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NOTE: the Weekend Cleanse has been released! Click here for more info.

How to Cleanse and Detox


  • We go behind the scenes on Kevin’s weight gain story.
  • The moment where Kevin realized… “I Got Fat!”
  • How to find balance between two extremes: the unrealistic 100% raw diet and “eating whatever you want” approach.
  • Exactly what foods Kevin ate that contributed the most to his weight gain.
  • Why health seekers screw themselves and fail constantly (and how to avoid this common mistake).
  • Why long cleanses don’t work.

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Kevin: Renegade Health Radio. This is Kevin Gianni with Frederic Patenaude. Hey, Fred.

Fredric: Hey, Kevin. How are you doing today?

Kevin: I’m excited. We’ve just launched the weekend cleanse. People are getting really excited about it in Renegade Health land. It’s a good thing.

Fredric: Yeah, I’m excited too. I mean, we’ve been working on this for a while, and it’s been great to see the reaction to the launch and everything. And I think people are going to get a lot of value out of it. And also it was interesting to see how we launched the product—the weekend cleanse— and what you revealed during the launch and then also the discussions it led to.

Kevin: Well, I’ll tell you. I’ll tell everyone out there some behind the scenes. Frederic essentially suggested—I mean, I’ve been meeting with Frederic for the past year, almost a year, just to put together all the things that we needed to do for Renegade Health. And Fred suggested that I tell my weight gain story. And I was a little bit uneasy about it at first. I’m telling the story in the book, but I didn’t know if I wanted to…I don’t know, let the cat out of the bag kind of thing? But we did. And the feedback was really great, I think.

What I think it does, Fred—and a lot of people put us on pedestals, right? And the reason that we have this 100%-Certified-Guru-Free stamp on the podcast logo is because we really don’t want anyone to put us up on a pedestal. And I think telling my own personal story, having a son, running two businesses, eating out in some of the most amazing farm-to-table restaurants on the planet here in Berkeley, I think that that’s kind of an every man and woman story. That’s the kind of a story that everyone kind of experiences and wonders.

And I gained weight—about 25 pounds, maybe a little bit more. And it was really frustrating. It was one of these things where I think the culmination of it was in January when I…after the holidays. And Fred had visited in December. And I’d been home with friends, and we let our…I let my guard down in terms of my eating, not particularly—not awful. I mean, I wasn’t going to McDonalds or anything like that. I was still eating fresh fruits and vegetables and meats and things like that from whole foods and organic, all this sort of stuff.

I came home and I had a pair of pants that I hadn’t worn over the holidays. I hadn’t brought them with me when we were back in Connecticut. And I pulled them up, and literally, my legs were in them tightly. I felt like…my legs felt like sausages. And I’m sure some of you out there recognize that feeling.

It was the first time that it really ever happened to me. And I went to button the jeans and I couldn’t button the top button. And they were button fly, they were Levi’s. I couldn’t button the top button. And I just…I looked in the mirror, and I just said to myself, I said, “Is this really what just happened?” I went and like…and then I’m like, well, obviously this didn’t happen overnight. And I guess I’m lucky enough to be a person where my weight doesn’t actually…it doesn’t show that much on me. So you look at that image, that’s 200 and—the image on the blog is, that’s me at 223 pounds. And I’ve never been 223 pounds before. For me, that’s crazy weight.

And so that’s where I was with…unable to button my pants in front of a mirror just thinking like, “Man, maybe I’ll just wear sweatpants to work, because at least they’ll fit! And I realized that I suddenly became a seeker, someone who probably…it’s probably some of you out there who’ve come to the blog looking for answers. And so then I kind of said, “What the heck am I going to do?” And I called upon this cleanse that I’ve done before that I just know is an amazing jumpstart, something that I created and then Fred helped to—I mean, actually Fred probably had a similar cleanse and we kind of, in terms of doing this sort of jumpstart thing because we know how valuable it is, and it was just one of these things where we just kind of like…I just sat down and I said, “I’m just going to do this just to see if I can at least get a little dent in not only this weight, but in my energy, in my emotional wellbeing about it, about everything.

And I did it. And it worked out great. I lost about five pounds. Some of that’s water weight. I’m not saying that you’re going to lose five pounds of fat in three days. It’s almost unbelievable in terms of that and it’s probably a goal that I wouldn’t want you to set for yourself. But it was a great jumpstart because I felt lighter. I felt better. My energy level was higher. I felt like I was moving forward. And then since then, I have really kind of stepped it up. And I think I’ve lost maybe 27-plus pounds now since January.

