you’re suffering a little heartburn and you’re on the go, do ... more »

Don’t Get Sick This Winter—7 Fun Tips You May Not Have Tried

Wednesday Feb 19 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Listening to your favorite upbeat music 50 minutes a day may help you avoid the cold and flu this winter! You already know about washing your hands, ... more »

Winter Allergies—Triggers and 5 Natural Solutions

Monday Feb 17 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Winter allergies can be worse than spring ones, causing symptoms that feel like a cold. When most of us think of allergies, we think of grasses, ... more »

Outdoor Winter Exercise—13 Tips to Make it More Comfortable and Safe

Wednesday Feb 12 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Think you can’t exercise outdoors in the winter? Think again—it could help you feel a lot happier! Winter weather may get you thinking the only ... more »

9 Healthy Hot Drinks to Warm You Up!

Monday Feb 10 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

A number of hot beverages—including plain hot water—can provide health benefits in cold weather. When the weather gets cold outside, we naturally ... more »

Improve Your Life Today with 8 Ancient Healing Techniques

Wednesday Feb 5 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Reiki and other ancient healing techniques have a number of health benefits to offer us today in our modern world. Over the last few decades we’ve ... more »

9 Reasons You May Want to Indulge in a Little Dark Chocolate Today

Monday Feb 3 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Studies show that a little dark chocolate each day can provide a number of important health benefits. Have you been avoiding chocolate lately because ... more »

Low Levels of This Mineral Increase Your Risk of Diabetes

Wednesday Jan 29 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Studies show that having a healthy intake of zinc (from foods like these oysters) can help protect you from diabetes, and may help control blood sugar ... more »

Use This Technique to Keep Your Blood Pressure in Line

Monday Jan 27 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Studies indicate that meditation may help keep blood pressure levels in the normal range. Typical lifestyle modifications for high blood pressure ... more »

Hate Post Workout Soreness? Try Watermelon Juice!

Wednesday Jan 22 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

A recent study suggests that drinking watermelon juice before working out can help reduce muscle soreness. If you’re into regular exercise ... more »

Too Acidic? Too Alkaline? How to Tell, and Some Tips to Restore Balance

Monday Jan 20 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Kale is a nutrient-rich vegetable that’s a great option for those who may be too acidic. Last week, we talked about pH balance in the body, and how ... more »

What is pH Balance, and How Does Diet Throw it Off?

Wednesday Jan 15 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

A diet high in acidic foods can put a strain on kidneys, increasing risk of kidney stones and potentially, osteoporosis. Spinach is one of the most ... more »

3 Healthy Seeds—Comparing and Contrasting Chia, Flax, and Hemp

Monday Jan 13 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Chia, flax, and hemp seeds are all great sources of protein and antioxidants, and make an easy healthy addition to your diet. About a decade ago, ... more »

7 Things Successful People Do First Thing in the Morning

Wednesday Jan 8 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

The things you do first thing in the morning can set the stage for the rest of the day. If we want to get better at something, the best way is often ... more »

Got Superbugs? Try Essential Oils—They Work Better Than Standard Antiseptics

Monday Jan 6 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

In a recent study, natural essential oils—including tea tree oil (from the tree shown here)—were more effective at killing super bugs than ... more »

Who You Eat With Influences What You Eat—7 Tips to Stay Strong

Wednesday Jan 1 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

If you want to eat healthier when dining out, go with friends who make healthy choices, researchers say. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may ... more »

5 Ways to Increase White Blood Cell Count—Naturally

Monday Dec 30 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

If you’re suffering from a low white blood cell count, increasing your intake of garlic may help. A number of health conditions can cause the white ... more »

Knee Arthritis Pain? Try This Food—Study Shows It Works!

