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5 Urban Legends of Health

Monday May 2 2016 | by Frederic Patenaude

A lot of popular advice is wrong. Many half-truths and fallacies become “facts” even several decades after we’ve debunked them. It annoys ... more »

How To Fast on Your Own – Discover the Benefits of Water fasting and Juice Fasting

Monday May 2 2016 | by Frederic Patenaude

Learn how to fast on your own, and discover the health benefits you will experience from water fasting or juice fasting for 24 hours, up to 7 ... more »

22 Amazing Nutritional Benefits Of Remarkable Quinoa

Friday Apr 22 2016 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

The journey to the land of quinoa begins at the San Pedro market in Cusco—the Incan capital city and gateway to Machu Picchu—at over eleven ... more »

5 Natural Remedies to Cure Dementia

Monday Apr 18 2016 | by Erica Silva

Humans are not immortal. As time passes, humans age and this means their whole bodies go through the process of aging too. One of the many ... more »

How To Make The Best Whey Protein Shake For More Energy

Friday Apr 15 2016 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

    Supplementing your diet with a personalized protein shake will make a significant difference in your health, energy, and body ... more »

How To Lower High Cholesterol With Proven Natural Medicines

Friday Apr 8 2016 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

  Cholesterol gets treated like a four letter word. But does it deserve the bad rap? Cholesterol is a crucial molecule in the body, so before ... more »

How To Cure Food Allergies With Natural Medicine

Friday Apr 1 2016 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

Lela didn’t appear sick. When I first saw her in the waiting room, I thought she was a medical sales representative. But, she was there as a ... more »

Why Cuba Is The Next Most Interesting Thing In Natural Medicine

Tuesday Mar 22 2016 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

In the 1960s – the decade when John Lennon sang songs of peace and love, and John Kennedy clamped on the embargo – I wanted to cut sugarcane with ... more »

How To Effectively Counter The Harmful Effects Of Antibiotics

Friday Mar 18 2016 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

There is no doubt that antibiotics save lives, but what’s the best way to counter the damage to our microbiome when we have to use them. My mother ... more »

40 Things I Learned At 40

Monday Mar 14 2016 | by Frederic Patenaude

Fred at 21 in the “Early Days” with David Wolfe and Stephen Arlin Guys, my 40th birthday is approaching (this weekend)! No big deal you ... more »

How To Maximize Your Glutathione Levels

Friday Mar 11 2016 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

Scientists have not yet found the body’s master molecule, but glutathione comes close. Your body’s cells are full of molecules that perform the ... more »

How To Cure Dengue, Chikungunya, and Zika Fever With Papaya Leaf

Friday Mar 4 2016 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

Can leaves from the common papaya treat tough viruses like Zika? Chikungunya and Zika are scary because they are nasty viruses without an effective ... more »

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