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Since the 2012 Cancer Summit, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching…

I’ve been writing or video blogging for the last 5 years — every day. Up until recently, I’ve never really thought much of when I’d scale back or if I ever would.

During the Summit, I took about a month off from writing regularly and I have to admit it felt pretty good to not have that daily responsibility on top of running two separate business (Renegade Health and Annmarie Gianni Skin Care) and now having a 4 and a half month old son.

But just because it felt good, doesn’t mean that much to me. We’ve built our readership from videos and articles, so we’ll continue to share with you in one medium or another. So let it be clear, this is not a retirement post.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

My batteries are recharged and I’m ready to go again.

Since my days in grad school as a writing student, I’ve always approached writing as a craft. It’s something that must be done regularly to not only improve, but keep the skill sharp. (BTW: I never finished that degree, something my mother often reminds me of… LOL!)

So I’m ready to help you, but I think I might want to do it a little differently this time around. I feel like this is an opportunity to reinvent myself with your assistance.

Basically, I want to know some things from you to see if we can come to an agreement about what I write about regularly on the blog.

I’ve come up with three ideas as a starting point and I’d like you share which one you think fits your needs best. (Of course, if you have an alternative, please suggest it!)

1. Keep everything the same.

This means everything goes as it always was. One post a day from me. One recipe a week from a contributor. One post from Dr. Williams. Two posts from Colleen on relevant health topics.

2. Hybridize it.

This means I’ll step back a bit and do a few articles a week. The rest will stay the same.

3. One a week.

This means I’ll only write one article a week, but it will likely be more in depth than what I’ve written in the past. The rest will remain the same.

As you can tell, I’m still quite undecided about all this.

What do you want to see? What will be most helpful to you?

Also, what style do you prefer?

I know many of you loved this article on coffee, so I’m thinking if I can have a little more time I can manage some more experiments — if this is what you like.

I also know that many of you really liked this style of writing too: Here, here, and here.

So I’m trying to figure out what one you like best and which one I should continue with.

I guess the ultimate question in terms of style is do you want inspiration and thoughtfulness or do you want me explaining something I tried and if it worked or not.

I know, a lot of questions.


With all that said here are the two most important questions…

1. What do you want to see on the blog and what will most helpful?

2. What style is most helpful to you? Short and inspirational or deep and exploratory?

OK, so I’m anticipating your comments, since I really could go either way. Just scroll down and add your thoughts for me.

I’ll be reading and sharing my thoughts as they come in. Thanks in advance!

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Shay says:

    KEEP IT THE SAME!!! I love reading your info, it is so hard as a parent to make the “right” choice or the best choice, and live with the notion that our choice was in fact the best choice for the health of ourselves and family. I always love hearing from others, and experts in the field on what works for them, as well as the sharing of their knowledge base on topics.. As you know keeping up with the scary changes in our world today takes a lot of time and countless hours of research to dig through and find the real truth. I value your information and appreciate your work and willingness to present your information an experiences on what has worked for you. Keep up the good work and thank you!!

  2. I am having trouble finding reliable third party (not affiliate) reviews
    and information on whole house water filters. Unfortunately, sites like
    Consumer Reports don’t have any information on this.

    My water company recently switched from using chlorine to chloramine,
    a chemical even more problematic than chlorine. I found out that there are no
    shower filters on the market that take out chloramine, so even if I continue
    distilling our drinking water, we are still getting a dose of chloramine with
    every shower.

    Predictably, everyone selling whole house water filtration systems says theirs
    is the best one.

    Any suggestions to further my research?

    • Martin says:

      I don’t think you looked everywhere. There is the CuZn filter, it takes out chloramine. And the Alive water vortex does a great job of restoring natural water character. …

  3. cid says:

    # 1. Current picture of Hudson.. (please)

    Would prefer 2 – 3 times a week, content doesn’t matter as you always seem to give us what is important.
    Style, mix it up as you have always done.

    How about a treat sometime during the holidays with a video of the 3 of you. Don’t know about everyone else but been on your list for years and you are like family.

    Thank you for all the great info over the years.

  4. I want to see less of J.E. Williams and more from others, and I want to see you lower your prices so those of us on fixed incomes (not yuppies who you seem to cater to) can afford them.

  5. Karen says:

    I feel I’ve disconnected with you guys. I REALLY miss your videos. I feel the closeness is gone. Can you do videos again – please? I have learned things from other peoples’ posts, but I don’t see that much anymore either. I just feel disconnected and I miss you guys.

    • Hi Kevin, I agree with Karen below….Since you changed your website and your writing style, I don’t find myself so interested anymore…seems you have a very personal, intimate touch with everyone, and now it’s like what happened? My favorite was watching you guys in the kitchen making things. Also your earlier style of writing was more personal, health specific somehow. I am sorry to say that since your new presentation, I have fallen off reading your stuff. But TOTALLY appreciated the Cancer summit. I know you are busier now with family, but if you could move back into a more PERSONAL presentation, it would be nice.
      Wishing you the best,

      • Erica says:

        I miss the videos and “how to’s” as well. I too come to the website less often; the content feels less personal, more dry. Maybe your videos and articles can be less frequent but they do convey the spirit of your and Annemarie’s wish of good health for all. Thank you for seeking our input. Best wishes whatever decision you make.

  6. Leigh says:

    Perhaps balance is the way to go and as a self confessed info junky I prefer good health information delivered in a short & sweet way with the option of a more indepth version for reference. Things move so quickly & I like to try & keep up. Knowing what worked for one is inspirational in its own right. The choice is yours & while ever it fits with your life/work balance will remain honest. I don’t need daily info.

  7. With Multiple sclerosis becoming as described by one “epidemic” proportions, and also other auto immune diseases and inflammatory diseases more prevelent….what credible research on dietary changes that one can adopt to improve ones outcomes whilst living with this hideous disease?

    • Martin says:

      Sometimes you need to do LESS – I have come to believe that MS has a lot to do with the total toxic load of the modern industrial society. I believe that zeolite is very good at removing toxic metals, and lowering the immune system load. Also lecithin can be very helpful – it is the universal fat transport facilitator, so it should help with the myelin issues …

  8. Jean Hart says:

    I’ve so appreciated all the hard work you’ve done over the past few years. I would prefer 1-2 times per week, mixed with some introspection and videos and some exploratory articles. Your experiences with various modalities and products would be great too! I wish you and Annmarie the best with New Beginnings for 2013, parenting and keeping abreast with the wonderful world of alternative health! Blessings!

