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We’re about to release something BIG that could prove to have more impact than anything we’ve ever done before.

To properly introduce it, let me give you some context first.

Let’s flashback to 2009.

At that time, Annmarie and I were in the middle of filming our Renegade Health Show (a YouTube channel with over 900 videos), and were asking ourselves what was next.

Our son Hudson wasn’t born yet, and we didn’t even know where we wanted to live and establish our home base. We were living in Connecticut, but we realized that due to the nature of our work online, we could literally live anywhere!

So we quit our personal training business, decided to take the Renegade Health Show on the road, sell most of our belongings, and buy a used RV. (For those outside of the USA who are not familiar with this term, it means: recreational vehicle. It’s really a house on wheels!)

We wanted to interview some of the country’s top health experts for the show.

We wanted to see all of the US states, and the Canadian provinces.

We wanted to spend the harsh winters in a warmer spot than New England.

We wanted to discover the best place where to relocate.

We also wanted the experience of living in a RV with just the two of us and our cat Johnny 5. If we could do that successfully, we felt we could do anything, including starting a family!

Now, I must tell you that before we left, a lof our our friends and family tried to discourage us from doing something this “crazy.” Especially the part about selling most of our belongings and attempting to live for the next few years in 300 square feet of space.

These people with us how that trip might not be such a good idea, that it could be dangerous, and “why don’t you just settle down like everyone else.”

The funny thing is, I bet that if you had a big dream, and you were to ask a few friends and family members what they thought about it, many of them would do the exact same thing: try to discourage you from doing it.

It doesn’t matter what the dream is.

Maybe it’s to quit your job and do follow your true calling. Maybe it’s to open a healthy restaurant. Maybe it’s to travel the world.

Yet if you were to ask a bunch of people what’s something they absolutely need to do before they die, many of them would probably answer: travel around the world.

But many people will feel pretty bad about someone else being able to do what they love, when they feel that they can’t. So they’ll prefer criticizing you, rather than admiring what you do and trying to learn from you.

Years ago, I heard someone say something very true: “Only share your dreams and ambitions with people who can support and encourage you.”

So that’s what we did.

And it all worked out in the end.

We didn’t get abducted by road pirates.

We didn’t kill our marriage from being close to each other nearly 24/7 for two and half years. (In fact, it only made our bond with each other stronger).

Two and half years and 42 states later, we retired the RV and decided to relocate to Berkeley, California. For those not familiar, that’s in the Bay Area, near San Francisco.

We came to the conclusion from our travels that it was the best place in the country where we wanted to live. The other contenders were Denver, Portland, Austin, and Key West (which was really only a contender during the winter months!).

During that adventure, we started Annmarie Gianni Skin Care, which now has a complete line of great, super-organic products and over 50,000 customers.

And of course, we settled down so we could raise a family.


By Your Own Design

I asked myself what was so great about this adventure, and I realized that it was something we did by our own design.

It was a dream we had and we made it happen.

And all of it was possible because of the work we did with Renegade Health, which was online and mobile. We could do it from anywhere. Thank you technology!

A lot of people have asked me to coach them into starting their own alternative health business, and learn from our experience.

To be honest, I’ve been so busy with writing a book and running two businesses at the same time that I haven’t had the chance to do that.

But now that the book is done and I can take some time off to focus on something else, I want to help YOU reach your own dreams and start your own website. So that you can live your life by your own design, like we did, thanks to Renegade Health.

What Is Your Dream?

Maybe your dream is not to travel for two or three years in a RV. Maybe you want to backpack your way around the world with your kids for a year.

Or maybe your dream has nothing to do with traveling.

Maybe you want more time, less hassle and most importantly, spend it at home with the people you love.

Or maybe you feel that what you do for a living isn’t your true calling, and that there must be a way for you to succeed with your passion for natural health.

Once you have a dream, that’s only the first step. Then you have to deal with the naysayers around you, like we did, but also with your own negative thoughts.

Aren’t too many people already doing this? What could I do that would be original and different?

Am I too old for this? Or too young, so people won’t take me seriously?

It’s normal to have these thoughts.

After all, our minds want to prevent us from experiencing the “pain” of failure.

It’s normal… but it’s also important to realize that if we keep rationalizing everything and always listen to our inner critic, we’ll never step outside of our comfort zone and attempt something new.

Something exciting… something that gives you the energy to get up in the morning! Remember what it’s like?

If this email resonated with you, I want to hear from you.

In just two weeks, we’ll be launching a complete course called “ How to Succeed with Your Alternative Health Business.”

This will be HUGE! I have cleared my schedule for this. And because of it, it will most likely be the only time I will be doing this course.

We understand that it’s not for everybody. So we’ve made space for 50 students to join us in this great adventure.

For people who can’t afford to join, we’re making three scholarship positions available.

For your first chance to be entered, please just leave a comment below.

I’d love to hear from you to know what your dream is and how I can help you reach it!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Grace shaw says:

    Like you i am a personal trainer who has gone into life coaching using nlp techniques but realize that I need a coach to move forward . I have my my studio and my son is a holistic therapist and we are building an holistice health center together. A fabulous project and trying to help the most amount of people possible which will definitely include doing ,ore on-line stuff which I am not comfortable. Mi have read your articles for a few years now and love Ann-maries skin line so I do know that you are people who are going in the same direction as I would like to go. But how?
    How do you start health blogs and get people interested ?

  2. Tammy Kass says:

    I am an RN BSN but have not practiced general nursing in a long time….but I keep my license current. there is a conflict between what I believe (natural health and healing) and pushing pills that only treat symptoms and don’t address the root cause of disease. I have been studying natural health online for about 15 or more years and very intensly for the last about 5 years. I have always wanted my own business and I am always trying to help family with natural healing all the time. I don’t currently have my own website yet, but plan on doing so. I have two websites for two businesses I am affiliated with….namely Youngevity and doTerra….but I do plan on having my own health website. I have had a little training on online business, but am still fumbling around a bit as to what exactly to do. This would definitely be out of my comfort zone! I think my family thinks I have gone off the deep end, but I’m tired of working for someone else and not doing what I am called to do. I have to make a lot of money in the future because I have a big vision that needs a lot of financing! I am praying that I am one of the blessed scholarship recipients! thanks Kevin for your testimony…..I enjoyed reading it….it was encouraging!

  3. Well, my dream, my passion is to be able to offer an alternative health solution, Reiki, to individuals who are seeking better health. I am passionate about helping people balance their mind, body and spirit….,Namaste

  4. Alexandra says:

    My dream is to connect with people, enter rapport and offer clear solutions for health and healing that are accessible and understandable for a wide range of people. I continue to re-member my owners manual on how to live a healthy happy life and want to share that in an effective way.
    I have extensive skills in the healing arts, as a hands on healer, how to keep the body healthy and understand how the mind works. I am particularly passionate in assisting women 50+ years in regaining their core strength and thriving with full faculty at 100 years of age. Sound a bit far fetched? It isn’t. This is the wave of our future.

    My next step is to find a way to broaden my audience and share the joy and relief of taking responsibility for one’s own health and well being. I have received so much from Renegade Health and am keen to learn from the pros on how I can extend my own energy into this world in my unique way.
    May All Beings Know Freedom!

  5. I found you when researching alternative therapies for cancer protocols

  6. Hi Kevin and Anne Marie,

    You guys totally rock. My dream is similar to yours. It involves me traveling throughout Costa Rica and Latin America and to different parts of the U.S., learn from healers along the path, all while doing as much as I can to help my friends, the dolphins and whales who have to fight for their lives while humans slaughter them, hold them captive, and fill the waterways of the world with plastic and other types of pollution. I’m working on it everyday.

