Finally, A Positive Story About Healing Cancer Naturally on TV

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I’m not a big fan of TV.

A few years ago, we did get cable TV (after not having it for at least 5-6 years), since I do like watching sports like football and playoff basketball.

What happened though is that watching sports here and there turned into watching other shows. I wasn’t happy with how it was all going down. We were suddenly watching TV again.

Luckily for us, we got a massive cable and internet bill a few weeks ago and decided it was time to cancel. (The bill had carried over because a credit card had expired, so it was much larger than normal.)

So, if I want to watch a game, I’m either going to have to go to it, or watch at a friends house.

It’s not too bad of an option and it keeps us away from the temptation of watching garbage.

BUT. Not all TV is bad.

I’ve been on TV, and when I was I was happy about it. (You can watch a clip here.) This was a fun show that exposed us to a bunch of people we never would have reached. So this was good.

I was also asked to be on TV again (twice), but I said no. (You can read about the second time I was asked here.) This would have made me look like a fool — so bad.

Recently, a friend of Renegade Health, Chris Wark, sent us over his recent appearance on The Ricki Lake Show.

You might remember Chris from the second Healing Cancer World Summit. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and decided with his wife to take a natural approach. 10 years later, he’s here, alive, well and telling his story on TV — one that, surprisingly was VERY well received. (Good!)

If you listened into that program, Chris told us a story of how his TV news channel filmed an entire spot on his healing story, then pulled it from the web. So this time, I’m thrilled he has a chance to share — to a much wider audience as well.

I’m going to share the videos here, because I think they’re inspiring. I also think Chris is a great representative for healing naturally. One of those people you’d trust to represent the masses who you know would stay level headed and do a great job explaining why natural techniques are — at least — worth a try.

Go ahead and watch them (you can visit his blog here to hear more about his appearance) and be sure to share his story with a friend or two who needs it by “Liking” this post on Facebook at the top!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Your question of the day: What did you think of Ricki’s show?

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    I attempted to watch the videos. They were all unavailable.

  2. liz says:

    I wholeheartedly, pray and dream for the day, when like Chris says “This is not amazing, It’s normal” It’s natural. That’s my greatest dream!!!

  3. Irma Nance says:

    Duh! What have we been saying all of these years. We should not have to almost die to finally pay attention to what we eat. This may seem harsh, but humans seem to have to be hit on the head real hard before they believe.

  4. Zyxomma says:

    Chris was terrific on Ricki Lake. I dislike talk shows in general, so this was really refreshing.

  5. Edna says:

    Kevin thank you for sharing these clips. Wonderful! When Chris talked about juicing he said he made enough for the day. I always thought it had to be drank immediatly to get full benefit? Appreciate your thoughts.


  6. faith says:

    All of these people are inspirational. I like how Chris is so down to earth about his diet. I think sometimes people can get turned off by nutrition because it seems complicated..or we aren’t doing it “just right!” His advice to keep it simple and do what works for you is key. A one week raw food detox will do amazing things to people and get them started on the road to healthy eating.
    As for curing his cancer..this is extremely personal. I am glad he was guided by God in his decision to not do the chemotherapy. I would be interested in his choice if he had his two daughters at the time. That makes a difference sometimes, knowing your gamble could affect your children. I suppose either way it is a do the chemo or radiation or to try to heal oneself through alternative means. They both take Faith and Courage.
    Thanks for sharing his story.

  7. Lenore Novak says:

    Kuddos to Ricki Lake for airing the alternative to drug induced medicine. If you listen to doctors, you are listening to the pharmacuticals who give kick backs to the doctors who prescibe toxic medicine to their patients. Trust in the God given gift of allowing your body to heal itself.

  8. peggy says:

    The more people talk about healing themselves naturally on mainstream TV the more accepted this way of thinking/eating/living will become. Then more people will support organics and fight against bad food practices like GMO’s

  9. I really enjoyed the show. I guess Chris stole the show even though it’s Ricki’s show. Nevertheless, I had known about Chris before on Mike Adam’s health talk radio show he has. I also went to his web site, “ We need more reports like this and especially when you can see it on tv. I also know what you mean that all tv is not bad when now a days even the news is propaganda. Sure, you are going to get some virtual tv shows like this one and like Fox news that tells us nothing but the truth. I also read books like “Cancer, Step Outside the Box” by Ty Bollinger. The box meaning surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. I know Chris probably had to have surgery due to his golf size tumor. But now I know that attacking the tumor and then chemo or radiation will only hurt you more and the tumor will eventually come back if you don’t take care of the cause which was malnutrition or junk foods etc… That’s why he went with his gut feeling and chose fruits and vegetables, mostly vegies and preferably organic. Because the cells in our bodies are either toxic and or lacks nutrition. This is what causes diseases in our bodies. Another book where I learned this is from Raymond Francis, M. Sc. who wrote “Never Fear Cancer Again, How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer”.