  9. Hi Kevin First I want to say I love reading what you have to say and I was thrilled about the birth of your son. Would enjoy more pictures. I would order products from you, however, we are living in Ecuador at this time and shipping is a problem. When we move back to Canada it will be easier.
    I think as a person interested in health you may or may not know about this subject. A friend of my husband and I who went to school with us in Canada does wonderful healing with numbers. He realized he has this gift about 15 years ago. Seven years ago he healed my husband’s cancer and more recently his shingles in 3 days. Recently since I purchased his book, I had a UTI, said the numbers at midmight and went to bed. In the morning it was GONE. I also have been able to get off my blood pressure meds. His large book contains mainly numbers from people he has helped over the years. He is very low key but there are interviews with him on the internet. His name is Lloyd Mear and he now lives in California. I am very cautious because people think it is hokey although it has been around since before drugs but like a lot of other healing, it disappeared since drugs have become so big. I wonder why! Doctors do not have a cure for MS but he cures many people and it spreads by word of mouth. Every 3 months he works with doctors at a clinic in Colorado and he spends a lot of time flying around the west. His hands on gift is unbelievable and even on the phone he does great things. This info is not so you will write about it, but just for your information.


    Michelle Chesser

  10. Martin says:

    More substance, less fluff. More balance, less effort. I guess you need to find a way to spend more time being a good husband and father, right? That just has to come first. And definitely more from you, and less from some re-purposed news stream. There is already too much “information” out there. I think we need more wisdom, and less data. Ha! I mean something like your experiments – they really contribute something that is unique …
    I wonder how others feel about it: would longer more thoughtful pieces be a better way to communicate? Or have we all been wrecked by the “sound bite culture”?

  11. Veronica says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I LOVED the cancer summit. I listened to each one, and ordered the set, and have even given it away to a couple of friends who have cancer. I don’t have cancer, or have family that has cancer, but there seems to be a lot of cancer around us. Thanks so much for good well-balanced content with a variety of excellent speakers. It caught my husband’s attention because your speakers were not just “raw foodists”, but were medical doctors too! Thanks for that!

    I agree with several others above. I don’t follow you as much since you changed your style. I think just 2 or 3 times a week is enough – good health related content. I really wish you and Anna Marie would get back to doing videos in the kitchen. LOVED IT THEN!

    But, ultimately, I’d say you have to do what works best for you and your family. Please don’t think you have to try to cater to everyone. You just can’t make everyone happy. Now that you are a father, you must use your time more wisely…
    God bless you, and I pray for you and Anna Marie, and now baby!


  12. mary dicerni says:

    Hi Kev, I believe there is a big problem with bowel yeast (Candida albicans) .. overgrowth from many antibiotics… it creates a large bowel from the gas it produces, and we need more advice in this area… .. You are great at explainig deeply , and I love that, but some times, it is nice to have the main parts in concentrated form, and then explain more clearly after it… and we can come back later and read the long form with details…
    What they refer to as Mommy tummy or beer belly can often be yeast untreated, and getting worse with flour and sugar, like diabetes… so the same raw diet may work for both… but to kill them off is not so easy, so some help from herbs or herb oils, like oregano may help, but we have no recipe.. how often to take them and what is best to eat to eradicate it somewhat… I read that the roots die off, leaving the “leaky gut” syndrome… This yeast is one of the very few that actually does grow mycelium roots, and invades and grows a large mary

  13. John says:

    I think you should hybridize it. One post a week is so intense that you don’t have enough time to do much research and you more have to depend on your own memory and instincts. But if you hybridize it, you will be able to make your articles more in depth and you can also post more frequently than if you did once a week.
    Also, I’d like to see some articles that give in-depth advice on how to grow your own food and the benefits of herbs and other naturals, since we are all about plant-based foods. I’d like to fully understand what herbs do and how to use them and how to grow them. That is because there are many things you can do with herbs.

  14. DM says:

    I freakin’ LOVE Renegade Health but I must be honest and say that I am not as active reading as I used to be. Can’t tell you exactly why but I do feel the “personal/personality” feeling of this space has been lost a bit. Although I do miss the videos, I’m not sure that’d be the best way to go. I personally, like someone already mentioned, don’t need too much to read daily, it IS hard to keep up, especially when we also are keeping up with other blogs, articles, etc. Because of that, I would be very happy with an in-depth article once or twice a week from you. I don’t think I need a long one every single day. Perhaps any videos (if you’re open to that) for saying hi, or cooking can be fit to once a month? A short video recipe perhaps? Just a suggestion.

    Anyway, I think the site looks great but it has lost a bit of “you” and “us”. And I think we all miss that. Thank you, as always for what you do and being open. Things will always keep moving around and changing, especially now with the babe.

    Blessings…do what you believe is right from your heart.

  15. Dan Evans says:


    Can you help me understand the legality of providing alternative cancer therapies for cancer in the US? Is it state or federal laws that govern what therapies are permitted? What role does the FDA play? I have read that a medical doctor practicing medicine in the US must follow FDA approved procedures which only include chemo, radiation and surgery. Is this true? I’ve been reading recently of a growing number of US doctors using intro Vitamin C to treat cancer.

    I believe this was the reason Dr. Max Gerson moved his cancer clinic from New York City to Tijuana, Mexico many years ago? This also relates to to the problems Dr. Burzynski has had in Houston, Texas.

    If all the Gerson procedures are now OK to use in the US, I’d like to start a Gerson Clinic or an Oasis of Hope Clinic here in Baltimore.

    Please help me understand what Cancer therapies are permitted in the US.

    Thank you,

    Dan Evans

  16. mari says:

    I have been a listener for many years, have learned alot, appreciate your time, your research, honesty, and humor. I must say I really miss the videos of you and Annmarie, as others have stated, more personal, looked forward to our time spent together, was like a good friend. I know Annmarie has to be busy but maybe 1x a week she could be on and a little more of mr cutie, Hudson!!

  17. Gina says:

    Keep the same, but add back the videos that you used to do. Really miss them.

