Misdiagnosis, The Future of Cancer Treatment and 100’s of These A Day: Healing Cancer World Summit 2012 Night One Recap

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Here we are!

First night of the Healing Cancer World Summit 2012 is in the books and it was an awesome one…

I just re-listened to Kris Carr and Dr. Gonzalez and reviewed the transcripts to pick out some of the best stuff covered, but found it was just too much for just one blog post. So I cut it down to about 7-10 clips that I think you’ll find valuable.

What’s funny is that after listening again tonight, I picked up on about a dozen things that I missed last night. It’s amazing how the mind picks up different things at different times.

If you feel like you may have missed something or didn’t make the call, you still can purchase the Upgrade Package which includes all 10 hours of audio and the transcripts (which are really clean and well edited this year! I just went through last night’s and it’s almost spotless.)

Here’s where you can get this package now: Click here to Upgrade to Digital or Print!

Also, be sure to visit their websites:

Kris Carr – www.KrisCarr.com
Dr. Gonzalez – www.dr-gonzalez.com

Now on to the wrap up of Night 1 with Kris Carr and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez.

1. With cancer and disease, ultimately, you’re the one who makes the decisions.

Here’s a clip from Kris about how different diagnoses can be and what she realized she needed to do about her own health…

“But, you know, when I was first diagnosed, it was crazy because I was told so many inaccurate things and the first doctor gave me 10 years to live. The second one suggested a triple organ transplant, removing my liver and both of my lungs, and I was terrified, but ultimately, I knew that I had to take the reins. I had to stand in my power and become an empowered participant in my wellbeing, and that’s when I became the CEO of me, really. I looked at it like a job and I was the boss and I was going to hire and fire and create a dynamic team both East and West, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last 10 years, and because I’ve learned so much, I’ve been sharing it, as well.”

After this clip, Kris also mentions that some doctors didn’t even take enough time with her to literally care enough to suggest a scan…

And so I was actually misdiagnosed. More than likely, I’ve had this disease even longer than 10 years. So because nobody did a thorough investigation, no I didn’t get an ultrasound or anything like that. Nobody knew I had cancer. So I kept getting all these drugs and what not that did nothing, and I was diagnosed on Valentine’s Day 2003. So, interestingly enough, my 10-year anniversary is coming up next year—the 10-year potential expiration date—and as you can imagine, I have no intention of expiring in February! So it’s very exciting.

To me, this is a lesson in being vigilant about your own health and your own wellbeing. No one cares about you more than you should, so if you feel like you’re getting the wrong advice or not getting the care you need, get a second opinion.

On the other side, though, don’t be so stubborn that you tell the person who really can heal you to buzz off because you don’t agree with him.

It’s a lesson in zen I guess — listening, being conscious, in the present and never rushing unless needed.

2. The future of the doctor lies here…

In functional medicine.

Many of the natural “doctors” — though well meaning — may not have all the answers. Some may not even use diagnositic tools (or even be able to.)

Here are Kris’ thoughts…

I get really nervous about well-meaning practitioners who say, “I have the answer to cancer. I can cure you.” You know, “If you do it my way, and you do it 100%, you’ll be all better.” I’ve heard that. I’ve heard that friends, and it wasn’t true. And I did it 100%.

Annmarie and I have traveled around the country more than a few times and met doctors like this. You know who they are right away. They usually promise too much. The build up hope with little substance on the back end.

So for your own personal wellness or disease care, you have to have a good B.S. radar — go with your gut when you’re looking for a doctor of practitioner. If it doesn’t feel right, chances are it’s not.

You can go to www.FunctionalMedicine.org to look for doctors who have both Western and natural / holistic training. It’s a great place to start.

Even better, ask around for a referral and definitely — if you have to — travel to the best.

Our doctor is in Sarasota, Florida. We have to travel 5-6 hours to get there by plane. It’s crazy, yes, but he’s the best we’ve found for what we want.

We wouldn’t fly there if we broke an ankle, or had a stuffy nose (which we don’t get), but for preventative or disease care we take a week long vacation about every year to visit and get our blood tested and any nutrient shots we need.

3. What if I don’t have the time to my treatment… I work, I have kids…

I’ll let Kris handle this one…

Right. Well if you don’t have time to do this, then time is definitely not on your side. We don’t have a choice, my friends. If you’ve gotten a serious wake up call, if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, if you want to be resistant and say, “I don’t have time,” that’s up to you. We need to make the time. And I will do a little tough love in here because I love ya, that’s why, and I want you around.

