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Quick note: the Course “How to Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business” is now available here. 


In 2009, Annmarie and I were in the middle of filming our Renegade Health Show (a YouTube channel with over 900 videos), and were asking ourselves what was next.

Our son Hudson wasn’t born yet, and we didn’t even know where we wanted to live and establish our home base. We were living in Connecticut, but we realized that due to the nature of our work online, we could literally live anywhere!

So we quit our personal training business, decided to take the Renegade Health Show on the road, sell most of our belongings, and buy a used RV. (For those outside of the USA who are not familiar with this term, it means: recreational vehicle. It’s really a house on wheels!)

We wanted to interview some of the country’s top health experts for the show.

We wanted to see all of the US states, and the Canadian provinces.

We wanted to spend the harsh winters in a warmer spot than New England.

We wanted to discover the best place where to relocate.

We also wanted the experience of living in a RV with just the two of us and our cat Johnny 5. If we could do that successfully, we felt we could do anything, including starting a family!

Now, I must tell you that before we left, a lof our our friends and family tried to discourage us from doing something this “crazy.” Especially the part about selling most of our belongings and attempting to live for the next few years in 300 square feet of space.

These people with us how that trip might not be such a good idea, that it could be dangerous, and “why don’t you just settle down like everyone else.”

The funny thing is, I bet that if you had a big dream, and you were to ask a few friends and family members what they thought about it, many of them would do the exact same thing: try to discourage you from doing it.

It doesn’t matter what the dream is.

Maybe it’s to quit your job and do follow your true calling. Maybe it’s to open a healthy restaurant. Maybe it’s to travel the world.

Yet if you were to ask a bunch of people what’s something they absolutely need to do before they die, many of them would probably answer: travel around the world.

But many people will feel pretty bad about someone else being able to do what they love, when they feel that they can’t. So they’ll prefer criticizing you, rather than admiring what you do and trying to learn from you.

Years ago, I heard someone say something very true: “Only share your dreams and ambitions with people who can support and encourage you.”

So that’s what we did.

And it all worked out in the end.

We didn’t get abducted by road pirates.

We didn’t kill our marriage from being close to each other nearly 24/7 for two and half years. (In fact, it only made our bond with each other stronger).

Two and half years and 42 states later, we retired the RV and decided to relocate to Berkeley, California. For those not familiar, that’s in the Bay Area, near San Francisco.

We came to the conclusion from our travels that it was the best place in the country where we wanted to live. The other contenders were Denver, Portland, Austin, and Key West (which was really only a contender during the winter months!).

During that adventure, we started Annmarie Gianni Skin Care, which now has a complete line of great, super-organic products and over 50,000 customers.

And of course, we settled down so we could raise a family.


What Is Your Dream?

Maybe your dream is not to travel for two or three years in a RV. Maybe you want to backpack your way around the world with your kids for a year.

Or maybe your dream has nothing to do with traveling.

Maybe you want more time, less hassle and most importantly, spend it at home with the people you love.

Or maybe you feel that what you do for a living isn’t your true calling, and that there must be a way for you to succeed with your passion for natural health.

Once you have a dream, that’s only the first step. Then you have to deal with the naysayers around you, like we did, but also with your own negative thoughts.

Aren’t too many people already doing this? What could I do that would be original and different?

Am I too old for this? Or too young, so people won’t take me seriously?

It’s normal to have these thoughts.

After all, our minds want to prevent us from experiencing the “pain” of failure.

It’s normal… but it’s also important to realize that if we keep rationalizing everything and always listen to our inner critic, we’ll never step outside of our comfort zone and attempt something new.

Something exciting… something that gives you the energy to get up in the morning! Remember what it’s like?

If this email resonated with you, I want to hear from you.

In just two weeks, we’ll be launching the second edition of our course “ How to Succeed with Your Alternative Health Business.”

This will be HUGE! We had a tremendous success in our first edition last fall. And because of it, we are doing it again, for probably the only time in 2015.

For people who can’t afford to join, we’re making two scholarship positions available.

Scholarship entries are now closed and the Course “How to Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business” is now available here. 

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Cal says:

    This article really struck a chord with me. I’m at a point in my own life where I need to make a decision about where to go from here. There’s something very disheartening and frustrating about having so much passion for life, learning, nature, and connecting with the earth but not knowing what to do with all that passion. There’s so much I want to experience and it’s time to stop being afraid of failure and start moving in the direction of my dreams. Thank you for this article – it’s given me a thought to think about!

  2. Mo says:

    Hi Kevin, your story is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing. The world needs many thousands of you to inspire, educate and help people becoming smart consumers and learn how to live a healthy life. And most of all we need to rise up and say NO to the garbage unhealthy products that are being sold all over the country….
    I was raised in a health conscious family and my father is a healthy 95 years old. My dream is to build an internet business and take part in this very important movement of helping people live a healthy and enjoyable life.

  3. Hi Kevin and Frederic,

    Wow, this truly is an example of ask and ye shall receive from the Universe! I was just thinking about your program the other day and how I hoped that you would open up the coaching again!! I´m a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, but honestly, it´s been a struggle and sometimes, I can´t find the tunnel, never mind the light! hahaha. My dream is to successfully create body butters and beauty products, in support of dolphins and whales who are subjugated to crazy suffering, and to help others succeed in making the right food choices. I want to have a successful online business so that I can travel through Costa Rica and other parts of Latin America, learning from shamans and healers. Right now, I´m doing multiple jobs to keep the bills paid, but I really just want to focus on my dream. Kevin, I´ve been following you and Ann Marie for years and know that you are the bestest and I know that I could learn a lot from you and from Frederic, whose knowledge of raw foods is awesome! Please consider me for this scholarship for your program. All the best, Denise

  4. Ruby says:

    I’m almost 58 years old. I do not feel I’m living my purpose. I’ve been feeling like it’s too late to begin a new career and I’ve been telling myself that in my next life, I’ll be a healer.

    Just recently, I decided I’ve been thinking all wrong! If I start now, I could have the training to begin helping other people with health issues by my very early 60’s. That would give me approximately 15-20 years, provided I stay healthy myself.

    My problem is I’m currently a residential aide working with developmentally disabled adults. While this is a very satisfying field, it doesn’t pay well. After I pay my bills every month, there is very little left over for pursuing my passion.

    I’ve been thinking that I need to find a way to earn an extra income so that I’ll have the money to get going in the health field. I want to take a Homeopathy program eventually. Actually as soon as possible!

    Your course sounds like it may be exactly what I’m looking for. AND, in light of my tight financial situation, being selected/winning a scholarship for your course would definitely make my path easier!

    Thank you so much for all of the free information I’m finding on your site!


  5. Tara Yewdall says:

    Hi ! Well, I have that nagging, unfulfilled feeling that I’m not quite in my passion…. there is something missing for sure! I have a (very) small business selling sprouting devices and seeds and a few fermented products, vege noodle makers etc. I sell at the local markets each week (bringing in anything from $6 to $150 ) and festivals around the area a couple of times a year. I enjoy what I do… and no-one has the products I offer around our local area – I enjoy sharing health information with people, demonstrations with sprouting and making cultured veges etc… but something is definitely missing!
    However, I am on-selling other people’s products.
    How can I create my own personal, special product or service with passion? What am I missing within myself that will link me to this creativity and passion? How can I earn an awesome income ethically and lovingly to be able to take personal responsibility for our financial situation, raise our 4 children without all the lack and be a role model for them too?
    Some things I’ve thought about, but I either lack money or energy although I feel excited by the idea/s: being a wellness coach, having a mobile food van selling truly health-ful snacks, smoothies etc, selling my own cultured vege products at markets and health food stores…
    I do feel lost, like something is not quite on track. I totally believe in following your passions in life and not doing ‘jobs’ or work just for money. Passion is in our soul, and a gift for us to pursue and enjoy life whilst being of service in a unique and create way!
    Thanks Kevin & Frederic

    • Tara says:

      I totally forgot to mention (sorry, I see my post is a little lengthy!) I now have a website as another avenue where I can share my information and products. It can be quite a process (and a slow one) to have a website ‘out there’ for all to see! However, it is such a great way to work, from home, whilst being here for our 4 children. I’m teaching myself so I have a lot to learn.
      Thanks again,

  6. Jake says:

    Hi Everyone! I accept the invitation! This is exactly what I have been searching for and I really want to be able to do what I feel is right for me while earning a living through what I am passionate about!! That being said, so far I really agree with what everyone else is saying in that I sometimes struggle in following my passions when there are so many things to be passionate about. Thanks for giving me so many great things to look forward to! Can’t wait to see what’s next:)

  7. Kym says:

    Hey Kevin (and Frederic): I remember when you and Annmarie were getting ready to set out in the Kale Whale. Was that seriously 2009!? RH was basically my gateway into natural health and I’ve since started a college degree in nutritional medicine. So, no shortage of commitment, I believe. The study is going really well but my efforts to expand my Website and publish regular articles, not so much. I’m on about my fourth run at it right at the moment.