  18. Hello says:

    I also find it hard to keep up with all the articles every week. I think quality over quantity is more important and sometimes less is more. I also agree that sometimes the articles seem a little dry and similar to what I would find in a magazine article or other more mainstream source like top 10 antiaging foods and stuff like that(not that the articles didn’t have good info). I do want more of your great energy though, Kevin. I actually love Dr. Williams and his articles so I don’t really have any complaints there. And the cancer summit was beyond phenomenal. I also agree that we need more Hudson pictures. Everyone loves cute babies.
    Thanks for all your work, Kevin. You’re a wonderful and inspirational person.

  19. diana says:

    Honestly i really miss your videos.

  20. Anna says:

    I also think 2-3 times a week would be good and find I sometimes can not keep up at the moment.
    I would also be interested in how to get rid of candida. After three months of strict diet and supplements I have only seen minor improvements. I can often do a solid 2 weeks clean diet and then have a couple bad days. Bad days as in too much fruit or raw chocolate made with honey for example. I am a very disciplined person but still end up feeling like giving up sometimes. You’ve mentioned you have your own related story and would be interested in your input. As well I liked the idea of anti-aging as someone else suggested and healthy water info. I’ve only seen a couple videos but did enjoy them too! Thank-you for the cancer summit, and all your work.

  21. Zyxomma says:

    Once or twice a week would be fine. You and Annmarie are parents now, and Hudson has to come first. A weekly “in the kitchen” video, plus a post on whatever you’re into currently would cover it. Btw, your mother may have a point about not finishing that degree. I’m an editor/proofreader, and I must admit your grammar has made me cringe on a number of occasions. You also overuse LOL. That said, I’ve enjoyed many of your videos.

  22. I was just told by two different doctors that I have bladder cancer…scheduled for operation on January 7th 2013. I am looking for advice to cure it in addition to what I am doing… Baking Soda 2 tsp with 2 tbls molassas, Juicing at least twice a day and eating raw…PH over 9 today… drinking Super Green, wheet Grassand 1 tbls of clay with juice… I weigh 280 but am losing about a pound a day…I’m 67 years young a professional Clown and Santa Claus. Retired U.S. Navy Submariner.

    I personally like your current format…I’m paying a lot more attention now… It’s funny how God gets our attention… I am wide open to changes today…

    Happy Michael Keesling aka SantaC

  23. Manwel says:

    Kevin, option 3 sounds the best. Another coffee experiment would be great, however this time not overdoing the dose, but keep it moderate, say 1 shot a day, 5 days a week or something along that line. Also have you heard of Oceans Alive – it comes from marine plankton & apparantly is the ultimate super food. What are your thoughts on that?

  24. Today says:

    I would like to know about treatments for benign thyroid nodules that are growing, is a cancer protocol with trying. Should raw brassica vegetables be avoided? No kale smoothies?

    How to overcome and eat raw during the winter in a harsh, cold, northern climate when the body begins to naturally crave more comfort foods, cooked foods, carbs…

  25. Rainier says:

    I would prefer option 2 and a mix of short/inspirational and deep/exploratory. I trust your opinions and have learned so much from you. Thank you for all your time and effort, and integrity.

  26. Margreet says:

    Hi Kevin,

    For me it would be great if you could write only once a week. My mailbox is exploiding these times, which made it impossible to read your posts every day. Any writing way is good for me. I enjoy all your writings!


  27. I think every day is too much. Once a week would work better for me. I mostly look elsewhere for my inspiration but would not object to it. I like informative writings, including any related testing to back it up. Ways to work into our diets the healthy way to eat which you propose. I’m an old gal with old habits so it is harder to change my old ways, though over the years I’ve done a lot of changing. Therefore, it’s got to be easy and very tasty. My husband is a Cajun and likes spicy foods, I can take it in milder doses. The raw fruit and vegetable diet is a struggle for us, though I’ve incorporated them more and more. We do Smoothies a lot for breakfast, that is one way we are both happy. So your writing to those of us who are swimming upstream, so to speak, to be able to do what we know is best will be very helpful.
    Thanks, Esther

  28. Lilija says:

    I also think that 2-3 articles per week would be just perfect. Honestly, an article a day is a bit too often for me as I receive other newsletters as well – lack of time and information overwhelm. So slowing down a bit would be good for everyone of us. Regarding the style – what I am seeking for in your blog is high quality relevant information + inspiration. So I think it would just keep things interesting if both shorter inspirational and more in-deep informative (although informative doesn’t always have to be long) was used from time to time. Also I very much agree to those who mentioned they miss the videos. I understand reasons why you decided to cut on those, but purely for inspirational reasons as well as for maintaining the personal touch – would be great from time to time. Very very very much appreciate what you do. Thank you!

  29. Åsa Johansson says:

    Less frequent please. I would love to keep up with you, but there is already too much in my inbox for me to read your messages on a daily basis. Shorter, more personal with your wisdom and experience. Thank you – love what you two do!

  30. Theres says:

    I love Renegade Health, your new website and everything you do, but I have almost stopped following you. I appreciate everything you do (Cancer Summit etc.), but I’ve just realised how I miss the more personal touch you used to have. I really miss your videos and the more personal articles… I miss how you prepare food in the kitchen (raw or not raw). I miss Annmarie! I still like the articles by Dr. Williams though. Maybe you could post one video per week and one article? It doesn’t matter how often you post, but it could be more personal again 🙂

    I really miss you guys!

  31. Suzanne says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I, too, like the idea of option #2. Have LOVED your website but wondered what happened to it the last few weeks. You have to do what is best for you and your family (and wonderful little Hudson), but I miss the personal touch and articles. I also would love to see some photos (it’s been kinda nice to follow Oria on the Raw Food World), but would understand if that feels too personal. I trust you to judge what type of articles (short and inspirational or deep and exploratory), and I have always been impressed by your incisive inquiries, self-examination, and developmental process in this journey called life. Can’t wait to hear about your journey into parenting too, and how it influences your opinions and direction.

    Best to You and Yours,


  32. Eileen says:

    Perhaps a hybridized approach – a video one week, an article the next. Daily is too much for me to digest.

    Subjects I’m interested in now:
    – vegan diet and lifestyle
    – detox from heavy metals
    – juicing
    – sprouting, microgreens
    – doing more for ourselves – gardening, making food, household soaps, etc.

