How to Make Coconut Milk (or Cream) at Home

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Coconut milk is amazing. It’s an essential ingredient in curries and so many other delicious dishes from around the world.

But look at the nutrition facts on the back of a coconut milk can, and you’ll be pretty shocked. Not only is it full of saturated fat, but the product often contains artificial ingredients. And even the natural versions are quite refined.

The solution is to make coconut milk at home as it is done through Asia and the South Pacific.

What we call coconut milk is in reality coconut “cream.” It is the first pressing of coconut flakes mixed in water. The second pressing is the milk and is less fatty.

Use coconut cream for your recipes like curries, and the milk in smoothies.

The Wrong Way to Make Coconut Cream

I’ve tried many ways to make coconut cream at home, and all of them, except one, have failed to produce the right consistency.

Blending fresh coconut and then straining it doesn’t work. Too much oil will be extracted. Using dried coconut flakes also doesn’t work.

The only thing that works is using a coconut grater to get the right flake consistency from fresh (not young) coconut.

In many countries, they use an electric grater that is not available anywhere in the US.

In Asia, they use a manual grater.

What is a coconut grater and what is it for, you ask?

It’s an easy way to take a mature coconut and grate it. You can use the flakes to eat on their own, dip bananas in them, make morning cereals, and other good things!

And of course, we use it to make fresh coconut cream and milk!

This inexpensive manual coconut grater is perfect! Get it on Amazon.

I use it all the time to make coconut cream, milk, and flakes at least once a week. To see how to do it, check out this video by my friend Paul Richardson, inventor of another great product, the Cocotap (which we’ll carry soon in our store.)

Again, the coconut grater used by Paul can be found here. 

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