Wednesday Dec 18 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Rather than resort to medications, try this natural remedy for knee arthritis pain. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that ... more »

How Your Couch Could Be Making You Sick

Monday Dec 16 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

While you’re snoozing, you could be exposed to flame retardants, which have been linked to hormone disruption. It looks so innocent sitting there in ... more »

Electromagnetic Fields—Can You Protect Yourself with EMF Clothing?

Wednesday Dec 11 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Some studies show that living near high-voltage power lines may be harmful to human health. Can you increase your risk of cancer through exposure to ... more »

9 Tips for Avoiding Botulism When Making Fermented Foods at Home

Monday Dec 9 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

If improperly prepared, homemade sauerkraut may contain botulism-causing bacteria. On September 11, 2010, the headline of the day in Canada read, ... more »

Natural Treatment Options for Psoriasis

Wednesday Dec 4 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

If you have psoriasis, you may want to take chondroiton supplements. The National Psoriasis Foundation states that psoriasis is the most prevalent ... more »

Cooking Oils: How They’re Extracted and Refined, and the Health Consequences

Monday Dec 2 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Refining processes can strip oils of their natural nutrients. Today, we’re talking about cooking oils, and how we actually get the oil from the ... more »

10 Snacks That Actually Help You Lose Weight

Wednesday Nov 27 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Hot chocolate contains compounds that actually reduce levels of stress, helping the body release fat. One of the most challenging things about trying ... more »

Your Anxiety Could Be Coming from Your Gut—Might Probiotics Calm You Down?

Monday Nov 25 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Anxious? Depressed? You may need probiotics. That our mental state affects our digestive health is a concept most of us are familiar with. What’s ... more »

Boy Dies of Deadly Parasite Found in Tap Water—How Clean is Yours?

Wednesday Nov 20 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

The CDC recently found a deadly amoeba in the water supply of a Louisiana town. The “Naegleria fowleri amoeba” is a parasite—a particularly ... more »

Natural Solutions for Painful Sciatica

Monday Nov 18 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Sciatica often goes away on its own, but meanwhile it causes painful and debilitating symptoms. Most of us know someone who has suffered from ... more »

How About a Little Bone and Nerves with Your Chicken Nuggets?

Wednesday Nov 13 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

A recent study found chicken nuggets are less than 50 percent chicken. If you want a glimpse of what fast food is really like, just let it cool down. ... more »

7 Foods that Fight Inflammation

Monday Nov 11 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Chronic inflammation is linked with diseases like Alzheimer’s and heart disease, but can be tamed with certain anti-inflammatory foods. Inflammation ... more »

5 Foods That Help Soothe a Crohn’s Flare-Up

Wednesday Nov 6 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Bananas have a special fiber that can help block the transmission of bugs that aggravate Crohn’s disease. The idea that diet can affect flare-ups of ... more »

Commercial Baby Foods May Not Be A Good Idea During Weaning—Homemade Alternatives

Monday Nov 4 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

A lot of ready-made commercial baby foods have added sugar. If one food we buy off the shelves is expected to be nutritious, it’s baby food. Many ... more »

The Best Way to Wash Fruits and Vegetables—8 Tips

Wednesday Oct 30 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Do you need to use soap to wash produce? What’s the best way to get rid of pesticide residue? Fruits and vegetables are good for you—but the ... more »

CDC Confirms Widespread Use of Antibiotics Leads to Human Death

Monday Oct 28 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

“We didn’t ask for this!” Antibiotics used in feedlots are contributing to superbugs that are killing Americans. A recent study found ... more »

10 Top Blood Tests to Take for Your Best Health

Wednesday Oct 23 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

What should you look for when getting your blood tested? A blood test can tell you a lot about your health. In fact, nearly two-thirds of the data for ... more »

Fish Fraud: Is the Fish You’re Eating the Fish You Think it Is?