And I’ve done the weekend cleanse about three times since then just to kind of continue that pattern of just getting a little bit off course and then coming back to this cleanse to just get that jumpstart again. And I probably have about ten more pounds to lose. But man, so that’ll be a total of 37 pounds. And 37 pounds, it’s amazing. It snuck up on me.

Fredric: That’s amazing. I have a few thoughts on that. I just want to tell people, again, if you’re kind of brand new to us or you’re wondering what the hell we’re talking about, go to to learn about our latest program.

And while you were talking Kevin, I was thinking…I wanted to mention that you kind of went to two different extremes. I wouldn’t say that the recent episode wasn’t necessarily an extreme, but your previous one where you were a raw foodist was kind of an extreme. Not extreme in a sense that it’s necessarily bad for anybody to, for everybody to go on a raw food diet. But the way you did it and the results it led you to was kind of extreme in a sense that you needed some adjustments.

And I know exactly what you felt because I was there. At some point, I was thinking, “I got to stop this 100 percent raw food diet. It’s not the best for me necessarily. But I don’t know where to go from that point. I want to keep some of the good stuff from the raw food diet and veganism and so on, but where do I land after?”

And then sometimes it takes a rough landing where you’re just going the other direction and you just kind of eat a bunch of everything. And then you realize, oh, that’s not working either. So you have to find the in between. And I think that’s what your story is about, you finding the…okay, now, I’m living a healthful lifestyle, but it’s not exactly where it was before. Like two steps forward one step back then I think.

Kevin: I mean, look. I would love to eat as much bacon as humanly possible. I mean, that’s—bacon is one of those foods that just tastes ridiculously amazing. And we have a butcher shop that’s, I mean, I can see it if I just walk up to the end of my block here, that’s right around the corner. And yeah, the pigs are humanely raised. I mean, someone might argue about whether killing pigs at all is humane. But the pigs are humanely raised and we know the source and where they’re coming from and all that sort of stuff. And a lot of people will argue that bacon and eating grassfed butter and all these things are great for you, but these are highly concentrated foods.

And so my old story: I went from raw food which is…the raw food diet is an extremely cleansing diet. And so I went from raw foods, and my adrenals getting wrecked and having really low energy and having my hormones all out of whack, to essentially saying “screw it.” I live in Berkeley here. We’re going to eat—the majority of our food, maybe 90 percent of it, is going to be organic, just because of the nature of where we live, which is the epicenter of local farm-to-table food. So I’m just going to eat whatever. I’m going to eat high concentrated foods. I’m going to eat bacon. I’m going to eat sausage from this amazing butcher shop. I’m going to eat breakfast and eggs and all these things that I just really didn’t eat before.

And just a little bit as just like a “screw you” to the whole health movement, but also as “I just have to do something different because I’m so disheartened by the health movement that I just need something else to do.” And again, Fred, you brought up a great point is that neither of them worked, right? So neither of these things worked.

And so for me, now the message is, and what I’m doing right now with my own personal life that’s helping me lose this weight, is just to look at the in betweens and look at the idea: Can you have your cake and eat it too? Can you be healthy and take some of the things from the healthy lifestyle, and can you also have these things that you just don’t want to give up? So there’re some things like, every once in a while, I want to have something that I just don’t want to give up. And can I have it and can I still live a healthy, happy life? And obviously, the results so far since January are showing to be positive in that favor.

Fredric: I think you can follow a philosophy of “and” versus a philosophy of “or.” That’s something I learned from a psychologist a couple of years ago that kind of really helped me, is people always think it has to be “either-or.” But sometimes it’s—psychologically at least—it’s really helpful to see it as you can do this and that. You can live a healthful lifestyle and occasionally have some fun. Or you could drink moderately during the year and also once in a while go 30 or 60 days without alcohol.

Doing these things is…it kind of goes against the philosophy of living a moderate life constantly, like meal by meal. But I think it’s more in tune with our human nature that sometimes there’s periods of abundance, sometimes there’s periods of scarcity. So you have to realize where you’re at and think, “You know what? Right now I want to do a cleanse. I want to try a three-day cleanse like the weekend cleanse. I want to try a little bit of fasting or go on a raw food diet for 30 days or the entire summer.”

