Diabetes—A Curable Disease?

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Can diabetes be cured? Dr. Cousens has seen results in his program.

My revised edition of There Is A Cure for Diabetes is based on the results of the last 120 type-1 and type-2 diabetics participating in my Diabetes Recovery Program at the Tree of Life Center US. The results of the 120 diabetics have provided me with much deeper insight into the syndrome I now call the “Chronic Diabetes Degenerative Syndrome.”

Although allopathic teaching has consistently labeled type-1 and type-2 diabetes as incurable, my experience clearly demonstrates that type-2 diabetes is a curable disease, (and now even type-1). Of these 120 people, within 21 days, 61% of those with type-2 non-insulin dependent diabetes (NIDDM) and 24% of those with type-2 insulin dependent (IDDM) were healed. I define “healed” as a fasting blood sugar of less than 100 and off all medications.

More interestingly, 31.4% of type-1 diabetics came off all their insulin during the 21 days, and approximately 21% of type-1 diabetics were off all medications and had a fasting blood sugar under 100, meaning they were healed. This data contradicts what conventional medicine teaches throughout the world.

Culture of Death

Diabetes is not our natural condition and has only become a problem of pandemic proportions since the 1940’s when the world culture’s cuisine diverted from the natural ways of eating and living and moved into worldwide consumption of white sugar, white flour, junk food, animal fat, trans fats, and exposure to the full range of environmental toxins (including radiation), in general.

It is significant that in the year after the Fukushima meltdown, 60% of the children in northern Japan under 12 years old developed type-2 diabetes. This is part of what I call a world “Culture of Death,” in which our diet and lifestyle is destructive to life and health. The unfortunate result of this “Culture of Death” diet is a worldwide pandemic of diabetes affecting an estimated 400 million people.

The obvious planetary approach to reversing this degeneration is to bring people back to normal, healthy diets and lifestyles that existed even as recently as pre-World War II.

Embracing the Culture of Life

On the deepest level, the holistic cure involves moving away from a global and personal lifestyle of the “Culture of Death” to embrace the lifestyle of the “Culture of Life”. Personally, that means choosing a lifestyle that promotes life and wellbeing for oneself as well as the planet. On a world cultural level it means a world where all people have access to healthy organic food and water, decent shelter, and a living environment free of chemicals and pollution in general.

Healing diabetes in this personal and global context is an act of love for oneself and the living planet. The teaching of this book is that humanity is created to be vibrant, alive, and healthy.

The success of this program hinges on a dramatic, revolutionary new theory and approach. It is based on reversing the Chronic Diabetes Degenerative Syndrome. Adoption of this total lifestyle not only prevents and reverses diabetes, but also significantly slows down the aging process and creates enduring, radiant health. What I’ve discovered and described in this book is how to be a healthy person living in enduring, radiant health.

Turning Off the Chronic Diabetes Degenerative Syndrome

Curing diabetes is not about controlling blood sugar, but, rather, turning off the Chronic Diabetes Degenerative Syndrome (CDDS). In this context, diabetes is an accelerated chronic degenerative aging process that is primarily a genetic and epigenetic toxic downgrade, resulting in leptin, insulin, and other hormonal and metabolic dysregulations, including protein, lipid, and carbohydrate imbalances.

A key component of the CDDS is the chronic para-inflammatory aspect—a driving force in the accelerated aging process. CDDS is exacerbated by a diet low in fiber and a lifestyle of stress, obesity, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, and general toxic exposure to things like pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, radiation, and environmental toxins such as Agent Orange.

Along with this dysfunctional diet and environmental stress are vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant deficiencies. This degenerative syndrome is often associated with insulin and sometimes leptin resistance, although one may have neither and still have a glucose tolerance test showing clear diabetes.

Definition of CDDS

My full definition of CDDS also includes two additional categories of blood sugar dysregulation. The first is the prediabetes category, which is defined by a fasting blood sugar of 100-125. According to U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), greater than 1/3 of the general population is pre-diabetic. Twenty-seven percent of Americans 65 and older have a full diabetic diagnosis.

As part of this overall degenerative process, we also have the phenomena of postprandial blood sugar spikes above 140. Research shows that people with blood sugar regulation problems have a significant increase of all degenerative disease associated with CDDS, although they do not use those terms.

Because of this new blood sugar spiking research, this book defines CDDS in the broader context of not only all types of diabetes and prediabetes (with a fasting blood sugar of 100-125), but also those with fasting blood sugars of less than 100—previously considered normal with blood sugar spikes above 125-140 or postprandial spikes of 40 points or more, no matter what the original blood sugar was. In this context, CDDS includes all forms of blood sugar dysregulation that result in all levels of blood sugar imbalance and therefore accelerated chronic degeneration.

