Finding Out What Natural Cancer Prevention and Treatments Work : Healing Cancer World Summit 2012 Night Two Recap

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Alright! The second night of the Healing Cancer World Summit 2012 is down with 3 more to go.

Last night’s program was information-packed!

I recently had the opportunity to interview both Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy and Dr. Francisco Contreras at the Center for New Medicine in Anaheim, California (you saw the registration bonuses, right?) and was blown away at their ability to collaborate with patients — since Dr. Contreras runs Oasis of Hope in Mexico and Dr. Connealy runs the U.S. arm of the clinic.

Most doctors have egos large enough to fill a stadium, but these two are gracious and knowledgeable. They’re also pragmatic — which means they’re not stuck on one treatment. This, to me, suggests that they’re open-minded and willing to admit something isn’t working.

This is certainly a benefit to their patients.

Also, Dr. Connealy does plenty of phone consultations and I was surprised at how relatively affordable it was — compared to other doctors. I’m not going to quote the price, but you can call and find out if you’re a good fit for their clinic.

Let’s get into it…

Just like yesterday, as I was reviewing the transcripts of this call, I was reminded of about a dozen things. These lectures were very focused on supplements, treatments and protocols, so this is one that I will keep around a reference for a while.

If you feel like you may have missed something (which I didn’t know until I read the transcripts again, LOL) or didn’t make the call, you still can purchase the Upgrade Package which includes all 10 hours of audio and the transcripts (which are really clean and well edited this year!)

Here’s where you can get this package now: Click here to Upgrade to Digital or Print!

Also, be sure to visit their websites:

Dr. Francisco Contreras –
Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy –

Now on to the wrap up of Night 2 with Dr. Francisco Contreras and Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy…

1. What causes cancer?

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez weighed in with his thoughts last night, and here is Dr. Contreras saying something quite similar…

Well even though it’s a very complicated issue, we know that cancer is caused by mutations in the DNA when a mother cell is transferring that information to the daughter cell. And those mutations, those changes in the DNA, are basically caused by outside intrusions, especially from chemicals, and also from the fact that the immune system then cannot get rid of that aberrant daughter cell. So it’s a combination of environmental factors and immune system deficiencies, and when these two things couple together, then a tumor will appear.

I think based on our two nights so far, we can infer that cancer is caused by a disruption of normal body functioning. Usually, this comes from excessive stress, toxins in the environment, lack of nutrients or emotional trauma.

I’m sure there are other things that contribute to it, but for the most part, if you look at almost any cancer you’ll see one, two or even more of these factors.

So the question to you is, what are you doing to remove, reduce or eliminate these contributing factors in your life?

2. Always changing.

Each patient is different…

So you know, the most surprising thing about cancer is that the tumor that you’re treating today is different from what it was yesterday, and it probably will be different tomorrow. So the therapies against these tumors are fluid, and because we are always on the look to adapt to whatever changes the tumor poses to us, we definitely know that that’s one of the reasons why we have better results.

I always run the other way when someone tells me that their specific protocol can heal everyone. It’s quite arrogant. It ignores the fact that we’re all slightly different.

Yes, we can categorize ourselves in general ways — metabolic typing and even Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine do this somewhat effectively — but to say that one thing works for everyone is not always true.

In a somewhat parallel example, if you look at the research gathered from the Blue Zones by Dan Buettner, you’ll go crazy determining what diet is right for mankind, because they all eat different foods. Some eat fish, vegetables and seaweeds. Others eat rice and beans. Others eat vegetarian. The common thread, though, is that they all live long.

So if you want to live long, you can’t just take one of those diets and hope that it works. You have to monitor how it works for you, your genes and your constitution.

