Weight Loss

5 Dietary Recommendations That Will Make You Slimmer and Healthier

Friday Oct 9 2015 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

It seems everyone knows the basics: don’t smoke, drink less alcohol, eat less meat, avoid sodas, and pick up fiber levels. The issue now is ... more »

5 Ways Your Mind Fools You When It Comes to Weight Loss

Tuesday Aug 4 2015 | by Colleen M. Story

Your brain has a devious way of tricking you into failing when it comes to weight loss. Used to be we thought weight loss was just about eating less ... more »

15 Ways to Curb Late-Night Cravings

Tuesday Jul 7 2015 | by Colleen M. Story

Stop your brain from sabotaging your weight-loss goals! The majority of the evidence says that eating after 8:00 isn’t good for us, for a number of ... more »

3 Practical Ways to Restrict Calories and Potentially Live Longer

Thursday Jun 11 2015 | by Colleen M. Story

Could significantly reducing your daily caloric intake really help you live longer? Science is shouting about the benefits of reducing calories. Could ... more »

The 8-Hour Diet: The Best Time to Eat to Trick Your Body Into Losing Weight

Thursday May 7 2015 | by Colleen M. Story

Recent studies suggest it’s not how much we eat, necessarily, but when we eat it that could be contributing to weight gain and disease. Weakest time ... more »

Will Somebody Please Turn Off the Lights?

Thursday Apr 16 2015 | by Colleen M. Story

Too much artificial light has been linked with obesity, diabetes, and cancer. I spend about two weeks each year on the Pacific Coast, in a little ... more »

To Lose Weight, It’s Critical to Know Your “Why”

Friday Jan 9 2015 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

Do so many people fail at achieving their resolution goals because of lack of willpower, because they can’t make the time to exercise, or because ... more »

Diet Myths—Let’s Bust Them Open, Part II

Tuesday Dec 16 2014 | by Shelli Stein

We think one particular food group is the enemy, but it’s not true. In part one of Diet Myths—Let’s Bust Them Open, we took a look at the ... more »

Curb the Urge to Snack with These 7 Tips

Monday Dec 8 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Too much snacking can derail your weight loss goals. You’re hungry. You just ate an hour or so ago, but you’re hungry. At least, that’s what ... more »

Diet Myths: Let’s Bust Them Open, Part 1

Tuesday Dec 2 2014 | by Shelli Stein

Diets are often all about suffering—this really bothers me! I’m in a myth-busting mood today, so let’s take on the topic of modern-day diets and ... more »

7 Fun Ways to Burn More Calories On Your Walk

Monday Nov 10 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Walking is great exercise no matter how you do it, but you can up your calorie burn with these tips. If you weigh about 160 pounds and you walk at a ... more »

5 Teas That Help You Drop a Few Pounds

Wednesday Nov 5 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Peppermint tea helps promote easy digestion, which may help you lose a few pounds. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may have already cut back on ... more »

7 Foods to Help You Control Your Appetite

Wednesday Oct 8 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Craving an ice cream shake? Try eating an apple first— it may satisfy your appetite and reduce your intake of calories. A 2013 survey based on ... more »

4 Healthy Foods that can Easily Pad Your Waistline—and Low-Cal Alternatives

Wednesday Sep 24 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Though hummus helps fight cravings and may lower cholesterol, it can also pad your waistline. Sometimes healthy foods get a pass in the diet books. We ... more »

Another Reason to Consume Probiotics—It May Prevent Fatty Liver Disease

Wednesday Sep 3 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Sauerkraut is a good source of healthy probiotics—which may protect your liver. It used to be that only alcoholics had to worry about fatty liver ... more »

Trick Your Fat Cells Into Shrinking

Tuesday Sep 2 2014 | by Shelli Stein

Can you really get rid of fat cells? If there’s one topic that many of us think about but don’t quite understand, it’s fat loss. So let’s see ... more »

3 Reasons to Avoid the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet—and 7 Ways to Make it Healthier

Monday Sep 1 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

The all-you-can-eat buffet may be tasty and inexpensive, but it can also be extremely unhealthy. Buffets can be a great option. Everyone can get ... more »

12 Reasons Why Sodas are Horrible for You, & Healthy Soda Recipes!

Wednesday Aug 27 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Regular sodas are horrible for your health, but you can make your own healthy alternatives! You know sodas aren’t good for you. So you take one of ... more »

Nearly a Third of the World Population is Overweight—7 Ways to Shed Pounds

Wednesday Aug 6 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

A recent study shows that nearly a third of the world’s population is overweight or obese. We all know about the overweight/obesity epidemic. But ... more »

4 Exercise Myths—Do You Really Need to Stretch Before a Workout?

Tuesday Jul 29 2014 | by Shelli Stein

Is it really bad to let your knees go past your toes while doing a squat or lunge? Does science both fascinate and frustrate you? It sure does me! The ... more »

7 Ways to Make Exercise Fun

Monday Jul 21 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

That same old gym routine can leave you feeling like a hamster on a wheel— not good for your fitness goals. Astronaut Neil Armstrong is quoted as ... more »