    I feel that I have something real to contribute and your course would make all the difference. Unfortunately, with the cost of my degree, I just wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise. Whoever you select, I hope they do really well and deliver on their potential. We all win either way. Thanks for this opportunity – ever grateful for your efforts.

  8. Laelani says:

    Hi Kevin, Annmarie and Frederic

    Thank you for improving our health, wellbeing and beauty (inside and out)

    My dream?

    Getting qualified as a health coach through IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
    Institute of phycology of eating,
    EFT practitioner
    and maybe a yoga instructor specifically catering for visually impaired and blind students.
    Centralising, selling and promoting the very products and services of ALL those who got me where I am today.

    To dreams!

  9. Janet says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. It gives me hope. I would love to have an alternative health business. I just have no idea how to even begin. This course sounds like something that would be helpful in achieving that goal.
    Please keep me informed as to the particulars for it. Please consider me for a scholarship.
    Thanks for all that you do!
    Warm regards,

  10. Trent Golden says:

    Kevin and Frederick,

    My dream, simplified, is to spread love… to inspire people to live better and to give them the tools to do so. In the big picture, I am forming a vision around music, practical spirituality, and better living. Imagine if Pink Floyd or the Beatles organized and shared the information and the people that helped them become successful as well as helping ‘the people’ get back in harmony with nature.

    I am creating a team of people who put on these transformational/inspirational/entertaining events, tours the world, and helps the local community at each stop do something positive like help start a community garden. Healthcare and the food industry have become so corrupt, that it is up to people like us to get out there, make a difference, and help the masses!

    Being a pioneer, living your dream, and being different can be one of the most challenging things to do in life, especially when you are getting started. I too had and sold a personal training business (in 2011), and then traveled in Asia for 1.5 years. I had a lot of people tell me I was crazy for doing it, but it has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Now, I’m on the next big step, and I can use all the help I can get…

    Frederick- I’ve worked with you on writing ebooks, and have gained a ton from your experience. My writing is much more organized and I feel confident that I can continue to write many books in the future with the skills learned in your program. I’ve revised my first book several times, sold many copies, and feel like I am ready to learn whats next.

    Kevin and Frederick, I’d be honored to learn from you in this program — two pioneers who have had the guts to live their dreams regardless of the naysayers and haters, and hope to use the knowledge and network to make a positive difference in the world.

    Thanks for offering the scholarship, and thank you for making a positive difference in the world!

  11. Deanna Dean says:

    What a fantastic opportunity to learn the ins and outs of launching a successful web based business from incredible mentors . It’s overwhelming and frankly seems unapproachable, since the old business model is outdated an ineffective and is all I know from the past.
    Reaching the most people with the best and most current health information is a noble endeavor of which you are most certainly a part.

    Thank you for all you do for so many-

  12. Elspeth says:

    Thanks for offering this! I so badly want to get into the holistic health field, but always feel so discouraged that I don’t have the startup money, even for the little things. It’s also encouraging to hear your story-you guys are too cute. Someday you’ll be hearing about my business, hopefully after I’ve won a scholarship ????

  13. Elspeth says:

    Oops sorry for all the question marks. I tried to put a smilie, but I guess it didn’t work hehe.

  14. my dream is to stay home with my kids. They are growing up so fast and I don’t want to miss that. I’d love to have the finances to not have to worry and just enjoy life with them, and for my husband to do the same. Our family being together all the time would be a dream come true.

  15. Thanks for sharing your story Kevin. I am inspired by people who don’t give up. My family and I have been working on living our own dream for a long time now, and although it’s not easy all the time, we’re keeping at it.

    I look forward to a day when I no longer work a regular job and can spend my time sharing the health message and traveling more with my Wife and 3 kids.

    The most difficult thing for me is deciding exactly how I want to go about living the dream. I no it’s about health and freedom, but I’m not sure what my best skills are, and I tend to try and do everything on my own.

    One way or another, more power to you Kevin and Frederic for sharing how to succeed in the natural health movement with others. Definitely appreciated.



  16. Garrett Kiger says:

    My dream is to raise the collective consciousness and totality of the health of our planet by leading others towards actualizing their immense health potential. Since a young age I have felt called to lead as an example of health, and show others how to embody and utilize a concept that I call ‘wielding your balance’. It is a state of total health freedom and fullness that maximizes one’s life experience by aligning the physical body, social body (or life direction), and inner body by being attuned with yourself. Free from ideology or rigid dietary or lifestyle constructs that have cluttered the health sphere in the past few years. I myself have fell victim to many different dogmatic paradigms in my quest for total health and want to show others how there is a better way. A way more full of self-love, peace, and confidence in one’s own journey. I deeply resonate with each of you (Fred and Kevin) as both of your journey’s have in many ways mirrored mine and have admired and followed your work for a few years now. I have learned to only take advice from those that have achieved the results I want for myself and are living a life that I am striving for and have come to understand the profound importance of surrounding yourself with personal mentors.
    A little background on me…
    After college I became a certified health coach to better understand and proceed in my own path of healing while recognizing and learning about the struggles of others so that I may better reach them and offer solutions to what is holding them back from becoming the best version of themselves possible. Afterwards I was still left unsure of how to turn this training into a successful business and was lead to enter into naturopathic medical school for a year and a half. However, I soon found that even this ‘natural’ or ‘holistic’ approach to treatment and wellness was still very much entangled with western medicine and a system that is failing millions of people everyday. I have now chosen to continue my studies in acupuncture and oriental medicine because I still have a desire to learn tools or a trade through which I can offer physical healing to others. However, freedom living is something that I am fully committed to in my own life. My dream is to be completely free with time and money so that I can fill my life with all that charges me with passion, energy, and vitality so that I can in turn maximally serve and give back to others. I dream of designing my life so that I can live where I choose and practice medicine where and how I choose, not because I have to pay the bills but simply because it is a gift I can offer to others and I enjoy it. I also want to be able to take care of those that I love in my life and be able to give them a taste of the time-money freedom that I feel everyone should know and experience. I know this course will be such a long awaited blessing in my life and equip me with the knowledge and tools to begin leveraging the tremendous amount of knowledge and experience I have to better the lives of others. I have been wanting to take action for years now on starting a successful web based health business but simply have not known where to start or the practical application steps to produce what I know will be a truly powerful platform for changing other people’s lives. I am also in a perfect place in my life to put into action what I learn in this course. Even if I do not receive this scholarship, I will say that I plan to do everything I can to be able to take the course anyway simply because I see the value and what it will bring into my life. However, with the ever mounting strain of student loans and the unfortunate and ironic costs that come with the journey to personal growth and financial freedom, the scholarship would be an indescribable blessing and I would be eternally grateful and honored for the opportunity to learn from each of you in this course. Thanks for all you do! I can’t wait for what’s to come. (Will we be notified by email if the course is filling up?)

  17. Meghan says:

    My dream is to be with my son. He just turned 2, and I have recently returned to part-time work. I am going to find a way to earn enough for us to live on without having to spend more time away from him. We are enjoying the raw vegan lifestyle and I would love to help more people achieve their optimal nutrition. I have degrees in English and Spanish; I love to write! I hope to receive this scholarship so that I can be assisted in realizing my goals.

  18. August says:

    I told my mom this morning on the phone that I was not depressed and I knew it because I had been there before.I told her that the reason I don’t call more often was because I liked the isolation and if I had it my way, I would be somewhere in a cabin or cottage in the mountains. The isolation isn’t because I don’t like life, I love life and my family but because I need a space between me and life; that’s what my dream life would be and I hope this opportunity with a scholarship can help acheive it.