3. Show me the proof!

I love the fact that Dr. Contreras talks about his data. He’s done studies of his patients and his success rates are significantly better than many of the big conventional cancer centers…

I can tell you that for instance, in stage 4 cancer of the breast, at the end of five years, three to four times more of our patients are alive than with conventional therapy. In colon cancer, twice as many of the patients are alive after five years. In cancer of the ovary, three to four times more of our patients are alive after five years. And in cancer of the lung, the number one killer in men and women, we are 15 times better than conventional therapy alone. And so we’re very, very proud and happy that someone was able to—or willing to—publish that, because usually the critique for full system therapies is that, you know, somebody is going to ask, “Well, what is it that really helped the patient live longer, when you’re giving 20 different things?” And the true answer to that question is, we don’t know, because for some patients some of the elements are going to be effective, and for other patients, other things are going to be effective.

I also love the fact that he doesn’t necessarily care about the fact that there are many variables. The end result, a healthy patient, is the goal. This is true holistic treatment. Something science may never understand.

4. Twins don’t respond to the same treatment?

Before we got into the case studies, Dr. Contreras told all of us this gem…

About three years ago, I had twin brothers with cancer of the colon, and we started both of them with the same treatment. At the end of six weeks, one of the brothers had had an incredible result with about 30% to 35% reduction of tumor mass, and the other one didn’t respond. So by the end of two years, we were having good results with both brothers—one receiving one type of therapy, and another one receiving a very different type of therapy.

Interesting to say the least. We can only guess the factors, but it’s a remarkable example of how different each individual can me.

Also, this could also point to the emotional wellbeing or belief system of the twins as being a significant factor in their healing — or lack of healing.

5. Can fungus cause cancer?

On to Dr. Connealy…

Looks like we can add viral, bacterial or fungal infection to the list of things that can cause cancer…

So just like we talk about HPV and herpes and hepatitis C predisposing you to cancer, I think fungus can also predispose you to cancer. And very few doctors talk about it, or even… it’’s not something easily diagnosable. Now you can do blood tests. There are little tests that you can do to find out if you have fungus.

A stool test is most accurate here. But the overriding point here is that boosting the immune system to either eliminate or supress these bugs is very important to keep you healthy and happy — and upright.

Dr. J. E. williams — our personal friend and physician — has a pretty specific “cocktail” of supplements and herbs that includes vitamin c, echinaciea, zinc, beta glucans, medicinal mushrooms, and others that can assist your body when it needs to fire up the immune system. (You can read more about this here.)

6. A cancer test…

Dr. Connealy shared a cancer profile test that might be promising…

So there’s a blood test called the “cancer profile,” and it’s done by American Metabolic Laboratories in Florida. And they’ve been around for over 20 years. And the cancer profile is a blood test that checks the three different things, three different… well, several different blood tests, but it checks hCG. Now hCG is the hormone of malignancy, and it’s the hormone of pregnancy.

I haven’t taken this test yet, so I can’t speak about it, but if you want to find out more you can contact her office here.

7. Many different ideas and protocols in this one, but again a common link…

Like I said, this year’s focus would be case studies and protocols. I hope you’re been listening in and getting this valuable information.

I think there’s nothing more inspiring and powerful than hearing what people went through. I could listen to these stories all day long. When I get a chance to talk to these experts, I’m like a little kid getting into a fairy tale — “tell me more… tell me more!”

This night’s lectures are full of supplements, treatments and recommendations that include vitamin D, hyperbaric oxygen, UV irradiation, high dose vitamin C, and more.

But what’s more important is that both Dr. Connealy and Dr. Contreras echoed what Dr. Gonzalez said the other day. The attitude of the patient is first and foremost.

Something to think about…

That’s it for Night #2!

Hope you enjoyed the event last night. Tonight we have Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby and Nicolas Ortner. This night will feature Dr. Keith sharing what the most recent natural cancer research shows — as well as what treatments DON’T work — and Nicolas will be revealing how to release emotional trauma, fear, anger and uncertainty when faced with a disease.

If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s where you can go: click here.