    Thank You So Much For this Info.
    Pete De La Rosa III If we are able to discern the truth from what is not true, then we will learn. (my saying)
    God Bless!!!

  10. Bob says:

    It’s good that this made it onto a mainstream media show. Maybe Ricki Lake is taking a stance, but more likely those in the mainstream media realize that alternative forms of communication are rendering mainstream media less relevant ongoing. So they’ll essentially either have to start speaking truth – or totally shut down the alternative voices (they’re of course trying to do the latter, but probably can’t do it). One other tactic being used is to flood the alternative media realm with “noise” so as to make the truth harder to find. I expect that to be the main tactic used ongoing. Thanks Kevin for being a source of sanity!

  11. Annette says:

    It’s nice to see someone in the mainstream media support the message!

  12. Rhonda says:

    This was really worth watching. Thank you for sharing it Kevin. I hope more of these positive messages are able to get out there to share what so many in our culture are missing. Real foods. Plain and simple.

  13. Oleander says:

    Really excellent and inspiring! I too eat mainly vegan raw food diet and have a massive salad for breakfast. Only problem with raw food is it takes ages to eat – especially the salad! But I’m hardly ever ill

  14. Linda P says:

    His story is so simple….which is what can help others to jump on board. He brings it down to an easy level. I, too, changed my life through what I eat. I had fibromyalgia, heel spurs, fatty liver and enlarged spleen, was gaining weight, had migraines, etc. I am still on my journey, as my migraines have not gone away, but through eating whole, organic foods I have lost at least 65 pounds, have much less pain in my body, can walk again, and just feel great. I continue my journey trying different things to discover what might be the cause of my migraines, but know there is a natural answer. 🙂

    • Diane says:

      I saw something once about the way you sleep affecting migraines. I googled quickly & found this. Head & feet up, on back.

    • Renata says:

      Hi Linda, I was getting headaches and I found the one thing that really cured me of headaches for good was taking CAYENNE PEPPER PILLS. You take 1 pill a day and eat food 10 mins after you take the pill with juice or water. 40,000 IUs super cheap to buy a whole bottle. I think it is $5? and that will last you months. You can google or research the 17 + benefits of taking cayenne pepper but do not take it if you are allergic to latex or nightshades. Cayenne pepper can clean out your arteries from plaque and stop a heart attack when you are having a heart attack! LOL! True! There is a doctor who shares his story how he has never lost a patient to heart attack with giving them cayenne pepper….google it and research it but it really works especially for migraines. We all need to “clean the pipes” from plaque build up. Other than chelation therapy like “angioprim” (a natural chelation therapy created by a doctor who had a heart attack, natural liquid chelation you can do at home)… I believe Cayenne pepper is the best arterie/vein/”pipe” cleaner in the natural spice world you can find …. it will give you energy and be an excellent prevention for headaches or stroke or heart attack or any blockages in arteries. Lots of other benefits too! Just a thought to share for anyone with migraines.

      However, the solar flares happening also contribute to headaches … chemtrails don’t help either…all those chemicals you injest from the toxic air purposefully dumped on cities…just monitor when they happen and the correlation to your headaches. Blessings.

  15. JT says:

    It is definately refreshing to see some real legitimate information on how to keep the body healthy on main stream tv! Chris gave some really good info and suggestions. His suggestion for detoxing for a raw food diet for one week was right on. He said any body can do anything for a week. It is true, but it is harder for some than others. Anyone who values their life should give this a real try to see if they see any difference. Unfortunately, as Chris so eloquently stated, the first week of a detox is not good or fun, so you really need to do it for longer than a week because you won’t feel good that first week! We are all so use to variation and options, that is where people will lose interest, but it is not boring at all.

