Can Fasting Get Rid of a Cold?

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A contributing factor to me getting sick? (There’s only one person in our family that will put anything in his mouth…)

A few weeks ago, I got sick.

Most people take a cold or fever in stride — probably because most people get them a few times a year. (If not more…)

I don’t. In fact, I know exactly how many times I’ve been sick in the last 8 years. It hasn’t been many.

Once, was when I found a tick on my leg and shortly after got a big old erythema migrans rash (EM) and was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I had a fever and neck pains for 48 hours. It was actually pretty awful. I’ve been fine and symptom-free ever since (I did take 21 days of antibiotics, which gave me gut issues, candida — to be explained some other time.)

The second time, I had a stress induced sickness for 24 hours when we were launching the Great Health Debate in 2011 — a program that had lectures supporting and refuting a vegetarian diet. There was a ton of pressure from the experts involved and the audience, so I cracked. (Yeah, I was totally asking for that fever.)

The last time, was a few weeks ago.

That’s two and half (I count the stress one my fault — therefore 1/2) times in 8 years. Not too bad. In fact, if I get sick more than that, my health credibility takes a pretty big hit. So for me, getting sick not only affects me, it affects my reputation.

How Did I Get Sick?

Annmarie and the baby had been sick for nearly 2 weeks over the holidays and I was thrilled that I had managed to escape it — or thought I had.

Being sick gets in the way of just about everything I need to do, so I don’t enjoy it like I used to. When I was in high school and having a cold meant that I could stay home from school and lie in bed all day, I would gladly trade good health for bad, but these days it’s different. If I’m sick, I don’t get to spend my time doing what I love — so that’s a serious downer. (BTW: Doing things that are downers will get you sick more often too.)

But, a few weeks ago, I realized that I hadn’t beat it. The cold had finally gotten to me. When I woke up in the morning, I noticed that run-down feeling, my throat was sore and I felt achy and cold. It’s a feeling that I don’t get often to so I knew what it was immediately. I was getting sick.

I admittedly was pretty angry about the whole situation. I don’t like to stay home, I don’t like to not do anything, and I really don’t like staying in bed all day — so I wasn’t very happy that I probably had to do 1, 2 or all of those things.

I also, in true Renegade Health fashion, immediately started to examine why I got sick and throughly analyze it so it would’t happen again — at least for 10 years or so. Getting sick once a decade, to me, seems somewhat acceptable.

What follows is what I came up with as well as what I did to finally kick the cold.

Why did I get sick?

I knew trying to identify what got me sick was a fool’s game, but I had some time in bed on my hands. I needed to do something.

Annmarie brought me some green juice and while I was enjoying it, I gathered up some ideas as to how I ended up where I was — sick, under the covers, wanting to go to work.

I haven’t been under any significant stress lately, so I counted that out. Also, my immune system is strong and blood tests show this to be true, so I don’t think it was an overall weakness.

So those two contributing factors were not an issue for me.

What did come up for me was the serious change in our lives 6 months ago — the birth of our son, Hudson. I’m not saying our newly found illness was totally connected to our six month old baby, but there are certain health “risks” that come with having a child.

First up, sleep — for us at least — is interrupted. Sometimes the baby sleeps great, other times, he doesn’t. Getting good rest is extremely important for the immune system, so I’m pretty sure this played a factor in Annmarie’s cold, the baby’s and mine as well.

Second, the fact that the baby is on the floor, touching everything it can reach — including where we’re stepped with shoes on — and putting what he can reach into his mouth is definitely another factor. If you did the same, everywhere you went, you might get the same result — a cold.

I followed the progression of our colds and it started with Hudson, went to Annmarie, went back to Hudson, then went to me, then back to Hudson. (Now it’s gone.) So all outward evidence points to our little guy being the first carrier of this cold — of course, I openly acknowledge that it could have been with one of us then transferred over to him as well.

So short of saying our son is a carrier of disease, which I won’t, he does do things that most grown humans wouldn’t even consider doing that have a much higher risk of infection — including, most cringe-worthy, trying to stick his fingers in the cat’s butt. (Poor, Jonny 5.)

I concluded, as I swallowed down some supplement capsules, that being sick may be a larger part of being a parent.

In fact, this half-baked theory was confirmed by at least one other person that same week when I talked to a friend who said his kids weren’t ever sick until they went to school. Now, his entire family passes around colds like a bunch of hippies share a bong. (My analogy, not his.)

What I decided to do…

Ultimately, I realized thinking about being sick (and why) won’t change the result. I needed to take some sort of action.

Since Annmarie had already brought me some green juice, putting me about 60 minutes into a liquid fast, I decided to run with liquids as long as I could. I would start with some juice, some coconut water, some herbal tea and a few supplements for the first half of the day and see where that took me.

My green juice was simple. Carrots, lettuce, celery, cucumber, parsley, ginger, garlic, lemon and fennel. (The more fennel, the better it is!) Annmarie made enough to fill two large Mason jars, so I was set for the day.

The supplements I used were garlic, powdered Vitamin C in water, Vitamin D, echinacea tincture, beta-glucans, and colostrum. I used these namely because they were in the apartment. I would have included some mineral supplement as well, but I figured the coconut water would be sufficient. (Maybe even a B-Complex supplement too.)

Finally, I decided to do absolutely nothing — in terms of work, physical exercise or anything else that would put a strain on my mind or body. (Well, besides check my email and check in with our team members, LOL!) Yes, sometimes being sick is your body telling you to cool the raw chocolate fudge down.

After midday, and after drinking a ton of liquid — which also meant peeing about half a dozen times — I didn’t feel better, but I felt like I was doing the right thing. I decided I would fast for at least one full day.

At lunchtime, I drank more tea and coconut water.

Around mid-afternoon, probably most surprising to some of our older readers who knew us when we were complete vegans, Annmarie made me a big cup of chicken broth, which I waited to cool and took down quickly. Not my favorite, but full of minerals and immune boosting nutrition — of course, in true Berkeley fashion — totally organic, locally raised, humanely treated, etc.

Around dinner time, more juice, water, and tea. (I’m pretty sure I had a little kombucha too somewhere in there. I know I definitely did on day two.)

I didn’t feel hungry at all during this 24 hour period, so for me that was a strong indication that I was doing the right thing. Normally when I fast, I get animalistically hungry around 6-7:00 PM — which literally means that my behavior regresses into that of my earliest human ancestor. I grunt, throw tantrums, and my I.Q. drops to levels under 30.

Should I Do Day Two?

After the first day, I woke up still feeling pretty bad, but still not hungry. I didn’t sleep well the night before, since my nose was so stuffy. I decided to do another day of the same protocol.

But I have to be honest here, I had ulterior motives as well.

I really needed to do a fast.

You see, when you have a baby, time seems to slip by much faster than it ever did before. Times when I was usually able to go to the gym or take a run have disappeared. When I come home from work, it seems only 20 minutes later and I’m going to bed at 10:00.

What’s even more disheartening is that I just haven’t exercised like I used to. Annmarie and I have come to terms with the fact that we’ve both taken a 6 month mulligan on our exercise (and some of our eating) just to figure out how things will work post-childbirth.

It’s been quite eye opening. I finally, many years later, fully understood my personal training clients and that the excuse about kids and time may not have really been excuses — at least in the way I viewed them at the time. They really were struggling to get their day planned out. (Sorry guys for being so naive or at least inexperienced.)

So, because of the mulligan, I admittedly could stand to lose a few pounds and do a cleanse of some sort. Now that I was sick made it a perfect time to roll with it.

My decision was made — I would run with this liquid cleanse as long as I could.

Wait, What About Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold?

Maybe I was doing it all wrong.

I don’t know if starving a fever and feeding a cold is a myth or not. Nor do I care to debunk it myself. There are a few people who’ve tried to (including Duke University), but ultimately, above just cleansing to to get rid of a cold, it felt really good to cleanse just to cleanse. So whether I had a fever or not (I didn’t), my body wanted to take a break.