  19. Viktoriya says:

    Hi Fred, your story caught my attention and resonated with me on my levels. I feel a strong soul calling to start my own location independent business that will bring happiness to other peoples lives. I know deep in my heart that I’m meant to be an entrepreneur. My brain never stops racing with ideas for new creative projects and business endeavors? You can probably relate! The tricky part is I wish had the funds and the strategies to do it all – offer one on one coaching, write an inspirational blog, create digital products, start an ecommerce store, and travel the world spreading inspiration and planting seeds of happiness wherever I go. I am very passionate about the fields of holistic health and spirituality and feel I owe it to myself and others to share my purpose with the world! This course sounds like an amazing opportunity to learn practical steps to finally put my dreams into action and achieve these goals. Thank you for considering me for this scholarship. Keeping my fingers crossed! 🙂

    • Viktoriya says:

      *Hi, Kevin. I saw earlier the post was posted by Fred and looks like it`s been updated to your name now. (sorry, didn`t mean to leave you out! :)) Your experience resonated with me on many levels and, in fact, it felt like I was reading my future biography ahah I also have travel and entrepreneurship running through my blood and couldn`t imagine my life any other way than living through my passions.

      I signed up for Fred`s email newsletter more than a year ago. Although I didn`t have the funds for the course, I`ve have been reading his blog and researching whatever info I could find on passive income on the net. Unfotunately a lot of information appeared scattered and outdated. When I saw an opportunity for a scholarship, I just knew it was my sign from the universe! I am completely aware that it will take consistent effort to be successful but I also had enough time to understand they this is the KEY to my dream lifestyle and desire to help others. I have all the motivation to succeed and now just need the step-by-step tools and wisdom from a reliable resource to make it happen. Sounds like you guys are offering exactly what I need!

  20. Daniel says:

    Hi Fred, love what you do and your generosity to help people achieve their goals! My wife and I share a dream of traveling the world, creating a profitable online business that will allow us to work on community projects in developing countries. We are both teachers by profession and passionate about community development and animal welfare. We want to start an online business with a focus in meditation, mindset coaching , overcoming limiting beliefs and manifesting abundance. Once we have the funds, our dream is to go to Colombia (my birth country) to open a language school and start a food bank for children in poor neighborhoods. Thank you for offering these scholarships!

  21. I would love to take this course, but after experiencing several layoffs in Corporate America, I’m getting tired of spinning my wheels and going nowhere. I love attending the seminars at my local Whole Foods and learning more about natural health (who knew for some people, apple cider vinegar can worsen migraines?) and I thought why don’t you get paid to share what you know?

  22. Janet B says:

    Hello Fred and Kevin,

    Thank you for your inspiring words…they came at the right time.

    I purchased Fred’s last edition of Living your passion in the Health Movement. I diligently listened to every module and read every lesson. I then went on to create a website on a shoestring budget. It was ok but needed a lot of tweeking. I didn’t give up though. I then went on to build my list by being a vendor at local health fairs and started selling products, ie, blenders, green powders, picklers for fermenting, etc. Then I began to write my own articles and started an E Book and a small recipe guide.

    I was well on my way to taking all my hard work to the next level, then boom. My Mom came down with a serious illness and it didn’t stop there. I then lost my job of ten years leaving me with no health insurance. I stayed strong through it all and eventually got my mom back to health which was a priority and then I found another job 2 long years later.

    Here I am today getting back on the saddle but lacking in the motivation and gusto I once had.
    Loosing my job though, made me realize that I have to work for myself and I do want to spread the word about
    how to stay healthy life long. I know I can do this because I saved my Mom’s life with my knowledge.

    I need to take the course again and I need the push, I need your help to do it and to give me a second chance
    to prove it.

    P.S. RAW vegan life is my passion. I not only save my Mom’s life but my own as well…my E Book will be my story.

    LOL Janet

  23. Eugenia says:

    Hi Frederic, my daughter recommended to read about your course and expand my business ideas to new possibilities. In the last few years I became very interested in jewelry design. One spark led to a passion and now I spend my free time after work creating unique pieces from semiprecious stones . I work with raw stones, cut and polish them to discover the natural beauty and textures hiding inside. In the process, I also ended up learning about crystals and stones’ natural healing abilities – they help people feel more connected to nature, grounded, and relaxed . They brought in more balance into my life and as a result I am inspired to share my knowledge and creations with people around me. I am very committed to my craft and now would like to learn how I can reach more people online and inspire them them how to combine creativity with healing. My dream would be yo win this scholarship and create a business that gives me more time to focus on my passions. Thank you, Eugenia

  24. My dream is to be working together with my wife. We want to help people develop their gifts and reach your potential.

    More specially we want to help artist, creatives, speakers, musician and writers grow there platform through a membership site so they don’t make the same mistakes we’ve made in the past.

    Lastly we believe that no matter the success of the individual, if health is not people’s driving force there career is will be limited. So along with teaching people how to grow their platform, health will be a strong foundation to their career.

    Ps would like to write books too.

  25. Thanks for a positive and thought provoking article. I feel motivated and inspired to look deeper into what makes my heart sing after reading it! The two big negative thoughts I have had (which you mention above) are that I am too old now, and that there are so many people doing this, what could I possible offer to clients that is unique? Yes, these questions are enough to stop me in my tracks.

    But, I know I am good at helping people see the big issues they wrestle with as something that is solvable. I have a good ear and a compassionate nature but can still break down problems into actionable steps. These are great skills to have in the alternative health field. I think I have what it takes, and thank you ever so much for reminding me of this!

  26. Kat says:

    I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My husband & I already opened an organic cafe in our small midwestern town but we couldn’t keep it open as it wasn’t making enough money for us to live on. We are still paying off debt from that venture. We do not regret doing it, but we need to make a living! I would like to make a living in natural health in one way or another. I would like to be considered for this scholarship in the hopes that it will help me to clarify what exactly that means & how to do it. Thanks for reading and all you do.

  27. john rubie says:

    For me the path has begun. Not a dream but a passion in the making. I am retired so do not wish to practice a day to day business so helping individuals and the world to a healthful life is again a creation of volumes of free natural health information through hundreds of websites and personal travel to inspire. While knowing natural health only leads to the understanding that we know very little, it is important to widen the knowledge and encourage the study of natural health by others especially the afflicted.
    Your pages have been one of many guiding lights from the commercial sector of the industry. So I am keen to learn more and tell the world. I am only 73 and have so many good years ahead to accomplish my task. It is great to have started and to know I am a correct and worthy path.
    Cheers from John

  28. Johanne Frigon says:

    What I really want to do is travel the world & meet all the teachers & students of a spiritual group I’ve been a part of since 32 years. Be able to share the peace & joy with all. Be able to share the fun way of eating mostly raw.
    So I’ve been following a 80% raw way of eating since 1.5 years & loving what it does to the body.

    So would really love to share these 2 things with people. My love for meditation as a way of being & doing that made me a deeply more ‘human being’ & it has also brought me to the raw food lifestyle. First to heal the body & eventually to live a more healthy life more in touch with the real self. Not easy as I’m in my first steps, but very worthwhile as I’m learning to take charge of this body, to listen to it & to give it the best nourishment possible.
    So to start my own business online is my goal so I can share the immense possibilities of a life in the sun, being a ruler of the self & have health to enjoy beautiful fresh fruits & vegetables.

    I’ve learnt & still learning to do that with my-self, the soul, to be the master & not be affected by my own thoughts or those of others around or even just the negativity around. To always use the positive, elevated part of the self. To accept the shadow side as just a part of me that hides immense gifts for me to discover. But mostly to be & use the highest part of the soul for the self & to help others to find their own true self.

    So this is who I am. Right now I’m still in a 30 hours paid job, with some struggles to make ends meet as my raw lifestyle in Montreal Canada & without a car is still quite expensive.

    Thanks for the opportunity & would love to win this so that I could start a business that can make me more free to enjoy more life instead of office job.
    And thanks for your beautiful sharing. Quite inspiring!

    Have a great sunshiny day
    Johanne Frigon

  29. Dave says:

    Natural health has saved my life.

    It brought me back from the edge of overwhelming anxiety, when I didn’t know where else to turn. I was missing classes and nearly had to drop out of school.

    It saved me from debilitating, persistent bad body odor that was ruining my social life. I was constantly self-conscious about how I smelled, and therefore approaching relationships became extremely difficult.

    It helped to cure me of chronic inflammation, when it was sometimes too painful to get out of bed.

    Now, I can VERY happily say that I’m living life to the fullest and consider myself to be a shining example of VERY good health!

    After becoming vegan, committing to eating high quantities of raw foods for a number of years, started taking chinese tonic herbs, and doing a lot of cleansing, my mind is clear, my energy is high, my body odor is gone, and thanks to yoga and a gluten-free diet, my life is pain-free!

    I’ve begun teaching yoga to share the peace of mind and ease of bodily movement that it has brought into my life.