Top 12 Factors in Prevention and Healing: Minimizing Carbs

I have isolated the top 12 factors in preventing and healing diabetes, as well as for creating radiant health.

The most important factor is minimizing of all carbohydrates with the exception of leafy greens, non-starchy and fibrous vegetables, sprouts, and sea vegetables. This includes minimizing and avoiding all grains, sugar, white sugar, white flour, sweets, and sweeteners (except stevia and birch tree derived natural xylitol with the variety of its forms.).

This diet is a 25-45% complex carbohydrate by calorie diet. This moderately low carbohydrate diet significantly decreases insulin and leptin resistance, which are the two driving hormonal imbalances in diabetes. Subtly controversial is the fact that this advice doesn’t fit the traditional vegan dietary approach, which is a relatively high complex carbohydrate diet of around 70-75%, with low fat and low protein. With this moderately low carbohydrate approach, 100% of type-2 non-insulin dependent diabetics come off all medications and 86% of type-2 insulin dependent diabetics come off all their medications.

The other controversial issues for the current vegan world, besides the teaching of a higher protein need for at least 2/3’s of the population, is that low total cholesterol and low omega-3’s may be dangerous to one’s mental and physical health. High cholesterol or fat intake in general, according to the General Archives of Internal Medicine 2009, has no negative affect on heart disease.

However, their research shows that trans fatty acids clearly have a very negative effect. It also shows that women benefit from higher cholesterol. In chapter 5 of my revised edition of There Is a Cure for Diabetes, I go into great depth to free people from the fear-filled cholesterol myth and the high fat myth.

The motivation here is that I have seen, in my 40 years of practice, many vegans following a low fat diet be unsuccessful, and the research is now clear that low fat, low cholesterol, and low omega-3’s is significantly associated with higher rates of suicide and depression. Those with cholesterol at the very lowest level have a 6 times higher rates of depression.

Low cholesterol is also associated with increased: stroke, Parkinson’s disease, poorer memory, and more accidents. Low omega-3 is also associated with lower cognitive function, poorer production of all 5 major neurotransmitters, and poorer ability to handle stress.

Not only is there is a cure for diabetes, but that a properly organized and powerful live-food, vegan diet when properly applied, can bring enduring radiant health to the whole population. With my diet organized to one’s individual constitution, I have seen a 99% success rate.

Steps Two Through Eleven

Other steps in my program include:

  1. Minimizing carbohydrates.
  2. The power of 100% live food, plant-source only diet for healing diabetes.
  3. The creation of an anti-inflammatory vegan live food diet decreases the metabolic para-inflammatory condition associated with diabetes.
  4. There is significant natural weight loss on this diet. The average weight loss in the program was 18 lbs. in 21 days with some losing up to 25 lbs. in one week, and 46 lbs. after 3 weeks.
  5. Plant-source-only diet. As described in Genesis 1:29, it has the important effect—as highlighted by the twelve study meta-analysis of 1,259,000 people, showing a 35-50% lower risk in vegetarians, as opposed to omnivores for developing diabetes.
  6. The use of all organic food health.
  7. Moderate exercise.
  8. Adequate sleep.
  9. The healing effects of meditation.
  10. The importance of individualizing the diet, which is also associated with the result of 90% long-term compliance. My general impression is that 2/3’s of the people needed a higher protein/higher fat diet, while 1/3 needed a lower protein/lower fat/higher carbohydrate ratio.
  11. Loving oneself enough to heal onself. It is important to understand that not everyone will choose to use this approach. What is important is that this approach offers an extremely effective option for healing type-1 and type-2 diabetes as well as an overall prescription for general health, wellbeing, and enduring radiant health.

For More Information

The big question is the human question: Can people sustain themselves in the Culture of Life on a holistic diet that heals themselves and the planet?

For more information or to read the rest of Dr. Cousens book, There is a Cure for Diabetes, go to his website at www.thereisacurefordiabetes.org.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Gabriel Cousens is the author of seven internationally acclaimed books, including Spiritual Nutrition and Creating Peace by Being Peace. Known worldwide as a spiritual teacher and the leading expert in live, plant-source nutrition, Dr. Cousens functions as a holistic physician, psychiatrist, family therapist, and cutting edge researcher on healing diabetes naturally.

He holds an M.D. from Columbia Medical School, a doctorate in homeopathy, and diplomas in Ayurveda, clinical acupuncture, and holistic medicine. His multi-cultural background as an ordained rabbi, an acknowledged yogi, and a four-year Native American sundancer, adds insight to his “whole-person enlightenment” teachings.

Dr. Cousens is the founder and director of the Tree of Life Foundation and the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, an innovative holistic retreat center for the renewal of body, mind, and spirit, based in Patagonia, Arizona. In his book, There Is A Cure For Diabetes, Dr. Cousens presents his rejuvenation center’s program for reversing diabetes naturally.

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