  7. I would be so very grateful to be considered for one of the scholarships. I have lost about 200 pounds (not a typo – 200) without surgery. I changed my entire life, my eating habits, my lifestyle. I worked on the emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I changed my mind and the way I think. I started sleeping again, learned to meditate, learned about Law of Attraction and figured out how to apply it to weight loss. After losing half the weight, I went back to school to become a health coach. All I want is to help people change their lives the way I did mine. I reversed chronic diseases, got rid of all my chronic pain, quit smoking, became more active, went back to school – so many changes and improvements. Oh – did I mention that I did all of this, including all the weight loss, in my early 40’s? No one is ever too old to change their life and their health, and I’m living proof! I know deep in my heart that I’m meant to help others. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to get my business going and really make a living at it. I would love to be part of your program, but I’m tapped out financially and have taken a bridge job as I try to figure out what to do next. I refuse to give up! Please do consider me for one of your scholarships. It would mean the world to me and allow me to help so many people. Thank you for your consideration, and thank you for all that you do.

  8. I found you when researching alternative therapies for cancer protocols for my Auntie Teri. I am still receiving your emails and am inspired by your journey and interested in an opportunity for a scholarship to learn how to have my own home based health business. I am a massage therapist, yoga teacher, and now a Realtor(this is new). I already have an rv (Lucy) that i have used to go to burning man five times and have takencamping surf and yoga retreats at the beach in southern california.

    I would love to have more freedom to travel and see the worl. I would love to share my live for healthy living with more people. Sometimes i feel like such an oddball in mainstream society foe buying

  9. Beth Strayer says:

    Don’t be afraid.
    Life is fluid, flow with it.
    If you never try, you will never succeed.
    If you fall, get up. . .
    Change is what we do, when we have had enough of where we are.
    Don’t be afraid. . .
    It doesn’t matter where you live, if the people you love are your home.
    There are 365 “FEAR NOTS” in God’s Word, one for everyday of the year.
    Did I mention, don’t be afraid ?
    If you can pull the curtain of culture back to reveal people on this planet, we are all the same. We want to love and be loved, raise our families so they are healthy, happy, and have it just that much better than we had it, and be left alone to dream our dreams and make some of them come true. We are spiritual in our nature and that alone bridges our differences in traditions and beliefs. We can talk and be friends. I am living it, as an American in China.
    Oh and, don’t be afraid!

  10. Thanks for your willingness to help and your generosity, Kevin!

    I am grateful just for the opportunity to pursue my dream. There are too many people in the world who spend their days doing work that they find unfulfilling. I see their pain and their longing for something more. For that reason, beyond all else, my number one dream and goal is to never step out of out of alignment with what my own heart is telling me. And that brings me to this moment.

    What perfect timing this newsletter was! I’ve spent the last ten years focused largely on my own health journey and have only just recently (within the past two weeks) begun to make a solid, tangible effort to begin sharing what I’ve learned with others – via health coaching. I have one client as it is and am now building a business plan to expand.

    My on-going experimentation with alternative health has taken me to retreat centers all around the world, including more than 2-years living in India, 3 years working for the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, 10 years in veganism, and several years more experimenting with a high-raw diet. Much of that remains, but much to my surprise, my definition of health has now grown to include financial freedom. I never cared much about money before. And that brings me to this moment: I am now making every effort that I can to get out of debt so that I can begin to build a healthy financial future rather than continuing to take steps backwards. Currently, 80% of my $1400/month salary is being used to pay off my credit cards.

    What is my dream?

    1) To continue to travel around the world (specifically, I would love to live in Chiang Mai for 6 months or more next year so that I can connect with other digital freelancers and health entrepreneurs).

    2) To engage in sustainable relationship. I’ve always had a difficult time maintaining intimacy in the midst of 40 hours a week. I’m 31 years old and am ready to commit myself to someone that I love….and that means working for myself.

    3) To inspire others to follow their own hearts to better health. To have the freedom to give freely without having to think about time and money.

    4) To wake up each morning, knowing that my life is my own….and to never look back.

  11. Nick says:

    My dream is to have an online business in the alternative health field. I spent thousand of hours reading and viewing health related information and have healed two diseases with diet and exercise. So I know it works. The problem is the technical part using the computer, creating a web site and doing e -books or information products. This is the part I need help with. I’ve been following you guys for years. I use to watch your renegade health show and read a lot of your atricles. So I know with your training I could make it work.I’m a big fan of your web site and products, And of course the renagade health show, what a great show, packed with great info.

    Thanks, Nick

  12. Genie Bell says:

    Kevin my girlfriend and I have been talking about how to do this very thing. Both our husbands have experienced setbacks in their careers and she and I are both passionate about natural medicine and alternative health. She and I both chose alternative protocols to treat our breast cancer diagnosis and want to teach this information to others so they’ll know there is “another way”. Would love to be a part of your course but could only participate with a scholarship assistance so I’ll have my friend post her comment too!

    Thank you so much,

  13. Hello, in the year 2007 through to 2009 I experienced much life stress…as a result I needed to find life balance once again….to focus more on a strong foundation, needing to focus on personal wellness, the physical, spiritual & mental health. My journey started in 1988 when as an active drug addict of 19 I joined a 12 step recovery program. In 2007-2009 after 18 years abstinence I lost my job, had three deaths in my immediate family, moved residences & had one of my children move very far away & nearly left my husband and 3 children. I created my email address, mombefit due to the loss of my job., From that email address the vision of my purpose has evolved. I am currently employed as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor (passionate about Zumba Fitness) and am currently at the end of my two year Holistic Nutrition Diploma. Working on case studies and soon to write my final exam. After receiving my registered holistic nutrition (rhn) designation, I am looking forward to branching out on-line and join a team of like minded entrepeneurs so I can really make a difference in peoples lives. I love reading articles from Renegade Health and have been following you both for sometime. A scholarship for me would be that next miracle that would help me continuing living my purpose. “Choose Wellness…Find Joy…Really live!”

  14. I would really like to be entered in for the scholarship! I have a dream to start a herbalist/detox-specialist practice utilizing natural foods, herbs, and alternative methods to help people cleanse and rebuild their bodies…and educate them enough so they move away from western-based medical paradigm of ‘treating’ symptoms rather than addressing the root cause. Along with the physical healing I’d like to implement positive psychology and holistic life transformation on all levels to empower people to become the best version of themselves and achieve their goals and overcome mental and spiritual blocks that hold them back. I am in the middle of setting up a website for a blog, but having guidance from an experienced coach who’s been through the process before would be a great help.

    Thank you for the consideration! 🙂

  15. Lila says:

    Thank You Kevin for considering people who may benefit from your course, but not have the financial means to pay for it. Three scholarships!

    To Consciously BE Living The Dream

    Then, learning from you how to share it. What could be better for ALL?

  16. Heathir says:

    Hi I am Heathir and have been assisting people in Alternative Healing for more than 30 years. So close to retiring without the deep satisfaction nor financial rewards that one would expect at this time . Subsequently, I am looking to develop another aspect of my present career and fulfill this incredibly deep drive to help people evolve their health and healing.
    I believe that life is too short not to learn how to assist and motivate people to attain their best health and their dreams in a manner that is beyond my present office practice. So I would very much appreciate learning this from the best in the field and most genuine and effective practitioners that I have come across. Why? Because there are too many people needlessly spinning their wheels and need only to have the partnership of a knowledgeable coach to take them into success.
    I have read your letter for a year or more and the respect for your work continues to grow. I believe that with your tutoring and mentoring, my passion to be of greater service to the seekers of health and vitality would flourish and bring bountiful rewards to all involved.
    Sincerely, Heathir

  17. Liz Frost says:

    I’ve had a bit of an adventure myself…Several years ago I quit my job and gave up my career as a chartered accountant (it’s the Canadian version of CPA) and I traveled for a couple years (Central America, Australia, Japan) and when I came back to Canada went back to school. Complete career change and became a psychotherapist and yoga teacher, built a retreat centre and no am working to change the world one guest at a time. So now I work on a completely volunteer basis (not by choice but by reality) running the centre and trying to make it a viable business. My problem is I have many ideas but not enough hours in the day to follow through with planning, marketing etc. and no money to hire staff to do this for me. So, I need help to focus on what will be effective to help the most people with the least amount of my time and effort (I’m getting tired working 7 days a week). Ideally if the centre could pay for itself I can hire help and create some of the incredible programs which right now are just ideas. I’d like to create vegan, nutrition based retreats and programs for folks facing serious medical conditions.