But when you put an end date to it, you say, “Okay, I’m going to do it until that date,” that kind of removes a lot of the psychological drama of doing this extreme kind of, “I’m going to do this for the rest of my life,” and then you have the cravings and you torture yourself. It’s so much easier not to do this when you kind of set just, pretty much, clear rules, and you say, “Hey I’m going to do this.”

And I think it comes with age a little bit. I mean, when I was in my early 20s, I tended to be really militant and intense about these things. And now in my late 30s, I’m like yeah, I can chill out a little bit and do things more moderately in that sense that I just described.

Kevin: And I think in terms of health, I mean, your life…many times your life is defined by big events, right? And big things that happen, whether you publish a book and it hits a bestseller list, or someone…you lose someone that is really close to you. So your life, your emotional life, is defined by success and trauma in many ways. And you can work out of that so it’s not, in ways of using emotional freedom technique and things like that, but with health, I think your life is more defined with kind of the overall picture of what you did from beginning to end.

So it’s not like what you ate yesterday is going to make a huge impact on your life. It’s what you ate for all your meals. And so if you had…I’m just going to say a crazy example. If you ate Fruit Loops yesterday because you were stranded somewhere and you didn’t want to fast and the only thing that was there was a box of Fruit Loops and that was the thing that you just absolutely needed. And again, illogical, I probably would fast if that was the only option I had. But say you just ate Fruit Loops for breakfast. That’s not going to define your health. It doesn’t define who you are, particularly if you’re eating…let’s say you have a green smoothie in the morning. You have a salad for lunch. You have a reasonable dinner with lots of fiber and vegetables for dinner. You know what I mean? It’s like that aberration doesn’t define your life like it would in the emotional kind of spectrum.

In the emotional spectrum, something really could set you off, and that could put you on a totally different path. But with your health, it’s more of a thing where it’s just that whole picture of start to finish. And so the more that you can stack the deck in your favor and just put good foods into your diet, one, the more those other foods are going to be kind of crowded out; and two, they’re just not going to mean as much in terms of the whole spectrum.

Fredric: Completely.

Kevin: So anyway, the weekend cleanse is the way to get started. And that’s why we’ve presented it to you. Because if you’re out there right now thinking, “Man, I do need some sort of jumpstart,” this is it. Because when you look at cleanses these days, I mean, the girls in the office right now—and I say the girls in the office because there’s only one other guy there with me. So it’s essentially all the girls. And we actually both have strong feminine signs, at least in Chinese face reading and things like that. We had a Chinese face reader come in. And she was just like, “Wow, it seems like there’s two guys here [laughs], but in terms of your readings, you kind of fit into the whole feminine center circle of the office here.”

But anyway, they’re doing a cleanse right now. It’s 21 days. And man, 21 days, that’s a lot! And I already hear them saying, “Well, I want to kind of drink coffee again. I’m really craving sugar. I’m really having this…I’m just kind of depressed. And I’m emotionally distraught about all this. And that’s cool. But I think that what they really need—because they haven’t done a cleanse in a while—I really think the jumpstart is more emotionally satisfying. Because the thing about the 21-day cleanse, which has its place, it definitely has its place, but the thing about the 21-day cleanse is that if you hit a bump in the road, and you don’t complete it, I mean, you’ve set yourself up to emotionally believe that in some way you’re a failure by doing this whole cleanse. And that’s not cool.

And so we did a quick cleanse like this—a jumpstart—because we know that anyone can take a weekend and sit around and relax a little bit, catch up on some sleep. I mean, even if you have kids, you can still do this. I did it with Hudson here. And Annmarie didn’t do it, but we’re here and I spent a day with him while I was doing it. So I mean, you can totally do it. And it’s just the best way to get that motivation to then go on and do the next thing, which may be the 21-day cleanse. So it’s like, put a check on a list and then move on to the next thing.

Fredric: Or you just do the weekend cleanse a bunch of times like you did.

Kevin: Yeah.