    Thanks for the Cancer Summit – GREAT info!

  33. Hi Kevin, I think that you should write however and whatever you are inspired to write, including all of the above topics and styles.
    I missed the Cancer Summit even though I signed up for it. Is it still available somewhere? It seemed like we were just at a Halloween parade the Saturday before Sandy, and now it’s December. The entire month of November is a blur. I live on Long Island, and I was not as hard hit as others. I lost power for 6 days, had the water come up 3 doors down, and had a fire in front of my house during the height of the storm when the wires came down. So I am still trying to catch up with everything I missed during that time.
    Best of luck with the blog and congrats on being a new dad!
    In good health,
    Margaret Bermel
    Author, The Cancer Odyssey: Discovering Truth and Inspiration on the Way to Wellness

  34. bb says:

    I believe that inflammation is the root of many disorders, can you please offer advise on how to reduce, remove, and prevent inflammation.

  35. Marg says:

    Hi Kevin
    Would like to see an update on the Adya Clarity fiasco, as it has been over a year now. Is there any more info that we need to know? Results of further testing? Any known health after-affects? A lot of us trusted this and were caught unaware, and consumed this product.
    Future follow-ups on things like this would be great. Keeping us abreast of these types of situations and the aftermath is much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  36. Stella says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Since the days are so full with everything and time seems to be little I prefer once a week and the style either way, having said that I do like a deep and exploratory :-). YES, the coffee article was great, my husband quit coffee inspired by that article!!
    Above all, I appreciate all the information you bring to us.

    Love for you and your family,

  37. Laura says:

    Dear Kevin,
    How can I get an Oncotherm (hyperthermia machine) into the US? I am serious! Maybe for personal use, or alternative, complementary therapy? Not saying it does what it does, you know what I mean?

  38. Louise Roy says:

    Thanks Kevin,
    I am from Quebec, and it is because of your articles, that I went to Living Light culinary Institut with some french friends. I read your letters for about 2 or 3 years now. I appreciate the serious and your open
    mind. You are a reference for me and many of my friends . I want you to know the influence you have even in Quebec, Canada. To answer your question: I prefer one article a week very documented.
    Continue your engagement, it is very precious and it realy change things around . Love you and Annmaria. Louise

  39. Malvin says:

    I really like when you write your thoughts and opinions, your twist on things and topics. Lately it’s been mostly highlights from different studies and research but I can find that on Natural News. So it’s become a bit boooring (sorry). But Dr. Williams articles are still great!

  40. Melissa says:

    I like the wednesday update, myself. (but i think the final decision is up to you as it looks as though you’re juggling quite a bit there).

    A recent concern came to my attn. here in Canada: that bill 37 for the labelling of all GMOs in the state of CA was not passed … can you give a little background on this, please?

    Kenya has passed a bill banning GMOs from their entire country!! We are in limbo here in Canada with the harper gov’t and his rose coloured glasses when it comes to climate change & other environmental issues.

    Also i really really enjoy your recipes – i have kids who don’t do raw beyond rice milk and raw salads. yesterday i met my daughter steps from her university campus – she wanted to go to five guys (unltd. fries); was her birthday, not mine, & i’m a believer in choice but that means some choices are better than others …. help with the teenage ‘age’ and hormonal changes would be a neat new topic!! (?) she is nut allergic, i’ve taught her that snacking means grapes – as many as she likes and organic popcorn are a good start. Baby pictures are great!!

  41. Sher says:

    Love you site. Keep things short & sweet – maybe 2x per week. I like the honest, personal stuff & interviews.

  42. Kathleen says:

    First, what I like: I have followed you and Ann Marie partly due to the practicality and openness you share about your personal lives (the making of your organic mattress, kitchen videos, baby pics and updates) you share with all of us; and I have admired your willingness to share articles other than just about raw food for us to read. I also love that you you shared how Ann Marie chose different food options during pregnancy to insure the baby’s health. I also love that you constantly recommend people be tested and make the best decisions for their health, not just try to sell us the latest “miracle” product you have on your shelf. All that said, I don’t think you need to change a lot, you could do the same thing you have been successful at 2-3 times a week. I love the articles but 2-3 times a week is all I can usually absorb. Second, what I would like changed: I would love continued discussion of real life, empirical stories and studies, and articles about diet related issues. I am a vegetarian that eats as much raw food as I have time to prepare but cooks for my family who refuses to go raw. I find a combo diet (raw salads, nuts, and fruit) to be best for me and my family and want to continue researching the optimal diet that works for us. Others’ experiences, recipes, suggestions, (Including yours!) would be most helpful for me. Keep it fun, we all need a dose of laughter as part of our health program!!!

  43. I like reading your blog and get a lot of good information.

    Can you give contraindications to what happens if your body can’t handle the raw foods? My brand new daughter-in-law is a vegan and started eating raw to help her stomach problems, but she was told by her doctor that the raw foods that she was eating may be causing irritable bowel syndrome or gi distress. In this case, are there foods she needs to stay away from or eat more of that will help this?

    We are trying to eat healthier in my family and even though I have two sons that are meat eaters, I have given them the information they need to eat cleaner food and not eat the meats with all of the hormones and immunizations.

    As I said, I look foward to reading your blog and getting the e-mails because the more information I have, the more I learn and can pass on.


    Sherry Wozniak

  44. Nieves says:

    I would like it to be deep and exploratory. After many years trying to get my health back and educating myself, I still have many questions and grey areas. I don’t eat dairy, meat, grains (ocassionally quinoa) sugars and limit my intake of nuts etc. I am trying to detoxify and getting my lymph system moving. My kidneys and adrenals are also involved. I lost weight that I didn’t want to lose and also the muscles. I wonder what kind of fuel support the muscles? Am I eating the right food? I know we don’t need as much protein as we think, and anyway the body has to convert it to amino acid, so why not to eat the amino acids directly and save the body some energy in the process that can be used to heal itself? I still want to know what can I eat to support muscles. How much protein or amino acid we should take and from where?, there is only some many salads and vegetable juice you can have. I was eating only fruit for three months and lost some 17 pounds. Your comments are appreciate it Kevin.