5 Health Myths Spread by Mainstream Nutrition

Monday Jul 14 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

Eggs are bad for you. High fructose corn syrup is no different from other sweeteners. These are the myths spread by mainstream nutrition—and ... more »

Steady-State Aerobic Exercise Promotes Weight Loss…NOT

Tuesday Jun 24 2014 | by Shelli Stein

Do you believe that aerobic exercise will help you lose weight? If you read about health and fitness, I’m sure you’ve heard the term ... more »

Why Raspberries May be the World’s Healthiest Food

Friday Jun 20 2014 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

Raspberries have shown in studies to help prevent cancer and heart disease and to slow aging. Raspberries, along with blueberries and blackberries, ... more »

Running is Good For Your Health, Right? Maybe Not

Tuesday May 13 2014 | by Shelli Stein

We all think running is a great way to lose weight, but that’s not always the case. This was the joke of the day that recently appeared on my ... more »

Big Body, Small Brain: How Excess Weight Affects Brain Health

Tuesday Apr 22 2014 | by Dr. Dan Yachter

Studies show that excess weight results in older, smaller brains. Most everyone has a good understanding that carrying around extra weight is ... more »

Renegade Health Story of the Month: Shivie Cook

Tuesday Apr 15 2014 | by Kevin Gianni

After surviving a fire and the 9-11 attack in New York City, Shivie Cook finds new motivation to change her health and her life. Here, she’s ... more »

How Jumping Rope Can Keep You Fit AND Trim

Thursday Apr 10 2014 | by Shelli Stein

This one exercise both burns fat and firms your muscles. Have you ever wondered if there was ONE exercise you could do to keep yourself both fit and ... more »

Who You Eat With Influences What You Eat—7 Tips to Stay Strong

Wednesday Jan 1 2014 | by Colleen M. Story

If you want to eat healthier when dining out, go with friends who make healthy choices, researchers say. If you’re trying to lose weight, you may ... more »

10 Snacks That Actually Help You Lose Weight

Wednesday Nov 27 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Hot chocolate contains compounds that actually reduce levels of stress, helping the body release fat.One of the most challenging things about trying ... more »

To Eat or Not to Eat Breakfast? Study Casts Doubt on Breakfast-Obesity Link

Wednesday Oct 16 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

After years of being told to eat breakfast to lose weight, a new study says…maybe not. Trying to lose weight? Eat breakfast. It’s the advice ... more »

Sidestep the Temptations—12 Tricks to Help You Eat Less and Lose Weight

Wednesday Jul 17 2013 | by Colleen M. Story

Sometimes we all need a little help cutting back on calories—try these tips! Eating too much. Gaining too much weight. Worrying about diabetes and ... more »

What’s The Ultimate Weight Loss Diet?

Friday Jul 5 2013 | by Dr. J. E. Williams

What are the best tips when it comes to weight loss? In a recent blog, New York Times columnist and the best-selling author of Food Matters, Mark ... more »

12 Foods That Help Trim Belly Fat : Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Wednesday Sep 5 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

Struggling with belly fat? Avocados may help. Most of us know—belly fat is not only unsightly and irritating, it’s bad for your health. A ... more »

Can Your Feelings Make You Fat? : Renegade Health Interview

Tuesday Aug 28 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

Successful weight loss starts with happy fingers… er… I mean, a happy YOU! This may be a sticky subject, but I urge you to listen to the ... more »

How This Man Lost Over 200 Pounds and Kept it Off for 8 Years : Renegade Health Interview

Friday Aug 24 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

I love these apple, tape-measure weight loss pictures! I love weight loss stories… They’re so inspiring, particularly since I used to be a ... more »

Does Calcium Help Encourage Weight Loss? : Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Wednesday May 23 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

You’ve heard calcium can help trim away the pounds. Is it true? You may have heard the latest diet buzz that calcium can help you lose weight. ... more »

How This Blogger Lost Weight and Helped Her Son Heal without Dieting : Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Wednesday Apr 25 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

Good news, you can eat more than just this in a day and still lose weight… (Fresh lucuma fruit from Peru.) You asked for her, so we got ... more »

Which Way to Lose Weight is Right? : Exclusive Renegade Health Review

Saturday Apr 14 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

Maybe we’d be better off learning about diet from goats. I used to think only one diet was the right diet… Actually, I’ve thought ... more »

To Lose Weight For Good, You Might Have to Lose Your Mind (And Maybe Even More…) : The 5 Undeniable Laws of Lasting Weight Loss

Friday Jan 6 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

Clearly, I’ve also lost my mind by using this image for this post — it has no relevance at all to what I’ve written about. ... more »

This is as Close to a Magic Pill as You Can Get for Losing Weight : The 5 Undeniable Laws of Lasting Weight Loss

Thursday Jan 5 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

Don’t worry, I’m completely aware that I need to explain this image, and the unicorn with the arrow coming out of its horn as ... more »

Your Body Wants You to Be Fat (If You’re Doing These Things…) : The 5 Undeniable Laws of Lasting Weight Loss