4. What’s your favorite green juice recipe?

I’m going to slam it down right now, Kev. Cucumber, celery, I love romaine, I love a little kale. I like two green apples and I like half a lemon, and it’s like this most delicious light, bright green lemonade with a bite of that apple and all the great phytochemicals, which are the cancer killers.

5. The skeptic turned believer.

If you can turn a skeptic into a believer they’ll be the ultimate advocate.

Dr. Gonzalez was a journalist who stumbled upon the cancer research and treatments of William Kelly. It turned him into a student, medical doctor and now global expert on nutritional therapy for cancer.

Here’s what he says about why he does what he does now…

By nature I was skeptical, and here I was working under Dr. Robert Good, planning to spend my life at Sloan-Kettering. But when I saw that [William] Kelly was really reversing cancer with this nutritional program, I had.. you know, ethically and morally, I had nowhere else to go but to continue following up with Kelly’s work.

6. The Kelly Approach to cancer.

Here’s Dr. Gonzalez explaining in detail the approach that he learned from William Kelly…

Kelly had developed a three-part treatment approach, which is what we use today, and it involves three individual components: individualized diet, individualized supplement programs with large doses of pancreatic enzymes that we feel have an anti-cancer effect, and detoxification routines. In our office, we don’t just have one diet. We have ten basic diets that range from largely plant-based, raw foods to an Atkins-type red-meat diet where people literally are eating fatty red meat two or three times a day. Individualized supplement programs with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, as well as glandular extracts from animals such as liver and thymuses, we feel help repair damaged organs. We don’t believe that vitamins, minerals, trace elements, glandular products have a particularly powerful anti-cancer effect. The main anti-cancer element in our program are the large doses of proteolytic protein-digesting pancreatic enzymes derived from a pig source.

Sometimes the therapy requires 100’s of enzyme capsules a day to work!

7. Why coffee enemas?

One of the most unusual protocols in Dr. Gonzalez’ work (as well as Gerson) is that coffee enemas are use to detoxify the liver — not to get caffeine into your body quicker… LOL!

Here’s the scientific reason why…

Now, as a patient who’s going through a cancer treatment, and the tumor starts breaking down, you get all that loaded dead tumor waste as well. The liver can get overloaded. So the body needs help in mobilizing and neutralizing and excreting all the toxic debris. We use procedures like coffee enemas that we find help the liver work more efficiently, both in terms of phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification system.

Both Dr. Gonzalez and Charlotte Gerson have told me that coffee enemas were approved medical treatments for some disease in older literature — they may even still be there — but are ignored in our modern, if-it’s-not-a-pill-it-doesn’t-work system.

8. How does cancer develop?

New research says, it’s in the stem cells…

Now research is beginning to believe that cancer doesn’t develop from the mature, differentiated cells in all our tissues and organs, but these stem cells, whose normal function is to replace damaged or dead cells in the tissues and organs. But they start growing, but they lose control. They don’t stop when the tissue would be repaired, and just keeps growing uncontrollably—stem cells can do that—and that cancer develops from stem cells. Now, what causes them to grow uncontrollably and take that pathway rather than a normal, healthy pathway? Well, inflammation, infection, toxic chemicals, anything that could upset the genetics of the stem cell.

9. How important is the mind?

I asked Dr. Gonzalez what are two of the most important things that increase the patient’s likelihood of survival.

First, he mentioned the protocol and adherence to it.

Second, he said this…

But the single most important determinant as to whether the patient gets well or not is their attitude. And coming out of a kind of a biochemical background, where I literally expected to spend the rest of my life in basic science at Sloan-Kettering, figuring out the molecular genetics of cancer, this has been a real tough lesson for me to learn, because it didn’t sit well with me when I first realized this. The attitude of the patient is critical. A patient with a negative, hostile, disbelieving, faithless attitude—someone who doesn’t believe they can get well—isn’t going to get well. Someone who comes in with the worst cancer there is with a great attitude and believes…not some naïve person with their head in the, you know, false optimism or head in the ground, but realizes they have a terrible disease, but can get well, often will get well. And the attitude makes the difference.

I love that he admits it was a tough lesson. Like I said before, you turn the skeptic and they’re on your side for life.

10. Quote of the Night from Dr. Gonzalez…

When I asked him what his colleagues think of his work…

Well within the medical community, I think the majority of conventional researchers hope I walk into a bus when I walk out of my office onto Madison Avenue here in Manhattan, and that will be the end of it.