Also, I never fully understood what to do if you had a fever that came from a cold. Can anyone else explain that for me?

Day Three? Why Not?

When I woke up on day three, I was feeling much better. I’d already fasted for 60 hours, and I decided that if I wanted to break the fast today, I would. I loved the freedom of that decision. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to end my fast but wanted to continue it due to my own personal, made up, heady deadlines. I would fight my body — which wanted to eat, and probably needed to — just to log some more fasting hours. It’s a total American, type-A personality thing that I own up to. So this time I beat it by just going with what I felt as I was in the process — checking in regularly to ask my body if it wanted to eat.

My overall plan, in more detail than above, had settled in over the three days to look like this:

8-9:00 AM – 8-10 oz water with vitamin C, vitamin D, colostrum, garlic supplements, echinacea tincture, and beta glucans. 16 oz or more of green juice.

10:00 AM – 16 oz or more of coconut water, 8-16 oz of herbal tea (various kinds.)

12:00 PM – 16 oz green juice. More water and supplements.

2:00 PM – More tea, sometimes kombucha. Organic, fresh chicken or beef broth (not in tetra-pack).

4:00 PM – More tea.

6:00 PM – More juice, coconut water and supplements.

8:00 PM – More water and tea.

Towards the end of this day three, I decided that I would go through the evening — I might as well — and break the fast with a green smoothie in the morning. This felt a little like that type-A push, because I was getting hungry and a little lightheaded, but I was at the finish line and I knew that 8 hours of additional fasting — while I was asleep — wouldn’t be too stressful. It was one last sprint.

So in total, the next morning, I would have logged 84 hours of liquid fasting.

Did it Wipe Out My Illness?

This is probably when you think that I’ll say, “yes, of course it did,” but I truthfully have no idea. I would like to think it did, but I can’t be 100% sure. I may have gotten better doing nothing, so I can’t definitively say if the liquid fasting helped me get better.

I can say that it helped me personally feel better — emotionally and physically. So regardless, it was completely worth it. After three days, I felt rejuvenated. That was enough for me to call it a complete success.

How Do You Get Motivated for a Fast or Cleanse?

This is a question I struggle to answer as well.

For someone like me, who loves to eat, I find it hard to put aside time to fast. The illness, for me, was almost a way to put the fast into play when I hadn’t been able to bring myself to do it before. So getting a cold that I completely, 100% did not want to have was the most effective way to make me cleanse.

A few days after I started eating solid foods again, we had some friends over — who had also been ill — and were talking about getting sick and what we all did to get better.

One of my friends, was struggling putting himself on a cleanse to clear out the holiday glut and I told him that even I — who does this kind of stuff as a career — have trouble getting motivated. I totally understood what we was going though.

I shared that I thought the best way to do it was to get completely away from your personal environment. Going to a fasting retreat center is likely the best way to avoid temptation and actually get the results that you want. Spending that money to have someone do it for you — and keep you amicably locked in a facility — is totally worth it.

For me, this time around, I was pretty much banished to the bedroom — since Annmarie didn’t want the baby sick again — so that was enough for me to stay put and not stray from the plan. But if you’re completely well and want to fast, the retreat is your best bet.

Just to be clear, I don’t mean you have to book a flight to some exotic island, stay at some five star cleansing retreat center and spend your life savings. There are plenty of places in the United States that sponsor cleanses that are relatively inexpensive. True North Health Center is not only a water fasting destination, they also do healthy eating and juicing cleanses as well. This is one of the best places we’ve been to in our 7+ years of travel around the U.S.

I suggested that my friend take a trip up there with me to check it out. It may be the answer he was looking for. I also suggested to him that it may be worthwhile for him to save up a little cash every year to invest in his own health and go off to a retreat and get very real, and very uninterrupted cleansing.

Will a Cleanse Work for You — for Your Cold or Anything Else?

This question, I can’t answer. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Ultimately, for a cold, it might be something worth trying. It also might be great just to clear your head, whether you’re sick or not.

I find that the first 48 hours of a liquid cleanse, my mind is really sharp. I can think fast, work fast and talk fast. After that, I start to get a little spacey. So if you’re just looking for some clarity, it may be valuable to do something over the weekend or just a two day period. If you’re looking for more of a toxin, detox purge, you may want to rest up longer and take 3-5 days — maybe more.

Just a note… for the generally healthy, a few days is relatively harmless — just make sure you drink a bunch of liquids — but for those who have health issues, please make sure you run your idea by a health care practitioner.

There Are Other Ways to Do It, Too…

You don’t have to do the liquid cleanse I did to get cleansing benefits. You can modify your cleanse to include a few green smoothies during the day and can make a vegetable broth (similar to the broth Gerson uses here) instead of the animal broth. You also, can puree the entire contents — veggies and broth — and eat that like a blended soup.

The key is to eat less so that your body can focus more on healing than anything else. If you stop eating (but not stop drinking), your body can use energy that it would otherwise have tied up in daily body functions.

Will I Get Sick Again?

My guess is yes — or at least all of my (even healthy) friends with kids say so.

I used to believe that healthy people just don’t get sick — ever. But there are two sides to that equation. Some people who are eating a healthy diet that fits their constitution and genes can actually not get sick, but others can. You can try to figure that out, but it’s just a fact. Other times, some people think they’re eating a healthy diet and that their immune system is strong, because they’re not getting sick, but they could be mistaken. Sometimes the immune system is depressed enough — if the diet is actually deficient — and they won’t get sick, even if they have an infection.

To make this non-maddening, it’s my understanding that less sickness is better, more sickness is usually not best, and not being sick doesn’t always mean you’re the healthiest person on the planet.

So armed with that loose, wishy-washy conclusion, I can tell you this — next time I’m sick, I’ll probably do exactly what I did this time around again and come out the other end just as refreshed and ready to get back to what I need to do — be a dad, be a husband, be a leader and, most of all, be happy.

But until then, you can be sure I’m doing whatever I can to stay upright and healthy (…and try to gently steer Hudson away from veterinary proctology as long as I can.)

(NOTE: Since Annmarie is breastfeeding, she did not participate, nor did she do any fasting while sick.)

Your question of the day: What do you do if and when you get sick?

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Scott Laird says:

    Hey Kevin – I’ve been doing naturopath studies for the past couple of years and discovered where the “starve a fever, feed a cold” (or vice versa) came from.

    The problem with that saying is that it’s missing a couple of words to make it clear. Really, it should be: “IF YOU feed a fever YOU END UP HAVING TO starve a cold.” In other words, whether you have a fever or a cold or both, the body needs to devote all of its energy to healing, NOT digesting.

    If you eat during either a fever or a cold, you will end up prolonging the illness because you are diverting the body’s energy to digesting instead of healing. Broths and veggie juices don’t require much digesting, so they are OK; they don’t get in the way.

    You can see how fasting (total fast or juice fast) works the same way; it diverts the body’s attention away from digesting to shore up its immune system (this is why fasting feels so good). And the beauty about juice fasting is that you’re not missing any nutrients in the process, just some calories you could probably do without for a couple of days anyway. 🙂

    • Anna says:

      I was going to say the same thing- I had read a while ago in the ABC herbal book for children that he recommended not feeding a cold. We should let the body’s energy fight the germ instead of digesting food. I find it interesting that my children will not eat very much when they get sick. Often they just get a high fever and burn off the germ and are fine in a day or two. The body has a wonderful ability to heal itself if we would do better at listening!

  2. Joanna says:

    Thanks Kevin! Great information, as always. Yes, on the fast and liquids only. Lots of juices and broths. Also, oregano oil is amazing, honey and lemon with warm water and Dr. Schulze’s Cold & Flu shots!! I take 8-10 of them throughout the day and they cut the length and intensity of my cold in half, at least!