  16. Yvonne says:

    Great videos, thank you Kevin! I definitely believe more in raw foods for healing from cancer than a mix of raw foods and cooked vegan foods like the Gerson diet suggests. I eat mostly raw food now and I feel a tremendous difference in my body when I eat cooked vegan food. The next day I am tired, constipated and in pain.

    There is one thing I am not sure about though. I was a vegetarian, eating a lot of soy products when I was diagnosed with a hormone positive breast cancer 14 years ago. My oncologist told me to cut out the soy beans from my diet, which I did and I have been fine ever since. The Hippocrates Institute here in West Palm Beach, FL, says it is okay for breast cancer patients to eat diet high in phytoestrogens (sprouts and wheatgrass juice). I doubt that!!! I am on a low phytoestrogen diet. I wish I could eat sprouts, I love sprouts. I wish I knew wheather Hippocates advice is correct.

    • Stephen says:

      Just to let you know I am a Naturopathic doctor and had a clinic for over 30 years. I think sprouts and wheat grass is at the top of the food chain for health and well being. I do green drinks everyday, eat 80% or more of raw fruit and vegies, (other than what is in my green drink) and fast one day a week since 1974. I am 72 years old and have the body of a healthy 45. (I do look 58 though) LOL Just got back from visiting my dying mother who lived on the SAD diet. (Standard American Diet) and has been paying for that for over 15 years while slowly dying a horrible slow death. And yet, the people in the hospital who work there eat fast foods, drink name brand soda and go out for cigarettes during every break. Hummm. Go figure.
      Anyway, sprouts of all kinds are good for you. My closest friend heal himself of throat cancer 4 months ago by doing green drink, juicing and making all kinds of sprouts that he and his wife eat. He is now 66, healthy and looks and acts 50. No Cancer.

  17. Thanks so much, Kevin, for sharing this program on Chris’ story. As a cancer survivor who went through chemotherapy but finally listened to my gut-level instincts and refused follow-up radiation therapy, I related completely to everything Chris shared. Again, many thanks.

  18. Edna says:

    Great videos! Thanks for sharing. I don’t know much about RAW living. The video brought a question to mind. I heard you have to drink your juice immediatly to get all the nutrients. Chris said he made enough to last all day?

  19. Brooke says:

    This was awesome! Way to go, Chris, for being courageous enough to deny chemo treatment, but also for going on this show and sharing his story.

    And, thank you, Kevin, for posting this on your blog. I don’t watch the Ricki Lake show since I”m at work when it is on and I’m not a big fan of talk shows so I would have never seen this.

  20. suzanne says:

    Thanks Kevin. I never get tired of hearing people talk about eating fruits and vegies and healing as a result. Just got back from the farmer’s market in Port Townsend, WA. A booth there had veggie wraps, quinoa bowl with carrot/curry soup over the top and a dollor of cashew cream, key lime pie, apple pie, banana roll-up with cherries and apricots and more. She didn’t seem to have anything that went overboard with the nuts. Some things were cooked, some raw. I could of given her a big hug just for being there introducing people to health.

    I believe one can make a juice and put in a jar and make it last the day by filling up to the lid to keep it from oxidizing. I have a nifty pump that I can pump the air out of the jar after each time I open it. I still have noticed it tastes the best right after its made. I just finished a juice fast for 4 days. It went quite easy for me, wasn’t hungry at all until I went too long before having my next juice. Then all kinds of cravings were popping into my head. At least I had the sense to make a small fruit bowl with a bit of almond milk over it. Now, I am so afraid to eat any thing too sweet (like a few chocolate covered almonds) as it could start the craving. The key is to have all the right foods at hand. A green smoothie is my morning drink and a green juice (kale or spinach, carrot or beet, lemon, small apple, ginger, celery, cucumber) is my afternoon snack or dinner. I fill in the rest with a fruit bowl, big salad, or some veg and grains cooked. Still will eat a slice of pizza probably once a week. And maybe those almonds.

    Sorry, I can’t speak to the Hippocrates Institute.

  21. aya kiawe says:

    love your info, thanks so much

    why don’t you talk about chem trail & chem dump spraying that is happening all over the world now?

    this is by far the biggest health issue we are ALL FACING ON THE PLANET NOW

    looks up…. wake up…… please help us stop this maddness

  22. Thanks for sharing this! This is just a reminder once again of the power of raw foods, and how we don’t have to suffer from disease if we just change what we eat.