  45. Sarah says:

    I have followed you for many years now. You have been a great source of information for me. Thank you!! I think one or two articles a week is plenty. I miss the videos too. I like some articles to be in depth and others to be short and to the point. In other words, I like the mixed writing styles. You are doing such a fantastic job. You always have. The website looks great. Take care of your sweet little family. I do miss seeing Annmarie. Hope she will make an appearance now and then.

  46. Taja says:

    Dear Kevin, thank you very much for your efforts to spread relevant info on health. It is very important to me because gives noncommercial and critical knowledge about health related issues. I appreciate especially the recent Cancer Summit because it is my problem now. I would be happy to hear from you once a week, namely, I would agree with your 3rd position: “one article a week, but it will likely be more in depth than what I’ve written in the past. The rest will remain the same.”

  47. Barb says:

    I’m going for option 3.I did very much like the coffee article. Daily articles tend to get backlogged and I am a fanatic when it comes to reading you. I do have a folder with your name on it with old articles that I just kept shoving in there and still haven’t read yet.It is all so good. As long as you don’t get a backlog of stuff you want to let us know about, but only write once a week. This is a tough one. And – I love your recipes.So – I am sticking with once a week – a tad more in depth – articles – with recipes. Keep Dr. Williams and Colleen, too.

  48. Heather says:

    Ultimately, while I appreciate that you are asking for input, you ought do what vibes best for you! If taking a break allowed you to recharge your batteries, then posting less frequently might help you to have more fun with things and not get bogged down by feeling like you must churn out a daily piece.
    I loved the Cancer Summit and wanted to personally thank you for putting that together. Currently facing the possibility of a cancer diagnosis myself, the information couldn’t have come at a better time and has given me the courage to thoroughly explore my options. I especially enjoyed your interview with Chris Wark. I would favor more interviews and the exploration of other important health topics, such as mental health. I adore going more into depth. Once my brain has been whetted with a new idea to investigate, I can barely contain my curiosity. Information builds on itself and forges new connections …amazing how ones entire perspective on something can evolve.

  49. Lilith says:

    I think the question has a fault. You should not ask what the audience wants: You should write what – and IF – YOU want in you HEART! You should express what you burn for, and nothing else.

    That said, i glanced through the exaples given, and the coffée example was really the only one worth reading. Thoug it was way to long…

    Keep it short and sweet! We are all overwhelmed with to much to read/watch/process!
    As many others have said: I’d prefer one (short) article a week, it beeing something experiental and/or personal.
    I don’t have time or energy to read a lot of words without explicit content and value.

    that’s my 5 cent! 🙂

  50. Marian Goemaat says:

    I have enjoyed the different articles that you have put on the internet. I am 85 years old and have had many
    health issues. I still have diabetes but would be hard to under go the raw diet as I live in an assisted living facilitie. Just keep up the good work and will read your articles, blogs etc. Congratulations on the birth of the baby. We have 5 children, 10 grandchildren 17 great grand children , and one deceased stillborn grandchild.Thank you for your interest in health issues.

    Mrs. Clarence (Marian) Goemaat

  51. Susanne R. says:

    Perhaps because I don’t like to spend much time on the computer, but would rather experience life now, I find the chatty style, playful albeit, I won’t bother to read the article if you don’t get to the point FAST.
    Please .. short, to the point.. and sound smart and sharp….which I know you also are.
    I read randomly now, your site that is, and love your truthfulness and honesty. Love you all. Happy holidays!

  52. Kelli says:

    Hi Kevin,

    As a parent with an online biz, I suspect you may be reticent to share lots of photos and videos of your child to be viewed forever after on the web. After all, how will he feel about that several years down the road? LOL I feel the same way, and always ask my kids before sharing their pix on my blog and social media. So although I love your personal family updates, I completely understand that Hudson is not old enough to give consent and maybe you feel uncomfortable about sharing him too much with the rest of the world. 🙂

    As a cancer survivor, I completely appreciate the summit each year, thank you from the bottom of my heart for that!

    Dr. Williams’ style does not resonate with me. I think he has good information, but I find his writing to be dry, so I generally skim or skip his articles. His style does not match yours, and, honestly, I can find most of that information elsewhere.

    ***I think I value most your personal interpretations of current events/research and the personal interviews with credible alternative health practitioners.***

    If I may be frank, sometimes I feel a little fearful vibe from you around offending people (especially raw foodists!) and while that is completely understandable as your audience is your bread and butter, I think when you speak YOUR truth you will rediscover your tribe (we haven’t gone far;-)).

    So I’d like to see MORE Kevin (and Annmarie and Hudson if they wish) and fewer guest experts…find a way to work with your passion again (even if it has changed somewhat) and you will find what is just right for you now. I feel you may have gone very wide and lost some depth.

    Good luck!

    p.s. I’m loving the Annmarie Gianni skin care products! Would you please ask her to blog something about shampoos and whether she is (hopefully!) working on hair care in her line? Thanks! 🙂

    • Laura says:

      ***I think I value most your personal interpretations of current events/research and the personal interviews with credible alternative health practitioners.***


  53. I think both. I like a good discussion about relevant health issues with a further reach out into others’ knowledge, but I really like to know short blurbs on something that worked from experimentation, etc. Thanks.

  54. Sarah says:

    Ultimately, do what you really want to do Kevin…go with what you’re feeling and what your passion is in this season of your life. You’ll deliver your best that way.

    As far as my I do appreciate that one of your ways of figuring that out is through feedback from your readers…it shows how caring you are of their needs! 🙂 Thanks!

    As for my feedback on style, etc…

    I definitely prefer deep and detailed / exploratory (based on your own personal experience or what you’ve learned through whatever way…but describing how you know/learned is great). There is so much light reading out there on the internet and everywhere, that I feel if I’m going to take the time to read something (one of the many email subscriptions or whatever), it needs to have a lot of impact/info/something I really needed to hear again or something I never fully understood before or knew.

    I do have trouble keeping up with all the reading, with kids and a business run from home, and so many other things going on, so if you need to write less to have it in-depth, then that would be fine. Every day is great if you prefer…I really appreciate all your articles. My priority though would definitely be in-depth and detailed (quality) over quantity of articles.

    Do whatever’s best for you and your beautiful family Kevin! Thanks for all you do!