    I’ve also recently created two small websites, and, to share with the rest of the world what I’ve learned about the power of adaptogens and the power of cleansing and a healthy lifestyle in ridding oneself of persistent bad body odor. There’s more of these people out there than you might think.

    The problem is, I just don’t know how to get them off the ground. How can I get them in front of people? How can I build my traffic? What are the best marketing strategies? I’m sure there are also some website tweaks that I could benefit from, in optimizing my design.

    With your help, I may be able to help others who are still suffering needlessly on a daily basis from similar conditions.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  30. Victor says:

    I have been involved with health and nutrition for several decades but never participated in any formal training program. All around me are people who are in some state of suffering with illnesses, aches and pain, all related to poor nutritional choices. The course references above would be an asset to my aspirations as it would give me a foundation for my passion, which is and has been for many years, good health. I would be so happy to be able to learn much about how to share this information with others and live a “normal” live as well.

    Today there is much misinformation about health and nutrition. Falsehoods have become institutionalized. There is much misinformation “out there” to the detriment of the general public. Even the education system is a participant in the misinformation or lack thereof. So, helping people make good choices about their health and getting paid for it seems a good match. Every person that is helped attain, maintain, and sustain a healthy lifestyle is another person that will in turn help someone else aspire to good health. This class seems an exciting venture.

    Thanks for allowing me to share.

  31. Hi Kevin,
    My name is Desiree’ Long, I am 52 years old and am from South Africa.
    I have been following your blog for a while and love your manner of expression and style of writing. I have seen some of your videos and you have an energy that resonates with me.
    I have been developing my health knowledge for the last 20 years . This has been a passion of mine.
    I have done a 32 day water fast, under the guidance of a doctor here, my blood was analyzed regularly and the results were documented in the medical journals. In 2012 I went to the LifeCo in Turkey and did a 10 day master cleanse. In Feb/March this year, I was invited back to Turkey to participate in a documentary on fasting and detox. My trip was sponsored by the producers. I have such a passion and extensive knowledge on detoxing and clean healthy living and I strongly feel that it is my calling to help others. I would love to do this work as a career but have been held back by not knowing how to develop it as a business.
    I have always felt that I was missing the business component to this and your course sounds like the missing piece of the puzzle for me. We don’t have anything like this in South Africa.
    I have just used up the last of my savings to enrol with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to study towards becoming a health coach which with our weak currency, viz South African Rands, was very expensive.
    The opportunity presented by you for a scholarship is extremely generous and I pray that I could be one of the candidates to have this good fortune bestowed upon me.
    Yours in gratitude.

  32. Lesley says:

    Hi Kevin, I’ve followed your blog for years and want to thank you and Frederic for offering the scholarships once again to two lucky people.

    I got interested in living a healthier lifestyle. fitness. and nutrition as a teenager in the late 1970’s. This led me to the Natural Hygiene movement and I haven’t stopped studying, researching and learning as much as I can ever since. I’ve practiced many forms of alternative healing over the years for people and pets. When our dog was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2001 I put together a program of diet and natural remedies which ultimately cured his cancer. This led to me writing a book outlining his story and program which has helped others successfully heal their dogs. I have a website for my book but I took it down as it needs updating and didn’t get the traffic I needed to reach more people. So that is one area I need help with.

    After working in several different fields and feeling something was missing, I went back to school at the age of 38 to become a personal trainer and pursue my passion – combining my knowledge of nutrition with fitness. I’ve now been a trainer/nutrition counselor for nearly 19 years and own a personal training studio. While I have helped many people over the years, I’ve had a yearning desire to be able to share my passion, knowledge, and experience with a much larger audience and contribute to making this a healthier world.

    My problem is I haven’t figured out the best way to achieve this, to educate and help more people…whether via a website, blog, membership site, books, etc. I also don’t have the funds available learn how to do this. I have so much to share but it’s a bit overwhelming to figure out how to do it. Your scholarship would provide me with an awesome opportunity to further realize my dream of helping as many more people as possible live healthier lives and make this world a better place.

  33. I would love the opportunity to learn how to live my dream! I am a nutritionist and am pretty underwhelmed by how we are still being taught about how food effects our bodies. I myself am a Type I Diabetic and totally blind. I love teaching people about health and would love the chance to be able to do this job from any place I choose. Part of my dream is to be able to buy a house for myself and my husband, who is also disabled. I want to travel and speak about my experiences and show people how raw food and healthy living have impacted my life and the life of my hubby. Learning how to market myself on the internet from people who have already made the mistakes and can lead me in the right direction from the beginning just makes sense to me!

  34. Teresa says:

    My “perfect day” , would be to have time to continue learning ( for myself and to share with others) , time to work in and eat out of my edible yard, and time to mentor/coach/teach the healthy living lifestyle. I have had these kind of days sometimes, but having to go to work (even though not full time) interferes with that . I have taught raw food and natural health classes for years, and often am asked if I have a book. I did start a book several years ago , but was not able to fund it’s publishing.
    I have studied and applied natural health principles ( at various levels of understanding) for the past 40 years! I finally came upon the raw food lifestyle in 1988, before pc’s and raw gourmet recipe books even existed! Then I had 3 children ages 5 and under, and upon initiating a mostly raw diet ( prior had been doing one of the “healthy” philosophies of eating , and was not taking in sugar or caffeine ) , I almost immediately felt more energy , and extra pounds from the last pregnancy melted away. Also, my 2 asthmatic children stopped being asthmatic. We had 3 more children and then I was left to raise the 6 alone from the time the youngest was only one years old. I am so grateful that I learned these health principles before being thrown into that. No matter how broke we were, fresh fruit and vegetables were the first option, ramein noodles were not ever an option, why waste money on a non food ?
    It has been hard for me to start a natural health business with my first priority of raising my children, also I could not afford any of the courses to give me certificates ( although my friends do call me a raw food chef!) Having raised a family on natural health principles for so many years is one of my greatest credentials. But now my youngest has been off at college, and I have been refocusing and managing some of those perfect days while trying to pay off the debt of raising children alone for years. I have also struggled with how to make money doing what I love when it mostly includes eating more fruits and vegetables! I am very interested in the information you have to share. I trust you guys because I have received your emails for years and know that you speak the truth about healthy living, so assume that would apply also to building a natural health business.

    I was (and am still!) so excited the other day listening to your recording for several reasons, the ebook idea really took in me. I have considered before, I may have even purchased instructions once on it. I will be teaching a natural health class at a conference the end of May and realized I needed to get an ebook or two done ( or two cuz I teach the same class in English and a different hour in Spanish…I would like to produce one of each). I have taught this class before and realize I can compile the power points , my notes and some more ( things I will say and things I would not have time to say…I have much to say after so many years of study, observation and experience!) and have an ebook done that I could announce at the end of my class! I am so excited. It will also be a way to provide the information to those who could not attend, but would like to have! So as soon as I get the updates to my power point done ( deadline this week, hope sooner) , I was going to purchase Kevin’s ebook kit, is was a difficult financial decision , but decided it is time, I need to start this process to get the residual income process started to be able to have a “perfect day ” every day!!

  35. I don`t know how much time I`ve got left at age 73, but the study of the principles of health has always been my passion. I seem to have gotten detoured along the way with other careers but have continued reading health books and listening to training webinars and heath oriented meetings. I believe I have something to offer to people who are living an unhealthy lifestyle. The question is how to do that. Maybe Kevin and Frederic have the answer. Thanks!

  36. Marco says:

    Dear Kevin,
    sometimes in life it happens to come across exactly to the informations that you need..
    I’m italian, in deep crisis for work and family, I do believe in your way of approaching life but somehow managed to do exactly the opposite for last years…
    Your story is inspiring and i definitely want to get on the right track.. that maybe its not to travel around in a RV but definitely to use my time and my heart and passion to change my life for the better.
    Thank you so much!

  37. Toni says:

    Hi, I love your posts and wish that this was something I could be a part of. I started my health journey over five years ago after I was laid off from a company I worked at for ten years. I quickly found another job only to be told the office would be closing. Needless to say I had time on my hands and started watching YouTube videos researching the internet and acquiring all the items needed to sprout juice and dehydrate. At 53 years young I’m still on that path and have slowly started transforming my guy as well. My income comes from a job that I dread going to everyday (server) at a place where I am not allowed to be my fabulous self. Help me turn my dream of being me into a reality.
    Luv you guys.

  38. Luis Medrano says:

    Hello! Great story you shared about your adventures with your family and your RV. I want to be able to help people achieve better health, energy, and fitness through the plant-based lifestyle. I have a website and I would love to turn it into a sustainable business that I enjoy and that brings me and my loved ones adventures and experiences that add joy to our lives.