  23. Thea Walker says:

    Chris’s testimony on a non-chemo cancer strategy was absolutely great. He did not put down the doctors or other modes of thinking, he simply shared what worked and continues to work for him. I also liked his thinking that his story should not be a miracle but something that happens every day for folks who choose to make different food decisions.

    Would love to see more community research on Nutritional therapy so these approaches can be publicized more. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please share.

  24. Maria says:

    I don’t know about Ricki’s show, but I sure enjoyed listening to Chris tell his story.

  25. Susan says:

    Thank you for sharing those videos. You were right, the videos are great. Inspirational!

  26. Awesome!
    The only thing I wish he would have mentioned was the importance to rotate your veggies — he said I drink this every day. Which albeit MUCH better than most things people eat, it would have been good to mention the importance of rotating greens etc.

  27. Ruby says:

    Chris is a great testimony to the appraoch he has taken. I think we have an awesome Creator and following His principles for living and utilising what He has provided, gives our bodies a great chance of recuperating from dis – ease of all forms. Bring on the nutritious food, sunshine, exercise, forgiving spirit, pure air, adequate rest, unselfishness, generosity, merry heart … best medicine I know of. Thanks Ricki for sharing this story.

  28. Lisa says:

    Fantastic to see the Ricki Lake supporting the alternative side of health care… although I was disappointed that in the very end of Chris’ interview she says to always consult with your doctor before trying any alternative regiments… which is exactly the opposite of what Chris’ story was all about. Yeah, yeah, she probably HAD to say that for legal purposes but maybe it could’ve been pointed out that you can seek out an intergrative doctor vs. conventional. Either way, I LOVE Chris’ story and as a breast cancer survivor, I too have made many changes in diet (very low sugar, gluten free…) and am now excited to use much of his information to start juicing. Many thanks ~ ~

  29. Raz says:

    Wow this was amazing on so many levels. Kudos to Chris for sharing is story in a clear and neutral way. I think we mess up when we become over zealous and appear extreme and inflexible. And I applaude Ricky for being neutral as well and willing to share his story unedited. So many times we make it mainstream media only to be edited and scoffed at. They both did a great job and I’m sure many were inspired to research new and better avenues of healing.

  30. Gladys says:

    Thanks Kevin for sharing Chris’ story. As someone who decided to follow the natural way of healing after a diagnosis of breast cancer six years ago, it’s very encouraging to see and hear from others who have done the same. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and never had any surgery or chemo or radiation but followed the natural way of healing and I am still here six years later.

  31. Taris says:

    This is definitely worth the watch. It gives a boost to the raw food community. It gives a boost to all those who are trying to follow a healthy life style. Thank Kev

  32. Jennifer quiroz says:

    You can also view the videos on chris’ website @

    I watched these a couple weeks ago…chris wark is very inspirational. Thank you for spreading his story as well. 🙂

  33. Lynn K. says:

    First, I applaud Ricki Lake for allowing Chris to share his message. I think the segment was well done…simple, clear, to the point. As more people become sick from fast-paced modern living fueled by processed, fast, junk “food”, more people will want a simple way to restore their health. Not every health related issue requires a medical doctor. Our bodies know what makes them healthy, and given half a chance, our own innate wisdom will keep us healthy. Way to go , Chris!

  34. cindi says:

    i loved the show… ty for bringing it to us….. i think it is absolutely wonderful that these things are being shown on tv for everyday people to see and learn from…… i am grateful for all u do and others like u and that helps to spread the word so these things can become known and help so many more people…… it was great ty…..

  35. Heike says:

    Love how he overdosed on healthy natural raw foods.What a beautiful man and pure inspiration.Thank you

  36. Jane says:

    Thank you, Kevin!! I hardly watch TV at all. This show is such an inspiration. It encourages me to eat healthy and take responsibility for my own health. Great story.

  37. Hil says:

    Yes you are right about the media…(I clicked back on some of your links to see your stint on TV and read those posts)….9 times out of 10 they are after a story full of sensationalism not so much about getting a message across. Talk back radio is the same depending on, I don’t know, how their ratings are going or how they are feeling on that particular day or whatever but they also are not interested in communicating a message but rather to get an argument going.

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