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Overdose: Are Pharmaceutical Companies Systematically Destroying Your Health?

Friday Mar 13 2015 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

In September 2004, Merck & Co. pulled Vioxx from the market. The press spun the headlines to make it look like Merck – a pharmaceutical giant ... more »

Raw Milk: It’s Good for You, Right? : Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Monday Nov 3 2014 | by Kevin Gianni

So what is the deal with raw milk… All good? All Bad? Or somewhere in between… I probably address raw milk about every 5-6 months, but ... more »

Throw Out Your Back? 8 Tips to Help You Recover : Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Saturday Aug 30 2014 | by Kevin Gianni

When you “throw out” your back, it may feel like it, but usually nothing has actually moved out of place. According to the American ... more »

Want to Prevent Cancer? Take a Walk in the Forest—Studies on “Forest Bathing”

Wednesday Jul 2 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Studies have found that forest bathing can help boost the immune system and reduce risk of heart disease. You’re eating right, exercising, and ... more »

Why Doctors and Patients Have Different Priorities

Friday May 16 2014 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

Just as lab test numbers are not human patients, codes are not diseases.” Traditional doctors love algorithms. Patients X, Y, and Z have A, B, ... more »

Improve Your Life Today with 8 Ancient Healing Techniques

Wednesday Feb 5 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Reiki and other ancient healing techniques have a number of health benefits to offer us today in our modern world. Over the last few decades we’ve ... more »

Help Us Stop The Use of Potentially Dangerous Airport Scanners

Tuesday May 14 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

Air travel used to be so easy. I’m sure many of you remember when you could bring water onto a plane. Or how about when you could walk through ... more »

Finally, A Positive Story About Healing Cancer Naturally on TV

Saturday May 11 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

I’m not a big fan of TV. A few years ago, we did get cable TV (after not having it for at least 5-6 years), since I do like watching sports ... more »

Zombies? Probably Not, But Emergency Preparedness is a Big Deal

Friday Apr 26 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

I don’t consider myself a doomsday prepper or a conspiracy theorist. In fact, I recently deleted all my Facebook friends who were posting ... more »

Wait, Before You Move to Green Bank, West Virginia…

Tuesday Apr 16 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

After writing my article on Green Bank, West Virginia, I was thrilled at the lively and informative responses from all of you. You shared individual ... more »

Would You Move Here to Avoid EMFs?

Saturday Apr 13 2013 | by Kevin Gianni

Over the years, I’ve gathered a few tools to measure electromagnetic and nuclear radiation. (Yes, nuclear was not a typo.) I don’t ... more »

My Experiment Living on $3.33 a Day on a Plant-Based Diet

Monday Mar 4 2013 | by Frederic Patenaude

One of the biggest complaints I hear about eating a healthy diet (high raw or something else) is the cost of food. Especially nowadays, now that food ... more »