  3. I rarely get a cold, but when I feel the first hint of a sore throat or stuffy nose, I have a plan that squelches it. I put several drops of Eucalyptus oil on a cloth and inhale deeply both from my nose and my mouth. I repeat this every hour or so, and by the next day I have no symptoms. The Eucalyptus oil is so effective that even the fumes reach the blood stream, killing the virus.

  4. Aime B says:

    Our family used to get sick very frequently until we changed our diet to primarily Vegetarian. Very occasionally we eat meat & more by accident dairy in foods prepared by others in occasional shared meals. Sweetness in our foods comes from Stevia, honey or dates. Children certainly do increase the odds of such yet I homeschool my 3 children so they are less inclined to get the “germs” from school. However we don’t stay locked up in the house either & are in the public realm such as library, church, grocery stores etc.. I have learned to be thankful (intentional gratitude) for colds knowing that my body is using it to “cleanse” toxins OUT. Not that colds are fun in any way however. My regimine is virtually the same as what you shared Kevin & I truly believe it works. I only add to that coffee enemas daily to help my body (liver) detox & do fresh ginger & honey “tea” all day. Usually in 1-2 days I’m back to being a busy mom & teacher of 3 children, & wife. The biggie is the stomach flu which can hit quick w/ no warning or time to react & or keep things down. My children seem to get sick more than my husband or I because we are more vigilant about our overall health, cleanliness & keeping our immunity up. They will learn!

    • JT says:

      Hey Aime, just wondering if your family is blood type 0 Positive. I am gathering information on my friends on who is vegan and what their blood type is. There is supposedly a connection on what blood type does well on vegan diets, but I was wanting to find out for myself. Good luck to you guys. I homeschooled for years, now my teenagers take their classes at the local community college and are dual enrolled. They get college credit and high school credit at the same time. They fit in fine and are well adjusted. Keep on training the kids, it is well worth it!

  5. My experience is much simpler. I do not need motivation to fast other than to feel even the slightest bit of “run-down” which has happened only three times in the past 15 years. Each time I simply refrained from eating anything. I drank water only, and coconut water (fresh) if available. If I fasted more than two days then I had a few glasses (8-12oz) of green juice.

    The whole point of eating raw, and “educated” and experienced fruitarian-based as I have been for the past few years; “educated” and experienced meaning that I eat according to the fundamentals of proven macro and micro nutrition, is that you become so in tune with and aware of your inner body, that you always do the right thing with zeal and understanding.

    When you are truly healthy, the worst that you will ever experience when getting “sick” (healing crisis reaction to over eating foods that are not designed for your human system) is a slight to moderate fatigue. This may last an hour or more, or even half a day. It is usually gone by the next day. Only when you “mess up” your diet and partake of lousy foods will you ever experience more than that. In other words, never will you experience a sore throat or chills or congestion. No supplements are ever needed. Personally I have not taken anything but an occasional B12 in the last 30 years. I have not been sick other than to feel a slight fatigue for half a day to three days for the last twelve years. Once about 15 years ago I spent a week with a little bit of a dry throat and slight runny nose when I first went 100% raw as part of the initial detox reaction. But that was a long time ago, and it was not even painful like the three or four-time-per-year sore throats, aches and congestions I used to get all my life prior to me getting my diet perfect. By the way, let it be said that the perfect diet (one that allows optimum health and performance) is no doubt in my experience, fruit-based with mega fresh dark greens and a few vegetables, and even less but SOME nuts, seeds or avocado. I’ve done it and it works. Judging by how well my system works, and how almost non-existent any “cold or flu” symptoms ever are, I would recommend this simple diet at least for those who do not want to suffer at all.

    • MEasy says:

      Right on, Chris. My experience, too.

      A couple of years ago I experimented with adding raw cheese to my otherwise raw vegan diet, and that was the only year in the last 15 or so that I did get a couple of colds. Directly related? Maybe so.

  6. Michelle B says:

    I also get sick very infrequently, and the latest time was early December. I fasted for the 48 hours that I felt sick, and I ended up getting well very quickly (quicker than the people that I know I caught it from). The fasting was actually non-intentional. I keep a food journal, and when I started really feeling yucky, the last thing I wanted to do was eat. I drank mostly warm lemon water, broth and echinacea tea. I added in some supplements and doubled up on elderberry tincture. As I had looked back on my journal, I realized I hadn’t had solid foods for the entire duration of my cold, and I didn’t really connect the dots that it could have been what caused me to feel better so quickly – until I read your post and Scott Laird’s comment above. Makes sense!

    I would be interested in knowing about your echinacea tincture recipe. Do you have it posted somewhere on your site?

  7. I really appreciated this as I also doged a cold from my partner John….when all through the holidays and just after he suffered I escaped it. I had my daily healthy smoothie and supplements and worked up a sweat a few times a week in my cycling classes….then I had a week where I had to do other work related things and did not get that sweat going and John relapsed horribly. He went back on antibiotics and I got the cold. Now I suffer with a stuffed up head and cough but I have been juicing and cleaning up the diet….feeling a tad slimmer and enjoying the cleanse but angry at getting a cold which i also have not had in a long long time. I am drinking herbal teas and home made organic soups and juicing and some healthy smoothies for some fiber. Head is still stuffed and it’s day 5 but the cold has moved out of my throat….and into the sinus with a lingering cough here and there. Will continue to juice and consume soups and lay low but I cannot take work time off….i work from home and there is considerable stress with deadlines and stupidity. I am in the design industry, lots of know it alls. I think it’s true to take time off, rest and detox of course cannot be a bad thing with juicing and clean eating. I do recall when John was sick my sleep was interrupted a lot….that cannot help my immune system. Add to it more work stress and less physical activity one week and that opened the door for my illness. All in all I think I can get through this without an antibiotic. I have also heard raw honey and cinnamon can be a great asset to all this. At this point I just want a clear head. Thanks for the article and that Hudson is a gem! Gorgeous.

  8. Gen says:

    I think you did well. I would have gone with more chicken broth though, with lots of garlic, onions and parsley cooked in it and strained out — it works wonders.

  9. Brian Root says:

    Thanks for the Play-By-Play Kevin.
    I’m still not convinced on the “Catching a Cold” from someone else, theory.
    The Natural Hygiene philosophy explains that there is no such thing as a “Virus”,
    therefore one person can not “catch” something from another.
    Does anyone know of a Research Program where this has been proved or disproved?
    Like a double blind study of putting “healthy” people in a room with “sick” people,
    and see if the healthy get sick?
    Seems simple enough to do, and it would answer a lot of questions.

    • Mike Maybury says:

      I think that we should accept what science has proved. Things have changed a lot since the first Natural Higiene pioneers started their philosohy.
      The great pont that they made was that the ‘soil’ (the body) was more importeant than alien invaders ( microbes and viruses). Modern microscopes, not available then, enable us to seen viruses etc, so they clearly do ecist.
      I came from the (un)fortunate background of a father and grandfather who were allopathic doctors. At age 15 I learnt about Nature Cure ( Natural Higeine) and more natural treatments. Many of these treatments involved water ( enemas, cold baths, cold sprays, sitz baths, wet sheets). Most of these appear to be no longer used, either because of no good results or scientific knowledge.
      Since then we have learnt much more about nutrition and other things like exercise that can be proved scientifically to build natural health. Unfortunately most doctors do not keep up with research. They also fall for the advertising of the pharmaceutical industry which virtually controls the whole medical scene. Only giant manufacturers can afford the $ billion trials that are now required to introduce drugs. No one else is in a position to offer alternatives to the gigantic promotions of these pharmaceutical giants.
      However we must be clear that certain theories of the early pioneers of natural medicine and natural medicine have not been shown to work in trials. More needs to be done, but we are foolish to deny the existance of microbes and viruses, with which our skins and insides are covered. No amount of washing, cleansing etc. will eliminate these. They are indeed part of our immune system inside our digestive tract.