    So, I need some coaching, guidance etc. to do this but have no money for the support I need. If your program would suit my needs I’m game to try it.

    Thanks so much for what you do! I’ve been enjoying your informative newsletters for quite awhile now.

    Cheers, Liz

  18. Mary Murphy says:

    “By Design”, with a built-in Sangha! A sangha is one’s active “community of support”, in both Buddhist and Yogic lingo. Another brilliant and highly energizing concept from the Giannis: you walk your talk, often before you speak! I have worked as a yoga therapist for the past seven years, living on a financial shoestring. (Yoga is the Hindu–mainly– science of self-liberation). I help people apply the principles of yoga to their bodies, emotions, thoughts, relationships, energies, and lives. People learn about health living from me: food, gardening, the energy behind posture, breathing, movement, life rhythms. Increasingly I work with people’s energies and their thoughts: how to help them clear out obstructions in these processes. Lately I’ve been dreaming that I need to work more on myself, to be a “better healer”. I work a lot with my sensing hands and my thoughts and people’s energy flow patterns, particularly through either or both of their chakras (energy gateways, in Yoga and Ayurveda) and their major meridians (Chinese energy flow patterns). I want to learn and apply more of the principles of both the chakras and the meridians and how to clear and imbue them with clear resilient strength, both with myself and others. I want to become a more consistent mentor and guide with people wanting to create their own best living designs. I want support and enthusiasm–wind beneath my wings; and I’m willing to give what I want to receive. I want to be part of this Group! Regardless of the outcome of my inclusion, I send my best thoughts and desires for your/its/our success.

  19. Malcolm says:

    I am retired and have been watching the discussions around the misleading information offered by food manufactures and the medical community. I am fascinated with functional medicine, it resonates with me. Four years ago I was 308 lbs, had high blood pressure, and was lethargic. Having managed to resolve my worsening arthritis through supplements and diet I began the journey I am now on. After two years my weight is down to 255, my blood pressure is running in the 130/80 range, my lethargy is dropping away, and my digestive issue are about a third of what they were.

    I also studied with a mystic and chi kung master for 14 years leaving me a deep awareness of energy. That training and natural talents have enabled me to help a few people who were in ‘spiritual crisis’ through helping them connect with their inner wisdom, their soul.

    Now I am feeling a desire to offer my understanding to those who want to improve their life. I have no desire to tell people what to do. I am eager to help people identify different choices they can make to have their life more rewarding. After all that was the gift of the mystic, to open me to many, many possibilities and encourage me to make my own choices.

    What is floating as yet unformed in my awareness is supporting ‘inner wisdom awareness and access’ for those people working to improve their health.

  20. Marie says:

    I’ve been entertained and educated by you and Ann Marie since 2010, five years after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve been studying alternative health via the web since then and would love to become a health coach. I, too, can and do work from anywhere (Florida, North Carolina, and Colorado mostly), because I’m a freelance technical writer, but after doing that for 25 years, I’m ready to follow my passion of helping others get well. I think there’s a health revolution (or evolution) coming soon, and I want to be a part of it. But what education or certification do I need? I’m raring to go! (And yes, my husband is one of my nay-sayers!)

    Like you and Ann Marie, my husband and I spent three years traveling the 48 states in a motorhome, but we weren’t working then. That was when I started a web page (2002) so that family and friends to “travel along”. So I’m familiar with that end of it, but only vaguely familiar with creating a website for “commerce”–getting people to it! I’d be most interested in hearing what you have to say.

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Michelle says:

    It is my dream. I talk to people all the time and say “live your passion” because honestly, life is too short. Of course I want to travel the world and if I could do that and be delivering healthy things to people in the form of knowledge or actual food, it would be incredible. I can’t wait for this course and i commend you guys for not listening to everyone, and doing what you love. 🙂

  22. Marek says:

    My journey began when my son started having terrible 1 to 2 hours long cough episodes at night about 3 years ago. After few visits to conventional medicine doctors and many hand waving with antibiotics and allergy medicine, decided to take charge and research possible cause on my own. Today my son sleeps though the night, eats better has more energy. My dream is to be able to reach communities large and small to spread the message abut human’s body ability to heal. Support local farmers and live in harmony with nature. Also, put out of business companies which poison our bodies with toxic food.

  23. Jaia says:

    Wow ~ was that really 2009? I remember meeting up with you guys at Agape during the juice fast with Gabriel Cousens and also seeing you at Raw Spirit~ fun times! I am Still in my RV (7 years, the last three in a little conscious town which I fell in love with and never left). My daughter did not have to go on the drugs everyone said she had to for
    anxiety etc., and the RV ‘healing adventure’ was a success.
    I am putting up the RV for sale this month and being called to go much further with my work as healer/teacher/ artist.
    The adventure continues for sure~ blessings to you for your courage and joyful spirits xo

  24. Hi Kevin and Annemarie. I am an Occupational Therapist who works in the neonatal unit of a large children’s hospital and a recent IIN graduate. I work with small fragile babies and their parents. I help parents learn how to feed their babies and support their development. I am very limited in what I can offer naturally and holistically. I want to combine my skills as a pediatric/neonatal Occupational Therapist and Holistic Health Coach to help women with fertility, pregancy, birth, postpartum, and through the neonatal period. I have a website, but it is not customized to reflect my niche market.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  25. Hi, Kevin. Thanks for your beautiful work and all the people you’ve blessed along the way including my family. At age 66,as a retired RN who has worked mostly in alternative health (because I object with all the power of my being to pharmaceuticals); my dream is to empower an army of young people all over the globe to have the tools to EDUCATE everyone who is interested in creating health or recovering health through nature’s powerhouse simple remedies. My domain is “” but as of today there is nothing there….I would love your wisdom applied to making my dream happen!

  26. Therese says:

    Hi, Kevin! Well, my dream is NOT similar to yours in many ways. I live in cold MN and love it. I want to move, but same area just larger home to accommodate family…and many friends for in home teaching purposes. There are quite a few states I would love to see, but a few I wouldn’t. I would love an RV…for vacation purposes. 🙂

    That being said, I have followed you for a long time and can’t tell you how much I would love to participate in your course. I recently left my full-time “steady-paycheck-job” to start my own business as a health coach. My passion is teaching women how to set the healthy pace for a busy household (and some tips to SLOW IT DOWN!). I don’t have time to get the same knots on my head if someone can teach me to avoid them. I’m sure I will drum up my own knots! I learn fast, I apply what I’m taught, and I’m not a fan of excuses…especially out of my mouth. I would love to be considered for one of your scholarships.

  27. I would love to have a successful online store one day selling my handmade natural products.

  28. Hi Kevin,
    Your example of sharing health info has been inspiring. I, along with my husband, have been sharing health info and teaching vegan cooking schools around the US and in other countries for 24 years now. We started teaching more raw over the last 11 years and see the value sharing this vital information with a sick and dying community around the world. I want to know how to do it more effectively and quickly. We believe time is of the essence in order to get life saving information out. I want to write more, share more, do more to help people who want to be helped. It’s a passion with me. But I need to know how to do that, and do it more effectively and profitably. I would love to be one of your scholarship awards in order to make this happen. Thank you for considering me.

  29. Diane says:

    Hi Kevin, thanks so much for this opportunity. I’ve been following you and Annmarie for years and would love to work with you! I have been interested in alternative health and healing for years and recently completed my health coach certification. It all seems a bit overwhelming and I would love some help and guidance to succeed in this field from someone who’s been through it all! Now that my kids are in college, I feel ready to start my “new” life and make this my focus so that I’m able to quit my full time job and just do what I love.

  30. Jim Wenger says:

    Kevin & Marie,
    I’ve always admired your spirit and creativity. As a former PE teacher and health nut advocate I’m looking to start
    A Health solution online business. I’m big on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Practice Qi Gong daily and get excited about energy healing.
    I would like to talk more about starting a business.
    Thank you for all your insight!!
    Jim Wenger

  31. My dream is to change lives through consultation and education. There is such an epidemic of diabetes in this nation and it is my desire to to work with and for those affected to reverse the disease naturally, affording them a live of optimal health.