Again, if you want access to all the downloads of the program, here’s where you can go now…

Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. sandrine says:

    Dear Kevin,

    I can easily understand and embrace all the theories and facts that have being described to help cancer patients in their journey to freedom from this disease. To me the key is prevention. Addressing what could interfere with the life of our DNA and understand what causes it to mute into “sick”cells. But that is from an adult perspective. How do we explain and understand cancer in children? It seems to me they didn’t have enough time to ” absorb” chemicals and be polluted by the environment. So how your doctors explain this? and at large what parents should know NOW so they can help prevent their children to have cancer?

    Hope you will answer.
    Thank you
    Australia / Sydney

    • Matt Menzies says:

      Dear Sandrine,
      May I reply to you not from my opinion but from what I’ve learn’t, maybe just some notes off the top of my head for you to ponder upon.

      ENVIRONMENT is the main key for states of health or dis-ease.
      With the laws of unity, we understand that everything is related and co-related and nothing exists in isolation.

      All dis-ease are one thing – toxemia. We ALL have a level of toxemia, some more than others and we all have genetic strengths and weaknesses.
      We start unfortunately with a toxic community. In MOST cases, most people are not living within laws or principles if you may – of health / life.
      We are not taught how to live in harmony with ourselves, each other or our environment.
      We start with medication once our children are born. Our kids are given the standard process of vitamin K (which is usually quite harmless) but usually UN-necessary as Mother is not tested to see if she is living with Vit K deficiency or if her levels are high already. It is procedure of medical philosophy which is false.
      At 6 months we then let our Doctors inject our kids with vaccination which does not ensure immunization for dis-ease such as polio which is not even present in your country nor mine.
      We must remove all known CAUSES of disease. Drugs are one of them. It does not matter whether you or I believe in drugs or not, at what ever level, a drug is a drug, a poison is a poison is a poison. They ARE not mandatory for growing a healthy human.
      Next – we apply the principles of health – such as: Clean air, water, sunlight, living foods, movement, exercise, mental poise etc etc and health is then measured in the accuracy of the above given.
      If we have sick babies, we treat the Mother if baby is still breast feeding.
      Each time we create health – we loose a form of disease and vice verse; we may loose or abuse our health and invite disease in to our life.
      Stages of cancer are: irritation, inflammation, ulceration, hardening – cancer.
      How do we help those who are diseased?
      We first and always remove the causes. Rest the patient in all form of rest, physical, mental, emotional, digestion (included in physical). Vital energy may then be directed mostly to the irritated area/s.
      We then include the principles of health and after some cycles, we see improvements to the degree given each time.

      A few of the known causes are: polluted o r poisoned air, water, diet (includes many cooked foods, animal products/flesh/dairy in particular, highly processed foods & lifeless drinks) Socially accepted poisons, (previously mentioned, plus alcohol, tobacco, other drugs – including medication. STRESS also is a massive killer. It works best in conjunction with a standard diet of the above.
      The internal environment we want it to be of about 7.4ph slightly alkaline, as disease does not like to live in a healthy body.
      Hope this helps.
      All the very best to you all.

      Eliminate these, we’re on the right track. Who does all these? Not many of us.

    • The question of why children have Cancer as it doesn’t seem they have enough time to get toxic is a question that we all ask ourselves but it is the same as all degenerative diseases it starts really before conception as our environment has changed so and diets have changed. No one feeds themselves poison knowing that they are going to set their bodies up to be toxic to their unborn babies but it is the problem of our toxic environment and foods.
      Education is the key to help change this and that is why I do what I do and many others do.This educational series is a good example of the caring and loving professionals who want to educate and help.
      We as health educators try to help individuals and families understand the importance and Power of Nutrition. Than diet, exercise, sleeping all are a factor in Healthy Living. Prevention is the only cure!

      Thank you Kevin for putting on this summit as the lectures that I have been able to attend were very informative and I will pass the information on to others. This summit can give Hope to the person who has lost Hope!

  2. Sundaram says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I never got your summary of the first night. Could you resend it please?

