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A Call to Natural Health Advocates (Part 2) and a Free Teleseminar for You

Monday Jan 14 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

I had a bunch of information planned to send out last week, but the posting from the blog had 99 posts (almost 100!) so I figured I’d let ... more »

A Call to Natural Health Advocates – We Need to Stop Fighting Ourselves

Sunday Jan 6 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

My last post generated this comment by Patrick: “A bit surprised, I’ll confess. I had you down as a bit different to most of those in the ... more »

The 5 Natural Sources for Holistic Nutrition

Friday Jan 4 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

Vitamin C may be the most widely recognized and well known vitamin for a healthy life and holistic nutrition. When Vitamin C is derived naturally from ... more »

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Friday Dec 28 2007 | by Kevin Gianni

I like just about everything. But there is one thing I truly hate. I actually despise them. What are they? New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, I admit, ... more »

How to Stay on the Vegan or Raw Food Diet when Traveling

Tuesday Dec 25 2007 | by Kevin Gianni

Here’s a great question about how to eat vegan or raw food when you’re traveling or overseas. Question: My biggest health and fitness ... more »

How to Eat Raw Food or Vegan in Social Settings

Thursday Dec 20 2007 | by Kevin Gianni

Question: My biggest challenge is explaining how I eat 100% raw food to other people without offending them in a social setting. Answer: I once had a ... more »

David Wolfe on Weight Loss with Raw Food and Peak Performance (And a Personal Note)

Thursday Dec 6 2007 | by Kevin Gianni

Before I get to the David Wolfe interview and a few other awesome things… I wanted to let you in on a little personal ... more »

Where You Can Find Organic Young Thai Coconuts

Friday Nov 30 2007 | by Kevin Gianni

I recently did a teleseminar class and a few of the attendees really wanted to know the deal with young thai coconuts and which ones were good to eat ... more »

Free Raw Food and Wellness Event with Dorit and Some Incredible Health Leaders

Tuesday Oct 23 2007 | by Kevin Gianni

Just wanted to give you a quick update two special items that came across my desk in the last month or so. These are both opportunities for you or ... more »

7 Essential Healthy Travel Tips for Health Nuts

Wednesday Oct 3 2007 | by Kevin Gianni

You and I both know that healthy travel–if you’re a health nut or worse a raw foodist–is not easy business. Right now, I’m ... more »

How to Read Food Labels and Packaging Safely

Thursday Sep 20 2007 | by Kevin Gianni

Here’s a perfect example of how not to “judge a package” by its cover and how you can read food labels safely and with confidence. It’s also ... more »

Is the Raw Food Lifestyle the Next Macrobiotic Diet?

Wednesday Aug 29 2007 | by Kevin Gianni

Yesterday, I received an email from a fellow “health renegade” who had some concerns about the raw food lifestyle. He brought up some ... more »