  39. Kris says:

    Hello Kevin!
    I Kris am interested along with my Twin Sister Karen. We are moving towards our own business we are calling Twinspiration 4U. Our Goal is to connect Globally with Twins & Multiples – Creating a global connection within the Twin Community. “InterTwined & Interconnected”!
    We want to inspire through a Twin Blog, we want to offer twin greeting card like e-cards and the real card if you wish. We plan to cater to adult twins as there are plenty that cater to twin children. We would like to offer Twin products – t-shirts, sweatshirts, cups and things. We have pages of Twinisms that we consider our own twin language. We attend a twin festival every year for the last 25 years in Twinsburg, Ohio. This festival is the largest gathering of twins in the world. Twins come from many countries and many states. We graduated with twins Janis & Linda whom we all take the road trip together from Michigan to Ohio. This event includes an Arts & Crafts festival, a Twins & Multiples parade, 5k run, golf, Carnival, food, fireworks, dancing etc…
    We are in the beginning of our planning. I have a book on creating a business plan and am about to begin this process. We have a plan to sign up for an LLC with our business name. We just created our together check book. We just signed up for a Weebly acct. We would love a scholarship to help move us forward in a positive direction. We would also like to have the first ever Twin App for cell phones. Also a QR code. At some point we plan to write a book on “The Love of a Twin” – Intertwined and Interconnected! We appreciate your life experience and sharing it with us! Thank You – Have a wonderful day! Kris & Karen

  40. Lila says:

    My dream is to be in excellent health, self sufficient, organized, to have more free time to enjoy the beauty of nature, and to not spend much time in front of a screen.
    I have followed your posts since 2012 and am not sure how you can help, other than the scholarship 😉
    Thank You for the possibility of the opportunity to participate, since I am of such a low income in my service business at this time, with a desire to change that aspect of my life.

  41. You have been an inspiration and reading your story it is clear that to get out of your comfort zone and have an adventure can work for the motivated mind. You have done it and you are living your dream.

    I too want to go to that place and at the age of 59 i am downing tools and travelling for 2 months to celebrate my 60 th birthday overseas with strangers on that day, but I have very little money and this makes for creative travelling.
    Frequent flyer points from Australia to Europe and the USA and staying with friends and family everywhere or else International Hostelling, which i love.

    So why am i doing this, because my business is very hard work for very little return. I have the wrong attitude. I care too much , i give my services away, i help people for too long and go that extra mile , and you know what, the patients take advantage of me, then i get sick. i am too empathetic and I need a new way of seeing and operating. I charge to little for what i do. The list is endless

    To make matters even harder i am a Bicom practitioner, so it is a common therapy in Europe and cutting edge but people are blinded by big pharma and can not see the big picture here in Australia.

    The ones making money here are firm and direct and hard line. This is not my style but i can see that people want to be given direction but my method is too nice.

    I need help as i have the most incredible device invented in Germany by the person who coined the phase Bioresonance.

    14,000 machines world wide and China bought 500 for children’s hospitals. It is all very simple , reduce the
    “Toxic Body Load” and the body self regulates then is starts to heal itself.. The body is always trying to heal its self but people keep poisoning themselves, and what they do not do the government and corporation finish them off.
    So once you are in the wheel of life like the people that told you to stay put and be normal it is very hard to step out and change.

    Even in the face of death people do not change and they follow what they are told by the establishment………… So this is my problem i need to find a new way to run my business and change my attitude. I am taking the first step, i am getting off the wheel and leave here May 22 bound for Germany, Czech and Italy then the USA for 2 weeks over near you and will be pampered by friends i will be following you while I am away and Thanks for your honesty I find it refreshing

  42. Micki says:

    Thank you for keeping other people in mind as you both move forward in life. I’ve been fortunate to do the same in many areas of my journey.
    21 yrs ago, when I was age 44, I got Stage 3B ovarian cancer. After surgery, i was told the usual – 1 yr of chemo or I’m gone. Wait a minute, I said to myself and eventually to anyone else who might be listening, that doesn’t make sense. So, I embarked on a journey of healing, but without expectation. Just healing, in anyway that shows up. It showed up exclusively in the alternative way. Lucky me, I dealt the right cards!

    To make this short, it’s 21 years later and I’m healthier than I ever was in my 30’s. I continued on a path that was only led to me by feeling – is this light or heavy? And with that i have been able to avoid the need of doctors or any chemical drugs for all of those years.

    I’ve written a book on cancer and 2 books on Dog Health on feeding one’s dog naturally. The first one was written in 1996, long before the craze of feeding pets naturally, the second just written in 2010. For 20 years I’ve consulted with people on their pets health and also with people on their health.

    Now i see a more urgent need for helping people make choices without fear, but with the understanding of energetic healing from eating real food and using natural products over basic consumer run of the mill ones.

    It’s time, for me anyway, to move past local and go more global. The need is obvious for us all to get out more and help. I’ve done that in my community and have set up natural feeding programs in our local animal shelters. Now, I meet many people who are getting cancer and other major diseases because they have low nutrient levels.
    I have referred your website to many folks to advance themselves in some way and they are grateful.
    Thanks again!

  43. Excellent article! I have followed you for years!
    I have two nutritional degrees and a passion for health and nutrition. My dream is to figure out how to make a living helping others make positive mind, body, and spiritual choices! Transitioning into this new generation along with the speed of our times has everyone feeling tense, frustrated, confused, and stressed!
    Somewhere innately within me I feel I am here to assist people with these times. I would be extremely grateful to participate in a course such as yours! It resonates with me along with your and AnnMarie’s passion for people and health. I can across this course at a time of great transition for me. It would be a honor to participate in this experience with you!

  44. Kevin Burrows says:

    I have always been told, “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.” Though I thought the saying was funny in my younger years, now I know the statement is really true. Thank you for reminding me. I’m a 36 year old IT guy who is reminded often that what I do for a living is definitely not my true calling. I spend my evenings either playing with my 2 year old son, researching health related material online (which is how I came to love your website), or a combination of both. I’m a super-duper alternative health related researcher at heart which was born out of necessity at first, but over time became a passion and love. Not a month goes by where someone tells me I should go be a doctor or do something in the Naturopath field. I think it’s hilarious that two of my nursing friends come to me for health related questions. Amazing! I wonder what they actually teach in nursing school these days.
    With our 2nd child on the way (less than 3 weeks to due date), life has me thinking how are we going to do financially with my wife not working for a period of time. I would love for her to remain home, and most importantly she does too. The course you’re offering may be exactly “what the doctor ordered” for my life to gain freedom and move into a field which a passion to me. I always had a desire to start an internet business based on alternative health and I have the technical skills to create a good site, but I don’t have what you have… experience or the knowledge of the business side of things. I would like to gain that knowledge and move forward in my passion.

    Thank you for inspiring and thank you for just being you.

  45. This whole thing has hit a chord WI me. I have been feeling this crossroads in my life for the Las few years but never know where to begin and needless to say I’m still going to “work” everyday. I have been having discussions with my wife and sister on what we can do and how we can do this and we have ideas but nothing solid on how to get started. I feel this has come into my life for a reason right now. I just turned 52 this year and I have dreams of traveling the world which I have not done yet and dreams of helping people with their health in a lifestyle that has benefited us so much. I am living one of my dreams…my wife and I live in Hawaii which is my born and raised home. I left after HS for 21 years and followed my sister to California. The rest of my family stayed and never left. It’s a difficult move to come back to the islands but we did it and now my sister and her husband did it as well and have been here just over a year. We are close to my mom now and live surrounded by beauty with so many people we could help here. I’ve been home now for 14 years so I’m living exactly where I want to. Now I want to live my passions and work it as well with my peeps by my side. I have hope now reading this!



  46. Leila says:

    Hi Kevin and Frederic,

    I have been following both of your journeys for a while now and they have become part of my own journey too. About two years ago I began my path towards a healthier, less toxic lifestyle and haven’t looked back. During the last year of my PhD in environmental engineering, I had a dream that I should be a naturopath. Not knowing what that even was at the time, I began to look into it and it fully resonated with me. However, with all the time I invested into becoming a well educated engineer, it seemed “crazy” to drop it all and fully dive into this random dream. Nevertheless, in the meantime I have transitioned into a raw vegan lifestyle (low fat) and have become an herbalist here in San Diego through the Natural Healing Institute. I am still taking other courses to expand my knowledge which is natural because I have such a thirst for knowledge. I spend a lot of time making medicine and sharing my knowledge with others. I have accepted that engineering is perhaps not my life’s calling and want to pursue becoming a holistic health practitioner as my sole “full time job”. I live breathe and eat it but I have no idea how to pursue this passion and make a living. Thank you so much for offering scholarships. I’m ready to get “crazy”!