      • Matt Menzies says:

        In reply to Mike Maybury @ point 6.
        Pending upon Mike’s teachings, and how authentic they are, Pure Naturopathy (NatureCure) is not as wishy washy as it’s portrait to be here. Nature Cure & the American break away group group of Hygienist explain the philosophy accurately. NC is scientific and if Mike learnt, and still studies, he would be learning through living under the principles of health. When we get scientists involved, we need to find out what the whole point of their experiments are. How big is the study, how many ways of doing the study were they able to do. There are many ways to do experiments. None of these cases can really prove for or against really because we are all different funnily enough. Science can give an indication of commonalities but physics is a whole new ball game.
        Kennith S Jaffery wrote a nice little book which explains what is a fast, when to fast and so on.
        NB* The history and constitution of each person is different and therefor each result would be different.
        There is plenty of literature however on those who used fresh air, sunlight, water and at times fruit only to show miraculous recovery, where as at the same time, those who were prescribed up to their eyeballs with medications suffered long and slow recovery, some did not recover. I’m sure the opposite could be said too if the vitality of a person was quite high and were given medication and the vitality of a purist were low. As far as I know, it’s all relative to the environment – thinking internal/external the laws of unity always prevail and don’t change for anyone.

        With regards to Kevins link on Myth or Fact – feed a cold, starve a fever; How could any man of medicine expect to learn NC unless he/she studies it?

        Either way, there are no guarantees with anything, only one can try his/her best and the thorough education by learning through living will indicate to the student how good their knowledge of NatureCure really is.
        Our facilitator in the group below will help explain any questions you have satisfactory – this I’m sure.
        Feel free to learn more about NC in the facebook group.

        • Matt Menzies says:

          PS apologies to grammatical errors, spelling if any and I started off poorly with point #6 when it’s point #5.
          I’m just a new student in this lovely, logical and healthy philosophy of natural living and natural healing – NatureCure 🙂

  10. Amy says:

    It all sound like it will work, but a simple warm water enema will flush out toxins faster! Enema 1st, then follow with the diet. You may also choose to add a probiotic drink, like coconut kefir water.

  11. Considering I’m double your age and started doing living (raw) foods over half my life ago, I learned a lot about cleanses where there was no internet. Instead there were lots of flyers to be found in the few health food stores in Brooklyn Heights and The Village. That’s where I discovered the works of Queen Afua (Helen Torain back then) and David Fastiggi (both on fb) teaching all I ever needed to know about healing. I did a 21-day amazing juice fast with Helen which I haven’t seen replicated anywhere nationwide, and I’ve been back home in San Francisco for over 20 years and still healthful seeking. What I’ve learned is water fasting gets the fastest results with 100% recovery…no lingering cold symptoms.

    One extremely bad cold I remember occurred after a boss said it looked like a train ran over me one late afternoon. I didn’t have sneezy cold symptons, I just looked wiped out! That night, it hit hard…worse than I’d ever experienced…headachy, painful muscles, non-stop watery eyes and non-stop painful sneezing…and I started sipping water. The next day, I bundled myself up and lay in bed continuously sipping on water. By evening, my ex arrived from the office and insisted he give me a sponge bath to bring down my temperature even though I argued staying bundled and sweating would help, and the next day I felt great and returned to the office with no sick symptoms!

    The last cold I had was several months ago. I felt headachy and miserable, although not like I did in Brooklyn long ago, but I recovered completed in 4 days. Maybe age and weight gain have slowed me down, but I can attest to a plant-based diet most likely being the reason. Four weeks ago, my beau who’d stayed 2 weeks, got a 4-day cold and fever. It did not impact me one bit, and I did drink tons of Vit C for the first 2 days of his symptoms.

    Feed a cold; starve a fever? As health educator, David Fastiggi once told a group of us that it was shortened. It really should say “If you feed a cold, you most likely will become so sick and feverish that you’ll be forced to involuntary fast.” Save your energy for healing, not digesting….

  12. Dolly says:

    The wind blew bad over a week ago. I’m not prone to colds but am allergic to cats. Sooo… guess was a lot of cat dander in the air — neighborhood’s full of cats. Threw me down good. In the bed for a few days. It’ was still hanging on and last night my daughter stopped to pick something up and said “Thought you knew about the cinnamon and honey.” So I asked my trusty computer and found a “Cara” person site . 1/2 t. raw honey,1/4 t.cinnamon (Ceylon preferred). Guess who’s not snotty nosed anymore? Long list of happy people writing into that site. Couldn’t even finish reading them. I’m a believer. Did I have a cold or was it my allergy? Doesn’t matter — you know what I’m grabbing right away the next time. Was mentioned it could prevent also. Need to be careful about the raw honey and the under 1 year old babies.

  13. Mike Maybury says:

    Thank you very much Kevin for giving us these detais.
    I hope that my recent experience may be of interest.
    I start with a little background. I am a 77 year old man (whoops now 78, since Sunday!)
    My recent experience is that, for the last 8 years (coincidence!) I have not had a single cold or couch or sore throat.
    About 3 weeks ago I felt a sore throat coming on, so I did the following things
    1. Added 3 capsules of vitamin A (8,000 ius each)
    2. Increased my vitamin C from 1.500mg tablet to several times a day.
    3. I took extra sprays and drops of vitamin D3.
    4.I made sure that I brushed my teeth about three times daily and used a mouthwash afterwards.
    5. On the second day, as the sore throat hadn’t gone I took about three small swigs of a throat linctus (blackcurrant and glycerol) which was way past its date (2009).
    Within 48 hours there were no symptoms, which rather pleased me.
    About two weeks later I sneezed a few times one day and tmy nose streamed a bit., but certainly was not like a cold which I used to have. I increased the same supplements as above (but no linctus!)
    Again, within 48 hours everything was back to normal.
    With both of the above incidents I felt perfectly normal, well and energetic.
    I decided that a little extra rest would probably help so took an extra hour to lie down, listening to a CD in the middle of the day.
    I ate as normal, continuing my low calorie regime, including more soups and juices than usual.
    My day’s routine was normal. (I am retired so spend my time as I like) I had my usual walking and activities throughout these days as I felt so normal.
    I spend most mornings in a local covered shopping centre, wearing my bold T-shirts which promote ‘Eat a rainbow daily’ or ‘85% of cancers are preventable -United Nations’. I have a wide range wit such messages!
    Many people pass me coughing, so I assume that a few viruses must have decided to take on my immune system!
    In the previous 12 years ( from 8 to 20 years that is) I had had three colds. Two of these continued for 3 weeks, turing into coughs, so I checked with doctor who prescribed anti-biotics to deal with the bacterial infection. Both cleared quickly after that.
    I thought that, with old age (over 60 then) that my colds might give me more problems than in earlier life.
    However, about 12 years ago, I started taking various natural supplements to support my wholefood vegetarian lifestyle, which I had followed since I was 17.
    It does appear that they have worked! I was only telling my doctor recently that I hadn’t had a cold for 8 years!
    (Perhaps the gods heard that and thought that they’d test me!!!)
    I hope that the above may assist some of your newer readers who still need to be convinced of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. It has served me well. I have only had ‘flu once in 60 years, when I was under great strain, opening my first shop on my own, a health food store ( I felt quite ashamed at the time!), and have only needed medical treatment on a few occasions.
    Thanks again, Kevin, for your interesting story. I no longer fast on such rare occassions unless my appetite tells me to stop eating!

  14. nomi says:

    Whenever I don’t feel well and I haven’t been full on sick for some time…I just take in liquids. Usually carrot/greens, lemon juice/water/green powder, all kinds of tea at will. Sometimes it’s day sometimes it’s three days. Rest when I feel I need to.
    I truly believe that when the body isn’t working so hard digesting, assimilating and eliminating, more energy can go to healing and cleansing…all this goes on all the time anyways…esp with a high or all raw fooder, but taking the load off when you are having symptoms, I feel speeds up the process….

  15. Art says:

    Thanks Kevin — you put a LOT of energy in to figuring how to beat a cold. Colds suck.