11. The stories…

There were a few stories about patients that blew my mind. Dr. Gonzalez shared just how they healed themselves from Stage 3-4 cancers. Some of them were given months to live and are still here decades after the fact.

This is a strong lesson for me in mindfulness and patience.

I think the over-riding theme is that you may have more time than you think to make a decision. Even if the first doctor says to get your things in order, panic seems to be the worst thing you can do.

Each one of these patients managed — even with a “short” time to live — got a second or third opinion and choose what they thought was best.

You may need to act fast, but maybe not as fast as your fear says you should.

12. The difference between digestive and pancreatic or systemic enzymes for cancer?

I know you’ll ask, so here’s the run down…

Well, a lot of the digestive enzymes in the store use plant-based enzymes. You know, bromelain papain for example. Bromelain from pineapple, papain from papaya. They have a digestive capability. However, they’re useless against cancer. Plant-based enzymes will not digest a tumor. You have to use animal-based enzymes. We use the enzymes derived from the pig pancreas, because the pig pancreas is most like the human pancreas. For years, endocrinologists used pig insulin to treat diabetics, because of all the commercially available animal sources, pig insulin was most like human insulin in terms of the amino acid sequence. Well, pig pancreatic enzymes are most similar to human pancreatic enzymes of all the commercially available sources. So that’s why we use a pig-based source. And, you know, they take them orally and they digest tumors and they will also digest food.

That’s it for the Night #1 wrap up!

Hope you enjoyed the event last night. Tonight we have Dr. Francisco Contreras and Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy. Another great night of medical doctors sharing prevention and treatment protocols as well as case studies.

If you haven’t signed up yet, here’s where you can go: click here.

Again, if you want access to all the downloads of the program, here’s where you can go now…


Live Awesome!

Kevin Gianni

Kevin Gianni is a health author, activist and blogger. He started seriously researching personal and preventative natural health therapies in 2002 when he was struck with the reality that cancer ran deep in his family and if he didn’t change the way he was living — he might go down that same path. Since then, he’s written and edited 6 books on the subject of natural health, diet and fitness. During this time, he’s constantly been humbled by what experts claim they know and what actually is true. This has led him to experiment with many diets and protocols — including vegan, raw food, fasting, medical treatments and more — to find out what is myth and what really works in the real world.

Kevin has also traveled around the world searching for the best protocols, foods, medicines and clinics around and bringing them to the readers of his blog RenegadeHealth.com — which is one of the most widely read natural health blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month from over 150 countries around the world.


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  1. Rita Kaye says:

    ABOUT 6 MOS go i learned i had l ung 4 cancer….i had one cemo—then my son researeced and found a study being held at stanford university dealing with tarceva. i left the first doctor quickly who could care less and was accepyted at the study mostly because i have a certaaiyn mutation that works with this. of course there;s testing ang and more testing but I might have a shot at some life extention. ^There;s no chemo involved. howevere, i also want to incorportarate hoimeopathic remedies——does thius make sense? I;m 78.

    • Dear Rita Kaye- YES! There is so much you can do to reverse your condition and give yourself a more favorable outcome. If this were my diagnosis I would incorporate these protocols: First, a whole body cleanse and detox is on order to rid the body of toxic build up & parasites. Kinda like cleaning the slate. Next support your body’s immune system by taking Transfer Factor Plus. (You can google it) This has a derivative form bovine colostrum (Which is the blue print for the immune system) TFP will also increase the activity level of the natural killer cells or nkc. (Better than IP6) Most cancer cells thrive in an overly acidic environment. Drinking alkaline water and consuming alkalizing foods will help balance out your ph. Again you can google these key words or phrases. Also cancer cells tend to be anaerobic which means without oxygen. You can boost your oxygenation of your cells and tissues by using the 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide treatment. It must be food grade and you must dil;ute with water following this guide. Day 1- take 3 drops of the 35% food grade HP in 6-8 oz of distilled water 3x per day. Increase by 1 drop each day until you reach to taking 25 drops 3x per day. Do this for a few days and then began to limit each day by 1 drop until you reach a maintenance dose of 3 drops 3x per day. Again you can research this protocol it has been effectively used by over 15,000 Natropaths, Holistic M.D’s and Homeopaths in Europe. Madison Cavanaugh details about using therapeutic 35% food grade HP in her book: “The one minute cure” ig Pharma is against you or anyone else using natural protocols- It cuts into their profit margin. Docyors don’t know about these other remedies because they are not taught this in med school. The curriculum is drug based. I don’t know if this trial you are in is using another type of drug. All drugs, in order to effect the body/symptoms is to poison crucial enzymes and block receptors. You can never re- gain true health back using synthetic drugs. Find an M.D that practices functional medicine in your area. Blessings. Tamra


  2. I am trying to access last nights lectures and can’t figure out how to do that. They are suppose to be available online for 24 hours after the event, right? And I did register. Can somebody help?