  47. I commend you on your journey…where you have been…and where you are going! I love your blog, your humor, your research, and your mission. I’ve been following you for a few years now, and you have inspired me more than you know.

    I am a 30 year cancer survivor. After being sent home to “get my affairs in order,” at age 23, I did not know what to do or where to get help. Through trial and error, meeting with people of other cultures, and listening to my higher self…I survived. Cancer has visited me twice since then, and I have refined the process. I am now ready to share my experience and knowledge to assist others in finding their healing oasis.

    Thank you for showing me the way! (You realize in the 80’s we didn’t talk about the big C!) You are an inspiration!

    With gratitude and light…

    Patty Thompson

  48. Rawle says:

    Would like one of the scholarships but I am outside the United States. In fact I am in the Caribbean but with Internet I suppose one can have a sucessful business anywhere! would like to prove that.

  49. HI Kevin and Fred, I’ve been following you guys for a long time.I really would like to run and online health buisiness like you guys do. I can’t afford to join your course but would love to win scholarship.

    I have a lot of ideas and I have an idea for a few products and I’m always giving people health and diet tips.

    About seven years ago I became very ill with hi blood pressure and other ailments and cured myself with raw food and whole food diet, ditch all the doctors drugs and cured myself naturally, since then I’ve spent thousands of hours researching health and reading books.And I’ve been working on my own products and Ideas, bought some of Freds products and books but I need some help to get the project of the ground.So I would really love to win the scholarship and get my ideas rollin.

    Thanks Guys, Nick

  50. Gwen says:

    Hi! What an inspiration you both are! Thanks for making the world a better place every where you go and with everything you do! One of my dreams is to help educate young mothers and fathers about feeding their kids nutritious meals and help them make better decisions about their eating choices. Most of these young parents were raised on the SAD diet and have no idea how or where to start their new diet journey with their wee ones. That means they have to change their own diets too! Big Job!!! Very important Job! I want to get started!

  51. “But many people will feel pretty bad about someone else being able to do what they love, when they feel that they can’t. So they’ll prefer criticizing you, rather than admiring what you do and trying to learn from you.”

    If it wasn’t for this quote I wouldn’t be applying. I’ve learned that you cant learn from everyone, but that statement resonates with me so much I am confident I can learn from your knowledge!

    I am currently in slow motion, and although I’ve taken huge leaps in the past, my current location (rural Mexico) is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Although the tropical climate and the produce give me the opportunity to make my blog best, the downside is that in a surf town where everyone is either surfing or eating tacos. I lack the community to constantly build my business outside of virtual, slowing me down towards sustainable success.

    The other downside is that if I spent more time in the States I would lack the unique experience and detail that I put in to my business, so it’s a sacrifice of sorts…so yes an opportunity to take this class would be great. Although I believe I am living my dreams, I still have much more of my destiny to fill — creating a sustainable business based on the experience that I have with my life choices is most important and helping people to live better lifestyles no matter where they are comes in a close second.

    It would be an honor to receive the scholarship. In the meantime I will enjoy the email love!

  52. Vica says:

    Hi Kevin and Fred! How are you? Thank you for showing us that it really is possible to live a life full of freedom and compassion! We can successful careers in the holistic field, feel fulfilled from helping other people and live a life we love. I’m a true believer that we can do what we put our minds and you two are living proof of that!

    I would love to create a lifestyle that allows to live life to the fullest and incorporate my interests in my work. Currently I’m working in a 9-5 corporate job to pay the bills, but my true calling is in helping people. I love learning, research, writing, and teaching. I’m a total geek when it comes to learning about technology, holistic healing and spiritual techniques. Sounds like a random mix, but at the same time it feels like a great fit for an internet based business! I’d love to learn how I can apply my knowledge and skills to help many people worldwide and create more abundance and financial stability to support my family.

    Thank you for sharing your message with all of us! I hope to be doing the same in the near future 🙂

  53. Sharon R. C. says:

    First of all, I LOVE Annmarie’s products! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! They are expensive and rightly so but I still choose them even though I haven’t been able to buy all the ones I want, I’m lucky enough to have the basics.
    As for your selling everything and going traveling as You did, it must have been a great experience. You actually took the freedom that is on offer instead of just looking at it from ‘inside a cage’.
    When I was 21 I changed countries (and language and culture) on my own and with no idea where I was going to live or what I was going to do there. But I’ve stayed on since, doing both ‘prestigious’ jobs and simple ones and then just deciding to do private teaching which leaves me a lot of freedom. However I am now definitely in a rut as of some time and my dream is to be freer, free enough to spend my winters, or at least the worst part of them, in Costa Rica and to do much more traveling than i do. There are a few people from the raw food community who it’s my dream to meet and I would also like to be publishing my two already-basically-finished books. I have a teenage daughter (it’s just her and me) and I want to give her much more than I am doing in terms of experience. I would like to have a way of earning money (lots) that makes sense to me, that I’m enthusiastic about, that brings happiness to others and that possibly involves my daughter without enslaving either of us. You two are certainly very inspiring. I wonder where to start and how and what to do to get myself out of the rut I’m in.
    In a nutshell, freedom (and happiness of course) is what I’m aiming at.

  54. Jo says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to be a part of this. The possibility. I have so many thoughts on what I would like to do. Pinpointing exactly the right thing and how to go about it. That is the question. I love the idea of a health food café, but like the idea of a food truck even better. Growing and selling and running an organic farmer’s market. Opening up a spa that only uses organic products. Dreams of doing all of this in one place.
    Being able to make a difference in the lives of others. Helping them lead a better life, having better health, living longer. This is my desire.

  55. Charles says:

    Thank You for the opportunity to have a scholarship. I an interested in “upgrading” my life, and in making healthier choices, but I am also in the process of upgrading my finances…so it’s a wonderful idea!

  56. Stephanie says:

    First and foremost, Kevin, thank you for all the helpful and insightful information you have made available to us through your newsletters and podcasts. It’s quite evident that the human race is making a positive and rather speedy advancement in higher consciousness. The different modalities that enhance this growth are exciting and fulfilling and I,too, wish to add to the world and would benefit from learning the process to bring ideas to fruition. I feel there is no more honorable way to give back than to be an active participant in this higher vibration movement to aid others in living the Dream (or Reality!:) )

  57. Jesse says:

    Hey Annmarie, Kevin and Frederic, thanks for all that you do! Been following all 3 of you for many years. Miss the renegade health youtube show, got to watch many great videos over the years. Happy to hear your are settling down now and continuing with new exciting things. Thanks Frederic for all that you do, your newsletters, your books, programs and great blog posts about traveling and doing what you love are totally awesome and inspiring, keep up the good work!

    Really excited about your course “How to Succeed With Your Alternative Health Business ” Would love you get your course. Sadly, I just don’t have the funds right now to do it, I am struggling with keeping my health business at this time. A scholarship would be extremely helpful to me in spreading the health message in a bigger way! I am behind and probably could be doing things differently. Thanks again for everything and thanks so much for considering me for this scholarship.

    Your fan, Jesse

  58. Dear Kevin and Frederic,

    I have been following the food revolution passionately in the last two decades. As you know Dis-ease is a cause of many factors from the state of our toxic environment, herbicides, pesticides, the standard American Diet, and the stress in our lives.

    Having been bounced back and forth by traditional doctors I resorted to researching on my own to heal the gut. I was a patient of Dr. Joseph Mercola’s group, and later Dr. Hernandez, who was later shut down I believe for using the word “Nutrition Cures.”

    On the subject of Cancer – it is so rampant today. One in two men will get cancer. One in three women. My mom is a Melanoma Stage IV cancer survivor. By helping her with a clean, whole foods and an alkaline diet, ayurvedic medicine (graviola), esiak tea, supplements, and prayer she was cancer free in a month. The oncologist said she was too weak for chemo. We had gone with the conviction we would fight cancer naturally. That was four years ago. The Doctors were speechless with the turn around. My sister-in-law is a breast cancer survivor with an integrative approach.

    I presently I am reading Dr. Perlmutter’s Grain Brain. A real eye opener. Dr. Sara Gottfried’s book just arrived this week. I am familiar with Dr. Weston Price. I have attended live conference such as one with Doctor Maris from the Stella Maris Clinic in Tejuana, MX. The recently video cast and The Truth About Cancer were also very informative.

