The Chipotle Method

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When I first went plant-based, I spent an embarrassing amount of time, energy, and money preparing meals.

Because I was transitioning from a standard diet, every meal had to be hearty, filling, and delicious in order for me to feel satisfied.

I would pour over recipe books, put together a shopping list, and head off to the store to search out the ingredients, many of which I’d never heard of before.

Back home, it was at least another hour of washing and prepping veggies and then carefully working my way through the recipe to ensure that I hadn’t made a mistake.

When I finally sat down for my meal, more often than not I was exhausted!

And the worst part? Sometimes the meal turned out great, but usually the result was disappointing. More than a few times it wasn’t even edible!

Fast forward five years, and I spend a minimal amount of time and energy figuring out what and how I’m going to eat.

I eat healthy, am super satisfied, and get the right amount of variety. The best part? I prepare most of my meals in five minutes or less.

How Do I Do It?

I use a simple framework that I call the “Chipotle Method” to put together a rich variety of plant-based meals.

The premise is simple: Pre-prep or buy basic ingredients, and then create different dishes by combining these ingredients in different ways.

And once you get the idea, it is infinitely adaptable.

Fill in the options with approved ingredients from your chosen dietary program and you are good to go, whether it’s gluten-free, high raw, no oil, potato strong or anything else.

Make this work for you, babe!

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The Chipotle Method

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Matt Jager

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