    There are simpler solutions to just about never getting a cold so you can save your energy for more important things.

    Take Yin Chiao tablets — a Chinese herbal remedy. Back in the day when I would get colds regularly — once a month in the winter — I figured out how to use Yin Chiao and did not have a cold for years at a stretch and still do not. When colds come these days they are without symptoms [very strange] and go away in a couple of days.

    There is only one catch: you need to start the Yin Chiao before you have the symptoms. Just have to be in touch with his body. Perhaps the Yin Chiao tablets are a placebo and it is being in touch with the body that prevents the colds. I haven’t taken them in years because I have never got that close to a cold.

  16. Cece says:

    I was sick a lot when I had a baby in the house. As he got older this eased off. One thing we started doing was taking off our shoes at the door. We all do that to this day, son and his friends included. I did not grow up this way, but it is status quo in some cultures and makes sense from a hygiene standpoint.

  17. Alice Harper says:

    Since I started on a gluten free, partially raw, healthier diet I haven’t had a cold in years. However,whenever I have felt like I was getting one I did the following:
    I would take Miracle Mineral Solution protocol 1000. Also, gargle with H2O2 and also put it in my ears. Every 2 the very first sign of a cold and then the cold never happens. If I procrastinate & actually allow the cold to happen, then the same protocol will reduce the length of the cold, dramatically.
    Glad you & your family are feeling better.

  18. Cindy Yacob says:

    Echinacea tincture at the first sign of cold. Bouncing on rebounded. Works every time.

  19. Berni says:

    When I had the flu a little over a month ago, I did not feel like eating solid food either.
    I did a lot of teas (green, white, chamomile and peppermint) and soups (vegetable was
    a favorite!) As I started to feel a little better, I added in fresh fruit – apples, bananas
    and lots of oranges/clementines. I also juiced citrus fruit and drank lemon juice with hot
    water (similar to tea.) I think this overall approach was useful as my fever disappeared
    after the third day although it took well over a week until my energy level was back to

    It wasn’t that I made a conscious decision to eat lightly then – it just seemed to me that
    it was what my body wanted to eat. I didn’t want any heavy foods. I wasn’t very hungry
    but I did want fluids and then light foods.

  20. Puhutes says:

    When I feel I am getting a cold… Vit C, Zinc, Echinacea has worked for me every single time!

  21. I hate to burst your bubble but a cold can be cured in a day and a half by taking grape seed extract (100mg) 4x/day for 3 days. It is cured in 1 1/2 days but if you don’t continue for 3 days it returns. Barry

  22. giancarlo says:

    [An article written by Dr.Shelton called, “Avoiding and remedying colds”.]

    The 2 great causes of colds are repletion and enervation.(Repletion means too much – too much of food, too much of work, too much of anything where you overtax the functions of life and poison the body and necessitates an unusual house cleaning process.)(Enervation means tiredness, and depletion of energy, vitality.)

    Excess of sugar, starches and milk are the chief causes of catarah conditions of which the cold is just but one. Eating when exhausted, and under any similar circumstances, when the digestive powers are lowered and the eliminative functions are impaired results in poisoning and necessitates recourse to an unusual means of elimination.

    Colds then are not something that we catch. Instead of catching something, we are getting rid of something. And that something is too hot and feverish to be called a cold. The nose running and drooling is simply natures efforts to get rid of excess.

    Colds do not, as is popularly taught, lay the foundation for other more serious dieseases. They are efforts to prevent the development of more serious conditions by the body. The condition of the body that makes a cold or a series of cold necessary may and often does, due to the persistance of its courses, demand other and more acute eliminating measures to remedy. But the cold, which is a process of compensatory elimination, did not lay the foundation for the subsequent process. Turburculosis, no more develops out of a cold, than the hair on man’s head, develops out of a hair on his face. The persistance of the condition of the body seeks to remedy by means of the cold, may finally result in turburculosis. But the cold as a process of elimination is distinct from the toxic condition of the body, which it seeks to remove.

    The prevailing view is that colds are caused by germs. The less viralent germs, first break down the body’s resistance. Afterwards, the more viralent germs, are able to envade the body for havic then. This use seems absurd and lacks verification.

    It is always desirable to prevent disease, to have good health. But due to our mode of living, bodyly conditions develop that make disease necessary and under these conditions, colds and other such eliminating processes, should be welcomed, not feared. They are life savers, not distructive processes. Many so called diseases begin with a cold and this has helped to lead us believe that cold prepare the way for other diseases. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The cold in such a case is only one part of a general house cleaning process in several tissues or organs, corporating in eliminating the toximia.

    Colds have a habit of developing after feast days, such as thanksgiving and Christmas. They may develop any time however, when overeating or enervation have resulted in a need for them.

    Now that we understand what a cold is, and what its causes are, we are prepared for a rational plan of prevention and sane method of care. Colds are prevented, that is, made unnecessary, by living in such a way that a high standard of health is maintained. Moderate eating of wholesome foods, daily exercise, fresh air, sunbaths, plenty of rest and sleep, these are the elements out of which health is compounded.

    No cure for colds is needed. The cold is a curative process. It should not be supressed or checked or cut short. It should be allowed to complete the work of purification. Let it run its course without hindrance. By this I do not mean that there is nothing that we can do, if we have a cold, that is helpful. There is much that can be done, that should be done. Colds last from a few hours, to a few weeks. The average cold lasts 3 or 4 days. They are self limited. For these reasons, almost anything seems to be a cure. However, when a cold develops, that persists for several weeks, all of the aborted cures that people swear by fail. These are the colds that waver cures in the balance and find them wanting.

    In all cases where the cold does not last over 3 or 4 days, anything and everything appears to cure. In the case where the cold lasts several weeks, nothing appears to cure.

    It is precisely these long drawn out cold, that the simple natural methods prove their true worth. Put to the acid test in such conditions, they do not supress the symptoms, but hasten the elimination of the toxic overload back of the cold.

    There is no more rapid means of getting rid of excess, than excess of anything, than fasting. The individual suffering with a cold, should immediately stop all food, except water or else he should confine himself to fruit juices. Eating intensifies and prolongs a cold.

    All the water desired may be taken. There is no reason to force water upon the system in the absence of thirst, but one should drink all the water demanded by instinct. Whenever it is possible, the sufferer will go to bed and rest, the process of elimination will be speaded up through all channels and the toxins will be eliminated from the body in shorter time. Rest is especially important for those who are run down and exhausted.

    • To each his own.
      I refuse to suffer the way I used to before I found my therapeutic grade essential oils. Plus, taking an enema before a fast helps detoxification. My husband now asks me to do an enema for him the minute he gets sick. And that’s after many years of being an outcast in my home for learning about holistic therapies and becoming a raw vegetarian.

  23. Hello Kevin:
    I read this article with particular interest, as I got sick recently, too. I can’t even remember the last time I got sick – maybe 7 years ago.
    This time, I had the additional healing tool of EFT (Tapping) to help with my emotions about being sick (what did I do to contribute? I NEVER get sick. I don’t have time for this. I feel really bad!, etc.) I tapped on all these things as they came up.

    As I read your article, I heard a lot of frustration, anger and maybe embarrassment about getting sick. When we get mad because we’re sick, it’s like saying to our body “you didn’t do your job! And I’m mad at you!” Well, I don’t know about you, but I would be much more likely to do my job if I were parised and encouraged. And being perfect all the time is just too big a goal! Our bodies are no different. I mean, how often do we thank our body for doing all the amazing things it does to keep us healthy and safe? I’ve begun doing it regularly, and I think it helped me to gracefully get through the flu.
    Although you recovered quickly, perhaps your negative emotions prolonged your illness longer than necessary.
    Just a thought.