Fredric: I mean, you did it a few times a month. I mean, it’s not like…just to clarify for people, a cleanse like we’re talking about is not…you’re not going to live on maple syrup and lemon water for a couple of weeks. It involves…yes, there’s a little bit of water fasting, which is optional to get the whole thing kick started, and then it involves juices and smoothies and herbs. But it’s very easy actually, I mean, when you see the actual layout. You don’t realize it’s easy and that you can do it. And yes, the second day is a little challenging. I mean, you’ve experienced that. I’ve experienced that. But it’s not challenging to the point where you’re thinking about giving up because you know you have one more day and then it’s over.

Kevin: Yeah.

Fredric: And then by the time you reach the end, you’re like “Wow. This has been a great experience.” And then it kind of sets you up for what you’re going to do next. Maybe you’re going to change a bunch of unhealthy habits right after, now you feel inspired to do it. And maybe you’re going to do the cleanse again. Or you’re going to do a different cleanse eventually, or something like that. And then over the course of let’s say, six months or three months, doing all of these things and these changes, I mean, you’re going to really transform your health, if I can use this cliché, but that’s really what can happen.

Kevin: Yeah. And I think that the best thing about the cleanse is that generally what happens when someone does a cleanse like this, and any cleanse, for that matter, is that you take one thing that really resonated with you, and you do it for a while.

So for instance for me, after I did the cleanse, the one thing that I did…essentially it was my, it was kind of my breakfast reset button, this cleanse. So before the cleanse, I was eating just, I don’t know. When I was at home, my mom would make eggs for breakfast. And we’d sit and we’d have some toast. And maybe if she had bacon, I’d have some bacon and that sort of thing. And I mean, it tastes good, right? That stuff tastes delicious. And it does add to your waistline. And so after the cleanse, on day three, there’s a few smoothies. And I took one of those smoothies. And I just modify it every day. And that has been my breakfast for…what is it now? It’s May? So that’s been my breakfast for five months almost.

Fredric: All right. Give us the recipe, Kevin. We want the recipe.

Kevin: Yes, I will. It’s one head of romaine lettuce—a full head of romaine lettuce. It is one or two scoops of protein powder. I use the Sun Warrior blend. And then there is…I will transition between berries and either mangoes or, let’s see, what else. Berries, mangoes, cherries, pears, yeah, any fruit. I’ll just add, I don’t know, a handful of each. So I’ll do two fruits. I’ll just kind of mix two and then pop it in, blend it. If I have green juice leftover…we have green juice every, what is it, every two days, or two or three days of the week, we make a green juice. So a bunch of it. We save it. And if I have green juice leftover, instead of adding water I’ll add the green juice. I did that this morning. I added the green juice, which is a combination of apple and kale and fennel and cucumber and celery and I think carrot, maybe a little carrot. Parsley, too.

Fredric: It’s an intense smoothie. I mean, you need a Vitamix.

Kevin: Yeah, you do.

Fredric: Or one of those blenders. And by the way, I just want to say, if you were thinking about a blender, what’s your vote, Kevin? Between the Vitamix and the other?

Kevin: Vitamix, Vitamix.

Fredric: Vitamix? Me too, I would say Vitamix, between that and the Blendtec. I mean, you really need that plunger to make those. But…

Kevin: You know what it’s like? It’s like driving a standard or an automatic car. The automatic car is the Blendtec, right? It just kind of goes and you can’t really adjust it, particularly if you run into a rough spot. Like in the snow, it’s really great to have a standard car with a stick shift. And then the Vitamix is like having a stick shift.

Fredric: Except that it’s easy to operate for a first timer.

Kevin: Yeah, it’s a lot easier to operate. Yeah. [laughs]

Fredric: Great. Well thanks Kevin, for sharing your story and having, do I need to say, the courage or the guts to say, “Yeah, I got off track and then I went back on track and this is what I did.”

And I think, I mean, that’s going to inspire a lot of people. And if you guys listening out there want to give it a try, it’s also very inexpensive. We made it very inexpensive—the weekend cleanse. So it’s not like you’re going to show up on the page and, oh my God, 197 dollars! No, no. I won’t tell you the price but just go there and check it out, And get on board.

And we’re creating a community on Facebook—only people who purchased. But once you buy it, then you get the program. And you can join the community. I mean, it’s a great place where people can exchange thoughts and even ask us questions on the cleanse.

Kevin: All right, guys. So if you liked this podcast, make sure you give us a review on iTunes. You can find us, Renegade Health Radio. Search on the top right. Give us a review. Give us five stars. Give us four stars. Give us one star. Tell us what you hate about us. Anything. Just make sure Apple pays attention to us. This is important information. We’ve got to get the word out there. We need your help. Take care.