Monday Oct 21 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

A recent study found that about a third of the fish we eat isn’t what we think it is. A February 2013 study by Oceana, the largest international ... more »

To Eat or Not to Eat Breakfast? Study Casts Doubt on Breakfast-Obesity Link

Wednesday Oct 16 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

After years of being told to eat breakfast to lose weight, a new study says…maybe not. Trying to lose weight? Eat breakfast. It’s the advice ... more »

Blood Pressure Meds May Increase Risk of Cancer—12 Natural Ways to Drop Levels

Monday Oct 14 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Medications can keep your blood pressure levels under control, but they can also increase your risk for some types of cancer. If you’re taking blood ... more »

#3 Sushi Health Risk—Toxins, with 10 Tips to Protect Yourself

Wednesday Oct 9 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

In addition to parasites and bacteria, sushi may also be contaminated with toxins. After talking about parasites and bacteria in former posts, now ... more »

Mercury Retrograde—Myth or Truth?

Monday Oct 7 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Astrologists believe that when mercury appears to be moving backwards, areas of communication and travel are compromised. Are we affected by the ... more »

#2 Sushi Health Risk—Bacteria, with 10 Tips to Protect Yourself

Wednesday Oct 2 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Sushi can be contaminated with bacteria and viruses, which can cause digestive issues. After talking about parasites in a former post, now it’s time ... more »

#1 Sushi Health Risk—Parasites, with 7 Tips to Protect Yourself

Monday Sep 30 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Might that plate of sushi be contaminated with parasites? An informal poll by Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News showed that most doctors who ... more »

How Cinnamon Could Help Treat and Prevent Type II Diabetes—Real Evidence

Friday Sep 27 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Concerned about diabetes? It may help to consume more cinnamon on a daily basis. The American Diabetes Association states that 25.8 million children ... more »

12 Natural Ways to Wake Yourself Up—Without the Caffeine

Monday Sep 23 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Concerned about diabetes? It may help to consume more cinnamon on a daily basis.Last June 2013, Dr. Williams posted about the protective effects of ... more »

Your Garden Tomatoes and Flowers Could Be Killing Honeybees

Wednesday Sep 18 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Your garden plants may be contaminated with a pesticide known to be toxic to honeybees. For the last several years now, we’ve been hearing about the ... more »

How Much Water Do You Really Need for Good Health?

Monday Sep 16 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Do you need to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day? It depends on a number of factors. The standard advice for years has been that you should ... more »

Eat More and Lose Weight—It’s Proven to Work! 7 Tips

Wednesday Sep 11 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Which foods you choose may make more difference to your waistline than how much you eat. “Eating smart, not eating less, may be the key to losing ... more »

10 Habits of Healthy, Happy Men—and What Women Can Learn

Monday Sep 9 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Men named relaxing time with family as one of the things that keep them happy and healthy. What really makes men happy—and healthy? There are plenty ... more »

What’s Healthiest? Soy Sauce, Tamari, or Bragg’s? What About Coconut Aminos?

Wednesday Sep 4 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

If you’re making stir-fry tonight, which condiment is healthiest to use? If you’re getting ready to cook some stir-fry, rice, an Asian salad, ... more »

Trouble Sleeping? It May Be the Full Moon…Really

Monday Sep 2 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

If you think the full moon makes you restless at night—you could be right. We’ve all been hearing how important it is to get a good night’s ... more »

What’s the Best Oil to Cook With?

Wednesday Aug 28 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

What oil is the safest and healthiest to cook with? Grapeseed, olive, sunflower, canola, coconut—there are so many options. Which is the best for ... more »

Ditch the Chemicals—10 Benefits of Cast Iron Cooking

Monday Aug 26 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Think cast iron is sticky and hard to clean? Think again—properly seasoned, cast iron is naturally “non-stick.” In 2003, the Environmental ... more »

Fish: 5 Choices Healthy for You and the Environment

Wednesday Aug 21 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

We love our tuna, but we’re eating too many of them. It’s time to try other options. According to a 2009 study by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) ... more »

