Renegade Health Radio: Foods We Don’t Eat Raw

Tuesday Sep 30 2014 | by

All Raw Food, Renegade Health Radio: In this podcast: In this episode we discuss the Foods We Don’t Eat Raw: Why maca should never be eaten in its raw state, despite the marketing of many super-food gurus. (at 10:31) Why raw/soaked/sprouted grains and beans can make you extremely sick. (at 13:03) When eating ... more »

Last Chance for Scholarship

Monday Sep 29 2014 | by

Articles: As you may have heard, on October 6th, next week, we’re starting our long-awaited course on “How to Succeed With Your Alternative ... more »

10 Natural Ways to Strengthen Your Nails

Monday Sep 29 2014 | by

Articles, Women's Health: Forget harsh, chemical treatments—you can have strong, pretty nails through natural methods. Even if you’re not obsessed with the latest ... more »

Purple Bamboo Salt: Is It The Best Salt on Earth?

Friday Sep 26 2014 | by

Articles, Diabetes, Heart Disease: Researchers have found bamboo salt useful for viral infections, allergies, sinusitis, dental and gum disease, and diabetes. First there was ... more »

4 Healthy Foods that can Easily Pad Your Waistline—and Low-Cal Alternatives

Wednesday Sep 24 2014 | by

Articles, Weight Loss: Though hummus helps fight cravings and may lower cholesterol, it can also pad your waistline. Sometimes healthy foods get a pass in the diet ... more »

Donut Holes

Wednesday Sep 24 2014 | by

Recipes: Just try to resist these… Serving Size: 15 Prep Time: 20 minutes These donut holes melt in your mouth. They’re so yummmmy… ... more »

Do What You Love — How to Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business

Tuesday Sep 23 2014 | by

Articles: We’ve got a great audio for you today! Click the play button to start the audio: Click here for the MP3 During the call, we mentioned ... more »

Renegade Health Radio: The Myth of Stress

Monday Sep 22 2014 | by

Renegade Health Radio: In this episode we discuss the Myth of Stress: Why everything we’ve learned about stress may be absolutely wrong: It’s not ... more »

7 Foods/Beverages That Can Help You Sleep—and 5 That Keep You Awake

Monday Sep 22 2014 | by

Articles: Tart cherry juice is one of the many things that will help you fall asleep. Sleeping pills are not good for you. Recent studies have linked ... more »

Still Sick? When Going Gluten-Free Is Not Enough

Friday Sep 19 2014 | by

Articles, Digestive Health: You’ve gone gluten-free, but you’re still not feeling well. What gives? Every morning when I first come in to the clinic, I look ... more »