  24. Hello Kevin:

    A cold is a healthy thing for the body to have;
    it is a time of detoxification and one needs to welcome it.
    As you release the toxins through fasting, you have freed
    the body of accumulated toxins brought on by too much food
    lack of rest, breathing toxic air, or lack of exercise,etc.
    You did well by fasting, and next time, do it with water
    only and save the juice when you are truly hungry,
    When in a healing crisis such as a cold, the body is not
    normally hungry,

  25. Hi Kevin,
    I was an intern at Dr. Shelton’s Health School of Fasting in San Antonio,Texas in the 70s.
    People came in with all kinds of illnesses, colds, flu, tumors, eplipisey, immune disease,
    fatigue, diabetes. All people recovered by fasting in a week, two or 3 weeks. I supervised
    a fast of a 22 year old young lady from Montreal, Canada, who had polyps in her throat,
    and she fasted 42 days, and all polyps went away. Dr. Shelton taught us personally, and
    in his books, that germs, viruses and bacteria are not the true cause of any disease, including
    colds, flue or infections.

    Fevers mean you have heat or inflammation in your system, especially a hot liver, as I found
    out later in my 40 years of research of Traditional Five Element Chinese Medicine. Now,
    inflammation comes mostly from excessive fats, animals foods and sugars, even too much
    dried fruit, and even too much vegetable fats, like avacado, nuts, nut butters, butter,
    coconut oil and even too much vegetable oils in the diet. Oils and fats should be only 55
    to 10$ of the diet–no more. More than that will cause internal inflammation, liver weakness,
    liver congestion. Remember, fats are very dense molecules, and if you overdo any type
    of fats, the liver function slows down, or stops altogether, bercause these fats inhibit the
    flow of bile needed for good digestion. Now, when the body is stuffed with fats, sugars
    day in and day out, you get a back up on the liver and the colon bacteria turns anerobic,
    and you lose your friendly gut bacteria–and a “cold” or “flu” rises up to the lungs and head.
    Chinese Medicine: “The colon and lungs work together to keep the immune system healthy.”
    When the colon loses its friendly bacteria, the unfriendly or anerobic bacteria take over,
    and if the body is weakened by stress, lack of sleep or rest, not enough sunshine or outside
    activity, too much fat, sweets, dried fruits, sweet fruit juices, plus too many cold foods,
    combined with excess fats and sugars, plus a COLD INTERNAL BODY TYPE SYSTEM–YOU HAVE
    JUST CREATED, in your body, the mechanism of “FLUSHING”–THE BODY ATTEMPTS TO
    especially a Cold Internal System that creates the “symptoms” of “cold” and “flu.”

    In reality, there is no such thing as a “Cold” or “Flu”–that is just a medical term for
    the bod “Germs” etc are not the CAUSE of anything–they are part and parcel of your
    internal body digestive chemistry. When, either the digestive organs are too cold, or
    too hot, you can easily develop fevers or colds and flu. When the system is jammed and
    plugged up, the friendly digestive bacteria change their form, and become scavenger
    bacteria, designed by nature to eat up the refuse and undigested food in your system.
    When you understand that germs, viruses and bacteria are just scavengers that eat
    up dead, undigested fermenting foods in your gut, you will have no fear of “catching:
    them from Hudson, Annamarie or anyone else.

    The Germ Theory of disease is a false premise by the medical system. In fact, Pasteur
    recanted on his death bed, that “Germs are not the cause of disease, but the effects
    of the host organism.” Although, he recanted, the medical system grabbed onto his
    original premise that germs are the cause of everything, so now they had “cause” to
    chase germs, make poisonious vaccines and shots, and keep people in fear of disease
    by something they could not see. It is all fear based medicine, not real healing medicine.

    When you understand this statement, you will be totally free of any fear of germs:

    Colds and flu or any disease cannot exist in a slightly alkaline aerobic oxygen-filled body.
    When activity and foods and stress are in the extreme–the body reacts to this abuse by
    flushing and detoxing itself. Food can create good health or create disease–even so-called
    “health foods”–like veetable oils, nuts, nut butters, cold damp foods, sweet juices. Or, on
    the other hand, most acid based diseases are created by excessive animal products–meat,
    eggs, non cultured dairy, commercial dairy, fish.

    Whenever the friendly bacteria int he GUT are lowered and the unfriendly bacteria take
    over the system, there is where colds, flus and disease start. When the friendly oxygen bacteria
    are in abundance, you cannot develop a cold, flu or disease from another person, including
    your mate or Hudson.

    I have proved this many times in the past, where I -wet-kissed by girlfriend, who had a
    whopping “flu”, just for an experiment to see if I would get “her cold.” I waited for a few
    days–nothing. I waited 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 months, 6 months–I GOT NOTHING. What
    was she doing to get this whopping cold and mucus coming up thru her throat, nose and
    eyes, plus weak–she was guzzling down milk and dairy, and sweets. She broke down her
    own GUT BACTERIA and immune system buy her bad health and eating habits. I did not
    break down my system, so I got no “cold” from her. You can’t get any disease from
    anyone–you have to develop it yourself, you can develop it together as a family, from
    either collectively overeating too much fats, sweets, no sleep, run down, eating too often and too
    soon before the previous meal was completely digested, stress, which weakens the liver,
    decreases the friendly GUT bacteria, lack of Vit D or sunshine, outdoor activity, inside too
    Close work after meals just about puts a stop to digestion, assimilation, absopbtion and
    proper elimination. Why? Because close work, computers, reading right after eating–
    pull much of the blood to the eyes and brain, which is of utmost importance to be in the
    GUT for digestion etc. When you do this often enough–this creates undgested food toxins
    to develop in the GUT and move up to the brain, head and eyes, and weaken vision and
    eyesight. Because humans are far looking animals by nature, too much close work weakens
    the entire GI tract and immune system. 80% of the Immune system is in the GI Tract–colon,
    stomach, liver, small intestines. THE GI TRACT IS OUR “SECOND BRAIN.” But, really, it is
    our first “GUT REACTION” brain that we need to pay more attention to keeping healthy.

    Ayurvedic Health Medicine Wisdom has this to say about the GUT, over 5,000 years ago:
    no disease, nothing happens negatively, including colds, flu or disease of any kind, without
    first the GI tract being deranged, upset, losing it friendly bacteria etc. The GUT is our
    HARA–the center of our body–the balance point of our existence. When the GUT is “down”
    the whole body is down, with cold, flu or illnesses are all kinds.

    You can’t blame germs on disease, when people create their own disease or dis-ease by
    first deranging the GUT flora from a variety of reasons, as stated above.

    Now, a fast or green juice cleanse will correct the friendly gut bacteria, as you stated
    in your article. But, to get to the issue of how you developed your own cold, you have
    to look deeper at what you are eating, how often, fatty foods, sugars, cold foods, too
    much close work. Simply blaming a lowly germ, which can’t attack a healthy cell, is
    looking in the wrong direction for the cause.

    My book Health Force is still available on amazon–3 copies left (working on a new
    revised edition). My new book PERFECT EYESIGHT (I sent you copy last year, but haven’t
    heart back from you. This new book explains, not only natural vision and eyesight,
    but goes into the Ayurvedic Nutritional Body Typing, Breathing Oxygen Exercises and
    How much water we really need. Excess water in the body, when it is not needed, can
    also wipe out the friendly bacteria, but make the internal body system water-logged,
    damp and moist, create indigestion and cause colds and flus, plus weak bladder,
    incontinence and constipation or diarrhea.

    I am in a unique position of being trained and certified as an Ayurvedic Nutritional
    Consultant, Practitioner of Chinese Five Element, Four Pillars Body Typing Medicine,
    Practitioner of the Natural Hygienic System, student of
    with Leonard Orr, Black Belt in Shotokan Karate-do, Chi Kung Practitioner and
    Instructor, worked directly with the Father of Fasting Dr. Herbert M Shelton in Texas.

    If you want to know more about the Secrets Behind Perfect Eyesight and Health, send
    me an email, and I’ll give you my phone number.

    I worked as an intern with Dr.Shelton, Dr. Virginia Vetranaa and her daughter, now a
    MD, Dr. Tosca Haag.