  55. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I like your personal touch to the way you write, so thanks. I haven‘t read your blogs as I have limited internet access which slows when I watch too many videos or even audios, which then hampers my ability to even access my internet banking, and makes trying to get anything done in email a challenge.

    Right, why am I interested in healthy eating? Partly, it was my upbringing. Home grown pesticide and herbicide free veggies, fruit, eggs, chicken and milk. Partly, as my husband has a list as long as my arm of foods to which he is intolerant (identified by kinesiology and later as he got to know his body, from experience, and family history), or some which would be problematic in the long term… according to a scan he had done. There are foods that he loves and would eat them if they were in the house, so to a large extent, my food regimen is very similar to his. At least at home.

    I threw out all my recipe books as there is certain to be an ingredient in each recipe that he should not have. Even if for others they might be some of the healthiest foods on earth, like broccoli and e.g. cinnamon! Even cayenne pepper, which has its curative value is a no-no. Our food is flavoured mainly by sea salt, pepper, ginger, parsley and tumeric. All fruit are out, other than avocadoes. Berries such as tomatoes, blue berries, etc. are also problematic. The long term list additionally threw out lettuce, green beans and even carrots!

    Gluten free products already mixed, generally have soy, or tapioca in them, also no-no‘s. Or they might have potato flour in them with sulphur dioxide – a big no-no. Even lactose free milk isnt good enough. Goats milk is an inadequate substitute as he reacts to it as well. Rice milk – well, we have tried numerous brands. The best is one we can‘t obtain in Australia to where we translocated recently. All preservatives are out, so coconut milk has also been removed from the list.

    So our meals are simple. Our list of ingredients short. We try to supplement some nutrients, but in all, they become too expensive, the better brands, to use all we would like to have on a regular basis.

    Removing the offending substances has improved his quality of life tremendously, in addition to the lower altitude at which we now live, with cleaner air than in the big cities. When he chooses to eat something different, he will do it at night so that he has the night (and depending on what and how much he ate) the next day to try to sleep it off, and drink a lot of water. His dictum is to work while he can, then rest. The rest may be for several hours after e.g. one hour of work.

    What do these intolerances cause? No medical Dr has yet found any reason for his complaint of tiredness, a feeling of exhaustion, so that the only thing he can think of is to get horizonal. And even then, if it is bad, he would even get out of breath turning over in bed. So sleep may well escape him too. His thinking becomes impaired and his head feels fuzzy. We have a suspicion that the culprits cause some kind of blocking (mucus is noticeable e.g. after eating ice cream or any milk products) of the uptake of oxygen in the lungs so that there is a deficiency of oxygen throughout his body, and is noticed most rapidly by his fuzzy head, and need to get horizonal. There may be an element of leaky gut syndrome, but even that doesn’t explain it all.

    He is otherwise healthy, and very seldom has any cold or flu, or other infectious conditions. Stress has caused psoriasis in the past, and he has suffered fungal skin infections, despite eating a fairly alkaline diet. At age 71, he says he is feeling better than at any previous time in his life, as he recalls being the last in races even at primary school, and was the last to be picked for a sports team, although he got the best grades academically, and has really good relationship.

    So, as you might see, our situation is a bit out of the ordinary. So I dip into healthy tips every now and again, due to my interest, but it is seldom that we find something really helpful to him.

    Possibly because I have had to experiment over the past 20 years, which was when we first discovered his intolerance to milk and milk products, I am probably more interested in what others have experimented with, and what they found. That doesn’t mean that I am not interested in learning more about healthy foods, I am unfortunately just switched off when it comes to recipes. Our budget also doesn’t allow us the luxury of trying wild and wonderful ideas and supplements, only to find they have something in them that disagrees wit him. So we keep to what we know, or we make do with what we know we can use and afford.

    Thanks for asking. A rather long reply, which I doubt will give you the kind of input you are looking for. By the way, I am not on social media at present, either, although that might change, as growth is change. Possibly when I eventually find a phone and internet bundle that suits our needs.

    • Mary Kay says:

      Hi Jacqueline– you mentioned that your husband reacts poorly to many foods even though he eats mostly alkaline foods and he is fatigued most of his day. My thoughts the whole time that I read your posting was, have you ever heard of Kangen water? It is an alkaline, antioxidant and micro-clustered water. Your tap water is run through the filter and then over titanium plates that are covered with medical grade platinum. The water is split into alkaline and acid waters. You drink the alkaline. This water has been known to flush out toxins and bring more oxygen to all the cells, including the brain and gives so much energy bringing healing to the whole body. I love my Kangen water machine. It is amazing!!! Can clean all fruits, veggies, and meats with the different waters too, to rinse off all pesticides and dirt. Check out this website: to learn more.
      Best to you and your husband,
      Mary Kay

  56. Hello ,
    I am from Germany, for me to understand everythink istnt easy.
    You spoke about a diate for healing. Also a diate to heal cancer?
    I want to be free from cancer! Breastcancermetastasen. I try to belive that the cancer is on the way to disapier,becauce of Jesus.
    I had this year very much chemotherapie and the doctor wanted to give me more. Still now I take other tabletts.

    I would like to make the Vitamin C Therapie. Hard to find a doctor that make this in my aria. Than I have to pay it myselv.

    Greatings from Grimma, Leipzig, Gemany
    Birgit Manneck

  57. Robin says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for asking for input. I am not picky and don’t mind any of the options. I do like articles a lot. But I also love your website with archived information so if I want to look up some topic quick that I can just search on that specific item.

    Here are some ideas: You have customers that are at “Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced” levels of eating a High Raw diet CONSISTENTLY. Is it possible for you to organize all of your wonderful information into 3 different buckets on your website geared towards what those people need? For beginners, sort their information into the basic, most frequently asked topics, and basic “how-to.” For intermediate, how to keep it going and not get bored, how to “bring it up a notch” — keys to making it a permanent lifestyle. Advanced — primarily the latest and greatest technology and nutrition science. This does not mean, a beginner can’t search on advanced topics or vice versa. It would also be interesting for beginners in particular to sort your data by psychology versus technical, and allow “Advanced” raw fooders the opportunity to chime in on tips as to staying consistent.