    I was also a vegetarian for six years. After slipping back into gluten diet, I and am now going back to a combination of paleo / raw food to regain my health and am there to stay.

    I remember Kevin when you and Marie first started off in the RV with your adventures. You were both an inspiration. I look forward to hearing more on Frederic.

    At the moment I am in a transition period after our company was hit very hard with the recession. I won’t go into details. With a background in advertising and my passion for the food revolution I feel I would be a good candidate. I would love to set up a blog on health simply inform others of how nutrition heals and learn from two experts in the field. Thank you both for this opportunity.


    • PS (To add to my reply earlier)

      Kevin, Frederic,

      I meant to mention in my earlier reply that one of the first raw food conferences I attended was the tele-conference Rawkathon. A source of great information, which never expires.


  59. Beth Strayer says:

    It’s been a long time since I thought about making a living doing what I love. . . I am in my mid 50’s and have spent most of my life caring for others and helping them reach their dreams. When I was in my twenties I dreamed of having a singing career though in the middle of it I had my first child and my dreams of singing to crowds of people, turned into lullabies sung from a rocking chair in the quiet moments of the night with my perfect little gift from God (it was no scarifice). Then came another precious little life and a broken marriage, where just trying to survive with my two children was a full time job. Then God brought me another gift in shining armor and soon I married again the man I have been married to now for 26 years, who adopted my children and has been my partner in life. . . .because of him, I have been able to do many of the things I love over the years. Because of him, I got to stay home and raise my children, I got to invite more dogs and cats than we could house, but always made room for, into our lives to love, I got to homeschool my children which in turn helped them do what they love to do. I got to go back to school and receive my masters degree in Marriage and Family therapy and open my own practice which in turn allowed me to help more people. Because it was time for him to do somethings HE loved and my children were growing up, I made it my passion to follow him wherever life would take us and now find ourselves living in China trying to be a positive effect on the culture I live in by rescuing dogs and cats and rabbits (a hydra of a problem I wish I could solve), and trying to change hearts and minds with love, mercy, and compassion through friendship, education and awareness. We find ourselves now at the end of our contract and a crossroads for the next chapter in our lives. . . . our dream is to find a place our job can go with us no matter where we are and still have the ability to help people reach down deep to attain and realize the important things in their life and encourage them to go there. . . . Perhaps this coaching opportunity is the answer for how to get there. . . let me know what you think, I would welcome another place of growth in my life to do what I love to do. . . .Thank you for being available.. . .

  60. Don says:


    I am a biochemst and a teacher. I have studied human evolution and dietary adaptation most of my life. I am the author of the website Fig Theory which gives a short fantasy synopsis of how I believe human evolution was driven by the sycamore fig tree in Africa (Ficus sycamorus). This tree is know in Africa as the Mugumo tree and believed to be the birthplace of mankind. I have studied every world religion I can find and they all lead back to this same tree. It was amazing when my wife and I realized this! Every one of the “Blue Zones” of anti-aging are associated with a diet high in figs. The biochemistry of fig flowers (some call it fruit) is very similar to human breastmilk and to my knowledge is the only food that has shown to be able to support mammalian life on it own. 80% of the calories for all land animals and birds comes from the fig tree. I believe it is unquestionably the “silver bullet” to extended life and perfect health.

    My wife is Rain Florence. She has a breastfeeding support show and she tries to promote Fig Theory and the spreading of the word about fig trees.

    Our dream is to promote extended breastfeeding and plant as many fig trees as possible during our lifetime.

    We both loved your show and miss you and Ann Marie. You have been one of the biggest inspirations on our journey.

    We are not vegan and our son is not vegan. After being a vegan for 10 years we did the math and realized our son could not be healthy on a vegan diet. Figs are not available, so we try to fine tune our diet to match the fig flower.

    Hope this finds you well,
    Don and Rain

  61. BREAST CANCER WAS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and after going to all my pre-chemo appointments and meeting with the surgeon I realized that it wasn’t for me and walked away from western medicine and started my healing journey by became a vegan. It’s been a long and enlightening up and down journey. I’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours reading and researching the best way to fight cancer cells (and all chronic diseases) and improve the health of the body. Last year I became a Holistic Health Practitioner and a Certified Nutritional Consultant. I now know that I had to go through cancer and come out the other side to help others not have to hear those dreaded words but to take control of their lives to live a long, healthy and disease free life. And I’ve done all this on my small social security. I’ve working on a program to help heal the body on a limited budget. I’ve been trying to move forward … I feel like a salmon swimming upstream. I saw that you’re offering “ How to Succeed with Your Alternative Health Business.” It sounds absolutely what I need to be able to help as many people I can and fulfill my life’s purpose. (I’m a slow starter – All this happened after I turned 60).

  62. Dale hicks says:

    What an awesome story – just goes to show that hard work can also be fun when you’re doing with the person you most want to be with! I am a Certified Nutritionist and Natural Health Practitioner and know there is a need for what I have to offer, but I have spent a lot of time and money in trying to reach that audience without the success I desire. Thank you for offering a chance to participate in learning how to create a successful alternative health practice!

  63. I have followed you all on your journey over the past several years and even took a leap where we sold everything in our home of 25 years and hit the road in our own RV. One of my dreams was to help establish a retreat center in central Colorado where all the facets of health could be addressed. Though it never materialized, I learned many lessons on the way. One of the most important lessons is to keep going for what my heart desires: to help others find their best health-emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually! I’m always looking for ways to reach the masses while maintaining personal balance. (I think if we practice what we preach, it makes for good remodeling and inspiration!)

    We have since moved back into our home in Washington and I am reestablishing myself in our community. Alternative health care is my passion and I believe my purpose. I love your mission because it’s so similar to mine. Staying open to new and improved approaches is vital and if I can learn some of your ‘success’ tips, I’d love to be able to reach more people, continue to stay in my own balance and have nothing but abundance!

    Thank you for the hard work that you have done and the knowledge and experience that you, Annmarie and Fred share with so many of us!

  64. Dear Kevin, I would like to throw my name in the hat for the free scholarship. I overcame cancer 14 1/2 years ago by eating a plant based diet. As well as losing 45 lbs in a month, mmigraines disappeared, sinus problems disappeared, allergies disappeared as well as continuous pain in my legs and back. I went and got my doctorate in naturopathy with a master of herbology. I thought it would help me to help others and make a living at it. But it has not worked out that way. In fact it has cost me money and I am near broke physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. I just want to quit everything I am so discouraged. So please consider me for this scholarship. This may be my last hope of resparking my dream of helping people around the world with natural health. And I can stop working 3 to 4 part time jobs to bearly pay my expenses.

  65. Hi Kevin,

    My name is Tina and I live in a little tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Although the island has prospered in recent years due to international business my people are now suffering due to the recession and the pull-out of these international financial business sector. In the time of great wealth we became sick on foods that was not idigenous to us as island people. We drive right beside our natural food and vegetation and herbs right to the grocery store. The results now is that we are sicker than never before and have a flailing health insurance and health care services. This situation has touched me in a special way as I seek to build an alternative business to bring back the love of our island vegetation and herbs to heal ourselves and to grow this knowledge with our children, who are the next generation of islanders.
    I myself have been un-employed for three years and have been battling with illness that were self-imposed from work stress and poor eating habits. Yes. I forgot my island heritage as well. It has been a challenge eating the amounts of healthy vegetation necessary to correct my health and have been grateful to the teaching of your talk show and your guest. I have often salivated over items on your online food store praying for the day to manifest the funds necessary to purchase these items for my families well-being and my island people. There is a health crisis like never before seen in my time and I want to be able to provide what ever resources necessary for those who want to be healthy and live a life of abundant joy and well-being for the next generations to come.