    Hope to hear from you soon for a long chat!

    Thank you,
    aka: R.T. Lewis
    Robert Lewanski

  26. suz says:

    Try wearing different shoes inside than on the outside, as the Japanese do. Not only is it good for your health, but it is also easier to keep a clean house.

  27. Vincent says:

    I was told by a friend that he had not had a cold or flu for 20 years. Just by taking a natural (reasonably natural) suppliment. I was very sceptical. I tried taking it once a day and in the last 10 years have never had a cold or flu.
    However he has developed Prostrate cancer and more recently so have I. Could it be that we are meant to have these occasional challenges to our immune system?
    Food for thought.

  28. Whit says:

    I swear by the Wellness Formula by SourceNaturals. I always keep a bottle in my bathroom bag so it’s always with me, even when traveling. At first signs of feeling a little off, I start taking them, three (huge) pills every three hours. With the exception of getting sick from bad food and water in Nepal years ago, I have not been sick in at least five years but maybe longer cause I don’t remember when. Also everyone I tell about it swears by it too. It’s key to start taking at first signs of imbalance though. I must work for others too since our little health food store has not been able to stock it for months.

  29. Hi Kevin,

    If I am threatened with a cold I take a quarter of a teaspoon of aluminium free bicarbonate of soda in water every half hour until all symptoms have disappeared. It takes about 2 days. Viruses & bacteria cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

    Dr Jane Little

    • I’ve heard about using baking soda. However, I would not use it, because it is not a natural product like say, celery juice, which will also keep you alkaline.

      Cayenne pepper, aloe, green juices, garlic and lemon are all good. However, it is so much easier to do the therapeutic grade essential oils – rub them on, smell, put over sinus, on your feet and spine, on or under your tongue, in a capsule, in a drink, add to enema – any way you like it. And the best part is – you get well fast.

  30. Andreia says:

    Kevin, since when did you guys started to add animal proteins into your diet? I just started to eat some fish and chicken after few years of being vegan. I study a lot and my body was asking for it. I get pastured chicken and raw goat milk. Can you talk more about how your diet looks like now?

  31. I seldom get colds but the 2 times I felt I may be catching one this winter I immediately used a cayenne based sinus spray a couple of times and felt great. I only have ever gotten head colds in the past, possibly one every 3 to 5 years apart and I only remember having one in the last 10 years.

  32. Susan says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Love your blog !!! I feel just like you do with the Cancer history in my family. I am the only one in my family and all of my friends who has the passion to read up on health and I am totally living as healthy as possible which is considered boring by most people’s standards!! I recently went on vacation and read a book “The Miracle Liver and Gallbladder cleanse. I really enjoyed it. ( I got teased for that one! ) It is quite different than the type of cleanse you mentioned and from what I have read, you can pass a lot of stones. Have you ever done one of these? I am a little nervous, but totally enjoyed the book.

    The lack of sleep when you have a baby is enough to cause immune problems. You realize it when you become a grandmother and you babysit over night for your grandchild..LOL I actually start getting really run down if I do not sleep in the guestroom a few nights a week as my husband’s snoring and tossing and turning interupts my sleep. I would definitely follow your routine if I get a cold or virus..I am very impressed and I wish my husband would share our interest in health. He jogs and he thinks that is enough to stay healthy while he eats badly. In addition when my children started nursery school, I was never so sick in my life, so they are little germ magnets. I realize I am all ove the place with this post, but I really share your enthusiasm to stay healthy…Thanks Susan

  33. I believe I heard that that old saying goes like this:

    “IF you FEED A COLD, you’ll have to STARVE A FEVER.”

    Hope that helps! : )

  34. W. says:

    That is one cute kid- if he gave you the cold, it’s worth it. 😉

    Love the ideas for juicing. Thanks. 2 of my kids are beginning to get colds so will do as much of this as they will let me. Usually we use colds as a reason to cuddle up with books and blankets, I think all the body heat together helps to heal. We also began taking cod liver oil this fall and did not catch a cold in the early fall like we usually do, when we did catch one right before Christmas it was only about 5 days and the only new thing we were doing was the cod liver oil. So I think it helped.

  35. Yesterday I felt as though I was coming down with a cold and as a nutritional consultant this was definitely something I was not proud of! I even had to miss an important lecture I was going to attend as I just couldn’t make connections with people when I wasn’t my healthy self. So, why did I get sick…don’t we always want to figure this out especially us in the nutritional field who feel so proud that they hardly ever get sick. Well, lack of sleep was definitely the instigator as the night before I spent way too much time on the computer and couldn’t fall asleep until 2am. Second, I neglected to take my usual supplements for a few days and third, due to some treatment being done on my sore neck and shoulder, I wasn’t exercising as I normally would. Ok so now that I have an idea why I got sick, what did I do! By the way, it was a mild sickness, mostly just a runny nose and dry throat, my indication that I had to kick it right away. I started with ‘Homecoksinum”, a homeopathic flu buster which I took immediately in the morning and again at night, 10,000 IU of vitamin D, “Emergen-C’, a powdered drink with 1,000 mgs of vitamin C, teapots of lemon water with ginger and honey, 1 teaspoon of honey directly ingested and 1-1/2 hours of sleep in the afternoon. The weather is a disaster here today so I have to stay home…Good luck to anyone with a cold, if you can catch it at the first sign you can surely beat it!! Pay attention to your body and it will take care of itself when you feed it what it needs (and that includes food, sleep and rest)!

  36. Sorry, forgot to mention that I did 10 drops of oil of oregano under the tongue and had a super green drink for breakfast with bee pollen!

  37. Sorry again, add homemade chicken soup to the remedies…as i read over your article, I keep remembering what else I did!

  38. Kathryn says:

    ” it’s my understanding that less sickness is better, more sickness is usually not best, and not being sick doesn’t always mean you’re the healthiest person on the planet.”

    This is very true. Being “sick” gives your immune system some exercise.
    Not ever being “sick” sometimes means your immune system is non-functioning.

    Being in the natural health field for 40 years I have often said that I don’t get sick – it would be sacrilegious for me. So if I am under the weather (which doesn’t happen often), I am not “sick”, I am “out of balance”.
    Being healthy then means that when you are “sick or out of balance ” you recover quickly.

  39. barbara says:

    Hydrotherapy can prevent colds and flu, old remedy, gets the immune system up to speed. Acupuncture can stop a cold right away. Homeopathic remedies work well too. Eating less or fasting is a good idea, more energy for healing. Lots of hydration too. Exercise and getting the body temperature up a bit will help . Being alkaline has benefits also.

  40. Jeff says:

    It’s been several years since I’ve had a bad cold. If I feel a scratchy throat or runny nose coming on I get aggressive with colloidal silver and it doesn’t get very bad. When my kids were in school I used to get bad colds and i could get rid of 80 percent of it in one day with the remainder lingering for about 3 days by chewing on as much fresh garlic as I could stand (small bites), letting it mix well with saliva in my mouth. Ouch. Glad I haven’t had to do that in a while.

  41. Kevin,
    whenever someone gets sick in my house, I always diffuse Thieves, and put Thieves oil on everyone, to heal and prevent others from getting sick. For example, my son and I got sick, but my husband didn’t.

    If I feel any sign of getting sick, I use Thieves or Tea tree (therapeutic grade) right away. Then I either don’t get sick, or take 1 day to get well, provided I don’t eat the wrong stuff. However, if I don’t stay on a very easy diet and get worse, I have oils and oil blends which help me to be comfortable – no more sleepless nights having a stuffy nose or suffering from a throat pain…

    My experience about fasting and cleansing – it is the quickest way to get better. I do an enema first, and use therapeutic grade essential oils for healing and cleansing of lymph, liver, kidneys and endocrine system. I also make sure to keep Candida in check.