  3. Great discussion last night! God bless you all for sharing your wisdom and testimonies. Will have to miss tonight 🙁 so am blessed you are recapping/blogging on them. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. Debbie says:

    Kevin, again, this summit is super and so helpful. When Kris said “I have the answer to cancer. I can cure you.” You know, “If you do it my way, and you do it 100%, you’ll be all better.” I’ve heard that. I’ve heard that friends, and it wasn’t true. And I did it 100%.
    I knew exactly what or should I say.. who.. she is talking about. The exact words were said to me by a very famous raw vegan guru/entrepreneur. I wish I would have had a better BS meter to avoid the six months of hell he put me through to ‘cure me’ when in fact, I got worse.
    Thanks so much for letting me share that.. I do not talk about it but when I do, the stories flow about this person hurting others for profit and ego.

  5. Ruby says:

    I really appreciated the input of Kris and Dr Gonzalez yesterday. I agree that we need to be proactive regarding our own health and need to sift the information that is out there, also that a positive attitude is paramount. I am presently doing the Breuss fast, (day 33) for lump/s under arm. Would love to connect or have feedback with anyone else following this protocol or who has done it in the past. Thanks Kevin for your summary.

  6. Dolly says:

    Awesome summary. Thanks. The first two speakers were dynamite. I am so thankful and blessed to have met you through Nomi. We do have the answer. Yipee.

  7. tiahra says:

    Thankyou so much for providing such valuable information

  8. Lana says:

    In August of 2011, I was told that I had two months to live. A breast tumor had metastasized to my bones from head to toe. Well, fifteen months have passed and I am still alive. My cancer marker continues to go down and I plan for it to continue to do so. I take alot of herbs, eat more organic fruits and vegetables, less meat and enjoy green smoothies. Have new cookbooks in my collection (thank you Kris) and have worked on letting go of emotional hurts from childhood. I was introduced to a new natural herbal product two weeks after my diagnosis (divine order) and know that there is no expiration date on my body.

    • Cynthia says:

      Who did you go to for the direction of which herbs to take? Please let me know ..I would like to get my markers to go down and need some direction..I am vegan and drink green drinks and wheat grass daily..I am turing more osteopriosis..which helps this..naturally..I live in Florida..Thank You

  9. I listened attentively to Kris Carr and Dr. Gonzalez and was very amazed by their work. I am not a cancer patient but I have friends and families who died from cancer, hence the reason I am always researching and gathering information about the subject.

  10. Eva says:

    Thanks Kevin for the wrap up info really appreciate it. Eva

  11. Robbe says:

    Lana, thank you for your post. Would you be willing to share what the new herbal product is that you were introduced to?

    Thank you Kevin, I enjoyed these last year and learn a great deal. I am sure this year will be the same.

  12. Thanks Kevin for organizing all of this! So many people are going to be woken up to the truth! Last night’s call was fantastic! I have heard Dr. Gonzalez speak before…he speaks a little fast, so I’m glad we are getting the audios! It’s people like him and Kris who are paving the way for our Cancer health paradigm to change. People are waking up…one by one…and my hope is that oncologists would change and give their patients the right way to go. I think the one thing that I took away from this call was that we have to deal with emotional baggage. We have to trust in a loving God who forgives us and gives us the strength and ability to forgive those who have wronged us. And then use the peace that He gives us to move forward and change the world!
    Thanks so much!

  13. I will try to keep this as short as I can!

    This is really scary stuff that is all true and shows how clueless some doctors can be and the damage they can do!

    At the beginning of July 2012 a cyst in my wifes breast which my wife had a history of, grew from the size of a pea to the size of an egg in less than 30 days and became very painful. On July 27th 2012 my wife was diagnosed with a breast cyst by her general physician, the doctor said it is just a cyst not cancer and sent her to get a mammogram to check it out. After the test came back the doctor told her that she needed a lumpectomy so that a biopsy could be done. We met with a surgeon on August 3 2012 and the surgery was setup for Monday August 6th 2012. She is 37 years old and neither one of us had a clue about what to really do in this situation, so we were scared and listened to the doctor. She had the surgery on the August 6th and we were told it would be 4 or 5 days to get the results. After the surgery the surgeon said all went well, he got it all and she will be fine. On August 10th we went to the surgeon’s office and we were told she had cancer and the surgeon felt we needed to do a mastectomy because it was cancer and could spread. On August 13th 2012 my wife went back into surgery and had a complete mastectomy of her right breast and they took 17 lymphoids under her right arm. On August 17th we went for a follow up with the surgeon, he told us that 13 of the lymphnoids had cancer and he had missed some of the cancer in the first surgery but was certain that he had it all out this time.