    I moved to NC several years ago and encountered more people than I have ever known suffering from the disease. I was so angry because the medical doctors were only pushing pills but not educating their patients or providing dietary restrictions. It grieved me so that, as a senior citizen, I re-entered school to attain a degree in holistic nutrition. Although I have the degree, I have been unable to move forward in my career as a health educator. I was told I need to earn a Master’s Degree or work as medical professional for at least 2 years. This seems ridiculous to me when on of the doctors in this area says his client load is predominantly those with diabetes. The comment was “we need educators.”

    While in school, one of my projects was to find the county’s greatest concern and design a brochure with the information. The concern here was the disparity in the death rate of African-Americans and Caucasians due to diabetes or its complications. My research was shocking. In the 2010 Public Health Assessment, there was a 65.4% death rate in African-Americans to 20% Caucasian. It is higher than that of the state. The county is only 17%. African-American. In a recent Community Health Forum, the 2014 Assessment revealed a lower incidence by 10%, but it is still 3x that of Caucasians. I want to find a way to change that.

    I am willing to do what it takes to see change, not only in the African-American community, but to all diabetes sufferers.

  32. Sally says:

    Hi Kevin and AnnMarie..I’ve followed you both and am a customer. AnnMaries skin care line is amazing. At 58 years young I’ve traversed many of the Health Colonics (added to my massage pracitise and did that for 8 years) ..Raw food diet, and did the Graham water fast the year after Frederic in 2006. Am at a very similar place as you and AnnMarie and eat cooked (some) and still not perfect..More the Eat to Live, not Live to utilize digestive enzymes, and basically have let go of he dogma..what a difference.. Attempted to start a website, but after all the roads I’ve traversed, the more I’ve learned the less in many ways I know. That said, I do have a fair amount of knowledge around internal cleansing/detox that most everyone could probably benifit from . I have been a licensed Massage Therapist for 23 years and raised two children on my own from the age of 25 when they were 3 and 1 yrs of age..The financial part of life has been a bit of a challenge through the years, as well as being too much of a giver (would do colonics for no payment if people were sick and said they had no $$).. A very good practictioner, but not the best business person…It would be great to be able to have some of your top notch insight to maybe get the website going..I do think we are here to help and serve..Thank you both Sally

  33. Satori says:

    I created this blog on healthy living for Japanese audience about 3.5 months ago. So far I have 72 subscribers LOL. You know what though, I’m surprised that some people are actually interested in this stuff. I mean raw food in Japan? Come on! Anyway, I started to learn the business side of it like last Monday so that I can make A LOT of money while making the universe a healthier place:D I might not be a good candidate for your scholarship or course as many things work differently over there, but I wrote to you anyway because I’m happy with your new journey!!

  34. Linda C says:

    I have always had a passion for health and getting to the root of illness and disease. I have been studying alternative health through books, newsletters and online for years and it has always been my dream to do what i love and get paid for it. I am now pursuing classes on natural health and nutrition to get “credentials” all the while not sure how i can earn a living with all of this information. I love helping friends and family anytime they ask, all for free for now.
    Thanks for the opportunity to be considered for a scholarship

  35. I am a 76 year young male. I have been interested in healthy living most of my life. I ran my 1st marathon at 75. I take no meds and have great blood pressure etc. I became very interested in diseases about 18 years ago when our daughter had cancer. I began researching to find out why she got cancer. I became obsessed with cancer and other diseases and how to prevent and also to heal. I want to share my knowledge with people to hopefully help them keep or regain their health. I would love to retire from my job and have a healing site to help people. I just don’t know how to set up a website or blog. I would like to do a course with you with or without a scholarship. Thank You for being there and for you wealth of knowledge.

  36. Brita says:

    Here’s to gorgeous serindipity, and the universe delivering exactly what I asked for!!! I can’t wait to see the unfolding of this magic!

  37. W says:

    Your kind offer has piqued my interest.

  38. Maja Kasdan says:

    I am a registered holistic nutritionist. I have just had my first baby (she is almost 8 months and such a joy!). I have worked as a chef running the kitchen in a health conscious cafe/restaurant called Communitea Cafe in Canmore, Alberta where I have lived for about 8 years now. I started a small business called Alternative Sweethearts while I was in school for nutrition 3 years ago. It was inspired by the lack of truly sugar free (including alternative sweeteners) products. I make products sweetened with stevia as well as honey and maple syrup sweetened treats. Living in Canada I am blessed with a payed year off to spend with my daughter. With the year quickly coming to an end I want to establish myself working from home. I want to be there for my daughter. I want to raise her, especially in these first years. I have also been blessed with a new house rental that allows me to have a commercial kitchen in the basement. I would like to further my business working with food as well as help people achieve their health goal through nutritional consulting. I know that once in the swing of it all I will succeed but I have a hard time getting going. One of the things that I struggle with is public speaking but I feel it is the best way to allow people to get to know who you are and what you do.

  39. Ruth says:

    I am working on a franchisable model for health & wellness centers for pets and their people, featuring integrative ways to imprint and live a healthier lifestyle with your best friend.
    I currently have a bricks & mortar model that is also the training center. I would love to get some of these programs in an online format.

    Thanks for the opportunities to better health! 😉

  40. Nay says:

    Hi guys I would love some assistance! I am 5 weeks off finishing a Diploma of Remedial Massage and would love to have my own business, theres lots of competition in my town… 🙂

  41. Health is my passion! I have transformed my life and am continuing to change and be better. Just last week I was trying to think of any possible way I could afford to do a course on health coaching, and I was told to just wait and if it was meant it would happen. So this is an amazing opportunity and I am very grateful to be considered.

  42. AnnMarie says:

    Thrilled that you are going to be offering this program, Kevin. As with everything you’ve done (I’ve been *with* you & Annmarie since before your Kale Whale days), I know it’s going to be the real deal. I’m at the point in my business that I either need to find a way through to the other side or try to make myself employable again. For me it isn’t about travel; it’s about being fully present for my husband, who is disabled. As time passes, he needs more of my time, energy & presence, so becoming an employee again isn’t a good solution, yet I’ll do what I need to do to support us. Yet, I love the healing work I do and am here to BE a healer, so I’m loathe to give it up (it took me so long to find it – lol!).

  43. My dream is to educate as many people as I can about living a healthy lifestyle. I am a holistic health coach. I had a health crisis in my late 20’s and cured my self in my 40’s. My GP says to keep doing what I’m doing as my physical age is 20 years younger than my chronological age 68. Part of the dream is to teach people to cook and prepare foods that will benefit them. Eat the rainbow.

  44. Tanya H says:

    You folks are such an inspiration, living your life and serving the planet. Now that I’m 54, I have been visualizing how I want to live the second half of my life. It’s time to RE-FIRE not retire. For over 30 years I have been researching nutrition and being the go to person in my circle of family and friends. My desire is to be of service to as many people as possible, especially my fellow baby boomers, to educate and inspire on how to fuel the body to live the best life possible, using whole foods, superfoods and herbs. However, the responsibilities of life have made it a challenge to see how to switch careers and continue to meet my financial obligations. I hope to be a part of your program as a scholarship recipient, and take what I have learned and will continue to learn to a larger audience. I appreciate you for all you have shared over the years.

    Peace and blessings

  45. Lynne Prucha says:

    OH How I dream of doing what you are doing…Travel & teach the world how to get healthy & stay that way.
    I am trying to make a difference in my small town…but it’s been a difficult road.
    With the knowledge I have from my own recovery & the wisdom I receive from the best including yourself I feel I could help many. It would be an honor to work with you and get first hand knowledge as to how to reach my goals. I studied nutrition and received my NTP. I also am a Weston Price Chapter leader for 9 plus years.
    Now I need someone to take me one step farther with their experiences. It would be of great assistance to receive a scholarship from you. In gratitude for all you do.

  46. Marie-Aude says:

    What a great idea Kevin! Thank you for offering this and the scholarship, which I am totally interested in!

    I have been following your post since 2009 and love what you have to offer and your slant on health. I resonate with your approach totally. We must have been neighbors as I lived in NYC area for many years and NJ too but am from France originally and now teach yoga full time.