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Enjoyed reading your review of Day 2 lecture……… was good as far as it went. I listed to part of the lecture of Day 2 before reading your review………..and was disappointed that you left out some very important info regarding supplements & treatments, such as :
    1. Taking Vitamin C, oxygen peroxide, anti-oxidants……….the body was preconditioned with the antioxidants first, then used oxygen, vitamin C.
    2. Neutraceuticals important.
    3. Colors important – White & Blue suppress immune system.
    4. Take curcumin, green tea, melatonin (high dose of 30-50 milligram daily), Vitamin A, UV light.
    5. Diet – Vegan diet is the very best, altho do as best as you can…….basically, 90% healthy diet.
    6. Laetrile
    7. Raise ATP levels.
    8. No sugar…….it feeds cancer…….depletes immune system.
    9. Coffee enemas – provide pain relief, energy.

    These are from the notes I took from the first 45 minutes………..don’t know what was said during the remaining 75 minutes………..was hoping your notes would have provided such information.

  4. vladimir says:

    Today it should be considered “atypical” cells as a prerequisite for the functioning of the organism in biological discomfort. By the notion of biological discomfort we mean a set of adverse conditions for the functioning of the body that lead to biological failures. In our opinion, the biological discomfort of the body functioning promotes the appearance of “atypical” cells, which act as a stabilizer of the process. Stabilization of the body functioning comfort is obtained through the development of various substances and secrets. These substances can be generated only with “atypical” cells to the necessary extent, in view of their specific role. The more the body’s need for these substances, the less differentiated are “atypical” cells, and the more they generate their characteristic substances. These substances normalize the comfort functioning of the body. We believe that these substances should be investigated to test our hypothesis. Besides these substances can greatly facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, since the presence of a substance produced by the “atypical” cells in the body, may indicate a risk of certain cancer tumors formation in various organs. This process is a consequence of dysfunctional and functional abnormalities in the human body.
    Based on the above, we consider the formation of cancer tumors, as a side effect of excessive demand in the leveling of biological body discomfort. In our view, this situation occurs when the functioning of the “cancer” cells requires more energy, than needed for the functioning of normal cells. Therefore, the process of metastasis is on the one hand, the side effect of the process of biological discomfort leveling, but on the other hand, the body, including the activation of cancer cells, take the risk to unbalance energy consumption, since it is unable to provide the “atypical” cells with a long and comfortable operation. At this point, “atypical” cells have to activate the effect of metastasis for its future operation in a lack of energy. Therefore, in the case of biological discomfort leveling it is possible to reach remission of cancer. In the process of diagnosis by diagnosing increasing concentrations of substances produced by the “atypical” cells it is possible to diagnose cancer risk zone. Identification of such zones leads to the creation of effective technologies for the prevention of cancer.
    In our opinion, the considered approach is a new one, which aims to understand the nature of cancer, its diagnosis and treatment. We believe that the introduction of our approach should contribute to the evolution of the diagnosing practice and treating cancer. This aspect depends on the individual characteristics of a particular disease. And in the early stages of cancer an approach we proposed would help in its diagnosis and in case of precancer state help in the prevention of disease. And in a situation of cancer dynamic development, in our opinion, the introduction of substances and secretions produced with “atypical” cells and taken directly from the “atypical” cells or similar synthetic materials, needed to overcome the biological discomfort would be helpful. In this case, the “atypical” cells are no longer needed to develop these materials, leading to the point that “atypical” cells are not claimed and the number of “atypical” cells will decrease. We believe that this manipulation will contribute to remission of cancer.

  5. One reason I love the Healing Cancer World Summit is that I always pick up new tid-bits of information that are helpful – or hear something that I’ve already heard before, but needed to hear again to propel me into action. I’ve been hearing for some time about how great vitamin D is, and how so many of us are deficient. Yet, since money is very tight for me right now, I had put off getting my levels tested or supplementing. Now knowing that vitamin D will help me fight cancer (which is very common in my family), I have the incentive I needed to get my blood tested and begin supplementing if indicated.

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