    My ex-wife was diagnosed with the same mammary gland type cancer 6 years ago after we had been divorced, she chose the chemo path and today she has cancer throughout her whole body. She is the toughest woman to ever live after going through all she has! We have a daughter that lives with me so we have kept a great relationship for the past 13 years of our divorce so I know everything she has gone through. My thought on modern medicine is, yes she is alive but the quality of her life has been really hard and bad to say the least! She is not doing well at this time which really makes me sad! But I must admit I still care for her very much and will always consider her my friend!! I will always respect and love her because of the person that she is!

    My sister is a nurse in Dallas and when she found out she told me flat out that chemo does not work! She had been trying to get us to change our diet for a years and we like most people where like yea all right whatever. She gave me a couple of movies and told me I had to watch them, The Beautiful Truth and Dying to Have Known. She told me that we needed to be informed in order to make the right decisions, I knew that she was right because I did not like what had happened or how fast it all had all happen, I felt helpless and at the mercy of the doctors with no knowledge of what going on and what steps to take next.

    I watched both of the movies she told me about and then started my research on the internet about cancer statistics and how modern medicine treated cancer. The statistics are very gloomy for anyone with cancer and the methods of modern day treatments are as well! My sister mailed me several books that arrived, Cancer Is Not a Disease, Forks over Knifes and Foods That Heal. At the time I received the books I would say that I was a fanatic with educating myself so that we could make the right decisions for what was coming next. I love my wife very much and could not bear the thought of losing her! My wife and I watched the movies together and I told her about the books that I had read. I looked all over the internet and researched the Gerson Institute. There is some information online but, I could not find enough I felt for an Institute that claimed to heal cancer. I watched some You Tube Movies about people claiming it worked, I read the whole Gerson site as well as every page I could find on the internet that had the word Gerson on it. The one thing that just stuck with me that I found almost mystic was there was not one negative thing anywhere about the Gerson Institute? That really made me want more information. I researched more about cancer and now understand why these methods are hidden from the public and what a crime against humanity it is! I wish everyone could be shown what I have learned about our government and modern day medicine!

    We knew our next step was the oncologist; we wanted to see a PET CT scan. With what I had learned at this point it seemed kind of strange that my wife had already undergone 2 surgeries involving a lump in her breast and we had not even spoken to an oncologist or had a PET CT scan at this point?? I now can’t believe she had a mammogram, last thing you want to do to a lump in the breast?? Or 2 surgeries without a PET CT scan? I felt it was very apparent that we were dealing with incompetence! We had two weeks before the oncologist appointment and I pushed her hard to start the Gerson Therapy. So we did.

    The therapy is not easy! We started without having all of the information but I felt it was important to start right away to begin her healing and keep her away from the doctors! We went to the oncologist appointment and they did the blood work and we went in to see the doctor. What an ass****! You will start doing this on this day, you have no options and no choices, and this treatment helps 1 out of 3 women with a 20% chance. Uhmm what about a PET CT scan?? Doesn’t matter this is your only option or the cancer will spread! After looking at her blood work at the end of the appointment he states to her (DO NOT BE EATING RAW FRUITS AND VEGATABLES BECAUSE THEY WILL GIVE ME FALSE READINGS ON THE TREATMENT RESULTS). I am sitting there wondering how he knew that she was juicing?? I now know how to read blood work results and understand how he knew and why he said it. Didn’t want her to heal or anything! I am a rowdy ex-biker and it was all I could do not to beat his ass right there! Needless to say we did not go back to that doctor’s office and found another oncologist; we had to wait 2 weeks for the appointment. Still no PET CT scans.

    A few days after that first appointment I noticed how white my wife’s teeth were getting, after just a few weeks her teeth were 5 or 6 shades whiter? At the end of that week my wife came home from work and told me she forgot to put her contacts in that morning because she could see fine when she left the house and did not realize she forgot until halfway through the day. She said she could see better without them? She has worn glasses or contacts everyday that I have known her for 14 years or she would get a headache?? This was only the beginning, she has had healing pains all over her body, and her health right now is excellent! No more digestive problems, constipation, edema, swelling in her legs or anything negative at all!