15 Natural Tips to Protect from Radiation When Flying

Monday Aug 19 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

High altitudes expose you to more radiation. Is there any way to reduce the health risks? The government has introduced new advanced imaging scanners ... more »

Where Germs Lurk on Airplanes—and 10 Ways to Keep from Getting Sick

Wednesday Aug 14 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Do you need to go this far to protect yourself from illness while flying? In June 2013, American Airlines announced plans to add even more seats to ... more »

Farmers Sue Monsanto After GMO Seeds Pollute Other Crops

Monday Aug 12 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

After contaminated wheat was discovered in Oregon, farmers sued Monsanto for genetic pollution. On June 12, 2013, Huffington Post ran an article ... more »

Can Probiotics Help Your Brain, Too?

Wednesday Aug 7 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

New research discovered that probiotics, like those found in yogurt, may help relieve stress and anxiety. A recent study has provided more evidence to ... more »

7 Natural Ways to Reduce Hot Flashes

Monday Aug 5 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Hormones are risky—here are some other ways to help reduce the frequency of hot flashes. Personal summers. Power surges. Hot flashes. Whatever you ... more »

5 Natural Ways to Prevent Tick Bites

Wednesday Jul 31 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Ticks carry a number of diseases, including Lyme disease, so be sure to protect yourself this summer. Are you protected from ticks this summer? If you ... more »

5 Food Sources for 5 Key Vitamins & Minerals

Monday Jul 29 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Rather than pop a pill, how about bumping up your consumption of certain foods when you need nutrients? Did your doctor recently tell you that ... more »

10 Tips for Preserving Vitamins and Shelf Life in Produce

Wednesday Jul 24 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Americans throw away thousands of dollars every year in spoiled produce. Try these tips for making your goodies last longer. We’re all trying to eat ... more »

5 Good Things About Getting Older

Monday Jul 22 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Despite what the media would have us believe, there are a lot of good things about getting older. In today’s world, we’re faced with continual ... more »

Sidestep the Temptations—12 Tricks to Help You Eat Less and Lose Weight

Wednesday Jul 17 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Sometimes we all need a little help cutting back on calories—try these tips! Eating too much. Gaining too much weight. Worrying about diabetes and ... more »

Study: Relationship Worries Could Make You Sick—7 Tips to Help You Relax

Monday Jul 15 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

A new study suggests that feeling anxious about your relationship can lower your resistance to disease. We all know that stress is bad for us, but a ... more »

Could the Herbs You’re Taking Cause Life-Threatening Bleeding?

Wednesday Jul 10 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Some herbs like gingko biloba (pictured here) can thin the blood, increasing the risk of excessive bleeding. According to research performed at the ... more »

7 Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions to Have On Hand

Monday Jul 8 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

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Carrageenan—Is This Additive Safe?

Wednesday Jul 3 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Have you checked the ingredient list on your soymilk, pudding, toothpaste, or chocolate? You may find “carrageenan,” a food additive recently tied ... more »

Are You Short on Vitamin B12? 5 Tips to Increase Absorption

Monday Jul 1 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

A vitamin B12 deficiency is more common in the elderly, and can lead to dizziness and an uneven gait. Our friend Dr. Williams recently wrote about ... more »

Are You Aging Worse Than Your Parents Did? 5 Tips for Aging Well

Wednesday Jun 26 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Current estimates show you’re likely to live longer than your parents, but those extra years may be unhealthy. Each generation is supposed to be ... more »

3 New Exotic Foods You May Not Have Heard Of—And Their Health Benefits

Monday Jun 24 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

The horned melon has a unique taste, and is low in calories. Are you a foodie? Do you enjoy trying new food items—particularly if they have unique ... more »

Your Frying Pan Could Increase Your Risk of Osteoarthritis—and Other Health Problems

Wednesday Jun 19 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Do you save time cleaning by using non-stick cookware? Best to check it again to make sure it’s not creating risks to your health. Do you cook ... more »