    Very big hurdles for those struggling to be consistent:

    — how to make the high raw diet as simple and fast as possible, for those that do not live within 5 or 10 minutes from a Whole Foods or other large scale health food store. Trying to do this with organic foods in my nearby supermarket, and then driving out to my local Earthfare store which is 20-25 minutes one way once a week, or every other week. You can’t buy two weeks worth of dark leafy greens because they go bad too quick.

    — with some “simple” recipes I see out there in the raw food realm, I really have no clue as to what the fruits or vegetables look like sometimes, don’t how to choose them (if they are ripe enough or over-ripe) and how to cut/peel them once I get home! Those that were brought up on the SAD diet were not exposed to preparing these foods in our youth.

    — many of your customers are the only people in their family and circle of friends who follow a high raw diet. The powerful sense of smell from cooked foods, and unconscious associated childhood memories, is very challenging in terms of temptation and feeling deprived. You have to be very disciplined to live in an environment surrounded by non-raw food. Especially when you are the cook. I recently read a book from the library called, The Emotional Life of Your Brain. It says we all come with different set-points in our brains. So it seems logical to me that the psychology and brain-training necessary for one person to succeed on a specific diet, may be very different from the needs of another. (What are those thoughts that you say to yourself when your nose smells yummy cooked food, sees something not allowed on your diet, etc.)

    The Dimensions:
    1. Resilience: How slowly or quickly you recover from adversity.

    2. Outlook: How long you are able to sustain positive emotion.

    3. Social intuition: How adept you are at picking up social signals from the people around you.

    4. Self-awareness: How well you perceive bodily feelings that reflect emotions.

    5. Sensitivity to context: How good you are at regulating your emotional responses to take into account the social context you find yourself in.

    6. Attention: How sharp and clear your focus is.

    Last, but not least, Kevin, you should try to pitch a TV show to Oprah on her OWN Network if you haven’t already tried. Really. I know she likes traditional comfort food, but I did see her show only a few years back where she had a top Raw Food gourmet chef on and thought he was absolutely amazing. She said she’d eat anything of his. So, you never know. Your Purpose is to help stem the epidemic of diabetes and obesity, and a TV platform obviously allows you to get more people interested in trying it out. You can do a show like Rachael Ray starting with the basics (and what do people do if they can’t afford a $400 blender) and/or do some roadtrips outside of California in places that are not noted for being health food-oriented, doing conferences or consulting with individuals. Give people options for starting out slow, in increments vs. fast “all-on.” I also think it would be very cool if you were on TV interviewing chefs who worked in raw food restaurants across the USA/Europe for some of their favorite dishes. I don’t consider myself a foodie, but there are definitely a lot of foodies out there. I don’t mind simple dishes, but others really like to put a lot of effort into making something spectacular. Those people just need to understand that they need to be very careful that many gourmet raw meals and desserts have a very high amount of fat in them, which will sabotage their weight loss goals and cholesterol levels.

    good luck!

  58. Carla Wilson says:

    Can you make your pages (articles, videos) somehow more printer & share friendly, i.e.; an email option?
    Thanks for all that you do!

  59. Hey Kevin, First off, Im so thankful for all the info you put out! Im intrigued by all your work! I was wondering if you could share some personal information on things you do naturally for your lil one? I have a 5 month old and i do my best with using all natural products from skin care to formula. I was just curious what you use with your baby since your on the cutting edge of holistic living.
    Thanks, Troy………….Go Steelers!!!

  60. As far as I know, I’ve just been introduced to Renegade Health by the 2nd Annual Healing Cancer World Event 2012. I’m so pleased to have heard all five days. Did miss half Dr. Connealy’s Question/Answer November 30–bcause of my compter skills. It appeared she was answering my question when I did get the Q/A period. Am so hopeful there are notes on it.

    So pleased with the November productions. Based upon this, I’m looking forward to your continuing efforts. However, I have no basis to choose directions you espessed “help” for. With diabetes in the “in=laws” I’m looking forward to reading the “Eating Raw” report.

  61. Mary Kay says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I came upon Renegade Health about one year ago, very haphazardly, no idea how, but have grown to really enjoy your knowledge and your excitement about health.
    Lately I have been thinking about the information that I have heard from a couple different people, but don’t know if this info is true or not and would like your input and imagine you might have more resource base than I have.

    What I would like to learn more about is this possibility of there being airplanes that are specifically flying really high, well above your average commercial airliner, then these planes dump chemicals and leave these very long white streaks, which are the chemicals that show up as the white streaks. I have been told that these “dumpings” are being done on purpose so that more people will get sick and they will turn to allopathic doctors for care, and I have heard that it is also being said that this is an attempt to alter the weather, but that is just the cover-up for the dumpings.

    I also think that once per week is enough of a posting. Yes, also very busy myself, but love your information. I would like short and sweet to introduce me to the topic. Then if I am interested in the topic then, if you could go more in depth I can read further or check out the resources.
    Thanks so much for your good work!

    Blessings to you, your wife and your baby boy!!!

    Mary Kay

  62. Rebecca says:

    I have only recently discovered your blog. The work you are doing is priceless. Everyone deserves to know that there are many natural and effective solutions to ill health and disease. Many people are dying because they don’t know this stuff. This was really brought home to us recently – My partner has lived with pancreatic and liver cancer for seven years with good quality of life, and we had really fallen into symptom management rather than focusing on healing. His health deteriorated over the last year and particularly in the last few months. As usual, no further help was forthcoming from the medical profession that can’t understand why he didn’t die 6 years ago anyway. We have had to dig deeper, research more, and with a combination of coffee enemas and raw food, juicing, meditation and emotional healing, (and a firm commitment, finally), he has gone from lying on the couch full of toxins, reluctantly conceeding that death was imminent (this was last week) to working 10 hours the last few days (as a carpenter). We have always believed healing is possible, but our belief is now strengthened 100 fold. We are currently working on setting up a centre to support people who are using natural methods to heal themselves as we realise that if we didnt know what we do, my partner would be dead.

    So, whichever format you choose, (personally I think 1-2 articles per week is enough) just keep on sending the message of hope, empowerment and information. If social change is to be effected and the balance of medical power is to be altered, everyone needs to do what they can to inform others that they have many choices available.