    We have seen the other oncologist and we did get the PET CT scan, it showed a tumor in her lung and her lymph system in her chest, which was in September 2012. We have a family doctor that has seen my wife since she was a child that takes x-rays and does blood work for us every week. The x-rays show no tumor in her lung? Her blood work is perfect every time. At this point we are going by how she feels and her over all heath to make any further decisions about any tests or health needs. There really is no need to, what will we learn? We are both very comfortable in stating that she no longer has cancer and the Gerson Therapy will be a part of our life until we die. We have the Gerson Therapy down pat now and life is good!

    I could go on and on but I am trying to keep this short and sweet! What I will say is 1 year ago I could not take a step without felling pain in my knees, we have a 4 year old so it was hard getting up off the floor or even trying to run and kick a ball with my son. After just 2 months of this therapy, because we both do it, I can sprint and I jog daily now with no pain?? The other day at the park with my son I jumped five feet off a slide and hit the ground running, no pain?? I thought for sure I would have to have surgery to fix my knees?? I know one thing it would have been really easy to get a doctor to cut me open to fix them! I also had the worst allergies before I started the therapy, my nose was always running and I was always getting sinus infections. No more allergies?? Not to mention how easy it was to quit smoking, when you do this therapy cigs taste really bad and the smell will gag you! I also lost 22 pounds and feel better then I have for 10 years! We have also changed my 4 year old sons diet, no allergies now and his nose ran everyday even with 2 doses of medicine, he also lost his little gut and slimmed up. Really cool stuff!

    I thank GOD for what he has shown us and for the life we have! Cancer is a life changing experience whether you have it or someone you love has it. What I can tell you is it does not have to be bad!

    Thank you so much to everyone at the Gerson Institute and God Bless you all!!

    A Man who loves his wife and life!

  14. Kira says:

    Kevin, I hoped there will be reply link somewhere, like last year. Can you help us others outside of US?

  15. Carole says:

    I want to thank you for the recaps, it can be hard to get the time to listen to the actual broadcasts. I love the information received.

  16. heiko says:

    On day 1, about half way intot the discussion with Dr Gonzalez he mentioned very briefy that Leukemia is the only cancer that needs an animal diet. Have not heard that anywhere else and am now wondering if I should get off my vegan diet.
    Is there any way I can get more information on this?


  17. Teresa says:

    Thanks Kevin for facilitating all of these wonderful speakers again. This is just so positive for our world.

    Night 2 gave me an Ahah moment when Dr Connealy said that you may sometimes feel like you get the flu when you start to detox. This has happened to me and I didn’t understand why – actually I still don’t really understand it. I am generally healthy and decided to start a daily green juice/smooth and within a couple of weeks got a cold or flu, then again an another month. I stopped the green juices and got better, then restarted the juices and within a week got a cold or flu again! Three times in six months when I have not had a flu for about 20 years. Are these colds the effect of my body detoxing? What can I do to get past this point?

  18. In August 1977 my mom had breast cancer. She had the tumor only removed in St. Louis, MO. it was in the main mammary gland. She knew she would not be able to tolerate chemo therapy. So we found Dr. Contreras’ Clinic in Mexico. She went there, spent 3 weeks, I believe, and wanted to stay forever. It was the most eye-opening uplifting experience she had ever gone through. They treated her physical body, her attitude, and awakened her spiritually so much it changed her life completely for the next 19 years, never having had the cancer come back and having no negative side effects from the treatment. She died of emphysema in 1996. I have recommended his clinic and methods to anyone I know that has cancer.

    If I have commented on this before I didn’t remember. I just think so highly of Dr. Contreras, his clinic and his methods that I wanted everyone to know.

  19. Merlene says:

    Are all insulin originate from Pig?

  20. The subject materials discussed on the whole presentation was clearly explained , therefore make them easy to implemented.

  21. DeAnna says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I loved listening last year, and I am so happy you are doing this again! It is such a blessing – peace and every l

  22. DeAnna says:

    Lovely thing to you and your family!

  23. isabel salas says:

    I Just want to congratulate the creator and each participant of this summit for providing one of the most valuable information of this time.

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    This is the most powerful tv station in Brasil showing the news in France about a secret research of 2 yrs proving that GMO causing huge tumors in rats. All over the papers in France and TV. Please go to You Tube and put (Globo news alerta transgenicos setembro 2012) and you will see. Thanks for this space. Richard

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