Fredric: All right, thank you.

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Melissa says:

    Well kev – you’ve discovered you’re human!! Substitute smoked tofu for the bacon – trust me; i live in a bldg. everybody all winter long orders take-out !! I live in a cold climate in winter – imagine the ‘pull’ of that!! So my tips to others are: start with organic lavendar on a kerchef or another essential oil product, as you are going through ‘mixed environments’ so that you have a something fragrant to distract yourself — try diffusing essential oils throughout your house – i find that the things i really love like the holy basil tea are great re-set to your internal barometer – you have to be motivated to ease yourself into the change — i love acupuncture for this too …

    To get over the craving for bbq this summer i bought some liquid smoke additive, probably not healthy – but if its’ the difference between overspending on junky veggie burgers out – then i’ll try it — tastes pretty ok in brown rice & now i can make my own bbq sauce and maybe get going with fermented foods and healthy chutneys. Summer is coming so i’ve learned to relish those wild heirloom tomato salads … yum, meaty!!

    • I have some fabullous recipes for burger substitude and will take the time to get them either on this site here or direct to you Melissa and you can pass it on to anyone. BUT today I am toooo busy to send them now. But on the weekend I may be able to send them & places to get the cook books i hve on this subject.
      I never use the smoked stuff as it reminds me tooo much of the meet smell and I hate that!!!! and I will share why another day or get my blog!!! which is so dated but this site inspires me to get with it….STOP THE EXCUSE NO TIME!!!!

  2. I loved this and I have a business Called RADIANT HEALTH CENTER
    I loved this as i actually teach cleanse and you have inspired me. I usually do my own in the spring and spent A WEEK ON LIQUIDS, alos have a jacuzie and sauna and massage table using only Young Living essential oils if you want a retreat just come to beautiful NEW BRUNSWICK. We live 8 minutes from the Saint John Airport. Our address is in Rothesay NB. Our spa is on the Bradley Lake where you hear the birds and the lapping water and our food is vegan or Vegeterian but I can serve you chicken or fish and we have several therapies.
    please keep up the good work.
    Ruth Rayburn-Arseanault

  3. Kevin- you say that you wrecked your adrenals on raw. There’s so many raw plans out there, so am wondering if you are talking about high fat raw or LFR as in 80/10/10, which I’m trying to do now, to heal some issues,such as adrenals, Hashimotos.So many things I read say if you remove the fat, you heal on 811. So, I’m wondering what you were doing that wrecked yours. It concerns me as I want to heal so much. I can’t chew or digest most cooked or raw so I blend alot or mk sorbets with banana’s, etc. Mk green smoothies(finding out I need to nix the spinach and berries I guess, because of thyroid?). I’m also a Type 1 Diab and when I lowered fat to 10% sugars are great now! So, which was it if I might ask? Interested in what you’re doing now too. Bless you and Fred for your tireless commitment to health and your honesty!

    • SarahW says:

      SusanElizabeth – love your name, by the way! – just wanted to comment that I’m currently working with a natural doctor to heal adrenals and Hashimotos, so your post caught my attention right away. I don’t have Type 1 diabetes (not that I know of, anyway), but I’m hypoglycemic.

      The doctor told me to immediately stop eating bananas, pineapple, or watermelon because these fruits spike blood sugar too much. The only one of these that I had been eating was bananas. My husband has been trying to get me off bananas for a while now, as he says they are not natural (they are all clones), but I ate them occasionally for potassium. Anyway, the doctor told me they spike blood sugar too much, so you might want to be careful if you already have blood sugar issues.

      I’m curious why you say you should nix the spinach and berries for thyroid issues? I have not heard that yet. In fact, my thyroid doctor recommended more berries instead of other fruits. And as far as I know, spinach is okay. I have stayed away from raw cruciferous veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and there are others I can’t recall at the moment) for years, but still ended up with a thyroid disorder. (Maybe I already had it all those years?) Anyway, make sure to cook cruciferous veggies if you eat any at all, but spinach isn’t cruciferous as far as I know, so it should be okay. I’m still new to all this thyroid stuff and am doing tons of research on it everyday; there’s still so much I don’t know. But what I’ve gathered so far is: soy is bad for the thyroid, so is fluoride (tap water, toothpaste, etc), and even iodine supplementation can make it worse. For iodine, just eat seaweeds, but don’t take iodine supplements.

