Natural Cold Remedies

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GarlicGarlic can help you fight off that cold, but only if you use the real stuff.

You eat your vegetables. Take your vitamins. You even avoid sugar. And…what’s that?

You got sick anyway?

I know when I wake up with a congested head I feel doubly bad because, hey, aren’t I supposed to be…the healthy one? My ego takes a hit along with my sinuses. I feel like yelling, “Hey! I drink kale smoothies!”

Well, ‘tis the season. Even the healthiest eaters catch colds, stomach bugs, and the flu. It happens. It’s human.

And here’s the thing. When we care for ourselves with proper food and movement, we feel GREAT when we aren’t sick, as opposed to kinda run down and foggy every single day. That makes a huge difference in our quality of life—even if today is kind of sniffly.

Natural Remedies
While you rest up, here are some ways to feel better naturally:

  • Cut mucus with a knife
    Ok, not a knife. But I adore Bragg’s apple cider vinegar for it’s ability to cut through and clear mucus congestion. As soon as you start feeling thickness or heaviness in your head, drink a glass of water with a splash of Bragg’s. Repeat often.
  • Dab it on
    A few drops of peppermint essential oil on your forehead or sinuses can do wonders. It is amazing at opening up the airways and alleviating pain. But don’t get too close to your eyes!
  • Go Neti! Go Neti!
    I can’t say enough about my neti pot. It’s most useful to use it before you are majorly clogged up. As a preventative measure, it can be used daily. Once I start feeling icky, I use it 2 or 3 times per day. However, the salt water can be drying in cold weather, so follow up with a bit of sesame oil. I use a Qtip to apply the oil to the inside of my nostrils. Make sure you used distilled water and not tap water, as tap water can carry bacteria.
  • Raw garlic rocks
    The natural medicinal qualities of garlic can ward off whatever you’re fighting. The key is to eat fresh garlic, not garlic powder. Chop or crush the clove and swallow like a pill, without chewing. Take with food to be kind to your stomach.
  • Drink a healing broth
    Include garlic, ginger, dark leafy greens and turmeric. When you don’t feel like eating much, broth is incredibly nourishing and healing to your body. A steamy hot bowl or mug will also help your sinuses open.
  • Adhesive nasal strips
    These are so incredibly not sexy at all. But they physically open your nose to allow more space in there. That makes all the difference, especially while sleeping.
  • Sleep, sleep and sleep some more
    Seriously. If in that early stage you can take a day off and just sleep all day—and using the computer while lying on the couch doesn’t count—you are going to really help your body fight off the cold.
Michelle Pfennighaus

Michelle Pfennighaus

Michelle is wife, mama and health coach to busy women around the world. She suffered for years with IBS and anxiety, until finally healing herself through changes in diet and lifestyle. Her life’s reinvention has been documented in the movie “Lemonade” and she’s been featured on ABC, NBC and NPR with her inspiring story. Visit for recipes and healthy ideas.


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  1. Henrik says:

    I haven’t had a cold since I went raw four and half year ago. And I used to be sick all the time. I honestly never thought I would ever be this healthy in my life. I’m so thankful.

    But I do notice that it’s in my body sometimes. I get a little tired and I notice that my body is fighting something. It’s interesting to observe really.
    And every now and then my sinuses have been hurting. But I just take a spoon of manuka honey and it’s gone within a few minutes. It works like magic really.

    So Manuka honey is always my no 1 tips when starting to feel the symptoms of a cold.

  2. Jayvanthy says:

    For a bad throat : Half a spoonful of Honey mixed well with 1/2 a spoonful of Pure Turmeric Powder taken the last thing at night before going to bed works miracles.
    For a cold replacing the apple cider with Lime juice in your remedy also works very well.
    Steam inhaled several times a day or even just 1st thing in the morning & last thinng at night is an excellent remedy.
    Regular dosage of Vitamin C keeps Colds away

  3. S.Kailasam says:

    For cold even black pepper made into a decoction with water will serve the purpose of giving relief to cold.Along with ginger will add extra weightage for giving relief to cold. Along with the above extract/decoction honey will give added benefit.

  4. keely says:

    If you look at a cold as one of the bodys ways of cleansing, you can choose to relax, sleep and go with it, how healing that can be.

    Onion, try slicing an onion in half, place it beside your bed, sleep, and breath.

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