Trying to Have a Baby? Get Up Off the Couch—7 Supplements to Enhance Male Fertility

Monday Jun 17 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Men who watch TV for three hours or more a day could suffer from reduced fertility. According to the Mayo Clinic, about 15 percent of couples are ... more »

10 Wild Plants (or Weeds!) That Are Safe to Eat

Wednesday Jun 12 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

If you see elderflower in your back yard, you could use the flower heads in pancake batter to make fritters, or infuse them for tea. When you’re on ... more »

10 “Healthy” Foods That Aren’t So Healthy

Monday Jun 10 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Trail mix is healthy, right? Well, sometimes yes, but you have to be choosy. The food industry is smart, and knows that most people are looking for ... more »

Your Reusable Shopping Bag Could Be Making Your Family Sick

Wednesday May 29 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

It’s eco-friendly, but is it making your family sick? That reusable shopping bag you’re taking to the grocery store could be eco-friendly, but it ... more »

What to Eat to Smell Sweet—8 Foods that Make You Smell Great

Monday May 27 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

What you eat can affect how you smell—but fortunately, some foods act like sweet perfumes. Garlic is a super healthy food, with studies indicating ... more »

A Shocking 1 In 3 Deficient In Vitamin D & At Risk for Cancer—Are You One of Them?

Wednesday May 22 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

If you’re not getting enough sun exposure, you could be deficient in vitamin D, which can increase your risk of cancer and heart disease. We’ve ... more »

Nearly Half of Americans Are Now Nearsighted—It’s Time to Get Our Kids Back Outside

Wednesday May 1 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Over the past four decades, the rates of nearsightedness have nearly doubled. Do you find that you are having trouble seeing clearly from a distance? ... more »

Dementia is on the Rise—Protect Your Brain Power with 7 Foods and 7 Mind Games

Monday Apr 29 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are on the rise—here’s how to protect your brain power. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s ... more »

Pain Relievers May Be Damaging Your Hearing—7 Natural Alternatives

Wednesday Apr 24 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Pain relievers may help you get a good night’s sleep, but they could also lead to hearing loss. Most people don’t like to rely on over-the-counter ... more »

Get Rid of Mold—Without Increasing Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Monday Apr 22 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Mold is definitely unattractive, but it can also be dangerous for your health. Mold is bad news. Study after study points to the health damage it can ... more »

Feeling Anxious? It Could Be Your Plastic

Wednesday Mar 27 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

If you or your kids are feeling anxious, the chemicals in your plastics may have something to do with it. Plato is quoted as having said, “Nothing ... more »

14 Plants that Clean Your Indoor Air of Toxic Chemicals

Monday Mar 25 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

The simple Chrysanthemum can help you breathe cleaner indoor air. In a 1987 study, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranked indoor air ... more »

7 Secrets for Super-Human Oral Health

Wednesday Mar 20 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Brushing and flossing help, but with these tricks, you can do even more to improve your smile. You know you’re supposed to regularly brush, floss, ... more »

Too Many Trips to McDonald’s May Cause Asthma in Kids

Monday Mar 18 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

A new study indicates that children who eat fast frequent fast food meals may be more at risk for asthmatic symptoms. On February 6, 2013, we ... more »

Could Your Cholesterol Be Too Low? Risks Include Cancer and Depression

Wednesday Feb 27 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Most people are trying to keep their cholesterol numbers down, but when is low too low? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states ... more »

Help Your Cat Live Longer—Some Well Known and Unusual Tips

Monday Feb 25 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

“Dogs come when they’re called. Cats take a message and get back to you.” —Mark Bly The ASPCA states that the average lifespan of the indoor ... more »

What’s the Best Diet for My Dog? Should I Try a Raw Food Diet?

Monday Feb 18 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

A raw food diet may be great for your four-legged friend—but there are some risks. No grains, no by-products, no preservatives. No people food, ... more »