      You posed the question to Kevin about how he shot out his adrenals of all raw… I don’t actually know that part of Kevin’s story (even though I’ve listened to him for years; I must have missed that detail). But speaking for myself, I shot my adrenals with STRESS and overwork. I occasionally relied on caffeine (whether coffee or tea) over the years, but kept it in moderation (i.e. one cup in the mornings, but not all day long, and none on weekends), so I can’t entirely blame it on caffeine. I also ate too much sugar over the years, especially when I was raw vegan because most of my diet was fruit. But in recent years, I watched my sugar intake carefully. I also get to bed at a reasonable time (before 10 pm every night), so I couldn’t blame it on sleep deprivation, not until I started having serious insomnia about six months ago. I blame my adrenal problems on “working mom syndrome” and “sandwich generation” (i.e. caring for kids and elderly parents at the same time). For well over a decade, I gave everything I had to someone else – kids, husband, boss, coworkers, parents – and had no time to relax for myself. I stayed “on duty” every minute of the day; I woke during the night remembering what I’d forgotten to do at the office that day, what I’d forgotten to do for my kids’ school activities, what I’d forgotten to do for my parents. I honestly believe that being overworked for so long and trying to meet impossible demands is what burned up my adrenal glands. FYI, I’ve been drinking holy basil tea every day for several YEARS, along with other adaptogenic herbs, and I assume it helped keep me alive, but wasn’t enough to offset the damage because I continually got worse and worse until I finally quit my job. It truly felt like a choice between my job or my life. We had to totally restructure our lifestyle to get by without my paycheck, but at least I’m still alive to tell about it. I’m currently seeing a thyroid doctor to try to turn this around. I still have tons of stress from being a caretaker for everyone around me (aging parents is putting the most strain on me at the moment).

      Hope this helps. And as I said, there’s still a lot to learn, so take all my suggestions with a grain of salt and listen to what your own body tells you.


    • SarahW says:

      P.S. to SusanElizabeth – not sure which versions of raw Kevin experimented with back in the day, but some of the raw diets include stimulants such as cacao, maca, yerba mate, and sweets such as agave, molasses, honey, and of course tons of fruit. Sugar is a stimulant; most people don’t think of it that way because it doesn’t have caffeine, but it “excites” your system. It could be that Kevin’s adrenals were overworked by things like chocolate, teas, certain herbs, and too much sugar while he was raw. I can recall he once mentioned something about problems with chocolate, but the rest of it is just speculation.

  4. PS: In your smoothies, do you not use raw almond milk or coconut water? I use both, raw. Love it in my smoothies

  5. chusmacha says:

    I’ve been listening to RHR. It’s convenient. I just turn it on and go pay the bills. Nice to hear you and Fred chatting away there in the background. When you’re done, I’m done. Bacon and eggs both come from factory farming IMHO.
    Not all, of course, but mostly. GMO’s and MSG in corn chips make me sick. Likely there’s HFCS in those, too. Maybe even a cocktail of all of the above. I try to drink fresh juice every day. Take care of yourselves. KUTGW!

  6. Anne says:

    Having enthusiastically followed Kevin and Annemarie in their quests for optimal health I was shocked to hear about the use of eating sentient beings in Kevin’s diet! Kevin what were you thinking? All the latest in clinical research clearly points to the fact that humans were never meant to eat meat!

  7. Laura says:


    Where is the recipe? I always prefer reading transcripts to listening to any calls, or audios, and hoped the recipe would be printed here. BTW, there are tons of good veggie burger recipes online; check out happycow.


  8. Kevin, I have been working on my health seriously for 45 years. I have some critical things to share with you as I have just had the KEYS that I have been looking for for decades. Detox is a temporary measure…it has to be repeated over and over again…but the KEYS to making our system come to a homeostasis and return to health are what I have just come across. Please call me…I have truly something to add that is essential~!!!! Message me on FB and I will give you my phone number (Jennifer actually has it already and you do on your client listings as she has called me before). I promise you, is a key.

  9. Michelle says:

    GREAT show! I love listening to you guys! Thank you so much for all the really REAL research you guys do. WAHOOOO can’t wait for more!

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