The World’s Most Relaxing and Stress-Reducing Music 

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I’m a huge music lover, and every day I must get my fix.

My tastes are quite varied: from Bach to the most cutting-edge, uncompromising, modern music.

I often sit down and just listen to music instead of watching a movie. If that’s the case, I want music that’s interesting, challenging and “tells a story.”

But when I listen to Beethoven, my dog gets scared! That’s because the music quickly jumps from a calm state to a very violent one.

So sometimes, I want relaxing music that’s going to take the edge off and not scared the hell out of my pets or neighbors…

I’m talking about music that you can fall asleep to, or use to get to a meditative state.

However, I can’t deal with “new-age” music. I have to feel that the composers and artists are truly connected to the spiritual feeling they communicate with their music — not just crank out tasteless junk just because it’s “easy-listening.”

In other words, I want GREAT music that’s also relaxing and even spiritual. And yes, it exists!

So here you go, my list of favorite most-relaxing, stress-reducing music ever! I have included excerpts from YouTube and the CDs I own and recommend for these works.

5 of the Most Relaxing, Stress-Reducing Classical Music CDs 

Bach, Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1

If I could send music into space for alien civilizations to assess our culture, it would have to be Bach — particularly the Well-Tempered Clavier. They would immediately recognize the absolute logic and order behind them. Hopefully, they’d also hear their amazing beauty and spiritual inspiration. 

This is the classic interpretation. The recording takes place in a church and actually adds an extra layer of spirituality to it. 

Best of Arvo Pärt 

Arvo Pärt is an Estonian composer who’s one of the most played living composers today. He has a style that he created that is often called “sacred minimalism.” This is my “go-to” meditation music. I play one piece in the morning when I want to meditate. After listening to it, I’ll turn off the music and easily go into a meditative state.

I recommend this CD

New Seasons 

This amazing CD features the music of Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt and Giya Kancheli — all living composers. Glass is quite well-known to Americans. This violin concerto is inspired by Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons,” so it is an “American Four Seasons.” It is one of the best of Glass’ works that I have heard. But my favorite work on the album is the one by Kancheli — “Ex Contrario” – It is amazingly spiritual and meditative music. It is music that makes you travel! I felt I was sitting at the base of a Himalayan mountain, meditating with Tibetan Monks.

Most of the music can only be found on this CD

Mozart Clarinet Concerto + Quintet 

I find the sound of the clarinet particularly soothing. And no one wrote more beautiful clarinet music than Mozart. The clarinet concerto and clarinet quintets are two amazingly beautiful works that will leave you feeling, after you have heard them, that there is really nothing else worth listening to.

This superior CD contains both works:

Brahm’s Clarinet Quintet

Throwing in another clarinet work, you have to listen to Brahm’s clarinet quintet. It’s been described as “autumn” music. But I think you can listen to it at any time of the year, especially on those days you want to be swept away by beautiful music.

This CD also contains one of Brahm’s best works

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