    Because of some extreme health issues I have gone thru in my life, I have had first hand experience on many subject in this area. I have always shared my knowledge with interested people along the way, but always felt I could reach more people. Starting my own online business has been a creation in my imagination for a while now and have sort of testing the grounds with my yoga students thru newsletter on health, yoga, food, and spirituality. And the response has been very good.
    I recently went thru a traumatic life experience and lost about 50% of my clientele in the process. Leaving me in an uncertain spot financially. This made me realized that I needed to start my online business so when the “shit hits the fan” I don’t find myself in this predicament. Having a coach while building my online health business would be so exceptional and something I would have never dreamed of. I was considering for a while to pay to be helped but at this time I am rock bottom financially trying to rebuild my yoga business and private clientele so I have something to live from while building the online part.
    God this would be amazing! Thank you for considering me and if not I will follow your post closely and see if I can learn from your newsletter. Love both of you and what you offer this world in great need for health change and views. Thank you!

  47. Hi, Kev, and thanks for the chance at scholarship~

    My dream is to be FINANCIALLY SUCCESSFUL making a living connecting my soul to my everyday life. As a health coach. The health coaching part I’ve got down. I’m attending Institute for Integrative Nutrition currently and it is wonderful and this comes naturally. Their marketing teaching is good, too.

    However, I’d like to be a rock star at marketing, and I don’t mean because I am on a stage or nationally known. Sometimes, I’ve enthralled a small roomful of people (20 or so) and it’s because I was just in the groove, unselfconscious and passionate. It’s when I am self-conscious (99% of the time) that I can get tongue-twisted. The point is spreading knowledge in such a way that makes others want it or see it or get it and realize that health is in their control via what they eat, that this is their choice. I want to help others wake up! Because then our planet will change for the better~

    I am hoping to accomplish building community with this course so I have people to market to! I have worked from home on the computer many years to support my 3 kids and I, and for many of those years living in a part of America where there are 2 people per 10 sq miles. So how to market without a list? I am in town now, a largish one so the community is here. My exposure is currently limited due to working and Mom-ing it.

    And there you have it. Thank you, Kev, for changing lives the way you do. Quite a ride, Ay?

    Much love~

  48. Silas says:

    I have been practicing acupuncture for 10+ years and work for the local health authority providing group treatments for addictions and pain.

    I love what I do, but I also desire a business that is scalable and can reach more people. My dream for the fall is to launch a online business focused on love and relationship trainings, from a spiritual perspective. This will feature teachers and thought leaders exploring the challenges and inspirations of modern intimacy and relationship.

    My challenge is too much inspiration and not enough focused action. I would love the additional support to make this new business venture fly!

  49. carole says:

    i would like to know more about the exercise that addds 3 yrs to life.. . the other things are . also important. .

  50. My dream is to live a fulfilled life, of health, love, and work. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my health (hashimotto) , finding love, having loving relationships with my kids and friends, and trying to make a better living.
    I am an esthetician, massage therapist, and a student at INN in health coaching. I love to bring health and wellness into my life by trying to incorporate yoga, healthy foods, experimenting with homemade creams and new recipes.
    What I am struggling is I don’t feel confident enough in my abilities, and therefore I am always struggeling financially.

  51. Dear Kevin,

    I am a student of nutrition, and my husband and I are trying to get our “Garden of Eden” project off the ground. We have purchased a farm in an Arctic region with nothing on it. It was inoperative for 40 years, so it is clean as land can only be. The farm is organic to the T, and we would also like to try out alternative energy production methods and other environmentally friendly projects on our list, aimed at proving that it is possible to live on this earth creating something good, without polluting, and leaving a positive legacy behind, haven given to the earth, and not taken from it. We would also like to prove that it is possible to live in the north and be independent. Most of our projects are still on the drawing board, but we have begun producing organic strawberries. 🙂
    My “baby” is a holistic health clinic that offers advise, training and treatment based on natural remedies and methods. I’d like to create online courses, as well, to make holistic health available to as many people as possible.
    We have a ways to go before that might become reality, so I am looking for anything that would help my project on the way.

    Best and optimistic regards,
    Bente Michelsen

  52. Lenora says:

    Hi! I am a Health Coach and also about to be a certified aromatherapist. I feel so much passion to help and serve others, but feel lost in the process of getting there. I’ll be getting out of the Navy in less than a year, and have no clue yet, what my ‘plan’ is or should be. Any help to have a process would be amazing!

  53. Kelly says:

    Was diagnosed with metasticized Stage 4 breast cancer in 03/14. I elected to combine traditional treatments with alternative and have been very successful. In 6 months my tumor markers are in the normal range and my Oncologist said I was in remission. When all this started she said they would never be normal. This being said and knowing that I need to “think outside of the box, I took an alternative blood test (Cancer Profile) which is showing that there is still a little cancerous activity so I am electing to continue with the alternative protocol that I’ve been using which involves herbal chemo, supplements, nutrition, chiropractic care etc. This was a very scary diagnosis and I felt very alone and felt pressure to act quickly by the traditional doctors. I feel women need to know all the alternatives available to them. This is my wish to be a person who can work with women and share with them all the alternatives. As one who has been through it and survived.

  54. Amanda says:

    I love holistic health options and often preach the benefits of a raw vegan diet while leading by example (I’ve even gotten work to agree to meat free Mondays and a juice bar!). My husband and I have decided to follow our bliss and try to find a way in the next year to get out of the rat race and focus on helping people see the benefits of a healthy raw lifestyle full time.
    Thank you for your emails and guidance, it’s wonderful!

  55. Teresa says:

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you both for all the great information you have provided. My husband and I have for years eaten organic. I have always been very active in outdoor sports, However it has been only about 5 years that I have really started looking into the non GMO products as well as the refine sugar, and all the other nasty things that our foods are loaded with. Why does one ask that I have gone on this journey? I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 58. This information turned my world on its head. It has taken me a good deal of time to come to terms with this since I know I was eating pretty good with the organics long before this news. Digging my heals in and doing a tremendous about of research I have learned so much about how not only to survive this disease, but to LIVE and enjoy my life. I do know it is an auto immune disease that has taken its told on other members of my family in other forms. For example my son was diagnose with MS at the age of 25. He also has learned the importance of a healthy life style. Before I was eating just like everyone else does, you have to eat to survive ,but now I am eating to live and have a better way of life.

    We both are pleased to hear how you two ventured out into the world and travel and met some very interesting people. We have been RV’ers for going on 16 years. We travel with my husbands job and I have really enjoyed it.
    The time is coming for us to reinvent ourselves and we are looking forward to my husbands new found venture.
    He is retired Air Force and in a few years he will be retiring from the FAA radar installation platform. He is pursing obtaining his pilots licenses and our home will be in beautiful NC.

    I have always enjoyed health and doing my best to educate people on foods and a better way of life. Some listen most just are not ready to see the dangers. I did not write this to be considered for the scholarship. I only wanted to share my thoughts and appreciation for all you both are doing to bring us great information.

    May you have a blessed day and may God continue to shower you with many years of life’s pleasures!

  56. Robyn Robins says:

    My passion is to complete my soul purpose in this incarnation and I believe my whole life journey with all the lumps and bumps has brought me to the present where I have healed breast cancer (three years on) by taking an integrative approach. The book has been written focussing on integrative oncology and my life learning beginning with my dad’s cancer journey thirty-seven years ago. I have just begun to teach yoga again and seeking to once again work with others through my training as a holistic counsellor, working with artistic therapies based on the anthroprosophical approach. I am also a qualified astrologer and have published a memoir on our family’s journey through the world of addiction and mental health taken to that realm by a loved but lost child. A children’s book has been written teaching that we are all one and to listen to the heart. I follow my intuition which was to make this contact however, technology is not something I am comfortable with and finances are now short due to the cancer journey. I believe I do have somethng to offer others and am now seeking ways to publish my book and redesign my website as a tool for connecting to others stepping onto the pathway that I took many years ago.