    Fasting feels great, though the 3rd day is the hardest. However, I would not recommend doing it around people enjoying food. Anyway, being vegetarian, I enjoyed, though a long time ago, urine therapy and fasting. In fact, my urine was more powerful than wheat grass juice in healing and for pain.

    Now, I am so used to having therapeutic grade essential oils virtually for everything, I feel spoiled.

    Another thing, I always tell myself that I am not sick – that helps a lot too. The sooner you convince yourself, the quicker the results!

    I have a lot of info on my web site, and even created bad quality YouTube videos when I had a cold, explaining what I did to get well.

    Eugeniya Hilzinger

  42. Rene Oswald says:

    I’ve only had a cold twice in the last 10 years since eating a raw food diet and both times they were very mild and lasted about 1/4 the time that I used to have a cold when I ate the standard American diet. A couple times I felt tired and achy like I was going to be sick, so I just slept for a couple hours and woke up feeling great. Our immune systems are awesome when working at maximum capacity!

    It’s great to see Hudson, looks like he is really enjoying life!

  43. violet says:

    Unfortunately for me, having a child has meant getting sick. Before I had him, I would get a mild cold maybe once a year. Whenever we would take the baby out in public he would get sick, and after we started daycare- he was always sick and I would get something every 2-3 weeks. I am about 50% raw dairy-free vegetarian, and nothing I do or don’t do for the sicknesses seems to make any difference at all. Now that he’s almost 7 we have short bouts of being well, but his allergies are so bad I have had to succumb to giving him Claritin because even though we take ayurvedic herbs formulated by a nutritionist, he has chronic sinusitis if I don’t. In my pre-kid life I would never have taken meds but I have been worn down by all the sickness. I still do all the herbs, vitamins, essential oils, green smoothies, etc, but now in addition to Tylenol Cold. It’s just a part of having kids- you can’t take care of yourself the way you used to, and even though your kid may eat well most other kids don’t and are spreading their green snot everywhere with their fingers in their noses and mouths all the time. It’s really disgusting.

  44. meherbani says:

    thx Kev.

    what about colonics … or massages

    me, that’s my route… typically colonics cause I’m too lazy to do it myself (enema) is where I head if I’ve hit a low spot and if’ its worse than normal?? it’s a series… I change it up from bi-weekly colonics to weekly…

    and the massages, back in the day, not so much now… they were weekly or bi, can’t even remember its been so long… and especially, too, when I’d had a bike accident, slipped on ice and fallen, etc. was straight off always, to get the energetic field balanced.

    hi and love to family,


  45. Dean says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the story and i totally agree! I have seen the not so healthy rarely get sick and the more healthy like myself get sick twice as much. I did the same but with different supplements, it took a bit longer but it was good and i am still learning.

  46. Rebecca says:

    Natures Sunshine, Suma, begin with 5 tablets in am with a total of 15 first day; or Wellness tabs thankfully kicks a cold on first day. Keep babe off draftly floor, away from cat, (poor Hudson), dairy, etc. Awesomely

  47. Joy Bola says:

    I always fast when I get a cold which is as you very rare. I believe it is the best way to ward off a cold and to avoid so many of the effects of it as well. Just dosing up on vitamin c every 2-4 hours 2-3 grams per dose and drinking lots of water. It soon passes.

  48. Ruth Howard says:

    I can’t remember the last cold or flu that I had, it has been many years. Probably since I started eating a lot of raw veggies and green smoothies and various supplements. I work every day with younger folks that could be my kids and grandkids, so I’m around people. They have their share of sickness, but I never have an excuse to call in or have a sick day. Thank you, Lord! Not boasting, just grateful! I tell my coworkers that 5,000 units of Vitamin D every day is the best flu shot. So far, it has been for me….. Kevin, your practical videos have been a great help to me.

  49. Lucas Plumb says:

    Dear Kevin, If there is anyone who hates to be sick more than you do, it is I….and here is the trick I’ve used to twart many, many colds. (I have not been sick since December of 2009) For some reason, my immune system, no matter how many healthy things I do, does not seem to be as strong as most, and I have a proclivity to get sore throats and colds–especially if I go on a fast too quickly.

    Back in 2001, I started doing the Vitamin C/Salt protocol (a regimine to fight Lyme’s Disease) and that helped my immune system considerably, but I would still get sore thoats from time to time. So what I do is this: at the first sign of even a slight tickle in my throat, I swish my mouth out with salt water once an hour–it doesn’t have to be hot and you don’t have to gargle + I found you can eat or drink soon afterwords–all the salt needs to do is contact the mouth for a few seconds to do the trick. I put the salt water in a Kombucha bottle and keep it with me at all times. The requirement however is to do it quickly and frequently–I do it once an hour for the first day and maybe the same on the 2nd day if the sore throat is particularly pesky.

    Often the sore throat will disappear in a half day; usually it takes 24 hours and sometimes it’s sore enough that I think to myself, “this time it probably won’t work”–but it does 19 times out of 20. It’s REALLY amazing–it really works, but when I try to spreak the “good news” to my less zealous friends–“Hey, you really don’t have to get 3-4 colds a year,” I’m usually met with polite enthusiasm but eventual non-compliance. There is a real block to this simple age-old treatment and for the life of me, I can’t figure out the reason. Why wouldn’t someone try this if it meant they wouldn’t have to be miserable for a week or two–or sometimes more. I would love it if someone with your discipline and awareness of health would experiment with this protocol.

    There is only one other person (besides the folks on the Vitamin C/Salt Protocol) I’ve ever heard who believes in salt like I do–Dr. Robert Young. He sells a bottle of salt spray, and encourages people to use it as a quick energy pickup. I don’t know if he has used it as I have, but I’m sure he would approve of it.

    The other cure I use if I can’t ward off a cold is a few drops of iodine in water as a nebulizer solution (see Jonathan Wright’s website for what he uses–Tri Quench). If I am feeling that awful congestion in my lungs (man do I HATE to be sick), using this solution 4-5 times a day for a couple of days can completely clear me up, where it used to take me 5-6 days or longer to get rid of the congestion. I also use a drop or two of tea tree oil to help the smell.

    Well, I hope you and the family are feeling much better by now (since it is Valentine’s Day as I write this)!

    All the best,
    Lucas Plumb, PhD, Psychologist & Architect

  50. Kuru says:

    Kevin, your comments re your youth are revealing. You used to think of being sick as something special, even desirable. I never missed school as a kid because it just wasn’t in the protocol. We didn’t get sick. We didn’t believe in it. Let the weak man say, “I am strong.” Let the sick man say, “I am well.”

    Also, if you want an inspiring picture of juice fasting, here is a replay of a great event that happened yesterday.

  51. Irene says:

    Always love reading your article’s Kevin.

    I never used to get sick very often but a few years back, under a lot of stress, I was getting the worst of everything going around! Since then I have tried many things to help nip a cold in the bud and have found a system that works for me. I try to keep an eye on my sleep and if I am not getting enough I schedule a night to get to bed early, maybe read for a bit to get my mind off of work, and catch up on my sleep. The other thing I do which has made a HUGE improvement in shortening a cold or preventing it in the first place, is nasal rinsing. I have a nasal rinse bottle and make up my own solution (1/2 tsp organic sea salt, 1/2 tsp baking soda mixed with 8 oz of distilled water …actually I use the previously boiled water, now cool, from the kettle). I do this sporadically during the winter and especially if I start to sneeze. I have become so attuned to my body and can most often recognize the subtle signs of my body fighting off a cold. I also up my vitamin C and may also take Oil of Oregano. That’s about it.

    I started to get the signs of a sinus infection earlier this year and I did my routine (well actually I ended up doubling the salt and baking soda in my nasal rinse recipe by mistake and think I ended up killing any nasty bug hiding in my nasal cavity and then some!). I felt a bit listless for 2 – 3 days but was able to get some work done and prevented myself from getting the horrible infection.

    You would just have to watch that you do not use too much pressure with the nasal rinse if your sinuses are already plugged.

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