  63. Maureen D says:

    Hi Kevin, first of all thank you for all you do for the alternative health subject! It certainly is refreshing to read your blogs and emails. I thoroughly enjoyed the Cancer Summit! My fiance has cancer and our lives are indeed revolving around the whole cancer thing at the moment as we have chosen to completely go with alternative treatments as opposed to conventional. Now we live in Canada and that changes things a little I’m sure when it comes to medical care in general. Basically everything to do with conventional meds are covered when it comes to cancer treatment, so we have NO help whatsoever with nutrition within our system and I am constantly searching and would love to see EVERYTHING possible that would help us in this intense place we are in our lives right now. We have had one very abusive Dr who was angry when he heard about what we were doing. We did manage to find one surgeon who has been helpful (as far as using our Drs for tools go) but other than that we are on our own and that is a pretty heavy thing to carry on our shoulders! At the moment we have a naturopath/encologist that we were fortunate enough to find, so he helps with any questions we have. So long story short Kevin is we always need info in this area. The type of cancer is Squamous Cell Carcinoma and so far it is contained (as far as we know) we are waiting for a call for an updated PET scan, then my we may have the tumour removed from his neck as it has gone very hard and is pressing on his corrodid artery.
    So that’s about it, like I said.. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the info and wish us luck with our journey into what was the unknown! Take care, Maureen and Garry…Langley BC, Canada

  64. Kym says:

    Hey Kevin,

    It seems to have all been said above but I would also like to see the videos return in some form. Just a short one once a week is fine but after following your site for so long, I’m personally interested to see how you and your family are getting along. The videos also tend to be more practical and specific.

    Not knocking the articles though of course – they are also usually very informative. Once a week for them would also be plenty. They don’t have to be long or particularly in depth as long as they contain practical, useable information. (It’s also hard to keep up otherwise.)

    And, btw, thanks for asking. I know you’re running a business here but it feels like you mean it. It’s been interesting following your journey as you’ve gone through various stages so as long as you continue to keep it real, I’ll keep tuning in. 🙂

  65. Laura Cox says:

    I REALLY, REALLY MISS YOUR VIDEOS!!! I LOVED it when you would take VIEWERS QUESTIONS, research them and report what you found.

    I also agree that I would prefer to see less of Dr. Williams and more from others. I don’t dislike him, but I tire of him.

    About 2 years ago, I watched your UTube vids everyday and now I find myself checking in with you about every 3 weeks or so.

    I appreciate how objective you are and how thoroughly you research things.

  66. Beth says:

    Liked your old style better. I don’t have time to read much more than emails. I can, however, watch/listen to your videos on the go. I really miss being able to do that. Less blog, more vlog. Less Dr. Williams, more Kevin. More videos on high raw and practical things people can do. You do a great job researching topics! I love for you to bring that out in the videos as well! Miss seeing Annmarie as well.

  67. LAURA says:

    Hi Kevin-I agree with quality over quantity. 1-2 articles a week, and maybe a video every three weeks. Maybe you could create a ‘Subject Vote’ every couple of months, and then respond with related info on the subjects that ‘win”?

    Some things I’m interested in:
    ~Balancing hormones in pre-menopause/menopause—esp high Testosterone-mine is crazy high- and low estrogen. Lots of info out there, but would like your take on it.
    ~Your opinion on coconut products
    ~Your opinion on eating by your metabolic type

    Thanks for all you share! Laura

  68. Suzanne says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I really enjoy your videos and love your writing style. Here are a couple of ideas:

    1. When you are looking for articles or information to a question you have it would be cool to have a page that has links to information or published articles on a topic, including your writings (I really like the nomilk site – everything is on one page and you can quickly find an article dealing with a question you may have) Then you can just add to them when you can and refer to them when you are writing.

    2. Maybe changing the email so it is not as long…I usually read just the first part and click on the blog anyways. For example: Cool video of breakfast smoothie…site
    Feature article …site
    Store special…site
    – It is usually the videos that get me to the blog and after I watch the video…I read a bit or a lot depending on time and interest. The only times I have gone to the store site is when I have watched a video teaching me about something.

    3. Many readers, like myself enjoy your blog for its personal touch. We know you are real and have struggles and are very transparent as you are learning new things. I love getting to know you and your family…Happy belated birthday by the way….even though in reality I may never meet you personally. It’s great how you reach out to your readers. I actually went to California for the first time in my life and saw a sign to Berkeley and thought of you guys. Now, I know what the Northern part of California is like….beautiful. I guess that is why so many people live there.

    I actually was just going to ask my first question ever, when I clicked on your blog today…but since you asked I thought I should at least respond…since usually I’m a silent follower.

    I have a friend who has terrible migraines. She has been off work for about 4 years. She has been to the Cleveland clinic and has learned how to manage pain and get off of some pain meds. She is still suffering from the migraines. I believe a program that teaches her about food and feeds her daily so that perhaps her pain may disappear…at the same time as monitoring her would be amazing. (Like the raw in 30 dvd)

    So my question is: Do you know of any programs that are like that? So far I just found Hallelujah Acres – which looks pretty good, but would like to see if there are any other options.

    Thanks for all your hard work and sharing it with all of us.

  69. T.B. says:

    How can one overcome the outbreaks of genital herpes. Been vegan for a while. My health improved a lot but still struggle sometimes . What foods r best to help this issue?

  70. Philip Keith says:

    Yesterday, I used this to tell you that I had not yet received the print package
    from the Healing Cancer World Summit 2012.
    Today, that package arrived by priority mail and it is in PERFECT condition.
    Sorry, I should have waited just one day longer.
    Thank you so much.
    Philip Keith

  71. Jillian says:

    2-3 5 min videos per week, in depth article/experiment/unique Kevin experience every other week. I think what felt special about the videos is that it was when you were living in the motor home and you were on a mission, you were actively living and exploring the lifestyle we all are interested in and it was engaging. The site and your posts have morphed a bit into a typical information blog site and I don’t see Kevin in it anymore. We come to Renegade health for your spin on things, your take on the “facts”, your experiences with what is supposedly good for us. You are still you, you are just hiding a bit more these days. Totally understandable with the changes in your life, maybe there is a way to fuse the two, let the flow of your life influence the next step, because what you are doing and what you think about it is what I am interested in and since you are still true to the lifestyle we all originally came here to be part of, I am sure we can find value in the new way you are living it!

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