  57. I forgot to mention that I lost 70 pounds…not through dieting, but through healthy eating–through my food choices. 🙂

  58. edie says:

    I have lots of dreams one is to own lots of Real Estate.
    Another dream is to be a holistic coach and cook and help lots and lots of people.
    I would love to have the time and money to travel,have control of my life and not
    have life control me.
    To have several homes in different parts of the world

  59. Susan L says:

    Thank you for sharing your story and also to those who have commented previously. I am shaking with excitement right now.

    I have become so frustrated by the food and healthcare practices in our country. I saw my own health decline steadily, while I was dutifully following the SAD and doing what my doctor advised. Achieving holistic health has become my passion. I am the “go to person” for wellness support in my circle; I think mainly for my compassion and enthusiasm. I am 60, and like a lot of people these days, I don’t have the resources to support a normal retirement age. Having recognized this, I am no longer willing to subject myself to the intense stresss of my current job. I have worked so hard in my health journey. I am no longer willing to trade my health for anything!

    I had one of “those” moments while watching the brilliant Evolution of Medicine Summit last week. We really are at the beginning of a new age of functional medicine; how we approach food, and the role it plays in our lives. We are beginning to recognize, that we can tremendously impact our health simply by taking charge of it!

    I have had several late nights this week, while exploring various health coaching programs (I’m still trying to figure out the alphabet soup of accreditations/certifications). Trying to figure out if I’m too old? Is the training valuable?Can I afford it?

    Serendipity? The universe answering? You bet!

    • Karine says:

      Susan, you are most certainly not too old! I am right behind you in age and believe life is opening up a new chapter. The experiences and wisdom you hold within are a valuable resource no one else can duplicate. Just your comment inspired me to reply and suspect, there is much more. Go for it!

  60. evelyn says:

    Thank you for your invitation to join you pursuing good health to all people. I wanted to have this kind of goal in life since I was small, now I’m married 34 years my dream will materialized because I found your website.Thanks Kevin, hope you will include me in the scholarship you are offering. I don’t have much fund for this training because I sent 5 Yolanda kids to school and staying in our house.Hoping for free training. God bless your goals and life. Thank you .

  61. Kathy Long says:

    I love your balanced health advice! Everyone has a bandwagon and it’s hard to know which one to hook your life onto! Our choice means the diffence in falure and success. We have to listen to everyone’s opinions and ‘research’ and then decide what’s best for us and our family. I would love the opportunity to help people sort through the maze of advice. I believe we make things in life rocket science when it doesn’t need to be that way.

  62. betty says:

    there are so many alternative health businesses right now, how could it (the business) be so unique and attractive enough to get people to be interested in your own niche? can your program help someone that love to have an alternative health business but has no clue what particular niche to get into? Thank you and have a great, prosperous day!

  63. Renee says:

    Sounds FANTASTIC, but my computer just died so I wouldn’t have regular access (shamefully)! Can I possible do this without computer access 24/7? How much does it cost?

    I’m now adjusting to retirement, but I’d love to be working somehow/where.

    This computer is VERY SLOW! I wish there is some way I could do this between the sr ctr and the library, but I don’t feel I can relie on those to co-ordinate with YOUR class schedule (unless IT’S FLEXIBLE? (Sorry, the bold doesn’t work!)

    Cancer is such an epidemic now, I’d LOVE to learn holistic approaches to/for that – especially, but so many other “conditions” as well!!

    Are you having a raw food festival in NYC this year?
    Great photos! Charolotte Gerson is a HEROINE!

  64. I want more than anything to quit my job as a home health aide and work online and travel. I have for several years tried many things online with little financial success although I have learned so much. I want to be totally debt free and work online,travel and see the US and other countries and I don’t need to be rich to do that.

    If I don’t quit and I continue to be persistent I will achieve my goals.

  65. Sheena says:

    Hello Kevin,

    What a dream it would be to be coached by you, to help me fulfill my personal journey of becoming the entrepreneur I’ve always known I am meant to be. Today, I am an Energy Healer, Angel Card Reader, and an Independent Distributor of Essential Oils, but have not yet put myself out into the world as such. I don’t even know where to begin to start to market myself and to get my mobile business up and running? I’m not signed up in any social media yet, but hopefully will be very soon. My dreams are limitless, as we live in an infinite universe of infinite possibilities, but one of these dreams includes opening up a spiritual centre for children and parents to go to experience miracles. Thank you for considering me as a potential scholarship winner of your course. Much love and gratitude.

  66. Zyxomma says:

    Kevin, I have 45 years of study under my belt and in my head about herbs, nutrition, hydration, etc. I studied with a naturopath for a couple of years, and received about a dozen certifications. During a nine year relationship, I gave up my practice to devote myself to a business I was building with the ex, to bring sustainable and ethical fashion to the mainstream (our highlights were a popup shop at Bloomingdale’s SoHo, and a show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center). About two years ago, I asked him to put in writing that I owned a piece of the business in which I’d invested my all (taking virtually no money — I had to supplement my income to pay the bills, lending the business money when I had it, and no one else would, etc.). He hemmed and hawed. During the following year, he asked me (using the Department of Labor as a reason) to write up a freelance contract for the work I was doing, and submit invoices. Then he dumped me, having amassed all this evidence that I was nothing but a part-timer; easily replaced.

    I’d like the scholarship so I could (1) learn how to build a website, (2) attract more clients, and (3) get out of debt and start making money again. Thanks so much for considering me.

  67. Sadly, I will be sixty in a years time and I am still not doing what I want to do. I would love to be supported and have a plan to make my dreams come true. I really would like to practice Reiki and aroma therapy .Pretty simple dream but so many blocks keep gdtting in my way!

  68. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but I do engage in self reflection on my birthday. I recently celebrated my 61st with the realization that my energy, strength and flexibility are waning. Aging is an awesome process and I embrace each year that I’ve been blessed to live, but I want to age well and healthfully. I’ll be retiring from full time teaching in December and want to launch into preparation for this new phase of life. I’d love the opportunity to be entered for a scholarship and become a part of this program.

  69. Darlene says:

    Having a healing practice is a very rewarding experience but like many healers I could use some definite help in the “business aspects” of my practice. The healing part of the business if it is your passion is the “easy” part but the rest of it …. more challenging.

  70. yossi says:

    Ok Im a happy pt downunder, and I aint quittin soon.
    Want to expand to a larger space, and to sell health stuff as part of my business. Is your big thing relevant to me, if yes, and not too pricey, Im in babe.
    thanks yossi

  71. Sophie says:

    I am a rawfood chef now also studying ayurveda. I incorporate these in my classes(i teach). I am also into herbs. I have two sons and it has been my life long dream to move out of where we are now to relocate to another place where air is so much cleaner for my boys. And nature is near. Right now we are so suffocated with crazy traffic and bad air quality, i just know in my gut, we have to move. I also write ebooks and they sell:) now i need to learn how to make an online business that can support our dream of moving out for a better quality of life for my family. And yes, i resonate so much to your email( about choosing who you share your dreams with.. Yep, people just love to break you down) this is my first time ever commenting in any newsletter, really. Hehe..

  72. Joanna says:

    I have 30 years experience studying and teaching natural health and energy healing.
    I have ended up on disability and unable to work with much consistency because of having gone for years
    without bing diagnosed with lyme.
    I started a talk show on public radio about natural, alternative and energy healing and so far have had some
    impressive guests and good quality shows.
    Unfortunately I don’t get paid for doing this, and it does take times, effort and study. I also need to build an audience base and spend time doing that as well.
    I would like to learn how to put my recorded shows on podcasts and how to monetize the shows.
    I also would like to do the show for a larger public station, or an online radio show since the local station has many technical problems. I need to learn more about how to increase listeners for my show.
    I also would like to run or participate in a series of teleseminars or webinars on health info for those with chronic illness.
    I would like, as well to go back to teaching an occasional workshop in self help and self care through energy modalities like Jin Shin Jyutsu, Flower Essences, EFT and much more.
    I have limited energy and very limited funds. At the same time I still have a lot to offer, and am not ready to
    give up being of service and creating an interesting and heart centered life.
    Any help you could give me with setting up the podcasts, monetizing the show, being a part of tele seminars or webinar series, or planning small workshops.
    These could all tie together, and this way, with a small output of time and energy, I could potentially reach many people.
    Work few hours – make a HUGE difference, and make at least some $$. That seems doable, but i could use some help!