Wednesday Jan 4 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

If you want to lose weight, you might want to take a lesson from Jonny 5’s book… chill out – often – when you find a warm, ... more »

You Might Need to Eat More Food to Lose More Weight… (Huh?) : The Second Undeniable Law of Lasting Weight Loss

Tuesday Jan 3 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

I’m trying to tie in this picture to the article, but frankly, I’m just thrilled to be going back to Florida in a few weeks to eat some ... more »

If You Want to Slim Down, Be Sure to Do This… : The First Undeniable Law of Lasting Weight Loss

Monday Jan 2 2012 | by Kevin Gianni

If you want to live long, why not ask a 90 year old how they did it? (My grandpa at our wedding 4 years ago at 90 years old.) In just a few short ... more »

Why Am I Getting Fat on the Raw Food Diet? : Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Wednesday Aug 24 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

While this nut pate looks delicious, eating just a little… not the whole tray might be better for you in the long run. I know… It’s ... more »

Will Drinking Warm Water Help You Lose Belly Fat? : Exclusive Renegade Health Article

Tuesday May 24 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

Sitting in warm water, may be better that drinking it. (Tabacon Hot Springs, Costa Rica) This is an interesting question from a Renegade Health Reader ... more »

An Amazing Weight Loss Story (The 7 Things I Learned This Week) : The Renegade Health Newsletter

Saturday Jan 15 2011 | by Kevin Gianni

I wouldn’t mind looking out my window at this in the winter, you? Seven things… It’s amazing that week in and week out there are ... more »

How to Clear Your Energetic Blocks to Weight Loss, Health and More with David Morelli : Renegade Health Radio Show #6

Thursday Oct 14 2010 | by Kevin Gianni

I’m convinced that many sick people are ill, not because of what they do, but how they think… How you think, in turn, influences your ... more »

The Renegade Health 30 Day Transformation – The Renegade Health Show Episode #491

Tuesday Jan 26 2010 | by Kevin Gianni

It’s here… Will you be one of those we choose to completely transform your life? It it finally you’re time to lose the weight and ... more »

The 5 Top Reasons Why You’re Still Not Losing Weight – The Renegade Health Show Episode #436

Tuesday Nov 10 2009 | by Kevin Gianni

I know a lot of you have trouble losing weight… In fact, I think it’s the most frequently asked question we get. Many times, when ... more »

The Renegade Health Top 10 Weight Loss Tips – The Rengade Health Show Episode #160

Monday Oct 13 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

Today you’re in for a real treat… I’d gotten away from the top 10 lists because there was just other information to cover, but after ... more »

Happy 4th Gifts for You – The Renegade Health Show Episode #89

Friday Jul 4 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

Instead of the Fitness Friday, we’ve decided to give you some Independence Day gifts… For those of you Fri-guys (that’s pretty cool, ... more »

How Failure Can Help You Achieve Your Diet Goals – The Renegade Health Show Episode #75

Monday Jun 16 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

This is an essential part to success with a raw food diet, vegan diet, whole food diet or any other weight loss plan you’re on… You have ... more »

Crevax Weight Loss Pill Scam Exposed! – The Renegade Health Show Episode #68

Thursday Jun 5 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

I’d like to interrupt water week with this news announcement… Recently, a posting on Raw Food Talk and We Like It Raw has exposed a ... more »

The Best Formula for Health and Diet Success – The Renegade Health Show Episode #50

Monday May 12 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

There’s a valuable lesson in this episode… If you want to succeed in your raw food, vegan or whole food diet (and, yes, even your fitness ... more »

Why Can Some People Turn Around Their Health or Weight – The Renegade Health Show #41

Tuesday Apr 29 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

Today was a rainy day and rainy days always get me thinking… Why can some people turn their health around on a dime and others struggle to ... more »

A Trick to Setting Up Yourself for Health Success – The Renegade Health Show Episode #40

Monday Apr 28 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

I realized over the weekend, that a lot of people know a lot… But many never take action. (Yes, myself included from time to time!) So I’m ... more »

A New Spin on Affirmations for Weight Loss and Natural Healing – Renegade Health Show Episode #5

Monday Mar 10 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

It’s “Funday” Monday on the Renegade Health Show and I think you’ll enjoy what I have in store… I was invited to a ... more »

Does Psyllium Husk for Colon Cleansing Cause Absorption Issues?

Monday Feb 18 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

Here’s a great question from a reader about whether or not psyllium husk causes absorption issues when taken with food. There are two pieces of ... more »

How to Get More Out of Your Bodyweight Exercise Workout

Monday Feb 4 2008 | by Kevin Gianni

Bodyweight exercises are what I use for strength training and toning. Using them 3-4 times a week along with some great cardio will give you all the ... more »

Bill Maher Speaks Out Against the Pharmaceutical Industry and More

Tuesday Oct 30 2007 | by Kevin Gianni

Today’s posting is for your guys–the health renegades. I’ve received a bunch of comments over the last few months and wanted to ... more »