    For the Love of The People
    Tina C

  66. Joanna says:

    I am re-inspired by this article. I spent 30 years working and teaching natural healing and energy medicine, and was interrupted by my own health issues. Now I do not have the stamina to travel all the time to teach as I did before, but am longing to reframe what I know and what I have learned from dealing with my own health and find a different way to share with others and to serve.
    I am thinking I’d like to create a series of talks and mini-workshops that I could offer locally to educate the
    general public and give them some self care practices. I feel inspired to work with people who are not already familiar with natural healing, whole food nutrition, energy medicine etc.. and to give them information in a way that is easy for them to accept and see how it pertains to their own lives.
    I do live in an area with a lot of holistic practitioners and it has always been challenging to make a living for many of them. Because I traveled so much I never had to be concerned about the issue of there being “too many” other practitioners or workshops being offered all the time. I feel I need some guidance and support in getting something new started here.
    I feel like a repository of years of study and practice with no outlet. I do not believe I am too old, or it is too late to begin again – and I am definitely not old enough to just retire. I believe that there are stages of life and that we can recreate ourselves and revision our offerings to the world.
    In the past I did everything myself and struggled with the business aspects. Now I know that I do not want to start again without some help and support from people who know more than I about business, but who also know about having vision and dreams.
    It is my dream to increase the consciousness in my community.
    it is my dream to offer tools to make life more harmonious andto help balance body, mind and spirit.
    It is my dream to wake up those who are unaware of the toxic choices we sometimes make in our culture.
    it is my dream to show people how to increase health and decrease stress.
    It is my dream to offer EFT, Therapeutic Touch, Flower Essences, and many other bioenergy-based tools to
    everyone and to show their relevance and worth.
    It is my dream to in some way diminish the amount of unnecessary suffering in my community and on the planet.
    Thank you,

  67. Mary Titus says:

    For the rest of my life, I will have dreams that may seem off the wall to many, but totally perfect for me. However, I have met one of my goals which to be a musician and music teacher. I had always been interested in the medical field and became a medical assistant and IV technician nearly 30 years ago. Now following my divorce and semi – retirement, I have made it my endeavor to become a nutritional therapist. My life is experiencing change and, as hurtful as the change may be, it is not the end of my world. Thank goodness I have created a dietary lifestyle that leans towards the positive. I do enjoy a cheerful mindset that centers around my dietary lifestyle so I want my next career focused around that. I do want to stay grounded and stay close to home.

    Although I do want to become a nutritional therapist, I also would like to work in conservation and nature . I have an opportunity to volunteer in a nearby park and I feel that this will open a door to other career possibilities. Recently, I became an ordained minister because you just never know when someone may want to get married.

    I want to stay focused on any and all opportunitie that my pop up.

  68. DeNise Davis says:

    Greetings, I’d like to say that I have received loads of helpful information from your blog, and I find it quite inspiring. As a tenured health care activist professional, I look for opportunities such as the one that you are offering. I am a substitute teacher in the Dallas area. I teach grades 1-12 and I find it very fulfilling. I often bring healthy snacks for my scholars to feast on. Giving them healthy recipes has become part of my daily teaching agenda. I would be grateful to learn how to actually make a living doing the very thing that I live by daily. Please consider me for this great opportunity. I will make you proud! Again, thank you for the offer.

  69. Hi Kevin and All!
    Thank you for all you do and the real
    On the ground examples you have set
    For how to get the word out about Natural
    Health and healing.
    Amazing that there are sooo
    Many ways to assist people to health, healing
    And balance . I see that you reach thousands!
    I know that It is now my time to reach out to those that
    Are looking for me and make it seamless and
    Easy to fine me . This course just flat out meets
    Those requirements-of ease and flawless
    Health us our birthright!
    Re: my healing work- I say,
    What “seems “impossible, Can
    Actually be Done.
    Thank you again for making real the seemingly
    Impossible – teaching, sharing, healing, and
    Balancing work and passion into a viable
    Lifestyle that I, and others on this page Want
    To learn.
    Blessings and More!

  70. Laura says:

    Hi Kevin,

    After a long personal journey into my own healing journey, I started a biofeedback practice 9 years ago. It has been a wonderful journey filled with many miracles and phenomenal stories to share. The practice has grown and I now include other treatments (including rife treatments and acudetox) in my treatment plans.

    As most of the practitioners out there, I have an absolute thirst for knowledge and spend many hours reading and researching. It has always been a challenge to balance the “gaining knowledge”, “running the business” and the “working on the business” times. I have always felt that many times as a small business owner, I am really good at doing the work, and also good at doing the research – those are my passion. The “working on the business” time, though is the time that gets the least energy. I know that this is the future sustainability of my business and yet, it seems to be the one that we neglect the most. Perhaps that is because there is an uncertainty about everything that should be done.

    Often, here in South Africa, we see wonderful courses like these advertised and when we want to take part, we start doing the currency conversion and it just puts the choice out of our range. I would love to be considered for this scholarship!

    Thanks for educating us continuously!
    All the best

  71. yssah says:

    Shalom Kevin!

    Like you, I have a family history of cancer and love learning and sharing about natural ways to better health (though not quite as amazingly as you do). I’m still starting an online tea business to share with those on my side of the world (Philippines) about what’s good about tea vs coffee and using healthy water and kombucha and stuff. I’m also very interested to learn more about herbs and interactions with food and medicines as I have just finished a semester of Pharmacology (I’m studying Nursing).

    My friend has also pioneered an essential oil production company to help alleviate poverty in the tribes and share health products in this world full of products that are largely chemically-laden. Marketing phase is just beginning and I am happy to help in this as well.

    I am hoping that with God’s help, this will also be a way for me to be with my family and help my father who is not well. I know He allowed it for a reason. If this way also benefits others, glory to Him!

    Thank you for your service that blesses the world.

  72. Jim Chamney says:

    There is nothing I find more exciting than Health, Anti-Aging and the possibility to live far longer than my predecessors! In fact I believe we are virtually on the doorstep of immortality! To quote futurist Ray Kurzweil, if we can live another 20-30 years we can likely live to be 150; or to quote Aubrey de Grey, if we can live another 20-30 years, we could potentially live to be 1000!

    I am empowered by the fact that I have the opportunity to live a healthy life potentially indefinitely because of the logarithmically increasing health discoveries and solutions increasingly appearing ready for immediate application on a daily basis.

    I believe anyone who is interested in extending their potential lifespan should quickly take control of their own health regimen, and use the medical profession strictly as required/as necessary for triage/emergency situations only. Learn as much as you can utilizing the incredible wealth of information available on the internet to formulate a regimen that will ensure that you are getting more than abundant quantities of absorbable nutrients.

    The ingredients for a supercharged healthy fibre filled diet are now so quick and simple to prepare that this option is truly available to anyone who will make the time to do so. Ten to fifteen minutes daily is all it takes and with some advance preparation techniques, this can potentially be reduced to minutes!

    There is absolutely no doubt that should someone, anyone become truly empowered and take true control of their dietary intake and health choices, that they can truly live a long, long, long life!

  73. Tonya says:

    Dear Kevin and Fredrick,

    I would be extremely happy if would choose me as one of your scholarship recipients for your upcoming course “How to Succeed with Your Alternative Health Business.” I’ve always been a firm believer in “do what you love” however having raised two children as a single mother, my feet never ventured off the ground very far out of fear for their security. Today, I got a link to your course through an email sent by Nomi Shannon whom I greatly respect and admire. I read all through the great things you were offering in your class thinking to myself that everything was exactly what I need to create a blueprint for my dream and passion of teaching people the benefits of the raw food lifestyle and how to do it. I’ve been thinking of this for a long time now. I took Nomi’s course on how to teach people how to prepare raw food but I felt I was lacking credentials and consequently I am currently on the verge of going back to school to get my MS in Holistic Nutrition. I built a website but I never seem to get anything going because I really don’t have a plan. I’ve learned to take awesome pictures of food, produce and edit cooking videos for Youtube and regret that I really should make time to blog a long with a bunch of other stuff. A lot of my time is spent at work, which most unfortunately is in an environmental lab working with a wide array of environmental toxins and carcinogenic solvents. While contributing in helping to improve the environment fits in with my ideals, being exposed to all these toxins on a daily basis, 8 – 10 hours a day, does not. I realize that it’s not anyone’s ideal, I feel maybe I’m more sensitive to these toxins because everything else that I expose my body to is so clean. Therefore I suffer headaches daily, burning eyes, bronchial pain and sometimes nausea. I would absolutely love to get out of there and daydream of living the life I want to live, how I want to live it. While I believe your class can help get me there, unfortunately, the cost is prohibitive to me at this point in my life. I also truly believe in “paying it forward” and if granted the opportunity to take your course you can be sure that I will absolutely give back to others in need when I have the opportunity to do so.

    Thank you for your time and consideration! Have a great day!!



  74. Wing says:

    Thank you for your sharing. It took me a while to give up my last job and now engaged fully in promoting health through raw vegan diet. There are so many things I could do but not having a team is tough, need to find my edges and be focused, hoping to learn more and work things out. I am very impressed with the passion and knowledge that Kevin has brought to me so far.

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