  73. ADELINE OOI says:

    Dear Kevin
    i am a pharmacist by training and now running a trading business concentrating in health and organic food . To educate people go a natural approach is always my dream . I hope to attend ” HOW TO SUCCEED WITH YOUR ALTERNATIVE HEALTH BUSINESS ”
    I am writing from Malaysia . Best regards


  74. As a chiropractor, life coach, ceremonialist I combine all three in workshops and celebrations. One of my dreams is to work with a synergistic group of health care professionals. My dream home is a solar powered earth home in an area where I can once again do bio-dynamic gardening. My BIG dream is to build Peace Domes – small round chapels – where people of any and all faiths can come to be in Peace together each in their own way with respect for others who may be praying in a different language or manner. Your scholarship sounds enticing. Please consider me as a recipient. Thank you.

  75. Like so many modern Americans, my family is riddled with cancer. I lost my Mother to breast cancer when I was 26 and she succumbed before her 58th birthday. My Father had colon cancer and skin cancer, though it was coronary heart disease that killed him at age 79, and almost killed him in his mid-forties. Numerous Cousins and my Grandmother were afflicted with cancer. I have been indelibly effected by this, and have spent years researching and lecturing about the epigenetic factors influencing the expression of cancer.

    It is certainly a multi-faceted phenomenon, but we can reduce our risk, by avoiding white, processed foods such as sugar, flour, and all the candies, pies, cakes and pastries, avoid charred foods, fried foods, excessive consumption of cooked foods (which contain a multitude of carcinogens [demonstrated by the HEATOX Project], tobacco products, sunburns and unfiltered water in our faucets, bathtubs and shower fixtures.

    We can also reduce our cancer risk, by consuming nutrient-dense whole foods, particularly dark leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables and eating the “colors of the rainbow” every day, eating copious amounts of fresh, unprocessed produce, and an abundance of raw foods.

  76. Karine says:

    My dream is to transition from my current health teaching position to an on-line/mobile one so that I can travel while maintaining my financial responsibilities.

  77. Hello, what a great opportunity! My goal is to enlighten people everywhere, but mainly people of color. I was born in Los Angeles California and relocated to the Atlanta area and I can see the differences in the food consumed on both coasts, but overall, African Americans largely develop diseases which can be directly tied to what we eat and lifestyle. I personally have friends and family who eat nothing but fast food, or others who don’t consume not one fruit or vegetable daily. In my community, there is a lack of farmers markets and the grocery stores offerings are mundane, expensive and limited. I want to raise consciousness beginning in my neighborhoods and then beyond. I want to open a kitchen/meeting/event space where I can have a working garden and kitchen which would supply everything I need to have cooking classes and seminars on the benefits of incorporating juicing, paleo, and vegan diets etc into our lifestyles. I want to introduce alternative living because I do believe that once we are educated we could then challenge corporations that make billions off us while promoting a slow death among us, to change. My belief is that all starts one community at a time. Thank you and continue the great work that you do.

  78. I live in South Africa. I lost my 20 year old son 2 years ago through a very rare form of cancer – Mesenchymal chondro sachoma. My challenge was lack of knowledge (where to get information) (b) a mentor(someone to help me walk with walk and advise me (c) financial (when I finally googled I could not afford the alternative treatments which I wanted to apply. He passed on after 6 months of heavy chemo and radiation.

    This created a hunger in me to help people who are in the same predicament as I was. My dream is to have an online business in the alternative health field. I spend a lot of time on the internet studying different diseases and their alternative treatments. I have started selling some herbal supplements and even started using and treating people with MMS by Jim Humble(I prepare it) which I saw healing a lot of ailments. I even have a health scanner(Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analyser and a GB4000 rife machine which I imported from USA which only arrived 8 days before my son passed on, which I still haven’t used. I would like to people to know I have it and use it on the sick.

    I don’t have any formal training and have amassed a lot of information from the internet and books, including a lot of stuff from you some, of which is conflicting. I would like to write ebooks and sell them. I would also like to do one on one consulting as well as make my own natural products. Because of this I need a coach. I would like to have my own website(am not a techical person(50 year old woman)) but am conversant with the computer but not a tekky. I need someone to hold my hand as I walk this journey. I AM VERY VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT HEALTH.

    I need your help. My challenge has been that whatever coaching or courses are available on the internet, I have to multiply the fees by 10(because of the exchange rate) which makes it unaffordable for me. However I am willing to do whatever it takes to fulfil my dream.


  79. Nick Meyer says:

    Hi Kevin I’m the founder of and my name is Nick Meyer.

    I am interested in the coaching! My site is now averaging about 500k hits per month but I need help on the selling products I believe in front!

    I’m a journalist by trade who is not so good at that side of things. Thanks for doing this!

  80. Through your podcasts and recent summits, I am grateful to learn more about Holistic Medicine and Health Care. After loving 20 years at home with my 3 boys,a divorce forced me to return to school at age 50. I became a primary school teacher, I had been a nurse in the 80’s. I am curious, love learning, teaching and caring for people, big and small. However, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia stopped me in my tracks! I became fearful for my health and the ability to support myself and my kids and slowly sank into a depressive and anxious state. But I am resilient! I am now convinced that the proper diet, supplements and exercise can help lots of middle-age women like myself, who suffer from fibromyalgia. But where to start??? These women are my WHY. Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting more sick! My DREAM is to work from home, counsel, support and encourage women, teach good nutrition to kids, to follow my boys and their band on world tours and to have the energy to pursue my passion for creating jewellery. Most of all, to be strong enough to hold my grandchildren…one day:)

  81. Amy says:

    I have been studying holistic health for about 20 years on my own now….after watching my late husband struggle and eventually die from traditional cancer “treatment”. I have improved my own, and many others health situations with advice I have gleaned from other healers, like yourselves, and sharing that information with others. Of course I would love a larger arena to get the word out to more people.

    But as I have learned and grown, I have come to the conclusion that NO ONE needs more healing than this poor, abused Rock we all call Home, and therefore, began studying permaculture, and rebuilding our dead soils and growing foods that actually nourish. There are a lot of “permaculture” sites springing up, but too many of them are “pie in the sky”, only if you have a gazillion dollars at your disposal scenarios.

    I have learned that most of our foods and medicines CAN be grown at home, and that for every malady, there is an herbal or holistic treatment that WILL grow or can be done in most locales in the world. I don’t see the point of studying and using medicines from the other side of the planet, when there are alternatives right where you live. This is the kind of information that I want to put out to the world, so that people truly CAN be empowered to heal themselves, their friends and their families, without it being a huge financial burden.

    I would like to educate people on how to grow their own food (and medicine), and how to heal the Earth in the process. At the “ripe old” age of 65, and having just made the decision to take on the care of my 87 year old toddler/mother, I have come to realize that there aren’t enough hours in the day to reach much of an audience from this little podunk Wyoming town where I have staked my claim, and worked to build up my little “Eden on the Prairie”, both to sustain myself and my friends and family, and to be an example of what can be done with little money but a lot of heart and desire.

    I need a platform to get the word out to large groups of people who are in tune enough to realize that even though we might learn how to heal ourselves,….unless we all work together to heal Mother Earth….what good will it do us? For this reason, I am applying to be one of the Blessed few who will be given the benefit of your scholarship and knowledge.

    Thank you so much for your consideration.

  82. Theresa says:

    My dream is to change the conversation about family and how to exist in one. We take our families for granted and only seem to thing that the one that matters is the one that lives in the 4 walls that we sleep in. I contend that you family is much bigger and we need to choose the family that we have after we leave the original one. And on the line of families, they teach us way more than we teach them so it would behoove us to pay attention to the people who are in our lives and learn who they are before we start trying to make too many plans. The little one of yous does in fact come with a manual we just don’t bother to read it at all. We take all we think we know about parenting and become that without much regard to the other part of the equation, the one we are parenting. And the same holds true for our friends, although we tend to attract people who are kind of like us as friends. We can get along so much more with others when we take the time to get to know and appreciate the people we interact with on any kind of basis.

  83. I’m retirement age and in a job. I’ve learned a few energy healing techniques and next month will receive certification as a psychic. I’m in wordpress create your own website school and my dream is to create enough income to retire and make a contribution from my online intuitive energy healing business. Seems your class would help. I love learning new things.

    Thank you Kevin and bride.


  84. cn says:

    Hi Kevin and Annmarie, all my life I believed in natural health, I read every I could get my hands on, and followed your show since it started. I work two jobs to pay the bills and cannot figure out how I can find the time and money to follow my passion in health. I’m 52 years young and I don’t want to waste anymore time. Where do I start?

  85. rakesh says:

    Hello everyone

    I am Rakesh and my dream is to travel around the world and hold big big seminars about alternative ways of healing which not only give information but inspire people to take practical steps to have best health possible.

    I am diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and I can experience what does it mean to have a life-taking so called incurable dis-ease which I believe is curable. I am on my healing journey but honestly speaking yet not sorted out this puzzle.

    I want to be the best example for my clients and give them best support possible.

    I want to go to everyone’s kitchen and design a healing kitchen literally but i dont feel confident yet. But its my life, its my passion and its what I live for.

    Thank you

  86. I have been following you and AnneMarie for years – through your raw food days back in CT, to your road road show show days, and now to your family days with a more forgiving diet, an super successful skin-care line and baby (most important)! While your info and products have always been great, I have most appreciated your authenticity and vulnerability. I still remember videos made when AnneMarie had a cold and shared her favorite treatments, and you had a major sunscreen after skiing. I also remember your frustration discovering the limitations of a raw food diet. I don’t bring these up to criticize – at the time I was also going through my own health struggles and searching for answers through various “healing” diets and other natural protocols. Being able to follow you through your ups and downs was both insightful and comforting to me. Thank you so, so much for sharing yourself and your passion with the world!
    I’m happy to report that my own path of discovery (although at times, rocky) has ultimately lead me to a much better place. While I continue to take measures to maintain and enhance my health, I have regained the sustained energy I once lost and my autoimmune condition is in complete remission! Along the way I have learned (and experienced) so much regarding a host of holistic modaltities. The two that truly moved my health forward in a significant way were 1) nutrition, and 2) functional medical testing. I have know for years that my purpose is not simply to be healtheir, but to help others do the same. I will begin a training course in October that marries these modalities through Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. I cannot wait to begin helping others in circumstances such as mine to begin their path of healing as well!
    While I am passionate about sharing these modalities with others, I am not nearly as confident in my “business” abilities. A course such as yours that includes your wisdom and experience would be fantastic as I begin this new chapter of my life! I would be grateful to be considered for your scholarship program. Regardless, I wish you and AnneMarie all the best with your business and new family!

  87. My dream is to have a successful online business that helps people get healthy in all areas of their life: physical, spiritual, emotional and mental, as well as social, vocational and financial. I was in a very serious car accident five years ago and learned so much as I recovered. I easily could have died as I hit a tree at 60+ MPH. Yet I know God spared my life for a reason and part of that reason includes doing what I love: coaching and teaching people on how to change their habits and change their life. My problem is I don’t know how to get started to do it. My background is business and I just recently realized that what I really want to do when I grow up is coach, speak and write to help people sort through all the misinformation that is out there and discover what uniquely works for them. Thanks Kevin for this opportunity!

  88. Robert says:

    I love this post, Kevin! It really gets me going. I have always been dreaming up crazy (to some) ideas and have had some good failures in my life so far. I have a good job currently, but – like my dad – I have a spirit of independence in me that I can’t and shouldn’t ignore. I’m excited to see how everyone is affected by what you’re doing with this.

  89. I have degrees in Natural Health but have not been able to pinpoint how I can best help others with this knowledge. I work part-time at a Natural Health clinic but do not feel I’m living up to my potential. I’m looking for guidance as to how I can accomplish this dream. Your scholarship would be a tremendous help! Thank you for offering it.

  90. John says:

    I was sick and bedridden for a long time, found alternative treatment that worked, got out of bed with strong Rife machine treatments, detoxing and nutrition and started helping other people. Many people I helped got well faster than me because their condition was less severe than mine.
    I would love to start an Health business, I tried it already with a website but is was too technical for me.
    I like the idea that you start the course and would like to be part of it.

  91. Nadia says:

    My dream is becoming just like kevin gianni and do the same things you did.

  92. Lyzz says:

    My journey to health started as a quest for weight loss. I started as a “typical” midwesterner with a meat and potatoes diet and oblivious to the harmful chemicals in everything around me. The transformation began truly when I learned about the vegan diet and it’s benefits on not just weight, but on total health. From there it has snowballed and my entire lifestyle has change 180 degrees and I’m sharing that knowledge with those I love and meet through my example and discussions. In 2012 I became a Certified Holistic Health Counselor with a vision for helping other transform their lives the way I’ve transformed mine. Beyond that, I donated bone marrow in 2008 to a young man fighting leukemia. I’m happy to say he’s completely cancer free 5.5 years later. But what I saw with his family and the families of other children battling horrible illnesses at St. Jude was a dire lack of information about the importance of diet and lifestyle for battling and possibly even preventing these diseases. My dream is to be able to provide education and resources for these families when they need it the most, and possibly even fund research to change the way these children are nourished while in the hospital and beyond. My health coaching career is my path to the money and freedom to help those kids and their families.

  93. nichole says:

    Im in aw of your and annmaries life. The journey you guys have taken is envious. Im in my mid 30’s and everyday I question my life and the path Im taking. I am a free spirit and would love to see the world the way you guys have. I also have a Nutrirtion degree and want more than anythign to turn it into an online business.
    Lifes crazy, but I love it! I would also love your guidance in this journey. Thank you!

  94. Margaret says:

    Hi there,
    Yes i would like this program. I am 57yrs old. just given up my work as a nurse which i did since 1977 a long time, I have come to the realisation that food is our medicine but need help to put together meals in organic tantalising vegan form as i’ve been a meat eater all my life. Its difficult to get others to eat vegan when its not well presented. Then i wish to gain knowledge on the health benefits of using good vegan based organic creams and shampoos, basically healthy living which i would like to tell my family and friends about as well as write about.
    Thank you for this opportunity.
    Margaret Mc Inerney.

  95. Donna Murray says:

    Thank you for offering this course. I have a strong passion for health and would love to be a part of this for the purpose of positively impacting others on an international basis.

  96. E. says:

    I would like to somehow combine my love for these things:
    herbs, iridology, writing, raw foods / nutrition, natural opposed to chemical / modern day carcinogens (incl every day lotions, cosmetics, cleaning etc) and animal rights / the environment. I run the full gamut and it’s all about educating and teaching people to have principles rather than fakery, such as think about eating an animal as opposed to the veiled “meat” which kinda disguises the fact that it’s an animal and thus encourages separation from the whole macrocosm and apathy for anything other than SELF (or “me, me, me” mentality that people have these days, I’m bringing modesty and quiet thoughtfulness back!). I’ve been doing this all my life in an unorganised fashion anyway.

  97. Vickie Smith says:

    I love essential oils and want to have a successful business based on provident living and preparedness. Just heard about this class so my budget doesn’t allow to sign up so a scholarship would be wonderful. Blessings,

  98. Vickie Smith says:

    wow so many great people and projects….even if I happen to not be chosen I’d love to connect with many of you. I’ve had some amazing break throughs this summer, things that have been holding me back that I didn’t even realize. Now is the time to make my business work… I’m ready and willing to step out of my comfort zone and succeed. Only thing is I’m curious as to the top end income figure quoted…. is there really a limit to this program’s top end? I heard of someone making $90k a month selling essential oils and that kind of blew my mind but why not?! I told my hubby and I said I don’t need that much. He stated- don’t limit yourself…… I am learning to open my mind and accept what the Universe has waiting…so many need healing and happiness. I love to help others. Please help me do that better 🙂

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